Scent of a Girl - Episode 59 "Knockers & a Chinese Redneck"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"If we were on the field I bet she would have already hit 3 or 4 bombs," Chi said as she stood between me and Anisha just outside of the indoor batting cage as we watched Hana take batting practice. "Might give you a run for your money in the power department, Icey."

"I don't think so," I said. "Besides she's hitting at the top of the order so she's supposed to be getting on base and not hitting long fly balls. Which is what she did a lot last year."

"True dat," Chi said. "Though she did win us that championship with a homer."

"I'm not saying I'm gonna tell her to stop swinging for the fences but Coach Rock already has," I said as the popping of leather behind us drew my attention with Randi and Candy Fanning passing.

"Randi, when you throw it make sure you point your toe like this," Candy advised and then demonstrated. Though the advice seem to be less wanted than you'd think by Randi as she quickly asked, "Is everything I do wrong?"

"No, why would you think that?" Candy asked as she came down to join us.

"You've pretty much critized everything I've done so far," Randi said.

"I just want you to be a better player," Candy said. "Given you the benefit of my experience."

"I've done pretty good up to this point without it," Randi said in frustration.

"Candy's the best player in the state," Anisha said softly. Drawing a glare from Randi.

"Shut up now," Randi fired at Anisha.

"Hey, chill out," Chi said as she joined Randi, "You don't need to talk to her that way."

"What are you her defender?" Randi asked as she tossed her glove away and Coach Rock came to the door of his office to observe.

"Yes I am," Chi said. "And anyone has a problem with her they deal with me too. I'd do the same for you. We're teammates."

"Sounds like a girl I want on my team," Candy said as she bumped fists with Chi.

"She says I'm her first real friend," Anisha said as Chi blushed and sat down by her. "Oops, was that private?"

"True is true, you are," Chi said.

"I'm your friend too," Randi said. "We are roommates after all."

"Then stop complaining about the best player in this state giving you advice and take it," Anisha said. "She just wants us to be better."

"I'm just tired is all," Randi said to Candy, "So what were you saying?"

"I said point your toe when you unleash that cannon arm from second," Candy said as she demonstrated again. "See that way you'll have much better leverage on the throw."

"Hey you're right," Randi said with a smile. "And I might be mistaken but it looks like you're dropping your elbow when you throw. Makes them sail."

"I noticed that too," Coach Rock said as he joined the group.

"Show me," Candy said as her and Randi walked off to the other side of the field house to work on it. All attention now turning back to Hana as she was now turning on the ball and pounding it into the net.

"Hold up," Coach Rock said as he opened the fence and stepped inside as Allison cut off the pitching machine for the moment. Hana looking back and giving Coach a frustrated look. "Hana, what was that?"

"Me hitting?"

"No, that was you wasting time," Coach Rock said firmly as Hana gave him a confused look. "You're not a power hitter."

"I wasn't trying to hit homeruns..."

"You were upper cutting the ball on every swing," Coach Rock said. "And before you say you weren't you should realize I've been doing this for 20 years and can tell you by the sound of the bat if you were."

"I've got some pretty good power though..." Hana offered.

"You have warning track power," Coach Rock said. "All that will get you is a bunch of outs, a low batting average and some sac flies."

"Don't forget the homeruns," Hana said sarcasticly. "I'm bound to screw up and hit one every few games."

"You wanna know what my goal with you is?" Coach asked as he squated down into the catchers position and picked up a softball as he looked up at Hana.

"To make my life miserable?" Hana asked as everyone laughed, even Coach Rock.

"No, but that is a bonus," Coach Rock said as everyone again laughed. "My goal is to get you a scholarship to the University of Minnesota and have you on the same team as your sister her senior year."

"That would be so cool," Hana said with a bright smile.

"Then you follow my lead and I promise you I'll do anything I can to make it happen," Coach Rock said. "Deal?"

"Deal," Hana said. "What do I do?"

"I want you slashing line drives all over the field," Coach Rock said as she motioned for Hana to get back into her stance and when she did he lobbed her one and she crushed it. "I want you at the top of the line-up setting the table for the thumpers, Cindy, Candy and Allison."

"I can do that," Hana said before she crushed another line drive into the nets.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I think I'll go on in," Chloe said before she kissed my lips as we watched the massive 'Carlson' part of the main sign being taken down. Both of us still yawning and stretching a bit on this cold Monday morning in late October. "I wanna get in early and do some last minute review, OK?"

"Yeah I'll hang out until I have to go in," I said. Chloe rolling her eyes and then pointing over my shoulder at someone. Cindy turned out to be that someone as she stopped to join us.

"Now you two hellcats play nice, OK?" Chloe asked as Cindy and I both gave her dirty looks as she walked off laughing.

"Very funny, Glowy," I said as she spun around and flipped me off with a smile before disappearing inside.

"So what are they gonna rename the place?" I asked Cindy as I pointed at the sign that was now being removed above the main doors.

"I read on the school forum that two names are being tossed around right now, Bob Dylan and Walter Mondale."

"Great idea to name it after someone we've never heard of," I said.

"Bob Dylan is one of the greatest singer songwriters ever," Cindy said as we walked up the front walk now to go inside.

"And the other guy?" I asked as she laughed.

"Walter Mondale was a politician and ran for president," Cindy explained.

"Now a politician should never have his name on a building," I said as we stopped just inside the main doors.

"I don't disagree," Cindy said. "And speaking of politicians..."

"Yeah?" I asked as she paused to open her MacBook and turned it so I could see it. On the screen was a story in notepad. "What is it?"

"I wrote some stuff last night," She said as she put the computer in my hands. "It's the beginning to our story."

"OH OK," I said as I took a seat on the bench to the side of us and started reading as Cindy nervously paced up and down in front of me. It was all about the opening days of a primary campaign for the state senate between two guys who start out as friends. "This is really good. Lots of stuff in here that we'd agreed on too."

"I tried to throw everything in that I could," Cindy said as she excitedly joined me. "You think it's something we can build on?"

"I think we have the start of a really good story," I said as she smiled. "Looks like a few more hours at the library and we can call this one finished."

"Hopefully," I said as Cindy took back her MacBook and put it back in the bag. "So you wanna get started after school?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," I said as she bumped her fist with mine before walking off.

"All the things she said, All the things she said, Running through my head, Running through my head," my ringtone sounded inside the holdster on my hip. I quickly got it out and said, "Hello?"

"Where are you right now?" Cally asked.

"The place formerly known as the Carlson Center in the main lobby?" I said as Cally laughed. "Why?"

"I got something really interesting to talk to you and Chloe about," Cally said as my interest peaked. "But I don't wanna do it over the phone."

"Then bring your hot little ass over here and we can get naked and discuss it," I said as she started laughing.

"Sounds fun and very tempting but I'm already in class," Cally said. "Aren't you?"

"Class starts in 10 minutes or so," I said. "Do you think I'd talk that way in class?"

"Yes I do actually," Cally said as I laughed this time. "Anyway, meet me at your dorm after school?"

"I can do that," I said as we hung up a few moments later. My interest piqued at what she wanted to talk to me about and I hoped it was something like the last time she wanted to talk to me. Too bad I had to head off to class at that moment or I'd have probably disappeared into the bathroom for a little self-love!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Is Harold in?" Eddie asked after coming through the door and meeting me at the front counter.

"In the can," I said as I pointed with a pencil. "Speaking of there he is."

"Howdy Bossman," Harold said as he met us at the front counter with a smile. "You were asking about me?"

"How could you hear that from the bathroom?" I asked Harold.

"Through the heating duct," Mel inserted as he was eating his breakfast a few feet away. "Not so much if it's noisy in here but when it's quiet it's easy."

"Pretty much," Harold said. "What's up?"

"Wanting to know if you had any luck in finding a partner?" Eddie asked.

"A partner for what?" I asked.

"Molly's Uncle Robert gave me some good advice on how to go about launching my meat loaf business, our meat loaf business," Harold said with a hand on Eddie's shoulder momentarily. "He said I could probably find a place here in the area that will flash freeze stuff for a price and then we just pick it up and store it here in the new walk-in freezer."

"So no luck?" Eddie asked.

"Been busy this morning..."

"Yep," Mel chimed in.

"...only got to make a couple of calls so far," Harold said. "No takers so far."

"Be easier to just make them and freeze them here for now," I said as I counted the money in the register. "And if it takes off just let someone else make it and freeze for you."

"That's why she's my manager," Eddie said as I smiled.

"And a good one too," Harold said as an older lady came in just as Megan swayed back over from the 'break' booth and listened as the lady asked, "My name is Irma Kalish and I'm here to pick up one of Harry's meat loafs."

"Hold on..." I started to say when Harold jumped into action.

"I've got it for you in kitchen," Harold said as he dashed off into the kitchen to snag it. The lady handing me the money, $20 and waited only a moment longer before Harold came back out and handed her the package. "Thank you, come again."

"20 bucks for one meat loaf?" I asked.

"Yes indeed," Harold said as he made change in the register and took two dollars. "My profit."

"You only get two dollars?" I asked.

"The rest goes back into the business," Eddie said. "Harold's idea."

"I'll take the last one, Harold," Mel said as he came up to pay his bill. "You said you had one more?"

"I sure did," Harold said as he zoomed off to pick it up. Mel paying for the meat loaf and his bill.

"The grandkids are coming tonight and they love Harold's cooking," Mel said.

"Apparently everyone does," Eddie said as Megan, Mel and I laughed. "Well, I'll be back in around 7."

"K," I said as Eddie left and passed by a handsome man as he came in.

"Wanna watch a movie tonight, Rae Rae?" Megan asked me as Harold brought out Mel's meat loaf (Mel leaving a moment later) and headed back into the kitchen as the young man came to the counter.

"Sure Megs," I said before turning my attention to the man and watched Megan squeal in excitement as she said, "WILL!"

"Megan?" He asked with a huge smile as she jumped into his arms. "So good to see you!"

"You too you handsome devil," Megan said with a huge smile. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for Holly," He said as Megan's smile softened. "But got lucky and found you instead."

"Damn straight," Megan said.

"Who's this?" I asked Megan to get her attention.

"Oh yeah, this is Will, Holly's ex and Will this is my best friend, Sarah Rae," Megan said as Will and I shook hands.

"So looking for Holly? You know she's got a new girlfriend?" Megan asked as her and Will took seats at the counter on the stools.

"Holly told me all about her, Maggie, and told me you hated her," Will said as I started laughing.

"I do not hate her," Megan declared.

"Could have fooled me," I said as Will laughed.

"Megan's always had a bit of a jealous streak," Will said to me with a charming smile.

"Bite me," Megan said as she smacked Will's leg in protest. "So what are you doing this far west? And is it legal?"

"Well I didn't come to see you," Will said as I laughed and Megan made a sour face. "Heartbroken?"

"You know as well as I do that you loved me a lot more than Holly," Megan said in a suggestive tone. "Remember I do your favorite thing? Over and over."

"Check please!" Will said as I started laughing out loud and was thankful at that moment that the place was empty.

"So are we gonna hit the town tonight?" Megan asked with a smirk. "Huh?"

"Motorcycle's waiting outside," Will said as Megan gave him a doubting look before she jumped up and ran to the door and squealed when she saw his chopper parked by the curb. "Something good?"

"You are you taking me riding on that Fat Boy," Megan said with a finger point, "Let's go."

"I came to see Holly too," Will said. "Can't you wait a while?"

"And you're on duty," I said to Megan.

"Cover for me Rae Rae?" Megan asked as she slid over and crashed into me with a hug. "Please? I've never been late for work or anything. Right? I've been a good soldier."

"And it's lasted a lot longer than I thought it would," I said as she smiled. "Go have fun you got the rest of the afternoon off."

"YES!" Megan said as she hugged me and grabbed Will's hand and dragged him, whether he wanted to go or not, towards the door.

"Megan!" I said in a growl to get her attention. She stopped and gave me a frustrated look. "Nothing stupid. And you know what I mean. You got people who count on you, me, and care about you."

"Nothing stupid I promise," Will assured me. "I have a perfect driving record."

"Since when last Tuesday?" Megan asked as I laughed. "Back in a while, Rae Rae, and yes I heard you."

"I hope I didn't just make a huge mistake," I said under my breath as I moved to the front door and heard a thunderous roar soon followed by a loud squeal as Will and Megan screamed back by. Her wearing the helmet as she hung on tightly.

"What was that?" Harold asked from the kitchen.

"Holly's ex-boyfriend leaving with Megan on his Fat Boy," I said as he gave me a perplexed look. "Is there any chance that this ends good?"

"Megan is a wild hare so I don't know how to answer that one," Harold said. "Let's hope the fact she has a good life here is enough to keep her in line."

"I hope you're right!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Chloe's room used to be down there, well for about 3 weeks or so of last year," Alisha said as we got off the elevator on the third floor.

"No wonder Dad fired half the staff in the last couple of weeks," I said. "Fuck-ups like that shit."

"Didn't he say something about also hiring a new President?" Alisha asked as we walked down the hall to Molly's door.

"He's been interviewing for the last couple of weeks actually," I said as I knocked on Molly's door. "Said he'd call when he knows more."

"Knows what?" Molly asked as she opened her door and dressed in a long nightshirt that was barely legal as it came to only the mid-thigh.

"That you look hot in that nightshirt," I said as Alisha rushed past me and hugged Molly from behind as I closed the door.

"Hey baby," Alisha said as her and Molly grinned at each other. "Wanna give Cally a show?"

"No because my girlfriend is not here," Molly said.

"Cal you go find Chloe," Alisha said as I laughed. "Go on, take your time."

"I hope that's her," Molly said as she finally pushed a giggling Alisha away and answered the door. Finding Chloe on the other side. "Get in here before I get in trouble."

"What's this all about?" Chloe asked as she came in and saw us. Molly closing the door as she wrapped her arms around Chloe and grinned at us.

"Alisha and Molly were gonna put on a show for us," I said as Alisha laughed.

"Not that I don't like that but I have studying to do," Chloe said.

"You always do," Molly said in protest. "I'm beginning to feel unloved."

"Come over here baby I'll love you," Alisha said as I giggled.

"You stay away from my girlfriend," Chloe said as I reached over and rubbed her thigh and got her to jump away. "You stop that."

"Seriously, what is this about?" Molly asked finally as she moved in between me and Chloe.

"My Dad said we could use his house in the Bahamas over Christmas break," I blurted out. Loving the look of shock on both Molly and Chloe's face at that moment. "What do you say?"

"The four of us?" Molly asked.

"Yes!" Alisha said in a moan. "In paradise."

"Are you serious?" Chloe asked.

"We leave five days before Christmas and don't come back till January 4th," I said. "That plan I had about you, Chloe and Alisha is finally gonna happen."

"OH WOW!" Molly squeaked as she looked at me in shock.

"I think you just made her hard," Chloe said as Molly laughed. "Huh baby?"

"It's in the drawer across the room and I still think you did," Molly said. "Seriously? 10 days in the Bahamas?"

"Completely," Alisha said as she came over and sat down in my lap as I sat in the chair by the desk. "That is if you can get your sister to let you go."

"I'll murder her if she says no," Molly said as everyone laughed. "But that shouldn't be a big deal."


"I'll have to plead my case to my Dad," Chloe said as she sat down by Molly on the bed. "Let you know in a couple of days."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I came back up the steps from the snack room thinking I'd find our door open with Randi and Laney running back and forth between the two rooms the way it had been for several weeks now almost every day. But strangely this time both doors were closed and the floor looked deserted. "Mid-term fever is in the air."

"Will you stop with that stupid fucking thing," Maxie barked at Laney as she played with her knockers (basically it's two plastic balls that smack into each other when you spin them and it makes noise).

"No," Laney said as I giggled and closed the door behind me.

"What's your problem, Max?" I asked as she sat at the desk by the bathroom wall studying.

"We have four weeks left to study for mid-terms and the retard over there won't stop," Maxie said.

"You're an asshole sometimes," I said as I smacked the back of Maxie's head. She glared at me as Laney quietly put away her 'knockers' and went into her room.

"OWWW!" Maxie said as she grabbed her head. Cindy and Hana looking up as Dakota came out of her room still looking depressed. "What the hell?"

"You don't call Laney names," I said with a finger point. "Not everyone knows you're an asshole around this time of year."

"You're always defending her and she is such a baby," Maxie said. "All I'm trying to do is study. Something I thought would make you happy."

"You don't have to be a bitch just because someone won't bow to your every command," I said to Maxie. "Laney was just goofing a little. She always does that."

"You love her more than me!" Maxie said as she got up.

"Right now I do," I said as we exchanged dirty looks.

"Ding ding, round two," Hana said as her and Cindy giggled.

"I thought it was funny when she played with her knockers," Dakota cracked as everyone but Maxie laughed.

"Me too cause she had no idea how to use them," Cindy said as I rolled my eyes.

"I'm going to talk to her," I said to Maxie as I walked off towards the bedroom. "Now everyone be silent so that giant brain of Maxie's can concentrate."

"Is that like staring at a carton of juice because it says concentrate?" Hana asked as everyone looked at her as if she were crazy. "You might be a redneck?"

"You're a Chinese Redneck," Cindy giggled as she pushed Hana off the chair she was sitting on and sent her crashing to the floor, squealing the whole way, as the chaos began.

"Hey!" I said as I came into mine, Laney and Cindy's room and found her laying on my bed, crying into the pillow. "Why are you getting snot on my pillow?"

"Don't make me laugh," Laney said as I crawled over and laid down behind her as she was laying on her stomach. "Look at me?"

"What?" Laney asked as she looked at me. Her eyes a bit puffy from crying.

"Do you think you could spend the night with Randi on Saturday?" I asked and laughed at her confused look.

"What? Why?"

"Cindy and I want some time alone," I said simply. "One night."

"That's what you wanna talk about after what happened out there?" Laney asked as a loud squeal came from the other room followed by a crash that sounded painful. "There having fun without me."

"And they also made fun of you for playing with your knockers in front of everyone," I said as she laughed. "Hana said you didn't know how to use them."

"Her tanned ass has lost her mind," Laney giggled.

"Her ass is tanned?"

"It must be the rest of her is," Laney said as she we exchanged horny smiles. "She goes to the tanning booth like every day."

"MMMMMM Hana," I said as we giggled. "So about Saturday?"

"For you? I'd do anything," Laney said as she rubbed her nose against mine in an 'Eskimo kiss'. "I'll talk to Randi."

"Good," I said as I smiled. "And next time Maxie calls you names..."

"What the fuck?" I asked as a door rattling thump drew our attention just before the door flew open and Maxie came in. "Maxie get the fuck out."

"No, I'm here to apologize," Maxie said with a shit-eating grin. Cindy, Dakota and Hana appearing at the door next behind Maxie. "I'm sorry for making you cry. You know I didn't mean to, right?"

"Yeah sure," Laney said softly.

"OK, I tried, now it's time for the water works," Maxie said as she dove forward onto the bed and latched onto Laney's foot and started dragging her down the bed.

"Nooo!" Laney squealed as I laughed and watched our other three roommates come into help in what I thought was an orchaestrated plan. It was indeed as Cindy grabbed Laney's other foot and the foursome carried her off towards the shower before I could get to my feet to help. Laughing hysterically being the main cause. "SHELBY!"

"You four are dead meat if you do her that way," I said as I ran out of the bedroom in pursuit. Arriving at the bathroom door as Maxie turned on the shower and turned to push Laney in when Cindy and Hana turned the tables on her and sent a squealing Maxie into the wash as revenge. "OHMIGOD that's so funny."

"Not fair," Maxie groaned as Laney ran over to me and we laughed as she hugged me.

"Maxie needed to cool off anyway," Hana giggled.

"Yeah she's a real hot head," Laney added as the room filled with laughter.