Scent of a Girl - Episode 6 "No Panic Attack This Morning Huh?"

Written by: TVM (



\/ {* ~ *} \/ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Hey you sluts staying in tonight?" Dakota asked as she stuck her head in our door and saw Maxie lounging on my bed and me about to jump out of my skin, hoping she was Molly.

"Yeh we are" I said, "We've got plans."

"Come on baby, let's go" Mindy said as she took Dakota's hand and pulled her out the door as I followed after them and looked down the hall for the fourth or fifth time already and said to Maxie in a sort of panic moment. "Maxie, I don't think she's coming."

"Then go fuckin check on her then" Maxie snapped as she shot to her feet and I swear in that moment I feared for my safety. But instead, she walked across the room and changed the CD on the boom box and turned it up. God I hate when she does that, and she knows it hurts my ears, especially the last few days, since, well...Never mind.

OK, so I admit I was uber hyper about tonight, I was being a total whore about seeing Molly again. And OK, at that moment I had convinced myself that it was all about sex and none of it was this major crush that I was developing on her. But in my defense, you've never felt Molly's tongue do it's magic in your pussy, or felt the incredible, and I mean incredible sensations it produces. And, let me be clear, if anything feels better than cumming from her 'rolling thunder,' I'd pass on it. Seriously, cause I'd be dead soon after, that's how good it really felt. I've never had anything even close to that with Maxie and believe me, she's pretty good with her tongue too. But I really think that sometimes you meet someone that can just push your buttons at exactly the right moment and to that point I had no idea sex could feel that good. So now I'm about to jump out of my skin to get laid by that girl again, and that's truly all it is. I think.

"God turn that stupid shit down" I said in a pleading voice as Maxie pretended not to hear me. I turned it down to a normal level as she jumped up and again I moved away as she turned it back up and shot me a daring look. "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT TO HEAR ANYBODY KNOCK?"

"I DON'T FUCKIN CARE" She screamed and I realized then, that I was really hurting her feelings over this. Not like she doesn't do that to me a lot, along with a different kind of hurt. But anyway...

"I'm sorry" I said as I turned it down and pleaded with her to forgive me, "No more talk about Molly. How about we just hang tonight? I'm sorry."

"No, that's OK" She said coldly, "You been hyper about this girl since we did that. So you go find her and fuck her."

"Max, I'm not gonna cheat on you" I said softly. "I don't want to either."

"OK, look, I'm fuckin sorry I can't be there every time you lose it over not getting your spaghetti O's" Maxie said as she rose. "I don't do well with a lot emotion and I try but it's never enough for you."

"IS HOLDING ME REALLY THAT BAD YOU BITCH?" I asked and knowing her answer was gonna hurt, but I wanted it. She flew into a rage and smacked me as hard as could, right on the ear that she practically deafened me in a few days before. I felt pain like I'd never felt as I screamed and fell to the floor. Hearing her say the words that signaled the end for me. "You have no fuckin idea."

I cried as the pain from her slap rung through my head and prayed she wasn't gonna do anything else. She felt horrible and I knew it, but this was the final straw for me. Our usual routine and you know I can't help but think she was sick of it to. Cause she really did wanna be free, no doubt to screw some of the whores on the tennis team who were just dying to be in with Mintz, but for some reason or another had never gotten the chance. Well this hurt
was one I just couldn't get over and no matter how much she said was sorry. I begged and pleaded with her to leave me alone. She finally got frustrated and stormed out and I laid down on the bed and just laid there crying for hours. All night long as it turned out. My ear was sore, but I could still hear out of it, so I was OK, I guess. Somehow I slept, I woke sometime in the morning and found Maxie was asleep on the floor at the foot of my bed with a liquor bottle half-empty sitting beside her.

"Fuckin stupid whore"  I said as I pushed her with my foot.

"What happened to Max?" Shelby asked as she came into the room and saw the mark on my ear.

"Stupid whore got drunk last night and hit me again" I said, "Said it was horrible to hold me when I cry and so I did the usual and cried all night. And she did her usual and got plastered cause the feelings were to hard to deal with or what ever the hell her fuckin reason is. I HATE YOU."

"Chloe, calm down" Shelby said as I smacked her hand away and said, "Screw you too, she's your best friend and you defend her every time we fight. LOOK AT WHAT SHE DID TO MY FUCKIN EAR, YOU SEE THAT?"

"I've taken your side before when she's wrong" Shelby said as I pushed by her. "I'm sorry she hit you."

"No, you're not, you took my side what two times in two years?" I asked as I reached the door. "I'm so touched. I hate you. Tell her when she wakes up, we're through and I mean it this time."

"Where the hell are you going?" Shelby asked as she checked Maxie's pulse to make sure she was still alive.

"To be with someone who I think will care about me" I said.

"What about Maxie?" She asked as she started to stir on the floor.

"She's not my problem anymore" I said as I slammed the door as hard as I could and walked out of Maxie's life. For good. I think.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"Hey Bre, wake up" I said as I gently nudged her and she grinned as she saw me and stretched as she tried to wake up. "You realize where you're at?"

"In your bed" She said with a dreamy look. "Same place we ended up last night."

"And you're not gonna have a panic attack?" I asked as she smiled casually.

"Last night, was so incredible that I have to have that again" She said, "If that means I got be a lesbian it's OK with me."

"Well is all you gotta do is ask for it" I said as I leaned down and kissed the beautiful red head laying next to me. "I'm almost always horny in one way or another and with you I'm positive it'll be way more often now."

"You've been into me since day one" Bre said with a grin.

"Kinda of yeh" I said as she smiled for me. "Something about you I find very appealing."

"MMMMMMM lucky me" She said as she invited me to kiss her again. Which let's be honest, that's not exactly an invite I'm gonna turn down.

"Do you hear that?" Bre asked as I lowered my head to kiss her. She slipped of my bed and I admired her gorgeous body as she caught me looking and blushed as she slipped on my night shirt and went to the door and stopped dead in her tracks as she said words I never expected to hear this morning, "Cally?"

"Cally Oliver?" I asked as I wrapped myself in the blanket and made my way to the door, and saw Cally's eyes open in what I thought had to be shock.

"You guys know each other?" I asked.

"Of course...I thought this was your door" Cally said.

"Yeh and we're dressed like this cause we were trading baseball cards" I said as Cally laughed and asked, "I guess you got the Mickey Mantle rookie huh?"

"Shut up" I said in frustration of her trumping my joke. "Now how about the truth?"

"She came to see me" Bre said softly.

"And why?" I asked and before Cally could weasel out I went on, "And you are gonna tell me, or this time I will come to your dorm room and kick the fuckin door down and make you tell me."

"I'd like to know the answer to that myself" Bre said.

"I wanted to see if you changed your mind" Cally said.

"I did last night" Bre said as I smiled. "After what she did to me, I'm not ever going back to pretending to be straight."

"So Molly, you turned her gay huh?" Cally asked as I blushed.

"I didn't do nothing she didn't want" I said, "She told me exactly how she wanted it and I did it."

"MMMMMM I don't even care who knows now" Bre said as she gave me a 'wanna go now' look.

"Wait, you guys have a history?" I asked, trying to shake off Bre's more than welcomed advance.

"Yeh" Cally said.

"Yeh what?" I asked as Cally looked to Bre before she said, "We kissed and she wouldn't go out with me, even though I know she liked it."

"I'm sorry Cally" Bre said moving in front of her. "You are just so cute and I was scared to admit that I liked it, I did."

"Lot of good that does me now" Cally said, looking at me.

"I didn't do anything she didn't want" I said, "And me and Bre are not exactly together. So instead of fucking running like you always do, why not take a chance and see what happens Cally."

"I knew you liked it, you had this goofy look on your face" Cally giggled as Bre gave her a 'thanks a lot' look.

"You're blowing it" I said as I turned my back on them.

"I told you Molly I can't do this" Cally said as she turned to walk off when I screamed her name and stopped her.

"Come over here, please?" I asked as she moved beside me and I said, "Now repeat after me."

"Huh?" She asked.

"Bre I like you" I said and then encouraging her to say it with a nudge.

" you" She said as I smiled.

"It's not that hard" I said as Bre smiled at her. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes" Cally said as she looked at me, I put my hand on her cheek and pushed her face gently so she was now looking at Bre.

"Now say what you really feel" I said softly.

"I have trouble telling people how I feel" Cally said, "I babble and then I get frustrated and give up."

"Come on let's get out of the hallway" I said taking Cally's hand as we went into my room with Bre following and closing the door behind her. "OK, Cally I got an idea. I'll ask a question and you just answer me and Bre can ask too, that way you don't have to form complete sentences."

"It's not funny" Cally said with smile.

"So Bre, the balls in your court" I said as I sat back down on the bed. "You gonna match her semi-fire with your own."

"Wait, Molly, what about last night?" Bre asked, "Are you gonna be hurt if I leave here with Cally?"

"Yeh we were kinda of just figuring that out this morning I guess" I said as I looked up at her.

"Why don't you call me when you figure it out huh?" Cally asked.

"Cally..." I said as she opened the door and slowly walked off.

"Borrow you're shorts?" She asked as she slipped into them and said from the door, "I'm gonna get some answers from Cally."

"Good luck" I said as Bre laughed and flashed me a hopeful smile as she ran off after Cally. I rolled off the bed and bent over to pick up my panties and slipped into them. Then following that with a shirt and shorts that I had planned to wear to class. I bent over one more time to pick up my pencil from between the desk and closet when I heard a whistle coming from behind me. Jumping around I saw Chloe standing there with this evil grin on her face as she leaned against it.

"Damn girl you are smokin hot" She said.

"You enjoy peeping on people?" I asked with a playful smile as she grinned.

"Well on you I do" She said as she closed the door behind her and locked it.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she smiled and started to unbutton her blouse as she came close to me and asked, "Will you make me feel good?"

"Excuse me?" I asked as Chloe blushed and said, "Will you do...well...anything you wanna do to me, as long as it feels good?"

"You're offering to sleep with me?" I asked.

"You're right, it isn't exactly a great proposal" She said as she sat down on the bed and suddenly started to cry. "I broke up with Maxie last night."

"Chloe, but why?"

"Cause she's a fuckin bitch who won't even pay attention to me" She said through her tears. "All I wanna be is held once in a while. Someone to put their arms around me and stay there with me and just hold me."

"I slept with Bre last night" I said as she looked up at me in shock. You know honestly in that moment I think the shock value of the comment and the truth behind it, shook her out of her own self-pity and helped her get over the hurt Maxie inflicted on her or at least some of it. Not that I knew the full extent of it, but I was about to find out.

"Well fuck me" She said in shock. "I thought we might have a chance at something or what in the hell?"

"A chance with me?" I asked as she looked at me and suddenly jumped up and said, "FUCK YOU, MOLLY HARRIS."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I said as I did the only thing I knew to do at the time. I hugged her from behind and held her, to keep her from leaving. "You are not leaving here like this."

"Just let me go, I don't need anybody" She said in a sob.

"What happened to your ear?" I asked as I spotted the dark bruise.

"Nothing, I fell is all" She said as she tried to walk away again and I moved in front of her and figured it out. Maxie had hit her.

"She hit you?" I asked as she began to cry again and that gave me the answer I needed, my blood ran hot, "I swear to god, I'll kill that fuckin whore."

"Huh?" She asked as she looked.

"I'm going over there and teach her a lesson in respect, nobody hits you" I said in a barely controlled rage. She slumped to the corner and I knew I was scaring her.

"Just don't hit me, I didn't do anything" She said pleadingly as she covered up in the corner.

"I won't, I promise, not you" I said as she looked up. "Never."

"You won't, you promise?" She asked.

"No I won't" I said as I hugged her and laid my chin on her shoulder. "I won't do that. I'm not like that. Besides, truth be told me and Bre...was just sex."

"So you chose her over me?" She asked as she tried somewhat to pull away again.

"I didn't wanna come between you and Maxie" I said, "And that Chloe Morgan is honest."

"Wow" She said, "So you and this Bre girl are just fuck buddies?"

"It just happened" I said, "One time and she didn't even return the favor."

"Well fuck her" Chloe said as I laughed and Chloe blushed.

"I'd never have that problem with you huh?" I asked as I kissed the back of her neck and felt her relax into my arms.

"Keep going like that and I'll go first" She said, "I'll make up for Bre and a lot more."  

"I just realized I've never felt that tongue before" I said as she grinned and turned in my embrace and said, "Well, I'm ready."

"No, you're not" I said as she gave me a hurt look, "Don't cry, please?"

"Ok" She said.

"There's something I wanna do more than beat Maxie's ass or get laid" I said as she gave me a confused look.

"Ok, what?" She said as she watched me slip onto the bed and move to the top and lay back against the pillows and the headboard. I motioned for her join me. She sat down on the bed and still looked to be confused as I said, "Come up here, turn around."

"Huh?" She asked in confusion.

"Turn you're back to me and come up her" I said as I spread my thighs and she scooted back to me. I took hold of her arm and guided her back till she was pressing her back against my chest. I wrapped arms my around her, pulling her tighter to my chest and asking in a low voice only intended for her, "Is this what you wanted?"

"Yeh it is" She said with a stunned expression on her face. I stroked my fingers through her hair and had her lay her head on my shoulder. I could feel the tension leave her body as she relaxed into me. "This feels really good, I could do this all day."

"We will?" She asked as she looked at me to see if I was just bull shitting her.  

"We sure will" I said, "You wanna cry, you can cry, you want me to hold you and just talk, we will."

"But why?" She asked as I smiled.

"Because this is where I wanna be" I said.

"Would you give me a chance to be with you?" She asked softly.

"What do you think this is goofy?" I asked as she laughed.

"I think I like this" She said as I smiled and said, "If you feel like crying you can."

"Not right now" She said as she closed her eyes and I laid my head against her and thought about all that happened in the last several days and months. How exactly did this beautiful girl end up in my arms and was so willing to accept the little amount of affection that I was showing her. I never considered holding someone like this to be a major thing, Megan didn't either for that matter. I sorta of get lost in my thoughts sometimes and even now holding Chloe, I let my mind drift as she drew quiet and before I knew it she was fast asleep in my arms. I gently lifted her hair away and looked again at her ear and hoped it wasn't as bad as it looked. Who could fuckin do this to her? And what could she have done to deserve something that bad. I swore silently in that moment, that if it meant I had to protect her, no damn body would ever hurt her again. And by god, Maxie was gonna pay for this. I smiled, despite my anger, which soon melted as I looked at Chloe, sleeping so peacefully in my arms. Reaching for my blanket and covering us both up, as I opened the magazine that I had been reading days ago and got engrossed in some article about Al Gore or Bill Clinton (you know the last two Presidents). Anyway, by the time I looked up from the magazine, over an hour had passed and Chloe was just beginning to stir as she opened her eyes and saw me, and looked to be confused.

"What?" I asked as she grinned and asked, "How long have I been out?"

"Hour or so" I said after looking at the clock. "You feel better?"

"I didn't sleep at all last night" She said as she took my magazine and laid it aside as she pulled my arms tighter around her. "You really held me while I slept?"

"Yes I did" I said as I hugged her. "I know you needed it."

"Yeh but you could have let me sleep and you went off and did whatever..."

"You wanted to be held" I said softly, "You're being held, stop complaining."

"I'm just not used to someone being so...knowing what I needed" She said.

"I don't" I said, "but you said, so I figured this is what you wanted."

"Waking up in someone's arm is my favorite thing in the world Molly Harris" She said, "did you know that?"

"I do now" I said as she grinned.

"Can I be your girlfriend for a while?" She asked as she kissed my cheek softly. "You can have others, just do me like this once in a while."

"If you were my girlfriend..." I said as I returned the kiss to her cheek. "'d get used to this and there would be no others."

"So yes or no?" She asked with a grin as she ran her fingers through my hair. "Just tell me."

"Can we go out on a real date first?" I asked as she smiled and said, "You're asking me out?"

"Are you and Maxie over?" I asked as she said, "We are."  

"Chloe are you sure?" I asked.

"You know what she did last night after hitting me? She broke my heart for the millionth time, she went out and got smashed out of her mind" Chloe said as the hurt returned and she fought against starting to cry. "I hate her."

"Is your ear ok?" I asked softly.

"Yeh I can hear and all, just sore" She said as tears began to fall down her face and I swear she tried to pull away and was surprised when she felt me hug her and hold her gently in place.  

"It's ok, Chloe, you can cry" I said as I hugged her tighter. "I'll hold you as long you want."

"I hate her" She said as her tears began to fall and tried to pull away from me for a moment again as I pulled her back and held on as she began to shake from the tears and pain as it poured out. "I FUCKIN HATE YOU, BITCH. Why did have to hit me? It hurts so bad."

"It's ok" I said as I smoothed her hair back. "She'll never hurt you again."

"I don't care what she thinks" Chloe cried, "I'm sick of her bitchin at me for crying and then beating my brains out."

"Shhhhhhhhhh calm down" I said in her ear as she cried. "It's ok, you're here now. I'm not gonna let you go."

"And I am so through with her cruel and heartless comments" She said.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Like about my mom and her dying" She said as my blood began to boil. "She had cancer and died last summer. I'm ok about it. But she throws it up in my face to hurt me."

"I swear to god I'll kick her fuckin ass" I said as Chloe laughed through her tears. "You think I'm kidding? I'm not."

"Molly she said it to me not you" Chloe said.

"I don't care, I don't take people's bullshit and that's just mean" I said as she took a deep breath and agreed. "What kinda person does that?"

"Someone that's been hurt all of her life" Chloe said, "I thought I could change it, show her someone cared but she's too screwed up to feel that."

"Damn" I said as I realized what kinda of a sitation I had walked into.

"You don't have to get into this, you made me feel good" She said, "This one time would be enough to do me for a long time."

"No, I'm going to" I said as she smiled, "Remember I asked you out?"

"Oh yeah you did" She said as she smiled. "I accept, if the offer is still open."

"I think so" I said as she smiled and relaxed again in my arms.

"Wanna fool around?" She asked suddenly with a hopeful expression.

"Chloe" I said in surprise as she laughed. "You just got done crying and now you wanna do that?"

"I'm pretty easy" She said with a teasing grin, "And I'm always horny. It's a bitch too cause Maxie could never satisfy me. Course she never really tried."

"I'll bet I could" I said as she turned around and pulled me down the bed onto my back as I giggled and she moved across my stomach.  

"With those tongue tricks, I'll bet you could" She said as she leaned down onto her elbows. "Do you know how good that felt?"

"Tell me"

"MMMMMMMMM so good" She said. "God, I cum so good it made Maxie jealous. Not that I care anymore."

"But you do" I said as she shrugged. "And before we go and do something, let's just test the waters and see if we got anything. Ok?"

"You're a sweetheart" Chloe said as she kissed me this time on the lips and I found myself getting totally lost in her as my lips moved into a slow rhythm with her and her tongue found mine. "MMMMMMMMM god you're a good kisser. Can we do this for a while, please?"

"You're begging me to kiss you?" I asked as she blushed and said, "Yes, Molly I will beg to kiss you."

"Ok, go ahead" I said as she laughed in surprise as she covered her mouth. Me touching her face and saying before kissing her, "I'm not Maxie, you don't have to beg for affection Chloe."

"That'd be a nice change" She said as she returned my kiss. "Can I, just hang out with you today and avoid everyone?"

"If that's what you want" I said.

"I don't wanna see Maxie and Shelby or any of those other skanks" She said, "I wanna be with you, I have from the first moment I laid eyes on you."

"I thought you were making eyes at me at the assembly" I said.

"I was and Maxie saw me and that's where the problems started" She said, "So thank you."

"Ever been told you're pretty?" I asked, purposely trying to change the subject away from Maxie as she smiled and said, "Not recently."

"You're pretty" I said, "And gorgeous."

"Am I hotter than your ex-girlfriend?" She asked with a knowing smile.

"Can I say it's a tie, so I don't hurt anyone's feelings?"

"Really a tie?" She asked.

"Yes Chloe, you're so hot" I said and following it with a soft kiss as she smiled and rolled off me onto the side of the bed and laid there smiling. "You know we got classes in a few minutes?"

"I was hoping you'd forget" She said. "I'll make it through, I always do."

"Stick with me, I'm pretty good company" I said as she smiled.

"I like that idea."