Scent of a Girl - Episode 61 "Free Shipping???"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"GET UP!" I screamed as I banged on the door to the other bedroom just as the sun rose on another Mintzler day. A lot of grumbling, beds creaking and shuffling could be heard as I waited by the door to make sure they got up. Finally, the door popped open and out came a none to happy, Hana, stopping to say, "I hate you."

"Yeah I love you too tanned one," I said as she half smiled and bumped my shoulder on the way by. "Come on Max, up now, big test day and you're gonna be ready for it."

"I took my big math mid-term yesterday so I don't have to worry about that at least," Hana chimed in as she joined Cindy in the bathroom.

"Me too, I wish that Emily chick liked me as much as she does Hana," Maxie said as I laughed.

"SHE DOES NOT LIKE ME LIKE THAT," Hana said (loudly) from the bathroom. "IF SHE DID I'D BE GETTING BETTER GRADES."

"Miss Preston has the best titties of any woman I ever met," Dakota said as she came out of the room after Maxie.

"Too bad she only has eyes for Hana," Maxie giggled as she laid back down on the couch and covered back up.

"She does not have the hots for me," Hana said as she came back out of the bathroom. "She's barely talked to me in like two weeks now."

"Max, get up, please?" I asked in a pleading voice as I pulled the covers off her.

"No Mom," Maxie said as Cindy came out of the bathroom laughing.

"OK, fine you wanna call me that I will be," I said as I smacked her right on the ass. "Now get up!"

"Not fair," Maxie grumbled as she rubbed her ass and finally got up.

"Has anyone seen my cell?" Laney asked as she came out of our room already dressed with her hair in a ponytail. "I haven't seen it since last night?"

"Nope," I said on the way by.

"Damn it," Laney said as she went back inside the room for another search.

"Showers free Max, Kota," Cindy said as I joined her by the desk and kissed her good morning. "You gonna ask to make sure everything is set?"

"We can share?" Maxie asked as Dakota laughed.

"No I don't think so," Dakota said.

"Listen up!" I said as everyone stopped for a moment. "Is everyone clear on what's happening Saturday? You guys are clearing out. Right?"

"I'm gonna home for the weekend," Hana said.

"Eddie's got me working at the diner all weekend," Maxie grumbled.

"I'm spending Saturday night with Mindy," Dakota added in.

"And I found my phone," Laney said as she came out of the bedroom with it her hand. Everyone laughing as she looked on in confusion. "What?"

"Are you spending Saturday night with Randi like we planned?" I asked Laney.

"Yes, for the 400th time," Laney said. "You and Icey can knock boots all night. In privacy."

"We don't want the time alone to fuck we want the time alone to just be together," Cindy said as she wrapped me in her arms from behind.

"Yeah right," Dakota giggled as she walked off into the bathroom.

"I don't know why you two need an entire night to fuck it only takes me and Sarah like 15 minutes," Maxie said as she munched on some cheetos she found on the window seal.

"First, that's vulgar, and second, those Cheetos have been there for like two weeks," I said to Maxie.

"So?" She asked as she eat another one.

"And I'm pretty sure Sarah wouldn't like how you talked about her," Cindy said. "If I was your girlfriend I wouldn't."

"True," Maxie said as she finished the two week old bag of Cheetos, "She doesn't have much of a sense of humor."

"Sure she does," Laney chimed in, "She's dating you isn't she?"

"That was a good one," Maxie giggled as she went back into her room to get some clean clothes.

"Sure was," I giggled as Laney grinned and walked off back into our room to get something. Cindy spinning me around and kissing as I giggled. "Someone is happy to see me."

"I'll show you how happy I am...damn it," Cindy said in frustration when the phone started ringing. Slamming her finger down on the intercom button and barking, "What?"

"Is my new sister there?" a sweet voice asked from the other end.

"Whose your sister sweety?" I asked.

"Cindy Sullivan," She said. "I'm her new sister, my names Kimmy."

"It's me, I'm Cindy, how did you get my number?" Cindy asked with a huge smile on her face.

"I gave it to her," Caroline (Cindy's Mom) said into the phone. "That was your new little sister, Kimmy."

"She sounds so sweet," Cindy said.

"I am," Kimmy said as I laughed. "I can't wait to meet you tomorrow."

"Saturday?" Cindy asked as my heart nearly stopped.

"Yes Saturday," Caroline said. "Jonathan and I are leaving out tomorrow morning early and we should be in Thief River Falls by late afternoon."

"Oh god," I whined as Maxie came out of the bedroom laughing. I knew then she'd been listening and loved seeing me in this position.

"Can't you wait until Sunday and come?" Cindy asked in a last desperate attempt to save our planned time together.

"No we can't," Caroline said. "We have the rooms reserved at the 'Cmon Inn' and the flight lands in Bemidji at 3:45 pm."

"OK, Mom, see you tomorrow," Cindy said as she clicked the button to hang up the phone. Maxie now laughing out loud at this turn of events.

"Max..." Cindy said as she rose and started after Maxie, "...I'm gonna give you a five second head start before I murder you."

"Not my fault you're not gonna get laid," Maxie said as she ran around the couch and out the door (still laughing).

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Can I run a crazy idea by you?" Chi asked as she came up from down the hall on her way to math class (as was I).

"Sure but we got math class in like 5 minutes so make it quick."

"Are you going home this weekend?" She asked.

"Uh yeah I think so," I said as I rifled through my computer bag looking for my pencil. "Why?"

"Can you buy me a laptop at wal-mart?" Chi asked as I snapped my head up instantly to meet her eyes.

"Are you serious? I don't have that kind of money," I said as she laughed.

"No, not you buy me one with your money but with my money," Chi said as Anisha joined us. "My Mom wired me some money and I'm dying to get this new laptop they have. So I ordered it site to store for the free shipping and handling..."

"She was to cheap to pay 99 cents for the shipping to have it delivered to the campus," Anisha added as I laughed.

"No one told me about that, friend," Chi said as Anisha giggled. "Anyway, can you do that for me?"

"I'll see if my dad will give me a ride out there on Saturday," I said. "I'll have to bring it back with me on Sunday night though."

"That's fine," Chi said with a bright smile. "I owe you a huge favor."

"We're friends Chi, friends do things for each other without expecting anything in return," I said as she shrugged.

"You have to remember that I was so-called friends with Vanessa for a year so this whole friendship thing is new to me," Chi said.

"I'm her first real friend," Anisha teased Chi.

"Not really something I'd brag about," I said as I walked off.

"Hey!" Chi said in protest as I turned into the empty classroom laughing. Finding Emily already at her desk grading papers. Reading glasses, a plush sweater doing all it could to contain her huge titties and a skirt that was rather conservative but still showed a lot of leg. Her hair was in a loose bun and her shoes dangled off her feet. Not realizing I'd stopped and literally began gawking as I stood froze in place until she looked over and grinned and said the words I'd never forget, "Just the girl I've been waiting for."

"Me?" I asked as she grinned and nodded. It did make me wonder, as I came over to the desk, why she was wanting to see me since she had barely talked to me since the 'Secret Life' marathon at her place a couple of weeks ago. Not that she had been cold or anything but more like...a bit distant.

"Yes you silly," She said as she handed me a paper and tried to hide a smile as I flipped it over and squealed at what I saw, my last test score, a B plus. "Happy?"

"I could kiss you dead on the lips," I said with a huge smile. "Is this for real?"

"Yes and when?" She asked.

"When what?" I asked as she puckered her lips up and made me giggle. "Never cause I'm straight."

"So am I," She said with a coy smile as I grinned. "Congrats."

"I studied hard for it but I never thought I'd do this good," I said as I looked the test over in amazement, "How did I do this good?"

"Come here and I'll tell you," Emily said in a sultry voice as I circled around the desk to her side and leaned down for her to whisper in my ear, "I gave you that to get you into bed."

"Then why didn't I get an A plus?" I asked as she laughed.

"You earned it," She said seriously. "Well...mostly."

"Mostly?" I asked.

"I might have give you a couple of points," She admitted. "2 or 3, maybe 5."

"If I didn't earn it I don't want it," I said flatly.

"You earned it by having the best tan of any cute Asian girl I know," She said in a voice slightly above a whisper as my eyes opened in surprise at that direct flirtation. "Oh yeah I went there."

"Keep giving me grades like this and you can go there for real," I said as she gave me a knowing smile. She quickly glanced out the door to make sure no one was watching before she descreetly lifted the back of my skirt up for a brief moment and check what kind of undies I had on (gold thong!). I squealed and pushed her hand away and gave her a shocked look. "I didn't mean here. Well maybe."

"Ohmigod you are gonna get me in so much trouble!" Emily said as I blushed and simply walked off with her eyes fixed on me I thought. Class beginning a few moments later and all the previous flirting seemingly being forgotten as everything went back to normal. But damn had things taken an interesting turn already this morning.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey, Mindy you wanna walk with me to the field house?" I asked as she sat playing video games with Molly. A NASCAR game of all things in the world.

"No, cause I'm 20 laps from being champion of the redneck circuit," Mindy said as I laughed.

"You wish," Molly said as she came right up behind Mindy's car and bumped her.

"Hey!" Mindy complained as she almost lost control. "Stop cheating!"

"Stop trying to win," Molly said back as I laughed. She just then cut down low and tried to pass Mindy on the inside. Bad decision as Mindy cut back down in an attempt to block her and sent both of them sailing up the track and into a spectacular crash. "Look what you did now."

"You tried to wreck me first," Mindy accused as she put down her controller. "You're a horrible sport."

"And you're a big baby," Molly said back, "Want me to change your diaper?"

"We can both stand up and you will be even with my diaper, small fry," Mindy fired back as I started laughing.

"Wanna play again?" Molly asked as Mindy laughed and quickly agreed.

"Good lord those two are nuts," I said as I walked off down the hall and found Michelle (Schrieber) sitting on the steps reading the Sporting News. "You ready?"

"I guess," She said as she stood and we walked down the steps. "You sure that this Coach Rock will want me on the team?"

"The way I got it figured the team needs a centerfielder," I said. "And you fit that profile."

"I don't know," Michelle said as she stopped me at the bottom of the steps. "Everyone is gonna think I'm doing this just to get back at Pam because she goes to Twilight Hills."

"Then don't worry about what they say," I said. "Come on let's at least see what this new guy says."

"Worth a walk across campus," Michelle said as she put on her jacket as did I and we struck out across campus on this bitterly cold mid November day. "Sooo cold out here. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something."

"Yeah to hurry up and take the short cut, follow me," I said as she trailed me and we cut across the field and ran the last hundred feet or so to the clubhouse and got inside as quick as possible. "I had no idea it was that freakin cold outside."

"On a day like this these leggings don't help much," Michelle said as we took off our jackets and hung them up as Coach Rock was just coming out of his office and did the gentlemanly thing and held the door for us. "Coach Newman?"

"That is me indeed," he said with a smile. "Another couple of curious potential players I presume."

"She is but I'm not," I said as I pointed to Michelle. "This is Michelle Schrieber."

"You're Pam Schrieber's sister right? Younger?" Coach Rock asked.

"She's a senior and I'm a junior," Michelle said as a loud ping from a softball bat cracking a softball could be heard a few feet away. "Dakota thought I should come by and see if there was anyway I could make the team."

"Well tryouts aren't till the spring really but you're welcome to come by and hit when I'm here," Coach Rock said. "Because at this point no one is guaranteed a spot."

"I like that it's a low pressure environment," Michelle said. "Can we hang out for a while?"

"More than welcome to," Coach said as Michelle walked off to join some of the others that were passing, hitting and just hanging out. I started to join her when Coach tapped me on the shoulder. "And you are Dakota Lane?"

"Yes, sir," I said in surprise.

"How did that injured knee heal?" He asked.

"Not great," I said. "I'm probably gonna need another surgery."

"Hate to hear that a talent like yours is gonna be wasted," Coach Rock said as I smiled. "No chance of you coming back?"

"Why would you need me?" I asked.

"Always need a steady bat and good glove in the outfield," Coach Rock said. "Anyway, feel free to hang out for a while if you want."

"Thanks," I said as he walked off back into his office.

"KOTA!" Laney squealed as she ran over to meet me. "Hey!"

"What are you doing here?"

"Randi dragged me along," Laney said. "And you?"

"Recruited a new player for Mintzler, Michelle Schrieber," I said as I pointed to her.

"Laney come and hit with me," Randi said from the indoor batting cage.

"You better go or she wont give you anymore," I teased Laney.

"And that would be a monumental loss," Laney said with a giggle before she joined Randi inside the cage.

"Well if it isn't my old teammate," Chi said as she walked up. "Who invited you?"

"I brought Michelle over to introduce her to Coach Newman," I said.

"The way this team is shaping up we'll need her patrolling centerfield," Chi said. "Replacing Bre won't be easy."

"Yeah she was one of a kind," I said as a twinge (a large one) of missing her suddenly hit me. "But she made her choices and it wasn't me."

"I didn't mean to bring all that drama up," Chi said in frustration. "I'm sorry?"

"Don't worry about it," I said. "Besides I'm happier back with Mindy anyway."

"Anymore news from home?" Chi asked. "Maybe good news?"

"Nope, still getting divorced," I said. "They're seperated right now."

"My parents have been through the same thing," Chi said. "You're doing a lot better than I did."

"Thanks," I said.

"Hey, my Dad said we could pick up the computer Saturday morning," Hana said to Chi as she joined us.

"You're supposed to hit the ball with the bat," Randi said to Laney a few feet away as another ball flew by untouched by Laney's swing.

"How about I hit you with it instead?" Laney asked in frustration. Randi simply grinned and took hold of Laney's collar and pulled her close and kissed her lips. "I was just kidding you know?"

"I wasn't," Randi said as Laney bit her lip and leaned in and kissed Randi again. Dropping the bat a moment later as her tongue met Randi's and the two got lost in each other momentarily. That is until the next pitch from the machine whizzed by the back of Laney's head and sent the two scampering for cover as they giggled.

"Hey Dakota Lane," Candy Fanning said as she walked up. "What are you doing here?"

"How do you know me?"

"You were one of the best players in the league till you got hurt," Candy said. "Thinking about a comeback?"

"Bum knee won't let me," I said. "I wish though."

"Too bad," Candy said. "We could use you."

"CANDY!" Allison screamed to get her friends attention. "Stop flirting and throw the ball."

"Cock blocker," Candy said to her friend as I started laughing and settled in to watch them pass for a little while.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"OPEN UP WHORE!" I screamed as I pounded on Cally's door as Chloe stood behind me laughing.

"Quit beating on my damn door and get in here," Cally said as she opened it and we came inside. "You finally come by to tell me you're going to the Bahamas with us?"

"My Dad is gonna let me go but he's being a serious asshole about it," Chloe said as she flopped down on the bed. "Sorry."

"Understandable," Cally said and then asking me, "What did Holly say?"

"She hasn't asked her yet," Chloe answered for me.

"Why not?" Cally asked.

"Holly's in love and I was gonna wait till Chloe's Dad said yes before I create any drama," I reasoned. "I know we only got about a month before we leave so I will get to it."

"Highly unlikely," Chloe said as I gave her a dirty look.

"Be quiet," I told my girlfriend as she giggled. "And yes I will."

"Well, another week and I have to know something," Cally said. "We have four seats reserved and if we don't take them someone will."

"Your Dad has a private plan why can't we use that?" Chloe asked as Cally sat down by her on the bed.

"It's for business," Cally said as I took a seat at the desk. "I've never been on it so I doubt he's gonna let me use it to fly to the bahamas."

"I did read that it was 78 and sunny in the Bahamas today," Chloe added. "Perfect weather for...anything."

"My thinking too," Cally said. "No need to worry about being caught."

"He has a private estate, your dad?" I asked.

"He does," Cally confirmed. "It's really big with an outdoor shower, spa, hot tub and it's just a really nice place."

"If my Dad doesn't let me go I'm gonna go home and murder him over Christmas," Chloe whined as Cally and I laughed.

"What is that?" I asked as a rattling sound could be heard coming from behind me.

"My missing cell phone I bet," Cally said as she popped up and joined me in search of it. Finding it in the desk drawer a few feet away. "Hello? Hey Dad!"

"I wonder what he wants?" I asked as Cally walked off out into the hall to talk him as I laid down by Chloe.

"I bet he's putting Cally up for adoption," Chloe said as I started laughing out loud.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You finally decided on a new President?" I asked Dad in surprise.

"I have indeed," Dad (David Thornton Oliver) said, "I think he's an inspired choice."

"So which rich old white guy from the board of directors did you pick?" I asked.

"None," Dad said cryptically. "I have decided to bring in some fresh blood."

"Oh, so someone that's only 75?" I asked as he laughed.

"He is someone your generation and not of mine," Dad said. "He's well dressed, articulate, very smart, witty and while not the most qualified, he certainly made me believe in his vision for the future of Mintzler."

"When can we meet him?" I asked.

"We are having an assembly on Friday and you can meet him along with the rest of the school," Dad said. "I must go, work calls. I love you Calista."

"I love you too, Dad," I said as a smile spread across my face. And as weird as it sounds, and for the first time in 6 years, I really did loved my dad.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Maggie?" I asked as I pecked on the office door. Seeing her open the window to the side I asked, "Is Holly coming over tonight?"

"Pretty sure she is. Why?"

"You said we'd rent that movie and watch it," I said. "The one with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart in a band."

"The Runaways," Maggie said before her head disappeared and she opened the office door to join me. "Holly wanted to see that too."

"So does Dakota," I said with a smile.

"Speaking of," Maggie said as she pointed outside and we saw just the two people we'd been talking about headed this way. Shivering as they came inside and closed the doors behind them. "Cold?"

"Coldest day all year," Holly said as she kicked the show off her shoes and Dakota did the same thing before they took their coats off.

"I walked to the softball field with Michelle and bout froze my hair off," Dakota said as she came over and made me giggle when she slipped her arms around me. "Mindy warm."

"Mindy hot too," Holly said as I blushed. "And I got the movie you wanted."

"Yay!" I said as she handed it to me. "10 dollar delivery fee."

"Excuse you looking at other girls," Maggie said as she poked Holly.

"Don't start," Holly said as she snuck a kiss and the four of us piled inside the office to watch the movie.

"So what are your guys plans for Christmas?" I asked a few minutes later as Maggie and Holly came back into the room with a tray of snacks.

"Staying with Holly for a few days," Maggie said.

"I'm going home over Christmas," I said. "But tommorrow my Mom and dad are bringing my new little sister to meet Cindy and me."

"They adopted her from Korea," Dakota added in as she put in the movie.

"I love kids bring her by," Maggie said as I nodded.

"So what about you Holly?" I asked. "Molly and Chloe are gonna be in the Bahamas and all so what are your plans?"

"Molly and Chloe are going where?" Holly asked in shock.

"They weren't gonna say anything until after Chloe's Dad made up his mind, Melinda the motor mouth," Dakota said to me.

"Oops!" I squeaked and felt like crawling under the love seat. Molly is not gonna be happy with me over this one.