Scent of a Girl - Episode 62 "Hana's Mini-me"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"My hands are so cold I can't even answer my phone," Chloe complained as we walked as fast as we could across campus. Reaching the dorm just before a fresh blanket of snow began to fall on Minnesota. "I hate this fucking weather."

"Me too," I said as we got inside and shivered from the cold as we kicked the snow off our shoes. Just then noticing that Holly was sitting on the love seat off to the side of the front entrance. Putting down her book and glaring at me. "What?"

"Making Christmas plans without me?" She asked in a pissy voice that told me she knew something.

"No..." I started to say.

"Don't lie to me," Holly barked as she fired the book at my head in anger. Barely missing me as Chloe and I seperated and listened to it crash into the glass behind us.

"Bitch, you got one more time to do that and we're gonna fight," I said as I kicked off my shoes and picked one up as a weapon. "And if you think this is gonna be like back home you're..."

"What's your fucking problem, psycho?" Chloe practically screamed at her.

"You two are making plans to go to the Bahamas for Christmas without me?" Holly asked. "Not only without me but without even asking my permission?"

"That's why you threw a book at my head?" I asked.

"It was a paperback," Holly said. "Now answer my damn question."

"We're not making plans to go anywhere yet," Chloe said as I dropped my shoes back to the floor with the scene calming. "Cause my dad hasn't said I could go yet. That's why she hasn't asked you."

"And yes I was gonna ask you oh ruler of mine," I said to Holly sarcasticly.

"I'm not your ruler, half-pint," Holly said. "But it sure does hurt to find out from your best friend that you don't wanna spend Christmas with me."

"Mindy, you have such a huge mouth," I said as Chloe laughed and nodded her agreement. "And Holly...this trip was not my idea it was my friends Cally and Alisha's idea. Cally's Dad is paying for it and letting us stay at his place down there. And I never said I didn't wanna spend Christmas with you."

"After the last six months I guess I assumed," Holly said as she looked down.

"Well when you assume you make an ass out of you and me," I said as I flipped her off. She looked up and half smiled as she got up to come after me. "What? What did I do?"

"I should have whipped your ass a million times already," Holly said as she came around the couch after me and I ran for the steps. Seeing the elevator open and Maggie coming out I detoured and squirted into it just as the doors closed. Laughing as Holly banged on the door and I headed upstairs. Though I had a feeling Holly would then go thundering up the steps in pursuit and possibly meet me at the elevator when it arrived on the third floor. So I again detoured and stopped on the second floor. Almost running into a second floor resident that I hardly knew, Melanie Stockton (she has Math class with Chloe).

"Molly, right?" She asked as I stopped just short of bumping into her. The elevator closing behind me.

"Yep, and you're Melanie?" I asked.

"Right," She confirmed. "Was that your sister thundering up the steps?"

"It was," I said as she giggled. "On her way to murder me."

"Murder you?" Melanie giggled. "Why?"

"She's just crazy," I said with a shrug. "Wanna hang out for a few hours until she gets tired of looking for me and crawls back under her rock?"

"That's funny," Melanie giggled. "But I should be getting in bed I have to get up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow."


"If I get to the administration office early enough the secretary lets me call my Mom for a few minutes," Melanie said. "The story of a poor girl living on school vouchers."

"When was the last time you talked to your Mom?" I asked.

"2 weeks or so," Melanie said. "Soo damn cold of a morning that I hate to get up."

"My Mom hates me for being gay so I can't really know what you're going through but I wish I did," I said with a shrug.

"Thanks," Melanie said with a sweet smile. An idea coming to me at that moment as I fished out my cell phone from it's holdster.

"Hey, here!" I said as I handed her my cell phone. "It's after 9 so you can call her and talk for a while."

"But you barely know me," She said in amazement. "Why are you being so nice?"

"Maybe you can do me a favor one day," I said as she took the phone and immediately dialed out to her Mom's number. The elevator just then dinging as it stopped again on the 2nd floor. "Hi, Mom?"

"Oh no!" I said as I looked back and saw Holly getting off the elevator and coming after me. "Don't kill me?"

"I'm not planning to but we're going to talk about this trip," Holly said firmly as she put her arm around my shoulder and made me follow her to the elevator.

"I'll bring your phone back as soon as I'm done," Melanie said as the elevator closed with me and Holly headed to the third floor.

"So here's the deal," Holly said as I remained quiet (for once), "Maggie wants me to meet her family in Colorado."

"Really?" I asked with a smile as we reached my floor.

"Really," Holly said as we exited the elevator and into my room where Chloe was already waiting on the bed. "So are you two serious about going to the Bahamas with Cally?"

"Very," I said before filling Chloe in on the events so far.

"She must be crazy over you if she wants you to fly to Colorado with her," Chloe said to my sister.

"I was surprised when she asked me too," Holly admitted. "But she did. And I wasn't planning on going because of you."

"Then go," I said. "Chloe and I can have fun in the sun and you get your rocks off in Colorado."

"Which is the whole reason we wanna go to the Bahamas, hey baby?" Chloe asked as I looked at her in shock.

"What? You're going all the way to the Bahamas to fuck your girlfriend?" Holly asked in surprise.

"Her girlfriend and Cally's girlfriend," Chloe added in with a giggle.

"Molly gets both of you?" Holly asked as Chloe grinned knowingly to confirm it.

"Shut up, Red," I said as I pushed her head and she laughed.

"And Cally is OK with you fucking her girlfriend?" Holly asked.

"She wants to watch," Chloe said as Holly smiled at me. "And it's butt fucking, get it right."

"You're getting spanked," I said to Chloe as she squealed and laughed when I chased her up the bed and we started to wrestle.

"HEY!" Holly screamed to get our attention. "You stop that, unless you want me to hold her down for you."

"Oh yeah baby," Chloe cooed as she motioned for Holly to join us.

"She told me she'd do ass to mouth for us if we both use cocks," I said to Holly as she playfully sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I was totally lying," Chloe said as she covered up and screamed in laughter when both Holly and I started tickling her at once. The fun being stopped by a loud knocking on the door. "GO AWAY!"

"Not go away," I said as Chloe giggled and I slid over her, sneaking a kiss, and took Holly's hand and made her follow me to the door. "I still don't trust you with her."

"I would never do you that way," Holly said as I opened the door to see a nervous looking Mindy on the other side. "Hey there blond, tanned and damn near perfect."

"Hi," Mindy said softly. "Punky are you mad at me?"

"No she's not," Holly said in my place as she walked off down the hall.

"Really?" Mindy asked.

"What she said!"

"So you forgive me for being a motor-mouth?" Mindy asked. "Cause I really am sorry."

"I never told you not to say anything so you didn't know," I said with a shrug of the shoulders. "Besides, now it looks like I will get to go after all. If Chloe's Dad says it's OK."

"I feel so much better now," Mindy said with a smile as she hugged me. "Thanks for not being mad at me."

"Hey are you guys hungry?" Chloe asked from the bed.

"I am," Mindy said as she pushed the door open. "Too bad we can't go to Fast Eddie's for some of Harry's meat loaf."

"That good?" I asked.

"My belly loved me that night," Mindy giggled. "They don't deliver by any chance do they?"

"Open 24 hours," Chloe said as she held the menu. "Maybe if I call and flirt with Megan she'll bring us some up here."

"Tell her I'm up for a threesome, she's key-ute," Mindy said as Chloe laughed and picked up the phone.

"Oh are you?" I asked in a male voice as Mindy giggled.

The elevator dinging down the hall and opening to reveal my phone borrower from earlier, Melanie.

"Thanks for the loan," Melanie said as she arrived beside Mindy and I. "First time Mom actually got to hear my voice without me having to whisper."

"No problem," I said as I took the phone.

"They should be getting my phone fixed in a few days, finally, so I'll be good to go from there," Melanie said.

"Hey Melanie," Chloe said as she hung up the phone and came to join us. "Bad news, Harry's off tonight and Megan has some kind of a stomach bug and she went home early."

"Damn it," Mindy said as I laughed.

"Hey I brought the phone back just in time," Melanie said as it started ringing in my hand.

"Yeah?" I asked as I picked it up.

"Maggie wants something from Fast Eddie's do you guys?" Holly asked as I started laughing at the timing. "What?"

"If they have any Meat Loaf plates bring us..." I started to say as Mindy nodded her agreement eagerly, as did Chloe and then came Melanie. "...Melanie?"

"Nah," She said softly.

"And make that four meat loaf plates with mashed taters," I said with my best southern accent. "OK, bye."

"Said it'd be a half hour or so," I said as I hung up.

"Molly..." Melanie started to complain.

"Now you owe me two favors," I said to Melanie as she smiled and simply nodded her agreement.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who do you think it'll be?" Alisha asked as we sat down in the front of the auditorium and looked up at the usual collection of old white guys in power suits. Many of them REALLY old white guys.

"One of the old white guys on stage," I said. Alisha nodding as she agreed. "Dad's not one to step to far outside of conventional wisdom."

"It would be funny if he marched in here with a black midget or something and announced that was the new President," Alisha said as I started laughing. Waving to Molly, Chloe, Mindy and Dakota as they came in. Though a clearing of the throat from the front of the room kept me from waving them down to join us.

"Welcome to today's very important assembly meeting," J. Stapleton McGrath announced as he now stood at the podium. "We are assembled here today..."

"FOR YOU TO ANNOUNCE YOUR RETIREMENT?" Came the loud question from the masses. A laugh then rippling through the crowd.

"I'll have no more disrespect from the likes of you," Stapleton said. "I should not have to remind you who I am..."

"JESUS CHRIST'S OLDER BROTHER?" Came the next insult that brought a thunderous laughter.

"One more word and I will clear this assembly hall..." Stapleton threatened.

"KEEP ON TALKING THAT SHOULD DO IT!" Came the next insult to even more laughter.

"Shut up!" Stapleton demanded in a furious mood now. Fortunately for him his duties were about to conclude as my Dad (David) made his way into the auditorium with a silence falling over the place. His mere presense was not enough to have that kind of an effect though. The person trailing him seem to be the one that was causing the dramatic pause. A slender black man in a dark colored suit who looked unassuming enough.

"Who's that?" Alisha whispered to me in reference to Dad's guest.

"His new assistant?" I asked. "No idea."

"Thank you J. for your always unique way of livening up a boring assembly," Dad said as he took the podium and Stapleton gave him a death stare and stormed off to his seat. "Ladies and Gentleman we are here today to announce a new, and permanent, successor to the slimy worm of a human being that formerly had his name on this building and held this school's office of President."

"Another old geezer, huh Dad?" I screamed to get his attention.

"Bite me Calista," Dad said as everyone laughed and I clammed up. "Today I am here to announce the person who will be taking over the office of President. This is a man who has impressed me to no end with his vast knowledge of the inner workings of the private school system. He has joined us here fresh off of a two year stint as a highly successful teacher in mainland China..."

"Why is that dude still standing behind your Dad?" Alisha asked me.

"You think Dad could have hired him?" I asked as Alisha shrugged.

"I present to you now the next President of Mintzler, Mr. James David Woods," Dad said as the air left the place in shock when he stepped aside and let his guest take the podium. The look on Dad's face though told me this was exactly the kind of shock he wanted.

"Thank you all for welcoming me," Mr. Woods said after a nice ovation. "And thank you Mr. Oliver for the chance. I will not let you or the students down, sir."

"This is progressive," Alisha said as I giggled and had to agree.

"I know, I know what you are all thinking at this moment," Mr. Woods said to the crowd, "How could Mr. Oliver even think of hiring this guy on stage. He's only 28 years of age. Barely a year removed from living full time in China. And strangest of all he's a...he's a...he's a buddhist."

"OHMIGOD," Alisha cackled at the joke as most everyone joined in.

"Seriously though, I will be making changes to the status quo because that's what I do," Mr. Woods explained, "First, as of Monday, all students will be allowed to wear jogging pants under their normal school issued skirts to protect against the extreme tempatures. Secondly, thanks to a generous grant from the local community everyone will be issued cell phones and will be assigned a number on the new school network beginning after the Christmas break. This network will also allow any student with a laptop to log on to the internet at virtually any place on campus. Third, a new community atmosphere project will be launched. This will involve group outings and scheduled events designed to foster new friendships and reduce violence on Mintzlers campus. This will begin with a weekly movie presentation beginning on the first friday after Christmas break..."

"The jogging pants is something we've needed for years," Emily (Miss Preston) said a half hour or so later as we exited the auditorium. "I remember the cold days when I went here."

"Be a shame to cover up those legs," Alisha said to me as we stood directly behind her as we made our way out. Everyone having a chance to shake the hand of the man who would now lead us. I have to say that I was impressed.

"So where are we headed?" Alisha asked me as we came outside and into the bitter cold still following Miss Preston and those dangerously sexy legs as she swayed down the walk towards the parking lot. But suddenly something changed as Miss Preston was met by someone by her car. Hana, as in my teammate Hana. A conversation slowly developed that involved playful pushing and whispering back and forth and sure had all the signs of flirting.

"How about down there?" I asked as Alisha gave me a confused look but followed along anyway. We detoured off the path and cut through the trees that lined the wall so we could get closer and not be detected.

"So, anyway, you're going home for the weekend?" Miss Preston asked Hana. "We still have those episodes to watch."

"I know," Hana said. "And yeah I'll be home and all. But don't know if I can come by with all I have to do. Picking up Chi's computer and working at the diner for some pocket money. I also have to do some errands for my Mom."

"I have to go to Wal-mart anyway," Miss Preston offered. "Why don't I give you a ride?"

"Only if you want too," Hana said as Miss Preston blushed and smiled.

"With that tan and smile I think I do," Miss Preston said.

"OHMIGOD she's hitting on her," Alisha said in shock into my ear. "I wish I was Hana."

"You're a whore," I giggled as we quietly made our way out. Alisha jumping on my back piggy-back style as I carried her away back up the walk. "You think Hana would let us join in if she gets some off of Miss Preston?"

"Chi told me she calls her Emily," Alisha said. "So I bet she's already got some."

"HMMMM," I said as we headed back towards McKinley-Grogan dorm.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Cindy said they were already at the Administration building," Mindy said as she sat on the couch and played a game of monopoly with Randi and Laney. "I wonder where they are?"

"Not here yet," Laney said in reference to Mindy's parents. I giggled from my seat in the chair by the back wall as I read an article in one of those Uncle John's Bathroom readers that Cindy ordered off the internet.

"Sometimes your commentary is amazingly stupid," Randi said as she pushed Laney's forehead and spurred the beginning of a wrestling match.

"HELLO!" Mindy screamed to get their attention. "We're playing monopoly not WWE Wrestlemania."

"I'm bored anyway," Randi said. "Wanna go play snowball?"

"What is that?" Mindy asked.

"We find a big stick and throw snowballs to each other and hit them," Laney explained. "It's kind of like softball only the ball explodes."

"And you can never play it in Florida," Randi finished as I laughed.

"And you think my commentary is stupid?" Laney asked as Randi giggled.

"You both have your moments," I inserted as Mindy laughed. "And, Mindy, I thought your parents were coming in on Saturday and not today?"

"Screw-up with the airline and they put them on an earlier flight," Mindy said as she turned and laid over the back of the couch. "So looks like you and Cindy won't get any time alone."

"Laney, you have a big mouth," I said as Randi started laughing and Laney blushed from head to toe. Chi coming in at that moment and smiling as she saw Mindy and asking, "Can I borrow your softball glove?"

"I don't have a softball glove," Mindy said in confusion. I quietly put the book over my face and started giggling at Chi's case of mistaken identity.

"Yes you do," Chi insisted. "We played on the same team so stop being stupid and tell me where it is."

"You're the stupid one," Randi said to her teammate, "Notice this girls hair color?"

"Oh damn, you're Cindy's twin sister?" Chi asked as everyone cracked up. "Very funny."

"Told you I didn't have a softball glove," Mindy said as she got up and met her by the door.

"I'll never live this one down," Chi said as Mindy hugged her warmly.

"What did you need it for anyway?" I asked as Randi and Laney settled on the window seat for the moment.

"Anisha and I were doing exercises," Chi said.

"What kind?"

"She like tosses the ball to me on an arch like 200 times," Chi said. "We do it every day but I left my glove at the field house yesterday."

"Hey Cindy is coming up the walk with a cute girl in her arms," Randi said as I got a bit worried for a long moment. "And two people who look like her."

"That cute girl is my new sister," Mindy noted as I flipped Randi the bird.

"Where's Hana by the way?" Chi asked. "She already gone home for the weekend?"

"Getting a snack downstairs," I said.

"I'm gonna wait in the hallway," Mindy said as I got up to join her for the walk down to the elevator with Chi tagging along. The elevator dinging just as we arrived and Cindy walking out with her new little sister in her arms. A cute Asian girl with black hair, the most expressive eyes I'd ever seen and an adorable smile. "Hi!"

"You my other new sister?" Kimmy asked Mindy.

"I sure am," Mindy said as Kimmy held her arms for a hug and found Mindy more than willing. "She's so cute."

"You guys look different," Kimmy noted as she looked from Cindy to Mindy, "You sure you twins?"

"She's observant," Chi added with a giggle.

"This is my girlfriend, Shelby," Cindy said as I smiled and Kimmy held her arms out for a hug.

"Who is that?" Kimmy asked as she was now in Shelby's arms and pointing to Chi.

"That is our friend, Chi," Cindy said.

"Hi," Kimmy said as she once again held her arms out for a hug. Chi giggling as she hugged her. "You're dark."

"Kimmy that's not nice," Cindy said gently.

"What's not nice about it?" Chi asked. "I am dark. Nothing wrong in pointing it out."

"I like your hair," Kimmy said to Chi and referring to the girls ever present corn rows. "It's pretty."

"So is yours," Chi said as Kimmy smiled. "And your hair is dark like me."

"I noticed that too," Kimmy said as everyone laughed. The elevator dinging again as it this time brought up Hana.

"Hi everyone," Hana said. "I see you've met almost everyone now, huh?"

"Yes I did," Kimmy said as Hana laughed and made a face at Kimmy as the little girl laughed.

"Hana, I do believe you've found your mini-me," Chi said as she pointed to Kimmy.

"Very funny," Hana said, as everyone giggled, and holding up a Snickers bar as she said, "And I found your mini-me in the snack machine downstairs. And just like you it's dark and nutty."

"Been looking for that all day," Chi said as she snatched it from Hana's hand, "Thanks."

"Come back here you Snickers thief," Hana demanded as Chi ran off down the hall laughing with Hana soon giving chase.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Megs just go back and lay down and don't worry about the diner for right now," I told her on the phone. "You need to feel better first."

"I don't know what's wrong with me," Megan said. "I've felt like crap for two days now. You think it's the flu?"

"Yes I do," I said. "Just like Darlene told you. Now go get a cold water out of the fridge and go lay down and get some sleep."

"Come check on me in a while?" Megan asked.

"You know I will," I said as we hung up and Maxie came out of the bathroom and rejoined me.

"Who's the important guy talking to Harold in the kitchen?" Maxie asked as she joined me in the 'break booth'.

"That is Lyndon Von Krul," I said as I took a bite of food. "He's a friend of Marc Summers..."

"Your landlord?" Maxie asked.

"Right," I said. "He came in a few minutes ago and started snooping around with Harold."

"Think he's casing the joint?" Maxie asked as I laughed.

"No he's not casing the joint," I giggled. "And stop watching those old detective movies on Turner Classic Movies."

"No," Maxie said as I grinned at her.

"Mr. Parker it was a pleasure meeting you and your friends," Lyndon said as he came out of the kitchen. "Are you sure there is no way we can do business?"

"I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to mortgage mine and my daughters future on a business venture that you yourself say could fail," Harold said.

"We're only talking 40,000 dollars in start up costs," Lyndon said. "I would be matching you dollar for dollar in exchange for half of the business as we discussed."

"That money is for my daughter Shelby's education," Harold said. "She's the most important thing in the world to me and I won't even think about taking a chance if it hurts her future."

"Don't we have some money that we could help him with?" Maxie suddenly asked me as my attention diverted to her. "We do, I know we do."

"Megan and I spent some on the new furniture and you bought new clothes and..."

"51,125!" Maxie announced. "I read the bank statement last night."

"Where did you find that at?"

"Snooping in your underwear drawer," Maxie said as if weren't even a big deal. I gave a her look in reply that she knew all to well, "What? You can snoop in mine too."

"Stay out of my drawers," I said with a fork point.

"We both know you don't mean that," Maxie said with a knowing grin.

"Shut up," I said as she laughed and I looked down and blushed.

"I wanna help Harold out," Maxie said to me in a voice just above a whisper. Lyndon shaking Harold's hand at that moment and leaving quietly with a heartbroken look on his face. Harold taking a deep breath and going back into the kitchen as Mel came through the front door to join the few other regulars that come in this late on a Friday night. "Well can we?"

"Tay, 40,000 is a lot of money and we don't have that much left to live on," I reasoned.

"Harold, breakfast plate?" Mel asked from the counter to get his attention.

"You got it, Mel," Harold said.

"We'd still have like 11,000..."

"No, Tay and that is final," I said firmly. "Something could happen and we would need that money."

"What good is having money if you can't help the people you love?" Maxie asked.

"You love Harold?" I asked in surprise.

"Of course, he's Uncle Harold, Shelby's dad," Maxie said with a smile. "He never bitches at me no matter what I do. Unlike Eddie."

"Eddie bitches at you for your own good," I said as Maxie shrugged. "He does, Tay, and you know it."

"Sometimes I even deserve it," Maxie said as I laughed.

"What's wrong today old man?" Mel asked Harold as he came out of the kitchen with Mel's platter looking depressed. "Business?"

"Something like that," Harold said as he sat down Mel's plate. "Not enough business actually."

"Having trouble putting together finances to launch Harry's World Famous?" Mel asked.

"You know everything that goes on, huh?" Harold asked.

"You come in two or three times a day for years you pick up on a lot of things," Mel said. "Anything I can do to help? Volunteer labor?"

"Not unless you can think of a way to raise 40,000 dollars," Harold said.

"Give me some time to ponder on that idea and maybe something fruitful will pop up," Mel said as he took a bite of the food.

"I highly doubt it, Mel," I said as he looked back at me as I smiled and we both laughed.


"Caroline sweety it is 9 o'clock and we really should be going," Dad (Jonathan) said as he came out of the bathroom. Mom was currently sitting on the couch with Mindy and Dakota on either side of her going over the picture albums she'd brought from home. I was sitting at the computer desk surfing the net while Shelby and Laney had my new little sister (Kimmy) next door playing with her.

"Jonathan we are having such a nice visit," Mom (Caroline) said. "Can't we stay a few more minutes?"

"I don't want you to go," Mindy said as she hugged Mom.

"Me either," Dakota said to suck up.

"I bet slugger here can't wait for us to go, hey slugger," Dad said as he punched me in the shoulder like always.

"I don't want you to either," I said as I stood up and stretched. "We hardly ever get to see you."

"My slugger has turned into a girl," Dad whined as I laughed. Hugging him a moment later and felt him resist for a moment but then hug me back. "I don't know if I like this."

"You're a closet hug hound old man," I said as Dad hugged me tighter and proved me right. Giggles could be heard as Kimmy came running through the open door as she was being chased by Randi and Anisha.

"Mommy, Mindy help," Kimmy said as she ran around the couch and into Mindy's arms. Randi and Anisha laughing as Kimmy pointed at them teasingly and saying, "Ha ha ha."

"You have to get off the couch again," Anisha said as she got on her knees in front of Kimmy and started tickling her feet.

"You stop that you leave my baby alone," Mom said but never made an attempt to stop it.

"Hey, I'm going to the snack machine anyone want anything?" Chi asked as she arrived at the door.

"Bring me a cherry coke?" I asked as I fished out a crumpled dollar.

"Sure," Chi said as she took the dollar. "Anything else?"

"Can I go?" Kimmy asked as she giggled when Randi picked her up and carried her over to the door.

"I guess I should go and get back to my dorm," Mindy said. "Maggie, that's the resident adviser, is probably worried already."

"She already knows you're spending the night over here," I said as I sat back down at the computer desk. "I had Natalie (Palmquist) call her earlier."

"You didn't know I was staying," Mindy said.

"Yes I did," I replied.

"So snacks?" Chi asked.

"Why don't we turn it into a slumber party?" Dakota asked. "We could order a pizza and everything. It's Friday night so everyones out of school."

"Because I need some sleep," Dad said.

"Mom is staying the night," Mindy said. "Since I am now."

"Two open beds with Maxie and Hana gone," I said.

"Slumber partay," Chi said as she danced around, "Wait, am I invited?"

"Of course not," Randi said to Chi as everyone laughed. Though the nights plan had been made and we did order a pizza and some sodas. Everyone (including Chi) settled in for a movie on HBO. Soo much fun having Mom around again even if she tried to play that role a bit too much with the girls. Still it was a lot of fun.