Scent of a Girl - Episode 64 "Pretty Boy"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You sure you don't wanna play one more game?" Molly asked me teasingly as I stood and stretched after an hour and a half of playing our favorite new game, NASCAR. "You never did beat me."

"I'm sleepy, so no," I said in between yawns. "Besides..."

"...I know I cheat?" Molly asked as I giggled. "You do know that just because I beat you all the time doesn't mean I cheat?"

"You're a big baby," I said as Molly stood to join me. "Want me to change your diaper?"

"That's fuckin retarded!" She said back as I laughed.

"Stop stealing my lines," I said with a push as Chloe came to the door and rolled her eyes at the silliness.

"Have you two children done any studying?" Chloe asked.

"Yes, Mom," Molly and I said in unison.

"Mid-terms are tomorrow," Chloe reminded us. "I just wanna make sure you're ready."

"I am," I said. "Dakota and I have been studying a lot lately."

"Not getting any Scooby?" Molly asked me and followed it with a poke to my tickle spot.

"STOP!" I screamed in protest with a foot stomp for added emphasis. "And that is none of your business."

"We don't have that problem, huh baby?" Chloe asked Molly before she kissed her and the two were soon completely lost in each other. Sparking a curious feeling in my stomach as I realized that Dakota and I hadn't really been like that for weeks now. In other words, we'd cooled off since our reunion. I guess it's been that way since she came back from summer break. Then again maybe I'm just over thinking the situation and our 'cooling' is more of a result of both of us being busy and stressed (Dakota over her parents and me over the mid-terms).

"I'll see you guys...forget it," I giggled as I saw the two of them now completely lost in each other as I turned and walked off down the hall. Finding the girl that was on my mind, Dakota, laying on my bed and studying. "Hey you."

"Oh hey," Dakota said as I kicked off my shoes and crawled up the bed to join her. "Ready to hit the books?"

"After we talk," I said as I gently took away her book and she gave me a worried look.

"About?" Dakota asked.

"Us," I said. "Are we OK?"

"I think so," Dakota said in confusion. "What do you think is wrong?"

"We haven't had done anything in weeks," I said.

"So you got it in your head that I don't love you anymore?" Dakota asked.

"No," I said as I sat up. "Just afraid..."

"Every couple goes through down times," Dakota said as she sat up to join me and kissed my shoulder.

"We never have," I said. "We've always been so hot for each other."

"True," Dakota said. "But I wouldn't be so worried about it. After mid-terms things will get back..."

"'re going home for Christmas break," I reminded her.

"So let's get busy and make up for that time apart," Dakota said as she kissed my neck and made me giggle. "I don't have to be back at the dorm for a while."

"I don't wanna have sex with you just because we can," I heard my mouth say.

"Why not? We always have before," Dakota pointed out. "I can remember whole Saturdays when we never left the bed."

"Those were the best days too," I said as my hormones suddenly ignited. "Maybe a quickie would hit the spot."

"I've always been good at hitting your spot," Dakota pointed out before she kissed me. Interrupted by the ringing of the cell phone laying on the night stand. "Damn, damn, damn James."

"That was from Good Times," I giggled as Dakota laughed and picked up her phone.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey Mom," I said into the phone with a feeling of dread coming over me. "What's up?"

"Well I have news," Mom (Anpaytoo) said as my stomach sorta twisted into knots. Mindy joining me and taking my hand as she immediately sensed what was going on. "You're father and I are getting divorced."

"You are?" I asked in shock. "You're not even gonna try and work it out?"

"Dakota, sweety, this is not something new," Mom said. "You're father and I have been having trouble for a few years now."

"Could have fooled me," I said.

"Dakota, we sent you to private school to shield you from it," Mom explained. "We thought having more time to work on our relationship would help. It only made it worse."

"What's going on?" Mindy finally asked.

"My parents are divorcing," I said in shock.

"OHMIGOD!" Mindy said as she sat down on the bed and after a few moments she did the same thing I was about to do, cry.

"So why are you telling me this now?" I asked Mom.

"Because you're 16 and should be involved in the planning for the next stage of our lives," Mom said calmly. "I know this is all coming as a rush but let's try and stay calm?"

"You're cheating on dad and you expect me to stay calm? You ruined our family and you expect me to stay calm you whore?" I finally said as my emotions got the better of me.

"Dakota Lane..." Mom said in protest before I closed my phone and threw it on the bed. Then the tears really came (Mindy laying down with me and holding me as I did) as the confirmation of the official end of my family had finally come.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I hate Monday's," I grumbled as Alisha giggled and pulled me along towards her English class and the ever unhappy Miss Walker. I swear that woman always looks like she swallowed a sour ball.

"You also hate Tuesdays, Wednesdays and all the other school days," Alisha noted as she stopped by her locker for an emergency book exchange.

"I wanted to sleep in this morning," I said. My eyes catching an interesting site down the hall as Miss Preston (Emily) was just coming into the building with Hana. "Hey look who's together."

"Are they connected at the hip?" Alisha asked as she saw them. "Or more likely the lips?"

"I'll be sure ask," I said as Alisha giggled and kissed me goodbye as she headed off to class. Hana and Miss Preston seperating as Hana came towards me.

"Hey," I said as I fell in step beside Hana.

"Hey Cal," She said with a smile. "What's up?"

"I saw you and you're new girlfriend is what's up," I whispered as we stopped at her locker now.

"You mean us walking in together right?" Hana asked as her eyes showed panic.

"No, I mean the scene in the parking lot when you didn't know I was watching," I said with a smug smile. But being blown away by Hana's over reaction/admission.

"OHMIGOD!" Hana hissed. "I told her we'd get in trouble for that. How the hell could I be so stupid? It was just something stupid it was only a one time thing...wait, what were you doing in the parking lot across town?"

"Parking lot across town? I was talking about Friday after assembly when you and Miss Preston were flirting in the parking lot," I explained. "What were you talking about?"

"UMMMM...nothing, just kidding, see ya," Hana rambled and tried to squirt away when I stopped her and pinned her against the locker.

"What happened?" I asked with my forehead touching hers.

"Nothing," She said.

"Hana!" I warned her.

"I made out with Emily in the parking lot of the SuperOne," She whispered as I smiled knowingly. "She told me she likes young girls. Are you happy now?"

"How young?" I asked without missing a beat as I looked around to make sure the coast was clear.

"Me and you young," Hana said.

"WOW!" I said at the revelation. "Just WOW!"

"WOW what?" Hana asked. "You're not gonna rat her out are you?"

"Not even," I said as I leaned against the locker next to Hana's now. "Did it go any further than making out?"

"Nope!" Hana said. "And it's not going to."

"Why not she's gorgeous," I said as Hana smiled. "And she has a thing for you."

"She does," Hana confirmed. "But I don't know..."

"Go for it, I would," I said.

"You would?" Hana asked.

"I would do everything she'd let me do and try to convince her to let me do the rest," I said as Hana gave me a knowing smile.

"If she really came onto me I would too," Hana said as she bumped my shoulder.

"Maybe we could share," I shot back as her bottom lip dropped. "As long as you do anal."

"You're horrible," She said as I laughed. "But I got news for you, spanky, you could if you had the right equipment. But you don't. Top that."

"Come over tonight and I'll show you how I do," I said as Hana blushed.

"You have a girlfriend..."

"Who would love your pussy while I'm loving your other hole," I said. "Still wanna play?"

"I sure do and right now," She said as I laughed. "You were kidding?"

"Not even a little bit," I said. "Come over tonight and find out."

"Find out what?" Chi asked as she walked up from down the hall. "How you two are late for class?"

"Go away Snickers," Hana said to Chi.

"Snickers?" I asked in confusion.

"Her," Hana said as she pointed to Chi. "Cause she's chocolate and nutty."

"I am not chocolate I just have a really dark tan," Chi said with a head nod that made us giggle.

"To class ladies," Came the male voice that turned out to be Mr. Woods (the new school President) as he came down the hall. A VERY VERY strange site in that Mr. Carlson (the former President) virtually never left the comforts of the Admin suite. "Unless anyone wants to volunteer for a little after school assignment?"

"Detention, huh?" Chi asked with a smirk.

"No, I actually need a fill-in secretary," Mr. Woods said and being interrupted by giggling as Laney and Randi came out of the bathroom behind him in a rush. Stopping cold when they saw Mr. Woods.

"Morning, sir, what are you doing..." Laney started to say before she trailed off in nervousness.

" the main hallway?" Randi finished for her and giggled as she poked Laney in her tickle spot.

"I feel it's necessary to be seen and heard," Mr. Woods said.

"That's so..." Laney again started.

"," Randi finished for her. Both laughing.

"Do you ladies always finish each others sentences?" Mr. Woods asked with an amused smile.

"They do," Chi said as Mr. Woods looked back at her. "They're sharing the same brain."

"Enough of that," Mr. Woods said with a smile. "Off to class."

"Not funny, Snickers," Laney said to Chi as her and Randi followed after her down the hall.

"Sir," Hana said to get Mr. Woods attention. "Does the secretary get paid?"

"I think we could work it so you get some spending money," Mr. Woods said. "Interested?"

"I'll try it out and see if I can help," Hana said as Mr. Woods handed her a slip of paper with the information and walked off after we headed off to class.

"So what time should we expect you? Alisha and I?" I asked Hana just before we parted company.

"You should be so lucky," Hana said as she turned into her class room and leaving me wanting a bit more time to see if I could convince her to join us. Maybe someday.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Man if I wasn't dating Sarah I'd already be over there hitting on her," I said about Paige Nash as I sat opposite the indoor batting cage that now doubled as the training area for the Mintzler Prep 'Spirit Squad'. Paige being the early favorite to capture the leader spot.

"You'd be hitting on who?" Chi asked as she came up and sat down beside me. "One of the spirit skanks?"

"Paige Nash!" I said with a horny smile as Chi shook her head and giggled.

"She's straight and stuck-up," Chi said bluntly. "One of Vanessa's old friends."

"Vanessa Carlson?"

"One and the same," Chi said. "Of course saying that Vanessa had friends implies she had a soul and she really didn't."

"You hate her?" I asked.

"With a passion," Chi said as she looked directly at me. "She's lucky I didn't punch her lights out last year."

"So much for your best friend," I said.

"I was Vanessa's lackey because she convinced me there was stuff in it for me," Chi said. "Like good grades from teachers who supposedly favored her. All lies."

"And Paige?" I asked as I pointed to her discreetly as she did a high kick and made me smile.

"Vanessa's lackey after I joined the softball team," Chi added. "Well her and that butch Marty."

"She's still gorgeous," I said, "Huh?"

"How would I know?" Chi asked. "I am straight. I like boys."

"I doubt it," I said as she rolled her eyes. "So how many girls have you been with?"

"Two boys at the same time back home in Atlanta," Chi said as I opened my eyes in surprise. "And that's what got me shipped off to private school."

"Two boys? damn girl," I said as she grinned smugly. "Are you serious?"

"I should give you the details cause I'm sure you'd love that," Chi said as she poked me in my tickle spot.

"Maybe," I giggled as I scooted away. "I'm not as gay as you think."

"And no one finds out," She inserted. "Max?"

"No one finds out," I said. "It's cool."

"Other than you, Anisha knows and no one else," Chi said. "Speaking of here she comes."

"Max? What are you doing here?" Anisha asked as she sat down opposite us.

"Drooling over the new spirit squad," Chi said as she pointed to the girls. I simply nodded and grinned.

"Even though you have a girlfriend you still look at others?" Anisha asked.

"Yes," I said. "Why wouldn't I? I'm pretty sure Sarah looks at other girls and guys."

"Not me," Anisha said. "If I'm with someone then their eyes better be only on me."

"So how would you ever go out in public?" I asked. "Put blinders on them?"

"You know what I mean," Anisha said as Chi laughed at her. "It's not funny."

"Yes it is," Chi giggled as her cell phone started dinging with the arrival of an instant message. "Hey maybe it's Nisha's new boyfriend asking what color blinders to buy."

"Shut up," Anisha said as she pushed a still laughing Chi over and into me. "I'm gonna go get a bottle of water."

"She's so easy to embarass," Chi giggled before it suddenly stopped and the smile left her face completely as she read the message. "Go back to Africa and take your new President with you. NIGGER."

"Someone really wrote that?" I asked as she handed me the phone. "Just delete it and don't worry about it."

"So just act like nothing ever happened?" Chi asked as she jumped up and I soon joined her. Seeing a rather strange site as Paige looked our way and waved with her fingers. "Why is she waving for?"

"To be friendly?" I asked. "I don't know."

"I think I do," Chi said as she took back her phone. "Bitch wants to fuck with me then she's gonna get hurt."

"You think she did this?" I asked as I watched Paige towel off after the workout.

"Do you see any other racist honkey bitches around?" Chi asked in a bitter tone as I got in front of her. "Move!"

"You don't know she did this and you're gonna get kicked off the softball team if you go over there and punch her lights out," I pointed out as she fumed. "And since when does it help stuff for you to be a racist too?"

"It doesn't," Chi admitted. "But it makes me so fucking mad when shit like this happens."

"What happened now?" Anisha asked as she came back to join us. Chi showing her the message on her phone. "I got that too. This morning actually."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Chi asked.

"Because I don't know who sent it and no reason to get you all upset to begin the day," Anisha said. "I just figured it's someone who wanted to hurt my feelings. It's not a big deal."

"Yes it is," Chi insisted. "From now on when they hurt you I will hurt them."

"No one won't," Anisha said. "You're not fighting on my behalf."

"Hard to believe that people that ignorant and xenophobic still exist," I said. "I mean we do have a new school President who is clearly Black. It's not like this is gonna help anything."

"I know," Chi agreed. "But you're right he is dark. He makes me look like light skinned."

"Well if he fell in the snow we'd have no trouble finding him," I said as Chi cracked up but Anisha gave me a rather cold stare. "What?"

"That's not funny," Anisha said as Chi and I laughed. "That's racist."

"Why is it not funny?" I asked.

"And it's not racist," Chi added. "Is it racist if I say...hmmmm...if Maxie fell in the snow we couldn't find her?"

"Hey I never thought of that I better careful on the way home," I said as Chi and I fell into each other laughing.

"I think they both are," Anisha said. "No one should be made fun of because of the color of their skin."

"I never thought of it that way, I'm sorry," I said as I tried to get my giggles under control.

"I still say it's not racist," Chi said. "The intent was to poke fun at something not to hurt someone intentionally. I have dark skin, you have lighter skin and Maxie is..."

"Nearly ghost white," I said with a shit eating grin that got a good laugh. One that drew the attention of Paige as she came over with a friendly smile.

"What's so funny?" Paige asked.

"Not you," Chi said as the mood turned deadly serious. "You think being a racist is funny?"

"Who's a racist?" Paige said.

"You are you little princess," Chi said as she started after Paige before Anisha jumped in front of her.

"What the hell did I do?" Piage asked as she jumped behind me.

"You sent a text to me and Anisha..." Chi started to say when Anisha took her phone and showed it to Paige. "...that was your work."

"No it was not," Paige said. "My phone has been in my bag for the last two hours. Turned off."

"Prove it," Chi growled as Paige went to get her bag and produced her phone. Which was indeed turned off. "Fine. Then why where you grinning and waving at us when I got the message?"

"I was waving at Maxie," Paige said as I grinned. "She was practically fucking me with her eyes so I thought I'd fuck back."

"Holy cow!" Anisha laughed as she covered her mouth and laughed.

"She has a girlfriend," Chi said to Paige. "So you need to back the fuck up."

"Let's go Sapphic Princess," one of the random spirit squad members said to Paige after a few moments of stand-off between her and Chi.

"Yeah good idea cause I get the feeling I'm not wanted here," Paige said as she walked off with her squad mates. Boy what a nice view it is watching her walk away.

"If you fuck her I'll fight you," Chi warned me.

"I wasn't even thinking about it," I said.

"Please don't cause you and Sarah are good together," Chi said.

"She's not going to," Anisha said. "How about we go get some late supper before curfew and forget about all this?"

"Fine," Chi said as the two walked off.

"Well that was certainly colorful," I giggled as I picked up my bag and started after them.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"How did you do on your mid-terms?" Maggie asked as I sat at one of the tables off to the side of the main entrance.

"Don't get the grades back till tomorrow," I said. "But I did good, I think."

"Mindy said she did good too," Maggie said as she joined me. "Whatcha reading?"

"The story Cindy and I wrote," I said as I showed her. "She's coming over with the final rewrites. I thought it was finished but she wanted to change a few things."

"Here she comes," Maggie said as she pointed and rose to answer the phone in the office as Cindy came in.

"Finally decide we were finished?" I asked Cindy as she came in and took off her jacket.

"You can read it and tell me," Cindy said as she sat down her MacBook and turned it on. "I think it's A material."

"I thought that before you had to do the rewrites," I said.

"Do you always complain this much?" Cindy asked.

"Most of the time," I said as she giggled. Her MacBook finished setting up and I settled into read the finished product that we'd be presenting to Miss Walker the very next day. "I love it."

"I actually do too," Cindy said as she now sat across from me on the love seat. "I think we make a good team."

"And to that I bet Miss Walker will agree," Cindy said as I clicked on the icon for the net to check my email. "What is this?"

"What is what?" Cindy asked as I showed her the home page on the browser. "That's my iGoogle page. You can add all kinds of stuff to it."

"Hey it's 2 a.m. in Hong Kong," I said as I pointed to the 'clocks of the world' applet at the top of the right-handed column. Cindy laughed but soon that stopped when she saw something REALLY strange, a man carrying a bird cage and two other guys carrying what looked to be dog/cat carriers. "What the..."

"They're already here I see," Maggie said as she came out of the office and looked outside.

"Who is?" I asked.

"Mr. Woods just called and asked if we could take care of some of the local shelters stray on an emergency basis," Maggie said.

"That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard in the three years I've been here," Cindy noted as the men came in the front doors with the cargo and placed them side by side along the far wall. "Is there a real parrot under that cover?"

"There sure is," Jones (name tag) said in response. "His name is Alfred and he's very talkative."

"Polly, pretty Polly, can't see anything right now!"

"Is that bird singing?" Maggie asked as Jones laughed and nodded his head to confirm it. Cindy and I laughed. The other two guys leaving quietly a moment later as Jones took the cover off Alfred's cage to reveal a beautiful parrot with multi-colored feathers. "WOW, he's a beautiful bird."

"I sure am!" Alfred cracked as everyone laughed.

"Told you he was talkative," Jones said. "He'll be thinking he owns the place in about 10 minutes."

"Is that a kitten?" I asked as I looked closer at one of the carriers and saw it was a kitten indeed. "Who would abandone it?"

"Beats me," Jones said as he opened the cage for the kitten and I took the little fella in my arms. "Names Ted."

"Hi Ted," I cooed as he playfully bit at my fingers now.

"And this beautiful girl is Dame Edna," Jones said as he pulled out a fluffy gray cat. "She's the queen bee."

"AWWWWWW," Maggie cooed as she took Dame Edna in her arms and the cat purred and rubbed her cheek against Maggie's. "Are the other three dogs?"

"They are," Jones said. "The big carrier is Barney's, he was abused so he's timid but friendly. The smaller ones are a par of rat terriers, Chelsey and Bell. Very barky."

"Flea bitten mongrels!" Alfred sqawked as everyone laughed. "Polly is a pretty boy."

"Your names Alfred not Polly," I informed as he eye balled me now.

"Alfred's a pretty boy too," He said as the room filled with laughter.

"Can we let him out of his cage?" Maggie asked.

"You can," Jones said. "He'll love the high arches if you do. He'll sit up there for hours."

"We might do that one day," Maggie said.

"How about now, sweetheart?" Alfred asked Maggie as she sat down Dame Edna and the cat went to explore. Everyone laughing at that one for a long while.