Scent of a Girl - Episode 66 "Cindy's NEW Hobby"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Here's your water," I said as I rejoined Shelby inside the now virtually deserted Field House as we folded up the nets that make up the batting cages.

"Thank you," She said as she took it and kissed me. A clearing of the throat seperating us as we both looked to see Coach Rock giving us an unusual look. "What?"

"Can I ask a question that may seem homophobic but it's really just curiousity on my part?" Coach asked as he joined in to help us. Shelby and I nodding our agreement as he went on, "You two. Do you date because you don't really have any other options, being that this is an all-girls school, or because it's something you've always been...or what?"

"Dating because we don't have any other options would be stupid," Shelby said as I laughed. "I love that girl because she's good to me and will fight for me, literally, and no one else has ever done that for me. So no, even if we did have options, it wouldn't change anything."

"I'm gay," I said simply. "And Shelby is the best thing that ever happened to me. She made me realize if I didn't stop being an emotionless robot that I'd be alone in this world."

"Why do you ask?" Shelby asked Coach.

"My Randi is head over heels in love with your friend Laney," Coach said as Shelby and I smiled.

"Laney feels the same," Shelby said firmly. "Those two were made for each other."

"I just don't want my girl to get hurt again like last time," Coach said. "It was pretty bad for a while."

"And Randi is settling in here really well," Shelby said. "I keep a close eye on things and she seems really happy right now. I think you're worrying over something you can't control."

"You sound like a guidance counselor," I said to my girlfriend as she laughed.

"More like a Resident Advisor," Shelby chirped as I laughed and Coach rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, you two need to be getting back to your dorm and I need to be headed home before it's too late," Coach said as he went to the window and glanced out. "It's 8:30? I have a 9:00 o'clock reservation at Evergreen Eating Emporium with Mr. Woods and a friend. So I really need to get going but I have to lock up first."

"You go that's important, go on," Shelby said as she pushed him towards the door. "Cindy and I can lock up."

"I don't know...are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes, now go," Shelby said as she picked up his jacket and stuffed it into his arms and took the keys. "Bye!"

"Be sure to lock..."

"I will," Shelby said as she closed the door and we watched him drive away a few minutes later. "Boy am I glad he's gone."

"Why?" I asked as I met her by the door. "Big plans?"

"Maybe," Shelby said as I grinned. "Depends on if you want too."

"Want too what?" I asked as Shelby made good use of the tile floor and slid over and kissed me. "Well?"

"Shelby horny?" she hinted.

"Cindy is too," I admitted. "But we can't, not here. And we can't at all I don't think."

"OK so it went bad one time," Shelby said. "Like Molly told you, that happens."

"Yeah but I'm pretty sure Molly never kneed someone in the groin," I said as Shelby laughed. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because we were both moving and it was my fault too, Cinderella," Shelby said as she kissed me again. "I wanna try again."

"I'm warning you that I don't think I'm coordinated enough for this," I protested as she took my hands and led me back to the office where she turned on some soft music and got me to dance with her. Something I rarely do. But being close to her was worth the small bit of awkward that went along with it. She kissed me somewhere in there and we danced and kissed softly for hour or so. Everything seemed to be going so perfectly when the CD clicked off and a silence loomed. But Shelby was prepared as she simply pulled me along to the couch and let out the sleeper sofa as her grand plan unfolded (much like the couch).

She turned down the lights and changed the CD as I laid on the couch silently, growing more and more nervous as I watched. But what happened next sure took care of the nerves. Shelby came over and had me sit up so she could place my hands on her waist and guided her jogging pants down her creamy smooth thighs so she could step out of them. She kissed me then as she leaned down before taking off my t-shirt. That's how it began and continued as the clothes formed a pile on the floor and we crawled under the covers. A bit of giggling and play fighting to determine who was where but eventually she let me on top and as we kissed softly I lowered my pussy to hers and we made love. A slow steady grind that felt so unbelievably wonderful I laid my head back and moaned my approval for long, long moments. Shelby kissing my neck before my lips again found hers. She moaned into my mouth as she squeezed her fingers into my ass cheeks and guided me to the right spot. A spot I found rather easily after a few more moments as she started shaking gently and begging me for more. A long, wonderful orgasm followed for both of us.

"WOW!" Shelby said as we lay beside each other a few minutes later still resting. "That was the most fun I've ever had."

"That's totally more fun than softball!" I said as Shelby looked at me and then cracked up.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I thought you two were headed to the Doctor," Harold said as he came down the sidewalk just as I had gotten out of Holly's car in front of the apartment. This being on the otherside of the doctor visit that I'd practically forced Megan to go to. And boy am I glad I did after the news we got.

"We were and we did and now we're back with some news that Megan is not taking very well," I said as Harold got a concerned look on his face.

"Nothing serious I hope?" Harold asked.

"Only if you think a baby is bad news," I said as Harold gave me a look of disbelieve as he pointed to Megan in the car. "Yep, preggo. And refusing to get out of the car now."

"WOW!" Harold said and saying to himself as I tried to open the passenger side door of the car. "So that's why she was so sick every morning and better in the evenings."

"Megs you can't stay in the car all day," I said as she locked the door on me.

"Watch me," Megan griped.

"Holly's gonna want her car back so you're gonna have to get out sooner or later," I said in frustration. "Come on Megs, it's not that bad."

"I'm a damn STATISTIC," Megan screamed at me.

"Statistic?" Harold asked as he walked around to the passengers side of the car.

"Unwed pregnant teenager?" I asked Harold. "She's been repeating that stupid shit all the way home."

"It's true," Megan said. It was I know.

"Still doesn't mean..." Harold said as he popped the passengers door open and shocked Megan as he blocked it from being slammed back together. " gotta stow away in someone elses car. Now out."

"You don't tell me what to do," Megan said in an acid tone. "And how the fuck did you get the door open? I locked it."

"The lock on the door has been messed up for weeks," Harold said. "You'd know that if you ever listened to Holly. For the last time, out."

"Make me," Megan barked.

"Sarah can you go tell Holly you're back?" Harold asked.

"OK, I'm getting out," Megan said immediately as Harold smiled smugly. "Bite me, Harry."

"Hey, you guys got back early," Maxie said as she poked her head out of the door to the apartment. "Any news?"

"Megan got some good news," Harold said as he put his arm around Megan's shoulder as the two walked back onto the sidewalk.

"No, I did not," Megan growled as she pushed Harold away. "I found out I'm pregnant Max."

"A baby? Cool," Maxie said as she snuck a kiss to my cheek. "I think me and Sarah are about ready for that, huh baby cakes?"

"Sure, if you can get me pregnant," I said as everyone laughed.

"Stop fucking kidding about this," Megan commanded, "This shit is serious. My life is over."

"How is your life over?" Harold asked.

"I'm 17, I can't take care of a baby," Megan said. "If not for Sarah I don't know where I'd be. She takes care of me, trust me."

"What are you gonna name it?" Came Maxie's next question with a smirk on her face.

"I'm gonna name it abortion number 5 million cause I am not having this thing," Megan said as the stone cold reality suddenly set in. "Anyone gonna tell me it's not my choice?"

"If that's what you choose then I'll go with you to the doctor," Maxie offered.

"You would?" Megan asked as she calmed down a bit.

"You can't handle something like that alone," Maxie said.

"Yeah I'm there for you too," I said. "But first you need to take a few days and let this sink in."

"Yeah maybe call your Mom and see if she has any ad..." Harold said and trailed off when I waved my hand like an idiot to let him know Megan and her Mom didn't exactly get along. "...oh yeah. I think I been in the sun too long, time to get back to work."

"Thanks for the help, Harry," I said sarcasticly as he squirted by me and headed inside.

"He was just trying to be nice," Megan said quitely after I struggled to break the small silence that ensued. "Besides Mom has been following me on Facebook anyway."

"I don't like it when people follow me," Maxie said as Megan and I laughed. "It's creepy."

"She set up a fake account and friended me under an assumed name," Megan said.

"How did you know it was her?" I asked as I put a hand over Maxie's mouth to keep her from saying something else stupid.

"She used her middle name and her maiden name," Megan said, "Apparently I'm too stupid to be able to figure it out."

"How long did it take you?" Maxie asked after moving my hand away from her mouth and then putting it back.

"Why is she following you though?" I asked as Megan gave Maxie a dirty look.

"I posted some pictures of us on Facebook and I guess she found me," Megan said with a shrug. "I guess she's not gonna have me arrested."

"You're pregnant?" Darlene asked as she came out of Eddie's. "Harold said."

"Yeah, for now," Megan said. "But as soon as I can..."

"Oh that's crazy talk no one really does that," Darlene said as she bracenly hugged Megan warmly. I was surprised when Megan hugged her back for a long moment. "Do you need anything right now?"

"Protect me from Holly?" Megan asked as everyone laughed...until Holly appeared at the door and came outside and glared at Megan coldly. "I wasn't trying to be funny."

"Let me guess, it's Will's baby?" Holly asked as she stopped by me and Maxie. "Right?"

"No it's mine," Maxie cracked as I lost it and started laughing so hard I had to lean against the wall behind me. So funny.

"That was hilarious," Holly giggled as her and Maxie grinned at each other. "Seriously though."

"Obviously," Megan confirmed. "No one else around giving me the time of day."

"What about Mel?" Darlene asked as Megan giggled.

"I figured," Holly said quitely as she took out her cell phone. "Have you called Will yet?"

"Nooo," Megan said as if that were a silly question. "I just found out a few minutes ago. How would I have the time to tell him yet?"

"We better call him now," Darlene said.

"But I'm not gonna have..." Megan started to say when Darlene cut her off.

"He deserves to know even if you do," Darlene said quietly. Her sense of calm in that moment seemed to make everything OK as Megan was seriously calmer now than when we had gotten back. Eddie coming out of the building and passing by Holly as she made a phone call on her cell and walked back inside. "You heard?"

"I did," Eddie said calmly as Maxie pulled me into her arms and we smiled at each other. "Really did it this time, huh?"

"Biggest mistake of my life," Megan said.

"I know all about huge mistakes as I've made plenty of my own," Eddie said. "Just recently had one that was massive and I'm still regretting it."

"What mistake did you make?" Maxie asked as a wry smile crossed Eddie's face as he looked right at Maxie and said, "You."

"Hey!" Maxie said in protest as everyone laughed (including me). Which got me pushed away in protest. "Not funny fill-in daddy."

"I needed a good laugh," Megan said as she smiled at Eddie. Then asking Darlene, "You help me make some calls?"

"Let's get at it," Darlene said as the two walked off into our apartment.

"And I got a bone to pick with you old man," Maxie said as she poked Eddie in the chest playfully.

"Like I need to ask, but OK, what bone?" Eddie asked with an amused look.

"The one you left in those crappy eggs you fixed this morning," Maxie said as she took a couple of steps back and laughed when Eddie came after her.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Alfred? Come down here," I said as I looked up at him as he sat on one of the high beams in the main lobby. "Are you listening to me?"

"No I'm not," Alfred said back as I laughed.

"Smart ass bird," I said as I looked down and saw Dame Edna (the fluffy grey cat) now coming into the room following Melanie (Stockton).

"Having trouble getting Alfred down?" Melanie asked as she looked up at him too.

"Yep, Maggie asked me to get him back in his cage," I said. "But he's being an ass."

"No he's not you just gotta know how to ask him," Melanie said. Then holding her arm out she said, "Come here Alfred, come here."

"WOW!" I said after Alfred had flown down and landed on Melanie's arm. Then walking up her arm and settling in on her shoulder. "That was cool."

"I used to work with animals back home," She explained. "Alfred's an easy touch. Just be gentle with him. Here hold your arm out."

"This is so cool," I repeated as Alfred walked right up my arm and settled in on my shoulder now.

"Molly's a pretty girl," he said as I walked him over to the cage and he happily walked down my arm and onto his favorite perch inside the cage. "Thanks for the ride, Toots."

"He really is a character," Melanie said as we both laughed.

"Hi there Dame Edna," I said as I picked her up after she had rubbed my legs.

"Have you seen Ted?" Melanie asked. "The kitten?"

"There he goes now," I said as he ran by on his way down the hall towards the first floor rooms.

"I hear barking and that means Chelsea and Bell found something interesting," Melanie said. "I'll go check on that. I'll see you later?"

"Sure!" I said as Melanie ran off down the hall to tend to the barking. My cell phone ringing as I sat Dame Edna down on her cat perch suspended from the front window and reached for my phone.

"What do you want?" I asked Cally after sticking my cell phone to my ear as I lounged in the main lobby and 'kept an eye on things' while Maggie and Holly went to the store.

"Are you and the girlfriend all packed for the Bahama's?" Cally asked. "And anymore lip from you and I'll take Chloe and we'll go without you."

"OHHHH a girlfriend trade?" I asked as she groaned and realized how that came out sounding.

"Answer the question," Cally said as she changed the subject.

"I actually don't know," I said. "I leave that area to Chloe. Believe me it saves time."

"Alisha is the organizer here," Cally said. "And oh yeah there's a second reason I called, do you drive?"

"Of course not," I said. "Why would you think I did?"

"Because Dad has this bad ass Buggy..."

"...does it have a big horse to pull it?" I asked and laughed at her frustrated groan.

"Dune Buggy, stupid ass," She said as I laughed harder. All that stopping though when the next words left her mouth, "And if you will shut up for a minute and let tell me that I can teach you to drive. If you want."

"Why?" I asked in confusion.

"So you and Chloe can go some place private if you want, or into town for a movie?" Cally asked. "I'd also like to some time with Alisha."

"Hey that is a good idea," I said as Holly and Maggie pulled up out front. "But how did you learn to drive?"

"Stealing Dad's car when I was 10," Cally said as we both laughed.

"That's funny," I said. Before (hanging up) we made plans to hook up later to make final plans as Holly and Maggie came inside. "Guess what."

"You're gonna let that ugly spike job on your head grow out?" Holly asked. I gave her a dirty look as Maggie pushed her in protest. Now normally (meaning a few months ago) I'd have been all over her for insulting me. But now with things the way they are we've moved to a place where a funny insult is treated as just that. It doesn't have to be a huge screaming match or something worse. Hell now she expects me to fire back with a smart ass comment.

"I did grow it out, well some," I said as I showed her my ponytail. "Just keep the top like this because it works for me."

"You're right it does," Maggie said as she took the bags in Holly's arms and headed into the office to put the stuff away.

"I actually agree with her," Holly said as I smiled and she sat down on the arm of the love seat. "So what was up?"

"Cally offered to teach me to drive," I said and then relaying the story of the phone call as Holly laughed along.

"That's good news," Holly said.

"Why you don't wanna teach me?"

"No because you just stopped hating me and I don't wanna give you a reason to start again," Holly said as I laughed and she walked off when Maggie asked her to help out with something. Mindy coming down in the elevator a moment later and looking over to see me as she grinned and (practically bouncing) my way before she plopped down in my lap and said, "Hi!"

"Hey hot stuff," I said as we grinned at each other.

"Take me to dinner and a movie tonight?" Mindy asked in a comically 'dreamy voice' as she made eyes at me.

"Dinner and a movie?" I asked in confusion, "Since when did we start dating?"

"As soon as you buy me dinner and take me to a movie," Mindy said with a horny smile.

"Are you high? I'm still dating Chloe you know?" I asked as she fished out her cell phone and said, "Then I should call and tell her it's over."

"Get off me," I said as I pushed her up to her feet and she laughed. "What is up with you?"

"I can't goof off with my best friend? Best friend," Mindy asked as she bumped hips with me.

"Of course you can it's just that you're not usually that goofy," I said as she frowned at me. "OK you are."

"Anyway..." Mindy said deliberately, "I was serious about the dinner. Fast Eddie's? Please my belly really needs Harold's meatloaf."

"Sounds like heaven to me," I said as we exchanged grins. "Holly's in with Maggie now so I'll ask her. You wanna call Dakota and see if she wants to come?"

"She doesn't, go ask Holly," Mindy said and obviously trying to change the subject and hurry me along.

"How did you know she doesn't you haven't even asked her?" I said as the smile on Mindy's face dimmed. "What's wrong?"

"Dakota took off this morning with Michelle and hasn't been back," Mindy said. "So apparently she's more interested in softball than me."

"You afraid she likes this Michelle girl?"

"Not even," Mindy said confidently. "Dakota just wants to be around the softball team and that's her ticket."

"Even if it means leaving you alone on the day before we all leave for Christmas break?" I asked.

"I guess so," Mindy said with a worried/hurt look in her eyes.

"You guys are having problems again?" I asked softly.

"We hadn't done anything in like two months and last night we did and..." Mindy whispered before looking around to make sure no one was within ear shot before going on, " wasn't that good. Something felt off."

"Been there done that," I said. "Chloe and I have had nights were it just didn't work."

"Maybe," Mindy said. "Anyway, so dinner?"

"Hey sis, you guys wanna go to dinner at Eddie's?" Holly asked.

"Hey that's so neat," Mindy said before Holly and I gave her a confused look. "Cindy and I do the same thing."

"What thing?" Holly asked.

"Twin mind reading," Mindy said. "I just asked Molly if we could go."

"She keeps saying we're twins," I said as Mindy grinned and backed away as she started singing, "They walk a like, they talk a like, at times they even cuss alike. They're Molly Ann and Holly Ann, and they're two of a kind...OHMIGOD!"

"GET HER!" Holly screamed as the two of us took off after Mindy.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Michelle, Dakota? And Candy and Allison I see," Coach (Rock) asked as he came out of the office with a huge pile of papers in his arms and saw us still in the batting cages with Candy and Allison. "Shouldn't you girls be on your way back to the dorm preparing to leave?"

"My parents live in town now so I don't got far to go," Candy said. "And Alli is staying with me until the 23rd when her parents come and pick her up."

"Yep," Allison confirmed. "If the incoming blizzard doesn't trap them down state."

"Dakota?" Coach asked me. "Shouldn't you have other things to do?"

"I asked her the same thing earlier and she just skipped over the subject," Michelle noted. The truth.

"Michelle wanted to come and hit some," I lied.

"It was you who dragged me out of the bed this morning and dragged me over here," Michelle said.

"OK, fine we can go," I said as I turned and walked off and out the front doors of the Field House and into the bitterly cold (and snow flurry filled) air and headed back towards KMH. Michelle coming out a minute or so later with mine and her jacket and saying, "Wait up! What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing...oh thanks," I said as she caught up and handed me my coat. "You wanted to go back to the dorm and we are."

"Stop," Michelle said with a hand on my shoulder. "You've been down all day about something and you have got to tell me what it is. But now that I think about it I just bet it has something to do with that girlfriend of yours."

"Why do you think that?"

"You're last day on campus and you'd rather spend it with me hitting at the Field House and not with her? Something is wrong," She said as I looked down and pretty much confirmed it.

"I think we're drifting apart," I said softly. "We made love this morning and it wasn't good..."

"Too much info from the lesbian to the straight girl," Michelle said as she covered her ears as I laughed.


"It's OK," She said with a smile. "But here's some advice from someone who has had a serious boyfriend, GO BE WITH HER."

"You're right, I'm stupid," I said as she grinned and nodded her head in agreement. "Hey you're not supposed to agree."

"When if it's true it's true," Michelle said as she took off running and got me to chase her...all the way back to the dorm. Michelle stopping as we neared the front doors of KMH and pointing at me and saying, "If you touch me I'll tell Mindy you cheated on her."

"With you?" I asked as she blushed and covered her face in embarassment. "I figured you had some interest."

"I don't," Michelle declared as Maggie came out of the office and met us as we came inside. "Leave me alone."

"You seen Mindy?" I asked Maggie as Michelle headed upstairs to finish packing.

"Gone with Molly to eat at Fast Eddie's, Holly drove them," Maggie said. "Why?"

"I'm stupid," I said. "I just wanted to spend some time with her before we leave."

"She'll be back," Maggie said.

"Not before curfew," I said. "And Natalie (OSH RA) is already on me about being in before curfew."

"Yeah Nat can be a stickler for the rules," Maggie said as she checked her watch. "You should probably get going now."

"You're right!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You ready to go?" I asked Shelby as I came out of the bedroom and saw her tugging at her over stuffed night bag and Maxie laughing at her as she stood in the door way to the hallway. "You need some help?"

"No, I just forgot how much crap I have to pack," Shelby said. "That's all your taking?"

"I don't have a lot on campus really," I said as I looked at the one meduim size travel bag draped over my shoulder.

"Will you and your white twin sister hurry up?" Maxie asked Shelby as Laney (Shelby's white twin sister) came out of the bedroom with her own luggage. "Uncle Harry is waiting on us downstairs. I wanna blow this pop stand."

"What's a pop stand?" Laney asked as Shelby and I laughed.

"I don't know and I bet she don't either," Shelby said as she pointed to Maxie.

"If it means you three will hurry I'll agree to that," Maxie said as we met her in the hallway just as my cell phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"I meet you at front door," Dad (Chin-li) announced as I picked up.

"I thought I'd ride with Shel and save you a trip?" I asked as Shelby gave me a confused look.

"I pick you up instead," Dad insisted, "I have surprise for you."

"This can't be good but OK," I said as we rode down in the elevator and I hung up with Dad. "Looks like I won't be needing that ride."

"You're still coming over tonight right?" Laney asked me. "Remember we were gonna watch a movie and order a pizza?"

"I wouldn't miss it," I said, "You should come too Max."

"Eddie's got me enslaved for tonight at the diner," Maxie said and laughing when Shelby gave her a certain look. "Don't give me that look you're just mad cause you miss Cindy already."

"I do! And bad," Shelby said with a frown. Laney hugging her as I laughed. Harold coming out of the office as I headed outside to meet Dad, who was nowhere to be found at that moment (and wondering briefly about Emily who I hadn't seen in a couple of days), was still not there five minutes later after the others had left with Harold.

"Where the hell are you Chin-li?" I asked as I dialed his number and it went to voice mail. "UGH!"

"Waiting on someone?" a voice asked from behind me.

"Yes I am..." I said as I turned and almost squirted my panties when I saw who was standing there, "PATTY!"

"Hey sis," Patty (my older sister) said as I dropped my bag and hugged her. "Miss me?"

"God yes," I said as she smiled at me.

"Surprise," She said with a huge smile. "Dad picked me up this morning. I'm his surprise."

"Best surprise ever," I said as I pushed her shoulder. "Where is he?"

"Coming now with Lisa," She said as she pointed down the road to his car.

"Do you go anywhere without her?" I asked in reference to Patty's best friend, Lisa (Wilcox).

"She had a death in the family and her parents flew back to their native Germany to attend the funeral," Patty explained. "And I am not having her spend the holidays alone. So don't make a big deal of it?"

"I love Lisa, you know that," I said as Dad and Lisa pulled up and got out as Patty and I met them by the car.

"Who the hell invited you?" I asked Lisa as she grinned and gladly excepted my hug.

"Get in!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Chi, I told you already that you can call me anytime you want," I said to her on the phone as Laney and I arrived at the house with Dad. "I want you too."

"Good, cause I'm running out of people to annoy," Chi said as I laughed.

"Just leave your stuff in the kitchen," Dad (Harold) said to Laney as we walked inside. "And follow me and I'll show you the guest room."

"Be right back," Laney said to me as she followed after Dad up the steps.

"Who have you already called?" I asked Chi as I dumped my bag beside Laney's.

"Randi, Anisha twice, Cindy, Cally and even Molly," Chi said. "I think Molly only talked to me cause they're still trapped at the airport."

"Probably," I said as she laughed. "But maybe she's like me and now that she knows you she likes you."

"I doubt it," Chi said as we both laughed. "Anyway...hold on incoming call. Oh cool, it's Mini-me."

"Cindy's lil sis, Kimmy?" I asked.

"Yep, call you later?" She asked as I smiled.

"Talk to you then," I said as we hung up and Laney arrived back downstairs and bounced across the kitchen before crashing into me with a bear hug and saying, "I love you."

"I love you too but what's got you so happy?" I asked as she grinned.

"I get to spend Christmas, my favorite holiday, with my best friend in the world," Laney said as I smiled. "You're gonna be sick of me by the time we go back to school."

"I've lived in the same room with you for the last five months and I haven't gotten sick of you so I seriously doubt a couple more weeks is gonna sway my opinion that much," I said as she smiled even bigger and rubbed her nose against mine (Eskimo kiss) before we both giggled.

"So what are our plans for the vacation?" Dad asked as he came back down to join us an hour or so later.

"Laying on the couch watching TV?" Laney asked (and doing just that) as I laughed.

"How about getting a job and earning your keep?" Dad asked and I noticed he was not smiling.

"Dad you're not gonna make Laney pay rent," I said as I stood to join him. Laney no longer giggling as she listened intently.

"Well of course not," Dad said. "But you two are gonna be working."

"Where?" Laney asked in alarm.

"Eddie's as a waitress..."

"Oh no, I did that all summer and it took me a month to recover once I got back to school," I said. "I am not working 12 hours a day on Christmas break. Don't like it? Ground me."

"You only worked 12 hours day because you wanted too," Dad said. "I told you plenty of times to go home."

"I don't know anything about being a waitress," Laney said nervously as she leaned over the back of the couch.

"Listen," Dad insisted as he held his hands up to quiet us. "I talk to your father (pointing at Laney) and he said as long as it's only 4 hours a day, part time, he thinks it a good idea. And the same goes for my lovely, very opinionated, daughter. And the way I figure by the end of the two weeks you should both have about 300 bucks a piece spending money."

"Yeah baby," Laney and I said as we smacked a high five.

"I still don't know anything about being a waitress," Laney said.

"It's really easy but tough on your feet," I said as Laney showed her concern.

"Why don't we head for Eddie's and get some dinner and you can see it's not to tough?" Dad asked as we agreed and did just that.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"El Con Diego?" I asked Cally as we pulled up to these massive gates that marked the entrance to her Dad's property. We were standing up on the seat and looking out the sun roof. The same thing we'd be doing the entire ride to Delaport Bay.

"Don't have a clue what that means and neither does Dad," Cally said as I laughed and ducked back down into the car to see Chloe was still asleep on the far seat along with Alisha. "Those two are wimps."

"15 hours of flying would make anybody tired," I said. "Fortunately I slept for about 10 of those 15 hours so I'm good to go."

"Me too," Cally said as she nodded her agreement as the car pulled up to the front door. The next few minutes being spent unloading the car, waking up Alisha and Chloe and getting everything carried into the front hall. A towering front hall that is. "So this is it."

"Impressive," Chloe said as she laid her head on Alisha's shoulder as both yawned. "Where are the bedrooms?"

"Up the steps and in either direction," Cally said as she pointed. "The only one that's off limits is Dad's master suite. Other than that just pick a room and dump your crap."

"I'm leaving my crap because I'm going to bed," Chloe said. "I'm seriously lagged."

"Me too," Alisha agreed. "Come on we'll find a nice soft bed."

"We love you too," Cally and I said in unison as Alisha and Chloe went up the steps (hand-in-hand). A feeble wave being the only acknowledgment of our declarations.

"Party poppers," Cally said. "So how about a tour?"

"Sure, cause looks like we got the rest of the night to ourselves," I said as Cally grinned and I followed after her as she left the main hall and passed by the steps (3 or 4) leading down to the living room and into the bowling alley like kitchen. "The kitchen."

"Shiny," I said as I rubbed my hands on the surface of the stainless steele fridge. "Think anythings inside?"

"I bet on it," Cally said as I opened it and saw a fully stocked fridge.

"Damn this is like a mini Super One," I said as I looked over the labels and knew we'd be well taken care of while here. "YooHoo!"

"Hey me too," Cally said as I handed her a can after I'd opened mine. "MMMMMM."

"Tell me about it," I said as I closed the fridge and we headed back down the hall to the living room. The living room with the theatre style recliners and MASSIVE TV. "Can you see that TV from space?"

"It's only 86 inches," Cally said with a smug smile. "You like it?"

"I'd like to have one of those for my dorm room," I said as Cally started to laugh and sprayed yoohoo all over the coffee table.

"That was funny," Cally finally said after getting her giggles under control. "Oh yeah, you better call your sister."

"As much as I hate to you're right," I said as I fished out my cell phone and started to dial.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You happy to be home?" Dad (Jonathan) asked as we stood in the kitchen a couple of nights after Mindy and I had arrived home for Christmas break.

"Always," I said as I sipped a soda and Mom (Caroline) came into the room. "I miss Shelby like crazy but it's only two weeks. I can survive."

"And how is Shelby?" Mom asked as she joined me and put an arm around my waist.

"Her and Laney got jobs at Eddie's with Shelby's Dad Harold," I said. "She was tired when she called so we didn't talk long."

"Trouble in paradise?" Dad asked. "Huh slugger?"

"Absolutely not," I said flatly. "Shelby and I are solid."

"I love that girl," Mom announced. "She gave me a second daughter instead of a boy in a girls body."

"I guess I kinda did do that," I said as Mom hugged me. Something I used to hate but now have grown to enjoy. Even Dad, the man who hasn't changed much his entire adult life, has started to soften up a bit. "I like that she got me to loosen up."

"On the phone again!" Dad said as Kimmy came into the room with her cell phone stuck to her ear. "Caroline that was your idea."

"Cindy," Kimmy said, before Mom could respond to Dad, as she looked up at me. "Why is Mindy mad at Dakota?"

"That's a good question," Dad said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"How did you know about that?" I asked Kimmy.

"Chi told me," Kimmy said as she showed me her phone. "She tells me a lot."

"Chi is a blabbermouth," I blurted out as Mom laughed and went to pour herself a cup of coffee.

"OK," Kimmy said into the phone before handing it to me. "Here she wants to talk to you."

"Who does?" I asked as I took the phone.

"I heard that Icey," Chi said from the other end of the phone as I laughed. "Just because it's true don't mean you gotta repeat it."

"It's not true and I shouldn't have said that and I'm sorry," I said. "OK?"

"You're just saying that cause you got caught," Chi said and then started laughing as I blushed. Knowing that was her way of forgiving me for running my big mouth. "Goodnight, Snickers."

"Hi again," Kimmy said as she took the phone back and left the room.

"So why is Mindy mad at Dakota?" Mom asked.

"Why don't you ask her?" I said. "All I know is Dakota spent the last day on campus hitting with some other girl at the Field house. And Mindy wouldn't hardly talk to her at the airport before we flew out."

"Maybe it's time they do break up once and for all," Dad commented as he joined me and sipped his coffee.

"Jonathan that's terrible," Mom said. "I love Dakota and would hate to see her no longer apart of our lives."

"I do too," Dad said and drew a strange look from me. "Yes I'm becoming a big softy now."

"I'm glad," I said as I hugged Dad. "And anyway I agree with Dad. Maybe it's time."

"You always do agree with your father," Mom said as we made faces at each other. "That's the problem."

"Speak of the devil," Dad said as Mindy came down the back stairs with her cell phone to her ear and smile on her face. The first one I'd seen since we got home. "Positive development maybe."

"You're nuts," Mindy said into the phone. "And yes I'm going to bed in a few minutes. Yeah I love you too, night Punky."

"Who's Punky?" Mom asked as Mindy closed her phone.

"Her true love, Molly," I said as Mindy turned and glared at me. "What?"

"Punky, I mean Molly, is my best friend," Mindy said as she put an arm around Mom. "And she is not my true love. She has a serious girlfriend, Chloe?"

"Until she realizes how madly in love with you she is," I said teasingly to Mindy.

"I love Dakota...she just doesn't act like she loves me anymore," Mindy said as she laid her head on Mom's shoulder.

"After the way you treated her at the airport I don't blame her if she doesn't," I said.

"She spent the whole day at the field house avoiding me," Mindy shot back. "And that's...well, I just don't know if we're gonna be together much longer."

"You've been with Dakota for over 2 years Mindy, off and on," Mom reminded her. "Relationships take work. And I don't think you and Dakota realize that."

"Call her right now," Dad said. "I'm not asking Melinda I'm telling you."

"No!" Mindy snapped. "You don't get to tell me when I talk to my girlfriend."

"Someone has sure grown up a lot," Mom said as she looked at Mindy in surprise. Just as the familiar ringtone for Dakota sounded on Mindy's cell phone. "If you don't talk to her I will."

"Fine," Mindy groaned as she opened her phone and said, "What?"

"Melinda Erin Sullivan you stop acting like a five year old," Dad said as Mindy listened for a moment and then said, "Yeah I'm sorry too."

"Crisis averted?" I asked Mom as Mindy smiled and then giggled as she left the room still talking to Dakota.

"I hope so," Dad said as Mom agreed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MAXIE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I'm gonna go check on Sarah she's been gone for a long time," I said to Harold as he worked the grill.

"Hurry back?" Harold asked. "Patricia won't be in till 10 tonight."

"Sure," I said as I walked out the door. Leaving the place to Shelby and Megan as waitresses (Laney taking a break in the booth). Climbing the steps I knew something was off/wrong when the lights were out in the living room. No Tv or nothing. I got half way up the steps when I heard sobbing. I stopped and flashed back to my days with Chloe when she'd cry and I would just freeze because I had no idea what to do. Usually end up making the situation worse. But with therapy (3 times a week) I've learned some stuff. But still my first instinct was to run like hell. But I didn't...somehow I made my legs climb the last few steps and saw that Sarah was laying on the couch crying. Something that is very unusual for her. "Sarah?"

"Maxie? I mean Tay? What are you doing up here?" She asked as she popped up and flicked on the lamp by the steps and wiped her eyes to cover up her crying.

"You were gone a long time I got worried," I said. "Why were crying?"

"I wasn't..."

"Don't you ever lie to me again," I said as she looked up at me from the sofa. "Remember me? I love you? Did I make you cry?"

"In a way," She said softly as she held out her hand and my heart skip a beat at that news. I dropped to my knees in front of her on the couch as she guided me to get closer. She scooted to the end and kissed me.

"What did I do? I'm sorry for whatever it was," I said honestly.

"Remember a couple of days ago when we found out Megan was pregnant and you said we should have a baby?"

"Yeah," I said in confusion, "Why did that make you cry?"

"Because I can't have kids and it really just hit me," Sarah said. "And that went along with getting a letter from Derek saying his new wife is pregnant. And because of him I can't have kids. It just all got to me at once."

"I'm sorry..." I started to say when she gently covered my mouth and then kissed me after moving her hand away.

"This is not your fault," She said. "It was just a dumb joke. And a funny one. I shouldn't have said you made me cry."

"And think about it, what are the chances I can get your pregnant," I said as Sarah gave me a confused look but giggled anyway. "I always wear a condom."

"Oh god," Sarah said as she laid back and started laughing out loud. "Shut up and let's get back to work before Megan starts screaming for us."

"HEY!" Megan screamed at just that moment. Sarah and I both laughing as we met her at the bottom of the steps. "We need you the place is filling up and Shelby and Laney can't work anymore. What's wrong?"

"Sarah's all depressed because we can't get pregnant," I said as Sarah laughed.

"Can we get back to work and not talk about this anymore?" Sarah asked. A request I was glad to except.

"Mel do you mind getting your own coffee?" Harold asked from the kitchen as the three of us came back inside Eddie's. "Megan just made a fresh pot."

"Sure," Mel said as he got up and poured his own cup of coffee.

"As long as your pouring you mind filling me up?" a random customer asked as Megan went to get the orders at the window and Sarah settled in behind the register to wait on another customer. Mel filling several more cups of coffee.

"Thank you come again," Sarah said as I took a seat with Shelby and Laney in the back booth. "Mel?"

"What?" He asked as he came back to the front and set the pot back on the warmer.

"You realize you're not getting paid to be a waitress," Sarah said with an amused smile.

"Pick up!" Harold said as he sat another pair of plates in the window. Mel picking them up and passing by Sarah with a smirk as he delivered them to the table in front of Shelby and me. "Maybe you should hire him."

"And I will have you know I am not looking to be paid," Mel said. "I was doing it to impress Megan."

"It didn't work," Megan said from the back as laughter filled the place.

"Hey we should be going," Laney said to Shelby. "Before it gets to dark?"

"Probably should," Shelby said as the two stood.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You wanna come over tonight, Max?" I asked as Laney and I put on our coats.

"I would but I'm going home and going to bed in a few minutes," Maxie said. "My new Mommy and Daddy are coming in."

"We'll see you then," I said as Laney and I made our way out just as Eddie and Darlene came in.

"I didn't think I would but I like working there," Laney said as we walked towards home. "Everyone is so nice."

"Yeah it's like a big family," I agreed. Passing by what used to be Sarah's place as a car pulled up in front of it and out popped Ms Preston, the math teacher. "Ms. Preston?"

"Hi girls," She said as she slammed her car door and locked it up. Visibly upset at the moment.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, ummmm...have you seen Hana? Do you know if she's home or not? I know you girls are roomies and all..." Emily rambled before trailing off.

"She's at home now," Laney said. "She left Eddie's a while ago with her sister."

"OK, thanks girls," Emily said as she walked off and disappeared inside her apartment.

"And her and Hana are just friends," Laney said with air quotes around the 'just friends' part.

"Yeah OK," I said as we both laughed and headed on home. Settling in a few minutes later as I fixed us a late snack and Laney disappeared upstairs to find a DVD that we had planned to watch. I collected everything on a tray and slowly made my way up the steps and found she wasn't even in the guest room like I figured but was instead in my room sitting on the floor of the closet. "What are you doing?"

"Snooping," She said as I laughed.

"Let me know if you find anything good," I said as I sat the snack tray down. "We really just moved in so I don't know what is in there."

"Actually I was looking for that DVD," Laney said as she shifted some shoe boxes aside. "I saw a bunch in here yesterday when I was talking with Randi on the phone and you and Uncle Harry were gone shopping."

"Stop calling my Dad Uncle Harry," I said as I flung a peanut at her and she laughed. "And how is Randi?"

"Missing me," Laney said with a smile. "But soaking in the Florida sun. Lucky her."

"I wonder what she's wearing while she's soaking?" I asked as I sat down on my bed and handed Laney some M&M's.

"Well the sun deck is on the roof so probably nothing," Laney said with a horny smile. "At least that's the way I'm imagining it."

"You've said to much," I said as Laney nodded her agreement and went back to rummaging in my closet.

"I often wonder how we ended up with such hot girlfriends," Laney wondered aloud a few minutes later as I turned down my sheets for the night.

"Just being our own sweet selves," I said.

"Well that explains how I got Randi but what about you?" Laney asked as she grinned victoriously and crawled away into the corner of the closet laughing as I picked up a pillow and swung it at her. Problem was I only hit clothes as she hid behind them. "OWWWW!"

"What's wrong?" I asked as Laney crawled out of the closet and I thought I might have hurt her somehow. But seeing the gash on her knee I knew it had to do with the floor boards in the closet that needed to be replaced. "Are you OK?"

"OWWWWW, it really hurts," Laney said as I ran into the bathroom and got a wash cloth and the peroxide before returning to see blood trickling down her knee. "I think I got cut on the floor boards in your closet."

"Dad was gonna replace them but never got around to it," I said as she sat down on the bed and I got on my knees to look at the damage. Not as bad as it first looked as it was just a small cut. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault," Laney said as she let me clean the cut. "But I saw something back there."

"What?" I asked.

"Looked like old paper sticking up under the floor boards," Laney said as I put a band aid on her knee. "Awwwww thanks, Shel."

"Sure," I said as I stood and stretched. "Ready to watch that movie now?"

"Don't you wanna check and see what that thing was in the floor?" Laney asked as she pointed to the closet.

"Probably a bunch of old newspapers or something," I said. "So watch a movie?"

"I never did find the movie," Laney said as she stood to join me. "What will we watch?"

"GIRLS I'M HOME!" Dad (Harold) said as he came through the door.

"Video store!" Laney and I said in unison moments before we went thundering down the steps to meet Dad.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Come on Mom, fix us dinner," Patty said as she playfully punched at Mom's (Hui Ying) shoulder as Mom sat knitting a sweater in the living room. "You got all three of your daughters (the 'third' being Lisa) home for a change and you are obligated to feed us."

"You not my obligation no more," Mom told Patty. "You off at college."

"She's also off in lots of other ways," Lisa said from the couch as I laughed. "I know this all too well."

"Always has been," I added in as the laughter continued.

"OK, OK, ha ha ha you got me," Patty said in a pretend sulk. "I'm the horrible daughter."

"Apparently I am too cause she called me Patty Junior a few weeks ago," I said as Mom grinned.

"She dating her teacher I think so she is horrible," Mom said as a gasp of shock swept through the room and I blushed a deep crimson.

"I am not," I said. "Emily is my teacher and tudor and nothing more."

"Who calls their teacher by their first name?" Lisa asked teasingly.

"Me," I said and was relieved when Dad (Chin-li) came in the front door and slammed it shut. Drawing all attention to him and his obvious bad mood.

"What wrong with you slamming my door?" Mom asked him.

"Snow cause huge traffic jam it took me hour to go five miles?" Dad said as took off his jacket. "I hate winter."

"Dad you hate any weather," Patty said as he gave her a stern look. "And you hate waiting in traffic more than anybody on earth."

"Did you run into another asshole on a crain that won't get off the fuckin road?" I asked as everyone laughed. Patty and Lisa having heard the story weeks ago.

"I ground all three of you," Dad warned us as we laughed again.

"You always make empty threats," Mom said to Dad. "Now come help me with dinner."

"Phone call and it's...Hana's phone," Lisa said as she popped up and checked the cell phones on the table. Tossing mine to me before I opened it and said, "Hello?"

"Are you busy?" Emily asked from the other end as a smile spread across my face up on hearing her voice. One part relieved (I hadn't heard from her since school let out) and two because I love hanging out with her.

"Just hanging out with my sister and her hetero life mate," I said as Lisa grinned at me and Patty laughed as she took Mom's seat. "Why?"

"I'm sitting out by the curb can you come out and talk to me for a minute?" Emily asked as the shakiness in her voice became more and more pronounced. "It won't take long."

"Sure, I been wondering what was up with you," I said as I stood.

"You were really thinking about me?" Emily asked with what I thought was hope in her voice.

"I was worried," I said as Lisa and Patty both gave me strange looks but not knowing who it was on the phone I figured they couldn't start heckling me just yet. "Don't go nowhere, I'll be out in a minute."

"That your girlfriend?" Lisa asked with a teasing grin as I stood and slipped on my shoes and coat by the door.

"Is this your girlfriend?" I asked as I pushed Patty's head. "Huh?"

"Hetero life mate!" Patty reminded me as I laughed and slipped out the door and detoured around the side of the house and saw Emily standing by the front of her car and looking seriously upset. I was relieved when she looked up and smiled when she saw me. Meeting me at the front of the car.

"Where have you been?"

"Through hell with my fueding parents," She said. "They're divorcing and trying to put me in the middle of their world war."

"I'm so sorry," I said as I touched her hand and found it was ice cold. "You're freezing."

"I just wanted someone to be happy to see me without screaming at me," Emily said as she wiped away a few last tears.

"I was really worried," I said.

"Then why didn't you call?" She asked.

"Because till now I didn't have your number?" I asked as she rolled her eyes and laughed.

"I'm pretty stupid for a teacher huh?" She asked as I shrugged. "Don't you dare answer that."

"Pretty hot too," I blurted out and then snapped my hand up to cover my mouth as she gave me a shocked look. "I am so sorry that was out of line."

"And I was beginning to think the attraction was all one-sided," Emily said with a teasing smile.

"Then you really must be stupid," I said as she jerked her hand away from mine but found me grabbing hold of it again as we started to giggle and began a tug of war in front of the car. The end result being her pulling away and going tumbling to the snow covered pavement and landed hard on her butt. "Ohmigod!"

"OWWWW, that hurt!" She growled as she looked up at me. "Help me up please?"

"Of course," I said as I reached down to help her up but found myself tumbling forward and on top of her as she giggled and she wrapped her arms around me as we laid in the freshly fallen snow for a long moment. "What was that for?"

"I've wanted to get you on top of me for a long time now," She giggled as I blushed and tried to get up when she took hold of the collar of my shirt and stopped me. "You are so unbelievably hot, Hana Peterson."

"So are you," I said as I leaned down the inch or so between us and kissed her softly. Her lips pressing softly into mine as she started to move hers in time to mine. Her tongue ever so gently meeting mine a moment later as we began to softly message one against the other in a fashion that was so hot it blocked out the coldness of the snow. Finally we slowed and parted as we smiled at each other before sharing one more soft kiss. "I better help you up for real this time."

"AHEM," came the most shocking voice of my life as I turned around and saw Patty standing there with a shit eating grin on her face. "Interesting!"

"This is not what it looks like," I said as I jumped up and pulled Emily up too.

"You two made out for like 10 minutes and don't deny it," Patty said as I blushed. "Long time no see, Em."

"You two know each other?" I asked.

"I used to babysit both of you?" Emily reminded me.

"And now you're only babysitting for one of us," Patty said with a laugh. "Goodnight Emily."

"She's right I better go," Emily said as she touched my hand and then did something I'd never forget...she kissed my lips. "Call me."

"Bye," I said as she drove away a moment later. Then turning to see Patty grinning wickedly. "You gonna run back in and tell Mom?"

"I'm not gonna tell anyone," Patty said. "What you two are doing is your business. But if you get her in trouble don't you dare ask me for help."

"OK," I said in surprise.

"Come on dinners on," Patty said as I silently followed after her back into the house.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I hate that fucking door bell," Chloe said as she sat on the sofa reading as I came back in from the kitchen. "Can you get it?"

"I guess I'm the designated maid since Cally and Alisha are god knows were," I said as I went back up the steps.

"Probably off fucking," Chloe said as I laughed. "So much for that group sex we had planned."

"Good point," I agreed as I opened the large front door to see a guy in a pale blue shirt with Bermuda shorts and a small box in his hand. "Yeah?"

"Package for Cally Oliver?" He asked.

"I'll sign for it," I said as I took his electronic gadget and signed it before he left. Looking at it as I closed the door I noticed it was very light. "CALLY!"

"What?" Cally asked as she came out of the kitchen being followed by Alisha (wearing a goofy looking sun hat). "You got a package. And where the hell you been?"

"Riding in the buggy," Cally said as she took the package and inspected it.

"And we came back when we realized it was more fun with four," Alisha said as she slipped by Cally and wrapped me in her arms as I grinned. Cally paying that no attention as she ripped open the package to find a letter and a key inside.

"What the fuck is this for?" Cally asked as she held the key up and noticed that Alisha was now hugged up to me. "Get over your jet lag finally?"

"Looks that way," Chloe said as she came up the steps from the living room to meet us in the hallway.

"So what's the key for?" I asked as Cally shrugged in confusion. "Maybe the letter explains it."

"Let's see..." Cally said as she opened the letter and groaned after reading it for a moment. "'s from my bastard father. Listen to this shit. Merry Christmas Cally, Molly, Alisha and Chloe..."

"It's nice he remembered all of us," Alisha said as she snuggled up to me more and my hands slipped back to her ass cheeks and squeezed them in my fingers. "MMMMMMMM."

"That's the only nice part, it goes on to say..." Cally said before morphing into a pitch perfect imitation of her father. "The key in your greedy little hands is to the safe in my private office that contains my Christmas presents to you and your friends. But you won't be able to open it until Christmas day when I call to give you the passcode. Enjoy the time between now and then, fuck you, love dad."

"Fuck you, love dad!" Chloe laughed as Cally fumed and wadded up the letter and fired it against the wall.

"He is king of the assholes," Cally said. "Turning a Christmas present into a torture contest."

"I don't think it's torture cause I could care less that it's still in the safe," Chloe said. "At least he got us something."

"I wonder what it is?" Alisha asked.

"Maybe a new Feeldoe?" Chloe asked as all of us laughed.

"Speaking of feeldoe's..." Alisha said as she moved her hand, boldly, down the front of my shorts and stroked my bare pussy lips as I moaned. "...Molly's gonna need one."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Oh yeah," Chloe agreed as she took both girls hands and let the way down the steps to the living room. Moments later the Feeldoe got retrieved as all thoughts of Dad's XMAS present were forgotten with the arrival of Chloe and the 'bag o' fun'. Molly taking the Feeldoe and slipping the knob of it into her pussy with Alisha's help. The clothes were shed in what seemed like to me record time. I pointed to the picnic table down on the main deck off the beach and the plan was set.

Chloe and Alisha walked with Molly down the steps out onto the deck and into the sunshine to the picnic table. Both taking long moments to kiss her as Molly pumped her cock with her fist (lubing it with astroglide) and then guiding them onto the picnic table and into a 69. Chloe lowering her smooth pussy down to Alisha's eager lips, as Molly stood just behind her at the edge of the table, and moaning when Alisha started softly licking her. Chloe's eyes closed to soak in the pleasure for a long moment but opened again when she felt Molly lining her cock up with the girls asshole.

"Waited so long to butt fuck you like this," Molly moaned as she slid inside Chloe's backdoor and started to pump in and out. I watched Molly's Feeldoe cock get stuffed inside after only a few strokes as she pressed her thighs to Chloe's ass cheeks firmly and Chloe shook in bliss. Molly reaching forward before going on and guiding Chloe's head down to Alisha's pussy and got her to begin licking it softly in return. She then carefully moved one hand to behind her and resting it on her own cheek so I got a clear view before she started pounding in and out. Making Chloe's ass cheeks jiggle as she did and moaned out loud. "Can you see Cally? I'm butt fucking her in the sunshine."

"She sure can, ohmigod this feels wonderful, she's gonna watch every bit of it," Chloe moaned as Molly pounded her cock home faster while Alisha began to softly suck on Chloe's clit from below and made the girls thighs quiver with the spasming of her pussy. Molly's moans got a bit louder as she clenched her ass on every stroke to get it as deep as she could. Her pussy spasming around the knob of the feeldoe now as the hot sun bathed the threesome and began producing a light sheen of sweat. Chloe's moans became muffled again as she returned to sucking on Alisha's clit and licking it softly as she shook from head to toe. "You're so good at this baby, so good at this."

"That's because you're staying so still and letting me butt fuck it as hard as I want," Molly moaned as her pussy started spasming wildly and her moans turned to pants as she struggled to maintain her pace. Chloe was now held perfectly still by Alisha's arms around her as the two of them worked each other into a frenzy. Molly's entire body was now covered in a thin coat of sweat as she gave Chloe a few last butt fucking shots and brought her off in a shudderingly real orgasm. Her whole body tensing as she experienced her own mammoth orgasm before cumming on Chloe's sweat covered ass cheeks. "Oh god that butt fucking felt good on my cock."

"MMMMMM I know it did baby," Chloe said as Molly pulled out and kissed her softly over her shoulder as Alisha finished licking up Chloe's cum. "You need a rest before you can go again, huh?"

"No I don't," Molly said as she guided Chloe off of Alisha and to lay down lengthwise on the table only now facing away from her. Molly quickly circled around the table to the other side and got Alisha on her knees above Chloe's head and to slide forward into another 69 as Chloe began eagerly licking Alisha's smooth pussy. Molly covered her cock in lube once more as Alisha looked back and watched as Molly lined her cock up and slid inside her asshole. Alisha shaking and moaning intensely as Molly stuffed her cock inside and pressed her thighs to her ass cheeks firmly. Alisha lowering her head and returning the favor to Chloe as the two now licked each others pussy as Molly started to pound her cock home. "Oh yeah lick her pussy while I butt fuck you baby."

"Feels so wonderful like this, Chloe was so right, ohmigod so wonderful," Alisha moaned between licks of Chloe's pussy as Molly had started slapping her thighs at the girls ass cheeks. Molly moving both of her hands to Alisha's back, just below her shoulders, and leaning forward a bit as she looked down and watched every pounding stroke as they got harder and faster. Molly's breathing was ragid and her body was covered in a thick film of dripping sweat while her pussy had returned to a hard spasming around the Feeldoe knob. "You're so good at butt fucking me in the sunshine."

"You're so still on top of Chloe is why I'm so good at butt fucking it," Molly moaned as Alisha and Chloe now began to suck each others clit in tandem and moan their pleasure. Molly's ass clenching as she pounded at Alisha's jiggling ass cheeks in a steady rhythm as she tensed up a little more all the time with the pleasure surging into her body. Alisha sucked Chloe's clit harder and felt her pussy spasm around Chloe's probing tongue as it got stuffed inside over and over. "MMMMMMM I told you I didn't need a rest between butt fucking you and Chloe."

"It's because you're butt fucking in the sunshine," Alisha moaned between long moments of sucking Chloe's clit. Molly moaned as her pussy spasmed wildly again and struggled to keep her frantic pace up as she drew near her second consecutive orgasm in a matter of minutes. It would only be a few seconds away as all three girls experienced unending pleasure at the same time. Chloe and Alisha sucking each others cum out as Molly cum all over Alisha's sweaty little ass. Molly moaning (again), "Oh god that butt fucking felt good on my cock."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\
~ (Pittsburgh, PA) ~

I had to get away from Mom and Dad and the batting cages were seemingly the only place I could go where I had a decent chance of NOT running into her or him. So here I've been here for the last two hours (or so) dropping quarters into the pitching machine and pounding out my frustration on those over size yellow softballs. I was on my last five when I heard the voice.

"You hit that ball much harder and you're gonna hurt it!"


"I said if you hit that ball much harder you're gonna hurt it," she said. A cute, lip ring sporting skater chick was watching me from outside the cage.

"If you knew the crap I've been through the last few weeks you'd know why I'm trying to murder the ball," I said as I took one last vicious swing and crushed one right back into the net. Walking out of the cage and handing my helmet and bat to the next girl and meeting the skater chic. "So I have my reasons."

"Does it top being shipped off to private school while your mother chases some male whore half way 'round the world?" She asked. "By the way I'm Lori."

"I'm Dakota and private school is not that bad," I said. "I've been going to one for three years now. I actually love it."

"You? Do your parents hate you or something?" Lori asked as I rolled my eyes.

"I used to think they loved me but not so much anymore," I said.

"We do love you." someone said from behind me.

"Please tell me my mother is not standing behind me," I said.

"Since I don't know what she looks, OK, she's not there," Lori said with a smirk.

"Dakota turn around and look at me?" Mom (Anpaytoo) asked. "Why did you leave the house without so much as saying where you were going?"

"I'm gonna go get a hot dog," Lori said. "Maybe catch up with you later."

"See ya," I said as she left and I turned to see Mom glaring at me. "I didn't want you following me. That what you wanted to hear?"

"You've been home for 4 days and you'll barely look at me or talk to me," Mom said.

"So you noticed?" I asked. "I'm still a little bit mad at you for cheating on Dad."

"Well at least you're talking to me now," Mom said.

"I'm done," I said as I turned to walk off when Mom unleashed a bomb shell.

"Fine you won't let me ask what you want me to do then I'll tell you what I'm gonna do," Mom said. "I'm moving to Minnesota to be with you all year around."

"Are you insane?" I asked. "Why?"

"Because you're father is moving out after Christmas," Mom said and again I was shocked.

"WHAT?" I practically screamed. "You cheat on Dad with your boss, that worm of a man, Dr Phillips and you're making him move out?"

"I did not cheat on your father with Dr. Phillips," Mom declared.

"THEN WHO THE HELL DID?" I screamed.

"YOUR FATHER!" Mom screamed back as a few people finally stopped to listen as I had to literally put two and two together and realized dad Holy smokes Batman.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Is Laney coming in tonight?" Sarah asked as she sat down opposite me in the 'Break' booth.

"Nope, she worked this morning," I said. My own shift just having ended just before the Dinner rush usually begins at around five. "Why?"

"Well Megan is maxed out on hours, I'm dead tired and Maxie is flat refusing to work anymore," Sarah said. "I think Patricia is coming in..."

"There she is," I said as I pointed at her as she walked in with Mel. "Ask Mel to help out if your in such a bind."

"He was nice enough to pour some coffee but I doubt he's looking for a full time gig as a waitress," Sarah said as I looked at my watch and realized I'd better be getting home as I promised Laney we'd go shopping with Hana and her sister in an hour or so.

"Sarah I'm here," Patricia said as she came in.

"You need some help today?" Mel asked as Sarah joined them. "TV's out at my place so I got nothing to do."

"Volunteer labor? Cause Eddie's not gonna pay to hire another waitress," Sarah said. "It took a miracle to get him to agree to hire Shelby and Laney."

"Even though you need it," Mel said as Sarah agreed. "You know someone should have a chat with him and tell him that people come here for the food and if the service ain't quicker they may stop coming."

"Why don't you tell him that?" Dad (Harold) asked from the kitchen.

"Hasn't done us any good," Sarah said as I stood and put on my coat.

"Well I'll pitch in for a couple of hours anyway and give Eddie a good talking to when he comes in," Mel said.

"Dad, I'm leaving," I said as I ducked into the kitchen a moment later to find him taking a break and sipping on a soda. "You're about done?"

"Hold on I got something for you," Dad said as he handed me a Wally World bag.

"Knee pads?" I asked after opening it.

"For you and Laney," Dad said. "So you don't cut your knees all up taking up those old floorboards in your closet. What do you say help your old man out?"

"Sure," I said as I hugged him and noticed a weird looking piece of paper hanging from the bulletin board in the kitchen. "What's that?"

"Just a pipe dream," Dad said as he handed it to me and I smiled as I saw a purple and gold circular logo with the words "Harry's World Famous" emblazoned around a picture of Dad posing as if he were presenting something.

"Can I keep this?" I asked.

"Just throw it out," Dad said as I stuck it my jacket pocket anyway and headed on home. Finding Laney at the kitchen table as I came in watching a TV show on her MacBook and eating a bowl of cereal. I didn't say anything as I tossed the bag Dad had given me to her and she grinned as she looked up.

"What did you get me?" Laney asked excitedly.

"Open it I think you'll love it," I said.

"Cool, knee pads," Laney said as I gave her a confused look. "What? I can use these."

"To do what? Clean the toilet?" I asked as she laughed and tore open the package and tried them on for size.

"Lots of stuff you can do with them," Laney said. "Like snow sledding."

"Hey that is a good idea," I said as she smiled. "But Dad bought these for a reason."

"Why?" Laney asked as she closed her MacBook and put her empty bowl in the sink.

"He wants us to tear up the floorboards in my closet for him so he can replace them," I said. "Help me?"

"Don't you mean do all the work for you?" Laney asked as she pointed to her knee pads.

"If you want," I giggled as she gave me a (classic Laney) sour look. "So get started and holla when you're done."

"You're gonna help me Miss Thang," Laney said as I giggled and got Dad's toolbox out from under the sink as we both headed up to my room. Taking the clothes out of the closet first and piled them on the bed before Laney put her knees pads to good use prying up the floor boards. A squeal of excitement alerting me to the fact that she found something came a few minutes later while I was coming back from taking the first pieces of old wood out to the trash. "I found a hundred dollar bill!"

"Really?" I asked as Laney popped up and showed me. "You're rich now."

"It's your house so it's not mine," Laney said as she offered it to me.

"OK, how about we split it?" I asked as she grinned and excitedly agreed.

"Hello new MP3 player," Laney said as we started doing a happy dance.

"I guess that was the old piece of paper you saw before," I said as she shrugged and went back to work.

"I think someone stuffed a travel bag under the floor," Laney said a few minutes later as I came back into the room after another trip to the garbage. "And it's really stuck in there."

"Who would put a travel bag under the floor?" I asked in confusion.

"Someone who doesn't want it to be found easily," Laney said as she pried loose one more board and tossed it behind her and tugged at the strange looking black bag but it wouldn't move. "Well it's not moving."

"I think you killed it," I said as I joined her on the floor.

"Pry up a few more and see if we can get it then," Laney said as she handed me the hammer and took hold of the bag and pulled at it while I pried loose another floor board. "What did they do nail it in there?"

"No, it looks like the zipper is caught on the nail...a zipper?" Laney rambled as we both looked closer and saw that she was exactly right.

"We are both retarded," I declared as Laney laughed and whacked the nail holding the bag until it gave way and we could pull the thing out of the hole. "Man this thing is heavy."

"I can't wait to find out what's inside," I said as we dragged it to the center of the floor and unzipped it. "Huh? What the fuck?"

"We spent all that time trying to get it out and all we get for it was a copy of the Thief River Falls Times from 1917?" Laney asked as she looked at the paper and was ready to trash it when I stopped her. "What?"

"Don't you dare throw that way it's worth money I just know it," I said as I took it and looked at it. "This is really neat."

"I guess," Laney said as she looked in the bag again. "Another paper from 1922 and five from 1931. Some of them have different names too."

"Cool," I said as I took them when she handed it to me. "Just these papers then wonder why it was so heavy."

"Cause some idiot put bricks in here," Laney said as she showed them to me and we both laughed. "And there's another bag in the bottom."

"," Laney declared as she pulled out a pouch stuffed to the brim, zipper about to burst, with the name "Northern State Bank" emblazoned on it. "It's from a fucking bank."

"Holy shit," I said as I crashed back down beside her and we fumbled with the zipper and found it would not open (rusted shut). "Damn it."

"Gimme a razor and I'll cut the mother fucker open," I said in frustration.

"I got it follow me," Laney said as she jumped up and I chased after her as we went into the bathroom to find the baby oil. She poured a bit of it on the rusted out zipper and it came to life. "I saw this in a movie once."

"It worked...OHMIGOD!"




Inside the pouch was a collection of $20, $50 and $100 bills in various piles.

"Look at all of that money," Laney said after we'd gotten done screaming for joy. "Must be thousands here."

"GIRLS I'M HOME!" Dad (Harold) screamed as he came in at just that moment. Prompting Laney and I to go thundering down the steps.

"DAD, DAD, DAD!" I kept saying as we came down the steps.

"UNCLE HARRY!" Laney squealed as she came down behind me.

"Stop calling him that," I said to her as she laughed. The laughs though stopped completely when we showed Dad the money. Explaining how we found it as we he started counting it. After about another 10 minutes Dad had turned nearly pale white as he came to the grand total. An astounding total of $42,000. "We're rich!"

"You two may not be rich but you sure are well off," Dad said as Laney and I hugged. "WOW! You two going shopping?"

"I'll say," Laney said as we squealed in excitement and started making plans for the (potentially) massive shopping trip. But the thing that stopped us cold was a strange phone call that came in the moments following Dad's arrival home. It was from Mr. Von Krul, the man who wanted to do business with Dad, and as Dad disappeared into the living room for a little privacy Laney got quiet. "He really wants this huh?"

"Wants what?"

"The business, Harry's World Famous?" Laney asked as she walked over to the coat rack and fished something out of the inside pocket of my coat. Then showing it to me. It was the logo. "This."

"Yes he does," I said as Laney looked at the money and back at me and smiled. "What?"

"He needs how much to buy the equipment and all?"

"45 or 50 thousand and that Von Krul was gonna match him as a partner," I said as Laney again looked to the money and back to me. Her smile widening. "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"We could be his partners," Laney said.

"I can't ask you to do that for my Dad," I said as the shock of that offer set in.

"Do what for your Dad?" Dad asked as he came back into the room after hanging up with Mr. Von Krul.

"Let you use the money we found to start your own business," Laney said. "I know it's crazy..."

"Girls, no," Dad said. "As much as I want too, no, that is your money and it should go towards your college or investing it in something."

"We would be investing," Laney said. "In you. We'd be your partners. You're silent partners."

"When have you ever been silent?" I asked Laney.

"Good point!" Laney said as everyone laughed.

"Girls, I don't know what to say," Dad said in shock. "I want this because...I just wanna take care of Shelby. For once be a good Dad."

"I already knew that," Laney said as she looked to me. "Tell him you want him to."

"Oh crap," I said as Laney laughed. My rambling followed, "Dad, yes you can have the money. Please take it? Laney are you sure?"

"Absolutely positive," Laney said as I ran around the table and made her giggle as I hugged her. "Let go!"

"No!" I said as I squeezed her tighter and she giggled.

"I guess we're going into business together," Dad said as Laney and I looked back at him. "I can't tell you how much this means to me."

"That's why we wanted to do it for you, Uncle Harry," Laney giggled as she looked to me with a grin. I simply hugged her as Dad came over and hugged us both, smushing Laney between us.

"I guess I better go call Mr. Von Krul and let him know the good news," Dad said with a huge smile. "Harry's World Famous is born!"

"YESSSSS!" Laney and I squealed in excitement.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Dad?" I asked as he sat in his office reading. He looked up and saw me and motioned me in. "We need to talk."

"I guess you're Mom found you at the batting cages?" Dad (Charles) asked as he put his book down.

"Yeah and we really put on a good show," I said as Dad laughed. "And she told me a bunch of stuff."

"And it's all true," Dad said simply. I was stunned for a moment but then I was relieved. But I still wanted hear him say it.

"All of it? Even you being gay?" I asked with a cracking voice.

"Yes," Dad confirmed with a head nod. "And yes it was me who broke up the marriage not your mother."

"Why did I have to come home to hear that?" I asked.

"Your mother thought best if you hated her," Dad said as confusion sat in. "Because she figured you would. And I went along with it for a while. But I made clear that I was ready to take the blame when she decided to. I expect you to be angry."

"But for some reason I'm not," I said as the surprise showed on Dad's face. "Maybe because this explains soooo much."


"Like why I'm gay," I said. "I'm gay because you made me this way."

"Dakota we have discussed this before and homosexuality is not hereditary," Dad said. "God chose you to be this way."

"Yeah OK," I said and choosing not to get into a theological discussion with my father at that moment. "But why did you cheat on her?"

"I know you think it was sexual but it wasn't like that at all," Dad explained. "Mark, Dr. Phillips, has been a long time friend and recently his partner passed away and he asked me to keep him company. And we grew close over the months until it became apparent that we had feelings for each other of more than friendship. And your mother could no longer take it and accused me of cheating, committing adultery, which is understandable."

"But cheating, adultery is having sex with someone else while your dating or married," I said. "Right?"

"There are many forms of cheating," Dad said. "Being emotionally cheated on can be worse than the sexual kind."

"I guess," I said before Dad went on and explained what he knew I wanted to know.

"This is not something new either, Dakota, this has been a part of my life for as long as I care to remember," Dad explained. "But I refused to admit my feelings until about 4 years ago."

"About the time you decided to send me to Mintzler?" I asked.

"We sent you there to shield you from it," Dad admitted.

"Mom mentioned that," I said.

"We did," Dad said. "In the hopes of sometime alone being the magical cure."

"You tried to cure you're gay?" I asked as I started to laugh out loud. "Did you call Michelle Bachmann's bat shit crazy husband?"

"Go away and answer your phone," Dad said with a smile as I picked it up and heard a sultry voice say, "Merry Christmas sexy!"

"Mindy?" I asked in confusion as I left the room and Dad to his novel.

"No, it's your secret girlfriend, Chloe?"

"Oh, secret girlfriend huh?" I asked. "I could go for that."

"The way you look I could too," Chloe said as I blushed from head to toe. She'd never said that to me before. I guess I can admit to spending a few moments fantasizing about if she really had meant that. "Hello? Cat got your tongue."

"Only if your cat that gets me," I said as she started laughing.

"OH MY GOD you're horrible," Chloe laughed. "Anyway, I can't talk long because we're going out for the night but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas in case I don't get to talk to you again. Cell phone coverage is kinda spotty."

"Yeah, Merry Christmas to you," I said. "I love you."

"You do?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"Well of course I do your my best friend," I said.

"Oh yeah, duh Chloe," she said as I laughed. "I love you too, Kota. I gotta go, bye."

"Bye," I said as we hung up and I took a long moment to look at my phone and wonder about that last bit of conversation. Was my relationship changing or something? Cause it felt weird inside. "Nah, probably just all the stress of being home."

Yeah that's it!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

I led Chloe and Alisha out of the house and onto the porch as both grinned and moaned for me as I squeezed their ass cheeks in my hands in unison. I kissed them one at a time and moaned myself as the feeldoe vibrated in my pussy and we made our way down to join Molly on the deck by the beach. Molly having cleared off the picnic table for us.

"Gonna be the best Christmas present ever," I moaned as I led the two over to the table and waited patiently as they climbed on and took long moments to kiss softly. Then circling around each other, as the sun bathed us, and got into a 69 for me right there on the deck. "And two girls to butt fuck in the sunshine is my favorite present ever."

"Come on baby and show us how much you love your present," Chloe moaned back to me as I lined my cock up with her asshole and then slide deep inside with one long stroke. Feeling her trembling below me as I pressed my thighs firmly to her ass cheeks now and was buried inside her asshole completely. Alisha holding Chloe around the waist now as she softly licked her sweet bald pussy from below as I pulled out till my cock head caught on Chloe's asshole ring and plunged back inside. "I know you love it a lot more than that baby."

"Let me show you how much I really love it," I moaned as I placed my hands on Chloe's back just below her shoulders and turned to pounding. Smacking my thighs at her jiggling ass cheeks as my own ass clenched in pleasure on each stroke. Alisha now fucking her tongue in and out of Chloe's pussy and feeling it spasm. As I watched every stroke of my cock and concentrated on butt fucking Chloe harder. My body now covered in a thin film of sweat as my pussy spasmed hard. "OHHHHH this is how much I love it Chloe."

"That's so wonderful, ohmigod, so wonderful," Chloe moaned as she squeezed her thighs around Alisha's head and her pussy spasmed around my girlfriends probing tongue. I smacked my thighs at Chloe's ass cheeks as I moaned out loud to match hers and watched her ass cheeks jiggle each time. I gave Chloe a few butt fucking shots as her orgasm took over just a moment before mine. "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," I moaned for the first time as I tensed up and pounded a bit harder for the last few strokes and slowed as my orgasm faded. Chloe cumming in Alisha's mouth below her as I butt fucked her cum out. "Butt fucking on Christmas is the most wonderful feeling ever."

"Oh yeah it sure is," Chloe moaned as I gave her a few last butt Fucking shots before I pulled out of her asshole and guided her to her feet with Alisha soon following. This time leading them to the futon that sat just off the patio facing the beach. The two got back into a 69 for me with Alisha on top this time as I got on my knees and slid into Alisha's asshole with a loud moan. Leaning forward over her back and putting my hands down by Chloe's thighs to support myself before I returned to pounding. "Oh yeah you really know how to get on top of things Cally."

"UHNNNN I love butt fucking you two back to back," I moaned as I looked out at the water of the Atlantic ocean and a thrill ran through me as I knew we were on the beach where anyone could potentially see us. That only made me pound harder and smack my thighs louder at her ass cheeks as I started lift my knees slightly off the futon to get more leverage. The bare skin above my cock smacking at Alisha's ass cheeks made the ridges of the Feeldoe work my clit so perfectly as I moaned my pleasure. Chloe's tongue pumping up into Alisha's spasming pussy in perfect time to my strokes. "So good on my cock butt fucking in the sunshine."

"Never felt anything this good in my life," Alisha moaned as my thighs smacked at her ass cheeks over and over as I drilled home in her asshole. Chloe holding her still with her arms around the girls waist as the sun continued to beat down on our naked bodies. Alisha moaned from between us as she started sucking Chloe's exposed clit right on the tip and making the girl clinch her ass in wonderous pleasure for long moment. My ass was also clinching in pleasure on each stroke as my thighs beat out a steady rhythm on the ass cheeks of Alisha below me and I got close to cumming for the second time. Chloe was now sucking on Alisha's clit from below as Alisha did her the same way. "OH I'm gonna cum in Chloe's mouth. What do you love doing while you're cumming, Cally?"

"I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," I moaned in mid-orgasm as Alisha and Chloe joined me moments later. Alisha shaking on top of Chloe as I gave her a few last butt fucking shots to milk her cum out. I settled back in behind her and rested for a moment before pulling of out my girlfriends tiny little asshole and preparing for round two in a few minutes.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

Chloe turning to kiss Cally and guiding my unbelievably horny best friend down onto the picnic table and to lay back lengthwise on it. Alisha standing and taking this oppurtunity to step onto the bench and across Cally's body and lower down (catchers position), her back to Cally. Chloe getting on her knees and taking hold of Cally's cock and holding it steady as it slid into Alisha's welcoming little asshole. "MMMMMMM oh yeah."

"OHHH fuck yeah!" Cally moaned as she clenched her ass and moaned as Alisha sunk all the way down on her cock. Alisha leaning backwards over Cally's body so her hands by Cally's shoulders held her above before she started to sway up and down. Cally moaning as her cock began going in and out of Alisha's asshole once again. Alisha moaning and whimpering as her pussy spasmed amd made her whole body feel so wonderful as she slapped her ass cheeks at Cally's thighs with each bounce up and down. Cally's hands clutching into Alisha's waist as she moaned with her, "MMMMMMM I'm really enjoying my Christmas present so much."

"MMMMMMM OHMIGOD butt fucking on Christmas is the best feeling ever," Alisha moaned in reply as she swayed harder and harder up and down. Cally's flat stomach tensing each time as she looked down and watched her cock as it fucked up into Alisha's asshole. Sweat dripping off of Alisha's nude body down onto Cally as she slammed up and down harder and harder and began to rock Cally's body. "MMMMMMM I love your cock so much baby."

"MMMMMMMMM baby butt fuckin you makes me it so hard too," Cally moaned as her whole body tensed time after time with the pleasure surging through it over and over again. Her fingers digging into Alisha's waist as the sensations came close to an orgasm. Cally agressively bounced Alisha a few last times as her shoes beat out a steady rhythm below and Cally moaned, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," as the two began cumming in orgasmic waves of unending pleasure. Both settled down after a few moments as Alisha lifted straight up and off Cally's cock as both girls moaned still. "Merry Christmas baby."

"Merry Christmas to you too my butt fucking baby," Alisha moaned as she watched Chloe immediately moving into her former position (her back to Cally and leaned back over her body) and letting Cally's cock sink into her asshole again. Cally's ass clenching as the sensations began again with Chloe now swaying up and down and smacking her ass cheeks at Cally's thighs. "MMMMMMM Chloe your asshole feels so wonderful baby."

"MMMMMMM it's getting stuffed so full every time," Chloe moaned as she pounded down onto Cally's cock and driving it deep into her asshole over and over. Cally sliding her hands up to Chloe's firm young titties and squeezing them over and over as she moaned from below and watched every stroke of her cock into Chloe's welcoming asshole. Cally's flat stomach tensing, her shoes bouncing gently and her whole body being filled with a wonderful pleasure that very few girls of any age had ever felt. "MMMMMMMMM I really love this feeling now."

"MMMMMMMMM so hard and going deep, MMMMMMM making my butt fuckin cock so hard," Cally moaned as she squeezed her fingers into Chloe's titties over and over and over now as the sensations got stronger and she tensed even more and felt her pussy spasming like crazy as she neared her 4th orgasm in a row. Chloe's moaning had turned to squeals of pure pleasure as she slammed up and down on Cally's cock a few more times before Cally moaned, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," and joined Cally in cumming. Both moaned out loud as the waves of pleasure swept over them for the next few long moments until both settled down. Chloe lifting up and off of Cally's cock as it slipped out of her asshole. Cally getting to her feet to join the other two sweat drenched hotties. Kissing Chloe first and then Alisha softly. "That has got to be the most wonderful feeling ever."

"So are you all done with your Christmas present?" Alisha asked as Cally lead the way to the couch. Cally simply nodded her head no before she got lost in a soft moaning kiss with Chloe as Alisha watched with a smile. Cally parting with Chloe and kissing Alisha now. Cally's hands on Alisha and Chloe's cute little asses and squeezing the cheeks in a steady rhythm while both girls hands stroked up and down Cally's chest slowly. Cally and Alisha parted and the horny twosome moved to the couch with Cally taking some of the cherry flavored lube handed to her by me and lubing up her cock again. "Baby are you sure you can butt fuck us three times each?"

"I always wanted to try and now I'm gonna do it in the sunshine with Molly watching," Cally moaned to them as she moved to her knees on the couch and watched Chloe eagerly getting on top of Alisha in another 69. Alisha gently guiding her tongue to Chloe's bald pussy and smiling as she began to lick Chloe softly. Cally stroking her now lubed cock as she slid behind Chloe and above Alisha. I could see Cally gently press her cock head into Chloe's tight little asshole again. "MMMMMMMMMM I just bet the third time is gonna be the charm."

"MMMMMMM it feels so good already I bet it will be," Chloe moaned as Cally began to stroke in and out of her asshole now with ease. Cally moaning too as she watched every stroke get her deeper inside as Alisha below was licking up and down Chloe's yummy pussy with an eager spirit as I watched. Chloe laying her head down on Alisha's thighs and shaking in pleasure as Cally stuffed her asshole completely full with cock now. Cally's thighs pressed against Chloe's ass cheeks as she leaned forward over the girls back and into a sandwich. "OHHHHH yeah you promised to butt fuck me three times and you're doing it."

"I've never had a workout like this on my butt fucking cock," Cally moaned as she started the butt fucking in earnest as her thighs began to smack at Chloe's ass cheeks gently. Alisha licking over and over Chloe's pussy and wrapping her arms around the girl. Cally's shots to Chloe's asshole getting harder and harder as her arms strained to hold her above the girls back. Cally moaned as she slapped her thighs stiffly at Chloe's ass cheeks and made them jiggle as she pounded the girls butt fuck hole. Chloe's thighs quivering around Alisha's face below her and her moaning growing louder and louder as her pussy spasmed like crazy. Alisha's tongue now focusing on Chloe's most sensitive body part, her clit, as she licked it repeatedly over and over. Cally's cute little lightly tanned ass clenching each time she stroked inside as her own pussy spasmed like crazy around the Feeldoe knob. "MMMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock so hard."

"MMMMMMMM I'm making it feel so good it's getting harder huh?" Chloe moaned to Cally as both neared their orgasms.

"MMMMMMMM so hard, MMMMMMM so good butt fucking you in the sunshine, Chloe," Cally moaned just as hers and Chloe's orgasm took over and stormed their bodies like powerful thunder storms. Cally slowing as she peaked, tensing and closing her eyes to soak in the pleasure and moaning, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking,". Chloe did much the same before she squirted cum into Alisha's mouth below her in a messy finish. Cally giving her a few more strokes to butt fuck out the cum before she pulled out and sat there breathing ragid and dripping sweat from head to toe. "OH god that was wonderful. I don't know if I can butt fuck anymore I think Chloe's little asshole wore me out."

"I don't think so," Alisha said as her and Chloe rose to join Cally. "You're Christmas present isn't over till you butt fuck me for a third time."

"Baby I don't think I can," Cally protested as Chloe laid back on the couch anyway and got into position.

"Cally you're getting ready to do some more butt fucking even if you don't think you can," Alisha moaned to Cally as her and Chloe got back into their former position, a 69, with Alisha on top this time. Cally turned back to the 69ing nympho's in front of her and lining her cock up with Alisha's asshole and sliding inside with ease. Cally's moaning coming loudly as she began her last butt fucking, Chloe licking her friends pussy softly and being one of the reasons the girl was now shaking in pleasure. "MMMMMM I really think I'm gonna be able to finish my Christmas present."

"MMMMMMMM I soooo love your Christmas present," Alisha moaned as she got her butt stuffed full now as Cally slid all the way inside and pressed her thighs to the girls ass cheeks. Cally leaning forward over her girlfriends back and moaning as she started the butt fucking again in earnest. Chloe softly licking up and down over Alisha's sweet bald pussy and making her friends thighs quiver. Cally moaned as she started a steady pleasure producing pounding of Alisha's tight little asshole. Her thighs smacking loudly at Alisha's ass cheeks as the girl moaned in pleasure and Cally lifting her knees slightly off the cushions for more leverage. Alisha moaning and squeezing her thighs around Chloe's head as her pussy spasmed insanely hard now. "I love being butt fucked for the third time."

"OH god I never did this much butt fucking before," Cally moaned as she gave Alisha ever harder shots deep inside her backdoor. Chloe stroking her hands up and down the girls waist as she now sucked on her clit. Cally's naked body glistening with a thick dripping sheen of sweat as she pounded at Alisha's butt fucking hole. Alisha's plump ass cheeks jiggling each time they where smacked at by Cally's thighs. Cally moaned as she felt her pussy spasm around the vibrating knob of the feeldoe and tensed up as she pounded a few more times at Alisha's asshole and drove the girl to an orgasm.

"OHHHH I love cumming while I'm butt fucking in the sunshine," Cally moaned just as her orgasm blossomed and she kept up her steady pounding pace on the girls asshole.

"MMMMMMM I love it so much, most wonderful feeling ever," Alisha moaned as her, Chloe and Cally peaked in orgasm and slowly came down. Alisha squirting her girl cum onto and into Chloe's loving mouth. A few more stokes to butt fuck out all the cum and Cally carefully pulled out of the girls tight little asshole and sat there breathing, dripping sweat from every inch of her body and completely exausted. Alisha rolled off of Chloe and got to her knees as she kissed Cally and said, "Merry butt fucking Christmas, baby!"

Oh yeah, Cally's Dad got us all Tablets for Christmas. Thought you might like to know.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I am ready for bed," Lisa said as she rose and stretched with a yawn. "You ready Pats?"

"Past ready," Patty said as she let Lisa help her up as the two headed for the steps as I laid down on the couch and found a bag from my earlier trip to Walmart. I opened it to find the movie that Lisa and I had been wanting to see for weeks now and was about to say something when she passed Dad (Chin-li) coming down the steps and he asked, "Do you two ever seperate?"

"No, why should we?" Patty asked with an amused smile.

"You might want get married?" Dad asked.

"I'd never really thought about it but maybe," Lisa said. "What about it Patty?"

"Sure I got nothing better to do," Patty said as she gave Dad a devilish look and dropped down to a knee and looked up at Lisa and asked, "Lisa will you marry me?"

"I got nothing better to do either," Lisa said as I started laughing out loud and the two goofs shared an air kiss as Dad watched.

"You two think you comedians," Dad said as the two broke up laughing. "I go bed before you really do get married."

"Hey Lisa, I found that movie," I said as she looked back. "Wanna watch it?"

"I'm exhausted so I'm going onto bed," Patty said. "You coming or staying?"

"I'm gonna watch the movie with my soon to be sister-in-law," Lisa giggled just as Dad came back by with his milk.

"Goodnight daughters, goodnight soon to be daughter-in-law," Dad said as everyone laughed.

"Goodnight" we said in unison. Patty soon following after Dad as she went to bed and Lisa came down to join me on the couch.

"OWWWW, what did I sit on?" Lisa asked as she sat down and soon found out it was my cell phone. "HMMMM let me see who you've been calling."

"Nooo, that's none of your business," I said as I reached for it but she slid off the couch and walked away from me as she snooped. "AWWWW you must really like Emily to call her so much."

"I changed my mind about the movie," I said as I snatched my phone from her hands. "Go to bed."

"You really like her?" Lisa asked.

"Like Patty didn't already tell you?"

"No she did not and I'm gonna kill her," Lisa said as I laughed. I was then forced to relay the whole story of me and Emily kissing in the snow and the next couple of days when I went over to her place to study (nothing really happened other than a simple sneaky kiss or two). "And Patty kept all of that from me. Unbelievable."

"Maybe you should reconsider that proposal?" I asked as Lisa laughed. "She might be hiding other stuff too."

"Probably is, like you," Lisa said. "So who knew you were a lesbo."

"I'm not, Patty's hetero lifemate," I said as Lisa grinned. "I just met Emily and she started hitting on me, giving me a few grades I didn't exactly earn and well...she needed me to be her friend."

"She gave you grades you didn't earn?" Lisa asked in surprise. "You lucky tanned little bitch and what did you do to get those grades?"

"Watched every episode of Secret Life with her," I said as Lisa laughed.

"I'm sure that was all you did," Lisa said. "So what does she taste like?"

"Huh?" I asked in total confusion.

"Nothing, thought I might trip you up and you'd admit something really juicy," Lisa said with a devilish grin.

"Not that it's any of your business but, virgin," I said as I pointed to myself. "Unlike virtually everyone at Mintzler I've not done the toe to toe tango. So ha."

"I can top that..." Lisa with a dramatic pause, "...I'm a virgin too."

"You're 19 though," I said in shock.

"Yeah and I spent four years of those 19 at an all-girls school and that's something that I don't exactly have a lot of interest in," Lisa said.

"Yeah you're only interested in one girl," I said with a gotcha smile. "My sister?"

"We only made out once...OHMIGOD!" Lisa said as my bottom lip dropped and she covered her mouth in shock. "I have such a huge mouth...I'm going to bed."

"No you're not..." I said as I grabbed onto her wrist to stop her from leaving the room. A struggling beginning as she tried to pull away. Until a tapping at the backdoor froze all action in the kitchen. "...who the hell would be visiting this time of night?"

"It's Emily!" I said as Lisa looked and started to laugh at the coincidence. "You said you were going to bed? Then go."

"No way I'm gonna leave you all alone with her and let her take advantage of you," Lisa said as I glared at her.

"Patty's Pucker Pal," I said as Lisa blushed and turned to quietly leave the room. Leaving me to answer the door. "Emily?"

"You forgot your math book at my place," Emily said as I stepped outside and she laid the book in my hands. "I didn't know if you'd be in bed or not."

"No, Lisa and I were gonna watch a movie but she went onto bed," I said. "Thanks for the book."

"I've also got news," Emily said. "I'm gonna be out of town for a couple of weeks."

"What? Why?" I asked in surprise.

"My parents divorce? It took another weird turn and I have to go to Atlanta to take care of the house they own down there," Emily explained. "Since I have a business degree they want me to finalize the sale and get everything set up. I'm gonna be gone for like two weeks or so."

"It takes two weeks to sell a house?" I asked.

"With my family, which is who is buying it, yes it does," Emily said. "I took a leave of absense from school for the first week. I hope I'll be back by then."

"OK, can I call you?" I asked. "At least give you someone to talk to?"

"Maybe we should just take a break?" Emily asked as my stomach literally fell out in surprise. "When I get back we can talk. I promise."

"Does this have anything to do with my sister finding out about us?" I asked.

"Look, I've got a flight in Minneapolis in like 6 hours and I'll be lucky if I make it," Emily said. Carefully avoiding the question it seemed to me. "I promise I'll call when you I get back."

"Emily..." I said as she abruptly turned and walked off and sure seemed to be crying. Which I quickly started to as I slumped back against the door and felt a piece of my heart had just left with her. Lisa, of all people, came back down a few minutes later as I was sitting at the kitchen table and crying into my hands. I think she already knew what was happening as she simply sat down by me and hugged me for the longest time.