Scent of a Girl - Episode 67 "New Friends, Better Community"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Simmer down, simmer down," J. Stapleton McGrath demanded from the front of the newly named 'Humphrey Center'. Named in honor of former Vice President and United States Senator Hubert Humphrey. Also one of my Dad's good friends before he passed away. "We are here today to discuss the many changes that will be taking effect immediately here at Mintzler. So without further ado let me welcome our esteemed President, Mr. James D. Woods."

"Thank you for coming and welcome back to the spring semester," Mr. Woods said after he had taken the mic. "Now I'm sure the number one question on your mind is why are you here before you even get to settle back in. That's simple. I have an announcement to make that I feel is of great importance to everyone at this school. Today begins the Mintzler New Friends, Better Community Initiative."

"What the fuck?" Molly muttered in my ear as I shrugged.

"What that means for you is that everyone here will be participating in events that directly impact our local community," Mr. Woods continued. "Every single person here will be given the oppurtunity to volunteer for a project that helps others. Initially there will be three projects open for consideration. First, Northwest Medical Center here in town is in need of volunteers to hand out candy and magazines to the patients."

"Candy striper," Molly and I giggled in unison.

"The second is a position at the Oakland Park Nursing home," Mr. Woods said. "This job is only for the patient and well mannered as many of the residents suffer from various ailments that require great assistance. And finally, we are working to revive our Basketball program and that means we need to repair the Gymnasium, which has set vacant for several years now, to it's former glory. The job will require manual labor for painting and minor repair work. We will be hiring professionals to handle the major repair work but we require a few of our students to assist with the rest. Now, for all those interested in signing up you can find the forms on the tables as you exit."

"Why am I being moved to a new dorm?" Hana asked from behind Molly.

"I assume you're inquiring rather rudely about my second agenda item?" Mr. Woods asked. "The New Friends Initiative."

"What is it?" a frustrated girl asked from the upper tank.

"It is a program designed to foster new friendships by placing selected students in new places in various parts of the campus," Mr. Woods said. "Many of you will find that your dorm assignments have changed..."

"WE GOT THAT WOODY!" a loud voice rang out.

"How about some straight talk for a change, Mister President?" Maxie asked from the other side of the isle.

"We have a large number of new students this semester and I'm hoping that the older students will us help us welcome them," Mr. Woods said. "Most of the students that were placed in new dorms fall under this heading. I hope you'll take this as a sign that we think you're important to our schools continued growth and reach out to these new students."

"It's complete bullshit," Hana muttered as Mr. Woods wrapped up and everyone began filing out of the newly renamed 'Humphrey Center' and recieving their packets listing their dorm assignments for the fall. Molly and I looking over the sign up sheets a few minutes later as we waited on Chloe and Alisha (who got swallowed up in the crowd) when Hana came over to join us. "My new room is in Keller-Montgomery, I don't even know where that is."

"Hey, you're my new neighbor," Molly said. "You lucked out. You got your own room now."

"My own room? Oh yeah KMH is a single residency dorm," Hana said as her smile spread. "I think I might like this."

"I won't," Alisha said as she joined us and looked to be in a foul mood. "Did you see my new assignment?"

"You got re-assigned?" I asked in surprise as she showed me her packet.

"From McKinley-Grogan to Oliver-Stanton," Alisha said. "They moved me from my room into one with five roommates. You need to call your Dad and have him fix this shit."

"I can't he's on a business trip in South Africa," I said. "We'll fix it when he gets back."

"Noooo," Alisha growled. "My parents paid for a private room not this bullshit."

"Hey you got my old room," Hana said as she looked over Alisha's shoulder. "You'll be rooming with Max and Shelby."

"Yes, I know," Alisha snapped. "And I like Shelby and Maxie but I don't wanna be their roommate."

"Doesn't sound that bad..." Molly started to offer.

"Fix this shit, Calista," Alisha commanded as she shoved her packet into my arms.

"I can't," I said as I shoved it back into hers. "Dad is on a trip."

"And when my parents find out about this they just might make me come home," Alisha said as my stomach dropped out.

"I guess so," I said simply.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I wonder who we got an as our new roomies," I said as Laney, Cindy, Maxie and I made our way into the lobby of the OSH dorm. "And where is Hana?"

"I think someone said she got re-assigned," Laney said as Natalie came out of the office.

"Shelby can I talk to you?" Natalie asked. Laney, Cindy and Maxie going on up in the elevator with all but one of my bags as I joined Natalie. "I got a proposition for you."

"OK," I said nervously as Natalie took out a badge that read 'Junior RA'. "How would you like to be a Junior Resident Advisor?"

"What is that?" I asked as she placed the badge in my hand.

"You're my new floor manager," Natalie said. "You help me keep things running smoothly. Well as far as the 2nd floor, your floor goes."

"Really?" I asked with a smile as I looked at the badge. "Why me?"

"You're a leader," Natalie said. "I've seen how you manage your suite. Keeping Max in line is a full time job."

"It is," I giggled. "But an entire floor?"

"If anything big pops up you just call me," Natalie said. "Give it a try? I really need the help."

"I guess, but wait do I have any real authority?" I asked.

"You're my eyes on the floor, I trust you, whatever you say goes," Natalie said as she handed me a clip board. "But don't abuse the power."

"Not even for a second," I said as I slipped on the badge and Natalie smiled. "I guess I better go on up and deliver the bad news."

"I'll call the paramedics just in case," Natalie said as I laughed and shook my head as the elevator closed and I wondered what I was getting myself into. Arriving on what was now MY floor a moment later and finding it to be a beehive of activity. Luggage flung all over the hallway, various girls sitting and chatting on their phones and surfing the net. I wondered when exactly my duties began. Though the duties of making fun of my new position began immediately as Maxie met me in the hallway outside our suite.

"What took you so long?" Maxie asked as I laid my bag inside the door and spied that the room was already a mess.

"I had a talk with Natalie about this," I said as I pointed to the badge now pinned to my shirt.

"Junior rah?" Maxie asked with a smirk as I gave her a dirty look. "What the hell is a rah?"

"It stands for Junior Resident Advisor dumby," I said as she giggled but came back with, "Why did they make you a Junior Resident Advisor dumby? I always thought you were really smart Shel."

"It means that I'm Natalie's floor manager, basically, and if you don't shut up I'm gonna have her give you a one room suite in the basement," I threatened as Maxie laughed.

"You're a what?" Laney asked as she met me next and I explained all over again. This time saying it loud enough so that Cindy heard it too. "I know why they chose you but it's gonna be weird having my best friend tell me what to do."

"I'm not telling anyone what to do," I said loud enough so everyone could hear. "But I do have new responsibilities."

"Boy are you gonna be hard to live with now," Cindy said as she sat in front of the TV and plugged up the DVD player.

"Shut up," I said in frustration as Cindy laughed but all attention soon turned to the arrival of our new roomie, a none-too-happy, Alisha. "Hey girl."

"Just tell me which bed is mine so I can go and lay down?" Alisha asked in a voice that showed how tired she really was.

"Are you OK?" I asked as Laney joined us.

"I am beyond pissed at the brain dead fuckwit who runs this shit hole..." Alisha said before pausing and taking a deep breath. "...and since I can't get into see him or get hold of Cally's equally moronic father to fix this problem I'm forced to stay here tonight."

"Welcome!" Laney chirped as I started laughing and Alisha half-smiled despite her admittedly foul mood. "Everything will work out."

"I hope so," Alisha said as Maxie passed by on her way into the bathroom and I finally got a chance to check out the clip board full of papers that was in my hand. Realizing it was a dorm assignment sheet. The first thing that stuck out was the fact that Dakota was no longer our roommate. Talk about changes. "Dakota's not our roomie anymore."

"What? Of course she is," Cindy said as she met me by the door and I showed her the list. "Our new roomie is some girl named A. Montana."

"And where did they move Dakota?" I asked as I flipped to the second page and found my answer. "Next door."

"She's moving in with Randi and Chi?" Cindy asked as I pointed to Dakota's name. "That sucks."

"UMMMMMM...hello?" a mystery girl asked as she came to the door with bags over her shoulders. Red hair, great legs, drop dead gorgeous. Maxie coming out of the bathroom at that moment and almost bumping into her. "Oh hi..."

"Who the hell are you?" Maxie asked the mystery girl as her smile disappeared momentarily.

"I'm America," The mystery girl chirped as Maxie grinned at her and went into flirt mode. "America Montana."

"America Montana? Hey you're not kind to Hannah are you?" Maxie asked as Cindy and I laughed.

"No," America said in confusion. "Am I in the right place?"

"Yes you are," I said before Maxie could say something else. "I've got the assignment sheet right here."

"Cool!" America chirped. "My friends call me Amy."

"My friends call me when they're drunk and need a ride home," Maxie said as everyone started laughing.

"That goof is Maxie, I'm Shelby, my girlfriend Cindy, that's my buddy Laney and in the room over there is Alisha," I said to Amy a few minutes later as she settled in.

"OK, thanks, so this is my room?" Amy asked with a point to Maxie's room.

"It is," I said as she carried her bags inside and started unpacking. Dakota came by just then and stopped in the hallway as I came out to meet her. "Hey."

"Hey," She said as she half-smiled. "Guess we're not gonna be roommates anymore, huh?"

"Yeah, but you're just next door," I said as Chi came down the hall next being followed by Anisha. Maxie squirting by me on her way somewhere else. "You're new roomies are here."

"You're really moving in?" Anisha asked Dakota.

"Yep," Dakota said.

"Hey this will be fun," Chi said as she bumped her shoulder against Dakota's. "Now we can talk softball 24/7."

"Her favorite subject," I confirmed as Dakota smiled and seemed to be warming to the idea of rooming with them. "Let me know if you need anything."

"We will," Anisha said as the three disappeared inside.

"Have you seen Randi yet?" Laney asked as she came into the hallway.

"Nope," I said as Laney frowned. "She'll be here."

"She called and said they where about fifteen minutes away," Laney said as she walked back inside the room. "That was an hour ago."

"Just be patient...and what the hell have you got?" I asked as Maxie came back into the room dragging a mattress.

"It's a mattress? Duh," Maxie said as Amy giggled from behind me.

"And where did you get it at?"

"The dumpster," Maxie said as everyone laughed.

"Maxine Taylor Bradlidge I'm gonna kick your dumb ass," I said as Maxie started laughing.

"It's new...STOP!" Maxie squealed as I kicked the mattress. "They're new Shel. Some store donated like a thousand of them. Natalie was giving them out downstairs."

"Do I need one of those too?" Amy asked as she came over to join us. "Cause my bed already has a mattress."

"No you don't actually," Maxie said as she let the mattress go and it crashed to the floor. Taking the blanket off the sofa she then laid down on the mattress and covered up. "But these new ones are memory foam and they're soooo comfortable."

"Max get up and quit acting stupid," I said as Maxie pretended to snore now. Cindy joining me as she asked, "You've known her for three years and you still think she's acting?"

"That was uncalled for Icey," Maxie declared as she pinched Cindy's leg and dared her to do something back. Laney though responded as she pushed Maxie's head and warned her, "Leave her alone you big bully."

"Here we go again," I said as Maxie pulled Laney down on top of her and the two started squealing in laughter as they battled. The war growing when Cindy joined forces with Laney (as expected) and they started tickling poor Maxie in tandem.

"Hey!" Amy screamed over the laughing. All action freezing. "You guys are fun."

"We sure are," Cindy said as she grabbed her hand and pulled Amy into the fray. Maxie, Cindy and Laney now joining forces as they attacked various parts of Amy's body. Some things, like this, never seem to change. Even with new roommates.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"MOLLY!" Hana screamed as she came up the walk behind Chloe and me. "CHLOE WAIT UP!"

"What's wrong?" I asked as she met us at the front door. Pulling behind her a suitcase on wheels and carrying several bags over her shoulders.

"I didn't wanna get lost," Hana said as she panted for breath. "Please be nice to me and show me where my room is?"

"You're right down the hall from us don't worry," Chloe said as Hana smiled. "Come on I'll help you get settled in."

"You two are life savers," Hana said as she followed us inside and saw, for the first time, that KMH had several non-human residents now. "Where did the animals come from?"

"The Humane Society asked the school to take them on emergency before Christmas break," I said as Hana nodded and sat her stuff down as Ted (the cat) came over to the edge of his perch on the window and investigated the new arrival. "That little munster is Ted."

"Welcome back," Maggie said as she came out of the front office and was met by a hug from both Chloe and I. "Holly's inside laying down if you wanna see her."

"Let her sleep," I said.

"He's so cute," Hana said as she took Ted in her arms. "Is that a talking parrot?"

"I sure am hot stuff," Alfred cracked as Hana's mouth dropped open in shock.

"He's the entertainment around here," Maggie said. "Always has something to say."

"Yes he does," I agreed as I went over to his cage. "Did you miss me Alfred?"

"Molly's a pretty girl," He said as I smiled.

"And Alfred's a pretty boy," I said back.

"He sure is, toots," Alfred said as everyone laughed.

Maggie soon got Hana signed in and got everything she needed as Hana and I went on up in the elevator a moment later. Chloe staying behind for the time being to discuss something with Maggie. I showed Hana her new room (a few doors down from mine) and went ahead to my own room to get settled in. I had barely gotten my winter coat off when I heard a squeal and turned to see Mindy.

"Molly!" She squealed as she jumped into my arms and hugged me around the neck. "I didn't see you at the airport, and I looked, what happened?"

"Cally's Dad David flew us back in his private plane," I said as Mindy leaned her head against mine and we both smiled. "Did you miss me?"

"More than anyone else!" She said as I smiled but had to admit to feeling a bit weird at that moment. "I mean, other than Dakota."

"Of course," I said as she hugged me again. "Missed you too Scoob."

"So you have fun in paradise?"

"Lots of fun," I said as she sat down on the bed and gave me a knowing smile as if she knew what really happened. "And before you ask I would tell you about it but I don't think you're mature enough to handle it."

"I'm mature enough to get this," Mindy said as she raised her t-shirt up and showed me her new belly button ring.

"WOW, that's sexy," I said as she blushed. "When did you get it?"

"Over Christmas break," She said as I admired it. "That Dakota is one lucky girl."

"That's kinda who I got it for," Mindy admitted. "Well her and you."

"Knock it off, Melinda," I said as she grinned. "Where is Dakota by the way?"

"Settling in at her dorm," Mindy said. "She's gonna come see me in a little while."

"OK," I said in confusion. "I figured she'd already been here."

"Nope," Mindy said with the smile leaving her face. "We only talked a few times over break so..."

"Yeah you told me that," I said as I sat down by her. "There's just a lot going on in her life right now. Finding out your Dad is gay has to be a pretty major thing."

"Actually she was happy about that," Mindy said. "But her and her Mom are in this weird place because her Mom lied about cheating on her father and now Dakota is mad at her Mom for that. But she's not mad at her Dad for cheating on her Mom. So weird."

"Tell me about it," I agreed. "You need less drama in your life."

"True," Mindy said as I went to set up my Macbook. "Any chance of you dumping Chloe for me?"

"What?" I asked as she gave me a devilish smile. "Why?"

"That way there would be less drama in my life," Mindy said.

"Yeah I'll get right on that," I said as she laughed. "We're done you can leave now."

"Can't get rid of me that easy, Punky...CHLOE!," Mindy squealed as she saw Chloe pass by my door on her way to her room. Mindy hugging her in the hallway after Chloe had dumped her bags inside her door. Both smiling at the other. "Miss me?"

"I always miss you," Chloe said. "And Dakota's downstairs. She said meet her in the lobby."

"Good, I was done with Punky anyway," Mindy chirped as I laughed. Both of us noticing a new tag on Chloe's shirt that read, Junior RA, "What is that badge for?"

"Maggie made the Junior RA," Chloe said proudly. "Well for the third floor."

"You're in power now?" Mindy asked. "Oh no."

"Shut up," Chloe said as she pushed Mindy's shoulder as Mindy laughed.

"I think I'm gonna like this," I said as I pulled Chloe into my arms and she grinned at me knowingly. "That means I have to do what you tell me now."

"It sure does," Chloe said as she kissed me.

"Kinky," Mindy giggled as she watched.

"Be even more kinky if I decided you have to do whatever I say too," Chloe said to Mindy as I giggled. Mindy blushing as she backed up a few steps and saying, "I'm gonna go find Dakota now."

"CHICKEN," Chloe hollered after her as Mindy went running down the hall laughing.

"So what do you want me to do now oh powerful one?" I asked as Chloe turned in my arms and kissed me.

"I want you..." She said with a kiss, "...on your bed..." she continued and followed by another kiss and dropping her voice to a whisper, "...naked. And prepared to do whatever I tell you."

"MMMMMMMM," I cooed as we kissed again. "But you know that means no rolling thunder."

"What? Why not?" Chloe asked in a surprised voice.

"Cause I only do that when I'm in complete control," I said smugly. "It's no fun to do it unless I control it."

"Good argument," Chloe said as she took off her velcro 'Junior RA' badge and stuck it on my shirt, "Just for tonight."

"Oh yeah," I moaned as Chloe kissed me and we made our way back into my room as I kicked the door shut behind us. I really like this new power of mine.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Have you seen Dakota? Chloe said she was down here," I asked Maggie as I poked my head into the office. Seeing her sitting at the computer desk and Holly laying on the couch.

"She was here but her and Michelle went outside a few minutes ago," Maggie said.

"I think she loves Michelle more than me," I said in frustration.

"Then break up with her and go out with me," Holly said as her eyes popped open and she grinned at me.

"Very funny," I said as Holly grinned. "You already have a girlfriend Molly's twin sister."

"Don't even get up you started it," Maggie said when Holly started to get up and come after me. I giggled as I made my getaway and spotted Dakota outside. I slipped on my coat and went out to join her as she stood by the flag pole watching Michelle...talking on the phone?

"Hey?" I asked to get her attention.

"Hey you," Dakota said as she kissed me and slipped her arms around me. "Sorry you had to come and meet me."

"It's OK," I said as I kissed her back. "What's going on?"

"Then stop calling me," Michelle barked into the phone. "I don't care what you blame me for. You never could except responsibility when something was your fault."

"Michelle is having a huge fight with her sister Pam," Dakota said. "I was just trying to be there for her."

"Then don't call me again bitch," Michelle said into the phone before closing it. "I swear I hate that whore."

"You gonna be OK?" Dakota asked Michelle.

"I'm gonna go punch my mattress and cuss for a few minutes before I walk across town and BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF MY STUPID SISTER," Michelle raged before storming off and going back inside.

"I think she was upset," I said.

"Really? Cause I didn't get that," Dakota said as we both laughed. Dakota kissing me a moment later and for a little while there it felt like old times.

"So you did miss me?" I asked as she grinned.

"Just because we're going through some stuff doesn't mean I didn't miss you," Dakota said as she touched her forehead to mine.

"I'm sorry I didn't call you more," I said softly.

"Me too," Dakota said. "But maybe the break was good for us because I think I know something that might help."

"We already tried that before the break remember?" I asked. "Didn't go to well."

"I know," She admitted. "But it's not that. My Mom said we needed to maybe work on our relationship if we wanna be together."

"Work on it how?" I asked in curious confusion.

"Therapy?" Dakota asked as I gave her a weird look. "I made us an appointment for tomorrow after school with Dr. Blackwell. OK?"

"Do you think it will help?" I asked.

"I don't know," Dakota said. "I just don't wanna lose you without trying everything we can."

And so therapy it is.