Scent of a Girl - Episode 7 "That Was For Chloe You Stupid Bitch"

Written by: TVM (



\/ {* ~ *} \/ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

"STOP!" I heard her scream in frustration and for once in my life I knew I had to face my problems head on. Cause let's face it, I had feelings for this girl from the moment we met. It's weird being me, cause I struggle so hard to keep my own mind balanced, with my insane emotions and now here I am chasing after a piece of tail that's just a slightly more sane version of me. "Fuckin talk to me."

"I'm...sorry...I didn't hear you" I stammered as I looked into those beautiful eyes. Man this girl gets my motor running, I see why Molly wanted to tap it so bad. Damn she has amazing eyes and I love that fire in them when she's mad. I'd love to get her pissed off and let her take out her frustration on me. Not hurt mad you see just mad as hell and ready to whip my ass. That way she won't hold back and we'll see if the straps hold up. So to speak.

There you go, not that you actually ask, but that's my biggest turn-on. And please don't ask me how a 15 year old girl could know anything about rough sex. Well for your information nosey ass, I was sorta introduced to it by an older girl, back home in Omaha. I hated it at first, but once she got going, the sensations are so intense it's addictive to the point of craving it every time you get in the mood. Which in my case is on a regular basis, sometimes daylight to dark. But being such a circus freak, the 'Amazing Babbling Girl', it's hard to find anyone who will give me the time of day outside of the Mintz. And let's be honest, those skanks are hot as hell and all good fucks. But I'm bored with their, slow and steady bull shit or semi-rough and complain crap. I just wanna a girl who will take me and give it to me good. Which brings me back to god's most perfection creation, Bre Kelton, man she's soooo damn hot and that fire in her eyes just tells me that she could hurt me, if she wanted too that is.  

"Screw that fake babbling bullshit" Bre said. "You came to see me, and you are gonna talk to me."

Yeh I did, and to be honest with you I never wanted to see her again. But after seeing her in the square that day that I kissed Molly (another fine piece of tail), I couldn't get her out of my mind and just wanted to know once and for all if she would give me a chance. Just happens that Molly kinda got their first, so to speak.

"You are so hot" I said and I'm telling you it wasn't intentional, just my mind tends to roam and sometimes I say things that shouldn't come out. I have the whole Dan Quayle thing happening. I sometimes think one thing and say another. Like in this case I should have said something like, "I'm sorry Bre, OK we can talk."

But problem is, somewhere between my brain and mouth there has to be some crossed wires or screws loose or some kinda nerve disconnect that let's my mouth sort of operate independently. It sounds funny I know and it makes for interesting conversations let me tell you. But more times than not it gets me in way more trouble than I should ever be in.

"Knock off the flattery, we know that's crap too" She said.

"It's true" I heard my mouth say. See what I mean? Just because it's true don't mean I needed to say that. Do we agree?

"Just shut up you're confusing me" Bre said as I laughed and just had to ask.

"So which it is Bre?" I asked with a smirk. "You want me to shut up or not?"

"Why did you come to see me?" Bre asked in a panic attack type of voice, "And why in hell couldn't you have come a day earlier? You seen me in the fuckin plaza that day why couldn't you just act normal and talk to me there huh?"

"That day in the plaza you acted so happy to see Molly and I didn't wanna ruin your moment by bringing up all this stuff" I said. "You looked so happy that you made the team."

"You've always had this weird thing, where you act so confident one second and the next moment you're all closed off and bullshit" Bre said, "I fuckin hate that."

"Yeh you pull off this whole straight, shy, poor girl routine to perfection, Princess" I said, "That how you drew Molly in?"

"Fuck you" She snapped as I smiled. "What the hell are you smiling at?"

"Because I called you on it" I said, "And I think you're just so damn hot."

"What in hell took you so fuckin long to tell me that?" She said in a hushed scream as she got in my face. "I waited for a fuckin year after that kiss and you never called or anything, you could have at least tried."

OK, flag on the play, pass interference, intentional grounding. This has been fucking bugging me for months, and I'm gonna get it off of my chest, finally. This kiss she is referring to was also a huge moment for me. Cause it was the first time I ever got a girl or guy to like me for more than sex and I talked to her (without babbling or stammering), we slow danced, and she smiled at me. ME! Cally Oliver, she was making eyes at me all night. OK, getting ahead of myself. See the story goes, Bre and I were at this mixer for the 8th grade here at Mintz Prep and we spotted each other across the room and I about wet my panties. I, having just discovered I liked girls, was drawn to her like a fly to stupid. So I got up the courage to say hi, and she talked to me. She smiled and kinda flirted and we spent an hour just hanging out. I was so into her and she, not me, but she asked me to dance and after discovering both of us sucked we decided to camp out in the corner and dance by ourselves. We slow danced, oh my god I could have melted in her eyes. Anyway, anyway, I walked her back to her dorm and I kissed her at the door. God what a moment, I relived that a million times and couldn't wait to see her the next day. But she acted all weird and just walked off so I got really hurt and didn't go back. OK, I avoided her I'll admit that. So back to the story.

"You wanted to sell this straight girl act of yours so I let you" I said, "You could have come to me. Same distance."

"Cally..." Bre said touching my hand and now surprisingly calm, "'re comfortable with being into girls, I wasn't. It's new to me. But that kiss, Cally, girl it shook me."

"Did Molly treat you good last night?" I asked in a purpose driven attempt to change the subject. I don't wanna get hurt again, well it worked cause she blushed and smiled.

"So good to me" She said softly, "Did it exactly the way I ask. I mean exactly, she'd stop and ask me and then do it."

"You know I could do that too" I said, "But I'm better at other ways."

"I bet it would feel better with you" Bre said.

"Why because I'm better at it?" I asked as I smiled and I know she liked it just from the way she looked at me.

"UMMMM, I'm not sure you could be better at it than Molly" Bre said with a very teasing grin.

"Well to be honest..." I said, "...I'd rather have you mad as hell at me."

"Why?" She asked as I grinned.

"You can take out all that frustration on me" I said as I impulsively kissed her cheek and saw her jump back. "Slut."

"What the hell? What did you call me?" She asked in anger and I knew I was getting to her.

"Slut" I repeated in a teasing tone.

"I'll whip your ass..." She said as I kissed her again on the cheek.

"Slut" I said with a smile and she finally seemed to catch on. "Come on, wanna do something about it?"

"Yes I'll fuckin..." Bre said as she grunted in anger and I knew she was very much interested as she took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Which is exactly the opposite of what I wanted at that moment. So I opened my mouth to try and get her going again as she covered my mouth. "I have feelings for you, and if you would shut up with calling me names for a damn second and let me say that I would have. It would have felt better with you, cause it just would have."

"Whoa" I said as she smiled and took my hand in hers.

"After last night, I'm not scared to death anymore" She said as she stepped in front of me, "And you said you still liked me."

"Like to get you in bed" I said and covered my mouth. Again my brain disconnecting from my mouth. She laughed and gave me a knowing look and I knew she wasn't mad. "I so didn't mean that to come out, I'm stupid a lot."

"How about you kiss me and we see if we get there" Bre said with a smile.

"What about Molly?" I asked as she froze and the smile left her face.

"Yeh, I do need to figure that out" She said with a deep breath. "She's got the biggest crush on me and last night I started feeling it for her too."

"Then go talk to her" I said as I stepped back. "Come and let me know something."

"Cally..." She said as I pulled my hand away a second time.

"That way we start moving without any...speed bumps" I said and carefully choosing my words.

"OK" She said as she smiled and walked off. Not sure I'd ever see her again or have that chance, I turned around as soon as she disappeared around the clump of trees near the square and started to cry as I fell back against the building. I've managed to blow it two times with the same girl.

\/ {* ~ *} \/ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE \/ {* ~ *} \/

Oh god, do I ever regret coming to this place now. For one reason and one reason only, the fucking load of school work. You would figure that your first day you'd get just a few assignments to warm you up. Not at this place, every teacher gave us a shitload of homework and I'm honestly afraid that I won't be able to keep up. Especially with God's most perfect creature laying on my bed, doing her own homework, Chloe I mean. Damn, that girl looks hot just twisting her hair around her finger as she thinks about something, and she wanted me, yes me, plain old Molly Harris. Well that's what she told me this morning and if I died now, I could have that memory last me an eternity.

"Well you stop gawking at the walls and get to work?" She asked me during one of my many drool parties as I literally stalked her with my eyes. She doesn't even know how unreal her body is and that face, DAMN, I'm gonna need a shower if I keep talking about her. Nor does she seem to have any idea how much I suddenly like her. Yes it came on quick, partly because we had another encounter with the lovely Maxie Bradlidge this morning. She flipped us off as she walked by and saw me helping Chloe with her bag. It was innocent but it was enough to set Maxie off. I'm also afraid of this whole situation turning violent. I keep thinking, like the old Charlie Daniels song says, 'I don't wanna fight you but I darn sure will'. Maxie could probably kick my ass but if it comes to protecting Chloe, and I know I'd have to cause she'd just melt under the pressure, I'll fight that stupid bitch to the death.

"Want some help?" Chloe asked as she came over to check on me a few minutes later. She was already done and seemed to have no problem with any of it. Did I mention she's I.Q. level genius? OK another reason why I should love her, wait, I mean like her. Someone help me please!

"Do you know you're sexy as all hell?" I asked with a wry smile as she seemed taken aback by my honest admission.

"OK I'll do it for you" She said as I laughed and took my book back as she tried to pick it up.

"I wasn't telling you that to get you to do my homework" I said as she smiled, "You are just sooo fucking hot."

"Keep talking like that, please" She said in a heart melting sweet voice. "I never got to hear that kinda of stuff from Maxie, at least with my clothes on."

"Help me with this and I'll be done and then I will" I said as I kissed her cheek and wondered why she was smiling like that at me. But she was and lord help me I loved it, every nanosecond that I was in her gaze. She showed me what I was doing wrong and gently persuaded me to go back and redo the whole assignment and with her help it was easy. I did it, but she showed me what I was doing wrong and suddenly it was easy. "I'm done, ohmigod I'm done."

"Smart and cute" She said with a teasing grin as she stood up and I knew exactly what I wanted to do as I closed my book and stuffed it in my book bag and stood as she watched me walk around her and crawl on to the bed.

"Come here" I said as she gave me a disbelieving look as she kicked off her shoes and jumped onto the bed and crawled over me and started to kiss me before I said. "Hold on, we'll get to that. Turn around."

"Why?" She asked in total confusion as I had her set down in front of me then scoot back between my thighs as I wrapped in my arms. The smile on her face at that moment made my heart beat a million beats a minute and if anything in the world was wrong, I could care less as I wrapped her tighter and she snuggled up to me. "Molly Harris, I think I love you."

"You happy for once?" I asked as she shook her head and laid it back on my shoulder.

"I've never felt like this" She said in a soft voice. "Can I take a nap in your arms? Please?"

"If that's what you want" I said as I yawned and said, "Mind if I join you?"

"No not at all" She said as she sat up and I asked, "Why don't we just change? Just spend the night here?"

"I love the sound of that invite" She said as she took the pair of jammers and t-shirt I gave her as we both turned our backs to each other and changed. I yawned again as I stretched and was the first to crawl under the sheets and hold them for her. She smiled and followed my lead as she turned the light out and yawned a huge yawn and crawled into bed beside me. Her back to me and my arm around her. I heard her sigh contently as she slipped into a peaceful and what I would later find out, was a deep sleep. I fell asleep myself and woke sometime after dark as Chloe was still out. I quickly went to use the bathroom and crawled back in just as she woke with a huge smile on her face.

"MMMMM hey" She said sweetly as I brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"How can anyone not wanna be good to you?" I asked as I laid my head down on the same pillow she was on.

"Maxie didn't..." She said before I covered her lips.

"No, you are not gonna ruin this moment by crying Chloe Morgan not over her" I said as she smiled and said, "Whatever, you want Molly."

"Hey, Molly, can I borrow your...WOW" Bre said as she came through the door unannounced and saw me and Chloe in bed. "UMMMMM, what's going on?"

"Nothing, Bre" I said as I saw a mix of anger/hurt/betrayal/relieve in her eyes. Her stare glued onto Chloe, who looked to be mystified at to what to say. "Just me and Chloe taking a nap."

"What she said" Chloe giggled.

"You fucked her too?" Bre asked in a bitter tone.

"No" I said calmly, "Chloe this is Bre."

"Oh, awkward" She said as I had to laugh.

"Got a thing for red heads huh Molly?" Bre said as she backed up. "I thought we were gonna see what was there between us?"

"Bre, calm down" I said as I got ready to get out of bed, when she backed into the hallway and said, "I need to do some thinking."

"Bre let me explain" I said as she took off running down the hall.

"Thought you said it was only sex with her?" Chloe said from behind me as I froze and blocked the door as I turned around.

"Let me explain, please?" I asked as she tried to push by me and I refused to let her leave.

"Let me go" She said as I held her back on the bed and pushed the door shut behind us.

"No you're not leaving me in this condition" I said as I made her crawl to the top of the bed and wrapped her in my arms and held her as tight as I could. She fought me for a minute or so before she started crying. "Fine, you wanna cry, cry in my arms this is my fault."

"How could you? You fuckin used me" She spat as she sobbed and tried again to pull away.

"No I did not, that's why I never slept with you" I said, "Bre's not the girl I want, you are."  

"But what about..." She said in shock and to tell you the truth I was in shock at my last statement.

"Who's arms are you in?" I asked her.

"Yours" She said as she wiped her tears away.

"Who made you stay here so I could hold you while you cried?"

"You did" She said in amazement.

"I'm not Maxie fuckin Bradlidge and in case you didn't notice I didn't chase after Bre" I said as she seemed to calm down.

"I can be your girl?" She asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

"Chloe, I can't think of anything better" I said as she smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Can I think about all of this for a while?" She asked after a moment of quiet.

"Sure" I said as she smiled. "Lot of stuff going down and I'm not too good at processing. Just need a minute."

"I wonder who that is?" I asked as a pounding came at the door. I slid out from behind Chloe and heard the banging get louder, "I'M COMING."

"Maxie?" I asked as I opened the door and the scent of alcohol in the air was evident as she looked directly at Chloe and then to me and I'm guessing it pretty much confirmed what she already feared was happening. Her eyes went red with rage as she stepped inside my room and pushed me hard against the door facing, the latch driving into my back as I slumped to the floor and Chloe came running to my side.

"STOP IT MAX, STOP IT" She screamed as I grabbed my back and tears filled my eyes as pain shot through me, but what happened next made me forget the pain.

"FUCK YOU, YOU GONNA DEFEND YOUR NEW SLUT GIRLFRIEND?" Maxie asked as she punched Chloe in the stomach and I swear I thought she killed her as Chloe fell beside me and gasped for every breath. Maxie reached for her again and I just knew Maxie was gonna go for her ear, and I did the only thing I knew to do, I smacked her with every muscle in my body straining. Maxie staggered and fell onto my bed before she fell in a thump to the floor. Sitting up she rubbed her cheek and laughed, like I hadn't hurt her, which I was kind of afraid.

"Come on please Chloe, get up, GET UP!" I said as I lifted her to her feet and pushed her into the hallway and turned back to meet Maxie as she stood. "Go Chloe, go on I'll take care of her."

"OK so you the one who's gonna protect her this time?" Maxie asked as I looked at her in confusion. "Last time it was Shelby, time before that it was Mindy or was it Cindy. You think by now she'd know she get the idea."

"FUCK YOU, god I don't care how screwed up you are, how in the hell could you hit her?" I asked as I pushed her, "Hit me, HIT ME YOU WHORE, I'LL FUCKIN KILL YOU FOR HER."

"OH GOD" I heard Maxie say and I swear I saw fear in her face as I punched her in the stomach and watched her crumble to the floor. Rage filled me to the point that I lost control and hit her as hard as I could right on her ear. Maxie screamed in pain as she looked at me in shock. Grabbing her hair I screamed in her face, "THAT WAS FOR CHLOE YOU STUPID BITCH, HOW DOES IT FEEL HUH?"

"OH GOD FUCK" Maxie screamed as she laid on the floor and I backed off.

"All she fuckin wants is someone to love her you fuckin stupid bitch" I said in barely Controlled rage as Maxie cried and held her stomach and ear on the floor. "What did she do that was bad huh? ANSWER ME!"

"SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU" Maxie screamed as blood began dripping from lip and I stepped back as she got up and staggered and fell on to the bed. "Do you know how bad that hurt? DO YOU?"

"OK, maybe I don't" I said as I felt someone hug me and hold me in place and I knew instantly it was Chloe. "But that don't give you any reason to hit her. She didn't hit you."

"Fuck you" Maxie spat as she tried to stand. "Fine you want the fuckin drama queen you can have her. Let her cry in your arms about her mommy like she does EVERY FUCKIN NIGHT. GET OVER IT ALREADY."

"She died you stupid bitch" Chloe said as she clutched at me, "She fuckin died, and I loved her, she was my world."

"God you're a titty" Maxie said, "YOU FUCKIN DESERVED IT."

"I HATE YOU" Chloe screamed, "I hope it does hurt you to see me in her arms."

"Are you kidding?" Maxie said, "I could care less I only wanted for your pussy anyway."

"Shut up Maxie" I said, "Please just leave."

"SCREW YOU MOLLY" Maxie screamed. "God you are so fuckin stupid, you think she cares about you?"

"SHUT UP" Chloe screamed as I smacked Maxie again and pushed her into the hall. You just don't know how bad it broke my heart to see Maxie slump to the floor and start to cry as she saw Chloe hug me again from behind and pull me back into the room as I pushed the door closed.

"I HATE YOU" Chloe screamed as she pounded on the back of the door in a rage. I wondered in that moment if she was talking to me or Maxie. But hoping it was Maxie I hugged her from behind and felt her push me away as she turned and said, "This is all your fault. If I had never met you I'd still be happy."

"WHAT?" I asked in disbelieve as she opened the door and I slammed it shut violently and I saw Chloe slump into the corner in fear as she crumbled to the floor and said in a pleading voice, "I'm sorry Maxie, please don't hit me, I'm sorry."

"Chloe" I said as I sat down in the floor directly in front of her. "I'm not Maxie, I swear I won't hit you. Look at me, please?"

"You won't?" She asked as she sobbed and I said, "No, never, I just wanna hold you. OK?"

"After what I just said..." She asked as I pulled her by the hand and she turned and gladly sunk back into my arms. I laid back against the door and hugged her as tight as I could.

"Just words" I said softly, "I'll never let anyone hurt you. Not again."

"She hit me so hard" Chloe said as she cried.

"SHHHHHHHHHHH" I said as I held her tighter, "Never again, I promise."

"I'm sorry Molly" She said as she seemed to calm a little, "For saying what I did."

"I forgive you" I said softly, "How can anyone wanna hurt you?"

"I dunno" She said, "I love when you do this."

"You know what?" I asked as she looked at me and laid her head on my shoulder.


"I love it too" I said as she smiled. "We'll go and get some of your stuff tomorrow and you can stay with me."

"Why are you being so good to me?" She asked as she touched my face gently.

"You need me" I said softly.

"Just hold me?" She asked as I smiled.

"All night long if you want" I said as she kissed my cheek. "You wanna lay down?"

"I don't want you to let me go yet" She said as I smiled and kissed her cheek and replied, "OK, but when my butt goes numb you're gonna get spanked."

"Spanking huh?" She asked with a grin.

"Won't hurt one bit" I said. "I'll never ever hurt you."

"Anything for you" She said as I smiled and we got up and crawled back into bed.