Scent of a Girl - Episode 72 "Pocket Rocket Gets It in the (Back) End?"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"How are we ever gonna get home?" Randi asked Laney as they stood by the window in my room and watched the blizzard rage outside. "Or rather back to our own dorm?"

"That's easy, we're not tonight," Laney answered as she kissed her lips.

"I think we should just do that threesome you guys invited me to and pass the time," I said from the bed as I lay playing on my MacBook. Randi grinned knowingly and Laney gave me a borderline dirty look. "It was Randi's idea."

"She was kidding," Laney said as she sat back down on the window seat with a soda now in hand. "Right?"

"I belong to Laney and that's all I'm saying," Randi commented as she sat down on the girl's lap and took her soda to steal a drink.

"Hey," Hana said as she came back through the door to my room from down the hall in Candy's room. "The National Weather Service is predicting 7 feet of snow for parts of Northwest Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota."

"7 foot? That's two feet over my head," Randi exclaimed as Laney giggled and took back her soda and made Randi frown.

"I heard East Grand Forks is already under 5 feet and Bemidji has declared a state of emergency," Hana said.

"I had no idea it was that bad," I said as Hana sat down on the end of the bed. "Any idea when it will end?"

"Weather Channel says by morning most of it should be over," Hana said. "Sounds like we're in for a rough one."

"Quit stealing my soda you thief," Laney said as she pulled her soda from Randi's hands and tried to drink it when Randi got her revenge and tipped up the bottom and sent it gushing into Laney's mouth and up her nose. Hana and I laughed as Randi jumped away from Laney laughing. "You're gonna get it for that."

"EWWWWW get away from me you're all sticky now," Randi giggled as she backed away and ran out of the room laughing. Laney ran to the door and not seeing her down the hall either way gave up for the moment. Hana got a water out of my small fridge and offered Laney one.

"She is so childish sometimes," Laney said as she took the water. "But now my shirt is wet and sticky. I should whip her."

"But you won't," Randi said as she re-appeared at the door. "OHHHH water, give me some."

"No, this is mine you can get your own," Laney said as she glared at her significant other.

"No, I don't want my own I want yours," Randi said as she came back over and reached for Laney's water and a struggle ensued. One that started out with Laney pulling her water bottle from Randi's greedy fingers and running to the door and making a show out of guzzling it. She stopped when Randi chased after her and down the hall towards Candy's room. A bunch of loud giggles and crashes could be heard as Hana and I went to see what happened and found the goofy twosome laying on the floor laughing with the exploded water bottle laying beside them. Randi's jammer shorts were soaked through, prompting Hana to ask, "Laney did you make Randi pee her pants?"

"Yes...I did," Laney laughed as we helped the two up. "Was soooo funny."

"It was not funny," Randi grumbled. "I don't have anything else to put on."

"No one will mind if you strip off naked," I said as Randi pushed me in protest. "I'll dry them in the dryer on the main floor. You can hang out for a few minutes in your undies."

"I don't wear undies," Randi said as all four of us got back to my room. My mind wondering over the possibilities of the gorgeous Randi Newman NOT wearing undies for a long moment or two. "I only wear thongs."

"You do?" Laney asked in surprise.

"Yes," Randi confirmed. "So I still have nothing to wear."

"I think we can control ourselves until your shorts dry," Hana said. "Come on Pocket Rocket give them up."

"Fine but make it quick?" Randi asked as she took off her shorts (showing off her amazingly tanned ass) and gave them to Hana who volunteered to take them down to the laundry. "Can I use your tablet, Cally?"

"Yeah sure it's in my bag by the bathroom door," I said as I got up to get it and handed it to her. I got a call from Candy a moment later and I said I'd be back in a few. I left the door open just a bit when I left and found it was still that way when I came back a few minutes later. But hearing the twosome still inside my room chatting I decided to stop and listen for a minute to see what I could hear. OH boy am I glad I did.

"What are you looking at?" Randi asked as she was joined on the bed by Laney. Randi lay on her stomach with her thong clad butt on full display and tapping away on my tablet.

"Your butt," Laney giggled in a soft voice. "Is that weird?"

"Considering the first time you saw me, those pictures on the forum, I was in one I don't guess so," Randi said as she leaned in and kissed her. "Wanna touch it?"

"Stop being so bad you're gonna get me in trouble," Laney said as Randi grinned and nodded her agreement, purposely laying Laney's hand on her lower back and grinning as she kissed her. "Stop it. Cally is in the next room and could be back any second."

"So? Let her catch us and we can get that threesome you want so bad," Randi said as Laney blushed.

"That's your idea," Laney said. "I only want you. Threesomes are not my thing."

"So the one you talked about with Shelby and Cindy was what?"

"OK, you got me," Laney said as Randi grinned widely in victory and moved Laney's hand a bit lower. "But Cally has a girlfriend, our friend, Alisha. So it's a no go."

"What about if Alisha and her broke up?" Randi asked in a sultry voice and a sizzling kiss as Laney grinned with a sorta dazed/dreamy look on her face. "Cally was single?"

"I tell you what..." Laney started to say as she slid her hand ever so slowly down over the tanned ass of Randi and squeezed her cheeks one at a time, making Randi quiver in delight, before she finished, "...if and when Cally and Alisha break up, and that won't happen, and Cally wants to, we will."

"Oh boy," Randi said as she leaned in and kissed her softly. Laney again squeezed Randi's cheeks in her hand one at a time as they massaged their tongues against one another's in a steaming hot French kiss. "One more question."

"Yeah?" Laney asked with her forehead now touching Laney's.

"Would you let Cally do what you said Shelby could do?" Randi asked as my pussy started tingling in anticipation of the answer.

"We don't know that Cally even likes that..."

"Yes we do my love," Randi said with another kiss. "Shelby and Alisha confirmed it without actually confirming. But I'm pretty sure."

"Wait, you'd do that?" Laney asked as Randi nodded her head to confirm. "OH WOW. I am so in."

"Cally is gonna love us," Randi said as the two started giggling. They where so right.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I heard the storm is so bad that they've closed the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport," Shelby said from the other end of the line.

"Must be pretty bad if they closed both of them, huh?" I said as Shelby laughed.

"I'm not even gonna comment on that," Shelby said. "Anyway, the weather said 7 feet is being predicted."

"I just hope everybody makes it home alright," I said.

"Laney and Randi got trapped at Cally's dorm as a matter of fact, so did Hana," Shelby said. "But everybody else got back I think."

"I was wondering about Hana I hadn't seen her," I said. "So any news on the Alisha/Cally feud?"

"It's not good," Shelby said. "Alisha's parents called earlier, finally, and told her they approved President Woods moving her to a multi-girl dorm."

"Yowzers," I said. "I bet that went over like a Sarah Palin race baiting speech to anyone who has a brain."

"She slammed down the phone and stormed out of here," Shelby said. "Haven't seen her in a couple hours."

"She's just being unreasonable," I said in reference to Alisha just as a knock came at my door. "Shel I've got a visitor, Mindy probably, you keep me updated?"

"Will do, bye," Shelby said as we hung up and I opened the door and found...Macey.

"Oh hey," I said as she half-smiled. "Come by for some hair styling tips?"

"I probably should do that," Macey said as I giggled. "But I'm worried about Hana. Have you seen her? Last I know she went home with Cally from the Field House and didn't come back here."

"Not seen her but my friend Shelby told me she got trapped at Cally's because of the snow," I said as Macey breathed a sigh of relief. "Call and check on her?"

"If you have Cally's number," Macey said as I handed her my phone. "Cally is number 3 on speed dial."

"Thanks," Macey said as she speed dialed Cally. A bunch of squeals came from down the hall as some of the other third floor residents were running from something. I went to investigate when I saw a familiar looking visitor on his way down the hall, Alfred.

"Alfred what are you doing up here scaring people?" I asked as I met him down the hall. He eye balled me as he looked up and cracked, "Molly's a pretty girl."

"And Alfred's a pretty boy," I said to him as Ted the cat wandered by on his nightly rounds. "Now answer the question."

"Flea bitten mongrel," Alfred squawked as he flapped his wings to scare off Ted.

"Then you better get up here or he'll eat you," I said as I held my arm out. "Alfred, get up here now."

"You can't control me toots, I'm a free-spirit, a man of the world I tell ya," Alfred said. Repeating word for word from an old movie Chloe had watched a few days ago on Turner Classic Movies.

"Alfred, I'm gonna get Maggie on you," I said as he flapped his wings and flew up gracefully and landed on my arm before settling in on my shoulder.

"Oh hey, Punky. Hi Alfred," Mindy said as she came out of her door looking rather down.

"Hi there sweetheart," Alfred said as Mindy smiled.

"I'm taking the flea bag here downstairs you wanna come?" I asked as Mindy shrugged and fell in step beside me. Alfred though had other plans as we reached the central staircase he shot off my shoulder and floated down to the first floor himself. "Well problem solved."

"Yep," Mindy said simply.

"What's wrong Scoob? You been in your room ever since you got back," I asked.

"Dakota and I broke up," Mindy said as I looked at her in surprise. "It's really over this time."

"You finally find out Dakota was cheating on you with Chloe?" I asked as she looked at me in shock and started to laugh, pushing my shoulder in protest a moment later.

"That was not funny," Mindy warned me. "I'm seriously down about this."

"I think you should be happy," I said.

"Why?" she asked in frustration.

"You got a second chance to end it right," I said. "You're still friends with Dakota and no one got hurt. It just ended. No harm no foul."

"It still hurts," Mindy said. "But you're right about most of it."

"I agree," I said with a head nod to confirm it.

"Well looks like for tonight you are stuck here," Chloe said as she came up the steps with Holly by her side. "I bet Molly will love that news."

"I don't hate having her around anymore," I said to Chloe. "You're the one who says horrible things about her behind her back."

"I do not half-pint," Chloe protested as she kissed my lips. "Don't start."

"I will start anytime I want to, Red," I said as I kissed her back and slid my hand across her ass and squeezed her cheeks one at a time.

"I am gonna beat the snot out of you if you keep calling me that," Chloe said as she showed me her fist. We exchanged mock dirty looks.

"Molly's finally met her match," Holly teased as she now stood beside of Mindy.

"She is not my match," Chloe said to Holly, "I can kick her butt any day of the week."

"Kick her butt?" Holly asked with her trademark devilish smile. "Does she do anything to your butt every day of the week?"

"OHMIGOD," Chloe said as she blushed and covered her face. "You, Holly Harris, are horrible."

"Up top," I said to Holly as she smacked a high five with me as Chloe walked off blushing.

"I'm confused," Mindy said a moment later, "What exactly do you do to Chloe's butt every day, Punky?"

"Nothing," I said as Mindy gave me a frustrated look.

"If you won't tell her I will," Holly said as she leaned in and whispered something in Mindy's ear. Making my best friends eyes light up with interest (I think) and her to blush a couple of different colors. "Get it?"

"OH wow, that can be done? Oh wow," Mindy said in a daze. I'd pretty much figured out by now what Holly had told her and it probably involved two or three girls and one sporting FeelDoe wood. "I never thought of doing that but...that sounds like fun."

"You think so do you blonde, tanned and damn near perfect?" Holly asked Mindy. "Cause Molly's not the only one who likes that."

"You better stop hitting on me cause I'm single now and you're not," Mindy said as she playfully pushed Holly away.

"And even if you were single, this..." I said as I pointed to Mindy, " mine for the taking."

"You gonna let her talk about you that way?" Holly asked Mindy.

"Yes I am," Mindy said as she turned her back to me and slipped into my arms. "I am property of Molly."

"You two are so not funny," Holly said with a dirty look as she turned to go back downstairs.

"That was funny," I said as Mindy grinned. "I love getting under her skin."

"I know it's funny," Mindy said. "And can you be honest with me?"

"I always am," I said as I rested my chin on her shoulder. "About what?"

"About what Holly said you like doing to Chloe?" she whispered. "With the FeelDoe and Chloe's butt?"

"I hate my sister," I said as Mindy laughed. "And yes it's true. And...did you say it sounded like fun?"

"I sure did!" Mindy said as she slipped from my arms and walked off. She stopped for a moment to wiggle her cute little ass at me and laughed as my eyes widened in interest. OHMIGOD what a wonderful visual/fantasy I have now. Help me!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What do you want?" Dakota asked as she picked up her phone.

"To talk to someone who is not a sexual pervert," I said as Dakota laughed. "Molly's sister just made me blush colors I never knew existed."

"Not too surprising considering how easy it is to do," Dakota giggled.

"It is not," I said firmly.

"Chloe you're so easy to embarrass that's it's not even funny," Dakota said. "And before you deny it remember who you're talking to."

"I don't think I wanna be your friend anymore," I griped and just knew Dakota was gonna come back with, "Oh so you ready to admit you luuuvvvvv me now?"

"You sound so stupid when you do that with your voice," I said as Dakota stopped laughing. "Luuuuuvvvv me?"

"And you sound like a hick when you do that with your voice," Dakota fired back as I laughed.

"I am so glad we're not dating cause I don't think I could stand you," I said. "After all you did beat me."

"The only time I ever hit you was on that caveman game you liked so much," Dakota giggled. "Dakota own Chloe now."

"I did not like that game it was stupid," I said as Dakota laughed. In protest I pulled the phone away from my ear and stuck out my tongue.

"Sticking your tongue out at the phone again?" Dakota asked as I groaned in frustration. "You're so predictable."

"Oh I am, huh?" I asked.

"Yes you are," Dakota said and I just knew she was smiling smugly at that moment. "And I just bet you really called to make sure I was OK after you heard Mindy and I broke up."

"No need for me to call you cause if it was really horrible you'd call me crying, whaaaaaaa," I teased back. "Now who's predictable?"

"If I'm so predictable I bet you didn't know I'd do this..." she said before the other end of the line went dead.

"Dakota? Hello? I'm gonna beat you like a caveman if you hung up on me," I griped but heard nothing on the other end. "Dakota? GRRRRRRR!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"It's still coming down like crazy," I said as I looked out the window and watched it pile up slowly but surely. "The over hang above the side door must be holding up 4 feet by now."

"Sounds like good news to me," Cindy said as she lay on the floor reading the newspaper. "We might get a few days off school."

"Or a few weeks," I said as she laughed. Amy (America) came out of her room in a rush and had the door slammed behind her by Alisha. "What's going on?"

"Alisha ran me out," Amy said. "Said I was bugging her."

"What were you doing?" I asked.

"Listening to music on my mp3 player," Amy said as she showed it to me.

"And singing off-key I bet," Cindy said without looking our way. I laughed as Amy blushed and shrugged.

"That can be annoying," I said to Amy as she sat down on the couch and went back to listening to her music (sans the singing for the moment). I figured everything was settled for now and sat down across the back of Cindy's thighs and started rubbing her shoulders as she read.

"I think you just gave me another reason to love you," Cindy said as she smiled back at me. "Not that I needed another one."

"Da doo da doo rum da," Amy sang off-key from the couch as Cindy and I laughed. Maxie poked her head in the door and asked, "Hey, Shel guess what's coming on tonight?"

"What?" I asked.

"Andy Griffith Show marathon," she said as I grinned. "Wanna watch with me?"

"Since when do you like Andy Griffith?" I asked as she came in.

"Eddie and Darlene watch it all the time on DVD and I just got to like it I guess," Maxie explained. "Chi wants to watch too. Said she'd be over in a few minutes."

"Can you get the spot between my shoulders Shel?" Cindy asked as I lowered my hands and did as she asked. Maxie watched and then lay down next to Cindy and looked at me. "What are you doing, Max?"

"I'm next," Maxie said as I laughed and pushed her head in protest as she rolled away giggling. That though would be the last laughs heard for a while as Alisha came storming out of her room with a pair of socks in hand and fired them at Amy's head. Hitting her right in the eye and practically screaming, "I told you to keep your shit off my bed."

"OWWWWWWW," Amy said as she covered her eye and soon started to cry. "What did I do?"

"You left your shit on my bed again," Alisha said.

"Chill out," I said as Maxie stopped laughing and looked on, as did Cindy. "Amy you OK?"

"My eye really hurts," Amy said as I sat down to look at it. Not seeing anything wrong, I figured it wasn't anything serious. "Is it OK?"

"I think you'll be fine," I said as she half-smiled but kept it covered for the time being.

"As for you Queen Sheba, what the hell is wrong with you?" I asked Alisha. "You can put someone's eye out even with a pair of rolled up socks."

"Especially if they've got feet in them," Maxie said as everyone laughed (except Alisha).

"That may be the dumbest thing you've ever said," Cindy said as Maxie shrugged.

"I'm gonna go lay down for a while," Amy said. "Maybe my eye will quit hurting."

"You're not going back in that bedroom and start singing again cause that's why I'm not asleep now," Alisha growled at Amy.

"You don't tell her she can't go in her own bedroom," I said to Alisha. "You don't tell anyone what to do."

"All I want is for this day to be over," Alisha said in frustration. "And I can't get to sleep with her fucking humming."

"Yeah like your always so quiet?" Amy asked Alisha from behind me.

"Shut up I am already sick of your baby bull shit," Alisha snapped as she glared at Amy.

"No, you're the one who needs to shut up and calm down," I said to Alisha. "We're all about sick of your ass and the way you've acted almost every moment you been here."

"Well then get me my old room back and you can be rid of me," Alisha said as she glared at me.

"I can't do that no one can," I said. "Your parents are the ones who said it was OK to move you. So be mad at them and not us."

"Yeah I like being here," Amy said as she started blinking her eye as the pain seemingly went away.

"No one cares what you like, tit," Alisha said as she glared at me now.

"I am not a tit, you bitch," Amy finally said, surprising everyone at her choice of language.

"No one calls me that," Alisha said as she pushed by me and confronted a suddenly scared Amy. Cindy looked up and Maxie tried to get to her feet but it all happened so fast that no one (not even me) could do anything about it. Alisha shoved Amy causing her to fall over Cindy.

"AMY!" Maxie screamed as she tried to keep her from falling but it was useless as Amy crashed to the floor. Her head hitting with a resounding thud. "Are you OK?"

"Oh my god," Cindy said as she saw the blood in Amy's hair and rushed to her side as Amy started crying.

The next few moments were chaos controlled as the three of us got Amy into the bathroom to check her head. Fortunately it turned out to only be a small cut that didn't need stitches. Cindy bandaged it up as Maxie started after Alisha but I stopped her by saying, "This is my job now."

"Is she OK? I didn't mean to hurt her," Alisha said as I came out of the bathroom with a plan already in mind.

"YOU!" I screamed as I pointed at Alisha. "OUT!"

"What?" Alisha asked in confusion as I picked up her laundry basket, filled with clean clothes and fired them into the hallway. "What the hell?"

"You want your own room psycho? You got it," I said as she came towards me and I was so ready to fight her. "End of the fucking hall. You can have my RA room."

"You've lost your mind," Alisha said as she passed by me and saw the bathroom door be slammed in her face.

"I mean it. GET OUT!" I screamed.

"YOU CAN'T KICK ME OUT!" She screamed back. "FUCK YOU."



"GEEEEETTTTT OUUUTTTT," I screamed in her face as she backed down and out of the room. "If you come back tonight I swear I'LL KICK YOUR ASS."

"You can't do this," Alisha cried in frustration. "That room is like a closet. It barely fits a bed..."

"I am so sick of your shit I don't fucking care," I said as we glared at each other. "I hope it is small. Maybe then you'll wake up and realize that your pissed ABOUT NOTHING."

"They took away my room..." Alisha said as she cried in sobs. "I didn't mean to hurt Amy. I like Amy."

"And now she probably hates you," I said as I pointed to what used to be my NEW RA room. "That is your new room at the end of the hall. I'll have Maxie or Chi bring the rest of your shit down in a few minutes. And I don't wanna hear or see you again tonight."

"Fine," Alisha said in a defeated voice as she turned, picked up her clothes and walked off.

"What happened?" Anisha asked a minute later as I stood in the hallway crying into my hands in frustration. "You OK?"

"I just had it out with Alisha," I said. "She is so unbelievably hard headed."

"Is she gone?" Maxie asked as she opened the door.

"Yeah," I said. "I gotta go talk to Natalie about this and make sure I did the right thing."

"If I was her I'd fire you," Maxie said as I gave her a tired look and heard Anisha giggling.

"And if I were you I wouldn't be here when I get back," I said to Maxie as Anisha laughed harder.

"I love you too sweet brown sugar!" Maxie said as I walked off towards the elevator. She is so nuts.