Scent of a Girl - Episode 73 "Property of Molly...and Chloe"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *}

"MMMMM I love you," Chloe cooed as she rolled off the bed and snatched her MacBook off the desk. I hate to, but I gotta go study.

"Seems like it's all we do anymore," I complained. "Maybe have some time for you and me later?"

"How about me, you and Mindy instead?" Chloe asked with a horny grin.

"Knock it off," I said with a warning finger point.

"You told me what she admitted," Chloe said as she turned and pointed to her butt. "Don't tell me you haven't even thought about it."

"No I have not," I insisted. "Mindy is my best friend and not my girlfriend. You are my girlfriend so I only think about you that way."

"And Alisha and Cally," Chloe added in.

"That is different," I said.

"Yeah because we did some really naughty things with them," Chloe said as she leaned down and kissed me again.

"And we haven't done that with Mindy," I summarized. "Nor do I want to."

"Oh yeah right," Chloe said. "She is a 10 going on 11 and you wouldn't take that if she offered it to you?"

"No, because you're my girlfriend," I said as she grinned widely.

"I love you Molly Harris," Chloe said simply as I smiled. "I'm glad you wouldn't. But just so you know I wouldn't exactly hate the idea if you ever wanted to do a threesome with her."

"Tease," I said as she giggled.

"No teasing," Chloe said seriously. "Just a really crazy thought."

"Yes it is, now go study so you can come back and cuddle with me," I said as she grinned and I followed her out of the room as she headed back to her own. Hana came by at that moment and as she saw me, she stopped and grinned. "Hey, welcome back."

"Thanks," she said with a bright smile. "Have you seen Macey? She's not in her room."

"In the office watching a movie with Maggie," I said.

"But when I came by earlier the lights were out...but I saw flickering and that must have been the TV," Hana said as I giggled and nodded. "Thanks."

"Sure," I said as she headed back down the hall, stopping as Mindy came out of her door and saying to her, "Nice shirt."

"Thanks," Mindy said as she turned and came my way when she saw me standing in the door. Her t-shirt made me do a double take when I read what it said and saw how short it was. "Hey Punky."

"Property of Molly?" I asked as I read it off the t-shirt and she grinned. "Where the hell did you get that?"

"Prank Place," she said with a smile. "You like it?"

"No I do not cause I have a girlfriend and it's not you," I said as she giggled. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"You told Holly I was your property," Mindy said as she pointed to the t-shirt. "So now I am."

"Correction: you told Holly you were my property," I said.

"Details, details," Mindy said with a shrug and a wave of the hand.

"Chloe is going to kill me," I said as I ran my fingers through my hair. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the very person I was just talking about appeared at my side and whistled at Mindy. "Oh boy."

"Here are your notes for English Lit," Chloe said to me and then grinned at Mindy and said, "Property of Molly?"

"Yep, like it?" Mindy asked as Chloe grinned.

"HMMMMMM, it's missing something," Chloe said cryptically.

"It's actually a gift for you," Mindy said to Chloe as I breathed a sigh of relief.

"No, no you keep it," Chloe said as she looked at it more closely. "Are you wearing undies?"

"Take it off and find out," Mindy said as I started laughing. "Yes!"

"Awwww taking it off is a good idea," Chloe said as she held her hand out. "Let me have it for a minute."

"No, Mindy you're in the hall...way," I protested as she whipped it off and handed it to Chloe, Her gorgeous tan was now on full display and in perfect contrast with the white bra and yellow thong she was sporting. Chloe grinned as she did the same thing my mind forced me to do, take in the beauty of the awe-inspiring site of Mindy Sullivan. "Put some clothes on?"

"No, you stay there," Chloe said to Mindy as she ducked into my room for some unknown reason. "Don't go anywhere."

"I'm not Molly's not done drooling over me," Mindy said as she turned her back and wiggled her butt at me as I covered my face and blushed. "What's wrong Punky?"

"That is what's wrong," Chloe said as she came back out of my room with the shirt in hand as Mindy was still grinning over her shoulder at me. Chloe made me pull my hands away from my eyes to continue gawking at my best friend's tanned to perfection ass. Though Chloe took it one step further as she lightly smacked Mindy's ass and rubbed it as she handed the shirt back to her. "WOW! You've grown up."

"And you need to keep your hands to yourself," I said to my girlfriend as Mindy put the shirt back on and giggled.

"No, she doesn't," Mindy said as she turned and showed me that it now read 'Property of Molly...and Chloe'. "I'm her property now too."

"Oh god!" was my only response.

"Yeah and now that we have property I think it's important that we come up with a plan to share it," Chloe said as she hugged Mindy from behind.

"Maybe a sandwich with Mindy as the filling?" Mindy asked with a horny grin.

"I'm going to bed," I said as I went back into my room and closed the door, leaving both of them laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You are a terrible liar," Macey said to me as we sat on bean bags across from each other. Me picking on her about calling me like 10 times in 3 days while I was (literally) trapped at Cally's dorm. "I did not call you 50 times."

"Yes you did," I said as Maggie giggled from the love seat as she listened. "She missed me really bad."

"Looks that way," Maggie giggled as Macey pretended a pissy mood.

"And then she talks so loud I don't even need a cell phone to hear her," I said as Maggie laughed. Then pretending to be Macey in a Southern accent, "HOW Y'ALL IS DOING OVER DARE? IS THE INDOOR PLUMBING FROZE UP YET?"

"Next time you get stranded I won't even call you," Macey fired back as Maggie laughed at my imitation. "And I do not sound like a hillbilly. I'm from Utah not Arkansas."

"It was sweet of her to call though," Maggie said as Macey smiled.

"I know, it's just a lot more fun to pester her than let her know that," I said as Macey thought about it for a moment and then nodded her agreement.

"I got worried when you didn't come back," Macey said. "So I thought I'd call and check on you."

"She called me before anyone else did," I said as Macey looked back and we saw Joe the Janitor shuffling our way with his cart. "Hey Joe."

"Hello, hello," he said nervously as he stopped by us and handed Macey a Wal*Mart bag. "Is that what you wanted?"

"Yes it is," Macey said as she peaked inside. "The jacket is hanging on the hook over there."

"You traded your jacket?" I asked as Joe plucked the Minnesota Timberwolves jacket (Macey's newest acquisition) off the coat rack.

"I did," Macey said as she popped up, "I'll be back."

"Very interesting girl," Maggie commented as Macey went bouncing up the steps and disappeared. "So you two are dating by now?"

"No we are not," I said and realized it was my time to be picked on. Ted (the cat) came out of the office at that moment and looked around for a second before he came over and crawled into my lap and laid down. "Hi Ted."

"He sleeps on my sofa almost every night," Maggie said about Ted. "I leave the office window open so he can come and go."

"Ted's a wild boy right?" I asked him as he purred and rolled over so I could rub his belly. Chelsea and Bell barked as they came down the hall running from something. That something turned out to be Dame Edna who chased them out of one of the empty first floor rooms. I went to look and saw the door was open and closed it behind them. "Good job Edna. Hey Maggie, why are the rooms down the hall empty for?"

"You haven't noticed that every room down that way is empty?" she asked.

"No, I didn't," I admitted. "Why?"

"Mr. Woods is planning to have the 7th and 8th grade classes begin again next year," Maggie said. "They were discontinued a few years ago."

"I remember when Patty went here, her junior year, that Cindy and Shelby were in 8th grade," I said. "What happened?"

"That was the last year for the middle school," Maggie said. "Place was really suffering financially and the board voted to discontinue them. Guess Mr. Woods got them to reverse that decision."

"He's been at war with them ever since he started here," I said. "And come to think of it I believe he mentioned this in one of the memo emails he had me send out."

"Yeah that's right your his secretary," Maggie said. "How did you miss that?"

"I've just been distracted a lot lately," I said with a shrug of the shoulders, hoping Maggie would let the subject drop. She did. Thankfully no mentions of Emily needed to be made. "Speaking of distracted what happened to Macey?"

"Phone call," Maggie chirped as she hopped up and went to answer it as I decided to go and see what happened to Macey. I knew just by my gut feeling that something was wrong. I was right. I found her in her room laying on the bed crying as the phone lay on the night stand with someone still blathering away from the other end.

"Macey?" I asked as I came in. "You OK?"

"I'm great," Macey said as she wiped away her tears. "Just having some one-on-one time with Mom."

"That's whose screaming from the other end of the phone?" I asked.

"Now you know where I get my big mouth from," Macey said as I laughed and sat down by her. "Go on say hi."

"No, just hang it up," I said as I picked the phone up.

"You better not hang up on me," her mother commanded me.

"Say hi to the crazy ole battle ax," Macey said as I giggled. "You can say anything to her I won't get mad."

"I'm just gonna hang up," I said as I did just that.

"She'll just call back," Macey said as she laid back on the bed and laughed when the phone rang. "See."

"Don't answer it," I said as it rang again.

"Then she'll call the office and force Maggie to come get me," Macey said as I laughed. "I told you I'm from the Crazy Gabbards and she's the matriarch."

"Is there anyway to get rid of her?"

"Tell her we're making love, make it clear that your a girl too," Macey advised. "That should get me a week before I have to deal with her she'll be so mad. Have some fun and do it in your hillbilly voice."

"OK," I said as Macey grinned widely. I simply picked the phone up and barked, "What?"

"You're gonna talk to me whether you want to or not," her mother said.

"Her name's Susan by the way," Macey said.

"Hey Sue old girl me and yer little philly is getting busy in er birfday suits," I said in my redneck accent. "So you give us a call back directly OK?"

"OHMIGOD!" Susan screamed in disgust. "She's having a homosexual affair Henry. Are you listening to me? HENNNNRRRRRRRYYYYY?"

"WOW!" I said as Macey now lay on the bed laughing as the other end of the line went dead. "She must speak redneck."

"Crazy!" Macey said. "I told you."

"Yep," I agreed as I laid down beside her and we started laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Has anyone seen Alisha?" Amy (America) asked as she came out the bedroom as I was sorting laundry by the desk.

"Nope and I don't intend to," Cindy said as she now lay on her stomach beside Chi as they were reading a magazine in front of the couch. "Why?"

"It's been three days and no one has seen her?" Amy asked. Maxie came out of the room next.

"No one has and I bet no one wants to," Maxie said. "By the way Shel, your other girlfriend called and said they'd be back sometime today."


"No, Randi," Maxie said sarcastically as everyone laughed. "They called when you were down the hall dealing with Muslim-gate."

"Muslim-gate?" Chi asked.

"This girl down the hall is all upset because two of her roommates are Muslim," I explained. "But the problem is the two girls want to use the bedroom for prayer like two times a day. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 before bed time. And it's silent prayer."

"I don't see a problem," Chi said.

"Me either," Cindy offered. "I mean I can't see the problem. I'd just sit quietly while they did it. Or go in the bathroom and read."

"I agree," Chi said.

"Not me," Maxie said. "I wouldn't let them be alone."

"Why not, Max?" I asked and knowing something stupid was coming.

"They might be building a bomb in the bedroom," Maxie said as everyone laughed.

"I'm not even gonna comment on that," I said as I took the laundry into my bedroom to put away. I finished and was just coming out of the bedroom when the front door opened and Randi and Laney came though it. "LANEY!"

"SHELBY!" came her response.

"SHELBY!" Randi squealed next.

"RANDI!" I squealed in reply.

"STELLA!" Maxie screamed next as Laney, Randi and I hugged and gave her a strange look.

"What no one's seen A Street Car Named Desire?" Maxie asked. "Oh OK, here's one I bet you'll know. WILMA!"

"How about HEY MICKIE, HEY MICKIE," Amy joined in.

"Clearly the best one," Cindy said as her and Amy laughed.

"How did you get back?" I asked Laney.

"The bulldozer finally cleared the road," Laney said. "They said it'll be weeks before all the snow melts."

"Plenty of opportunity to play snowball," Randi said as she walked over to Cindy. "You playin with us this time Icey?"

"No I am not," Cindy said as Randi frowned and was soon joined by Laney.

"Why not?" Laney asked. "You promised me you would."

"No I did not," Cindy said.

"Yes you did actually," Chi chimed in.

"I heard that too," Amy said as Randi and Laney smiled smugly.

"OK then I changed my mind," Cindy said.

"You can't do that," Laney said as she pushed Cindy's butt with her (still wet from the snow) shoe.

"Stop your shoe's wet," Cindy said as she looked down at her shorts and saw a wet spot marking the place Laney's shoe had been.

"You're the one whose all wet Icey," Laney said as she attempted to do it again when Cindy pushed her foot away and got up to come after her. Laney squealed and backed away until she reached the door and hugged Randi from behind for protection.

"Stop it, stop it," Randi warned Cindy before she broke out 'the guns' and posed for my girlfriend. "Uh huh, you don't want none of the guns."

"You mean those strings of spaghetti you call arms?" Cindy asked as I laughed.

"Yeah whatever, you better respect the guns," Randi said as she flexed her arm muscles again.

"No one respects the guns," Laney giggled as she turned on Randi and slid both her hands up either of Randi's sides and stuck two fingers underneath each of Randi's arms, "Bang, Bang," she declared as she started tickling the piss out of her.

"OHMIGOD!" Randi squealed in laughter as Laney tickled her all the way to the floor before finally stopping and running off laughing. "So uncool. I was protecting you."

"You didn't do a very good job now did you?" Laney teased from the end of the hall as Randi came after her. Amy and I joined Cindy in the hall to watch the two as they started wrestling in front of what was now Alisha's room, giggling and crashing into the wall and then her door before going tumbling in a heap to the floor when a carpet flew out from under them. All laughter (and action) stopped when Alisha appeared at the door. "Look what you did now crotch rocket."

"Stop calling me that LameNey," Randi said as the two started again as Alisha stood watching and laughing.

"Can I go talk to Alisha?" Amy asked me. "I just wanna make sure she's OK."

"After what she did why would you want to?" Cindy asked as Laney finally pinned Randi on the floor.

"1, 2, 3, the winner and new champion of the WWE, Laney Bryant," Alisha declared as Laney jumped up and posed victoriously.

"This is not over and you are a terrible referee," Randi said as Laney helped her up and Alisha giggled.

"She hasn't caused any trouble for a few days maybe she learned her lesson," Amy said hopefully. I simply shrugged as she walked off down the hall and passed by a still giggling Randi and Laney as they came back to join us. Amy asked a very surprised Alisha, "You doing OK?"

"After the way I acted you actually care about the way I feel?" Alisha asked Amy.

"Everybody has their moments when they don't normal?" Amy asked as Cindy and I kept an eye on things.

"I've had almost 3 weeks of those since Christmas vacation ended," Alisha said. "And now everyone hates me."

"I don't," Amy said softly. "You need a friend right now not someone to preach to you."

"Is she talking about me?" I hissed to a giggling Cindy who nodded her head as she hugged me from behind. Trapping me.

"Yes I do...oh yeah I got you something," Alisha rambled as she disappeared back inside her room as Amy flashed me a hopeful smile. "DinkyDongs?"

"You like those, I remember cause I bought them for you," Alisha said as she handed Amy a package of the girl's favorite snack.

"Yeah they are my favorite but the machine has been out of them for 3 days," Amy said.

"I got them for you in hopes I'd see you and be able to apologize," Alisha said. "Peace offering? I'm really sorry."

"Apology accepted as long as you share one with me," Amy said as Alisha smiled and accepted that offer.

"DinkyDongs?" Randi asked. "What a stupid name."

"Yeah they should have named them crotch rockets," Laney giggled as she pushed Randi's head and ran off laughing as Randi groaned and gave chase.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"My feet hurt," Megan complained as she sat down (then laid down lengthwise) in the 'Break' booth, opposite me as I was going over the diner's books. "And I'm getting fat."

"Your feet hurt I'm sure but you are not getting fat," I said as Mel came to the table in front of us to pour some coffee for a customer.

"She's right honey lamb you still look beeeeuuutiful to me," Mel said as I laughed.

"That oughta lift your spirits, honey lamb," I said to Megan as she poked her head up and gave me a dirty look.

"Mel go away," Megan said as he laughed.

"I just want the best for you," Mel said. "After all you are carrying my little bundle of joy."

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you," Megan said to Mel. "It's not yours it's Sarah's."

"That was a good one," I laughed as Mel walked off doing the same thing.

"Hey hey hey," came the roaring laughter from the kitchen when Tony (Romano) heard the joke a moment later.

"So you're keeping the baby now?" I asked after my giggles.

"I don't know," Megan said as her auto-pilot response.

"Megs your five weeks in and you need to decide," I said as she sat up and looked at me seriously. "It's not fair to the baby if you wait much longer."

"Maybe I'll go tomorrow and have it done," Megan said as Darlene (who'd been waiting on tables with Holly and Mel) came back to join us. "Get it over with."

"No you won't," I said as Darlene pulled up a chair and joined us. "I think she's already decided to keep it."

"No I have not," Megan said firmly.

"I agree with Sarah," Darlene chimed in. "You're just not ready to commit to it yet."

"And how do you know I won't go tomorrow and do it?" Megan asked Darlene.

"Because you don't have the courage to do it," Darlene said flatly. "And I suspect no one at this table does."

"Agreed," I said as Darlene half-smiled.

"OK, fine I'm....having...a....having a damn baby," Megan said as Darlene and I hugged. "You two stop acting so damn happy."

"Did I hear that right?" Holly asked as she came over and the last few customers cleared out from our section. "You're having it?"

"Yes," Megan said as she laid back down in the booth and covered her face with a magazine. "And Will said he's coming down soon as the snow melts some and help me."

"Will?" Holly asked.

"The father of the baby?" Megan asked from behind the magazine.

"I hope he does," Holly said with a forced grin. "I'm gonna sharpen up Harold's meat clever and use it on a certain part of Will's anatomy."

"You might not wanna do that," Megan said.

"Why not?" Holly asked.

"Knowing you," Megan said after removing the magazine from her face and looking up at Holly, "you may wanna use it again."

"Oh good lord," Darlene exclaimed as everyone started laughing.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What are you doing out here in the cold?" Molly asked as she came out of the front doors.

"Waitin on my goofy best friend to bring over the DVD she insisted I needed to see," Chloe said.

"Dakota's coming over here in this mess?" Molly asked.

"I said goofy didn't I?" I asked as Molly laughed and kissed me as I shivered a bit in the cold air even with my jacket on. I saw Dakota coming, slowly, up the walk as Mindy arrived at the door and slapped Molly on the arm and declared, "You're it."

"You two are playing tag?" I asked Molly as she chased Mindy back inside and across the front hall. I laughed as Mindy hurdled the love seat and went sprinting down the hall just out of Molly's reach. "I swear I feel like I'm the only mature one left in the world."

"I feel that way too," Dakota said from behind me as I turned and smiled when I saw her, snow covering her black hair, and looking so adorable. "Who are you the parent of?"

"Molly and Mindy are playing tag," I said as Dakota laughed. "I bet next they'll be playing hide-and-seek."

"I sure hope so," Dakota said as I rolled my eyes. "Think they'll let me play too?"

"You're mature remember? So you have to keep me company," I said as she shrugged and smiled as she joined me by the windows and handed me the DVD. "Oh thanks."

"It belongs to Randi so if you lose it don't worry about it," Dakota said as I gave her a warning look as she grinned. "It's mine. Wanna see the receipt.?"

"No I don't and this is like porn," I said as I looked at the back cover.

"No way, it just has a really hot scene with two girls in a barn," Dakota said with a knowing look. "The plot is actually really good."

"Why are you giving me that look?" I asked.

"Because the two girls in the barn remind me of us," Dakota said.

"And why is that?"

"You remember dreaming about me and you making out in the barn?" she reminded me.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," I lied.

"Yes you do," Dakota said with certainty in her voice. "I bet you lay in bed at night and dream about it."

"The only person I dream about at night is Molly," I said as I poked her shoulder and knew she was loving the fact that I was blushing like crazy.

"Is that before or after you fantasize about me?" Dakota asked with a gotcha smile as I gasped in shock and then laughed.

"I have never one time fantasized about you and the one dream I had about kissing you is quickly turning into a nightmare," I said as she laughed. "So drop it."

"Sorry," Dakota said sheepishly. "I guess I been annoying you a lot lately."

"Yes you have," I agreed as she slid in beside me and bumped her shoulder against mine. "But it's OK. You're my best friend so it's kind of expected."

"You know I love you, you're my best friend too," Dakota said as I looked at her and saw her now nervously biting her lower lip.

"Dakota Lane," I said in surprise as I covered my heart with one hand. "I don't think you've ever said that to me before."

"It's true," Dakota said with a nervous smile. "You've always been there for me."

"And you've always been there for me," I said as we shared a smile. "Even beating up Max in my honor."

"Yeah," Dakota said as we exchanged smiles and just kind of looked at each other for a moment.

"And I love you too," I said as I played with the strings of her jacket. "Now get going so you don't get in trouble for breaking curfew."

"Tells me she loves me then runs me off," Dakota said as she shook her head and made me laugh as she walked off.

"It was not like that" I protested. "Oh go away."

"Bye!" Dakota said with a bright grin.

"Bye!" I said as she disappeared around the corner. I turned to go back inside with a goofy smile plastered across my face and a warm feeling in my stomach that felt REALLY strange...but nice. Weirdness.