Scent of a Girl - Episode 75 "Home to Nebraska"

Written by: TVM (



/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"So was last night not the best sex we'd ever had?" Chloe whispered in my ear as we stood at the foot of the bleachers on this fairly warm February day.

"It sure was," I said as she leaned in and kissed me.

"Changed your mind about Mindy too I bet," Chloe whispered teasingly. "Huh Punky?"

"Only if you're planning to be in a 69 with her," I said as Chloe's horny grin widened and she moved in front of me and kissed my lips.

It was true. I had changed my mind about Mindy and the way I looked at her after watching (and re-watching) that video last night.

"But we won't be watching that video again," I said a moment later.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I'm gonna be giving the CD back to Mindy. She said she'd meet us here," I said.

"I'm mad at you now," Chloe said as she crossed her arms.

"Good," I said as I walked off to meet Mindy as she came down the walk towards us. Being followed by several girls with bats and gloves. One of them stopping to chat with Chloe for a bit.

"Hey Punky, what's this?" Mindy asked as I stuffed the white envelope into her hand.

"I found it in my room last night and I think it's from you to Dakota," I said as I pointed to the front.

"What is it?" She asked as she took the CD case out of the envelope. "HMMMMM."

"It was stuck under the chest of drawers in my room," I said and carefully avoiding the topic of what was on it. "It was making it wobbly."

"Hey," Chloe said as she joined us and Mindy stuffed the mysterious CD into her bag without any furthering question. "So what did you do last night?"

"I played some Scooby Doo..."

"Rut roh," I said in my best Scooby impression as Mindy laughed. "Rittle Rindy."

"And Wittle Mowwy," Mindy said as we both laughed. "And what did you two do last? Like I need to ask."

"We watched this hot new video Molly found in her room and then had the best sex we've ever had," Chloe said as I closed my eyes and shook my head. Knowing what she was hinting at.

"Why didn't you come get me?" Mindy asked as she unzipped her jacket a bit.

"Why would we?" I asked as she unzipped her jacket the rest of the way.

"Because of this," Mindy said as she pointed to her 'Property of Molly and...Chloe' t-shirt. Then she grinned as Chloe and I laughed out loud.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Thanks for coming with me for moral support," Michelle (Schrieber) said as we came through the gate of Francis Park. Today being classified as the tryouts for the upcoming season and the first day we'd been able to get onto the field since the monster snow storm about 10 days ago. I quickly spotted Mindy, Molly and Chloe now camped out on the bleachers. Cindy, Candy and Allison already there and tossing the ball around in the outfield. While Chi, Anisha and Cally trailed Michelle and me. Randi coming out of the dugout with Coach Newman (her Dad) before Lindsay (Price) emerged to. There were also several other NEW players whose names I would learn later on.

"Coach are you sure we should be on the field?" Chi asked as we made our way on to the field for the first time.

"The field is clear and this is a surprisingly warm day," Coach (Rock) noted as he held the gate for everyone else to enter. "Besides we have to do the try outs."

"We already know whose gonna be on the team," Randi said as we gathered around home plate. "Well we know I'm gonna be there and everything else is gravy."

"We actually have someone else trying out for your position," Coach said as Randi's eyes shot open in surprise. "That girl is Parker Kinson."

"Finally we might have a second basemen with some talent," Cindy said as Randi glared at her and everyone else laughed.

"I'm just a freshman and never played softball in a league before," Parker said nervously. "So I doubt I'm gonna take your job."

"Enough, enough, everyone on the field except for Cally, Dakota, Anisha and Kennedy," Coach said as everyone turned and ran onto the field. "Cally and Dakota you hit first while Lindsay tosses a few easy ones and Anisha and Kennedy follow me. Chi get your gear on?"

"Gotcha," Chi said as she headed off to do just that.

"I'm not on the team or even trying out actually," I said to Coach Newman. "Michelle wanted me to come for moral support."

"I know but we do need a new team manager," Coach announced. "I know how much you love being around the team so if you want it..."

"Yes!" I said immediately as Coach smiled. "A thousand times yes!"

"Coach Rock, are you forgetting a little something?" Cally asked as Coach pulled the net into place in front of 'the circle' (softball's version of a mound only flat). He simply shrugged. "My girlfriend, Alisha Swain is already the team manager?"

"Oh yeah," I said as my spirits fell.

"She called me this morning and quit," Coach said. "Since you two are dating I figured you already knew."

"Nope, as usual," Cally said as she picked up a bat and seemed like she wanted to hit someone or something awfully bad.

"You, OK?" I asked Cally as she simply nodded and stepped into the batters box as Lindsay got behind the protective screen in 'the circle'. Chi and Kennedy emerging a moment later from the dugout in the 'tools of ignorance' as they've long been nicknamed. Wait, Mintzler has another catcher now?

"Let's go already," Cally barked as she banged the bat head on home plate as Chi got into place behind her in the catchers position. Lindsay tossed an easy one on the first pitch and Cally froze everyone on the field when she launched it to left field. The 10 or so girls in the outfield standing and watching as it landed beyond the outfield fence.

"Not so hard you're making me look bad," Lindsay giggled as she tossed another one to Cally with a little more speed on it. She crushed that too.

"Third home run in a row," I noted as Cally swung again viciously and cracked another one over the fence. "Four in a row. WOW!"

"Anisha, you're warming up, take it easy," Coach said as she now tossed the ball to Kennedy on the outside of the fence behind home plate. "Capiche?"

"Capiche," Anisha said as she went back to soft toss.

"HEY CALLY ARE YOU MAD CAUSE SOMEONE CALLED YOU ALBERT AGAIN?" Cindy screamed from the outfield as most everyone laughed.

"I'M JUST PICTURING MY GIRLFRIENDS FACE ON THE BALL!" Cally screamed as she swung and cracked another homer. This one clattering down in the trees behind the outfield fence. Near the place Mindy and I had our infamous 'I love you' mud fight in 8th grade.

"Let someone else hit now I'm getting depressed," Lindsay said as I laughed. Cally took one more swing and deposited that one over the left field fence too. A total of nine home runs in all. Damn. She then handed me the bat and jogged off onto the field.

"Alisha and Cally still not made up huh?" Chi asked. I simply nodded my head no. "Well that was impressive anyway."

"It sure was!"

"If we make her mad like that before every game she can carry the offence," Chi noted.

"I wouldn't wanna see her that mad," I said as I stepped into the box. "She's having girlfriend troubles."

"It seems to be going around," Chi said as she patted my thigh with her glove.

"Different situations," I said as she nodded. Candy coming in to join Coach Newman behind home plate as he observed everything.

"Parker you take short since Hana's not here yet," Coach said as the girl joined Randi up the middle now. "Is Kelly Jones here?"

"That's me," a pretty, thin blond haired girl said as she raised her hand at first base.

"You take centerfield," Coach said. "Cally, try right field. CINDY LEFT FIELD. Allison first base and Raven Busch?"

"Me!" a tomboy-ish looking girl said from middle way in the outfield.

"Third base," Coach said as she took third.

"DON'T GET TO CONFORTABLE OUT THERE THOUGH," Candy hollered to Cally as the girl half-smiled and took her position in the outfield. Lindsay's first pitch to me came next and it was a blazing fastball that left me standing there in surprise. "Dakota you were supposed to swing at that."

"I can't swing at what I can't see," I said as Chi and Candy laughed. Lindsay smiled smugly and Cindy added in from left field, "SAME OLE THING, NEW SEASON."

"BITE ME ICEY," I said as Lindsay fired another and this time I cracked it pretty good, right at Randi, who caught it on a line as she sprinted towards second base.

"I'm here, Coach, I'm here," Hana said as she came running down the path to the field almost out of breath. "President Woods didn't get in till like 5 minutes so I couldn't ask for time off."

"Well you've got an excuse," Coach said as Hana smiled. "But let's try making better plans next time so you won't be late?"

"I'll make sure he knows before any trips," Hana said.

"Grab your glove and shag some flies as the rover to get warmed up," Coach said as Hana ran out onto the field. "Anisha that's good enough. You two come on back in here."

"See if you can hit my sinking rise ball," Lindsay said and managed to confuse the hell out of me.

"What the hell is that?" I asked in confusion as the ball zipped past me as her and Chi laughed.

"It's a distraction pitch," Chi giggled. "It worked perfectly, huh?"

"You guys are so funny," I said sarcasticly as Chi continued giggling. I though was not laughing when I laced a one hop rocket up the middle. But out of nowhere came Parker who scooped it up and fired a rocket to Allison at first base. We knew then that the tryouts were officially on. Randi took the bat next as Hana took her regular position at short and Parker slid over to second. "Come on Pocket Rocket try and make some contact."

"Oh I will," Randi said from the left hand batters box a moment before she pulled a pitch from Lindsay down the first base line. Just over Allison's out stretched glove.

"GO RANDI! WOO HOO!" Laney screamed from the bleachers to get her attention. Randi smiled as she looked up at her for a long moment. Then turning her attention back to Lindsay as she drilled a second pitch just over Hana's head into the gap in left field. That would be the theme of her at bat, spraying rockets all over the field. Finishing by 'muscling up' as Coach called it and launching one out of the park down the right field line. I said as she left the box, "I see why they call you the Pocket Rocket."

Randi grinned proudly as she came over and bumped hips with me. Cindy stepped up next as Randi took back her position at 2nd, Parker Kinson moving to 3rd, Raven Busch moved to short, while Cally switched to left field to be replaced in right by Candy. Allison taking over first base and Michelle (replacing Kelly Jones) in center. Hana came in to wait her turn at bat.

Cindy lined a few balls into the outfield on her first few swings before the defensive show started. Parker snagged a one hop rocket behind third base and fired a lazor to Allison at first. Not to be out down, Raven, made a diving stab of a ground ball up the middle and fired the ball to Allison. Randi smacking high glove with Raven for that play. Cindy finished her at bat with a monster jack (even longer than any of Cally's).

Anisha took over for Lindsay who met her in 'the circle' with a hug and whispering something in her ear that none of us where privy to. Anisha's nervous smile turned to one of a fire breathing dragon it seemed as Lindsay grinned victoriously and trotted off the field to the dugout.

"Are you sure you're warmed up?" Coach asked Anisha as he joined her behind the protective screen.

"Yes my arm feels really good today," Anisha said. "Can I really throw it today or more of the half-off stuff?"

"You make it sound like your a clearance sale," Coach said as Anisha got tickled. "Enough of that. Now throw. Easy at first no ones gonna hit it. Just get the feel of the ball in your hand."

Anisha seemed frustrated as she tossed her first few pitches. But as she got loose, really loose, Coach slowly took off the reigns and let her fire the ball. "Damn!" was my only reaction as the ball whizzed by in a blur and popped Chi's mitt. That was only the beginning as she started grunting on the next few pitches and they came in even harder only with a rise on one and a drop on the next. Everyone was in awe of the display. Until Coach pulled back the reigns again.

"Coach my arm feels great right now just a few more?" Anisha practically begged.

"Yeah Coach she was rocking the glove," Chi said as she pushed Anisha playfully with her glove. "My hand is buzzing."

"And that's why your not gonna throw anymore today," Coach said. "We're not gonna over do it."

"But..." Anisha started to say.

"Capiche?" Coach said firmly.

"Capiche!" Chi and Anisha said in unison as he walked off. Lindsay retaking the circle and hugging Anisha for a long moment. No one could hear what she said exactly but we do know Anisha squealed in laughter after a few moments and left the circle with a beaming smile on her face. "What do you think she said?"

"She was asking her out," I said as Chi laughed and rolled her eyes. "You gonna be jealous?"

"If that's what she wants," Chi said seriously. "She's my best friend and I love her. So if that's what she wants..."

"You're her best friend too," I said as Chi grinned.

"Chi, let Kennedy take over behind the plate and you get some time in at first base," Coach directed as Hana stepped in the box and Kennedy took her place behind home plate. Allison taking a break on the bench as Chi jogged down to first base. Hana (also batting left handed) soon started rocketing the ball all over the field like Coach had wanted her to. Cindy, back at third, made a nice back hand grab and fired to Chi at first. Parker also made a nice play on a ball up the middle and fired low to first and made Chi dig it out of the dirt, which she did. Hana finished her at bat with a line-rocket double into the left-center field gap between Michelle and Cally.

"Kelly, Raven, then Parker and Kennedy," Coach said a few minutes later as Candy got done hitting. Kelly turned out to be a gifted slap hitter with lightning speed. A natural centerfielder too. I thought at that moment she might give Michelle a run for her money. Parker was next and she struggled to make solid contact. Raven though was a solid contact hitter without much punch. But the surprise of the day was Kennedy. Her first swing launched one into the ozone above Minnesota. What a shot. She quickly followed with two more jacks and a string of missile like line drives.

"She's got a lot of work behind the plate but she can wear the leather off the ball," Chi said and I had to agree. Chi bumped fists with Kennedy as Coach called us into the dugout.

"OK, first I wanna say welcome to the newcomers to our family, Parker, Michelle, Kennedy Jorgenson (freshman catcher), Kelly Jones (freshman outfielder) and Raven Busch (freshman infielder), even though Michelle has been around a lot lately," Coach said as the girls got pushed around playfully by everyone else. "I also wanna say to everyone else who tried out, thank you."

"Who made the team?" Randi asked from beside me.

"Everyone who tried out made the team," Coach said as a shocked gasp washed over us.

"For real?" Raven asked. The first she'd spoken or been noticed all day. "Everyone?"

"Well there maybe some additions because I'm scheduling a hit around for next week and who knows," Coach said. "Now pipe down cause I have several announcements to make before I name my starters."

"We don't really care," Chi cracked as everyone laughed.

"We're playing Twilight Hills Academy on opening night," Coach announed as the laughter died instantly.

"The first night?" Michelle asked in shock. "Great opening night cause I'll get to fight with my bitch of a sister and then play a game."

"There will be no fighting," Coach said firmly. "And opening night is just 4 weeks away. So, every day the weather is good we have practice."

"There goes my relationship with Shelby," Cindy said as everyone giggled.

"And mine with Laney," Randi chimed in.

"I just knew there would be benefits to this practicing every day," Coach said as everyone laughed and Randi gave her father a seriously dirty look. He simply smiled smugly.

"Just tell us who the starters are Coach Rock-in-Head," Randi said as the dugout filled with laughter.

"Good idea before I ground someone," Coach said as Randi got razzed a bit now. "Start with our field general, starting catcher is Chi."

"I was sweating that one," Chi said as everyone laughed.

"Kennedy, you were very impressive today," Coach said as she smiled. "You'll get lot of playing time as Chi's backup."

"OK," Kennedy said as she smiled excitedly.

The rest of the starters came as no real surprise with Allison (@ 1st), Randi (@ 2nd), Hana (shortstop) and Cindy (@ 3rd) completing the infield. While Candy, Michelle and Cally completed the outfield right to left. Kelly was named the primary back up in the outfield while Raven and Parker were happy to just make the team as infield reserves. The tryouts had just concluded when my cell started going nuts.

"Hello?" I asked after picking it up. "Oh hi, Dad."

"How is my favorite daughter?" Dad (Charles) asked.

"I'm your only daughter," I reminded him as we both laughed. "What's up?"

"Well Mark and I are in town and wanna know if you'd go to dinner with us," Dad said as my bottom lip dropped in surprise. Mark being Dr. Phillips.

"Are you here to stay like mom said?"

"We have rented a cozy little cottage on North Horace Avenue not to far from your friend Shelby's father," Dad said. "It will suit us for now."

"OK, cool," I said and not being sure how to feel exactly. "Why dinner though?"

"Well Mark and I want to see you and show you our new place," Dad said. "Get the awkward stage over with."

"Oh no awkward Dad, I already told everyone I'm getting a new gay dad," I cracked as Dad laughed and Mindy came down the bleachers towards me.

"Well how is tonight for you and your two gay dads?" He asked.

"That's good just call me when you're ready," I said just before we hung up. "Bye."

"Hey Mindy," I said as I stopped her. "Can I ask a huge favor?"

"No," She said simply and grinned as I gave her a dirty look.

"You are Molly's twin sister now," I said as she laughed. "Will you go to dinner with me and my two gay dads?"

"What?" Mindy asked in mass confusion. I laughed but went onto explain about the situation. "OH, yeah, why me? You haven't told them we broke up?"

"Yes I did," I said. "I just need someone with me to make it less awkward. Please?"

"Well I did have a threesome with Molly and Chloe planned," Mindy said as she opened her jacket and showed me her t-shirt, 'Property of Molly and...Chloe' as I laughed out loud. "But I can guess I go."

"Sure your two girlfriends won't mind?" I asked as she grinned.

"Nah, they left me out last night anyway," Mindy said as I laughed. "Just let me know when the dinner is."

"Tonight probably around 7?" I asked as she smiled. "You're a life-saver!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Alisha? Alisha Swain?" I asked in surprise as a girl wearing a hoodie and sun glasses walked past me on the bleachers as I was going back up to find Chloe. "Is that you?"

"No," She lied as I got in front of her. "OK, it's me."

"Why are you wearing that hoodie?" I asked as I pushed it off her head and she scrambled to put it back on.

"Stop it," She growled. "I don't want Cally knowing I'm here."


"She hates me now and I don't want her messing up because of me," Alisha said.

"She does not hate you," I said. "She's really mad at you but she does not hate you."

"It doesn't matter," Alisha said. "I'm going home anyway. Home to Nebraska."

"You're what?" I asked in shock.