Scent of a Girl - Episode 77 "Something NEW We Need to Try"

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/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey, you feel better this morning?" Maggie asked me as I came out of my room early in the morning. The previous night being one of those were the long day just got to me and I crashed, literally.

"Feel a lot better," I said. "You OK?"

"Yeah it was just a stress headache," she said as I joined her for the walk down the hallway. Seeing that Mindy's door was open and she was already gone. "Looks like the note was right her lights are out."

"Mindy's lights are out?" I asked as she showed me a note that had been taped to the window of the office. "Since when?"

"Last night after we were in the bed I suspect," Maggie said. "Looks like Joe the Janitor is gonna have a fun day ahead of him. He loves playing around with live electrical wires."

"Is he crazy?" I asked as Maggie laughed.

"Could be," she said amidst our laughter. "May also be a serial killer we didn't exactly do a background check before hiring him."

"Seems weird," I commented as Hana and Macey came out of Hana's room down the hall and came our way.

"He's odd but a genius with anything electrical," Maggie said. "Wait, where is Mindy?"

"That's a good question," I said as I began to worry. "Where could she be?"

"Who?" Hana asked as she stopped by us.

"Mindy's missing!"

"No she's not," Macey giggled and pointed towards Chloe's room. "She's making it with your girlfriend."

"If I didn't like that really cool looking multi-colored spike job you got running down the middle of your head I'd be seriously mad at you for even suggesting such a thing," I said as Macey giggled.

"Well I'm off to see if Joe the Janitor is in yet," Maggie said as she walked off. "Oh yeah I almost forgot, fireworks show courtesy of our esteemed school president out by the main gate tonight. Just got announced."

"Cool," Macey and Hana said in unison as both began giggling.

"And I'm gonna go get my girlfriend out of bed with her new girlfriend," I said as Hana and Macey giggled and walked off towards the showers as I stopped at Chloe's room and cracked the door open to find the light was still out. I slipped inside and saw Macey was right as Mindy was laying snuggled up to Chloe and sleeping peacefully. A stream of light from the window providing just enough light to see that her butt was sticking out from the covers a bit and she looked to only be wearing a thong. I smiled as I enjoyed that view for a long moment. "Oh god I've the hots for my best friend."

"Huh?" came Chloe's mumbled reply as she awoke and with it woke Mindy up. She rubbed her eyes as they adjusted to the light and looked to see me standing there. "Oh morning. You feel better?"

"Yes I do," I said. "Why are you in bed with Mindy?"

"Who is it?" Mindy asked as she looked back and saw me and grinned. "Oh morning Molly."

"What am I doing in bed with Mindy? The power went out in her room and she needed a place to sleep," Chloe said as she rolled out of bed and steadied herself on the dresser to her side as she scratched her head for a moment.

"And you don't think this is a problem?" I asked and trying to hide a smile as Mindy crawled down the bed and sat on the end of the bed as she yawned.

"The same one we had when she ended up in your bed the night Courtney and I studied late," Chloe said as she stepped into her slippers. "Remember?"

"MMMMMM I sure do," Mindy cooed as she grinned at me knowingly and Chloe giggled. "Last night was even better though."

"MMM HMMM I got to know Mindy in a whole new way," Chloe said as they both laughed and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm beginning to think you want too," I accused.

"Not without you my love," Chloe said as she kissed me and giggled when Mindy darted off the bed and slid in between us. "What are you doing?"

"Making a Mindy sandwich," she said. "The only way either of you will ever have me."

"So you're the filling?" I asked Mindy as her butt rubbed against my thighs now.

"I sure am," Mindy said as she grinned at me and then Chloe. "But I doubt I'll ever get to be that."

"Yeah but it's a really hot fantasy," Chloe said as all three of us nodded our agreement.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hello?" I asked as I picked up my cell phone as I sat beside Cindy and we watched Anisha warm up with Kennedy (Jorgenson) as her catcher. Chi keeping a close eye on both of them as she stood off to the side.

"I got something I need to ask you about really fast," Molly said.


"Mindy just told me that Megan is preggo," Molly said. "Is she?"

"Yeah she told us she was about 2 months or so," I confirmed.

"Calling to check up on my story?" Mindy asked in the background as she had apparently just came back into the room. "That is Dakota?"

"I was not checking up on your story I just wanted to know if Dakota heard the same thing," Molly replied.

"Liar," I giggled to Molly as she started laughing.

"OK, OK I was," Molly admitted. "I just know Megan lies a lot and thought maybe she told you something different."

"Nope," I confirmed.

"Oh yeah and Chloe wants to know if you're coming to the fireworks?" Molly asked with a smile.

"I think so yeah," I said. "Why are you?"

"Mindy's been bugging me about it all morning so probably," Molly said. Mindy adding in, "She's going."

"Yeah tell Chloe I'll be there and save me a seat," I said. "I know how much she loves sitting beside me."

"We will and she does," Molly and Mindy said in unison and made me giggle. Chi stopping the warm up tosses and showing Kennedy what she was doing wrong.

"Bye," I said a few moments later as we hung up and Anisha once again started tossing to Kennedy. Seemingly a bit harder each time. A ping from the bat could be heard as Candy led batting practice in the other batting cage with about the whole team around her as they watched Randi crack liners back into the net over and over. Kelly (Jones) was also passing with Hana a few feet away from me. Coach just then coming out of the main office with clipboard in hand.

"Hold up," Chi said once again as stopped the throwing session.

"What did I do wrong now?" Kennedy asked from her knees.

"A lot of stuff," Chi said as Coach stopped to listen as he sipped his piping hot coffee.

"First you're not hiding your free hand when she throws the ball," Chi said as she demonstrated. "That might just get your fingers broke."

"She's doing a good job, Chi," Anisha said as she joined the two of them. "She's doing what you told her."

"Secondly your base is not wide enough to keep you balanced," Chi said.

"I can't move my legs any wider," Kennedy said. "You want me to be wider feed me more."

"Fair point," Chi said as Anisha giggled and did a fist bump with Kennedy.

"Chi she's right," Coach (Rock) said. "You have a naturally wider base because your taller. You can't expect every other catcher to have your natural gifts. But Kennedy she's 100% right about the free hand. It goes behind her back."

"Yes Coach," Kennedy said quickly.

"Speaking of Coach it's time for me to do some of it," Coach said as he called for everyone to gather around him. Everyone pulling up lard buckets, milk crates and chairs as they formed a semi-circle around him. "OK, now today I think it's time that we pick a team nickname."

"I heard the Twilight Hills clowns picked the Timberwolves," Randi said as everyone giggled.

"And Lincoln Senior high is the Prowlers," Raven (Busch) added in. "I went there last year."

"Prowlers?" Cindy asked in confusion.

"Sounds like what they call thiefs in those old movies on Turner Classic Movies," Cally said as everyone again laughed.

"Calm down," Coach said. "Suggestions for nicknames? Be serious."

"Telling this bunch to be serious you got to be kidding, Coach," Candy said as the laughter started again.

"Suggestions?" Coach asked over the laughter.

"How about the Northwesterners?" Cally asked. "We are class AAA northwest division."

"How about the Pocket Rockets?" Randi said, "After your best player of course."

"So we're gonna call ourselves Candyland?" Hana said as Randi stuck her tongue out in protest.

"I like the Bald Eagles," Allison offered up.

"What about Preppies?" Lindsay (Price) chimed in as the giggles started. "OK, maybe not."

"I know I'm new here but can I suggest one?" Kelly (Jones) asked. Coach nodding his approval.

"North Stars," Kelly said as everyone looked at her. "There used to be a hockey team named that here."

"I love that," Cally said.

"Me too," Randi agreed.

"3 makes me," Michelle said as Kelly started beaming a smile.

"Mintzler Prep North Stars," Coach said aloud. "Kinda has a nice ring to it. What ya say? Everyone agreed?"

"Looks like it Coach," Candy said as Kelly started bouncing around excitedly.

"DOG PILE ON KELLY!" Raven declared as everyone mobbed Kelly in celebration of her picking the name.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Rae Rae can I borrow your laptop?" Megan asked as she poked her into the bathroom as I was in the middle of a shower. Something that's happened more and more lately as we've become completely comfortable with each other. Side note: you can't see through the shower curtain.

"Sure," I said as the last of the shampoo got washed out of my hair. "It's in my bag by the couch."

"I know," She said as she came in and sat down on the toilet. "And are we totally off work today?"

"Yes we are," I said. "I am not going near that place today."

"Me either but we do have work to do," Megan said. "We have to load the new DVD's in the Redbox."

"There sitting by the couch go ahead and do it," I said as I reached for the towel and felt it was stuck on the peck it usually hangs on. Then hearing giggling I knew Megan was holding it. "Let go."

"No," Megan giggled. I wrapped the curtain around me partially and glared at her at now.

"Let go my soon to be ex-roommate and best friend," I said as she laughed and left the room so I could get dressed.

"You're no fun anymore Fae," Megan griped a few minutes later as I came out of the bathroom in my Superman spaghetti strap top and some shorts.

"Stop calling me Fae, Albertina," I said as we shared a dirty look. "By the way who is working at the diner today?"

"Holly, Patricia and Darlene," Megan said as she opened her Facebook page. "Eddie's doing the cooking because Harold is off with that Lyndon Von Krul guy at some meeting about his food."

"Yeah Harold mentioned something about the Mintzler softball team being his test market," I said as I poured a bowl of cereal.

"That's what it was," Megan said. "They're doing test marketing today in Crookston. And he said he was gonna do that softball thing when he got back or in a few days. Not sure which."

"So why aren't the Redbox movies loaded?" I asked as I spotted the still unopened box by the couch.

"It's more fun when we do it together," Megan said as she checked her messages now.

"It takes like 10 minutes to do," I said.

"Yes and that's my quality time with you Rae Rae," Megan said with a grin as I laughed. "Oh no, oh no, not this. Not now."

"What Megs, what is it?" I asked as she turned the computer around and showed me the screen and the message reading, "You know who this is and since you refuse to reply I am coming for a visit. I know about the baby."

"Your Mom?" I asked.

"Yes," Megan said as she laid her head on her hands. "She's gonna ruin everything."

"How do you figure that?"

"She's gonna tell you everything I ever did wrong and try her best to turn you against me," Megan said.

"I already know everything you ever did," I said. "What can she tell me that I don't already know?"

"She'll make shit up," Megan said. "She will."

"And it won't work," I said as I leaned across the counter and touched my forehead to hers. "I love you and I'm 100% percent in your corner."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Where have you been?" I asked Macey as she came in the front doors of KMH.

"Mr. Woods gave me a job, remember?" Macey said. "I was helping set up the fireworks display."

"They let you handle explosives?" I asked as she sat down beside me on the love seat as I tapped away on my laptop.

"Pretty scary thought huh?" She asked as I laughed. "What are you doing? PFLAG."

"Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays," I said. "It's got lots of resources for transgender youths."

"And who do you know who needs that?" Macey asked as I rolled my eyes.

"I should have left you sleeping in that snow," I said as she nodded her agreement.

"But now you're stuck with me," Macey said as she hugged my arm. "You do know that?"

"Unfortunately," I said as I put the computer in her lap as she giggled. "Might help you figure some stuff out."

"I don't know," Macey said. "It just doesn't seem that important anymore. I just don't feel like there is this urgent need for me to do something."

"You did before?" I asked.

"Yeah when I was home and the chaos that comes with being in my family was swirling I just felt so desperate to identify with something," Macey explained. "I can't really put it into words though. I just wanted to be somewhere else. Someone else. Anyone else."

"And that started you thinking you might be transgender?" I asked.

"Actually no," Macey said. "I've thought that for a long time. Maybe 5 or 6 years."

"And you're sure you wanna be a boy?" I asked.

"It's more like feeling like there's something wrong, in here," She said as she pointed to herself. "And I just wanted to change something to make that feeling go away."

"But you said now you feel better, being here," I pointed out and was hoping that was still true.

"Like I said it doesn't seem that important anymore," Macey said. "I actually sleep through the night now. I haven't woke up screaming in days now."

"Well I'm glad your here," I said as I pushed her shoulder playfully.

"And don't forget Mindy she's glad I'm here too," Macey said as I gave her a dirty look.

"Big deal you got to kiss Mindy one time," I said sarcasticly. "I bet if you tried to do it again you'd get smacked."

"Probably," Macey said as we both started laughing. "Come on let's go get ready for the fireworks show. You are going with me."

"Who says?" I asked as she closed my computer and put it under her arm as she stood.

"I do," Macey said as she pulled me up to my feet. "Because like you said you're stuck with me."

"I never said that you did," I corrected her as she walked off and I followed.

"I knew the person who said that was smart," she said as I giggled and took off after her as we went rumbling up the steps.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Does that girl ever get in a hurry?" I asked as I looked around the slowly growing crowd for my absent girlfriend. Absent because she wanted to get a soda before the fireworks started at 8:15. "I think everyone and their mother is here tonight."

"Yes they are," Melanie said as she stopped by me and being trailed by Dakota. "All alone are we?"

"No I'm not all alone are we," I said mockingly as Melanie and Dakota laughed. "I'm waiting on Chloe to get back."

"In line at the snack machines," Dakota said. "Wanna come sit with us we got a great place picked out by the gate?"

"Nah, my butt finally unthawed the ground below me so it's starting to warm up," I said as both of them started laughing. They headed off for the fence a minute later as I stood and looked for Chloe but still didn't see her as the clock on my phone said '8:10'. Though standing up did have it's good point as I spotted Mindy lost in the crowd and looking around for someone. Noticing those gorgeous tanned legs as she stood on her tip toes at the moment. I need help. "MINDY!"

"There you are," She said a moment later as she joined me. "No Chloe?"

"Getting a soda and you know how slow she is," I said as Mindy giggled and nodded her agreement. "You wanna sit with us?"

"I was actually looking for you guys," Mindy said as we sat down on the blanket Chloe had brought with her. I had just gotten comfortable and leaned back against the tree behind me when Mindy plopped down in front of me and scooted back between my thighs. Laying back against me and giggling. "Looky where I ended up."

"You're gonna have to move when Chloe gets back," I informed as she shook her head no and I nodded yes before we both laughed. "On second thought just move now."

"No, you're warm," Mindy said as she wrapped my arms around her and giggled again. "MMMMMMM Molly."

"Since when do you call me Molly?" I asked.

"Well think about it, how sexy is it gonna sound if I moaned, MMMMM Punky," Mindy pointed out. Her brief moment of moaning though really got me going.

"Well fortunately you're never gonna have that problem," I said as she stuck her tongue out at me in protest and I did the same to her. Her then squealing when I slipped my hands down and dug them into her tickle spots.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Finally," I said as I got to the front of the line at the snack machines and got my soda. I turned and had to push my way back through the crowd in hopes of making it back to Molly by the time the fireworks were to begin. Instead I ended up almost crashing into Dakota as she came the other way. "Where are you going?"

"Get a soda," Dakota said. "Molly's looking for you."

"Yeah I know," I said as we moved out of the way of a bunch of giggling Freshmen when they came running by. Being able to spot Molly from our new vantage point as she was sitting, and giggling, with Mindy. "When did Mindy get here?"

"She came with me and Melanie," Dakota said as she pointed out her friend now standing by the main gate and sitting on a milk crate. "Then she went looking for you and Molly and Melanie and I found Molly before she did."

"So you and Melanie hooked up yet?" I asked Dakota as the fireworks began rather randomly as everyone looked up.

"We have not," Dakota said. "She's straight and I don't believe in trying to convert the straight to our team."

"She's awfully cute in an odd way," I said about Melanie.

"I could go for her alright," Dakota said as a loud giggle could be heard with Molly tickling Mindy a few feet away. "But due to certain reasons it's not gonna happen. Kinda of like those two."

"Molly and Mindy?"

"Yeah," Dakota said.

"What about them?" I asked.

"They'd never hook up because of you," Dakota said.

"So you think they would if Molly and I broke up?" I asked.

"Yes and anyone with half a brain can see that happening," Dakota said just as Molly wrapped Mindy in her arms and the two began giggling again as they watched the fireworks. "You don't think so?"

"Maybe," I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Course that would also give us the oppurtunity to finally hook up," Dakota said with a dorky smile.

"I would never hook up with you cause you beat me up," I said as she laughed. "And pick on me."

"I think that's what best friends are for," Dakota noted. "And to fall madly in love with each other."

"I am not falling madly in love with you," I said as I pointed at her with my soda.

"Oh come on, please?" Dakota asked in a pleading voice as I started laughing.


"Even if you and Molly break up?" Dakota asked.

"We are not breaking up," I said firmly. "I love her..."

"I know, I know," Dakota said as she bumped my shoulder and pointed to the sky as one of the fireworks exploded in beautiful colors. "But if you did..."

"We're not going too," I said as I poked her in her tickle spot. She jumped away laughing.

"But if you did would I be your first choice for a rebound romance?" Dakota blurted out and stopped me in my tracks as she grinned widely. Making me wonder if she was at all serious.

"Fine, Dakota you would be my first choice," I said as she grinned. "But first I need to get back to my girlfriend. Goodbye."

"You could always just help it along by doing a threesome with them," Dakota whispered to me as I laughed and looked back at her in shock. "Got your interest up didn't I?"

"I did not need you to help get my interest up," I said and knew immediately I'd given away a bit of a secret. Dakota's face showed her surprise as she pushed my shoulder playfully and said, "You've got the hots for Mindy."

"No, I do not," I lied.

"Don't lie to me," Dakota said with a finger point as I blushed. "I always thought you wanted her and now you confirmed it. OHMIGOD."

"Shut up and go back and sit with your straight girlfriend," I said as I tried to walk off but got stopped when Dakota jumped in front of me. "Move, Kota."

"I need to warn you," Dakota said as she leaned in and whispered directly into my ear, "If you do manage to set it up be careful."


"Mindy may purr like a kitten but she's a tiger in bed," Dakota informed me. The stupid dazed smile on my face gave away any remaining doubt in Dakota's mind as to what I now despreately wanted to do. "She needs to cum at least two or three times to satisfy her."

"You're just making that up," I said as Dakota smiled knowingly.

"Maybe I am," Dakota said as she walked off and I glared at the back of her head before rejoining Molly and Mindy.

"Finally," Molly said as I sat down next to her.

"Want me to move?" Mindy asked.

"No you're fine," I said as I snuggled up to Molly and she laid her head against mine.

"What were you and Dakota getting so cozy about?" Molly asked.

"We were talking about food," I said as Molly gave me a strange look. "Something she thinks the three of us should try."

"What?" Mindy asked as both her and Molly looked at me now with interest.

"A Mindy sandwich!"