Scent of a Girl - Episode 8 "You Are My Girl, Chloe Morgan"

Written by: TVM (



Well here it is two days later and Chloe is one case of moods since all this went down. She swings from good to bad to horny in seemingly minutes and neither lasts long enough to produce anything fruitful. Not that I minded, she was slowly leveling off as she got over the whole Maxie crisis and was now more even tempered and let's just say the girl sure knows how to make you feel good for being good to her. I honestly would never have to do anything if I wanted to ask her to do it for me. Glass of juice in bed? Done. Waiting while I take a shower? Done. I'm getting seriously attached here. She's sooo sweet, I see why she drips honey when she goes "pop," as she calls it. So innocent and shy, while being demanding when she wants whats best for me. God this girl is making me forget 'that other girl' back home in Green Bay.

Coming out of last period with my back pack, I spotted Chloe, looking drop dead gorgeous in jeans and a white pullover t-shirt, standing out front of the main offices waiting for me, I'm assuming and hoping. The shirt looked to be barely containing her tits, although it did provide a nice outline of her bra. Which too struggled to contain them. God she's so fuckin hot it makes me horny just looking at her. Megan was a looker, but damn this girl is mouth watering hot. I slipped in behind her as she stood with her hands stuffed in her pockets, her back pack at her side. Suddenly I grabbed her in a hug from behind as she tensed up and I said, "Chloe Morgan, I am crazy about you."

"Hey baby" She said smiling and relaxing back into my embrace.

"What's my Chloe doing?" I asked as she blushed.

"Waiting on you" She said, "Ready?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" I said taking her hand and lacing our fingers together.

"Will you go on a real date with me tonight?" She asked as I stopped after we had walked a few hundred feet and looked back at her.

"Of course I will" I said as she smiled.

"I was hoping you would" She said as she leaned in and kissed me. "I'm crazy about you too."

"You gonna put out?" I asked as she blushed and said, "Rolling thunder?"

"Till you can't take anymore" I said as I kissed her chin playfully.

"Oh god MMMMMMMMM" She said as she kissed me again, "Screw the date, give it to me now? Please?"

"Slow down Chloe" I said as I hugged her, "We'll get there, we rushed into it a few days ago, and we didn't get nowhere. I promise you, I'm not gonna find someone else I wanna do that with more."

"Starting to like feeling like this" She said as my heart melted.

"Yeh I know you are" I said, "I'm gonna be so good to you."

"Why do you think I'm crazy about you?" She asked. "I'm trying my best to make you love me."

"You don't gotta work so hard" I said as I touched her cheek softly, "Cause I'm already falling for you. I'm not Maxie and I'm good to you, cause I wanna be."

"I love how you touch me" She said as I caressed her chin and neck softly. "I mean like this."

"I know what you mean" I said as I kissed her.

"You are so gentle" She said, "and I love how you hold me, even if I don't ask."

"I love that too" I said, "I just never done much of it before."

"This morning was great" She said as she put her arms around my neck. "Laying in your arms and reading. You'll probably get sick...."

"Noooooo" I said as she blushed. "I loved it too."

"Well you didn't say so" Chloe said giving me these puppy dog eyes that kill me.

"Turn it off please?" I asked as she smiled again. "You kill me with that look."

"I bet I can get you to do anything" She said softly, "Right Molly?"

"OK, fine, you probably could" I said as she grinned and said, "So about that date?"

"You know it" I said as she hugged me and held on I thought.

"The bus stops right down there" She said pointing at the gate leading in from the secluded road off the Main entrance. "So what you wanna do tonight?"

"Dinner and a movie?" I asked as she smiled.

"Just me and you I hope?" She said with a playful grin.

"I guarantee it" I said.

You know, when you start to feel good after being down for so long it's a real high. Chloe was practically bouncing off the walls after we had cleaned out her room at the old dorm and essentially moved her in with me for the time being. No big confrontation with Maxie or any of the other Mintz for that matter. It just felt good to be good to someone who was obviously deserving of it and make no mistake, she was getting to me more every minute, it's no pity I promise you.

"Think Bre's OK?" Chloe asked from the bed as I spiked my hair up with some gel and slipped on a clean t-shirt, deciding to wear my school skirt tonight instead of changing.

"I hope so" I said honestly, "She's really nice and I just hate the way things happened between us."

"My fault?" Chloe asked as I shook my head and joined her on the bed.  

"No, it's not" I said as she purred like a kitten as I couldn't help but kiss her softly. "Maybe both?"

"OK" She said as she let me pull her up to her feet.

"I love being with you" She said as she hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as tight as I could as she seemed to not want to let go. "We gonna go?"

"Unless you wanna stay in tonight?" I asked, "Maybe I'll just hold you? We can read or sleep or just chill."

"Very tempting" Chloe said with a smile.

"Oh yeah. They said at the office that I might get my own room again in a few days, down the hall I think" Chloe said as I frowned. "I'll still be in the building Molly."

"Not the same" I said, "That bed sucks without you."

"So I'll spend the nights with you?" She asked as I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. "And the days too?"

"Anytime you want, unless you find out about my other lover" I said as she looked at me with a jaw dropped expression.

"You better not" She said as she smacked my arm playfully, "Now if I'm your girl, then I'm your girl and that's it."

"OK, OK" I said as she giggled. "What about a threesome sometime?"

"HMMMMMMM" She said, "Am I still yours?"

"You are" I said as she smiled.

"And we're talking like you and me and another girl?" She asked.

"Yeh, hopefully a hot one too" I said as she blushed. "Someone neither of us know."

"I could get behind that, but let me be crystal clear..."

"You are my girl" I said with a soft kiss. "Stop worrying."

So with that bit of fantasy apparently decided, we headed to the gates to meet the bus. We of course had to get clearance to even leave campus, and even with that provision we had to go as group. Meaning we'd have to meet back at the bus at a certain time and place. So we had almost two hours to have fun. My first thought was to stop at the arcade, but my lovely and I do mean lovely date decided she was hungry. So being as nice as I am I relented and let her pick the place to. She decided on some old fashion place not to far from the main square with the bus stop. 'Fast Eddie's Eats' the sign read as me and Chloe laughed and walked in. Seeing two of the nerdiest looking guys in the world eye ballin me and my...girl, yes you heard me, she's my girl now. We took a seat in one of the booths as the two dorks made eyes at us from across the room. The waitress, Sarah, I think her name was (hot girl), took our order and disappeared back behind the counter.

"Place is a total throwback" Chloe said as she looked around. "Like a real home cooking diner."

"We're being checked out by two dorks" I said as Chloe glanced at them and laughed.

"Even if I was allowed to date guys, those two would be near the bottom of my list" Chloe said. "Damn, ones got some plants growing on his face."

"Look out, here comes the dork and his twin" I said as Chloe laughed.  

"Hey babes" One of the goofy looking guys said as he plopped down beside me in the booth, his arm going around my shoulder, his friend did the same to Chloe. I quickly removed his arm from my shoulder and asked him pointedly, "Exactly who the hell are you?"

"The guy you'll be in love with in about two minutes" He replied and smacked a high five with his equally dorky friend. Seemingly under the delusion that
I wanted his greasy palms on my shoulder.

"OK, I'll talk slower since you seemed to be having a hard time understanding" I said as Chloe laughed, ""

"Sean G, but you can call me Daddy" He said and following it with another high five with dork number two. "This be my associate, Kenny G, with your lovely friend here."

"And you dork number two, who said you could put your arm around my girl?" I asked as Kenny G slipped his arm around Chloe. Who squirmed uncomfortably in the booth and tried to move away as she looked to me for help.

"Scratch that question, either remove your arm or I'll remove it for you, now" I said as I pushed Sean off me and got up.

"Chill babe, you don't talk for her" He said. I took his hand and removed it easily from Chloe's shoulders. Before he placed it right back and refused to move it again.

"Get off me, you loser" Chloe said trying to move away, but being held in place by this goon. "Stop, god your breath stinks."

"Calm down baby I'm just being friendly" Kenny said with a repulsive smile on his face as he nuzzled Chloe's neck.

"She don't want your greasy palms on her, pig" I said as I pulled his hand far enough off Chloe's shoulder so she could escape and then took a major bite out of his fingers. "Now FUCKIN LEAVE US ALONE ASSHOLE."

"OUCH GOD DAMN BITCH, what's your fuckin problem?" He asked as blood came out of his finger. He grabbed a napkin as Sean jumped up and I thought for a minute he was gonna go after me, but I quickly picked up a fork off the table and as scared as I was I dared him to charge me. But to my relief he backed off rather quickly.

"She said to remove your hand grease monkey and you refused to so I removed it for you" I said, "This is my girl, do you know what that means? I doubt it."

"Is there a problem here?" A Large white guy with a name tag reading "Eddie" asked as he arrived at the table and I relayed the story.

"OK Sean P the loser machine, and you two super fly dumb on wry" Eddie said, "I told you next time you bother my customers, you're gone. OUT. NOW."

"That bitch bit me man" Kenny said.

"You lucky that's all she did, she got a fork in her hand" Eddie said, "Now get the hell out and do your parents a favor and go play on the freeway."

"Ladies I'd like to apologize for your night being interrupted" Eddie said sweetly, "Your meals are on the house if you choose to stay."

Why is it I seemed to attract the biggest losers of all time into my life. Lord what a couple of goons those two were, I'll bet with those looks and bad breath, not to mention their complete lack of manners, they'll never get laid. Chloe kissed my cheek and thanked me for what I did, but honestly it wasn't anything special. So in the end, we decided to stay and the food was pretty good, very good as a matter of fact. Eddie Marlin, who turned out to be the owner (who would have thunk that with the place being named Fast Eddie's), was nice enough to invite us back again, personally.

I checked my watch and noticed we only had about an hour to kill and not being able to see a movie in that time, we wondered down main street. Past some of the by now closed shops. I love those few moments with Chloe. She just seemed so far removed from the half-depressed girl who so desperately wanted to be loved that she stayed with Maxie despite the abuse. I thought of Megan one time that night and it kinda pissed me off again that she had called me and made me listen while she said she loved me, and now that I was getting on with my life she wanted to "come and visit." Why? I so wanted to call her and tell her to go screw herself, but holding Chloe's hand in that moment and seeing her giving me a concerned look, I quickly calmed down.

"Not having fun?" She asked.

"Don't be crazy, course I am" I said as I squeezed her fingers around mine and smiled. "Just old stuff coming back when I'm trying to move on with you."

"Old stuff?" She asked. "Tell me about it, I don't really know a lot about you."

"My ex, who I was very much in love with, called me a few days ago" I said, "But we broke up and both agreed to move on. Now she wants to come visit me and I'm so confused as to why. It's not like we can do anything, she doesn't go here and now I'm with you."

"I'll beat her up for you" Chloe said as my heart melted as she smiled at me.

"That's OK, she's not coming down here anyway" I said, "At least, I hope not."

"Me too" She said.

"And if you wanna know anything about me, just ask" I said as she grinned and seemed to be in thought. Another of my favorite moments is watching that gorgeous brain of hers operate.

"Got any sisters?" She asked.

"One, Holly, she's 17" I said and then thinking with my usual dirty mind, I pulled Chloe into my arms and whispered in her ear. "What would say if I told you I could sandwich you with my sister?"

"You're full of shit" She said as I held her tighter and asked in her ear, "Two sisters not a turn-on?"

"No, it is, a huge turn-on" She said as she blushed. "And what is a sandwich, and don't be a smart ass OK? Just tell me."

"Two girls 69" I said as she nodded and I leaned closer again and whispered in her ear, "the girl on top, gets..butt loved."

"Butt loved?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"Chloe, my girl, you are so goofy" I said as she gave me a dirty look. "Butt fucked."

"Oh that, oh damn I heard that hurts like hell" She said. "But that would mean the girl in the middle would get both holes...oh damn."

"Uh huh" I said with a kiss to the cheek, "And it doesn't hurt, I've tried it."

"At all?" She asked.

"I'd be gentle" I said, "You know I would."

"But why would you want to?" She asked.

"It's a huge and I mean huge turn-on" I said as she opened her eyes and seemed to be considering it.

"Gentle?" She asked.

"Very" I said with a kiss to the cheek. "If it didn't feel good, I'd never bring it up."

"How good?"

"Like nothing you've ever felt" I said, "I'm serious, Chloe it's so good when you get into it. You won't ever want it to stop."

"Shelby likes that you know?" Chloe said, "She said to tell you she wanted your ass, but I figured, you'd never do it so."

"Will you 69 with me?" I asked as she seemed very interested in that invite. "I promise you only have to do it if you want too."

"I am so dying just to have you all to myself" She said and sort of changing the subject I noted. "Then after you wear me out, you can invite some others in."

"What's the most times any girl ever made you...go POP" I said with emphasis on the word, pop.

"Once" She said as I looked at her.

"That's it?" I asked as she shrugged.

"Maxie is a one time and out type of girl" Chloe said as I grinned and said, "MMMMMM do you need it again after you go, pop?"

"Even worse sometimes" Chloe admitted as I licked her lips playfully. "Will you do me that way?"

"Nope, if you need it I'll give it to you" I said as she seemed surprised by that honest admission. "If my ex, taught me one thing, it was to be a very attentive lover. You will go, pop, more times than you can count if you let me. But you tell me when you had enough?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Because you've been with that whore Maxie and you think you don't have control over your own body" I said, "I'll touch you when you tell me I can."

"And what if I say....just make love to me?" She asked softly.

"Make love?" I asked as she nodded.

"Now that is a completely different subject all together" I said. "Making love is different than just sex for pleasure."


"Mmmm-hmmmm" I said, "Same concept, but different...result?"

"Making love is more about feelings right?" She asked honestly.

"I think so yeh"

"And you do have feelings for me?" She asked as I smiled and kissed her for a long moment.

"I do"

"I do too" She said, "You're getting me to used to good to me stuff."

"So you want me to rough you up a little bit?" I asked as I started tickling her. "Huh?"

"Stop, please stop, oh god I'mma pee" She said as I stopped and she pulled away and held her hands up to protect against any further attacks I think. I met her hands with mine and laced our fingers together.

"I wanna be good to you" I said as softly as we wrestled playfully. "You want that too?"

"Course I do" She said, "You are just too good to be true."

"And you are my girl, Chloe Morgan" I said, "Get used to it."

She smiled and seemed to again be at ease as we walked along for a few more blocks before turning and heading back the same way. Both of us, I think, thinking solely about the other. Ever so often as we walked along, she squeezed her fingers around mine and to get my attention and then I'd do it to her in return a few moments later. What is this feeling I'm starting to like? I was about to ponder that very question, in a much more in-depth fashion when Chloe snapped me back to reality with her voice.

"Hey look" Chloe said, pointing at a beaten up old sign that read, "Get a stud today! Tongue that is!"

"You wanna a tongue stud? You're crazy, come on, let's go" I said pulling her hand.

"No, I'm seriously thinking about it" She said smiling at me in that, innocent but horny as hell way that only Chloe could. Which of course got me horny as hell thinking about the things I wanted to do to her. "Can you imagine what that would do, when we eventually do make love."

"Maybe" I said, my interest now rising.

"Would you let me if I wanted one?" She asked honestly. How is it Megan never asked me anything like that. If she wanted it, I had to be OK with it.

"I've heard, it's pretty mind blowing" I said, "So oh yeah."

"I'm gonna do some research on it" She said as I giggled at her 'Shirlock Holmes' expression of being deep in thought. "See if it's safe and all."

"Yeh, my girl, you do that" I said pulling her along by the hand as we turned back towards the bus.

"Check us out" I said pointing to the reflection in the store front. "Got to be the hottest couple in town."

"Especially you" She said softly as she turned to me, "Do you know how sexy I think you are?"

"Do you know I feel the same way?" I asked as she smiled and I know she still has no idea of what I think of her. She honestly still thinks I'm saying it to just be nice. But damn, my baby got some serious back and everything else a girl needs to have to be considered, hot as fuck. We kissed a second later as she slipped her arms around my neck and I pulled her to me. A soft rhythm developed right away as for the first time since the night of the threesome we kissed like lover's. She licked her tongue at upper lip and seconds later I found my tongue being massaged by hers in our quest for pleasure. My hand slowly touched her cheek as I kissed her, her arms wrapping tighter around my neck and her tongue really working at my tongue as if she was trying to convince me to be her girl. If she only knew, I thought.

Yeh this Chloe girl is getting to me. Big time. I never thought anyone could make me forget Megan for a minute or for that matter even a second, but this girl was doing it without even trying. She was making me feel things, new things, I'd never felt before. She just wants to be loved so bad and I'm dying to get over Megan and move on with my life and this was almost as perfect a situation as anyone could possibly ask for. Funny too, that Chloe was drawing me in without even trying and I felt like I was doing her the same way. All I ever did was make a small effort, I mean honestly, how hard is it to take the time to hold someone? Wrap them in your arms and tell them, and do things that make them feel good. I know what you'll say I'm only 15 and I can't feel that way yet or I can't know something like that. Well, fuck you, cause I do.

"Chloe" I said as I finally pulled away and she looked at me with a dreamy look.

"Yeh?" She asked she touched my cheek ever so gently.

"You are the most amazing girl I've ever met" I said as she smiled. "An unbelievable kisser, drop dead gorgeous, caring, loving, gentle, thoughtful, everything I ever wanted in a girl, you're it."

"Molly, god, you're gonna make me cry" Chloe said as she touched her heart with a huge smile on her face.

"OK" I said as I had her turn around so I could hug her behind. "And when you do, I'll hold you. All night long if you want."

"Yeh, you would" She said as she relaxed into my embrace and we both stood there for the next few moments watching the stars.