Scent of a Girl - Episode 86 "Because I Love Her"

Written by: TVM (


Summary: In the ALL NEW 86th episode of 'Scent of a Girl: Sophomore Year', when it becomes clear that Chloe is not returning to Mintzler Prep this semester some begin to concoct their own theories as to why. It's a very dangerous game to play when you don't have nearly enough information to formulate a proper plan. Also, a fight between Cindy and Shelby has some unintended consequences when that person catches their best friend and that persons girlfriend in a VERY compromising position.


/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Chloe is pregnant?" Mindy asked as she came into the room finally after I had just hung up with Chloe. "Like bun in the oven?"

"That's what she said," I replied with numbness washing over my body. "We kind of agreed to take a break until after finals are over."

"You mean the school year?" Mindy asked as she sat down by me.

"About three weeks or so," I said. "That's about right?"

"Yeah the state tournament begins in two weeks," Mindy said. "Cindy said something about the league deciding if there was gonna be a playoff game since us and Twilight Hills are tied in the standings. That is if both teams win out."

"I'd love to see Chi get another shot at '3 Win Wendy' after what that bitch did to Anisha," I said. "Wendy is very easy to hate."

"I agree," Mindy said. "Speaking of...does know?"

"She doesn't hate me..."

"...or me?"

"Oh no she hates you," I said as Mindy gave me a dirty look. "What?"

"You better knock it off cause remember I'm the one who gives you that cumming sensation you love so much," Mindy said with a smirk.

"That cumming sensation is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place," I said as I pushed Mindy down on the bed as she laughed. I just smiled as she looked up at me and mocked me as she imitated my shocked reaction to her last comment. "Shut up."

"Make me Holly's twin sister," she said as she pushed me with her foot and giggled.

"Knock it off Melinda," I said as she did it again and seemingly held her foot near my shoulder for me to grab. "I just almost broke up with my girlfriend and I don't feel like playing."

"Oh come on," Mindy said as she laid her leg across my shoulder. "We never have fun anymore. Everything is always so serious."

"I just lost..."

"Chloe will take you back and you'll take her back," Mindy predicted. "You'll go spend the summer with her in Raytown and you'll end up helping her raise little Dakota Mindy Harris-Morgan."

"Who is Dakota Mindy Harris-Morgan?"

"Yours and Chloe's baby," Mindy giggled as I glared at her.

"It's not my baby," I said softly as Mindy gave up on the wrestling and sat up to join me. The emotions of everything that happened tonight just then hit me. "Maybe what you said will happen but..."

"Molly, Punky, don't cry please?" Mindy asked as she got on her knees in front of me and gently touched my face so I would look at her. "I'm here..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"'re not alone in this," I said as I gently touched Molly's face. "I'm your best friend forever and always remember?"

"You can't touch me like that and make me feel better," Molly said as her forehead touched mine.

"Why?" I asked. "I love you. You're the most important person in this world to me. When you hurt I do too."

"Then why aren't you crying?" Molly asked I laughed and she grinned. "Exaggerating a little?"

"No, I am not," I said in protest.

"I know," she said as she touched my lips with her fingers. "I just need a good night's sleep. Will you stay with me?"

"Yeah," I said as she smiled and did something that felt so natural, so perfect, soooo...a long time coming. She leaned in and kissed my lips. A sweet gentle kiss. We hugged for a long moment after that before she took my hand and we crawled into bed. I lay in her arms as she fell fast asleep, wondering what just happened between us. I rolled over in her arms and watched her sleep for the longest time. It was there, with all barriers guarding my feelings for her now gone, that I finally let myself feel the way I have all along. I was in love with my best friend.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Is Anisha over here?" Chi asked as she came to the door as I was sorting laundry. "I know there was a movie tonight and all."

"She's in the bedroom with Amy," I said as I pointed. "Why?"

"Casey (Kane) called to check on her," Chi said.

"She did?" I asked in surprise. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, Casey's really cool," Chi said with a smile. "She said her and Wendy had a screaming match after the game. Not sure if it's true though."

"Anisha seems to be just fine," I said.

"She started throwing again earlier," Chi said. "Everything seems to be OK."

"Are you two talking about me again?" Anisha asked as she came out of the bedroom with Amy.

"No, the other Anisha," I said as Amy laughed.

"I don't like her much," Amy added as Chi laughed.

"There's another Anisha?" Anisha asked as everyone laughed before she caught on. "Very funny."

"Hey is everyone going to the movie tonight?" Laney asked as her and Randi arrived back from the snack room.

"I think everyone is going," I said. "Cindy wanted me to."

"Alisha wants to know what kind of movie it is," Amy said as she sent a text to her on her cell phone.

"Well if she had stayed she could have went to it," I said.

"I think we should all get going," Chi said. "It starts in a few minutes."

"Where's Dakota?" Amy asked. "She was going too."

"The last time I saw her she was with Melanie," Randi said.

"Melanie is...right there," I started to say when that very person came past the door and stopped. "Hey you."

"Is everyone going to the movie?" Melanie asked.

"Just getting ready to leave actually," I said. "You seen Dakota?"

"I left her at the end of the hall down there an hour ago talking to her new girlfriend, Chloe," Melanie said as she pointed down the hall and when I looked I saw the top of Dakota's head as she sat on the steps.

"New girlfriend? Chloe has a girlfriend, Molly, your friend," I said to Melanie.

"I guess," Melanie said. "They were up all night talking."

"Chloe? Chloe Morgan?" I asked as Melanie nodded to confirm. "Why is she talking to Dakota so much for? She won't talk to anyone else."

"What about Chloe?" Cindy asked as she came back down the hall with the mail. "Did she finally call and say more than 5 words?"

"According to Melanie she's talking to Dakota right now," I said.

"I heard Dakota talking to her too," Randi confirmed "I was up late studying for finals in the common room with Chi and Anisha and overheard her."

"Yep," Chi and Anisha said in unison and then giggled.

"What's gotten into her?" Cindy asked. "Suddenly she's all mysterious and everything."

"Go talk to her and find out I'd like to know myself," I said as Cindy nodded her agreement and walked off down the hall with a, "Be right back."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CINDY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hey who are you talking to?" I asked Dakota to get her attention as she sat on the steps.

"Do what? Oh hey Cindy," she said. "What did you say?"

"Who are you talking to?" I repeated.

"It's no one," Dakota said mysteriously.

"Let me say hi to Chloe," I said as I held my hand out and she looked surprised. "And since when are you the only person she chooses to talk to?"

"She said it's her choice...gimme that back," Dakota said as I snatched her cell phone.

"Do not hang up on me Chloe Morgan," I said into the phone. "Now I want some answers."

"What answers Icey?" Chloe asked in a pissy voice.

"First, why haven't you come back to school since we all know your dad is fine? Second, have you bothered to call Molly cause the last time I checked she hadn't heard from you?" I asked.

"I'm not coming back this year because I'm taking my classes online," Chloe explained. "And what happened between me and Molly is between me and Molly."

"Chloe I have known you for three years and you wouldn't have left if something horrible didn't happen," I said.

"Leave her alone," Dakota said as I pushed her away.

"I don't have to explain anything to you..." Chloe said before the phone got snatched from my ear by Dakota.

"Leave us alone," Dakota barked at me.

"You can tell Chloe I will find out what's going on," I said loud enough for both to hear me. "If I gotta go and drag it out of Mindy."

"Mindy has nothing to do with this...what?"

"Mindy has nothing to do with it? That means she does," I summarized. "Ask Chloe does she wanna tell me or do I have to walk across campus and ask Mindy?"

"I know she's crazy sometimes," Dakota said into the phone as she walked off down the steps.

"What happened? I heard you all the way down there?" Shelby asked as she arrived by my side.

"Something happened with Chloe involving Mindy," I said to Shelby in a voice just above a whisper. "I think. She's acting so weird."

"Calm down," Shelby said as she grinned and kissed me. "Let's just go to the movie and forget about this for now."

"No, I'm gonna go over and see my bubble head sister and make her tell me what she did," I said as Shelby's eyes turned that certain color of red and she pushed me away. "What's wrong?"

"I've known you for three years and every time you get mad at Mindy you call her stupid," Shelby accused me. "I am so sick of hearing that."

"Fine I'm sorry she's a genius," I said. "Happy now?"

"No, I'm not," Shelby said as she turned and walked off. "You can go to the fucking movie by yourself, Icey."

"Shelby come on..." I said as she as she went inside the room and slammed the door. "UGHHHHHH!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Sometimes she makes me wanna be single again," I said as I went into the bedroom and found Laney's and my laundry still piled on the bed and waiting to be put away, as per the usual. "And on top of that I get to be the mom to 5 other girls every day. Running away is sounding more and more appealing Course if I keep talking to myself like this I'm gonna be taken away by those big guys with white coats and butterfly nets."

I laughed at my own silliness as I put away the laundry and thought I heard giggling from the main room. Listening for a moment and not hearing anything else I went back to putting away the clothes. Figuring by now that the movie was already started, and Cindy had went gone on alone, I settled in on the bed and picked a book out of Laney's collection to read. That's when I heard more giggling from the main room. I slid to the top of the bed, Cindy's bed is by the door, and opened it a bit and froze when I saw Randi and Laney on the couch in a serious make out session. I giggled behind my hand at my discovery as I watched the two trade spit for the longest time. Their hands slid everywhere, obviously no barriers left with these two, and kisses were planted on parts of bodies that had been uncovered by the roaming hands.

"I think we should stop," Randi said a few moments later.

"Why?" Laney asked as she buttoned her shirt back up. "You're not in the mood?"

"I'm always in the mood when I'm around you," Randi said as she moved across Laney's thighs and grinned down at her girlfriend (now official). "But who knows who could come through that door at any moment."

"Then we'll have to be more discreet," Laney said as she motioned for Randi to turn around and lay back in her arms. She then threw a blanket over her and Randi, grinning devilishly. Randi grinned as she leaned back and kissed Laney's neck softly and cooed her approval when Laney's hand slid down to her jersey and began unbuttoning it. Exposing Randi's stomach as the two grinned at each other and Randi made the muscles flex for Laney. "I love your abs sooo much."

"You can rub them all you want," Randi said as she watched Laney's hand move downward and under the covers. "I thought you loved my abs, OH WOW, something you love even more, huh?"

"OH yeah," Laney cooed as she began to rub (I'm assuming) Randi's bald little pussy. Randi's thighs squeezed around her girlfriend's hand as Laney rubbed it up and down faster. The two enjoyed a long slow soft kiss that made me wet as Laney began moving in a 'in-and-out' motion that showed she had now moved onto fingering. Randi's light moans disappeared as she kissed Laney passionately over the next few moments and squeezed her thighs around Laney's pumping hand over and over. A light smacking sound could be heard as Laney's hand bounced off the skin and brought Randi more pleasure as the seconds passed. The two parted as Randi now focused on pleasure as her abs tensed over and over and she lifted the sheet a bit so she could watch intently. Squeezing her thighs one last time, she laid her head back and started cumming on Laney's pumping digit. "OH yeah!"

"MMMMMM I needed that so bad," Randi moaned as she kissed Laney again and smiled as she said, "I love you."

"I love you too," Laney said as she brought her hand up, now covered in Randi's cum, and smeared it across Randi's abs. "Look how messy that stuff is."

"I know it gets everywhere," Randi said as her and Laney spent a few moments smearing it over her abs. Making them glisten in the light of the room. "You're gonna have to finish licking it off for me."

"Gladly," Laney said as she kissed Randi one more time and then slid out from behind her. Laney slid under the cover as she settled in on her stomach and between Randi's thighs. Both giggled when Randi pulled the blanket up to cover her head though that stopped when Laney's head started softly bobbing up and down as she licked at Randi's pussy softly. "MMMMM so sweet."

"Yes it is," Randi moaned back as she held the blanket in place and squirmed from the pleasure. "You still want Cally to watch you do that?"

"Huh?" Laney asked as she stopped and looked up.

"We talked about inviting Cally to join in?" Randi said. News to me. "You said she'd love watching you do this?"

"Yeah she'd wanna be doing something to you while I'm doing this," Laney reminded her as she gently stroked her hands up and down the outside of Randi's thighs and licked her pussy a few more times. "Are you sure you wanna do that?"

"I don't know," Randi said as Laney licked her a few more times. "Do you?"

"Oh I've wanted to for a long time but Shelby and Cindy were always too chicken to actually do it," Laney said as Randi laughed. I stuck my tongue out in protest. Though she is right. "So we need to make a decision."


"School year is winding down fast," Laney said. "Yes?"

"Oh yes," Randi said as she stroked both of her hands into Laney's hair and guided her down to her pussy. Laney eagerly went back to licking the ultra smooth patch of skin as Randi squirmed a bit and moaned her approval as she watched intently. Randi's smooth tanned thighs quivering1 from the pleasure as Laney wrapped her arms around the outside of them and licked patiently up and down her slit. Randi's fingers clutched to fists in Laney's hair as the pleasure increased and Laney started working over her clit on every pass now. Randi's eyes closed as she absorbed the pleasure as her abs tensed over and over. Laney's hands went to slowly stroke up and down the outside of Randi's thighs as she brought her closer to orgasm. Randi squirmed a bit more as Laney stopped for a moment and licked her lips as she let her settle down before she went back to licking her softly. That would end up being all Randi could take as she started moaning a bit louder and tensed up all over. Laney eagerly licked up her cum as Randi settled down with a huge smile on her face.

Boy is Cally gonna love them two. Boy am I glad I missed the movie now.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Do you think of me as girlfriend material?" Paige asked as she lay on her stomach (naked!) reading one of my magazines as I played a game on my tablet.

"HMMMMMM," I said as my eyes roamed over her beautifully tanned body for a long moment, "With that body I'd say yes."

"Not just when I'm naked," Paige said. "With my clothes on?"

"That depends," I said as I laid down my tablet and slid my hand over her shoulder and down the silky smooth skin of bare back and was headed for that perfectly heart shaped little ass when she giggled and pushed my hand away. "What was that for?"

"I didn't say you could do that," Paige said with a finger point.

"Oh come on you know you're gonna let me," I said as she grinned but shook her head no. "Then you're not girlfriend material."

"Be serious dork," she said as I laughed. "Am I or not?"

"Well I do like the fact that you love being naked..." I said as she grinned. "You're a good kisser, and good in bed..."

"A very important fact," she noted as I nodded my agreement. A knocking at the door interrupted our conversation. "Damn it."

"Put something on," I said as I slid out of bed.

"No," she said firmly. "I don't care if people see me like this I'm not ashamed."

"Yeah but not everyone is as comfortable with nudity as you are," I said as I tossed a long night shirt to her. "Don't make this a big issue?"

"I know you hate drama," she said as she popped up to her knees and put on the T-shirt.

"Yes I do and you just proved to me that you are girlfriend material," I said as she grinned and slipped under the covers as I opened the door. "Oh hey Candy."

"We got a decision we need your opinion on," Candy said as Allison appeared from beside her.

"Sure," I said as she came inside. "About the game tonight?"

"No, no, it's about my choice of where to go to college at," Candy said as she showed me some colorful brochures. "University of Kentucky and Arizona State have both offered me full scholarships. Where should I go?"

"Where do you think she should go?" I asked Allison.

"I already told her I vote for Arizona State but she's looking for a reason to pick UK," Allison answered.

"I am not," Candy said defensively.

"Then I think you should go to UK," I said.

"Thanks a lot," Allison said sarcastically as I laughed.

"UK is a great school for sports," Paige chimed in. "A cousin of mine played Basketball there for 4 years."

"I didn't even see you there," Allison giggled to Paige.

"That's a fantastic point," Candy said as she smiled at Paige. "I've made my mind up."

"Yes! Arizona State baby," Allison said with fake enthusiasm.

"UK!" Candy said as Allison shrugged. "Thanks Cal, thanks Paige. I better go call the recruiter and let him know."

"Yeah thanks Cal, thanks Paige," Allison said mockingly as she stuck her tongue out at both of us in protest.

"WOOHOO! Glad their gone," Paige declared as I closed the door and was met with a flying t-shirt after Paige had stripped it off and fired it at my head.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Chwoey," Carly (my 3 and a half year old sister) said to get my attention as I sat on the porch swing reading. She was holding her favorite blanket and stuffed animal. "You give me nap?"

"I give you nap?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"Daddy give me nap sometime," Carly said as she patted her hand on my lap. "You give me nap?"

"Oh I get it," I said as I put my book down and helped her into my lap. "You tired?"

"I sweepy," she declared with a yawn as she laid her head on my shoulder and held her stuffed ducky and I covered her up. It didn't take long before she was she was asleep.

"Hey you want a ice cream sandwich?" Mackenzie (my other younger sister) asked as she came to the screen door.

"No, I'm watching my figure," I giggled as she came out to join me.

"So am I it's quite nice," Mackenzie giggled as she sat down by me.

"You better stop that," I said as she continued giggling. "Remember you're daddy's straight daughter."

"I was until Molly sent me some nude pics of her," Mackenzie said and started laughing as I glared at her.

"Shut up and go away," I said.

"OK, I'm sorry," Mackenzie said as her giggles came under control. "Something I do need to talk to you about."

"Go on," I said and expecting another joke.

"Daddy is still considering letting me go to Mintzler next year," Mackenzie said. "Can you help me talk to him?"

"Oh so you do wanna be a lesbian?" I asked and thought I'd get her good. Nope.

"Yep!" she said as she grinned widely and nodded her head excitedly.

"You're impossible," I said as I pushed her over as she laughed. "If you want me to I will."

"Thanks," Mackenzie chirped. "If daddy says I can go can I hang out with you and Molly?"

"I don't even know if I'll be hanging out with Molly," I said seriously.

"You're gonna get back with her you know it," Mackenzie said. Carly shifted in her sleep and nodded back off in my arms. "Admit it."

"I don't know if I want her back after what happened," I said softly.

"You both made mistakes but you love her so you'll forgive her and she'll forgive you," Mackenzie said.

"Mac, it was my fault she cheated on me," I said as Mackenzie slid closer and for the first time I laid out the whole scene for someone other than the three people involved (me, Molly and Mindy) and Dakota. "See it's just really complicated."

"So it's your fault she did that and it's her fault that you did it with Tommy Newman?" Mackenzie asked. Man she's a smart cookie sometimes.

"I don't know," I said as she smiled smugly. "It's just complicated."

"Not so complicated that if you went back to school like you should you'd still have a girlfriend who loves you," Mackenzie said as she stood. My cell phone rang on the table to the side of the porch swing. I reached for it but Mackenzie got it first and gave me a knowing smile when she saw who it was. "Or is there another reason you're not going back to Mintzler?"

"Gimme the damn phone and quit making something out of nothing," I said as she gave me the phone as I flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Miss me?" Dakota giggled as a smile spread across my face that gave Mackenzie all the evidence she thought she needed.

"Yes I did lover," I said to Dakota as she laughed. I flipped Mackenzie off as she walked away laughing smugly.

"What was that all about?" Dakota asked.

"My annoying ass little sister trying to create something out of nothing..."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Have you seen Mindy?" I asked Holly as her and Maggie lounged on the sofa in the office.

"She was sitting on the bench outside the last time I saw her," Maggie said. "Why?"

"Just bored and wanted something to do," I said. "My brain hurts from studying so much the last few days so I thought getting away from it for a bit would help."

"Well I hope you do good," Holly said. "And if you don't no Hollywood."

"So that means you can't go either," I said, "Cause someone has to be responsible for me and the messes I get into."

"Oh no," Holly said as I started laughing. "Now I don't even have leverage to get you to do anything."

"You don't need leverage," I said as I threw an M&M from the jar on the table and giggled when Holly caught it in her mouth. "I just needed some motivation."

"And you can still do it even though that motivation left town?" Maggie asked.

"Her new motivation is sitting outside in an impossibly short mini-skirt and a great tan," Holly said as I flipped her off.

"My motivation comes from me," I said as I pointed to myself. "And we are going to L.A. this summer cause I'm gonna do good on the finals."

"Good news," Holly said, "Cause Maggie got that apartment and snagged me a job on the set of the movie she'll be directing."

"1st assistant directing," Maggie corrected Holly. "If there is such a thing."

"Well you're getting paid to do it so I bet there is," I said as Maggie smiled. "And who's gonna be filling in for you here this summer?"

"Closed for repairs," Maggie said. "KMH is gonna be renovated they told me. Making room for the new girls next year. 7th and 8th graders."

"And before you start to panic we'll only be living about 5 miles from Mindy," Holly said as she stood and joined me by the door as she put her arm around me and lead me into the main lobby. She closed the door behind her before she asked (in a whisper), "Is Chloe really preggo?"

"I told you she was," I said. "Why? And you better not have told anybody."

"I didn't," Holly said. "But Maggie is worried about her. Can I tell her?"

"You're asking my permission before you do something that effects my life?" I asked. "That's new."

"Ha ha, can I?" Holly asked.

"Yeah I guess," I said. "She did love Chloe."

"So did I," Holly said. "Any updates on her coming back?"

"Like I told you we're in a holding pattern," I said. "I don't even know what that means."

"Has something changed?" Holly asked. "Cause a few months ago you'd have already runaway from school to chase her down but now you're like...whateva."

"I would go chase her down if I thought she didn't hate me," I said. "I don't know that even after talking to her. And after what she did I don't know that I wanna talk to her either."

"Everything will work out," Holly said as she pushed me towards the door. I breathed a sigh of relief and a smile crossed my face as I saw Mindy laying on her jacket on the grass reading some magazine. She looked up and smiled as she saw me. I dropped to my knees and joined her as I laid an arm over her back.

"What are you doing Melinda?" I asked as she smiled even brighter, something I knew that I was coming to adore more every day.

"You called me Melinda," she said as I smiled back. "No one calls me that unless I'm in trouble. It's always Mindy."

"Oh you're in trouble alright," I said, expecting her to giggle but she simply touched her forehead to mine and said, "I'm in trouble alright."

"What? Detention or something?" I asked.

"No, nothing to do with school," Mindy said as I got worried. "It's nothing Molly, I mean Punky."

"You said you were in trouble what kind of trouble are you in?" I asked as Mindy turned nervous and suddenly popped to her feet as she saw someone coming up the walk. I looked to see Cindy coming our way and not looking happy. "Cindy looks ready to fight."

"I hope it's not something I did," I said as Mindy giggled.

"You think it's OK to use my sister?" Cindy asked me as she stopped and glared a hole through me.

"Excuse me?" I asked in confusion.

"Cindy what's up...OHMIGOD STOP!" Mindy screamed as Cindy drilled me right in the stomach with a punch that sent me crumpling to the ground. I honestly thought at that moment she was gonna try and hurt me. "What is wrong with you? What did she do?"

"You're coming with me cause she's not using you anymore," Cindy said as she grabbed Mindy's wrist and tried to pull her along but found Mindy resisting.

"OWWWWW, Cindy you're hurting my arm stop," Mindy cried as Cindy jerked on her arm and I swear it looked like she hurt it. I got back to my feet in a crawl and charged after Cindy with full force. She looked over just as I slammed into her and knocked her to the ground and along with her went Mindy. The whole world sorta went in slow motion as I looked to see Mindy crying with her arm and Cindy glaring at me as she got up to come after me. I did the only thing that came to mind I threw a wild haymaker at Cindy and connected spot on. She slumped back to the ground holding her eye. "Molly please help me."

"Mindy are you OK?" I asked as she held her shoulder as she sat up. The same one she'd hurt in Freshman year when Veronica pushed her down the steps.

"No my shoulder is hurting, really hurting," Mindy cried as I helped her up. "What did she do that for?"

"I did it cause you fucked Chloe and broke up her up with Molly," Cindy said from the ground.

"Are you fucking stupid that is not what happened," I said as Mindy hugged me from behind with her good arm. "Who told you that?"

"No one told me that; I put 2 and 2 together," Cindy said as she got back to her feet finally, still rubbing her eye.

"Well apparently you can't count," I said as Mindy pulled me back a few feet.

"Then why don't you explain to me why Chloe and Dakota are always talking on the phone now and you two seem to be so cozy?" Cindy asked.

"Chloe and Dakota are best friends you psycho," I spat as Maggie came out of the building in a rush.

"What the living hell is going on?" Maggie asked.

"Mindy I'm sorry are you OK?" Cindy asked as she came closer.

"I swear to god I'll kill you for her," I said to Cindy as I pointed right at her.

"What, you think I'm gonna hurt her?"

"YOU ALREADY DID!" I screamed at her. "BRING IT YOU BITCH."

"No one is fighting anymore," Maggie said as Mindy held me protectively with both arms now. It was in that moment that I knew our relationship had changed.

"Why are you so insanely protective over here?"

"BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH HER!" I screamed and it was like the whole world froze as those words came out of my mouth. MY (meaning me), my, mine, my mouth.