Sex Starved Sluts

By: Cassie White

My name is cassie. I'm currently 29 years old. I'm 5'9" 120 lbs and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My build is 34b-24-38. This story isn't about me at age 29, however. This story is about me at age 16. It was the age that I became a sex starved slut.

Before then I was just your average blonde bimbo. By my 16th birthday I had already slept with 5 boys. 3 of those boys were just choir trip flings. Normal choir trips were supposed to be 2 girls to a room and 2 boys to a room. We always ended up switching so we could have some fun. I'd hook up with a boy, fuck him all weekend and then when we got back it would be back to normal. The other 2 boys were boyfriends and i fucked them repeatedly. It was too many times to count really.

I have an extremely liberal family. I had expressed to mom that I wanted to get some piercings and tattoos. She said that I could when I turned 16. So the day I turned 16 we went to a pretty reputable tattoo/piercing place. I wanted to get my navel pierced, my clit pierced and a tramp stamp. The tattoo I had picked out was pretty simple. It was a rose vine that went across the small of my back. When the guy went to pierce my clit he said that I would have to keep my pussy shaved until it healed. Up until then I left it completely natural down there. He shaved it for me leaving a landing strip. I thought it was pretty sexy and ended up keeping it like that.

Anyway, I was the captain of the girls varsity soccer team. I had heard that there were lesbians on the team this year. I also heard that they liked to mess around after practices but I never ended up sticking around for it.

My junior year I was a knock out if I say so myself. I was well tanned all over. I never have worn anything to tan. I had (and still have) a huge ass. Don't worry, it's not flabby at all. Being on a soccer team, I have to work out quite a bit. My 34b cup tits were nice and perky. I usually never wore a bra. My nipples were hard about 90% of the time. I also have over developed inner labia. Basically I have huge pussy lips.

Well, one night after practice I was showering with the girls. Jane Masterson walks up to me. The shower room only had 4 heads so a couple girls ended up sharing. Anyway, Jane and I were sharing a shower. Little did I know that Jane is a lesbian. She offered to help me wash up If I helped her. I did her first. She soaped up her front. I soaped up her back, her ass and between her legs. I also helped her shampoo her hair. Then she went to help me. I didn't have the option of doing my front. She did it all. She paid extra attention to my tits, my ass and my pussy.

I was getting kinda hot from her rubbing me but still felt the need to address her on it. I said, "You know I'm not gay, right?"

Jane said, "Who says you have to be? Did you like it?"

I said, "Like it how?"

She said, "Did it get you going?"

I said, "I probably shouldn't be answering this, but yeah it did."

She said, "Then who cares about labels. Sex is sex. Do what feels good."

I said, "You know, that's a really good motto. I like it."

She said, "You doing anything tonight?"

I said, "Hadn't planned on it."

She said, "Good, you're coming home with me."

I said, "Can I ride with you? Mom took my celica out of town."

I diverted from my normal routine of getting dressed and high tailing it out of the locker room. I felt really relaxed for some reason. I just sat on the bench nude by my locker. I rested my head against the locker door and chatted it up with the girls.

My best friend sara sat down next to me and said, "So, I over heard you talking to Jane."

I said, "Yeah, i'm going home with her tonight."

Sara said, "You know she's been wanting to fuck you all year?"

I said, "Really? Cool! Well, looks like she's getting her wish."

Sara said, "You're gonna go through with it?"

I said, "Why not. I've always been curious."

Sara said, "Well, call me soon as you get home. If you like it then you and I can try it together."

Jane told me to hurry up so we could go. I got my clothes on and we left the locker room. The whole trip over to Jane's house my pussy was soaked. Half of it was because I was gonna get naked and fuck a girl and half of it was me thinking about Sara's naked body.

I couldn't believe I was having these thoughts. I sorta thought about fucking another girl but it was always just a fantasy...or so I thought. I couldn't get the sight of Sara's naked body out of my head. Her perfectly toned body. Her long brown hair. How her A cup tits looked. They had a teardrop shape to them and when it's cold or she's horny her whole nipple and aerola gets swollen and her boobs point. Her beautiful jet black pussy hair. She keeps between her legs clean shaven but she has a modest triangle above her pussy. She keeps it about 2 inches long or so.

Jane told me that we'd be at her place soon. I pulled out my cell and called home. My sister anwered. Mom was out of town so she was the only one home. I told her that I'd probably be late. Kasey told me to just stay where I was. She had a boy coming over and they would be "busy" all night.

We arrived at Jane's house. We got out of the car and went inside. We walked into the living room. Jane said, "Mom, this is cassie. Cassie, this is my mom."

Jane's mom said, "Please, call me Stephanie."

I said, "Nice to meet you Stephanie."

Jane said, "We're going upstairs for the night."

Stephanie said, "You girls want some food?"

Jane said, "Not right now. We're gonna go up and do some working out."

Stephanie said, "Oh ok then. Try to keep the moaning down then."

Jane said, "Heh, maybe."

We went upstairs and into Jane's room. Jane closed the door but it didn't shut all the way. She immediately started taking off her clothes.

I said, "Your mom knows?"

Jane said, "That i'm a lesbian? Yep. She's cool with it."

Jane is a red head. She has curly red hair going down to past her shoulderblades. She's also a natural lesbian. She doesn't shave her pussy anywhere at all. She also doesn't shave her armpits. Not alot grows under her arms anyway but what she does have is surprisingly sexy. Jane has big 36d cup breasts. Big bad boys for you to hold in your hands, suck on and put your face between. Aside from that she's also very well in shape. Nice round muscular ass. Thick muscular thighs and a flat belly.

She got down to her bra and panties and then she came over to me. She unbuttoned my dress shirt. She peeled it off and said, "Naughty girl. No bra?:

I said, "I never wear a bra babe."

She said, "I can't be that liberal with these big girls."

I said, "I love your big tits. They are beautiful."

Her tits hung but only slightly. She stood there at first. Her naked body made me salivate. She then unfastened my red plaid skirt and tossed it aside. In my rush to get dressed in the locker room, I had forgotten to put panties on. I had left them in my locker.

So there I was standing in front of this naked, gorgeous lesbian. She had lust in her eyes. She grabbed me by the back of the head and we kissed. She brought her arms down and wrapped them around my waste. Her hands firmly on my fat ass. We kissed lightly a few times and then we both went for it and started making out.

My hands slowly wandered over her body for the first time. I started off by rubbing her breasts. I touched her nipples then grasped her entire breast. Then reached behind her to her back. I slowly ran both hands down her back and stopped at her ass. She then invited me to get in bed with her.

We both got into bed. Our hands went down each other's tummy's and we both rubbed and explored each other's pussies. We didn't really go straight for fingering. We were necking each other and we were just rubbing each other's pussies with our hands. We would occasionally insert a finger for the sinful pleasure of diping our finger into that soaking wet honey pot.

I was loving her sucking on my neck. I didn't even care that she was leaving me the most massive hickey i'd ever seen. It ended up being dark purple and about the size of a baseball. She slowly inched her way south. She stopped and worshipped my breasts. She kissed each nipple. She then licked around my nipples and then sucked them into her mouth. Next she kissed her way to my navel. She licked the inside of my navel and then proceeded further south.

I was writhing in the bed. I had never been so turned on in my life. She finished her journey south when her lips wrapped around my dangling pussy lips. She wrapped her arms around my thighs. She sucked my pussy lips into her mouth and parted them with her tongue. Her tongue went deep into my pussy and she licked up to my throbbing clit. I was already moments away from cumming and she hadn't even started on me yet.

She sucked down hard on my clit and I exploded. I started moaning loud. My legs started shaking. I felt like crawling out of my skin. Jane stopped for just a second and said, "Already?"

I moaned out mid orgasm, "Oh god, I can't help it. I've never been so horny in all my life."

This orgasm was more powerful than any i'd ever had and I just knew it wasn't over. It subsided a few minutes later. I begged Jane to let me eat her pussy. She kept teasing me. She kept asking me if I wanted her. I begged her some more. She'd ask me again if I wanted it. I'd beg some more. Then she said, "I'm all yours baby."

I kissed my way south starting at her navel. I made it to her pussy and Jane wrapped her legs around my head. I went straight for her clit. I wanted to here her cum. I slid 2 fingers inside her and went for her gspot as I sucked and flicked my tongue over her clit. It only took about 5 minutes or so. She started breathing heavy. She started moaning loud and then she yelled, "Oh god, pull your fingers out i'm gonna cum."

I pulled my fingers out and then she squirted all over my face. It was a pretty decent stream too. After she stopped squirting I went after her again. I put 2 fingers back inside her and I started to fuck her again. This time it only took about 3 minutes. She started to moan loud and then she yelled again, "Oh god, i'm gonna squirt again." This time my face wasn't directly at her pussy. She came again and she shot a stream of cum all the way across the room.

Afterwards she said, "I need a break for a few baby. Come up here with me." I got up on the pillow next to her and we laid on the bed holding each other. We were lightly kissing each other and petting each other.

She said to me in a soft voice, "I've wanted this for so long."

I said, "If I had known it would be this good, you could've asked me a long time ago."

She said, "I love you Cass."

I was shocked. Not in a bad way. I said, "You do?"

She said, "I've been in love with you since the first time I saw you. I've wanted to make love to you for 2 years now."

I said, "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

She said, "Yeah, we've been dating for a while now. She knows you are here."

I said, "She's ok with it?"

She said, "Not really but she'll deal with it. I'd break up with her in a heartbeat for a chance to be with you."

I said, "Well, there's one problem."

She said, "What is that?"

I said, "I promised sara that if I liked this that i'd make love to her."

She said, "Make love to her?"

I said, "Yes. It wouldn't just be sex. We've been best friends since pre-school. We love each other. It may not be in a lovers way yet, but i'm sure after we make love that will change."

She said, "So you're ready to switch over?"

I said, "I've been ready to be a lesbian. I just didn't know it yet."

She said, "Well, before you and sara go for it as far as a relationship can I have one more time with you in bed?"

I said, "Absolutely."

Jane and I fell asleep in her bed. For that night we were lovers. We didn't get much sleep that night. We spent most of the night kissing and rubbing and cumming. When the night was over I got my clothes back on and went home.

Once I got to school the following monday I went straight for Sara. I said, "I gotta tell you something after school. You're coming over to my house tonight."

Sara said, "Lemme guess. You did it?"

I said, "I'm not saying. You gotta wait. Don't worry though. You'll like the surprise."

I was nervous and excited all day. What would Sara say when I told her I was in love with her? Would she freak out? I thought just the other day I had never been more horny. This topped that. My pussy was so wet that i had a wet spot in my khaki shorts. My nipples were like 2 eraser heads.

After school, Sara met me at my car. She said, "I can't take it any more. You gotta tell me. Did you fuck her?"

I said, "Yes, we had sex."

She said, "And did you like it?"

I said, "It was amazing. It could have been better though."

She said, "Really, how?"

I said, "It could have been with you."

She said, "Me? Really?"

I said, "Sara, I love you."

She said, "And I love you, you know this silly."

I said, "No...not just I love you. I mean......i'm in love with you. You've been my best friend forever. You know everything about me. We've been through everything together. I want to take you home with me and I want us to make love together."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "What took you so long. I am SO in love with you Cass."

We kissed right there in the parking lot at school. It was just like it is in the movies. We embraced and locked lips. Our tongues swirled in each other's mouths. We had to stop when a teacher broke us up. Sara got in my car and we drove to my house. Mom wouldn't be home till 9pm. We had all afternoon and some of the night to be alone together.

We got out of the car at my house and we made out through the front door, up the stairs and into my bedroom. We literally tore each other's clothes off. We made love in my bed for hours. I couldn't count how many orgasms we both had. Mom knocked on my door at 9:30. She thought I was masturbating. We were still naked in bed and I said to Sara, "Lets tell mom."

Sara said, "You sure about that?"

I said, "Absolutely. She'll have to find out eventually."

She said, "Ok then. Lets do it."

We both went downstairs. We were both wearing only our panties. No bras. We sat down on the couch together holding each other. Mom was in her chair.

I said, "Mom?"

She didn't even look over. She said, "Yeah, honey?"

I said, "Sara and I are going out."

She said, "Ok, you two have fun and don't be out late."

I said, "No mom. Sara and I are lesbians. We're girlfriends."

Mom looked over at us. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. Mom then said something that completely surprised me. She said, "Well, you two girls have my blessing."

Sara said, "Really? You are ok with it?"

Mom said, "Well, you girls have been best friends since birth. I'd be stupid to say you two aren't a good matchup."

I said, "Mom, you're the greatest."

Mom said, "I had a girlfriend when I was in college. Was probably the most erotic time of my life."

I said, "You were a lesbian?"

She said, "I wouldn't say I was a lesbian. I had a fling with my college roommate. Then I met your father during summer break. If Candice hadn't been a senior when we roomed together things may have been different."