Soccer Dyke

By: Cassie White

Hey, my name is Cassie. I'm 24 years old. I'm 5'10", 135 lbs and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My measurements are 34b-26-40. I have been a dyke nearly since birth. This is my story about a devoted dyke.

First, I'll talk about my body a bit. I have long wavy hair going down to the bottoms of my shoulder blades. I'm well tanned. I generally tan twice a week and I tend to play around or lay out nude in the back yard. I have very small breasts. They do have a teardrop shape to them. My nipples are dark and about 3/4 the size of a dime. They stay hard pretty much all the time. I have a flat tummy with a 6 pack. I have a huge ass. I'm very happy to say that it's a firm ass. I have very thick thighs. I generally have to wear pants especially made. Pants that fight my thighs don't fit my waist and vice versa. I also have long pussy lips. The ones that you see and can't wait to suck on. I keep my pussy shaven clean between my legs but keep a triangle pretty much unkept above.

I've never been interested in boys. My first sexual experience was when I was 8 years old. It was with my cousin Sara at my aunt's house. I don't even recall how we got into it. We weren't talking about anything special. We both sorta just started exploring each other. We started fingering each other and that lead to us kissing each other. We did it several times on different occasions and then just stopped for whatever reason.

I had my first girlfriend when I was 12 years old. It was my best friend Rachel. We had been friends since diapers. We talked about everything. One night on a sleepover when we were both 11 she asked if I ever played with myself. I had been playing with myself for a month or so. So we got the idea to start doing it together. We masturbated to orgasm together for about a month or so before moving on.

That lead to us making out as we masturbated ourselves. We liked making out while we masturbated because it got us off harder. Then one night I reached over and moved her hand out of the way and started doing it for her. That was so hot. We really liked it. We were now up to making out and fingering each other to orgasm.

Then one weekend I had an idea. I had been watching mom's pornos and saw the girl getting her pussy licked and I wanted to try it. I couldn't wait for Rachel to come over. We got naked as usual. We started making out. As she was fingering herself I told her I wanted to try something that I thought was really sexy. She didn't even question me. I got between her legs and started doing it just like I saw them do it on mom's movies. It only took her a few minutes to cum and she did hard. She said it was the best she had ever had. She was eager to do it to me. I had been learning how to hold off an orgasm. It took everything I had but I held off 3 orgasms and then I exploded.

Little did we know that we were now having full blown sex. We were so into it. It progressed so naturally. We found ourselves wanting to go to bed early so we could do it but knew that we couldn't because our moaning would get us caught.

Then on the bus home from school it happened. Rachel said, "You know I've been thinking. You want to be girlfriends?"

I said, "We have been for ages, doll."

She said, "No, I mean serious. Like dating."

I said, "Like lesbian girlfriends?"

She said, "It's not like we aren't already."

I said, "What if people talk."

She said, "People talk anyway. You're either too ugly, or too stupid, or too poor. They'll get used to it and get over it."

I said, "Yeah, you're right. Ok. Lets do it."

We were officially girlfriends starting in 6th grade. Of course nobody really found out about it then because there wasn't a whole lot to do in 6th grade. That would change dramatically when we moved to middle school. We were holding hands and sneaking kisses in the halls. People whispered about us but they were more curious than anything. We went to all the middle school dances together. Everyone talked about us but we didn't care. We actually dated from about halfway into 6th grade all the way through 9th grade.

We eventually did break up our sophomore year. I was in choir and she wasn't. She opted to do drama. Well, we went on a choir trip that took us there overnight. It was my first overnight trip away from home. I was in a room with Shelly Carson. We were both on the JV soccer team together.

We got into our hotel room and got settled in. Now, I haven't worn any clothes to bed since 3rd grade. I actually didn't own any pajamas and hadn't brought anything to sleep in.

We were both getting undressed. I was wearing just my panties. I wasn't wearing a bra because I generally don't anyway. Shelly was in her bra and panties.

Shelly says to me, "So Cassie, you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

I said, "No not at all hon."

She said, "Are you a lesbian? I've heard rumors and was just curious."

I said, "Yes, dear. I'm a lesbian."

She said, "So how do you want to do sleeping arrangements?"

Theree was only one bed and I wasn't planning on wearing anything to sleep in. I said, "Well, to be honest, I wasn't planning on wearing anything to sleep in. I didn't don't normally wear pj's."

Shelly said, "That's cool. You can do that. I don't mind. You mind If I try that? I generally just wear panties."

I said, "You can wear panties if you want. Don't do it because I'm into girls."

She said, "No, I want to. So, it's cool?"

I said, "Totally cool with me."

I could tell she was curious but didn't want to just come out and ask me. To this day, I don't know why I decided to cheat on Rachel. Shelly and I were in bed together. We had about 2 feet between us. It was like Shelly was making it a point to not touch.

Then I said, "Whew, I'm kinda cold."

Shelly eagerly piped in, "We can snuggle if you like. I keep warm."

I said, "Is that ok with you? I can just get another blanket."

She said, "Don't be stupid. We're in bed already. Let's just get close."

So we got closer and started spooning. Our bodies were touching. My breasts were touching her back. My bush was brushing against her ass. She was trembling. I reached over and put my arm around her.

I said, "Are you ok? You are trembling."

She said, "No....i'm...uh...."

She turned around and faced me. She wrapped her arms around me. Our legs entangled. Our pussies were now on each other. Our breasts pressed together. She took a breath and then we started kissing. Our bodies writhed on one another. Our kisses were deep and passionate.

She broke off our kiss and said, "I have a confession to make."

I said, "Yeah, what is that?"

She said, "I knew you were a lesbian already."

I said, "Is that right. You wanted to take advantage of me?"

She said, "I've been wondering what it's like to sleep with another girl. I've been horny for you since we got in here."

I then went under the covers. I spread her legs and wrapped my arms around her thighs. I marveled at her naturally hairy pussy. She had a thick patch of dark brown fur above her pussy. It stretched nearly from hip to hip. Her pussy lips were nice and hairy. Not too much, not too little. She even had quite a bit of hair around her asshole which I found very sexy for some reason. I licked all the way up her pussy lips. I then plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. I swirled my tongue around and then went for her clit. I slid my middle finger inside her as I licked and sucked on her clit.

I wanted this girl to love every second of her first time with a lesbian. I wanted her to convert. Best way I knew how was to get her off hard and several times. My middle finger aimed for her gspot. I rubbed it and sucked down hard on her clit and flicked my tongue over it. It wasn't long before she was moaning loudly and she had one hell of a first orgasm.

Her pussy was quivering after the orgasm. I crawled back up and we made out. She begged me to let her eat my pussy. Of course I was going to but I wanted to tease her and make her want it.

She said, "Now it's my turn."

I said, "I dunno. You are a first timer. I may have to just toy myself."

She said, "Come on, I wanna taste your pussy. I wanna feel you cum all over my face."

I said, "You have to go the distance then. You sure you're up to it?"

She said, "I'm gonna make you cum so hard you're not gonna want to sleep with another woman."

I said, "If you think you can do it. One condition. I want you to call me honey or baby any time you speak to me."

She said, "Ok baby."

She threw the covers off the bed. She didn't go down to my pussy. She layed with her pussy right in my face and started eating me out. She lived up to her word. She gave me the best orgasms I had ever had. We ended up fucking until about 1am. We would have kept going but we were both getting tired and wanted to make sure we were rested for the next day.

Afterwards, we were just laying in bed naked. I said, "You wanna get something to drink and go out on the balcony before bed?"

She said, "Sure, let me just put on a robe."

I said, "No robe."

She said, "People will see us."

I said, "Yep, they sure will."

She said, "You are such a bad girl. I love it."

So we got some sodas and went out on the balcony. She stood with her arms resting on the rail and I was behind her with my arms around her. We had been up there for about 15 minutes when one of the other girls spotted us. It was Jennifer, a friend of Shelly's.

Sara said, "Hey shelly, what's up?"

Shelly said, "Not much, just chillin. Fixing to go to bed."

Sara looked intently for a couple minutes and then said, "Are you naked up there?"

Shelly said, "Yep, felt like a good night to be free."

Sara said, "Wait, you're rooming with Cassie right?"

Shelly said, "Yep."

Sara said, "If she sees you naked then she's gonna attack you."

Shelly said, "Too late." and she grinned.

Sara said, "You fucked her? Was it any good?"

Shelly said, "Oh god yes. Was a fuck worthy of converting. Well, I'd better get inside and go to sleep."

The next morning all the girls new that shelly and I had slept together. They were all whispering to each other. A couple even asked her how it was. For that day we were separated. She went with her friends and I went with mine. When we got back to the hotel room it was different.

Shelly said, "I was wondering something."

I said, "What's that?"

She said, "Are you going out with anyone?"

I said, "Kinda sorta."

She said, "What does that mean?"

I said, "I have a girlfriend, but have been thinking about breaking it off."

She said, "How long you been thinking about that?"

I said, "Since last night. Why?"

She said, "I wanna be with you. Like seriously. I liked what we did and want to do it more often. What do you think?"

I said, "I like it. Long as you don't mind that I still have a girlfriend until we get back home."

The rest of the weekend was amazing. Sex at night until late and a girl with me that was proud to show me off to her friends. I was liking it. But soon the trip was over and we had to go back home.

Rachel was waiting at school for me to get off the bus. Shelly and I had already made plans to go back to my house for some afternoon fun.

Rachel said, "Have a good trip?"

I said, "Oh yeah." I winked at Shelly. "You?"

She said, "It was pretty good."

I said, "I don't want to lead you on so I'll just get to the point. Shelly and I had sex all weekend. I told her that I'd break up with you when we got back so we could be girlfriends."

She just kinda stared at me. Then she said, "Well, I guess it doesn't make me feel as bad to tell you what I was gonna tell you."

I said, "What is that?"

She said, "I've been sleeping with Mark Jones for 3 weeks now. I was gonna break it off soon anyway."

So just like that we broke it off and Shelly and I started dating. We had quite a bit in common and started off pretty nice. There's alot more to tell but better off saved for another story.

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