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Summer School



Diane was disappointed that she had failed freshman algebra and had to go to summer school to make it up. It was not that she didn't know how to do algebra. Her problem was that she was a Gothic punker and her appearance disturbed her math teacher enough that he failed her regardless of her ability to perform the assignments.

To a conservative middle-aged math teacher like Mr. Woodard it was more than he could deal with to have a girl like Diane in his classroom. As a child she had been her father's darling but after the divorce she rebelled against everyone and everything. Her brunette hair was dyed black with purple and white streaks and spiked. Her eyebrow, tongue and nose were decorated with stainless steel bolts. Her neck had a black widow tattooed on it. She was always in black clothes that covered her arms so most people at school never knew about the other tattoos on her body.

She was more than a little upset about having to waste her summer going to school when she could be doing other things. The classroom was full of students that just did not grasp what it was all about. Of course there had to be one of the bubble headed cheerleaders in her classroom and as luck would have it the bimbo was sitting in the row next to hers.

The cheerleader's name was Don-Etta. She was a typical blonde. Her hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail with long strands on each side of her face that she was constantly pulling back and would fall in front of her face every time she moved her head. She did have stunning gray-blue eyes that looked like mirrors. Her lipstick was almost a natural and was covered with a think coat of lip gloss. Her breasts were her pride and joy. She always selected clothes that showed off her 34-C cups. She was one of those girls that thought she could go through life on nothing more than her looks.

Don-Etta saw right away that Diane grasped the principles of algebra and sought out her help. During a break Diane had headed for the girl's bathroom to have a cigarette in one of the cubicles. Don-Etta followed her and sat in the next stall and asked Diane if she would help her with the math. Diane was annoyed at her gall for asking her for help because she would have never talked to her during the school year because a Gothic girl was just too strange for any girl that was in the inner circle.

She sat there thinking for a moment and handed the cigarette under the partition. Don-Etta took it and tried to smoke it but only had a couple coughs before handing it back under the stall.

Diane got a pleased look on her face at the mental picture of Miss Goodie Two Shoes coughing. She knew that those wayward strands of hair were in front of her face and she was probably pulling them back as she handed her cigarette back. She thought about it for a while and said, "Meet me after school at "The Crisp and Pit".

Diane knew that the in-crowd considered that greasy spoon as a hang out for the riff raft. Don-Etta had to think about it for a second. She had never been in there before. Only the tramps would hang out there. But, getting a passing grade was needed if she was going to stay on the cheerleading squad. She finally agreed to the meeting.

The young teacher only had to correct one test to know that Diane didn't belong in the class. She stopped Diane and asked why she was not been passed in the regular school year.

Diane looked at her and said, "Old Mr. Woodard accused me of cheating on the final exam and flunked me."

"Why would you do that?" the teacher asked.

"Why indeed. I know more about advanced math and that man will know if he lived to be a hundred." was Diane's reply.

"I'm sorry that you have to sit through this again." The teacher said in condolences.

Diane stopped as soon as she was off school property to light up a cigarette and strolled towards the greasy spoon. She heard the sound of Don-Etta's little flats slapping the concrete like bare feet as she came running up behind her. When Don-Etta pulled up along side of her she smiled at her and offered her a drag on her cigarette. Don-Etta took a look at the blood red lipstick stained butt and refused to try it.

Don-Etta was repulsed by the smell of Diane's clothes. Diane's clothes did not smell of perfume because she did use any. Her clothes reeked of stale cigarette smoke. It was not that Diane was unclean. She showered every day she was just not into the trappings of the sexual hunt for that right man. In fact she didn't even like them. The only guys she even associated with were the nerds that could only talk about computers and some esoteric religious theory.

The greasy spoon had waist high, used brick walls around it. The bricks had initials carved into them that dated back many years. The windows were dark as much from years of cigarette smoke staining them as from dark tint. When they entered Don-Etta was struck by the thick haze of smoke filling the room.

The older woman at the cash register with the stained apron and cigarette dangling from her lips greeted Diane with a rude remark, "What kept you Bitch?"

Diane shot back, "I have to make up algebra so I am in summer school."

"What did you do? Tell the old fucker to piss off?" the woman asked.

"Something like that." Diane offered. And she headed toward the back of the room to an empty table.

Don-Etta was close on her heels as if she feared that someone would assault her if she lost contact with Diane. Diane let Don-Etta slide into the bench with her back to the wall and then she slid in next to her. She had Don-Etta pull out her homework and she went through each problem showing her how to solve them. She made it as simple as possible. As she was helping Don-Etta she rushed through her own homework and did every problem for the class. She would turn them all in the next day and by doing so she would have all of her homework done for the length of the class.

Don-Etta struggled with the problems but eventually she thought she had it. Diane tested her by giving her a problem that was a little more advanced and watched her struggle with it. Diane knew that it would take a lot of time to bring Don-Etta along. She took advantage of her power over Don-Etta to make her buy Cokes and fries for them.

The presence of a cheerleader in the Pit did draw some nasty looks from the scruffy regulars. Some of the other geeks and Goth's did ask what she was doing with the Social bitch. Diane shrugged them off with a "Piss off!"

Don-Etta felt threatened and just kept her nose in the book. She was relived when they were done. They left and Diane started walking home. Don-Etta fell in stride beside her. When they reached the corner where they had to part ways Don-Etta touched Diane's arm and thanked her.

The next day Diane shocked the teacher by turned in all of the homework required for the class. She spent the time checking it while the class was working in the day's assignment. She could find no fault with Diane's work. She stopped Diane and said, "If you take the final now you don't have to come to class the rest of the summer. It pisses me off that Mr. Woodard would flunk you just because of the way you look!"

Diane smiled, "Mr. Woodard will get his someday."

She had a knowing smile on her face that disturbed the young teacher. She wondered what Diane knew but she didn't ask.

Diane said, "I will continue to come to class but I will take the test for you. I have committed to help Don-Etta pass the class."

The teacher found it touching that Diane has agreed to help a girl that would consider her below her class. She stayed after class and passed the final with flying colors. Then she rushed to the pit to find Don-Etta sitting in that back booth.

She helped her with the day's assignments as normal. When they were walking home Don-Etta asked her if she would like to come home with her. Diane didn't feel comfortable going home with her because she knew that Don-Etta's mother would find her as disturbing as finding cockroach in her salad.

Don-Etta insisted and she finally agreed. They walked the few remaining blocks to Don-Etta's home. Sure enough Don-Etta's mother looked like the Brady Bunch mom and the look on her face at the sight of the black clad tattooed girl with the multi colored hair was a shock to her that she could not hide.

Don-Etta led her to her bedroom. Diane saw that it was just what she expected. The furniture was white French provincial with a canopied bed. The room was an off pink. Every thing was in its place. The room had a stereo and TV. Diane felt uncomfortable in the room but a little envious of the way Don-Etta lived. They talked about a variety of things about what they did and didn't like about school. The longer they talked the more they found they had in common.

Don-Etta wanted to understand why Diane rebelled so much in her dress. She wanted to know why she had her body tattooed and pierced. Diane had a hard time explaining why she did what she did. She could only say that she did it to piss off all adults.

Don-Etta wanted to know if it hurt to have the bolts put in her flesh and if the tattoos hurt. Diane said you have to think about other things while it is done. When she asked about the bolt in her tongue Diane laughed, "You have never had your pussy licked until you have it done with a bolted tongue."

Don-Etta was shocked at the understanding that Diane was telling her that she licked other girl's pussies. She changed the subject by asking if she had other tattoos.

Diane pulled the back of her long sleeved black jersey shirt and pulled the back of her black jeans down to the crack of her butt to show Don-Etta a tattoo. It was a mix of tribal lighting pointing towards the crack of her ass the center was a devil like animal with out-stretched bat wings that was shaded very realistically with wicked claws on them. Don-Etta tentatively touched the tattoo. Then Diane pulled the jersey T-shirt over her head to show Don-Etta her left arm. It had another bat winged gargoyle with a tail that frapped around her arm all the way to the elbow.

Don-Etta saw black five pointed stars of diminishing sizes circling her left tit just out side of the cup of her black bra. She was both fascinated and repulsed by the art work on Diane's body. Diane was not about to undress anymore at this time. She pulled her shirt back down over her body and stuffed the shirt tail back into her pants.

Don-Etta wanted to know why she had marked her body like that. She looked into Diane's face and saw that her green eyes with the ring of brown were pretty if it was not for all of the black makeup. On the other hand, Diane found Don-Etta very pretty even if her lack of intellect was such a distraction. If she got off the subject of clothes she was lost. She had very little political understanding. She had no idea why she was a Republican other than because her parents were.

Diane was reluctant to take Don-Etta home with her because her home was not as nice. Her parents were not poor by any means but it was furnished with an eclectic mix of junk her parents bought because they like them. It had not been "put together" by an interior designer. Her own room was a mess. No one entered her room without her permission.

Don-Etta wanted to see her home and Diane agreed finally. It took Don-Etta a while to get over the smell of stale cigarette smoke. Everyone in Dian's family smoked and all of the ashtrays were full. They went to Diane's room where Don-Etta saw that the walls were plastered with pictures of Punk Rock groups and female singers known to be lesbians. Her bed was a day bed against one wall that left as much free floor space as possible. The bookcase was filled to over flowing with books of all kinds from paperbacks to leather bound editions. The floor was cluttered with clothes that Diane simple kicked out of the way to make room for her guest.

When Don-Etta has gotten used to the surroundings and had half finished her can of Pepsi she finally got enough nerve to ask Diane if she had been joking about licking pussy.

Diane laughed at the question. Should she tell the Barbie Doll the truth or not? She looked at the gray eyes and saw that the girl was asking the question not to ridicule her but out of interest. "I am a lesbian. I found that men and boys are lousy lovers. If you give them what they want they spread rumors about how easy you are. If you only let them go so far you're a teasing Bitch. I found that women and girls are better lovers."

Don-Etta sat back to think about this statement. Actually what Diane was saying made a lot of sense to her? She had let a few guys from the football and basketball team fuck her and she had given them blowjobs to get them hard. After that every guy she agreed to date thought she was going to go down on them and spread her legs. She had even gotten drunk at parties and let guys fuck her in front of the group. It was a mixed blessing. Some girls avoided her after that and guys teased her by holding their fist in front of their mouth and make a gesture like moving their hand in and out while sticking their tongue inside their cheeks. The meaning was clear to anyone that saw it.

She expressed a desire to find out what it would be like to have sex with a girl if it would not get around that she did it. Diane was cleaver enough to keep her sexual life away from school. No one at school had ever seen her in the company of dykes. She was just weird to the in group. She only dated much older women and some college girls from out of town.

Diane debated if she should expose herself to this girl that might turn on her and tell everyone she was a queer. But Don-Etta was thrilled that Diane was teaching her more about math than all of the years she had been in school. Diane felt if she took pictures of Don-Etta in a lesbian relationship that she could not talk without exposing herself too.

Much to Don-Etta's delight Diane undressed herself and Don-Etta saw the tattoo crawling out of her pubic hair for the first time. There was a tattoo on the inside of her left thigh of oriental creators. When Don-Etta asked about it Diane told her that it said, "You are almost at the scented garden."

"Now it's your turn Don-Etta, strip for me." Diana said as she got out her digital camera and took pictures of Don-Etta removing her clothes. Don-Etta was a bit of a show off and went through her tumbling routine once she was totally naked. If you had suggested to Do-Etta a few days ago that she would become involved in a girl/girl relationship with any female, let alone a weird-o like Diana she would have said you were crazy. Yet here she was, naked, in Diana's bed-room; hoping to be seduced.

They sat on the bed and Diane sucked her nipples. The breasts were firm bullets with pink areolas. The nipples rose on the breasts and then had deep dimples in the middles. Diane was very skilled at sucking breasts. She played with Don-Etta's blonde pubic hair before she slid two fingers into the sopping wet cunt and fucked Don-Etta to a climax, while making sure that her thumb stimulated Don-Etta's clit. Then she knelt between her white thighs and placed her mouth on the girl's pussy. She did everything possible to bring her to another climax as quickly as possible. When Don-Etta came Diane started over and added something new like sticking her finger into Don-Etta's asshole while sucking her clit. When she completed her third orgasm Don-Etta was exhausted and fell backwards on the day bed hitting her head on the headboard against the wall.

Diane looked up at her and took a bunch of pictures of her in her naked bliss. Then she sat next to her and put her arm around her and kissed her on the mouth. This was the first time Don-Etta had ever tasted her own pussy on the mouth of another person. She was thrilled at the feel of the slimy juice on Diane's face. She felt obligated to suck Diane's pussy but she wanted to taste her breasts first.

Don-Etta was thrilled at the bolts stuck through each nipple. They were in stark contrast to the soft dark brown nipples with their chrome like steel balls screwed against each side of the nipples. She sucked and pulled on them for a long time. Diane took several pictures of Don-Etta sucking on her tits. Don-Etta reached down and felt Diane's wet pussy. She knew by the amount of juice there that Diane was close to coming.

Don-Etta slid to the floor and got a close look at the tattoo on the inside of Diane's thigh. She smelled the warm flesh. The skin smelled of scented soap. She was drawn to the moist, fragrant pubic hair. Don-Etta had smelled the crotch of a lot of boys but now it was the smell of another girl's pussy she smelled. She found it intoxicating. She found it interesting that Diane did not shave her pussy at all. The dark hair seemed to be thick and the patch extended back to and around the puckered rose bud she found there.

When she put her mouth on the pubic hair a hair broke off in her mouth and stuck on the back of her tongue. She had to pick it off before returning to her task of sucking her first pussy. When she put her mouth back on the hair covered vulva she looked up and Diane took her picture. Don-Etta may have been an amateur cunt sucker but she made up for it with a desire to please. Diane climaxed a couple of times before Don-Etta's jaw got too tired to go any longer. They rested in each other's arms and kissed and groped each other's body for some time before they were ready to get dressed.

Don-Etta never suspected that Diane had taken the pictures to insure that she would never talk about their relationship. The knowledge that she could see to it that everyone in school would see the pictures of Don-Etta sucking a girl's pussy would keep her from talking about what went on today.

Diane's mother called them to dinner shortly after they were dressed. Diane teased her that she probably had had enough to eat tonight as they headed for the dinning room. Don-Etta pinched her ass for being so mean.

These two opposites became the best of friend the rest of the summer. Of course when school started in the fall Don-Etta was consumed with her cheerleading duties. The two girls still talked in the halls to each other. Not many boys got to fuck Don-Etta that fall. When she had free time she was spending it with Diane. With her help Don-Etta learned how to understand what was at stake in issues on ballots and how to form her own opinions about what was good or bad without blindly following party rhetoric. She also became very adapt at sucking pussy.

She in turn taught Diane to soften her Gothic look. She got her to go back to her natural chestnut colored hair. She helped her to pick out clothes that were not all black. Of course she still had to cover the tattoos on her body. She even used makeup to cover the black widow on her neck. Eventually Diane was almost accepted into the schools main stream.

Diane was accepted on the math club at school that year and she found herself attracted to that young math teacher. She also was called upon to tutor the school's star female basketball player.

The girl was extremely tall. She didn't like to tell people how tall she was but she hardly fit under a normal household door. She was a slender redheaded girl. Her stature made her very shy. Boys didn't ask her for dates. Diane and Don-Etta brought her out before the end of the school year. The best thing to happen was the firing of Mr. Woodard.

Apparently the FBI had traced child porn to his computer. All Diane did was smile when anyone discussed how shocked they were that he would do anything like that.

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