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Summer School Chapter 2





Diane was not impressed when she was approached to tutor the giant redheaded basketball player. She had no interest in sports. She had seen Carol around campus but never gave her much though other than to think she was one hell of a tall gal.

When she was approached to tutor her she didn't want to do it but relented when she was told that Mr. Woodard was not going to be the advisor for the math club and she would be on the team.

When she met Carol she was struck both by her size and her shyness. It was obvious that she was painfully shy. She felt it would be best to just start out by just getting to know each other better.

Carol told her that from the time she started school she was called Carrot Top. She was a little taller than most of her classmates until she reached puberty. She told Diane that in just a year's time she shot up. After that she had to suffer all of the stupid jokes and questions about the weather up there.

Diane could relate to her misery. Diane also had been an outcast because of her lifestyle. She found Carol to be a sweet girl that only wanted to please everyone. She saw just how painful it was for Carol to be so different. There were only a handful of guys around that were as tall as she was.

There were college recruiters trying their best to get her to go to there school because they knew that what ever school she went to their female basketball program would likely be in the final four every year she played. That was why they wanted her to get her grades up so that she could enter any school she wanted.

Diane started tutoring her at Carol's home because she would be more comfortable there. At least her furniture would be more comfortable for her. Carol even drove a Chevy pickup because it gave her plenty of leg and head room with the seat set back as far as it would go.

Diane included Don-Etta into their tutorial sessions. She kept them on subject until she felt they could handle the week's assignments. Only after that did they relax. Both Diane and Don-Etta wanted to know what the locker room was like in the varsity basketball room.

Carol told them that all the girls ever wanted to talk about was boys. She didn't get involved because boys hardly ever talked to her. She did elaborate about the pranks they pulled on each other. Things like changing the locks on each other's locker so they have to struggle to get to their clothes after practice or turning off the hot water while the stragglers were still in the shower.

What Don-Etta really wanted to know about was if there was anything sexual going on. Carol only blushed at the subject. She was so naive that she would not have even noticed anything going on if she saw it.

This was certainly an unlikely mix of girls to be friends. Diane was the Goth, tattooed rebel. Don-Etta was the cheerleader, blonde bombshell. Carol was the giant red headed basketball player.

The longer the girls worked together the more they knew about each other. Diane and Don-Etta began to understand just how much punishment Carol's body took during practice and particularly during games. No girl in the league could prevent her from shooting so they hacked at her arms and body. The burses were bad enough but she also suffered cracked ribs. Her pink skinned body covered with large freckles was scratched and black and blue all of the time.

Diane knew Carol was too shy to ever become physical with another girl present. She waited until Don-Etta was away at some sort of cheerleader competition and she was alone with Carol before she made a pass at her.

While Carol was doing her homework Diane saw how hard it was for Carol to breathe. She wanted to comfort her and she stood behind her while Carol worked and rubbed her neck and shoulders.

As Carol started to relax she sat up straight and Diane kissed her on the neck. You have to picture the short haired redhead sitting in a chair and Diane a girl of 5 foot 3 being able to kiss the neck and shoulders without bending over.

Carol was surprised by the kiss. She knew what lesbians were but had never met one to her knowledge. She sat there evaluating her feelings as Diane stroked her arms. Because she didn't resist Diane took farther liberties by reaching over her shoulders and cupping the woman's breasts.

They were not all that large considering how tall she was. Carol could feel her nipples through the material of her jersey top and sports bra. Carol grabbed both hands in her long fingered hands. Diane thought she had gone too far but Carol held the hands tightly against her breasts before asking in a soft voice, "Are you making a pass at me?" Diane whispered in her ear, "Only if you want me too dear."

Carol relaxed her grip and allowed Diane to continue groping her mounds. Diane stuffed her right hand into her jersey top and under the bra to grasp the soft flesh of Carol's tit. On a body so lean and hard the breasts seemed somehow out of place.

She pulled the jersey out of Carol's shorts and over her head. As she thrust her tongue into the girl's ear she did the same to her sports bra. When she inspected the freckled body she found an ugly black and blue spot on the right side of her ribcage. Carol flinched when she touched it.

"Does that hurt?' Diane asked.

"It is only a burse. At least I can breathe." Carol said.

Diane was inspired to bend over and kiss the spot. Carol ran her fingers through the brunette hair as she flinched at the contact with her flesh no matter how gentle Diane was.

Diane moved her mouth up to one of Carol's nipples and sucked on the pink areola and nipple until Carol was moaning in her satisfaction. Carol continued to stroke Diane's hair and offered no resistance as Diane slipped her hand into the front of her shorts. Carol had never allowed her self to admit that such attention would be welcome but she knew that she didn't want it to stop.

Diane worked her fingers between Carol's flesh and the elastic of Carol's underpants. She slid her finger down the soft skin and felt the heat of her flesh as her fingers reached the pubic hair. She sought out the clitoris and rubbed it vigorously. When Diane was sure that Carol was ready she removed her hand from her shorts and pulled Carol to her feet. She knelt to her knees so that she could pull down Carol's shorts and panties.

The shorts were held up by a thick elastic band and they were baggie. She pulled the draw string within the waist and pulled on the waistband to loosen them up and pulled them down and allowed Carol to step out of them. Diane's face was so close to the crotch of Carol's panties that she could smell the girl's female odor and she felt her mouth water at the thought of placing her tongue on the tall girl's cunt.

Carol's panties were not sexy at all. They were rather plain baggy white things. Diane slipped her fingers into the waistband and they came down quickly and Carols stepped out of them. Diane was looking at the pinkish red hairs of her pubis. The hairs were so fine that Carol's white skin was completely visible. She saw that the only place Carol didn't have freckles was the areas covered by her panties and bra. She had a burning desire to place her mouth on all of that tender skin.

Diane felt her heart pound as she placed her mouth on the red haired vulva and licked her until her tongue found the clit. She sucked the clit into her mouth and pulled her head away stretching the skin as far as it would go.

Carol stood there with her legs shaking uncontrollably. She had never had anyone suck on her clit before and it thrilled her beyond belief. She felt so weak kneed that she had to sit down in the chair. She placed her long legs over the arms of the chair and eagerly enjoyed her first oral sexual act. She felt like she was being lifted to higher planes but was unable to climax no mater how hard Diane sucked on her pussy. It was lasting forever but it was driving her crazy that there was no release. Diane understood that because it was Carol's first time that she needed something to take her mind off of her cunt to allow her to relax and climax so she slipped her finger between Carol's butt cheeks and touched the rosebud of her anus. She didn't even have to penetrate it. Just touching it caused Carol's body to pucker the sphincter tightly and that took her mind off of her clit and she drifted into a beautiful climaxed.

Diane lapped up the juice from her vagina like a kitten lapping milk. The room felt like it was a sauna bath for both of them. Diane sat on Carol's lap and kissed her on the mouth.

Carol could taste her own juice on the face of her new friend and she loved Diane for awakening a feeling that she thought was only for girls she thought were pretty. She never saw herself as pretty. But Diane showed her that she could be as pretty as she wanted to be.

That day she undressed Diane and discovered all of her tattoos and made love to each one of them. Diane only had to direct her and she kissed every part of her body until Diane had an overwhelming orgasm.

As they got dressed explained her relation with Don-Etta and told her that she might enjoy having sex with Don-Etta too. Carol could not believe that any girl as pretty as Don-Etta would want to have sex with a girl as tall as her but she was soon to find out that Don-Etta was just as horny as Diane and loved having sex with a girl so tall that she doesn't even have to bend over much to kiss her pink pussy.

By that time the math club was under the supervision of the young teacher that had taught summer school after Diane's freshman year. She had joined the team after Mr. Woodard had been fired for distributing child pornography.

No one could believe it of him. Diane was probably the only one that didn't express surprise. She had found out his web name and hacked into his office computer and found his stash of porn. She set it up so that the FBI was alerted to him from a public library computer so they could not trace it back to her. It was a sweet revenge for him flunking her just because he didn't like the way she dressed.

Her romance with Don-Etta had induced some changes in her dress though. Even Miss. Winters the math teacher noticed the change in Diane. They had made a field trip to an Aerospace facility for a math competition. Diane had comported herself with honors and was responsible for the teams win.

Afterwards a couple of women from the facility that had acted as judges approached her because they recognized a fellow Goth lesbian. They gave her their business cards with their home numbers and E-mail address on them. There was no doubt what they wanted.

Miss. Winters did not miss the flirting with Diane and felt a twinge of jealousy. When the small bus returned to the school she made a point to ask Diane if she could drive her home. She told her she wanted to talk to her.

They waited until the other students had left or been picked up before they got in Ms. Winters car. It was one of those new Mini Coopers. The thing was so small that Ms. Winters could reach across Diane's body to close the door. As she shifted the car into gear and headed down the street she let her hand slide off of the gearshift knob and onto Diane's knee.

Diane had softened her dress style from all black but she still preferred jeans to skirts. Now they were just fashionably distressed blue jeans. There was no doubt in Diane's mind that Miss. Winters was coming on to her.

Ms. Winters said, "Do you have to get home right away?"

Diane smiled to herself, "No ma'am. Is there some reason for asking?."

Ms Winters only smiled and turned the car at the next street and headed away from Diane's home. She drove out of town and when she reached her destination it was a small home near the edge of the community. The property was ringed by Italian cypress trees. She pulled onto the first driveway and around the home and parked her car in front of the detached garage. She invited Diane into her home for a drink.

They entered the back door and Miss Winters poured them both a stiff drink of vodka and 7-up. Diane accepted hers and took a sip wondering just how her teacher was going to go about seducing her.

She had always kept her sexual relationships way from home because it could get tricky if it became known in this small town that she was a lesbian. But here she was in the home of her teacher about to find out if she was after her ass too.

Ms Winters said, "You can call me by my first name away from school Diane. It's Jennifer honey. Will you call me Jennifer?"

Diane agreed and Jennifer placed her arm around Diane's shoulders and asked her if she intended on giving those women a call. Diane knew what she was asking her, "I was thinking about E-mailing them."

Jennifer said, "You know they are lesbians don't you?"

Diane smiled and decided to play dumb, "You think so?"

"They want to get in your pants sweetheart. Is that something you would be interested it?" Jennifer said.

"Then there is only one thing to do." Diane said.

"What is that?" Jennifer asked.

Diane smiled wickedly and said "Don't ware any panties when I date them."

Jennifer laughed at that statement. She let her hand slide down from Diane's shoulders and gripped the pocket of Diane's jeans. Diane was not shy about taking advantage of the moment either. She put her hand on Jennifer's butt and dug her fingers into the crack of the woman's ass. She was stuffing her skirt and panties between the crack of her ass.

Jennifer said, "You know what I want to do with you Diane ?"

Diane turned her face towards the woman and took another sip of her drink, whispered "Yes" and then kissed her on the mouth. When the kiss ended Jennifer asked if she was fucking Don-Etta. Diane coyly responded "I don't fuck and tell". That pleased Jennifer because Diane evaded telling if she did or didn't make it with Don-Etta but she was sure that Diane had been fucking with the bubble headed cheerleader since the previous summer.

She guided Diane to her bedroom where she undressed her. She had never seen the tattoos before and was repulsed by them at the same time that they turned her on. She licked the stars on the left tit before covering the nipple with the bolt in it.

Diane wanted to see what the body of her teacher looked like. After all she had been looking at her in her school clothes for almost a year. She had pictured her naked form many times. She would bet that this brunette would have small areoles and nipples and a shaved pussy.

She managed to get Jennifer undressed eventually. She had known all along by experience that she had a 36-C bust but boy was she wrong about the rest of her tits. The areolas were as large as coasters and as dark as milk chocolate. The nipples were as large as Even-flow baby bottles.

As for her crotch she was only partly right. Jennifer did shave her bikini cut clean but she only trimmed the rest to an even length. Diane was experienced enough to know that even though the stubble would chafe her cheeks it was unlikely to brake off in her mouth.

Even thought the teacher was the older one in the union she encouraged Diane to take the dominant role. That was common for Diane. Most of her older women friends preferred to let her dominate them. Some even would play the child.

Jennifer had her own dildos and Diane used them on her teacher until she was exhausted from her multiple orgasms. The last act in this love fest was a double headed dildo that she inserted in her own cunt before she mounted Jennifer like a man and inserted the other end into her eager hole. She fucked her like a drunken sailor until their cunts were aflame with passion, after which they shared a cigarette as they dressed.

Jennifer drove her home afterwards and kissed her before leaving. Diane's mother saw the kiss from her window and was not surprised. She had known that her daughter was dating women but just didn't want to face the fact that her child was a Goth lesbian on top of the fact that her body was covered with tattoos. She had seen all of the tattoo's including the snake in the grass. She wished Diane would allow her to have the tattoos removed.

Diane regretted ever getting the spider on her neck and was thinking about having it taken off. When she entered the house her mother suspected that she had been drinking besides having sex with a woman. She knew better than confronting her daughter about the subject. Diane casually mentioned to her mother before that she was thinking about having the spider removed.

That was enough to have her mother looking up the number of a plastic surgeon. She had the number handy the next day when Diane brought the subject up again. They agreed and made the call. The surgeon made the appointment and they went to visit him a couple of days later. He explained that taking it off would take time. The intense light would burn the pigment in the skin and in time would heal with a minim amount of scaring.

She sat down and took the first treatment. She smelled the burning flesh and the sharp pain that was even stronger than the application of the tattoo in the first place. True to his word it took time to remove the entire tattoo but it did not leave much of a scar. With a little makeup no one would suspect that she ever had one on her neck. He wanted to take the rest off but Dine was too attached to the other ones. As long as she kept her sleeves at least down to her elbows no one need know that she had tattoos. There were times when it was fashionable to expose enough cleavage to allow people to see her stars. Besides it would take a long time to remove the one on her arm. She knew she would never give up the devil on her butt or the snake in the grass.

In time she did agree to have the one on her arm removed. They started at the elbow and worked up to the shoulder. Eventually the devil on her shoulder was gone.

In the mean time Diane was dating Jennifer when she was not in bed with Don-Etta. She also E-mailed the engineers at the Aerospace facility and arranged to meet with them. They were lovely women and very uninhibited in bed. The two of them like to double team with young teenaged girls. What could be more exciting than to have one woman mount her while she sucked the pussy of the other woman?

She eventually introduced Don-Etta to the engineers because she could play with them without the students at school ever finding out. The one time bubble headed cheerleader was becoming addicted to sex with women too. These engineers were a lot like Diane. They had tattoos in interesting places as well. They both like to dominate the girls. A fact that went against Diane's makeup but Don-Etta found that she liked to be spanked like a spoiled child before being made to suck a hairy pussy. She also found it especially exciting to be forced to lick the assholes of these older women.

They even introduced her to golden showers. She would end the shower by eating their pussies. Diane grew tired of the relationship but Don-Etta grew even more addicted to her new found perversions with these women. They in turn introduced her to the lesbian life and other women that were thrilled to dominate a real cheerleader. She would dress up in her cheerleading costume without bra or panties. Then she would do her routine for the women and end it by sucking every pussy there. She got used to performing with a dog collar and leash. By the time she graduated from high school she was ready to move on to college and women that would make her their pussy slave.

Diane felt a little responsible for bringing her out. She had never meant to change her life that much. Her relationship with Jennifer only got more intense. She felt a strong love for her.

When she brought Jennifer home to meet her parents her father was fit to be tied. He had all but disowned her for being a Gothic punker but being a dyke was more than he could handle. Her mother on the other hand saw that Jennifer was a positive influence on Diane's life. She was smart enough to know that Diane had removed the tattoos to please her teacher.

They had to keep their relationship a secret around town or Jennifer would lose her job. Jennifer was finishing her master's degree and ready to move up to college anyway. She would have to either move to the State college or the State University. She was thrilled to get accepted at the University. With any luck she could complete her Doctorate and get tenure.

When she made the move Diane went with her and distinguished herself. She pulled down duel degrees in math and engineering. She was given a grant to work in the Aerospace field and continued to live with Jennifer. They were like a married couple. They were accepted in the academic community as if they were married.

They were faithful to each other in that they didn't party with other women without both of them being there to participate. They did see Don-Etta a few years later she no longer looked as pretty as she did at eighteen. Her face looked hard and she had put on weight. The woman she was with was much older and treated her badly. Diane felt sorry for her. She got Jennifer to allow her to take her in. They cleaned her up and got her back into shape. When she lost about twenty pounds she started looking pretty good. She would never look as innocent as she did at sixteen but she did look very seductive.

In time they made her see that the way she was going was destroying her life. She was never as good a student as Diane but she was not stupid either. She knew that she could not continue living the wild life. She also wanted children so she gave up the wild life and sought out a man that could provide for her and give her the children she wanted. He knew that her best friends were a gay couple but never suspected that she had been a submissive lesbian herself.

The children looked upon Diane as an aunt to them. They never knew that their mother had experimented with lesbian sex before they came along.

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