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Part 6


            2:31 am. Nicole sighed, resting her head on the cool counter and shutting her eyes. Ever since Heather moved, Nicole had picked up graveyard shifts at her workplace, Pete's 24-Hour Drug Store. She blinked, exhausted, doing her best to keep her head up.

            Bing bing. The familiar ring of the door opening jarred Nicole, and she stood up straight. A person in a trench coat and hat walked in, shuffling towards the back aisles. Nicole felt her hair stand on end; trench coated persons in the dead of night were usually a bad thing.

            A few minutes later, the person came to the front, placing a bottle of KY Lube on the counter. They lifted there head and tipped their head back, giving a smirk. Heather! Nicole giggled and grinned as she saw her girlfriend standing there,  wearing a trench coat, only a trench coat, and a floppy brown hat.

            "You've got school tomorrow!" Nicole whispered, trying to sound stern. She failed, though, and giggled again.

            "I had some╔ Needs, and it seems only a trip to the 24 hour store would fix." Heather licked her lips, tilting her head to the side, her flouncy brown hair cascading over her shoulder.

            "You needed lube at 2:30?" Nicole asked, confused.

            "I needed you." With that, Heather crawled over the counter threw her arms around the older girl, their lips pressing together. Nicole gasped, remember the security camera╔ which had broken earlier that day! Nicole grasped Heather's sides, tugging at the trench coat, groaning as she tore the baggy fabric from her lover's body.

            "Do you like?" Heather asked, smiling playfully as she stood there. Under her trench coat, she had on red lace panties and matching bra,  and thigh high red black fishnet tights. She was, to put simply, sexy as hell, her D cups almost busting out of the bra, her skin a supple, smooth creme color. She was pale, but Nicole liked her that way.

            "Goddamn, Heather," Nicole muttered. "You look like such a whore."

            "Only for you, Nic." Heather licked her lips and pressed close to Nicole, shoving the older girl onto the counter. In seconds, Nicole was seated on the check out counter, her khaki work pants bunched around her ankles along with her simple black underwear. Heather, like a good girl, was on her knees on the floor, face buried in Nicole's crotch.

            Nicole gasped, her hands automatically tangling in Heather's flowing brown hair, gripping it tightly and holding her down. She ground her hips against Heather's mouth, biting her lower lip.

            Heather was all too eager- her tongue was going wild.  It twisted inside her, flickering firmly against Nicole's clit, lips sucking around the sensitive skin. She was truly eating her, mouth refusing to relax, lapping and sucking and tonguing and pressing against whatever it could find.

            Nicole was a painting of moans and shudders, shuddering over and over as she pressed her hips to Heather's face, holding the younger girl down, tugging hard at her hair. "Just like th╔that╔ Tongue me like a good slut╔" Nicole ordered, panting as her brown eyes locked with Heather's shining emeralds.

            Bing! Nicole was instantly on her feet, cheeks red, her adrenaline spiking to new heights as she saw a man walk into the store. Heather smirked, hiding under the counter, stilling working at Nicole's dripping wet pussy. "Stop!" Whispered Nicole , shaking with fear and pleasure.

            Like hell, Heather thought. Nicole gripped the counter, legs trembling as her lover hide, secretly attacking her under the counter.

            The man came to the front, placing a six pack of beer and a toothbrush on the counter. "Did you find ev..everything ohKAY╔" Nicole tried to ask, her voice breaking and trembling, doing her best to calm down, to ignore the fingers that were now teasing her pussy-hole, applying pressure.

            "Yeah╔" The man replied, looking at the blushing girl oddly. He was skeptical, wonder if this cashier was ill.

            "Your total is╔is╔$21.34." Nicole did her best to bag the items, hands shaking uncontrollably. Her pleasure was rising, and Heather kept hidden, turned on by the idea of secretly pleasuring her girlfriend infront of someone else.

            "Erm, thanks." The guy said, taking his bag quickly. Nicole let out a yelp and the man turned, but Nicole just waved. Bing! The door closed, and Nicole rested her head on counter.

            She had shouted out because of the two fingers that shoved inside her. "Oh GOD╔" She moaned, reaching down to grip at Heather's hair again as the sixteen-year-old finger fucked the brown eyed girl, her two fingers pistoning in and out of the slick hole.

            "Don't stop don't stop╔" Nicole pleaded, shoving Heather's face against her crotch. Heather couldn't breath, but could care less. She was in her own little world of pleasure, her mouth sucking and attacking her clit, adding a third finger into the tightening hole, fucking her lover with all her power.

            Heather was oddly turned on by the whole situation: being on her knees, wearing a sluttly little outfit, servicing the big busted brunette. "Iwannatasteyou!" Heather said, her voice muffled by the crotch being shoved in her mouth.

             Nicole tightened her grip in Heather's hair, fucking the girl's mouth. "Ohshit" Nicole tipped her head back and closed her eyes, orgasming hard. Lava flowed through here body, eyes rolling back, her body floating on a cloud somewhere, lost in the depths of intense, tight passion and lust.

            Heather lapped up every drop of Nicole's sex. She fell back against the floor, panting to catch her breath, cheeks pink and lips red and swollen by the force and effort in which she exerted eating her love out. She looked up at Nicole, her breasts bouncing with each labored breath, her pussy tingling behind her panties.

            Nicole pounced onto Heather, knowing the younger girl was already close. "You going to be a good slut?" Nicole asked, still shaking from her orgasm. She roughly yanked the girl's bra down, exposing the D's, perfectly huge and round, light red nipple erect. Nicole reeled her hand back and ground it down with a slap! on Heather's breast, leaving a bright red hand mark. She licked her lips as the tit bounced, Heather whimpering and struggling under Nicole.

                        Nicole's hand dove down between the younger girls legs, skillfully getting to work. She rubbed wildly at Heather's clit, smirking as she felt that the brunette was already dripping wet from her previous servicing. Nicole's thumb drove the clit in circles, her two middle fingers diving into the warm, wet depths of Heather's pussy, fucking her with a harsh lust.


            "Gnnn... Nicky..." Heather was panting and moaning, already close. She started shaking right there on the drugstore's floor, thrusting her hips into Nicole's fingers, head tipped back in pleasure.

            Her orgasm was a violent one; Heather's entire body shuddered hard once, followed by mini shocks, her sounds of pleasure echoing in the empty store, eyes closed tight. "Nicole!" She screamed, thrashing about.          

            Nicole smiling happily, removing her fingers from the girl and promptly pressing them into Heather's open, panting mouth. "Taste yourself like a good girl, Heather." Nicole commanded.


            Heather obliged immediately, bobbing her head, sucking off Nicole's fingers, still a mess of blushing and panting.


            "I should work late more often." Nicole whispered, laying on the floor, catching her breath along side her girlfriend.

            "I love you, Nick." Heather whispered, closing her eyes.


            Neither of them had noticed that the green light on the security camera had long ago turned on, and that in the morning, General Manager Lisa was in for an eyeful....

Thus concludes part 6! I hope it was properly sexy and not too confusing. What do

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