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That's Life, Part 1
by Nathan Warford


Danielle and Erica had been friends since their freshman year of high school. Danielle had dirty blond hair and green eyes where Erica had light blond hair and hazel eyes. Both of them were of average height and their bodies were curvy and fit. They looked so similar that most people mistook them for fraternal twins. The main difference in their appearances were that Danielle's hair was wavy and went to the middle of her back where Erica's hair was straight and cut a little shorter.

One Thursday night during their junior year of high school, Danielle called up Erica on the phone. "Hello?" said Erica's voice on the line.

"What's up, Eric?" said Danielle.

"Hi, Dan," said Erica. The usual greeting between Danielle and Erica was that Danielle call Erica "Eric" and Erica call Danielle "Dan".

"Guess what."


"My parents are going out of town for the weekend and I have the house to myself. Would you like to come over and hang out?"

"That's great! When should I come over?"

"How about tomorrow after the game?" Danielle was one of the cheerleaders for the school's football team, the Lions. Her boyfriend, Josh, was the star quarterback on the team. Josh had wavy, brown hair and brown eyes, and was very athletic from his many years of playing football.

"Tomorrow? Isn't it supposed to rain tomorrow?" Neither Danielle or Erica had a car, so they walked home. They both lived in the same residential area, which was only about a mile away from the school, so it was easy for them to walk home after school.

"Yes," Danielle replied, "but the rain is not scheduled to come until about 6:00. We'll be at my place plenty of time before then."

"My guess is that I'm spending the night."


"I thought so. I knew you wouldn't let me walk home in the rain. So, tomorrow after the game."

"That's right."

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Danielle."

"Bye, Erica." They hung up. Erica went to do some homework while Danielle made sure that her orange and white cheerleader uniform was ready for the game.

When school ended the next day, Danielle was making her way to the football stadium when someone came up behind her and put their hands over Danielle's eyes. "Guess who," said a male voice.

"Josh," Danielle said, recognizing the voice. Danielle turned around and kissed her boyfriend. "Ready for the game today?"

"Yep. You?"


"Hay Danielle, you wanna go out with me tonight? Get a pizza, maybe rent a movie?"

"Oh, Josh. I'd love to, but I've already made plans. I'm having Erica over for the night. Tomorrow night is okay, though."

"Okay. How about I'll pick you up at 6:00?"

"Sound good."

"Okay. See you on the field." After a short kiss, Josh started jogging toward the stadium.

"Good luck," Danielle called to him.

During the game, Josh played his hardest on the field while Danielle cheered him on. Erica was watching the game from a front-row seat in the bleachers, also cheering on the Lions. It was the last game of the season and the Lions really wanted to show up the other team, the Ravens from a rival high school.

The game ended at 5:00 with the Lions winning 31-22. Danielle and Josh went to each other and kissed. "Good job out there, Josh," Danielle congratulated the quarterback.

"Thanks, Danielle. I'm sorry I can't celebrate our victory with you tonight."

"I'm sorry too. Maybe we can have a more official celebration tomorrow night."

"You know, I never thought about that. I could invite some of the players to a victory celebration tomorrow night. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your girls' night with Erica." Josh looked to the bleachers to see Erica watching them. He and Danielle waved to Erica and Erica waved back. "Danielle, maybe you should invite Erica to come along. Sam told me to tell you to tell Erica that he likes her." Sam was one of Josh's friends on the team.

"Really? Okay, I'll tell her.

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow, Babe."

"Bye, Josh." After they shared a brief kiss, Josh went off with his teammates to the showers. Erica came down from the bleachers to talk with Danielle. "Hey, Eric."

"Hi, Dan. Some game, huh?"

"Yeah, some game. Josh played well out there."

"Yes, he did." Danielle was about to tell Erica about the victory celebration and Sam when Erica stopped her by saying, "Well, maybe you should go get changed. I'll wait for you outside the stadium."

"Okay. See you in a few minutes." Danielle went off to the locker room to change back into her casual clothes. She walked out of the stadium and met Erica outside. With that, they started walking back to Danielle's place.

As they were walking, Erica noticed the clouds starting to gather in the sky. "The clouds are gathering," she said.

"Yeah," said Danielle. "It should be raining soon."

"Maybe we should pick up the pace a bit."

With that, the two blonde girls started walking a bit faster. "Hey Erica," Danielle said, "Josh was talking to me after the game. He told me to tell you that Sam likes you."

"He does?" said Erica.

"Yeah. He's having a victory celebration tomorrow at 6:00, and he was wondering if you could come. Maybe you could talk with Sam and get to know him."

"Me and Sam. I guess it sounds good."

"You don't sound all that thrilled."

"I know. I just don't like Sam all that much."

"Well, maybe you'll like him if you get to know him better."


Suddenly, within minutes, the rain came crashing down on the two young girls. "Oh, no!" Danielle cried. "The rain came early!" The two friends ran as fast as they could toward Danielle's house.

Danielle fumbled with the house key and managed to open the door. They got inside the house and set their back packs aside. "Just perfect!" said Erica. "My clothes are completely soaked!"

"Mine too. Maybe we should get out of them." Danielle and Erica started undressing. When they were standing only in their bra and panties, Danielle and Erica set their wet clothes down on next to the fireplace. "Well, that was fun," Danielle said.

"Yeah," Erica said with a nervous laugh.

"So Erica, you want some dinner?"

"Sure. What do you have?"

"Well, we don't have much in the fridge. We could order some Chinese food."

"Sounds good."

"Why don't you get a drink and make yourself comfortable on the couch. I'll order some stuff."

"Okay." Erica went to the fridge and got herself a Coke while Danielle went to the phone to order the food from a nearby Chinese restaurant.

When Danielle was finished ordering, she found Erica sitting on the couch watching The Simpsons on the television. She was wearing the nightgown that she had brought with her. Fortunately, it was protected from the rain in her back pack. Danielle sat beside her friend on the couch and watched with her. "Erica," said Danielle.


"Why are you always so modest? Every time we have a sleep over, you always wear a nightgown. You should show off your body more often, you have a beautiful body."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. I mean, I've tried on your clothes and you've tried on mine before and they fit perfectly. Our bodies are pretty much the same and I think my body is pretty nice." She said that while striking a pose that accentuated all of the curves of her body.

"I just think that the nightgown is comfortable."

"Suit yourself, I guess. I prefer my bra and panties. It's kinda liberating, you know?"

Erica did not answer. The delivery boy arrived with the Chinese food at about 6:30. Danielle put on a bath robe and went to the door to get the food. She paid the delivery boy and gave him a large tip for having to deliver in the pouring rain. Danielle closed the door, took off the bath robe, and went back to sitting on the couch with Erica. "The food is here," she said. "I got some orange chicken, fried rice, and egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce."

"I'll have some orange chicken."

Danielle gave Erica the box of orange chicken and a pair of chop sticks that came with the food. "Chow down." Erica started eating the chicken while Danielle opened the box of fried rice. "Hey, Erica. How about a movie?"

"Okay. What movie?"

"I don't know. I'm kind of in the mood for sci-fi tonight."

"The Matrix?" Erica suggested.

"Good idea." The Matrix was Danielle and Erica's favorite sci-fi movie. Danielle went to her video library and started searching for the movie. "Here it is," she said, taking out a VHS tape. Danielle popped it into the VCR, which automatically started playing the movie. The girls ate their food while watching the movie.

The Matrix ended at around 9:00, at which time Danielle and Erica decided to get ready for bed. Erica got her tooth brush and tooth paste from her pack and went into the sink with Danielle to brush. After they had brushed and flossed their teeth, Danielle and Erica went into Danielle's room. Erica got under the covers of Danielle's queen-sized bed while Danielle turned off the light. She then got under the covers next to Erica, and curled up next to her friend.

"Danielle?" Erica said.

"Yes, Erica?" asked Danielle. "What is it?"

"I love you."

Danielle smiled. "I love you too." Erica pulled Danielle close to her and pushed her lips against those of her friend. Suddenly, Danielle pulled away. "Erica," she said, sounding very dismayed, "I think there's been a misunderstanding."

"I'm sorry," said Erica. Erica started to get out of bed. "Danielle, I'm so sorry." She started moving toward the door. "I should never have come here." Erica then rushed out the door.

"Erica, wait!" Danielle said, jumping out of bed after Erica. Erica got to the front door, opened it and ran out into the pouring rain, and Danielle ran out after her. "Erica!" she called. "Where are you? Erica!" It was no use. Danielle could not see or hear anything in the downpour. Although she was getting cold and her underwear was getting soaked, she continued calling. "Erica!"

Danielle started shivering in the cold rain. She had to get back inside to keep warm. "God damn it!" she cried as she shut the door. She hastily took off her soaking wet bra and panties and violently threw them in the pile of clothes that she and Erica had left by the fireplace. "God damn it!" she cried again.

Danielle made her way back to her room and threw herself down on her bed. "I hope Erica makes it back home all right," she said to herself. "Hopefully she'll get home before she freezes to death." The blonde got under the covers, feeling her bed's heat warm her chilled body.

After several minutes of laying in bed, Danielle came down from the shock of the kiss that Erica had given her. Danielle thought that Erica had said, "I love you," as an expression of sisterly friendship, so she had answered the same way. However, Erica's intentions were quite different, and Danielle kicked herself for driving Erica out of the house.

But there was something else that Danielle realized. She realized that she was excited. The kiss had actually gotten Danielle aroused! Danielle had always thought of herself as straight, but Erica's lips on her own seemed to have sparked something inside of her that she did not know existed, an attraction to her friend. Having believed that she was straight for so long, Danielle tried to shake the feeling that she had. However, try as she might, she could not deny that she was, in fact, attracted to Erica.

A wet spot had developed on the covers between Danielle's legs, and she knew that it was the thought of Erica that was making her wet. She could feel that her nipples were hard and that her breathing had deepened considerably. Danielle had to get herself off. With her left hand, Danielle started squeezing and fondling her pert breasts while her right hand went straight for her wet pussy. A moan escaped the blonde girl's mouth as she pinched her nipples and invaded her opening with her fingers. She imagined that it were Erica that was making love to her. Danielle replaced her left hand with Erica's mouth and her right hand with Erica's. Erica was sucking and flicking Danielle's tits and nipples while shoving her fingers deep into Danielle's cunt.

Danielle was working herself into a frenzy, her moans becoming louder, her body pulsing with the rhythm of her ministrations. She could feel her orgasm building up inside of her. She writhed in pleasure on her bed as her climax approached. She bit her lip to hold back as long as she could. She held her breath as she felt the pleasure reach its final peak. One more thrust of her fingers into her dripping cunt and Danielle was pushed over the edge. The breath that she had held escaped in a loud cry of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. Her pussy walls contracted around her fingers, expelling her juices all over her fingers.

Danielle came down from her climax and gave a loud sigh of contentment. She removed her fingers from her sopping went cunt and brought them to her mouth, tasting herself. As the teen came back to her senses, she realizes what she had just done. She had made herself cum to the image of Erica making love to her! She had to tell Erica and let her know that she felt the same things for her as Erica did for Danielle. She would call Erica on the phone the next tell and tell her how she felt.

Danielle woke up to rays of sunshine striking her face. She looked out the window to see that the storm had cleared up. She sat up in her bed, yawned, and stretched, her vertebrae cracking into place as she did so. She got out of bed, put on a bra and a pair of panties, and went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. The clock on the microwave read 10:23. "Erica should be up by now," Danielle said to herself as she put a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. Danielle went to the phone as soon as she started heating her breakfast.

"Hello?" A male voice said on the other side of the line.

"Mr. Linedale?" Danielle asked.

"Danielle, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Well, good morning. How is everything?"

"Everything is just fine."

"How is Erica?"

"What do you mean by that? Didn't she come home last night?"

"No. I thought she was spending the night at your house."

Danielle then was overcome by fear. "Oh no," she said when she realized what had happened. Erica had run away!