I know that I said in part 3, "Part 4 is coming soon." Sorry that it took so long. As always, feedback is appreciated. However, after you read this chapter, you will ardently agree with me when I say that it was well worth the wait.

That's Life, Part 4
by Nathan Warford


"Hello," a woman's voice said on the other end of the line, "this is Jessica Linedale, who may I ask is calling?"

"Mrs. Linedale!" Danielle cried, happy that the Linedales had not moved since she saw them last. "It's me, Danielle Michaels!"

"Danielle! Wow. After what happened four years ago, I thought I would never hear from you again. How have you been?"

"I've been great. Listen, I need to talk with you about something very important."

"What is it, Danielle?"

"Prepare yourself for a shock."


Danielle hesitated for a moment, making sure that Mrs. Linedale was prepared. "Mrs. Linedale, I found Erica."


Erica was released from jail under Danielle's care and was put into therapy from a Los Angeles psychiatrist. Although weak from malnutrition and withdrawal symptoms from some kind of narcotic, with some help from Danielle and Alexis, Erica was on her road to recovery. Her parents came down to Alexis' house to see Erica and were reunited with their twenty-year-old daughter. Erica also met Mandy, her one-year-old sister for the first time. Erica and the Linedales were introduced to Alexis and her parents.

Danielle wanted to spend more time with Erica, but unfortunately, she and Alexis had to go back to college. The night before they had to leave, Danielle and Alexis were in bed, talking about recent events. "This has been some vacation, hasn't it?" Danielle said.

"Yeah," Alexis replied. "Christmas, the engagement, finding Erica, it's all pretty nerve-wracking."

"Alexis, I can't go back yet."


"I can't just leave Erica here by herself."

"Danielle, don't worry about Erica. She's safe, she's with her family again, she's in therapy, and she knows that you're still her friend."

"But Alexis, that's just the thing. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't help her through her recovery. Erica has been alone and probably has been through severe physical and psychological trauma for the past four years. I could never forgive myself if I didn't help repair the damage."

"But Winter Quarter starts in seven days."

"I know, Alexis. I know. But this is much more important than a trivial college education. A girl's life is at stake here."

Alexis looked into Danielle's eyes for a moment, and she saw the determination and what almost seemed like a need to help Erica. She smiled and said, "Okay. We'll tell our parents tomorrow that we're gonna skip Winter Quarter and come back in the spring."

"Wait, 'We'? You mean you're not going back without me?"

"Danielle, I love you. I would do anything for you. If you're gonna stay and help your old friend through this hard time, I'm gonna be there to help you."

"Thank you, Alexis. I'm so lucky to have someone like you in my life." The two lovers embraced and kissed passionately before drifting off to sleep.

The next day, Danielle's parents left to go back home while Danielle and Alexis went up to Santa Barbara to stay with Erica. Erica and her parents were surprised when Danielle and Alexis arrived at their door, but happily let them in to spend the winter with them. Erica's psychiatrist was surprised at how quickly Erica was recovering. It must have been Danielle and Alexis' support that brought about the swiftness of Erica's recovery.

Now that Erica had Danielle with her for several months, it gave them a chance to catch up and get to know each other again. It also let Erica get to know Alexis as well. One day, Danielle, Alexis, and Erica were at a café, getting coffee and talking with each other. "Y'know Erica," Danielle said, "there's something that I've been wondering ever since that day you ran away."

"What's that?" asked Erica.

"Why did you run away? Why didn't you just go back home."

"I don't know. I guess that..." she thought for a moment. "I guess that I was afraid. After the way you reacted to my kiss, I was afraid that my parents would have the same reaction if they learned that I was attracted to girls."

"And so you ran away so that you wouldn't have to face them," Alexis said.

"That's right."

Danielle said, "So, how did you get all the way to Azusa in four years without getting found? The FBI investigated your disappearance and found no trace of you."

"That night when I ran away, there was a man driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, I'd say in his late fifties. I think he was returning from some kind of business trip. Anyway, I told him that I was homeless and needed a place to stay. He offered to take me home with him to Los Angeles. Cold and shivering in the rain, I got in the car with him without question."

"So that's how you got to Los Angeles," Alexis said.

"Unfortunately, the man failed to mention that he had a price for letting me stay in his home."

"Which was?"

"Well, he wasn't a homophobe. Quite the opposite, he loved gays. However, he was a pedophile." Danielle and Alexis groaned. "Only after we got to his home did he tell me what his price was: I had to have sex with his daughter."

"Mother fucker!" Alexis yelled. "That fuckin' bastard!"

"I managed to run away before that happened. So, I found myself in Los Angeles, homeless, begging for money on the street."

"That must've been rough," said Danielle.

"I managed to survive off of the spare change that passers by gave me. But yes, it was rough. With no friends and no family to turn to, I started taking drugs as an escape from my life. And that soon led to robbery so that I could pay for the drugs I bought off the street." All three girls were shedding tears by then. "With the string of robberies going around in Los Angeles, I had to move on to the next city. Eventually, I got to Azusa. It was then that I realized that drugs were not enough to give me sufficient escape from the cruel world."

"And the only other way to escape was to die."

"Yes," Erica sniffled. "Being in Azusa, I found my way to the Bridge to Nowhere. It was Christmas, so I figured that everybody would be in their homes with their families and that nobody would be bungee jumping at that time. But there were bungee jumpers there, two of them. When I jumped off the bridge, one of the jumpers went after me and saved me from falling to my doom. That jumper was you, Danielle." The memory of that day caused Danielle physical pain and she rubbed her nose a bit. "I'm sorry that I attacked you, Danielle. I had my back to you the whole time and I didn't know that it was you that was trying to save me. If I knew that it was you, I might not have resisted."

Alexis said, "As I remember, you told Danielle to burn in hell."

"I blamed her for everything bad that had happened to me over the past four years. I believed that she was responsible for the chain reaction that nearly destroyed my life."

"I blame myself as well," Danielle said. "I was the one that drove you out of the house and made you run away."

"I shouldn't've been afraid of what my parents would think. As we all now know, they're not homophobes at all."

"But I shouldn't've reacted so harshly to that kiss. That kiss was actually a defining moment in my life. It was the one event that caused me to realize that I was attracted to girls as well."

Erica was stunned. "You mean...you were attracted to me as well?"

"I was gonna call you the next morning and tell you so, but it was too late. By then, you were gone."

"Oh, fucking god!" Erica cried. She broke down and Danielle embraced her to comfort her. "I'm sorry, Danielle!" she cried, unable to contain her guilt. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay," Danielle said. "It's okay, Erica. I'm here. I'm here." Erica clutched Danielle's body like a scared child with her mother and Danielle comforted her, knowing how Erica felt.

Over the next month, Danielle told Erica how hard it was for her after Erica had run away, how she met Alexis and how they were engaged to be married. The doctors were surprised at how well Danielle's right hip had healed. Although her leg was still a little sore, she was well enough to have the cast removed. Alexis also spent quite a bit of time with Erica, and they became good friends quickly. With winter melting into spring, Erica regained her mental stability and was ready to start living again. Spring Quarter at college was about to start and with Erica recovered, Danielle and Alexis were to go back to college soon. However, there was one thing that Danielle wanted to do before she went back.

"You're sure you want to do this?" Alexis asked.

"Yes," Danielle replied. "I told you that I wanted to face my demons."

"Why do you wanna do this, Erica?"

"Because if Danielle is gonna face her demons, I wanna be there to help." Alexis smiled and the three of them continued walking toward Danielle and Erica's old school.

Danielle and Erica's presence turned a few heads as there were some students there that were seventh- and eighth-graders when the two blondes went their. Everyone that recognized Danielle and Erica was surprised to see that Danielle was showing her face there and that Erica was with her. "Oh my god," Danielle said seeing a person talking with the principal.

"What is it, Dan?" Alexis asked.

"Look who it is." The figure was that of Danielle's ex-boyfriend.

"It looks like Josh is visiting as well," Erica said.

"Did you just say, 'Josh'?" Alexis said.

"You bet your sweet ass she did!" Danielle said, walking toward Josh. Alexis and Erica quickly followed.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, Josh," the principal said.

"Same here, Mr. McDougle," Josh said. Suddenly, the principal was surprised by the person that he saw over Josh's shoulder. "What is it?" Josh asked.

He turned around and jumped backward, running into the principal's desk, looking into the maliciously smiling face of Danielle. "Hello, Josh," Danielle said.

"Danielle?" he said. "You're here?"

"That's right. And I'm not alone. Meet my girlfriend, Alexis."

The brunette stepped forward and Josh backed away a bit. "You're g-g-girlfriend?"

"That's right," Alexis said.

"And what's more..." Danielle said, holding out her hand to Josh, showing him the diamond ring on her finger, "...my fiancé."

"Fiancé?" Josh said, even more dismayed.

"And I'll bet you remember me," Erica said, stepping forward.

"Erica?" Josh said, his voice very tremulous. "You're here too?"

"Danielle told me what you said about me the day after I ran away. You thought I would never come back, but I did. And I'm gonna have my revenge for all of the bad things you said about me." She turned to Danielle and asked, "Danielle, what do you think would be a fitting punishment for Josh?"

"Oh, I don't know," Danielle said. "Let's see, he called you 'lesbo', he said that boys who like boys and girls who like girls shouldn't exist, maybe fitting punishment would be another shot to the balls."

"Good idea." Erica turned back to Josh with an evil grin on her face. "Say goodbye to your children," she said.

Josh's face went pale and he collapsed to the floor, passing out. Danielle, Alexis, and Erica all burst into uncontrollable laughter. "Son of a fucking bitch!" Alexis cried.

"Damn, that felt good!" Erica laughed.

The three girls walked away laughing, leaving a horrified Principal McDougle in their tracks. "That was amazing!" Danielle cried as they walked out of the school. "How the fuck did you learn to talk like that?"

"Hey, I was on the streets for four years. You have to learn these things to keep the guys from beating and raping you."

While at the school, clouds had started to gather overhead. "Look at the clouds," Danielle said.

"Looks like a winter storm," said Alexis.

"Let's get home," Erica said. They started walking faster toward Erica's house, but the rain came crashing down on them within minutes.

They all ran back to Erica's house as fast as they could. Erica unlocked the door and the three of them went inside, soaking wet. "Let's get out of these wet things," said Alexis. Danielle, Alexis, and Erica started stripping out of their clothes until they were all only in their lingerie. "Well, that was fun," said Alexis.

"I'm hungry," Erica said. "How would you guys like an early dinner?"

"I'm kind of in the mood for Chinese tonight," Alexis said.

"I know a Chinese delivery service," said Danielle. "I'll go call them up." Danielle went to the phone and Alexis and Erica went to watch some television. Danielle entered the living room to find Alexis and Erica on the couch watching Pokémon. "You're watching Pokémon?" Danielle asked.

"What?" said Erica. "I happen to like anime."

"Yeah," said Alexis, "what's the deal?"

"Nothing," Danielle said. "I'm just surprised to find you two watching something that's meant for kids."

"Maybe it should be for adults too," said Erica.

"Maybe." Danielle sat down in between the two and held them close.

"Hey Erica," Alexis said, "aren't your mom and dad supposed to be here?"

"They're supposed to be gone for the weekend."

The Chinese food came at about 4:30. Erica put on a bath robe, took the Chinese food and tipped the delivery boy extra for delivering the food in the pouring rain. After the delivery boy left, the blonde took off the bath robe and brought the food to her two friends on the couch, who were snuggling at the time. "Ah, the food," Danielle said.

"So what did you order?" Alexis asked.

"I got orange chicken, fried rice, and egg rolls." The three girls decided to put on a movie while they ate their food. Since Erica had The Matrix and Danielle and Alexis had The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, they decided to have a Matrix Marathon, all three movies back to back to back.

About half-way through Revolutions, Erica suddenly realized something. "Y'know," she said, "something seems awfully familiar about this."

"What is it?" Alexis asked.

"We get caught in a rain storm walking home from school, we strip down to our bras and panties, Danielle orders orange chicken, fried rice and egg rolls, then we watch The Matrix while we eat out dinner. Doesn't that sound familiar to either of you?"

"It's like the night you ran away," Danielle said. "Except that it was at my house and you wore a nightgown over your underwear."

"But there's something much more important than those details. What matters most is that I'm not gonna run away this time. Tonight, I'm gonna stay right here with you, Danielle." Erica pulled herself closer to Danielle's body and snuggled up to her, rubbing her cheek against her friend's shoulder.

Suddenly, Danielle felt her heart racing. She felt her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bra and a small damp spot on the cotton of her panties. "Uh, guys?" she said nervously.

"What is it, Love?" Alexis asked.

"I'm not feelin' too hot."

"You okay?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah. Maybe I should just get some rest. You two enjoy the movie, I'm goin' to bed."

"Good night, Dan," said Erica.

"Good night, Eric. Good night, Al." Danielle went to the bedroom and got into bed.

It was happening again! Danielle again felt an attraction toward Erica. The blonde fought with herself about what the right thing to do was. She loved Alexis deeply and was engaged to be married to her, but she also knew that given time, she could easily grow to love Erica just as much. Danielle did not know whether to go through with the marriage or to call it off and spend her time with Erica.

Eventually, Danielle realized that her ability to think had been clouded by her rushing hormones. Her panties were soaked and her nipples were pressing against her bra so hard that it hurt. She had to cum. She quickly unclasped her bra and slid her panties down and off her legs. She was about to start fucking herself frantically when the door opened and Erica and Alexis walked into the room. "Hi, Eric," she said. "Hi, Al."

"Hi, Dan," both girls said in unison.

"Guys, I have a problem."

"Wait," Erica said, "what's that in the air?"

Alexis inhaled and recognized the smell as that of female arousal. "Danielle," she said in a playfully scolding manner, "have you been playing with yourself in here?"

"No," Danielle said, "but I was just about to when you guys walked in."

"Well why didn't you tell me that you were horny? Why didn't you let me make love to you?"

"Because it's not you I'm thinking about."

Erica and Alexis gasped. "What?" Alexis asked after compiling what Danielle had said.

Danielle explained. "Guys, after spending the past three months in this house and being with Erica, I'm finding that I'm starting to fall in love with her again."

"What?" Erica cried.

"And I have a serious problem on my hands. I'm finding it hard to decide what to do now. Alexis, I still love you deeply, but I can't deny it to myself that I'm in love with Erica as well."

Nobody spoke for a moment. It was Alexis who broke the silent by saying, "Wow. What a relief."

That statement was surprising to Danielle. "'Relief'?" she asked. "Why is that a relief?"

"Well, you see, Dan. Eric and I came up to tell you that we had a problem also."

"And what was that problem?"

"Well, after spending the past three months in this house and being with Erica, we're finding that we're starting to like each other as well."

Erica piped in, "When the movie ended, Al and I just stayed up talking for a while. As we got deeper and deeper into the conversation, we found ourselves inching closer and closer together. Before we really knew was was happening, we--" Erica stopped herself.

"What?" Danielle asked intently. "You what?"

Alexis finished Erica's sentence. "We kissed," the brunette said.

"You did?"

"Yeah," said Erica. "We didn't really realize what we were doing until we had been making out for about five minutes."

"Five minutes?"

Alexis started speaking again. "It was then that we knew that we had to come in here and tell you our problem. But, now it seems that none of us have that much of a problem any more."

Danielle looked back and forth between Erica and Alexis, both of them looking at her lovingly. "Wait," the blonde said. "So guys, what does this mean for us?"

Erica slowly crawled up onto the bed and said, "I think it means that your little duet has just become a trio." With that, Erica lowered her head down to Danielle's and the two met in a deep, wet kiss. Alexis quickly joined in and they all joined in a steamy three-way kiss.

Danielle got out from under the covers, revealing her naked body to her two friends. She expertly undid their bras single-handedly at the same time and pulled them both deeper into her. They all started groping each other, not even caring who they were touching or who they were getting touched by. By now, Danielle was on fire. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, her cunt was soaking wet, and her clit was aching to be touched. "I'm so fucking horny!" she said.

"Then let us help you with that," said Alexis. "Erica," she said, "you wanna take it downstairs?"

"Of course. You've been going down on her for two years now, and I think it's my turn to find out what Danielle tastes like." Alexis pushed Danielle down onto the bed and kissed her passionately. She shoved her tongue into Danielle's mouth as deep as it would go and Danielle did the same.

Just then, Danielle felt Erica's tongue enter her dripping wet canal and she moaned at the feeling. Erica moaned as well, very much enjoying her first taste of pussy. "Oh, yeah," Danielle moaned, accidentally breaking the kiss with Alexis. The brunette instead decided to start working on her lover's tits, sucking and licking her nipples. "Oh, God. This feels so good, you guys. Keep going."

"You taste so good," Erica said, burying her face deeper into Danielle's dripping cunt. Danielle's body arched, pushing her chest further toward Alexis and her hips further toward Erica. It was an amazing feeling for Danielle to have one beautiful girl licking her pussy and another equally beautiful girl sucking her nipples.

Just then, Erica's tongue found its way to Danielle's erect clit, making Danielle cry out in pleasure, her hips rocking against Erica's face. Knowing that the blonde was near orgasm, Alexis intensified her attack on Danielle's rock-hard nipples. Danielle's entire body was spasming, both of her friends pushing her closer and closer to her peak. Erica decided to push a finger into Danielle's sopping wet hole, driving Danielle to her plateau. "Erica," said Alexis, "let's give Danielle a good one."

"Okay," the young blonde said. Both girls went down on Danielle at the same time, Alexis fiercely sucking her tits and Erica ferociously eating her pussy. Danielle screamed in ecstasy as she was overcome by a huge orgasm. Every muscle in her body shuddered as her two lovers continued going down on her. Erica was surprised at how much she loved the taste of Danielle's girl-cum and kept going, hoping to get more of it. She was rewarded when her continued assault on Danielle's vulva brought her friend to another powerful orgasm.

Her double-orgasm was so powerful that Danielle nearly passed out when it was over. Erica licked her lips and moaned as she tasted Danielle's honey. Alexis went to Erica and they kissed, the brunette moaning the zesty flavor that was all over Erica's face. "So," Alexis asked, "how did you like your first pussy?"

"It was great!" said Erica. "Danielle's juices taste so good."

"How about I find out what you taste like?" Erica smiled and she lay herself down on the bed. Alexis slipped Erica's white, extremely wet panties down her smooth legs. The brunette went into position, her face inches from Erica's pussy. "Wow," said Alexis. "You're really wet down there. I bet Danielle's orgasm got you really excited."

"Shut up and fuck me, Sexy." Alexis lowered her head to Erica's crotch and started licking the soft folds of her vagina. Erica's head fell back onto the bed and she moaned at the feeling. "Oh, wow," she moaned. "I never knew a woman's touch could feel so good. God, yes! Keep going, Alexis. Keep going."

Danielle came out of her post-orgasmic daze to see Erica moaning in bliss with Alexis between her legs. "Let me help you with that," she said. She took Erica's face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Danielle's tongue pushed its way into Erica's mouth, and Erica sighed as her tongue mingled with Danielle's. One of Danielle's hands reached behind Erica's neck, keeping Erica's mouth from leaving hers while her other hand went straight for Erica's erect nipples. The loud cry that Erica made was muffled by Danielle's lips locked with hers. Meanwhile, Alexis was still working away at Erica's very aroused pussy, licking her clit while shoving her fingers deep into her canal.

Soon, Erica was writhing on the bed, humping Alexis' mouth and crying in pleasure. Her movements became more and more erratic as she lost more and more control over her motor functions. Then, her orgasm hit. Erica emitted several loud grunts and her body spasmed violently. Her hands clutched the bed sheets below her while the rest of her body shook, juices flowing all over Alexis' hand and onto the bed.

Erica came down from her very pleasurable orgasm and collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Her eyes opened after a moment of recovering. "God," she panted. "That...was amazing."

"It's better getting it from someone other than yourself, doesn't it?" Danielle said.

"Yes," the young girl replied. "Much better."

Danielle saw Alexis and noticed that her nipples were erect, her panties were completely soaked, and she had a look of extreme discomfort on her face. "I think that Alexis is in need of a good fucking as well," said the blonde.

"You got that fucking right!" the brunette cried, practically ripping her panties off. "I just made love to two fucking hot girls who I watched cum really hard! You don't know what it's like going through that without cumming at least twice!"

"In that case," Erica said, "why don't we make you feel good?"

"I think it's my turn to taste some pussy tonight," Danielle said.

"Okay," Erica acknowledged. With that, Danielle started fucking Alexis' pussy with three of her fingers. It was extraordinarily easy to fill her girlfriend's tight pussy because of all of the lubrication that Alexis had been producing over the past twenty minutes. Erica lightly nibbled on Alexis' rock-hard nipples and the brunette moaned.

"Shit!" Alexis cried. "Don't take it so fucking slow. Normally I would love a good build-up, but I've already been building up for the past half-hour! Just fuck me hard and make me fucking cum!"

Danielle and Erica looked at each other and nodded. Erica went down on Alexis' breasts, aggressively squeezing the firm globes and biting down on the nipples hard. Danielle pounded her fingers deep into Alexis' extremely wet pussy, lapping hungrily at the engorged clit. Alexis was cumming within seconds, short, cut-off cries emanating from her mouth while her hips bucked powerfully, her juices actually squirting from her pussy, soaking Danielle in her cum. Making sure that Alexis released all of her sexual frustration, Danielle kept fucking Alexis hard, giving her a second orgasm. Even after Alexis' second orgasm passed, she grabbed Danielle's head and pushed her deeper into her spasming cunt, bringing the brunette to a third, even more powerful orgasm.

Alexis collapsed on the bed, passing out from the sensory overload, panting and shivering from her massive multiple. Sure that Alexis was not going to move for a while, Erica left her alone. She looked at Danielle and saw that Alexis' cum-juice was all over her face, dripping onto her tits. Erica started making out furiously with Danielle, tasting Alexis' girl-cum on Danielle's lips, and then on her tits.

The feel of Erica's tongue on her nipples got Danielle aroused again and the taste of girl-cum got Erica turned on as well. Danielle layed Erica down on her back and got on top of her in a 69 position. She started going down on Erica's pussy, making the young blonde moan in delight. Erica returned the favor and started sucking on Danielle's cunt also. The two blondes fucked each other with their mouths, juices running from their cunts, soaking the bed and each other's faces in their wetness. Erica absolutely loved the taste of Danielle's pussy juices and sucked on the excited vagina even harder, making Danielle cry in pleasure. Danielle went down harder on Erica's cunt as well.

Danielle felt her orgasm approaching and she grinded her pussy against Erica's face. When Danielle managed to get Erica to graze her teeth over the erect clit, Danielle started cumming, spewing her girl-cum into Erica's awaiting mouth. Danielle's attention on Erica's highly aroused loins combined with the potent taste of Danielle's sweet honey brought Erica to a powerful orgasm. She threw her head back onto the bed as she cried out in orgasmic bliss. Having come down from her orgasm, Danielle was better able to concentrate on pleasuring Erica and gave her friend a second powerful orgasm.

When, Erica came down from her multiple, Danielle turned around and kissed the young blonde, who was lost in post-orgasmic bliss. Danielle's lips on hers and the taste of her own juices brought Erica back to her senses and she kissed her friend back.

When they had both recovered, they lay down next to each other and cuddled. "I'm so happy that we're together again," said Erica.

"Me too," Danielle said. "After that night four years ago, there's been a part of me that has been missing. Sure, I fell deeply in love with Alexis and was happier than I ever was before, but only after I found you again did I feel complete."

"I know exactly how you feel. I was in love with you in high school, and I've never stopped loving you. Even though I blamed you for everything that happened after I ran away, I still loved you. And now, I'm able to express my love for you the way I've always wanted to, the way I wanted to on that night four years ago."

"It's strange the way things work out, isn't it? First, we face years of despair that seems to never end. And then, somehow, things just happen to come together perfectly. How does that happen?"

"That's life," said a voice beside them. They looked at see that Alexis was awake.

"Hey, Al," said Erica.

"Feeling better?" Danielle asked.

"Oh, yeah," Alexis sighed. "I don't think I've ever had an orgasm that powerful. How long was I out?"

Erica looked at the digital clock on the desk beside the bed. It read 10:01. "Almost half-an-hour," said the blonde.

"Erica and I were really turned on by it," the other blonde said.

"God," Alexis laughed. "This air is so thick with the smell of sex. How many times have we cum tonight?"

"I count nine," said Danielle. "We each cummed three times so far."

Erica inhaled the musky scent and moaned, intoxicated by the strong odor. "Is this possible?" she said.

"What is it?" Danielle asked.

"Just the smell has gotten me hot again!"

"Yeah, me too," said Alexis.

"I think we all need to cum again," Danielle said. All three of them came together again in a three-way kiss, their tongues meeting and their bodies entwining.

Alexis layed Erica down on her side and started eating her wet pussy. Danielle lay down on her side as well, fucking Alexis' cunt with her mouth while sticking her crotch in Erica's face. The three of them started going down on each other in a perfect triangle, all three of them moaning and sighing in pleasure.

Within seconds, they were all deep in sexual passion, not caring about or even being aware of anything besides the sweet wetness that they were tasting and the intense pleasure that they were receiving via their dripping pussies. They were all on fire, too lost to do anything but keep going, continuing to devour each other's sopping wet cunts, driving each other further and further, the pleasure feeding back on itself, continuing to grow.

The pressure inside their bodies was growing very quickly as their orgasms approached. Their moans continuously grew in volume and their body movements were becoming increasingly more difficult to control as they cycled toward their final peak. All of the muscles in their bodies tightened as they reached the height of their rapture. Finally, all three girls exploded into violent orgasms, all of them screaming in ecstasy, girl-cum spewing everywhere, soaking everybody and everything within five feet of the bed. Completely exhausted, the three of them completely passed out, collapsing on the bed, utterly soaked with the girl-cum and sweat of twelve powerful orgasms.

After several more days, Danielle and Alexis went back to college. They all wished that the three of them could stay together, but they were all happy and grateful that they were all able to consummate their love for each other together. Danielle and Alexis kept in touch with Erica via email, sometimes engaging in cyber sex. Spring Quarter ended and Danielle and Alexis went back to California for the summer. Danielle and Alexis were married on the Bridge to Nowhere with Erica as Danielle's maid of honor. After the marriage, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon to Maui, taking Erica along with them, continuing their three-way relationship.

Since then, they all lived by one saying, one motto that they said when they were down that made them feel better, letting them know that it was meant to be and that they were not the only ones that had good times and bad times: That's life.


I am glad that I finally managed to finish this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. I am sorry to say that just like every other story written, That's Life must come to an end. However, I am still young and have many years to continue writing. Hope that you read more of my stories and find them as enjoyable as you found this one.