Unexpected pleasures

By: Cassie White

My name is Melissa Carter but everyone calls me Missy. I'm currently 24 years old. I have brunette hair, straight and down to my shoulders and ice blue eyes. I'm 5'4", 125 lbs and my measurements are 34c-24-36. I never would have thought I would become a lesbian. One girl would change my mind forever.

I became sexually active at an average age. I was 15 when i lost my virginity. I had literally no experience in any aspect of sex until that first night. It was with my boyfriend at his house. We were watching a movie when his parents said they were going out. They expected me to leave in 30 min when the movie was over. Well, soon as they left we started fooling around. Kissing at first, then some under the clothes petting and groping. Finally, he asked me if I wanted to go into his room and keep going. We got undressed and did it. It lasted all of 15 minutes. I would have kept going but he was finished.

He did what all guys do and that is tell everyone he knew. I broke it off with him because while I enjoyed the sex I wasn't gonna be known as an easy lay. I guess this sorta earned me a reputation as being a prude. I decided that I was gonna wait until prom to do it again. I went out with one guy all my junior year. He was a senior. He already knew about my rule about waiting till prom. We did lots up until then....mainly him playing with my tits and me sucking his dick.

Prom night came. He picked me up and we went. I had to nearly fight him off me all night. He was groping me and wanting to make out. I wanted to enjoy my first prom seeing as how I wasn't supposed to go since I was still a junior. Well, about halfway through he went off to get some punch. I didn't see him for a long time.

I pulled a girl I had biology and pre-cal with and said, "Where did Mike go?"

She said, "Aren't you supposed to be his date?"

I said, "Um...yeah."

She said, "I don't wanna be the one to tell you this but he left with Stacy Becker."

I started to cry. He was just interested in getting laid. Then a girl I hadn't spoken to all year walked up to me. It was Jennifer Grace, the captain of the girl's varsity soccer team. She came to me and sat down. She took a kleenex out of her purse and wiped my tears away.

She then said, "I heard about that jackass leaving you hear alone. Come on. Come dance with me and talk about it."

It was a slow song but i didn't care. Worst thing that would happen is ppl would whisper. We got up and started to dance. We talked about what had happened all year with him and stuff. Then she started pulling out some personal questions.

She said, "So, did you guys fuck yet?"

I said, "Nope. I was saving it for tonight."

She said, "Ah. Good call. So you guys didn't do anything at all?"

I said, "He would grab my tits and I would suck his dick."

She said, "He ever return the favor?"

I said, "Like how?"

She said, "He never ate you out?"

I said, "Nope. Never had it done before."

She said, "Girl, you have no idea what you are missing. That's the best part of sex. He treated you like shit then."

The dj decided to play about 4 slow songs back to back since we were all getting tired of fast music. Jennifer and I were talking about some deep stuff. Some time into the song "November Rain" by Guns n Roses we started kissing. She initiated it and I didn't stop her. I don't know why I let her kiss me to this day. I guess i was upset and she was comforting me and it just happened. There we were locking lips making out when I moaned during the kiss. One of those moans where you came to the realization of the situation. Jennifer picked up on this and she opened her eyes. We were still kissing, both of us with our eyes open gazing into each other's eyes. I then closed my eyes again and kissed her with a passion. A kiss that meant that I'm fully aware i'm kissing another woman and I like it.

After that song was over we decided to go sit down. Jennifer wanted to introduce me to some of her friends. We walked over to the table holding hands. There were about 3 girls sitting there already. They greeted Jennifer.

Jennifer said, "Hey girls. This is my date, Missy."

One said, "Hey Missy, I'm Rachael."

The other 2 said, "Hey girl." in unison.

We sat down and Jennifer sat behind me with her arms around me. Rachael said, "You be good to Jenny. She's a special girl."

I turned to Jennifer and whispered in her ear playfully, "So, i'm your date, eh?"

She said, "Well, half the school saw us kissing just then. I figured I would just say it."

I said, "After the night...hell the week i've had, you can call me anything you want."

We all had the most fun time of our lives the rest of the night. I didn't want it to end. About 15 minutes till 11 Rachael and the other girls started to get ready to leave.

I said, "Is it time to go already?"

Sasha said, "Rachael, Kim and I are going back to my parents lake house for the weekend. Nothing but whine, music and each other. You two wanna come with?"

Jennifer said, "I don't think so. Not tonight. Not after the start Missy had. Maybe next time though."

I didn't have a way home since my prick now ex-boyfriend drove me. Jennifer offered me a ride home. She said, "Ok, I'll take you home then darlin."

I said, "I don't wanna go home."

She said, "Oh? Where to go then?"

I said, "I wanna be with you."

She said, "Well, my parents are out of town all weekend. You wanna come home with me for the weekend?"

I said, "I'd love that. Let me just call my mom and tell her what i'm doing."

I picked up my cellphone and dialed home. Mom answered. I said, "Mom, I'm gonna hang out at Jennifer Grace's house this weekend if that's ok."

Mom said, "Well, sure honey. It's fine with me."

I said, "Ok. I'm gonna come by and pick up some clothes then."

We drove to my house. Jennifer came in with me. She waited in the living room. I went back to my room, grabbed some outfits and this really sexy pink and black baby doll sleeper I was saving for prom. I put them all in a bag and headed back out.

As we were leaving mom said, "Now, are there gonna be boys there?"

Jennifer said, "Most definitely not."

Mom said, "Good. I don't want my daughter coming home pregnant."

Jennifer chuckled and said, "You have my word that no penis will come near this girl."

Mom laughed and said, "Ok then. You girls have fun."

Jennifer winked at me and said, "Oh we will."

We drove across town to Jenny's house. It was in a good neighborhood and was completely secluded. No neighbors in eye shot and even if there was there were 10 foot tall bushes that blocked the view of anything on her property.

We went inside and put my stuff down in her bedroom. We both got out of our prom dresses. We both sat on the floor in our panties and bras as we both picked out the ten thousand hair pins out of each other's hair.

We started to kiss. It was softer and more sexier kissing. After about 10 minutes or so Jennifer said, "Do you wanna take a shower with me so we can get girlied up before bed?"

I hummed into her ear, "I'd love to."

We both stood up. Jennifer undressed me. We started kissing again. Jennifer eased her hands around my waste and unfastened my bra. I let it fall to the floor. Jennifer broke off the kiss and started licking my left nipple. She then slid her hands down the sides of my waste. She intwined her fingers in the string bikini panties I was wearing and she untied both sides. My panties fell to the floor.

I undressed her next and was marveled at her appearance. She was 5'3" 140 lbs. Her measurements are 36c-24-37. Her thighs were thicker. She had a bit of a tummy. Her ass was round and full. Her breasts were perfect apple shapes. Full, firm and hard nipples. Her pussy was completely shaven except for a spot above her clit ring. It was about an inch wide and 3 inches long. Yes, she has a clit ring. She also has a tattoo on her right buttcheek. It's a rainbow butterfly and has "girl power" underneath it.

She was fucking beautiful. I couldn't help staring at her gorgeous body.

She turned red and said, "Yes, I know i'm fat. If you don't wanna do this we don't have to."

I pulled her close to me. I ran my hands over her entired body and said, "Your perfect. Your absolutely gorgeous. I'm not attracted to supermodels. I'm attracted to your beautiful full body."

We got in the shower and she turned it on steaming hot. We made out in the shower. I got to suck on my first breasts in that shower. I plunged my finger into another woman's pussy for the first time in that shower. I ate my first pussy in that shower.

About an hour later we got out of the shower and went to bed. We fucked and sucked and kissed and nibbled and bit for hours. Jenny introduced me to edna, her double ended dildo. it was 20 inches long and see-through pink. That little beauty got me fully converted to lesbian.

Well, around 3 am I was done for the night. Jenny and fucked, licked and sucked me to 6 orgasms. We were in bed still. We were naked. I was on top of her. We were playfully making out with edna still doing her job in both of us.

Jenny said, "So, I take it you enjoyed yourself?"

I said, "I'm gonna be bold and say that I don't want dick anymore."

Jenny said, "You think I converted you."

I said, "I was yours the second your hand touched mine back at prom."

Jenny said, "Are you saying what I think your saying?"

I said, "I want to be your girlfriend. I guess that is if you don't already have one."

Jenny said, "Well, I don't really have a girlfriend."

I said, "Keep going."

Jenny said, "Well, some of the girls on the team are lesbians too."

I said, "Rachael and them right?"

Jenny said, "Yeah that's right. Well, the 4 of us were all supposed to be at sasha's place this weekend."

I said, "Well, I'm sorry that I made you change your plans."

Jenny said, "Oh believe me, you didn't make me. I wanted you just as bad as you wanted me. I want us to be girlfriends but i want you to know something."

I was giddy. I said, "Anything."

Jenny said, "Some of the girls fool around after games in the locker room. I'll do my best to not get into it but rachael has a way of getting me going."

I said, "I don't mind you sleeping with other women. It's out in the open now. Just as long as it doesn't affect us then i'm fine."

Jenny said, "Oh it won't. I think you'll love being a lesbian. I have much work to teach you girl."

More to come. Can't write anymore. Too damn horny now. Let me know what you think and I'll write a 2nd addition after I change my soaking wet panties.