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A Sister's Love, Part 1
by Nathan Warford


Sarah arrived home early after school at 3:31 pm. She had expected to stay at soccer practice until at least 4:30 pm, but practice was canceled since the coach was sick at home. As the brunette walked through the front door, she called out, "Steph, I'm home." Sarah heard no answer from her sister. "Steph, are you here?" the 16-year-old called out.

Sarah's 13-year-old sister, Stephanie, went to school only a few blocks from their home, so she walked home every day after school. Since the school day ended at 3:00 for Stephanie, Sarah knew that she would be home by then.

Sarah went to the 2nd story. "Are you in here?" Sarah asked, peeking into Stephanie's room. The room was empty. "She must be over at a friend's house or something," Sarah said to herself. Sarah walked out of her sister's room and down the hall to her room. After taking off her back pack and dropping it onto her bed, Sarah opened the window to let some fresh air in. The brunette closed her eyes and inhaled. She smiled at the sweet scent of spring flowers.

As Sarah opened her eyes, her gaze drifted down to the pool in the back yard. Sarah's eyes widened when she saw Stephanie lying down on her back in one of the pool side chairs, completely naked! Sarah hastily covered her mouth with both hands to keep from crying out and letting Stephanie know that her sister had caught her naked. "I'm an hour early," Sarah said to herself. "she probably feels that she's safe from getting caught 'cause I'm usually not home at this time."

Sarah was mesmerized by her sister's naked form. She had not seen Stephanie naked for years. The brunette noted how much Stephanie had grown since then. Stephanie stood 5'0", several inches shorter than Sarah. Stephanie's body had developed some very nice curves, including a small, but beautiful, set of breasts. Sarah's brown eyes moved up and down her sister's body, then stopped between Stephanie's legs. The 13-year-old had been developing downstairs as well, her pubic mound now covered with tiny, brown hairs. "God, she's beautiful," Sarah said. "Did I just say she was beautiful?" Sarah asked herself, surprised by what she had said.

Sarah could see that Stephanie had no tan lines on her body at all. "She must do this every Friday," said Sarah. "It would certainly explain the nice tan she's getting. Sarah's breath caught when she saw Stephanie caress her small breasts. The 13-year-old gave her tits a squeeze and she arched her back in bliss. Sarah just stared at her sister while she played with her breasts, completely oblivious to her 16-year-old sister watching her every move. Sarah could feel her own nipples hardening, pressing against the cotton of her bra. Sarah knew that she should not be watching her sister like this, but she was frozen stiff, unable to avert her gaze from the view that her sister was giving her.

Sarah watched as Stephanie's right hand started moving down her body. Stephanie's hand moved down her flat stomach, over her pubic mound, and down her right leg, caressing her soft skin. Sarah had started pulling on her left nipple through the fabric of her school uniform, eliciting soft sighs that were not loud enough for her sister to hear. The 13-year-old moved her right hand back up her leg toward her young sex. Stephanie spread her legs and rubbed her hand over her vagina, causing Sarah to gasp in shock. After several moments, Stephanie brought her hand from between her legs to her mouth and sucked several fingers into her mouth. With Stephanie's hand away from her crotch, Sarah could clearly see her sister's snatch. Her lips were bright pink and very wet. The rest of her body was completely dry, so Sarah knew that the wetness was not just water from the pool.

Stephanie brought her right hand back down between her legs and started rubbing herself again. However, this time, she did not bring her hand back to her mouth. The 13-year-old kept her hand moving over her young slit. Sarah was in awe of her sister, watching every move that she made. Seemingly on its own will, Sarah's left hand moved down her body and under her skirt to her panties. Her cotton briefs were just as wet as Stephanie's vagina was. Sarah's right hand remained at her chest, squeezing and fondling her breasts as she watched her sister play with herself.

Stephanie pushed her index and middle fingers inside herself and her hips pushed upward against her fingers. Stephanie let out a moan that Sarah would not have been able to hear if her window was closed. The moan drove Sarah crazy with lust and she shoved her left hand into her panties and started rubbing her wet pussy. She moaned in bliss as she pleasured herself, but kept it quiet so that Stephanie would not hear her. 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' Sarah thought. 'I'm masturbating to watching my sister!' Despite her own judgement, Sarah could not stop watching her sister. Her eyes were fixed on Stephanie's fingers between her legs and she could not pull her fingers from her own cunt.

Stephanie's body was squirming about on the pool chair and her head was moving from side to side, her moans becoming louder by the minute. Sarah's breathing was becoming more labored as well as her fingers moved faster and faster in and out of her sopping pussy. Sarah was close to orgasm and it was because of her younger sister! Sarah wanted to stop, but she was still fixated on her masturbating sister. "Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh! Oh!" came increasingly louder moans from Stephanie. With a loud grunt, Stephanie threw her head back and her hips seized up, pushing her pussy high into the air. Juices dripped from Stephanie's pussy as she came. Sarah's legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor, her body jerking about in orgasm as well. She rolled onto her stomach so that the floor would muffle her cries of pleasure.

When Sarah regained her senses, her left hand was soaked in her pussy juices and her room was rich with the scent of girl-sex. Sarah managed to get up onto her knees, her head just high enough for her to look out the window. Stephanie's body was sprawled across the pool chair, her eyes closed and her pussy dripping with girl-cum. "I can't believe I just did that," Sarah breathed. "I just came to the sight of my own sister." Sarah slowly got to her feet and walked into the adjacent bathroom to clean up. As she sat on the toilet, wiping the cum from between her legs, she said, "That was really great. I can't believe watching my sister cum would be so hot."

After Sarah had cleaned herself up and taken a piss, she went back into her room and put on a clean pain of panties, throwing the sodden ones into her laundry basket. She took another look out the window to see that Stephanie was gone. "Where'd she go?" Sarah wondered. The 16-year-old then heard someone walking up the stairs to the 2nd story. "Oh, shit!" Sarah cried softly. Sarah quickly aired her room out to get rid of the sex smell. She quickly closed the window and threw herself down on her bed, pretending to be resting. "Sarah?" a young voice said from the door to her room. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at her sister, who was standing in her doorway in an army camouflaged T-shirt and blue jeans. Sarah thought that her sister looked so cute as a tomboy.

"Hi, Steph," Sarah replied. "How are you?"

"I'm okay," the 13-year-old answered. "I saw your car outside. You got home early today."

"I know," said Sarah. "The coach was sick so soccer practice was canceled."

"I see. When did you get home?"

Although Stephanie was doing a good job of hiding it, Sarah could tell that her sister was concerned. Not wanting her sister to learn that she had watched her masturbate in front of the pool, Sarah said, "I got home just now. I looked around the house but I couldn't find you, so I just went into my room and lied down on the bed. A minute later, you walked in."

"I was sunbathing out by the pool," Stephanie said.

"I see. I have been noticing you've been getting a nice tan."

"You like it?" the younger brunette asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Sarah replied. "If you show a little more skin, I'm sure the boys'll be all over you."

"I would, but you know how Mom is about revealing clothes."

"Hey, at least you can actually wear clothes that you like. I'm stuck in this stupid school uniform all week."

"True." After a short pause, Stephanie said, "Well, I'll be downstairs, watching a movie if you need me."

"Sure," the older girl said. "I'll be here."

Stephanie smiled and walked out of Sarah's room. Her sister's smile made Sarah melt. "God, that girl's hot!" she said. "I wonder if she masturbates out by the pool every day I'm at practice."

The weekend passed slowly. Sarah was anxious for Monday to come along. If the coach was still sick, Sarah would be able to come home early again and see if Stephanie would give her a repeat of Friday's show. When Monday did some, the hours passed even more slowly than the weekend had. As soon as the last period ended, Sarah ran to the coach's office to see if the coach was there. On the door was taped the same note that Sarah had seen on Friday, reading:

Everyone on the girls' soccer team,
          Soccer practice will be canceled today. Coach Rogers is sick. Make sure that you practice whenever you can.

"Yes!" Sarah cried. "She's still sick." The 16-year-old ran to her car and started driving home. About a block from her house, Sarah pulled over and got out of the car. She did not want Stephanie to see her car outside and think that she was home. As Sarah approached her house, she became cautious, not wanting her sister to know that she was home.

Sarah made her way up to her room and looked out the window. Surely enough, Stephanie was sunbathing on the pool chair, just as naked as she was on Friday. "Hallelujah!" said Sarah. "Stephanie's there." Preparing for what was to come, Sarah pulled her chair up to the window and laid a towel down on the chair. Watching her naked sister intently, Sarah hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and sat down. Her nipples were already hard in anticipation and she needed to touch her breasts. She brought her left hand to her chest to fondle her boobs, but reserved her right hand for touching her pussy.

Sarah kept her gaze fixed on Stephanie for another minute. "Come on, Steph," she said. "Do something." Another minute passed and Sarah noticed movement. Stephanie rolled over and lied down on her stomach. Sarah drooled when she saw Stephanie's ass. "Now that's a nice ass," she said. Sarah watched as Stephanie got up onto her hands and knees and started rubbing her ass cheeks with her right hand, using her left hand to keep her in that position. Stephanie then bent over, sticking her ass straight toward Sarah, allowing her sister to see her pink pussy lips right below her fully exposed anus. After a few moments of squeezing her ass, Stephanie brought her right hand between her legs and began stimulating her dripping cunt. It was the moment Sarah had been waiting for. She brought her right hand straight to her aroused pussy and started fingering herself.

Sarah moaned as she watched her sister fuck herself in the doggy-style position. "That's it, girl," Sarah said. "Fuck yourself, Stephanie." As both girls masturbated, Sarah noticed that her window was still closed. She opened the window and Stephanie's moans came through loud and clear. The sound of her sister's moans of sexual pleasure heightened Sarah's arousal and she rubbed her clit even faster. She gasped in bliss and her back arched.

Stephanie's body was beginning to rock back and forth to her ministrations, letting Sarah know that her sister would cum at any moment. Sarah was also squirming about on the chair, close to her own orgasm as well. Juices were dripping from her pussy onto her fingers, soaking the towel that she had laid down. "Come on," Sarah moaned. "Come on, Steph. Let me see you cum."

Just like the other day, right before her orgasm, Stephanie started moaning, "Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh! Oh!" each moan louder than the last, until they turned into loud grunts and her body started convulsing. Sarah watched as her sister's cum-juices flowed all over her fingers as she cried in orgasmic bliss. Again, it was Stephanie's orgasm that pushed Sarah over the edge. Her back arched and her body spasmed. She, too, grunted several times, juices gushing from her contracting pussy all over her hand and the towel.

Sarah came down from her pleasure high after a minute and sighed in contentment. She looked out the window to see her sister, again sprawled out on the chair, just like the last time. Sarah licked her cum-juices off of her fingers as she looked upon her sister's serene form. Since she had used a towel, Sarah did not have to rush into the bathroom to clean up, so she just stayed sitting there to see what Stephanie did next. A few minutes passed and Stephanie began to stir. She rolled onto her back and put her hand to her mouth, sucking her pussy juices off of her fingers as well. "You're so hot," Sarah said.

After wiping her wetness off of her pussy with the towel, Sarah stood up and pulled her panties back up. After throwing the towel into the laundry basket, Sarah quickly made her way down the stairs and out the front door before Stephanie came back inside the house and noticed her. Sarah walked back to her car and drove home.

Coach Rogers was sick again on Wednesday and Friday, allowing Sarah to return home early on those days. On both of those days, Sarah was treated to the same show by her sister. Stephanie came hard by the pool and Sarah came just as hard watching her. Although she did not want to admit it, Sarah could not deny that she was slowly falling in love with her sister.

Soccer practice resumed on Monday when the coach got better. Sarah was disappointed that she would not be able to go home and watch her sister masturbate by the pool like she had done for the past week. Even though she was unable to watch her sister get herself off, Sarah was still horny from anticipation. As soon as she got home, she went straight to the bathroom and masturbated. She took off her school uniform and lingerie so that she was completely naked. Without any clothes to stand between her hands and her body, the sensations of her hands on her breasts were multiplied. Sarah moaned and sighed loudly as she squeezed her breasts with her left while while her right hand worked away at her sensitive clit. Sarah exploded and her back arched. She cried out in bliss as she heard liquid splashing into the toilet bowl from her dripping twat. Without being able to watch her sister cum, her orgasm that afternoon was not enough to satisfy Sarah's desire. She slept naked that night and made herself cum in her bed, soaking the sheets in her womanhood, all the while fantasizing about Stephanie.

As the days passed, Sarah felt that she had to tell Stephanie that she was in love with her. Since she had no soccer practice on Thursdays, Sarah decided to swing by Stephanie's middle school to pick her up. Stephanie was surprised when she saw her sister's car outside her school. She ran to the car and hopped into the front passenger's seat. "Sarah," she said. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to pick you up, Silly," Sarah said to her younger sister.

"But you never pick me up. School is so close to home that it's easy for me to walk."

"I know, Stephanie." After a moment, Sarah said, "There's something I need to talk to you about." Sarah began driving home as she talked to Stephanie about her feelings. "Stephanie," she said, "you know how boys and girls love each other?"

"Sarah," Stephanie said, "I'm 13 years old. I see that kinda stuff all the time. Of course I know about it."

"Yes," said Sarah smiling. "Of course you do. Anyway..." Sarah hesitated, not wanting to frighten her sister.

"What?" Stephanie asked.

Sarah was silent for a moment, deciding how to go about telling her sister how she felt. "Steph, there are some girls that love..." Sarah hesitated again. However, she managed to finish her sentence buy saying, "...other girls."

"You mean like lesbians?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes," said Sarah, impressed. "How do you know about that?"

"We're taught about homosexuals in sex-ed," Stephanie replied.

"I see." There was another pause. "What I need to talk to you about, Stephanie," Sarah continued, "is that--"

"What's going on here?" Stephanie interrupted, looking ahead of them.

Sarah looked and saw that the intersection ahead was blocked. "Must be an accident," said the older girl at seeing the flashing lights ahead. As they drove past, they saw several people being lifted into an ambulance on stretchers. "It must've been a bad one."

"Sarah! Look!" Stephanie cried in fear. Sarah looked and saw that Stephanie was pointing at two cars that had collided. One was a black Ford Mustang and the other was a red Volkswagen Beetle.

"Is that Dad's car?" Sarah asked, looking at the Beetle. Sarah was struck with the same fear that was on Stephanie's face. Sarah pulled over and she and Stephanie got out of the car to look at the wreckage.

As they approached, they were stopped by a police officer. "I'm sorry, girls," said the officer, "but you have to move along."

"That's our dad's car," said Sarah, "we have to see if he's all right."

While the police officer was distracted by Sarah, Stephanie ran around the officer toward the Beetle. "Hey you!" the officer called to Stephanie, "Stop!" Stephanie stopped in front of the Beetle and looked inside. With the officer distracted with Stephanie, Sarah ran around him as well and toward Stephanie.

Stephanie turned around and looked at Sarah as she approached. "Stephanie?" Sarah said, seeing the tears beginning to well in her sister's eyes.

"Oh, Sarah!" Stephanie cried, rushing to her sister. She wrapped her arms around Sarah and clutched her tight, crying uncontrollably. Sarah looked inside the car and saw her parents lying motionless inside the car.


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