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There is a reference to American Pie 2 in this story and there is a kind of a spoiler. If you have already seen American Pie 2 , do not intend to see it, or would not mind reading a spoiler, read on.

A Sister's Love, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


Sarah and Stephanie waited outside the emergency room, hoping for the best. The doctor came out and walked towards them. "How are they?" Sarah asked.

After a pause, the doctor said, "We've stabilized their condition. However..." The doctor hesitated. However, knowing that he had to break the news, he said, "...they're both comatose."

"Comatose?" Stephanie asked with a shaky voice.

Sarah's head dropped and she said, "It means they're asleep but they can't wake up. They might wake up tomorrow or not at all." Stephanie started sobbing. Sarah shed tears as well, but did not cry as loudly as her little sister did. The sisters embraced each other for comfort.

The doctor asked, "Do you have any relatives that might take care of you two?"

"Maybe," Sarah sniffled. "Our aunt and uncle live about a hundred miles away. David and Ryoko Sommers."

Although David and Ryoko were the girls' next of kin, the two families did not get along very well. Ryoko was the sister of Sarah and Stephanie's father, and she and David were not on the best of terms with the girls' parents. However, as Sarah and Stephanie's next of kin, they were obligated to care for their nieces. They were contacted as soon as possible and moved in with Sarah and Stephanie.

Even with their parents on life support, Sarah and Stephanie continued their lives as best they could. They continued going to school, but it was not long before their teachers noticed that the girls were deeply troubled. Stephanie, who was usually very outgoing and cheerful had become extremely introverted, choosing not to talk to anybody if she had a choice. Sarah did not withdraw, but instead became confrontational and more volatile.

Coach Rogers thought that being more aggressive would make Sarah a better player. However, the inner pain that the brunette felt made it difficult for Sarah to concentrate, and she did not play nearly as well as she used to. After practice, the coach asked Sarah to have a talk with her. "What is it, Coach Rogers?" Sarah asked, trying to act as normal as possible.

"You were playing very sloppily today," Coach Rogers said sternly.

"I know, and I'm sorry," Sarah said.

"If you wanna win when we go up against Raleigh next week, you gotta learn to not be distracted."

"I'm sorry, but we recently had a tragedy in our family. Our parents were in a car accident and--"

"Who cares about your parents?" the coach interrupted. "You must stay focused to--"

Sarah interrupted Coach Rogers not by cutting her off, but by punching her in the face. It was a few minutes before Campus Security broke up the fight. The faculty held a meeting to discuss the future of Sarah's academic career. Taking her parents' accident into account, the faculty decided that Sarah not be subjected to disciplinary action. The faculty suggested that Sarah start seeing a counselor.

The next morning, Stephanie refused to come out of her room. "Come on, Steph," Sarah said, pleading with her sister. "You'll be late for school."

"I'm not going," the 13-year-old said from behind her locked door.

"Why not?" asked Sarah.

"I won't! I just can't!"

Although Stephanie had locked herself away in her room, the only person that she agreed to talk to was Sarah. It was decided that Sarah and Stephanie start seeing a counselor together. Without their parents, the only real family that the girls had were each other. Hopefully, they would help each other open up to the counselor so that they could confront their feelings. At their first meeting, the counselor said, "Now, as I understand it, Sarah, you got in a fight with a teacher, correct?"

"Yes," Sarah said.

"And Stephanie," the counselor said, "you've stopped going to school, right?"

"That's right," replied Stephanie.

"Tell me, when did this start?"

"Well," said Sarah, "I guess it started when...when our parents..." Sarah's voice started to crack. "...when our parents got in that accident."

"Ah, yes. I see. So Sarah, you started becoming agitated after the accident." Sarah nodded. The counselor turned to Stephanie and asked, "And you stopped going to school altogether?"

"N--No," Stephanie said. "It was...after...Sarah got into that fight when I stopped going."

"How did you feel when Sarah got into that fight?"

"Well..." Stephanie trailed off.

"You don't have to answer right away," said the counselor.

"Did you feel like I abandoned you?" Sarah asked her sister.

"," said Stephanie. "I guess..." the 13-year-old looked for the words. "I guess that I never thought that you would attack a teacher."

"Do you look up to Sarah?" asked the counselor.

"Yes," Stephanie replied. "She's my sister. I love her more than anyone else."

"Did you think that because Sarah got into a fight at school, the same thing might happen to you?"

"I guess I stopped going to school because I was afraid that would happen. Yes."

As time passed and counseling continued, Sarah's and Stephanie's moods slowly improved. They were able to face their problems and move on with their lives. However, as time passed, the doctors at the hospital said that it became less and less likely that the girls' parents would wake up. Sarah and Stephanie insisted that the hospital keep their parents on life support as long as there was a chance of them waking up. The thought of their parents waking up kept the girls' spirits up enough for them to live their lives almost normally.

However, after a year of what seemed to be a peaceful life, one night, Sarah was awoken by a scream from down the hall. She jumped out of bed and ran to Stephanie's room. When she turned on the light, Sarah saw her sister sitting up in bed, her skin pale and her eyes wide. "Stephanie?" the brunette asked. "What is it?" Stephanie jumped out of bed and ran to her sister, embracing her. Sarah heard her sister sobbing into her bosom. "It's Mom and Dad, isn't it?" Sarah asked.

"I had a dream about them," said Stephanie. "I dreamt that they were in the hospital...and the doctors disconnected them from the life support."

"What is happening?" a female voice said from the doorway said.

Sarah and Stephanie looked at the doorway to see David and Ryoko looking in. "It's okay, Aunt Ryoko," said Sarah. "Stephanie just had a nightmare."

"Was it about that slob, Hideki?"

"Don't say that!" Stephanie cried at her aunt. "They're gonna wake up." She then looked at her sister and said, "Right, Sarah?"

Sarah held Stephanie tightly and said, "Of course they are, Steph. Of course they are."

"I still don't see why David and I have to keep paying for your parents' injuries." With that, Ryoko and David left to go back to their room, which used to be the girls' parents' room.

Sarah helped Stephanie back into bed and said, "Don't listen to them, Steph. As soon as Mom and Dad wake up, David and Ryoko will be gone and we'll be a family again."

"Sarah?" Stephanie asked. "Will you sleep with me tonight?"

Sarah froze. The shock that the family had felt from their parents' accident had distracted Sarah from the feelings that she had for Stephanie. Now, after almost a year, one question from Stephanie reminded Sarah of her love for her sister. She realized that her feelings for Stephanie had not diminished since she first watched her sister masturbating by the pool. In fact, because of their mutual pain, their bond had actually strengthened. However, Sarah knew that Stephanie only wanted her to be in the same bed for comfort. "Of course," Sarah replied.

After turning off the light in the room, Sarah climbed into bed next to Stephanie and the sisters embraced. Sarah held Stephanie close and Stephanie snuggled up to Sarah. As they embraced, Sarah felt the warmth coming from Stephanie's body. Stephanie had stopped sleeping in pajamas soon after their parents' accident and had started sleeping naked. A few weeks afterward, Stephanie had started wearing clothes to bed again, but she only wore her bra and panties, like Sarah. With very little clothing between them, Sarah could feel her sister's smooth, soft skin.

Sarah thought about Stephanie's features. The younger girl had grown considerably over the last year. She had grown almost 2 inches and her breasts had increased by a whole cup-size. As Sarah looked at her sister's face, she knew that Stephanie seemed to have inherited more of her father's Japanese characteristics than Sarah had. The slightly narrow eyes and small form were extremely attractive on the 14-year-old. Sarah felt her heart-rate quicken and she knew that she was turned on. She was planning on telling Stephanie her feelings about her the year before, but the accident had been such a shock to both girls that that plan was put off. Now that the pain was almost behind them, Sarah felt that it was time again to tell her sister how she felt.

"Steph?" Sarah asked. Sarah waited for a response, but none came. Stephanie was asleep. After a small sigh of disappointment, Sarah said to herself, "I'll tell her tomorrow." Sarah tried her best not to think about it and fell asleep.

Even though Sarah decided to tell Stephanie the next day, she was very reluctant to do so. Stephanie was her little sister and the last thing Sarah wanted was to frighten her. Sarah was the one person that Stephanie looked up to and it would devastating to the 14-year-old if she lost faith in the only person she could trust. She decided to wait until night, a setting that many people considered to be more romantic than the day.

"Steph," Sarah called out as she opened the front door, "I'm home." The brunette heard no answer from her sister. "Steph?" she called. "Can you hear me?" Sarah had a feeling of deja vu. She remembered the year before when her sister did not answer, Sarah had caught her masturbating by the pool. Sarah rushed upstairs to her room and looked out the window. Somewhat to her disappointment, Stephanie was not outside by the pool. Sarah walked out of her room and down the hall to Stephanie's room. However, the younger brunette was not in her room either. "Maybe she really is at a friend's house this time," Sarah said to herself.

Seeing as it was a Friday and not long after 4:00 pm, Sarah figured that Stephanie would not be back for at least another hour. She thought about how Stephanie had used her time when she was alone at home before Sarah got back. Although she had not found Stephanie outside, the 17-year-old was a little excited from the anticipation. And the memory of her naked sister masturbating by the pool turned her on even more.

Sarah made her way back down the stairs and toward the back of the house. She walked out the back door and stood by the pool for a moment. She untied her shoes and took them off, her stockings closely following. Sarah was about to start unbuttoning her blouse when she took one last look up at Stephanie's room. Sarah saw nobody in the window and continued undressing. She took off her blouse and then her white undershirt. After undoing the zipper to the side of her skirt, the skirt fell to her feet and Sarah stepped out of it, leaving the brunette only in her white bra and panties.

Sarah gently cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness, trying to compare them to the image of Stephanie's bust that was in her mind. Stephanie's breasts were smaller than Sarah's but not much smaller. Sarah then unclasped her bra and let in fall to the ground, exposing her firm, C-cup breasts. Without anything covering her chest, Sarah felt the smooth skin of her breasts and gave them a squeeze. The brunette arched her back in pleasure and moaned softly. After feeling and caressing her body, Sarah eventually found the hem of her white panties. Slowly, she slipped the small garment down her legs, exposing her pussy to the open air. The slight breeze felt nice against her bare sex.

Now naked, Sarah walked to the pool side chair that she had watched Stephanie in the year before. She lied down in the chair and felt the sun's warmth beat down on her. By now, Sarah was very aroused, her clit throbbing in anticipation, wanting, needing to be touched. Thinking of Stephanie, Sarah brought her left hand to her chest and brought her right hand between her legs. As she fondled her breasts with her left hand, she started fingering her vagina with her right. The brunette moaned in pleasure as she played with herself. With nobody watching her, Sarah was free to let her imagination wander. The imagined Stephanie lying on top of her, replacing the sun with Stephanie's warmth and replacing her own hands with Stephanie's. "Oh, Steph," Sarah moaned, imaging her sister's hand working her working her wet cunt. "That feels so good, Steph. Oh."

Sarah squeezed her breast with her left hand and let out a loud moan, imagining that it was Stephanie's hand on her chest instead of her own. She pinched her nipples, making her gasp and arch her back in bliss. She slipped her right index and middle fingers into her dripping vagina and started moving them in and out of her hole. Again, the brunette moaned in pleasure. She pressed her thumb against her clit as she finger-banged herself, causing her to moan even louder. "Oh. Oh, Steph. Yes," she cried.

Sarah felt her body begin to squirm involuntarily, her hips thrusting forward to meet the thrusts of her fingers. She pinched and twisted her nipples madly, almost to the point of pain as she moaned and cried in bliss, her head moving from side to side. Sarah was close to orgasm and was eager to get herself off. She fingered her pussy rapidly, making her scream. The pressure of her orgasm started building inside her body. Her body tensed up and her back arched as the pressure reached its peak, ready to burst. "Stephanie!" Sarah cried as her orgasm hit. Her body began shaking violently and Sarah cried out in bliss. She jammed her fingers deep into her cunt as it poured its juices over her hand, pulsating around her fingers.

Sarah's body jerked and bucked as she continued fingering herself. She shivered and panted as she started down from her pleasure high. As her body stopped shaking, Sarah sighed in contentment, feeling sexually satisfied for the moment. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and noticed just how wet they were. She stuck her fingers into her mouth, sucking all of her girl-cum off of them. She brought her hand back down to her pussy, gathering up the left over juices that here still beading on her pussy hairs. She realized that she had not shaved her pussy for a while, not since the shock of her parents' accident had distracted her from doing so. The brunette put her clothes back on and made her way back into the house.

As Sarah walked into her room on her way to the adjacent bathroom, the bathroom door opened and Stephanie walked out, completely naked. "Stephanie!" Sarah cried in surprise as she quickly turned around, averting her gaze.

"What's wrong, Sarah?" Stephanie asked. "You can look."

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked, surprised at Stephanie's statement.

"It's okay," her younger sister said. "We're sisters, aren't we? We can see each other naked."

'If only she knew,' Sarah thought, remembering when she spied on Stephanie. Sarah turned around and looked at her naked sister. Stephanie's body was truly a sight to behold. Her brown hair was wet, showing that she had just been in the shower. Her breasts were a good-sized B-cup, with bring, pink nipples jutting out at Sarah. They were quite erect, giving Sarah the sense that they were sensitive. As Sarah's eyes moved down her sister's body, her gaze fixated on the dark region between Stephanie's legs. Sarah had never seen Stephanie's body at such close range before. Stephanie had just shaved her pussy and Sarah could see the fine details of her sister's 14-year-old slit, inclduing her bright pink lips and her cute clitoris.

"Sarah," said Stephanie.

"What?" Sarah asked, breaking out of her reverie and looking straight into Stephanie's brown eyes.

"You were staring at me."

Sarah shut her eyes and looked away from Stephanie's face. "I'm sorry," she said, feeling ashamed.

"It's okay. Do I look pretty?"

Sarah looked back at her sister's face and said, "Yes! You're very pretty. In fact, you're well on your way to becoming a beautiful woman. Actually, you're beautiful even now."

Stephanie smiled and said, "Thank you. You're pretty good looking yourself. I'm definitely taking after my sister." Sarah blushed. She had never been complimented on her beauty before except by her parents. She was happy that her sister thought she was good looking. "Well," said Stephanie, "I'll be in my room if you need me." With that, Stephanie walked past Sarah and out of the room. Sarah was still in a daze, never knowing Stephanie to be so open with her body. After a moment, Sarah walked into the bathroom and started her own shower.

After washing the sweat off of her body and giving her pubic mound an overdue shaving, Sarah dried herself off and put on some casual wear. She walked to Stephanie's room and knocked on the door. "Is that you, Sarah?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah, Steph," said Sarah. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," replied Stephanie. Sarah walked in and found Stephanie in her lingerie, sitting up on her bed, watching television. "What's up?" Stephanie asked.

"Nothin'," Sarah said. "I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"I'm just fine," said the 14-year-old. "Why would I not be fine?"

"Well, this past year has been kinda hard on me, and on you too. So, I was wondering how you were."

"Ah," Stephanie said, understanding. "I'm fine. I've always had you to count on to cheer me up."

Sarah smiled and said, "Thanks. That means a lot to me." Sarah and Stephanie embraced each other briefly and then Sarah sat down on the bed beside her sister. "So," the 17-year-old asked, "what are you watching?"

"I just started American Pie 2," Stephanie replied.

"Is that my DVD?" asked Sarah.

"What of it?" Stephanie asked. "You let me watch your DVDs."

"Yeah, but this is the unrated version. Aunt Ryoko wouldn't let you watch that."

"Aunt Ryoko doesn't have to know. She's not here and she never gets back before twelve on Fridays. She goes out with David every Friday."

"Well, you do have a point there, Sis." Sarah settled in and watched the movie with her sister.

Throughout the movie, Sarah stole quick glances at Stephanie. The younger girl seemed interested in the movie and did not seem to notice Sarah's glances at all. As the movie progressed, Sarah remembered a scene coming up that involved 2 characters that supposedly were lesbians. She figured that she should observe Stephanie's reaction to that scene to evaluate how readily she would have sex with another girl.

The scene came and Sarah looked at Stephanie. The 14-year-old seemed interested, but only as interested as any other person would be about homosexuality. However, as things heated up and the girls started getting undressed, Stephanie's interest seemed to rise even more. She leaned forward toward the television and stared at the girls, who were now half-naked. 'Is she getting turned on by this?' Sarah wondered. The brunette looked back at the television screen for fear that Stephanie might happen to look at her, but she doubted that her sister would.

Stephanie's gaze was glued to the screen when she saw the girls acting like lesbians, kissing and making out in front of the main characters. She knew that the girls were only teasing, but the sight still seemed to interest her greatly. Sarah's observations were more accurate due to the fact that Stephanie was only wearing a bra and panties. As Stephanie watched the screen intently, Sarah watched Stephanie's breasts. Sarah noticed her sister's nipples become visible through the fabric, poking out, straining to be freed. Stephanie was getting turned on! 'I might have a chance,' Sarah thought. Sarah had seen what she needed to see. She went back to the movie.

For the rest of the afternoon, Sarah and Stephanie just talked and hung around the house. At about 7:30 pm, Sarah asked, "Hey, Steph. What do you want for dinner?"

"Don't we have some left over pizza from the other day?"

"Is that really what you want?"

Stephanie thought for a moment. "Well, I would like to go out, but we only do that once a week."

"Not if you wanna go out tonight as well."

"Are you actually thinking of going out?"

"Ryoko and David won't be back until after twelve. They don't have to know that we went out."

"Good point."

The girls decided on Japanese food, which was Stephanie's favorite food. 'Yes,' thought Sarah, 'Stephanie definitely has more Dad in her than I do.' They shared several orders of sushi at a Japanese restaurant downtown.

It was almost 9:00 when Sarah and Stephanie got back. "Wow," Stephanie said when she saw the wall clock. "Were we really gone for an hour-and-a-half?"

"I guess we talked longer than we thought," said Sarah.

"Guess so. Well, I'm feeling tired. Maybe I should go to bed."

Sarah did not want Stephanie to go to sleep yet. She had not gotten a chance to tell Stephanie how she felt yet, and she had been nervous about it all day. The last thing that Sarah needed was another day of anxiety. However, she wanted only what was in the best interest for her sister. "Okay," Sarah said. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"G'night, Sarah."

Stephanie started her way up the stairs to her room. "G'night Steph," said Sarah. After a moment of standing alone, Sarah made her way up the stairs as well. After brushing and flossing her teeth, Sarah took off her shoes, socks, pants, and T-shirt. Now in her lingerie, Sarah turned off the light and climbed into bed.

It was difficult for Sarah to get to sleep. Her anxiety about telling Stephanie how she felt was growing and she had to get it out soon before it slipped out at a socially inconvenient time. For the first time in more than a year, Sarah's own feelings got the better of her and she decided to tell Stephanie, even if her sister wanted to sleep. Sarah was about to get out of bed when there was a knock on her door. Sarah looked at her bedside clock, which read 9:21. 'Ryoko and David shouldn't be back now,' Sarah thought.

"Sarah, it's me," the brunette heard Stephanie say from behind the door. "Are you asleep?"

"No, I'm still awake," the 17-year-old said. "Come in." The door opened and Stephanie walked in, wearing only a bra and panties. "What's up, Sis?" asked Sarah.

Stephanie sat down on Sarah's bed, seemingly trying to find what words she wanted to say. "Sarah," she said finally, "I lied to you earlier today."


"You walked into my room earlier today and asked me if I was okay. I said I was okay, but I wasn't."

"Tell me what's wrong."

"You were right. This past year has been hard on me. I still think about Mom and Dad a lot."

"I know, Steph," said Sarah, getting out of bed and wrapping her arms around Stephanie's body. "I think about 'em a lot too. But I just want you to know that I will always be here for you if you need to talk. You can count on me to cheer you up."

Stephanie grabbed Sarah's arm and held it tight. "Thanks." Sarah kissed the back of Stephanie's head. "Actually, that's kinda what I wanted to talk to you about," said Stephanie.

"What?" asked Sarah.

"Sarah, ever since Mom and Dad were in that accident, you've been the only real family I've had. David and Ryoko don't matter to me at all. They're both overbearing and strict and I don't like 'em at all. There's only been one person that I've been able to count on this past year, and that's you. You've always been there for me, Sarah. When Mom and Dad got hurt, you were there. Whenever I was feeling down, you were there. You're the reason I've been able to live my life this past year."

"Steph?" Sarah asked. "What are you saying?"

Stephanie turned around in Sarah's arms and looked up at her sister. She opened her mouth to say something, but then looked down to her lap. "Shit, this is so hard to say," said the younger girl.

"Just come out and say it," said Sarah. "You're my sister and I love you more than I love anyone else. Whatever you have to say, I'll always love you."

"Okay." Stephanie took a deep breath in and then a deep breath out. She looked up at her sister and said, "Sarah..." She hesitated. Stephanie did not have to say another word. Sarah could see in Stephanie's eyes what her sister was feeling. She pulled Stephanie to her and kissed her sister on the lips. Stephanie was perfectly still as Sarah kissed her. After a moment, Sarah felt Stephanie's arms move to her and wrap around her body. Stephanie pulled Sarah close as well and returned the kiss.

Sarah could not believe it. She was actually kissing her little sister! Even more unbelievable was that she did not even have to tell Stephanie about her feelings. Stephanie came forward first! Stephanie's lips her like fire pressed against Sarah's. The brunette had never felt lips so soft yet so firm. Sarah held Stephanie tightly and kissed her with all of the love that had been building inside her for the past year. Stephanie kissed back just as hard, letting Sarah know that she loved her just as much as she loved Stephanie.

When the kiss broke, both girls were crying, so happy that their love was not one-sided. "I've wanted to do that for so long," said Sarah, all of her feelings pouring out of her. "I've loved you since I saw you out there by the pool."

"I thought I saw you in the window," cried Stephanie. "But I never knew for sure until now. Oh God, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Do you remember that day last year when I came to pick you up? And I wanted to talk to you about girls that love girls?"


"I was planning to tell you that I was one of those girls that loved girls and that the girl that I loved was you. But then when Mom and Dad were in the accident, I couldn't tell you. It would have been too awkward for you and for me as well. I couldn't tell you that I loved you right after our parents were injured. We're sisters and..."

"I understand," Stephanie said. "What matters is that we finally learned how we feel about each other."

"I love you so much, Stephanie."

"I love you too, Sarah." The two sisters kissed again, this time with more passion. Sarah felt Stephanie's tongue pushing against her lips and she opened her mouth, letting her sister's tongue meet her own. The brunette found the clasp of Stephanie's bra and unhooked the garment. Sarah went to the straps on Stephanie's shoulders and pulled her bra off of her body, exposing the younger girl's boobs. Sarah moved her hands down Stephanie's arms until they were at chest level. She cupped the breasts for a moment, feeling their softness. She gave them a squeeze and Stephanie moaned in pleasure.

Stephanie unclasped Sarah's bra, exposing the older girl's tits as well. Stephanie pushed her body into Sarah's, pressing their bare chests into one another. Stephanie moved her body up and down, rubbing her erect nipples against Sarah's, causing them both to gasp and sigh in bliss. The girls' hands roamed each other's bodies, touching each other's flesh and feeling the warmth pass between their bodies.

As the girls caressed each other, Sarah felt her sister's right hand at her abdomen, moving slowly downward. Stephanie's hand slipped into Sarah's panties and touched the brunette's wet pussy. 'This is it,' Sarah thought. 'I'm actually gonna have sex with my sister.'

Even though she had been waiting for this for more than a year, Sarah grabbed Stephanie's arm before Stephanie's fingers entered her. "Sarah?" Stephanie asked. "What is it?"

"Stephanie," said Sarah, "are you sure you wanna do this?"

"I wouldn't have gone this far if didn't want to," said Stephanie. "Why are you asking that?"

"Do you really love me?" asked Sarah. "Or is this only Stockholm syndrome?"

"Do you think that I think I love you because we've been all we've had since Mom and Dad's accident?"

"It is a possibility. You did say that you fell in love with me because I've always been there for you since the accident."

"That's true, I did say that. But even before the accident. Remember I said that I thought I saw you in the window? That didn't stop me from masturbating by the pool. Even though there was a good chance you were there watching me, I did it anyway. I got a thrill from the idea that you could be watching me and getting off as I did. But I never knew for sure, and I was afraid that if I told you and you actually weren't there, you would hate me."

"I could never hate you, Sis. I love you." Sarah and Stephanie started kissing again. Stephanie's right hand moved back down toward Sarah's pussy. Sarah grabbed Stephanie's arm again, but instead of pulling it away from her crotch, the pushed it down into her. Stephanie's index and middle fingers pushed themselves into Sarah's wet hole. Sarah let out a loud moan as her sister started working her fingers in and out of her pussy. Sarah stuck her right hand into Sarah panties as well and began rubbing her sister's pussy with just as much excitement. Stephanie moaned as well as Sarah fingered her wet cunt.

The sisters continued rubbing their nipples together as they fingered each other's pussies. They both moaned in pleasure as they fingered each other, all the while kissing and holding each other tightly. "I can't believe I'm actually here with you doing this," Sarah moaned. "Please Stephanie, tell me this is not a dream."

"If it is a dream, I'll tell you my feelings as soon as I wake up," moaned Stephanie.

"Oh, Steph!" cried Sarah. "This feels so good. You're so great."

"You're really good too," moaned Stephanie. "Oh, Yes. Yes. Yes!"

The girls' hips were starting to rock back and forth, moving in time to their ministrations. They were both close to cumming. Their moans were becoming louder and their fingers were moving more frantically on each other's aroused pussies. Sarah started rubbing Stephanie's clit with her thumb while her index and middle fingers worked inside Stephanie's cunt, and Stephanie did the same to Sarah. They both cried out in ecstasy as they drove each other to the brink of orgasm. "Oh, God! Steph!" cried Sarah. "You're gonna make me cum so hard!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" came short, loud cries from Stephanie. "I'm cumming Sarah!" the 14-year-old cried as she started spasming. She moaned and cried in bliss as her orgasm rushed through her young body. She gripped Sarah's body tightly and Sarah held her in place.

Sarah could feel her sister's pussy walls contracting around her fingers and pussy-juices soaked the 17-year-old's hand. The feel of her sister's warm girl-cum coating her hand was more than Sarah could handle and she started cumming hard as well. Her back arched and she fell back onto the bed, pulling Stephanie down on top of her. Both girls screamed and held each other tight as they convulsed against each other's bodies, riding out their orgasms for as long as possible.

Sarah could not believe the intense, wonderful feelings that were coursing through her body. She gave out a loud, long sigh of contentment as her body stopped shaking and her heart-rate slowed. She embraced her sister who was sprawled over her, and Stephanie embraced her as well. Stephanie and Sarah stared into each other's deep, brown eyes for a moment, and then kissed each other deeply. "That felt so great, Steph," said Sarah. "You must've practiced every day when I was at soccer."

"You practiced soccer while I practiced finger-fucking," said Stephanie with a laugh. "But you've obviously been masturbating for years, so you were really good also."

"But I've never had an orgasm that great before."

"Me neither. I guess it just feels better when you can share it with someone else."

"Especially someone you love." The girls kissed again and then sat up. It was then that Sarah noticed how went her hand was. "Wow," she said, "my hand's covered in your juices."

"I know," said Stephanie. "My hand's covered in your juices too." The girls licked their hands, tasting each other's girl-cum. They both moaned in desire as they tasted each other, licking up every bit of nectar as they could. "Hey," Stephanie said, "I wanna show you something. Follow me." Stephanie stood up and walked out of the room. Sarah followed her sister. As she walked, Stephanie took off her panties. Sarah took off her panties as well, but not as skillfully as Stephanie did, tripping several times before she got them off. When they entered Stephanie's room, Stephanie said, "Lie down on the bed, Sarah." Sarah happily obliged. She lied down on Stephanie's bed and watched as Stephanie went to her bedside drawer.

"What is it you wanna show me, Steph?" asked Sarah.

"Do you watch any poker?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes," Sarah answered.

"Texas Hold'em?"


"What is it called when the two cards you get are both Aces?"

"They're called--" Sarah suddenly stopped talking and her jaw dropped open. "No fuckin' way!"

"Yes fuckin' way!" said Stephanie, holding up two Pocket Rockets.

"Where the fuck did you get these?" Sarah cried, taking one from Stephanie.

"While you were masturbating out by the pool today, I was over at my friend, Claire's house."

"Wait. You saw me masturbating by the pool?"

"I guess you didn't see me. I was in my room, masturbating to the sight of you. Anyway, Claire lended me these."

"How old is Claire?"

"She's fourteen."

"Okay, how did a fourteen-year-old girl get hold of two Pocket Rockets?"

"Her sister got them for her. So, ya wanna try these?"

"Fuck yes!" With that, Stephanie lied down on top of Sarah in a sixty-nine position. Stephanie's pussy was already wet again with anticipation, as was Sarah's. "Your pussy is so beautiful," said Sarah, looking up at her sister's young sex.

"So is yours," Stephanie said. The 14-year-old turned on her Pocket Rocket and touched it to Sarah's erect clit. Sarah jumped at the sudden vibrations and began moaning in pleasure. She turned on her Pocket Rocket and touched it to Stephanie's clit and Stephanie started moaning in pleasure as well.

"Oh, wow," moaned Sarah. "I can't believe how good this feels!"

"I couldn't believe it the first time Claire used a Pocket Rocket on me," said Stephanie.

"Claire?" cried Sarah, surprised. "You had sex with Claire?"

"I've been seeing her for about a week. I was over at her house, I talked to her about my feelings toward you, we decided to experiment."

"Well I will have to talk to Claire sometime. Shit, this feels good!"

Stephanie's hips were rocking back and forth, pushing her pussy into the small vibrator that Sarah was using on her. Sarah could tell that Stephanie was getting close to another orgasm and she started quickly rubbing the Pocket Rocket against her sister's clit. Stephanie moaned louder and rocked her hips faster as her orgasm approached. She started rubbing her Pocket Rocket faster against Sarah's clitoris as well, bringing the older girl closer to orgasm as well. "Oh, Sarah!" the 14-year-old cried. "Keep going. I'm so close. Oh, yes!"

"Yeah," moaned Sarah. "Cum for me, Steph. I wanna see you cum."

"I love you Sarah!"

"I love you too, Stephanie!"

Stephanie's body started shaking and Sarah knew that her sister was cumming. She grabbed Stephanie's hips to hold her in place and pressed the Pocket Rocket against her clitty and Stephanie screamed in bliss as her orgasm hit hard. She grabbed Sarah's body tightly as she rode out her orgasm, pressing her Pocket Rocket hard against Sarah's nubbin as well, bringing the 17-year-old to a mind-blowing orgasm of her own. Both sisters bucked and cried, holding on for dear life and they came hard.

As they started to come down, Stephanie cried to her sister, "Make me cum again, Sarah! Make me cum again!" Sarah continued rubbing her vibrator hard against her sister's clitty and Stephanie cried in ecstasy. "Oh, shit!" Stephanie screamed. "Oh, Sarah! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Stephanie came again thrusting her hips against Sarah's Pocket Rocket, juices dripping from her pulsating pussy onto her older sister's face. Sarah tasted Stephanie's sweet cum and was brought to another orgasm as Stephanie pressed her Pocket Rocket against her throbbing clitoris. Sarah and Stephanie screamed into each other's pussies as they both had their third orgasms of the night.

Stephanie rolled off of Sarah's body and they lied side-by-side, both of them gasping for air after their orgasms. Sarah felt Stephanie's hand touch hers and she grasped Stephanie's hand. Sarah raised her head high enough to look at Stephanie and her younger sister was looking back at her with just as much love that Sarah had. Sarah pulled Stephanie towards her and Stephanie fell on top of Sarah, both of them kissing passionately, their lips locking and their tongues meeting. Sarah was in heaven with her sister on top of her, pressing her lips against hers.

Stephanie looked into Sarah's eyes and said, "Are you ready for what I have in store for you next?"

Sarah replied, "Maybe not but I wanna try it anyway."

Stephanie smiled and said, "I'm glad. But maybe you should use the bathroom before I go down on you."

"Why?" asked the brunette.

"Because you might feel like you need to pee when I start going down on you. It'll only last for a few moments, but I still don't want you pissing all over my face.

"Okay." Sarah pushed herself up to a sitting position and then managed to stand up with some effort. She made her way to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Although she did not have to go very badly, she pushed out a little bit of urine just to make sure she did not pee on her sister's pretty face.

Sarah returned to Stephanie's room shortly and lied down in front of Stephanie. "Okay," said Stephanie, lying down on her stomach with her face between Sarah's legs, "here we go." Stephanie stuck the index and middle fingers of her right hand into Sarah's dripping hole and Sarah felt her fingers hook upward, pressing against the front wall of her vagina. Stephanie began moving her fingers in and out of Sarah's pussy and Sarah moaned in pleasure.

After a few moments, Sarah did begin to feel something unusual. "Oh, you're right," Sarah said. "I do feel like I need to pee."

"You don't really," said Stephanie.

"I know 'cause I just went."

"The feeling will pass any second," Stephanie reassured. "Just relax yourself."

Sarah bore with her sister for a moment. Then, the sensation of her need to urinate subsided and she felt a wave of immense good feeling come over her. It felt like nothing she had ever felt before. "Oh, wow," she moaned loudly. "That does feel good! What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm just stimulating your G-spot," said the 14-year-old. "I'm gonna make you cum like you've never cum before!" Sarah moaned and threw her head back onto the pillow. She squeezed her left breast with her left hand and stimulated her right nipple with the Pocket Rocket that she had in her right hand. Stephanie started flicking Sarah's hard clit fervently with her tongue and Sarah gasped in bliss.

With her sister stimulating both her clitoris and this place inside her vagina called the G-spot, Sarah could tell that she was about to experience a massive orgasm. The pressure was beginning to build inside her body, but it felt much deeper than it normally did on the edge of her orgasm. Her body was squirming around on the bed, her head rocking from side to side while Stephanie continued her assault on her pussy. "Oh! Shit!" she cried. "Steph, this feels amazing. I can't believe how good this feels. Shit! I'm gonna cum so hard! Oh, fuck!"

Sarah reached the peak and her body tensed up. She shut her eyes tightly, curled into a fetal position, and pushed Stephanie's head into her pussy, which was about to explode with what Sarah knew as going to be the most powerful orgasm of her life. "This is it!" cried Stephanie through Sarah's wet muff. "Relax every muscle in your body! Let yourself go! Don't hold anything back!"

Sarah relaxed her body and felt all of the tension that had been building flow from her body straight down to her pussy. Sarah gave out a loud scream of absolute ecstasy as she experienced a massive orgasm wash over her. Her entire body started convulsing, her hips thrusting high off of the bed, pushing against Stephanie, who was holding Sarah's hips in place to keep the attention on her genitals constant. It was as if every organ in Sarah's body was contracting, pushing every ounce of her body's energy between her legs, squirting copious amounts of girl-cum onto Stephanie's face. Sarah could not believe the sheer force of the orgasm that she was experiencing.

When her orgasm subsided, Sarah nearly passed out from the sensory overload. She was lost in a fog of post-orgasmic bliss, not quite able to perceive when or where she was. All she could sense was a great feeling of satisfaction and of a warm liquid coating her pussy, her inner thighs, and a little on her stomach. She tried to open her eyes, but was too exhausted to move any muscle in her body.

"Now how was that?" Sarah heard a voice say from somewhere. "Was that good?"

Sarah vaguely recognized the voice as that of Stephanie. Sarah could only smile and reply, "Mm-hm." Sarah felt Stephanie lie down on top of her and kiss her. Sarah managed to open her mouth so that she could kiss her sister back. There was something on Stephanie's face that tasted unfamiliar to Sarah. It tasted almost like her own natural lubrication from her pussy, but there was something different about it that she could not put her finger on. Whatever it was, it filled Sarah was an even deeper feeling of lust than normal pussy-juice did.

After a moment, Sarah regained enough of her strength to wrap her arms around Stephanie's body. Sarah opened her eyes and looked deep into Stephanie's. "Steph," she breathed. "That was absolutely amazing. I never knew anything could feel that good."

"That's a G-spot orgasm," said Stephanie. "It's the best feeling a woman can feel."

"What is this stuff on my body? And what's that stuff all over your face?"

Stephanie chuckled and said, "That's your female ejaculate. If you relax your body and let everything go when you have a G-spot orgasm, you can usually squirt this stuff from your pee-hole. It's not pee though, it's something different altogether."

"Did Claire teach you this as well?"

"Oh, yes," said Stephanie. "Claire taught me everything I know about lesbian sex. And I'm so happy that I can be able to share it with you, Sarah."

"I wanna give you one of those G-spot orgasms now."

Stephanie lied down beside Sarah and spread her legs. Sarah rolled on top of her sister and started kissing her passionately. She stuck her tongue into Stephanie's mouth and Stephanie sucked on it intently. Sarah could tell that her sister was horny and she wanted to see Stephanie satisfied. Sarah moved down Stephanie's body to her B-cup breasts. She took Stephanie's right nipple and sucked it into her mouth, causing the younger girl to moan in pleasure. She stimulated Stephanie's other nipple with her Pocket Rocket, causing Stephanie to arch her back. "Mm, that's good," moaned Stephanie.

Sarah continued down Stephanie's body, leaving soft, loving kisses along the way. Finally, Sarah found her younger sister's wet box. "Okay," said Sarah. "So, where exactly is the G-spot?"

"It's a little place inside the vagina on the front wall. Just hook your fingers up like this..." said Stephanie, hooking her fingers upward to show Sarah. "...and start rubbing. I'll tell you when you find it."

"Okay," said Sarah. Sarah inserted her right middle and index fingers into her sister's wet hole and hooked her fingers like Stephanie had told her. As she started rubbing the front wall of Stephanie's pussy, her sister moaned in pleasure.

As Sarah continued rubbing, she heard Stephanie say, "There! Right there! That's it." Sarah continued rubbing in the same place and Stephanie said, "Yeah, you got it Sarah." Soon, Stephanie was moaning in pleasure, louder than Sarah had seen her so soon after her vaginal stimulation had begun. "Oh, yeah. That's good. Oh, lick my clit, Sarah." Sarah brought her face down above Stephanie's pussy and started licking her sister's erect clit. Stephanie moaned in bliss and arched her back.

Sarah watched as Stephanie started fondling her breasts. Stephanie moaned and sighed as she pinched and pulled at her pointy nipples. The look of pleasure on Stephanie's face made Sarah feel so loved and wanted. She was happy that she could give her sister this kind of pleasure. She started moving her fingers in and out of Stephanie's pussy faster and latched her mouth around her sister's turgid clit, making Stephanie cry out in bliss.

Stephanie's hips started rocking back and forth, meeting Sarah's thrusts into her wet canal. From her sister's movements and her increasingly louder vocalizations, Sarah knew that Stephanie was getting close to orgasm. Wanting to see what Stephanie was like when she experienced a G-spot orgasm, Sarah was more determined to make her sister cum and started going down harder on her. Stephanie screamed in bliss and cried, "Oh, yes! That feels so good! Make me cum, Sarah! Please!"

Sarah kept up her speed as she felt Stephanie's body go rigid at the edge of her orgasm. "Let me see you cum, Steph. Cum for me."

"Oh, shit!" Stephanie screamed. Her body jerked about violently as she started cumming powerfully. Her pussy walls clamped down around Sarah's fingers powerfully and she ejaculated onto Sarah's face. Sarah sucked up as much of Stephanie's girl-cum as possible, savoring the sweet nectar that her sister was feeding to her. Stephanie was having a powerful orgasm and Sarah was so happy to be the one giving it to her.

Stephanie's body came to rest on the cum-soaked bed and gave a loud sigh of contentment. After catching her breath for a moment, Stephanie said softly, "Come here." Sarah crawled up the bed and lied down next to her sister. Sarah and Stephanie looked into each other's eyes, and stared at each other lovingly. "Thank you for that, Sarah," said the 14-year-old.

"No, thank you," Sarah said. "You were the one that showed me this wonderful..." Sarah searched for the words, but could not think of what to say.

"Way of life?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah," said Sarah. "I guess that works." The two sisters embraced each other and then kissed. Sarah felt all of Stephanie's love and emotion being expressed through her lips and she kissed her sister back, expressing the same feelings that Stephanie had for her. The girls drifted off into a peaceful sleep, wrapped up in each other's bodies.

Sarah was awoken by a loud ringing sound next to the bed. "Who the fuck would be calling at this hour?" she said, grumpily.

"Hello?" she heard Stephanie say after picking up the phone. "Yes, this is Stephanie." Stephanie's eyes widened and she asked, "What?" Sarah watched her sister's reactions intently. "He is? Yes, of course! We'll be there immediately." Stephanie slammed the phone down and hugged Sarah tightly.

"Steph?" asked Sarah. "What's going on?"

Stephanie looked up at Sarah through eyes that were filled with tears. Stephanie was smiling, letting Sarah know that they were tears of joy. Sarah immediately knew that it must have been extremely good news if it were to make Stephanie cry tears of joy. "Sarah," she cried. She tried to speak but could not.

"Tell me," said Sarah, hoping that it was what she thought it was, "what is it?"

Stephanie attempted to speak again and eventually managed to say, "Dad's awake."

"He is?" Sarah asked, tears coming to her eyes as well. She hugged Stephanie tightly, both of them crying, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Sarah, Stephanie, David, and Ryoko drove to the hospital to see Hideki Yatomo awake. He was sitting in a chair by his wife's bed. Sarah and Stephanie's mother was still comatose. However, they were happy that their father was back with them. "Konnichiwa, Hideki," said Ryoko as she approached her brother.

"Ryoko," said Hideki in a somewhat disparaging tone.

"Don't fight, you two!" cried Sarah. "We should be happy that Dad's back!"

"I guess," said Ryoko. She held out her hand and Hideki reluctantly took it. After a moment of shaking hands, the two siblings hugged each other.

"Why is Mom not awake?" Stephanie asked.

"The doctors say that maybe a familiar voice will help her," said the girls' father.

Sarah and Stephanie went to their mother's side. "Hi, Mom," said Sarah. "I hope you can hear me. Listen, Dad's awake. Stephanie and I are happy that you and Dad are still alive after the accident. It's been more than a year since you and Dad were in that car accident."

"Dad said that maybe a familiar voice would help you wake up," Stephanie said. "It's been so hard without you, Mom. But anyway. I graduate from middle school next month. I've grown a few inches since you last saw me."

"Stephanie is truly becoming a beautiful young woman," said Sarah. "Please wake up soon so that you can see your youngest daughter grow up." Although Sarah and Stephanie wanted to talk as much as possible, fatigue soon got the better of them and they both fell asleep at their mother's side.

When Sarah awoke, she found herself lying down in a bed. Next to her was a sleeping Stephanie. "Where the hell am I?" Sarah wondered. "Why am I in a hospital bed?" As she looked around, she realized that the equipment beside the bed was arranged in exactly the same way that her mother's life-support system was arranged. "Is this Mom's bed?" She looked at her sleeping sister and shook her. "Steph!" she cried. "Stephanie! Wake up!"

Stephanie woke up and looked around. "We're not hurt are we?" she asked.

"No," said Sarah."

"Then why are we in a hospital bed?"

"We feel asleep while talking to Mom. And I think this is Mom's bed."

"But if this is Mom's bed, where's Mom."

"Right here," a female voice said in the chair next to the bed.

The sisters looked toward the sound of the voice and saw none other than their mother. "Mom!" they both cried in unison as they jumped into their mother's arms. The three of them held each other tightly as they cried in sheer happiness. Both of Sarah and Stephanie's parents were with them again after more than a year in the hospital.

It seemed that Hideki and Dana Yatomo had not sustained very many serious injuries in the accident. Most of their injuries had healed within the first few months after the accident. It took them both a few weeks to teach their muscles how to move again, but they were back on their feet in time to see Stephanie graduate to the 9th grade.

Looking back on the past year, Sarah was almost glad that her parents had not regained consciousness sooner. It took time for Sarah and Stephanie to get used to having their parents around again, so if they had regained consciousness just a few days earlier, Sarah would have to wait at least another two months before she could tell Stephanie her feelings. And if their parents had not been in the accident at all, Sarah was unsure whether or not Stephanie would have fallen in love with her at all. The accident had stimulated Stephanie's need for a sister's love and had also deepened the love that they had for each other.


Maybe now you understand why I included that car accident in the 1st installment. I am sorry for putting people off by adding that in there, but I wanted some event that would push Sarah and Stephanie closer together. Anyway, the parents are all right now, and the sisters are together. Please email me at and send me your feedback.