This installment is probably not as engaging as the first 2. The previous installments held the main part of the story, so this 3rd installment will not contain as much of a plot. However, there is no lack of sex in this installment! :) Please email me at and send me your feedback. All feedback is appreciated, but constructive criticism would be the most helpful.

As in the 2nd installment, there is a slight sploiler for a movie. This time, the spoiler is about The Ninth Gate .

A Sister's Love, Part 3
by Nathan Warford


Stephanie stepped down from the stage at the front of the graduation hall. She had just received her middle school diploma. Her sister, Sarah, was happy that Stephanie was ready to enter the 9th grade. With Stephanie going to Sarah's high school the next year, the two of them would spend more time together during the weekdays. Sarah was also happy that her parents were back on their feet after being comatose for more than a year.

"Congratulations, Stephanie," said their mother.

"Thanks, Mom," Stephanie said.

"Good job, Steph," said their father.

"Thanks, Dad."

"Congrats, Sis," said Sarah.

"Thank you, Sarah," said Stephanie, embracing her sister.

"Now, don't your parents get a hug?" asked Dana.

"Of course," said Stephanie, the four of them embracing. Sarah was about to walk back to the car with her parents when Stephanie said, "Don't go yet, Sarah."

"What is it, Steph?" asked the brunette.

"There's someone I'd like you to meet," the younger sister replied. Sarah and Stephanie walked to the other side of the hall. Sarah could see that Stephanie was taking her to a young blond-haired girl. Sarah's breath caught, remembering the girl as the one that walked up and received her diploma right before Stephanie did. It was Claire, the girl that had taught Stephanie about lesbian sex and who gave her the Pocket Rockets. "Claire," said Stephanie as they approached

The blonde girl turned to look at Stephanie and she smiled. "Hey, Steph," she said. "What's up?"

"Claire, I want you to meet my sister, Sarah. Sarah, I want you to meet Claire."

Sarah and Claire smiled at each other and shook hands. "Stephanie's told me a lot about you," Claire said.

"She's told me about you too, Claire," said Sarah.

Claire looked at Stephanie and asked, "So did you guys...? Ya know." Stephanie simply nodded.

"Claire," Sarah said, "I feel that I should thank you. For teaching Stephanie that amazing magic she did."

"Well, you're very welcome," the blond-haired girl said.

"Sarah said that she wanted to meet you," Stephanie said.

"Did you now?" Claire asked Sarah.

"I did say that," the 17-year-old said. "And I'm glad I did."

"Oh, guys," said Claire, "my dad's going out with his new girlfriend tomorrow night. That means I'm gonna have the house to myself. Would either of you mind keeping me company?" she asked with a slightly mischievous grin.

"Yes!" Sarah cried. The brunette then realized that she had acted much more enthusiastic than she had wanted. "Uh, I mean," she said, "yes. I would love to."

"And me too," said Stephanie.

"Good. I'll see you guys at my house tomorrow at..." Claire trailed off, thinking. "How does five o'clock sound to you? We can order out, watch a couple movies," then with a suggestive voice, she said, "then get a little comfy on the sofa?"

'Shit, this girl is forward!' Sarah thought at Claire's lewd suggestion.

"Is that okay with you, Sarah?" Stephanie asked.

"Sure," said Sarah. "We'll see you tomorrow at five o'clock."

Sarah and Stephanie started to walk back to the car when Claire said, "Oh, Steph. Don't forget. You still have my things."

"I'll bring them back tomorrow," said Stephanie. Sarah assumed that Claire and Stephanie were talking about the Pocket Rockets. "Bye, Claire."

As the sisters walked off, Sarah asked, "Is Claire always so forward?"

"No," said Stephanie. "Only around girls she's sleeping with." The two sisters walked out at met up with their parents at the car.

The next day, Sarah and Stephanie set off to Claire's house. Stephanie put the Pocket Rockets in her pocket to give back to Claire. Sarah drove and Stephanie gave her sister directions to Claire's house. At 5:00 pm sharp, Sarah and Stephanie found themselves in front of Claire's house. "So this is it, huh?" said Sarah as she turned off the ignition.

"That's right," said Stephanie. "Welcome to Chez Claire."

Sarah was very excited to be at Claire's house. Undoubtedly, a threesome would ensue sometime that night and Sarah was anxious to know what it would be like with two other girls instead of only one. Sarah and Stephanie walked up to the house to find Claire waiting for them at the door. "Welcome, weary travelers," said the young blonde.

"Hello, Claire," said Sarah, shaking the younger girl's hand.

"Well come on in," said Claire, gesturing toward the door. Sarah walked in first, followed by Stephanie and then by Claire. "You girls want somethin' to eat?" asked the blonde.

"Sure," said Stephanie. "I believe you were gonna order some pizza."

"Indeed I was. Whaddaya guys want on your pizza?"

"Pepperoni," said Stephanie.

"And Sarah?"

"Oh. Um, I guess I'll have whatever you guys have," replied Sarah.

"Okay. Make yourselves comfortable on the couch, I'll go order our pizza."

Claire walked into the next room while the brown-haired sisters sat down on the couch. A few moments passed and Stephanie asked her sister, "Nervous?"

"You could tell?" the 17-year-old asked.

"Of course I could," said the younger girl. "You've been breathing heavily all day. I can't say I blame you. This is Claire's house after all."

"Does she have anything planned for us tonight?" asked Sarah.

"Of course she does. She wouldn't have invited us if she didn't have anything planned. And I'm sure you will enjoy it." Sarah's breath caught and she felt her face become warm.

Claire walked back to the sisters and sat down on the couch next to Sarah. "The pizza's ordered," she said. "It should be here in about half-an-hour." Claire looked at Sarah and said, "Sarah, are you all right? You look a little red."

"Oh, she's just nervous about tonight," Stephanie answered.

Claire nodded and said, "Understandable. But try to keep your pants on until we're all ready, okay?"

"I'm just nervous," Sarah said. "I'm not overly sexual like some people I know."


As Sarah and Stephanie settled into the couch, Claire started rummaging through her movie library for a movie to watch. "You guys in the mood for any particular genre?" the blonde asked.

"Not really," said Stephanie.

"I can't think of anything," said Sarah.

"Okay then," said Claire. "That makes it easier for me. Now I can pick whatever I want." Claire continued searching. "Well I was thinking of watching a Johnny Depp movie."

Stephanie whispered, "Claire has a huge crush on Johnny Depp."

"So that would make Claire bisexual, right?" asked Sarah.

"Mm-hm. Not me though."

"No, me neither."

"I got one," said Claire. "How does Pirates of the Caribbean sound?"

"Oh, that's a good one," said Stephanie. "Yes." Claire put the DVD into the DVD player and the movie started. Claire sat down on the couch next to Sarah opposite Stephanie as the movie played.

About 25 minutes into the movie, the doorbell rang. "Pizza's here," said Claire. Claire stood up and walked to the front door while the sisters continued watching the movie.

"How're you feeling, Sarah?" Stephanie asked her sister.

"I'm okay," said Sarah. "I'm definitely not as nervous as I was a half-hour ago."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," said Stephanie, resting her head against Sarah's shoulder. Sarah held her sister as they watched the movie.

"Getting comfy already, I see," Claire, said, walking back into the room. "I have the pizza here." Claire set the pizza box down on the glass table in front of the couch and opened it up. Claire had ordered a half-pepperoni, half-vegetarian pizza. Fortunately, Sarah enjoyed both kinds of toppings. With that, the girls started eating.

The movie ended at 7:23 pm. As Claire put the DVD back in its box, she asked, "You guys want a drink before we move on to another movie?"

"Okay," said Sarah. "Whaddaya have?"

The blonde replied, "We have some Coke, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper. Or, if you're feeling naughty, we also have some Blue Curaçao."

Sarah looked at Claire with wide, incredulous eyes. "You're kidding, right?"

"I'm not kidding."

"I dunno," said Sarah. "I don't think it's legal for us to drink alcohol at our age."

"Correction," said Claire. "It's not legal for anyone under the age of twenty-one to purchase alcohol. We're not purchasing it, we're only drinking it."

Sarah thought for a moment. Eventually, she shrugged and said, "Why not?" With that, Claire disappeared into another room of the house.

"You really feeling up to this?" Stephanie asked her older sister.

"Hey, we're among friends here," said Sarah. "Besides, I'm feeling a little naughty."

"Here we are, Ladies," said Claire, returning with a bottle of Blue Curaçao and three wine glasses. The blonde set the glasses down on the table and poured the blue liquid into them. Each girl picked up a glass each. "Cheers," said Claire, raising her glass. They girls touched their glasses together, causing a light, ringing sound.

"To love and togetherness," Stephanie said. With that, the 3 girls touched their glasses to their lips and sipped the Curaçao. Sarah's face contorted slightly as she felt her throat burn slightly. "You okay, Sarah?" asked the younger brunette.

"Yes, I'm fine," said Sarah. "It just takes some getting used to the first time you drink alcohol in a while. But I'll be okay." Sarah took another sip from her glass and her face did not contort the second time."See? I'm used to it already."

"Well," said Claire, "now that we're all here with our drinks, what say you we start our next movie?"

"What is it you had in mind?" asked the older brunette.

"Why don't we raise the rating a bit?" said the blonde. "The Ninth Gate?"

Sarah pointed a finger at Claire and said, "I know where you're goin' with this."

"But is it okay with you?" asked the blonde. "You didn't answer my question."

"I'm up for it," said Stephanie.

"If my sister says so," said Sarah, "then I'm up for it too."

"Good," said Claire with a slightly mischievous smile on her face. Claire went rummaging through her DVD library looking for the movie. "Here it is," she said, pulling out the movie. She popped the DVD into the player and sat down next to Sarah again. The blonde refilled the glasses with Curaçao and they sipped again. The movie started and the girls moved closer together.

Sarah began feeling relaxed as she felt the warmth from the two younger girls' bodies. As her head rested against Sarah's shoulder, Claire said, "Sarah, has anyone told you that you have fabulous tits?"

"What?" Sarah cried at Claire's lewd remark.

"Claire," Stephanie said, "Sarah's not used to having people be so open."

"Sorry," said Claire.

"That's okay," said Sarah. "I can get used to it. So, you think my tits are nice?"

"God, yes!" said Claire. "I'll bet they're really soft. You mind if I touch them?"

"Sure," said Sarah. "Why not?" She knew that the alcohol was starting to have an effect on her, her inhibitions starting to fade away.

The young blonde put her hand to Sarah's closest breast and rubbed it a bit. "I was right," Claire said. "It is really soft. It's magnificent. What are you? A C-cup?"

"Yes, I'm a C-cup."

"Magnificent," said Claire, continuing to fondle Sarah's breast.

Stephanie started touching Sarah's other breast as well. The 17-year-old was getting aroused with two beautiful, 14-year-old girls playing with her globes. "Okay, that's enough," she said.

Claire and Stephanie stopped touching the older girl's boobs. "You do get turned on easily, don't you?" Claire teased.

"Only when I'm sitting next to two hot, young, gorgeous girls," Sarah replied.

"Maybe we should just watch the movie until we're all in the right mood," Stephanie said. Sarah and Claire agreed. The three girls went back to watching the movies with Stephanie's head leaning against Sarah's shoulder.

Close to the end of the movie, where Johnny Depp and Emmanulle Seigner escape from the burning castle, Claire asked, "Hey, Steph. Ya got those Pocket Rockets?"

Steph reached into her pocket and pulled out the two small vibrators. As Claire took one of the Pocket Rockets from Stephanie, Sarah noticed what point of the movie they were at. "You're not planning on masturbating to the sex scene, are you?" the brunette asked the blonde.

"Hell yes, I'm gonna masturbate to the sex scene!" Claire cried, unzipping her jeans. As Depp and Seigner made it to the car outside the castle, Claire's pants and panties were at her ankles. Because her T-shirt only went down to just below her breasts, Claire's body was completely exposed from the belly button down. Between her legs was a small, probably tight, pussy, surrounded by just a bit of blond, curly pubic hair. Judging by how erect her clit was and how wet her lips were, Sarah knew that the young, blond-haired girl had been anticipating this scene for a while now.

Claire turned on the Pocket Rocket as Depp and Seigner started making out in the car. Claire touched the vibrator to her clitty and started moaning in pleasure. Sarah and Stephanie could not care less about the images that Claire was watching. Their attention was fixed on Claire and the action between her legs.

Claire grabbed her breast with her free hand as Seigner rode Depp, the actress' breasts fully exposed. The 14-year-old's hips were rocking against the vibrator in her right hand as her left hand pinched her nipples, which were straining to be freed from the tight T-shirt that she was wearing. Even though her breasts were the smallest of the three girls in the room, the T-shirt that Claire was wearing was almost too small for her. The blonde's moans became louder very quickly, indicating that her anticipation had made her very sensitive and would bring about an orgasm quickly.

In order to keep her vision fixed on the television screen, Claire did her best not to throw her head back as she masturbated. It was difficult for her to do so, her head getting thrown back several times, but only for a moment, her eyes locking on the screen again after a fraction of a second. Seigner threw her head back one last time and Claire's head threw back at the same time. This time, Claire's head stayed thrown back and her body started shaking. The blonde did not cry out in bliss as she orgasmed, but she did make a short, shivering moan every time her body spasmed. Sarah and Stephanie looked on in awe, juices dripping from Claire's pussy as she came all over the sofa.

The blonde came down from her orgasm shortly and her gaze returned to the television screen. The sex scene had been over for a few seconds and Depp and Seigner were now fully clothed, driving in the car. Claire looked at the sisters and grinned at them. "Enjoy the show, girls?" she asked as she pulled her pants back up. Sarah and Stephanie could only nod, their mouths hanging open in stun. Claire gave a short, mischievous laugh and she turned her head back to the television screen as the movie ended.

"Very naughty, isn't she?" Stephanie whispered to her sister.

"Very," Sarah whispered back.

"I'll bet you two got all hot and bothered watching me fuck myself, huh?" Claire said, putting the DVD back on the shelf.

"Uh-huh," Stephanie replied. Sarah realized that her panties had gotten very wet watching the blonde masturbate.

"Maybe it's about time we move this to the bedroom then," Claire suggested. With another mischievous laugh, Claire started walking toward her room. Sarah and Stephanie quickly followed, sure that they knew what would happen next. As soon as the door to Claire's room closed, the girls were kissing each other wildly. Buzzed from the Curaçao, they had lost their inhibitions and were ready to engage in their first threesome.

In between kisses and licks on each other's faces, Stephanie said, "Claire, I think...since you just...went down on yourself...I think it's went down and Sarah."

"Good idea," said Claire. As the kiss broke, Claire said, "Why don't you two lie down on the bed? Make yourselves comfortable." The sisters lied down on the bed and started undressing themselves. They watched Claire put on a sexy striptease for them, rocking her body as she slowly disrobed.

As soon as all of the girls' clothing was thrown into a pile by the bed, Claire climbed in between Sarah and Stephanie, each of her legs next to either sisters' crotch. "I can feel the heat from your pussies on my legs," Claire said. "You two are really hot. I'm gonna have fun fucking you." Claire handed her Pocket Rocket to Sarah and started rubbing the sister's bodies. "You two can fuck your clits with the Pocket Rockets if you want to," the blonde said. "And I'm sure you will."

As they roamed the sisters' bodies, Claire's hands slowly made their ways further and further south. Sarah and Stephanie moaned as they felt the blonde's hands kneed and caress their skin. As Claire's hands reached between the sister's legs, Sarah and Stephanie turned on their Pocket Rockets. Instead of touching their Pocket Rockets to their own clits, they brought them to the other's clit, vibrating each other. Claire smiled at the act of mutual masturbation and stuck two fingers from each hand into the sister's dripping cunts. Sarah and Stephanie moaned in bliss as they were pleasured by Claire and each other.

Sarah could feel Claire's fingers hook upward and press against the front wall of her pussy. She moaned loudly as the blonde found her G-spot almost instantly. This time, the brunette was prepared for the sensation of needing to pee, and she simply ignored it. The pleasure that her sister's Pocket Rocket was giving to her clit was enough to distract her. Shortly after, the sensation of needing to urinate faded and was replaced by the deep pleasure that came from G-spot stimulation. "Oh yes," Sarah moaned.

"That feels so good," moaned Stephanie.

"You girls like that?" Claire asked. "You like my fingers in your pussies? You like fucking each other with those vibrators?"

"Huh-huh," the sisters said in unison. With their free hands, Sarah and Stephanie fondled their breasts and tweaked their nipples, causing them to shudder and gasp in bliss.

As their orgasms approached, Stephanie rolled onto her side toward Sarah and started playing with her sister's breasts. Sarah rolled toward Stephanie and played with the 14-year-old's breasts as well. The sisters kissed as they moaned in pleasure. "Shit. That's so hot," Claire said, "you two kissing while you fuck each other while I fuck you. That really turns me on." Claire shoved her fingers into the sister's cunts hard and the brunettes cried out in pleasure. Keeping the Pocket Rockets at each other pussies, they embraced each other with their free arms, pressing their bodies together, using the other girls' nipples to stimulate their own. "Fuck," said the blonde, obviously extremely turned on by seeing the love that the sisters felt for each other.

Sarah felt Stephanie's hand grip her back and knew that her sister was on the edge. "Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh! Oh!" Stephanie cried as her body went rigid.

"I love you Steph," Sarah said as Stephanie's orgasm hit. Stephanie screamed in ecstasy as she came powerfully. Her body jerked about and Sarah felt her sister's girl-cum squirting against her stomach. The sight of her sister's orgasm brought Sarah over the edge as well and she began convulsing just like Stephanie was. She cried out in bliss as her pussy contracted around Claire's fingers, her own cum-juices soaking the other two girls.

"Yes!" screamed Claire. "Squirt your cum all over me!"

Sarah and Stephanie came down from their orgasms and turned off their Pocket Rockets. They embraced kissed each other passionately. Claire smiled at seeing the love passing between the two brunettes.

"What is going on here?" a female voice said from the doorway. Sarah, Stephanie, and Claire were snapped back to reality and they looked to the doorway. It was a blond-haired woman, seemingly in her late teens or early 20s.

"Alex?" said Claire in a surprised voice.

"Claire's sister!" cried Stephanie.

"Claire!" Alex said. "What the hell are you doing sleeping with other girls?"

'Oh, shit!' Sarah thought. Alex was a homophobe! Sarah wanted desperately to hide under the covers, but she was too scared to move. All she could do was stare at the older girl in the doorway, tears coming to her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sis," Claire said. "I wasn't expecting you to be back from college so soon."

"You know I don't like it when people cheat on me," Alex said in a mock insult voice.

"What?" said Sarah, surprised by what Alex had said and by the tone that she used.

"You didn't tell them about us?" Alex asked her sister.

"Well," said Claire, "I told Steph, but I didn't tell Sarah." Sarah felt a great sense of relief at learning that Alex was not a homophobe. Alex was only reacting to Claire having sex with girls besides her. As well as relief, Sarah felt surprise at learning that Claire and Alex were sisters and lovers just like her and Stephanie. "What can I do to make you forgive me?" Claire asked her sister.

"That's a good question," said Alex with a mischievous grin on her face. The older blonde looked at the two brunettes and said, "I see that you two are using the Pocket Rockets that I gave to Claire. Seeing as we're all using each other's toys, I'm thinking we should share our lovers." Alex started undressing herself as the other three girls watched her. Claire stood up and walked to her sister, aiding Alex in disrobing.

As the blond-haired sisters kissed, Sarah could barely sense more than pure sexual drive. The brunette smiled, thinking to herself, 'Those two love each other, don't they?'

Sarah looked at Stephanie. "Maybe we should join them?" she said to her younger sister. Stephanie nodded and the two brunettes joined the two blondes in a steamy four-way kiss. Sarah had expected a threesome when the evening started, but now she was about to participate in a foursome! The idea of being with three beautiful girls fueled her excitement, and most likely the excitement of the other girls as well.

When Alex was completely naked, she broke the kiss. Alex and Claire looked at each other and smiled. They both walked to the bed and lied down side-by-side. "You two," they said in unison to the brown-haired sisters, "go down on us."

Sarah and Stephanie looked at each other for a moment. "You mind if I take Alex?" asked Stephanie. "I wanna know what it's like to have sex with her."

"Having sex with Claire would be a new experience for me as well," said Sarah. "Go ahead." Sarah and Stephanie climbed onto the bed as well, Sarah in front of Claire, Stephanie in front of Alex. Stephanie brought her face between Alex's legs and started pleasuring the older blonde. Alex moaned in pleasure as she received oral from Stephanie.

Sarah went down on Claire as well, licking up and down the length of Claire's slit, causing Claire to moan in pleasure as well. Claire and Alex grabbed their breasts and pleasured their nipples as the two brunette's went down on them. Making sure that Claire was sufficiently aroused, Sarah avoided the young blonde's clit until she had the distinct flavor of Claire's natural lubricant implanted in her memory.

'I think she's about ready,' thought Sarah. She licked up Claire's pussy until her tongue reached Claire's now-erect clitty.

"Oh," Claire moaned as Sarah licked her clitoris. Sarah heard Alex moan at the same time, letting her know that Stephanie had just started working on the older girl's clit as well. Sarah pushed her middle finger into Claire's dripping hole and started working it around inside her pussy. "Oh, yeah," Claire moaned.

"Oh, yeah," moaned Alex as well. "That feels good, Steph. Claire must have taught you well," she said to the girl between her legs.

"Everything I know about lesbian sex," said Stephanie through Alex's muff.

"And she taught you well also," Claire said to Sarah.

"Everything I know about lesbian sex," said Sarah, mimicking her sister. Claire and Alex laughed a little bit as they continued to moan in bliss.

Sarah decided to put another finger in. She put her index finger into Claire's cunt and Claire moaned loudly. Sarah hooked her fingers upward inside the blonde's canal and started rubbing Claire's G-spot. Claire made a somewhat surprised, but pleasured moan and her hips started rocking to the rhythm of Sarah's thrusts into her pussy.

Then, Sarah heard a buzzing sound next to her on the bed, followed by a loud moan from Alex. Sarah looked and saw that Stephanie had replaced her mouth with her Pocket Rocket. 'Good idea,' thought Sarah, turning on the Pocket Rocket that she had. She removed her mouth from Claire's hard clit and replaced it with the head of the Pocket Rocket that she had. Claire moaned loudly as well and arched her back in ecstasy.

"You like that, Claire?" Sarah was able to ask now that her tongue was free to speak.

"Uh-huh," moaned Claire.

"You like that, Alex?" asked Stephanie.

"Uh-huh," Alex mimicked her sister's reply.

"Shit, Sarah," Claire moaned. "That feels so good. Make me cum. I'm so close."

"Me too," moaned Alex. "Make me cum, Steph." Sarah shoved her fingers into Claire's cunt and the blonde moaned loudly. Stephanie must have done the same thing to Alex since the older blonde moaned just as loudly a moment later.

Sarah felt Claire's vaginal muscles begin flexing and she knew that the blonde was about to cum. "Cum so for me, Claire," said the brunette, hoping that her words be the last stimulant needed to push Claire over the edge. To Sarah's happiness, they were. Claire threw her head back and her body started spasming. With every spasm of Claire's body, she have off a short, shivering moan and her pussy walls contracted around Sarah's fingers. Sarah's reward for making Claire climax was several gushes of girl-cum squirting from the young blonde's pee-hole.

"Oh, shit!" cried Alex as she started cumming right after Claire. Sarah felt the vibrations in the bed from Alex's spasms. Sarah heard moans very similar to Claire's and heard liquid squirting again Stephanie's face as well. Alex was cumming just as hard as Claire was. Stephanie was no doubt getting a mouthfull of sweet cum-juices just like Sarah was.

As the blond-haired sisters' orgasms ended, Sarah and Stephanie turned off their vibrators and removed their fingers from their respective lovers' soaked pussies. Sarah climbed up Claire's body and kissed the blonde. Claire wrapped her arms around Sarah and kissed the older brunette back.

"How was it, Sis?" Alex asked. Sarah and Claire looked and saw that Stephanie was on top of Alex just like Sarah was on top of Claire.

"It was great," Claire replied. "Stephanie must have been a really good teacher!"

"Well, I definitely have to repay her for that fabulous orgasm she just gave me," said Alex. "And I know just what to use!" The older blonde gently rolled Stephanie off of her and stood up. Sarah got off of Claire as she watched Alex walk toward the door, where she had dropped her bags.

"What are you searching for?" Claire asked, seeing her sister search through her luggage.

"Just another toy I picked up at that store I told you about."

'Another toy,' thought Sarah. The brunette felt her heart race in anticipation.

"Here it is," said Alex. She pulled the new toy out of her bag and the other girls stared in awe. It was a strap-on dildo. "How would you like me to use this on you, Steph?"

"It's so big," said a wide-eyed Stephanie.

"Is that a yes?" the blonde asked. Stephanie simply stared at the penis-shaped object in Alex's hand. "I'll take that as a yes," Alex said, stepping into the harness. After tightening the straps to fit snugly on her body, Alex stood in front of the three younger girls with her hands on her hips, showing off the phallus that she was wearing.

"Amazing," said Claire.

Alex went back to her bag and took out a packet of something. She walked back to where Stephanie was sitting on the bed and said, "It's easier for me to hit your G-spot if you're in the doggy-style position."

"Okay," Stephanie nervously said. Hesitantly, the 14-year-old faced away from Alex and got on her hands and knees.

"Don't worry," said Alex. "It'll fit." Alex's words were hard to believe, seeing that the dildo was at least 7 inches long and almost 2 inches wide. However, it turned out that the packet that Alex had taken out of her bag was a tube of lubricant. The blonde poured a bit onto the tip of the dildo and grabbed the dildo in her hand, stroking it up and down as if masturbating a man, spreading the lube liberally around the large member. "That should do it," she said, getting into position behind Stephanie. Alex put her left hand on Stephanie's hip and used her right hand to position the head of the dildo to the brunette's hole. Alex slowly moved her hips forward, pushing the phallus into Stephanie's pussy. The brunette gasped as the dildo penetrated her. When the dildo went in as far as it would go, Alex put her right hand on Stephanie's other hip and started thrusting in and out of Stephanie's cunt. Stephanie moaned and cried in pleasure, feeling the large dildo filled her up.

Sarah could only stare in amazement, watching her little sister get dildo-fucked by Alex. Stephanie's cries of pleasure and pain turned on Sarah so much that she had to start masturbating. Her left hand went to her breasts and her right hand went between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as she rubbed her clitty, watching Stephanie get violated by Alex.

"You like that, Steph?" Alex asked. "Hm? You like it?"

"Uh-huh," Stephanie moaned. "I can't believe it can fit. It's so big!"

Sarah moaned as she jerked off to the sight in front of her. Suddenly, Sarah felt arms wrap around her from behind her. "Let me help you with that," said Claire with Sarah's Pocket Rocket vibrating in her right hand. Clasping Sarah's left breast with her left hand, Claire touched the Pocket Rocket to the brunette's clit with her right. Sarah moaned loudly as the vibrations stimulated her hard button. Now free to move, Sarah's right hand went straight for her right nipple. She pulled at the hard nubbin on her right breast while Claire did the same to her left.

Suddenly, Alex stopped thrusting. "Huh?" Stephanie moaned in frustration. "Why'd you stop?"

"You wanna pass me that?" asked Alex, pointing in front of Stephanie. The brunette looked to where Alex was pointing and saw the second Pocket Rocket lying on the bed. Without hesitation, Stephanie picked up the Pocket Rocket and passed it back to Alex. "Get ready for a wild ride," said Alex, turning on the vibrator. With the Pocket Rocket in her right hand, Alex wrapped her right arm around Stephanie's body so that her right hand was next to the brunette's pussy. Putting her left hand back on Stephanie's left hip, Alex touched the vibrating Pocket Rocket to her erect clitty and continued thrusting the dildo in and out of her dripping cunt. Stephanie cried out in bliss and her arms gave out, her torso falling onto the bed, pushing her ass straight out at Alex.

"Holy shit!" cried Sarah at seeing her sister in such divine torture. The 17-year-old's body started squirming about, but Claire's arms kept her in place so that she could continue to pleasure the brunette's clitoris with the Pocket Rocket. Claire's perky nipples pressing against her back heightened Sarah's pleasure even more.

"Oh. Yes. Yes!" Stephanie cried as Alex continued thrusting the strap-on into her young pussy. With the dildo filling her up and the Pocket Rocket on her clit, the 14-year-old was bound to cum any second. Juices were dripping down Stephanie's legs, wetting the sheets below her.

"That's it," said Alex with lust in her voice. "Take it. Take it."

"Oh, shit!" cried Stephanie. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Stephanie screamed in ecstasy as she was hit with a powerful orgasm. Alex pulled the dildo from Stephanie cunt and a stream of girl-cum shot from between her legs, splashing powerfully against the bed. Sarah watched in stun as Stephanie's vagina pulsed in and out with her spasms. Alex pushed the Pocket Rocket against Stephanie's clit as the younger brunette continued screaming in bliss, riding out her orgasm.

"Oh! Oh, fuck!" cried Sarah as her own orgasm hit. Her body convulsed powerfully as well, pushing herself on top of Claire, pinning the blonde to the bed. Claire kept her arms wrapped around Sarah's body with the Pocket Rocket firmly planted on the brunette's throbbing clitty.

Sarah was in such a daze after her 2nd orgasm of the night that she did not notice when Claire and Alex helped put her and Stephanie together. When the brown-haired sisters regained their senses, Alex was lying on her back with Claire riding her strap-on in the reverse-cowgirl position. Because the straps did not cover Alex's pussy, Claire had full access to her sister's sex. The 14-year-old had her left index and middle fingers working hard inside Alex's cunt and was using her right hand to press a vibrating Pocket Rocket against Alex's hard clit. Just like she had done with Stephanie, Alex had her left hand on Claire's left hip and was vibrating her younger sister's clitoris with the other Pocket Rocket. Both blondes were moaning and writhing in pleasure as they fucked each other.

Since the blond-haired sisters were pleasuring each other, the brown-haired sisters decided to pleasure each other as well. Sitting up to watch Alex and Claire in action, Sarah brought her left hand to Stephanie's pussy and Stephanie brought her right hand to Sarah's pussy. They started moaning in bliss as they started rubbing each other's clits. "That's it, Claire," said Sarah. "Ride your sister's cock." Claire and Alex looked at Sarah and Stephanie, Claire continuing to bounce up and down on Alex's strap-on. They simply smiled at the brunettes and continued moaning in bliss while fucking each other.

"You girls like that?" Stephanie moaned.

"Uh-huh?" Claire moaned.

"Oh, god yes!" answered Alex.

"Come on girls," moaned Sarah, "Make each other cum."

"Yes," moaned Stephanie. "We wanna see you girls cum on each other."

Sarah and Stephanie watched intently as Alex and Claire fucked each other, adding to the pleasure that they were giving to each other. The expression on Claire's face as her pussy got filled by Alex's cock was almost enough to make Sarah and Stephanie cum. "You look so hot," Stephanie moaned.

"Maybe it's because I am," Claire said.

"Oh, shit!" moaned Alex. "Claire, I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes!" cried Sarah. "Cum for us, Alex! Cum for your sister!"

"Cum for me, Alex!" said Claire. The older blonde started grunting as her orgasm hit. Her hips thrusted upward powerfully as she came, pushing the dildo hard into Claire's young cunt. "Oh, fuck!" screamed Claire as her pussy was stuffed full of rubber. Claire started cumming powerfully as well, giving off short, but loud grunts like her older sister was. Cum-juices squirted from their urethras straight toward Sarah and Stephanie. The sensation of Alex's and Claire's warm girl-cum soaking their bodies was enough to bring about the brunettes' orgasms. They both cried and spasmed as they came along with the blonde sisters in front of them.

"Oh, shit," Sarah panted as she felt her convulsions die down. "I can't go anymore." With the last of her strength, Stephanie rolled to her side and on top of her older sister. Sarah and Stephanie embraced each other, pressing their warm bodies into one another.

Claire lifted her hips up long enough for Alex's dildo to slip out of her dripping pussy and then collapsed in front of Sarah and Stephanie, panting and shivering after her powerful orgasm. With considerable effort, Alex loosened the straps of her harness and took off the strap-on. After turning off the Pocket Rockets that were lying on the bed, she lied down next to Claire and stroked her sister's hair. "Thank you for that," said Claire, barely audible.

"I missed you, Claire," said Alex.

"I missed you too." Alex and Claire kissed each other.

"You did good too," said Stephanie, looking into her sister's eyes. "I love you, Sarah."

"I love you too, Steph." Sarah and Stephanie kissed each other as well.

With what little strength they had left, Sarah, Stephanie, and Claire got into bed. Having sustained only had 2 orgasms that night as opposed to the other girls' 3 each, Alex still had enough energy to walk around the house and turn off the lights. Afterward, the older blonde returned to Claire's room and climbed into bed with the other girls. "There's love there, isn't there?" asked Sarah.

"Hm?" said Alex.

"You and Claire. You love each other, don't you?"

"Oh, yes," said Claire. "Ever since our mother left us, we've relied on each other for everything. We fell in love last year when I..." Claire hesitated, apparently nervous about something.

"She caught me masturbating to a picture of her," Alex said.

"It's kind of the same way Sarah and I fell in love," said Stephanie.

"With your parents in that car accident," Claire said.

"That's the one."

"Oh wow," Alex said. "Are they okay?"

"They were in a coma for a year," said Sarah. "But they woke up just last month. Thankfully, their memory is intact."

"So," Alex asked Claire, "I guess Dad is out with Jackie."

"Yeah," Claire said. "I don't think they'll be back until tomorrow."

"Good. That'll give us time to clean the sheets tomorrow morning." The 4 girls laughed.

"Hey, Alex," asked Sarah. "I've been wondering. Where did you get those toys?"

"I know a place nearby college," the blonde replied.

"Where is college?"

"North Carolina State University."

"Oh cool. I've been thinking of going there."

"Then maybe we'll see each other in another year."

"I would like that." With that, the girls fell asleep.


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