Subject: "The Adventures of Jade, Chapter 1" (F,f,Ff,ff,fff,reluc.)

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Date: 06-14-01


(A Novella)

By Humvee

(tales of Lust, Depravity, and Seduction)

(Disclaimer: The following intellectual property is for entertainment purposes of mature persons only. Do not read this story if it is unlawful for you to do so. You may not use this story, nor any excerpts, for commercial purposes; without the writer's consent. You may post/re-post the story if left in tact, and if you meet all applicable requirements in this paragraph. The author does not condone any activity illustrated in this story. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Regarding erotic writing: More often than not, fantasies should remain just that; another's words: Don't try this at home. )

To make matters worse, Jade turned out to be very shy. A late bloomer really. It was not until her first year of college that she started physically developing to match her age. And develop she did. Although she always had the beautiful green cat-eyes, her long and skinny frame started taking on dangerous curves at age 18. She was almost 22 now. The good looks and the great body came too late to give her confidence through her school years, but she was pleased nonetheless. Her mother had gone through the same thing. Even though 'mom' had children very early, she had not fully developed into the stunner that she was until her late teens. Astrid always told Jade that one day she would come to appreciate and prefer the late bloomer way, after all, does not a fine wine take time also?

At 5' 10" and 125 pounds, Jade's thick, wild dark hair cascaded halfway down her muscled back, to a now perfect ass below. Her smile could ignite tinder, but she was careful who she gave it to. Was it the intense workouts that finally triggered her to blossom, or was it just her time? Whatever the case, she seemed happier now than during her school years, and her confidence was building. Getting her phys ed degree took 4 years of strenuous work and discipline, but the new job offer seemingly made it all worthwhile, and meant she would soon be able to move out on her own and start a career. She wanted freedom from the perceived weight of her upbringing, her fathers imposed discipline, and the regularity of 'sameness' in her life.

Jade's mother was only 13 when she gave birth to her (no she wasn't trailer trash), and raised both Jade and her sister Jenna (now 15) mostly by herself. Her husband was killed in a friendly-fire chopper incident during the Gulf War. He managed to instill the military discipline on his family before his untimely cessation. Although Astrid did a wonderful job bringing the two girls up these last 10 years, it was not easy, and both ended up shy like their mother, yet strong in their subtleness.

Jenna was as beautiful as her sister Jade. Even though only 15, she was just starting to develop. At 5' 7" and 105 pounds, her long blonde locks and baby blues were beginning to get her noticed. Their mother had made them aware of the dangers of getting tied down too early, and due to their strict upbringing, Jenna had not had any dates to speak of, and Jade had only a few that quickly burned themselves out. Otherwise the girls were quite normal. Except for one thing (well maybe several things)!

The first thing that was unusual about this whole family was that their sexual fantasies tended to gravitate towards girls, as much or more, than toward boys. Neither shared this with anyone, including each other. Certainly the sisters were still virgins, as there was no sexual expression with boys, so far. Astrid made sure her daughters had a firm spiritual base as well. Good catholic-school girls just like their mom. At 35, Astrid their mother, was definitely bi. She had never even admitted that to herself. The labels had frightened her enough to (mostly) stick to the male of the species, in spite of the directions her fantasies often took her. Though Jade and her mom dated occasionally, both were currently in between men. No man seemed good enough, nor interesting enough to warrant more than a passing interest. Astrid tried to keep busy after the loss of her husband, and did not actively pursue a new relationship. The girls had it rough for a few years after 'daddy's' departure, then seemed to find the strength to go on without too much apparent damage. Jenna was only six or seven when he never returned. She was shyest in the family. Having model looks would make the current problem temporary for her at best. Jade was more affected, but managed to hide behind the discipline, and heavy activity.

Jade's excitement was hard to contain. She was accepted at the St. Beave all-girl catholic school. Tomorrow she would start teaching phys ed, to 7th thru 10th grade girls. Their final two years of high school would be completed at an affiliated catholic finishing school. Launching her career with this, her very first job, was creating serious butterflies in her stomach. Being that she was going to teach Phys Ed, ALSO meant 'showers'! You see, in high school she began to notice her female shower classmates. Because of her shyness, her curious looks at select classmates were brief at best. She tried to be discreet. Being pretty made it easier to be above suspicion. Nevertheless, a very frustrating experience indeed. Those budding breasts and pubic areas would draw her gaze and tease her senses. But mostly they fueled her masturbatory fantasies! Was she abnormal? Jade certainly felt like a normal teenager. Of course she never acted out on any of those urges. College too was a blur of activity, so she did not pursue 'the call of the senses' there either. Good focus led to good grades, and proper accreditation. She did dream of the coming freedoms a steady job would offer. Free to even pursue a relationship, perhaps. Sometimes she fantasised about boys, and sometimes the girls, very young girls. Playing with herself at home was not always possible when her body demanded it. Often either sis or mom were around, and even though all were fortunate enough to have their own rooms, Jade never felt all that comfortable 'doing' it at home. Now here comes a job that would allow her to make enough money to live on her own, AND maybe even look at other young girls exercise and shower! Perhaps even provide opportunity to discreetly touch! All harmless fun. With her own place, she would then be able to relive the day's events in private, and whenever necessary, pleasure herself. The thoughts kept her quite permanently wet in the days following the fateful phone call. 'Did any of these errant desires lead to my choice of career?' Jade half wondered. She certainly felt some guilt about enjoying the appearance of both sexes.

Physically, Jade's biological development had (seemingly) come behind schedule, but incredibly, her sex drive was wide awake by age five or six. Even though she didn't know what she had discovered at that age, she kept it to herself, and continued to give her body pleasure, more and more frequently. Of course mom caught her 'doing it' on more than one occasion (unbeknownst to Jade), but mom thought it was a perfectly normal thing for her daughter to do, and so kept it under her hat. Astrid still did it herself almost every day, perhaps she passed on the 'incessant frigging'- gene to her daughter. Quite harmless fun for all.

Jade was in her room laying out clothes for the day to come. The first day of work at St Beave. She stood only in pumps in front of the large mirrors in her bedroom, and took inventory of her body. Her image stared back at her with those rare electric-green cat-eyes. Jade knew that at school she would be on display to all. She had to set the best example. Though shy, she somewhat liked the idea of being on display to (hopefully) admiring eyes. She looked for physical flaws in her reflection now... but could find none. Her muscles had much definition and tone. 'I could use a tan though' she mused. Her complexion was fair, and she did not feel comfortable to sunbathe in front of her mom and sister, so she made a mental note to find a tanning salon tonight. She continued staring in the mirror. The long dark hair made her look exotic. It was thick and shiny. Mom and Jenn were natural blondes, but she had some of her father's genes. She looked like Xena, the Amazon warrior princess. She smiled shyly at her 38 inch perfect C-cup breasts. The nipples always stood proud, ready to cut glass at a moments notice. At an inch and a half in length when aroused, they were unusually long. The aureolae were silver dollar sized, dark brown peaks, quite puffy themselves, and often became bumpy, betraying their owners' state. Jade ran her hands at the sides of her breasts cupping them gently. They were the hard kind that hardly moved, no matter what the activity. She liked that, and continued her inspection, occasionally tugging at the now fully erect nipples.

"MMMM" she moaned to herself lightly. Her hands traveled southward now. She traced the well defined lines on her flat belly. It looked so hard, almost bulletproof. A 23 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. It doesn't get any better than that. Her pudendal area was a source of great interest to her. For such thick, dark hair on her head, she had a lightly downed pubic area. The patch was more vertical than triangular, and it was only to be found above her narrow slit. The pubis was somewhat pronounced, and the vaginal area very light in color, much like the color of her surrounding skin. She was capable of producing a copious amount of lubricating secretions on very short notice, for little reason.

She reached for her lightly furred friend now, and gently stroked. The inner lips were rarely visible in this position. She saw that some liquid was already finding its way out of the unusually tight orifice. Jade hoped that would not happen at inopportune moments in school! She wondered if she should shave her mound clean, like in some of the magazines she liked to look at, but decided against it (for now). Anything to block, absorb, or slow down her 'passion discharge' was probably to be retained. As her right hand found her warm fuzzy place to rub, she continued to assess her long legs, pretty knees, and aerodynamic feet. The slightest movements caused her flexing muscles to show through her skin. She found THAT, very stimulating to look at. She turned around and watched her gluteus flex and form a pair of those rarely seen (on the average person) concave indentations in each buttcheek. There was very little body hair, and what she did have was light and downy. She was lucky in that she rarely had to shave anywhere.

Jade was infatuated with how her body had started developing, and her orgasms seemed to grow in frequency and intensity. Whenever she was alone in the house, she masturbated in front of the large mirrors in her room, taking note of all her movements, and the slightest expressions. Jade would work herself up so much during these occasions, that her orgasms would cause her to become temporarily unconscious. Oh only now and then, but usually after an intense cum, she would not remember anything afterwards. In bed this was not even noticeable, but when she did it in front of a mirror, sometimes, she would wake up afterward and deduce what had happened. The weird thing was, that on some of those occasions, she couldn't really even remember masturbating. This did not really frighten her. It did make her feel a little uncomfortable, at the prospect of possibly being 'discovered' while she was 'out'. Rather than satiating her, those sessions of self pleasure only fueled the fires below, and made her bush burn for even more stimulation. Bummer.

As Astrid was walking by her daughters room, she noticed the door was open a crack, and decided to peek in. Although the whole family was shy about matters of nudity, they all had burning curiosities about each others' naked bodies. Astrid had certainly been around the block for a woman of 35, she was just conservative and reserved. However it was HER daughter after all, and the peek she was hoping to steal was really like taking inventory or something. She excused the act by saying to herself, that it was in fact, her responsibility to know everything that went on in her house! This included how her offspring were developing physically.

Jade's room was well lit and the hallway dark. This afforded mom some camouflage, and bought her a little time to look at her daughter. The radio inside was going, so she was not worried about being heard. She felt she was not spying, just curious and excited for Jade. Besides, she gave birth to her so it was almost like a joint ownership; she just had to have a little peek. Mom had not bathed Jade for a good many years now, and was blown away by how Jade had developed. As she gazed at her daughters displayed nude body, she was naturally proud of the genes, as well as the discipline it took to maximize those genes; but she also felt a strange stirring. She felt somewhat guilty for this, but her senses would block out anything her mind wouldn't accept. Watching Jade touch herself all over, made Astrid warm all over too. Her pussy began juicing up at the sight before her. The fact that it was her daughter whom she loved made the guilt secondary, as she knew she would not do anything to hurt her child, actually woman apparently.

In time Astrid's guilt overwhelmed the thrill, and she went back to her room. She was going to take a shower, or a bath perhaps, and get ready for the day. Astrid made her money day-trading with the aid of a computer. She became successful at it (eventually), and was able to quit her job at the sausage factory and make a comfortable living working only a few days a week. She had just moved the family to this sleepy town and comfortable newish house. Astrid peeled off her bathrobe and looked at her own body in the mirror. Still young, taught, and pretty. Life at 35 was not so bad. She was 5'9", 137 lbs., curly blonde shoulder length hair, 40 inch D-cup bust, and very little golden-brown pussy fur. Her inner pussy lips were fat, and stuck out a little. She thought her pussy lips looked like a butterfly. She always dressed womanly, but not slutty. Mom too, liked the image in the mirror, and as she paused and looked, her mind began making comparisons with what she had just seen. Astrid was feeling very horny right now, and it took some effort for her not to continue her tactile ministrations to 'full term' in front of the bedroom mirror. Few people had violet eyes, but Astrid was one of them. The thick blonde hair with the 'purple' irises caused accidents in the streets. Her stunning good looks and laid back demeanor attracted much attention. An inopportune glance in the mirror even affected young Astrid. She thought how lucky she was to be so well endowed with her own body, and two very sexy daughters that were smart and stayed out of trouble. Not to mention comfortably upper middle classed. Astrid grabbed a towel, slung it over her shoulder, and went into the master bath. It was more private there, and her favorite place to find pudendal pleasure. The whirlpool jets could be strategically directed to inflict orgasmic bliss at will, and the noise pretty much gave cover to any auditory excesses. It was a good way to start the day.

Jenna was rousing from sleep in her own room. As she began a slow transition toward wakeful consciousness, her mind began to soar amidst the records of her (limited) memories. She was young, and had few experiences, but she was calm and smart. She was at peace with herself. Her shyness was only sometimes troubling. It was fueled by her parent's firmness, but being a 'good kid', she did not question that authority directly.

Jenn found her right hand under the goose-down comforter, and in the valley between her legs. Touching there always gave her comfort, and some temporary relief from the fires that nature was kindling more and more. Being so shy, she had never fully masturbated herself, and was technically unaware of the hedonistic pleasures her body was capable of, especially a body like hers. The stroking would usually climb some, plateau, and eventually the guilt would make her lose interest.

Jenna liked that she was a blonde like her mother, and she thought she looked 'nice'. Her measurements came in at a 35-inch B-cup bust, 22 inch waist, and 32 inch hips. Her weight was nicely distributed. Her pussy hair was still basically non-existent. Compared with Jade's lusher and harder body she seemed lithe. A blonde gazelle. Being only 15 meant that she would yet fill out more, but for now she was just starting her transition toward womanhood. Although unusual, she had not started her periods yet. She gave this little thought, so it did not really bother her. She was in good health, and didn't ever think about such matters. Her academic studies left no time to take throwaway electives like 'Health Ed', and so she was still quite naive about how her body worked.

Suddenly the obvious hit her! Since moving to this little mountain town, mother had enrolled her in the private school. The same school her older sister was about to teach at. This meant her own sister would be teaching her phys ed!! Was this a good or bad thing? Her mind played out the possibilities. She got along OK with others, as well as her sister, but she had no Phys Ed classes those last few years. This year she would have to take P.E.! And weren't showers mandatory?

'E-e-e-e-e-e-e-k!!!' her mind raced, and she sat up from her half slumber with a start. Being naked in front of others was a mixed bag she would somehow deal with, but she might have to be naked in front of her own sister! This possibility was just too embarrassing! She decided she would have to investigate this possibility further, before classes started on Monday. She wanted to know what was required, and how things would go down in Gym class. She wasn't sure how to approach her sister without seeming an insecure child, or appearing to other students that she was getting preferential treatment. In fact she wasn't sure she would want anyone to know that the Gym teacher was her sister. A part of her was also excited about the possibilities. Getting out of Gym these past years also meant she was not able to see any of the other girls naked, and the thought of finally sharing this intimacy with her peers mildly appealed to Jenna. Thoughts of boys as well as girls often played on her mind's stage. Being in an all-girls school certainly made it more likely, that any actual contact would slant her fantasies toward a female-based bias. Her body became flushed at the flurry of thoughts and possibilities.

Jenna yawned and stretched her fifteen year old body. She got out of bed and went to her bathroom. After doing her business, she decided she would find out more about these newly discovered concerns. Since this was a very small private school, the rules could be quite different. Perhaps the administration will take one look at her, and see that she was in good enough shape, and excuse her from Gym. 'Not likely' she thought afterward, looking at her reflection. 'I'm certainly attractive enough. So why am I so scared about displaying this body...a decent body, to others, especially my sister?..... She is so much more spectacular, that's why! Perhaps mom could shed some light, if I could bring myself to ask her proper.' She wore men's two piece pajamas, though of silk, and in powder blue, to match her eyes. The top was filling out lately, and it was apparent she would need more room there soon. She decided to follow up on her concerns, and went looking for mom.

Walking down the hall she noticed Jade's bedroom door slightly ajar, with music coming from inside. She could not help but peek. Something she did not go out of her way to do. She swallowed hard. Jenna's eyes grew like saucers. Jade was oblivious to the slightly open door, and at this point seemed to be touching her naked crotch with her right hand, while the left toyed with her titties. Jenna had not seen Jade naked since Jade was her age. She looked even more spectacular than Jenna remembered, or imagined. Obviously she should not have looked, for Jade was in a private moment. Why was she touching her body so lewdly? It looked very forbidden, very dirty, yet very sexy to Jenna. Jade turned, and went out of sight and into her bathroom. The show was over. Jenna's knees were like jello. Her crotch had this 'itch' that she was getting more and more often. By the looks of things, her sister also had this condition. Jenna continued on down the hall and to mom's bedroom, in a bit of a daze. She knocked then called out, but there was no answer at the door. Since it was open, she timidly walked in calling. The jacuzzi could be heard running in the master bath, so she knew she could not be heard. No big deal, she would knock and see if mom was open to discuss her budding concerns at some point. Upon nearing the door, she heard what sounded like an injured animal! Okay, it was not an animal, it was most likely mom. Now, Jenna was a sensitive young lady. She had just witnessed her sister doing something she didn't yet understand, and now the 'rock of Gibraltar' was possibly in trouble. Losing a loving father had been devastating, and she could not afford to lose both parents. Perhaps, mom had fallen in the tub? Maybe she had cut herself shaving? Was it sewer rats? Or it was a heart attack, older people had those, right? She had to act fast. She called out again.

"Mom? Are you ok?" No response, only moaning.

Jenn flung open the door and burst in quickly scanning the scene before her. She had been right! Mom was under attack! It was obvious what was happening. They had satellite TV. Jenna knew from watching all the nature programs, what the infamous 'Black Mamba' looked like! She also knew that people who acquired exotic pets, often dumped them later in lakes or toilets. Care of exotic pets was a responsibility whose depths most people were not aware of. Being indigenous to Africa, this specimen must have been a discarded pet, and probably made its' way up through the toilet, and into the master bath. She wondered what kind of person would keep such a deadly pet. Mom had both hands around the three-inch thick body, and seemed to be unsuccessfully trying to free herself from its grasp. 'Got to be several feet long' thought Jenna. As she raced forward, she hoped she could grab it just behind the head (That's the safest place to grab a snake). Hopefully, it had not bitten mom yet, although judging by mom's moans, it may have been too late already.

Swiftly she grabbed it behind the head yelling "Hold on mom!!!" With a slurping sound, twelve inches of Black Mamba was swiftly yanked from Astrid's hungry blonde vagina, causing a startled scream from mother's throat! Jenna wildly beat the black intruder against the sink until it moved no more. Mom had literally jumped up out of the tub, startled half to death, water splashing and dripping everywhere.

"What the hell is going on here?!!!" Astrid yelled trying to regain her senses. She was standing up, water running down her still flawless 35 year old body, her heart in her throat.

Jenna was content that the evil beast was lifeless now, and disgustingly threw it into the sink. The double headed dildo made a wet slapping sound and lay motionless. Mother was too shocked to even cover her nakedness. Long seconds passed as her mind tried to figure out what was happening. Jenna ran to her mother and grabbed her by the arms, looking her up and down, looking for possible fang marks.

"Did it bite you? Where is that snakebite kit we had on our camping trip?" The expression on mothers face was changing, and Jenna was so worked up she didn't even notice. Still nude, Astrid went for the double-headed dong and picked it up. "No don't mother, it could still be alive!" yelled Jenn grabbing it again. The two wrestled with the latex monster. Mom was stronger, and Jenn could not gain control over the, potentially still dangerous animal. She began to notice the serious look in her mother's face. Like she saw when she had done something bad. She stopped struggling but still held on tightly to the three foot beast. She finally began to notice her mother's nakedness in her peripheral vision.

Astrid knew now that she had overprotected her daughter. Jenn was so innocent that she had obviously never seen a sex toy. If not for that sudden realization, Astrid would be overwhelmed with embarrassment. She just shook her head, let go of the toy, and grabbed a towel to cover her body. Jenn watched her mom's form get covered by the thirsty cotton bath towel. Just a quick glimpse, before it was covered up. Coupled with the strange look on mother's face, Jenn's gaze fell upon the object in her tight grasp, and she began to note previously unseen details. Finally the shockwave hit her. It was not a snake at all. It was plastic. Why would mom keep a replica of a snake? Upon closer inspection, she noted that it wasn't even a great reproduction of a snake. What was it doing between mom's legs? It looked more like a plastic 'man-thing' than a snake. As the revelations began to sink in, she became sooo embarrassed!

"I....I.....I'm sorry... I thought you were in trouble...I thought it might have bitten you... I wanted to talk to you about something, when I heard you moaning, and I thought.....Oh mom I'm s-o-o-o-o-o sorry."

Astrid was looking at her daughter. The silk pajamas were soaked from the attempted rescue. The childlike face was flushed. There was an instinctual recognition on Jenn's part, of what her mom was doing, but intellectually she could not accept or explain it fully. Her expression was of puzzlement. Astrid knew she had to regain control of this situation, without hurting her daughter. But how could she explain she was fucking her pussy with a giant fake cock? Mom was supposed to set all the moral standards, and now she was caught 'doing the dirty'. She felt she had betrayed her daughter's trust somehow, by showing this less than perfect side of her character.

Astrid noted that it was sweet the way Jenn had rushed to her rescue. She displayed a streak of fearlessness and a protective spirit. That was nice. But Jenn had seen mom naked, and that embarrassed both of them. Jenna's nipples poked through the now wet silk, signifying a possible change in the dynamic of the situation. Astrid looked at Jenna, but tried not to stare, for all the obvious reasons. How would she explain she was just masturbating with a double-ended dildo, trying to reach orgasmic bliss? '(-sigh-)' Might as well have that long overdue 'girl' talk.

"Sit down sweat pea. We need to have a talk." They sat on the edge of the jetted tub. Astrid shut off the noisy jets. Jenna hardly noticed the wet spot she had just sat in. She adjusted the towel tighter. She caught Jenn glancing at her cleavage, and where the towel parted, between her legs. She saw the nervousness in her daughter's beautiful blue eyes. 'At least her body is developing so nicely' thought Astrid. Involuntarily, Jenna's eyes would dart about her mother's body, her mind trying to recall the beautiful curves she had just recently seen uncovered. Mom sensed what her daughter was feeling, and took the fake phallus from her daughter's still clutching hands.

"You see... This is just a toy. I've been a little lonely since... dad left. This relieves some of the pressure I feel. Honey, your mother was just 'pleasuring her princess' ". Jenn still looked embarrassed and confused. She was still flushed. Astrid decided against the baby talk. "I was masturbating, honey. I hope it didn't embarrass you, but I can see that it did. You see, it is something quite natural. Most of us get that itch" -she pointed between her legs, -"and rubbing there feels nice." Jenn followed her mom's gesture as mom used the dildo and pointed with it at her very private place hidden just under the towel. "This latex phallus is an aid in touching yourself". Jenna was still flushing, and looked around anxiously. It was all too much for her. She felt so dumb now. Her mother must think her a little baby to have burst in on her most private moment like that.

"You mean you had that thing in your...inside you?" Jenn felt so silly now, having this conversation with her mother.

"I'm afraid so, honey. It feels better than it looks."

"I could never put something like that in me, mother."

"Of course not honey, but after a girl has children your vagina stretches, and it likes, and can handle more stimulation than just your fingers. You should not put anything down there until you are older. Except maybe your clean fingers. This snake" she smiled as she spoke " is just an industrial strength finger. It makes mommy feel like she is having sex with a man. It helps me feel good and I climax." Astrid was almost enjoying shocking her little daughter with her sudden openness of previously unspoken matters. She could see her daughters eyebrow go up with that last bit.

Astrid was being very understanding toward her daughters obvious lack of experience in these matters. She was trying to explain some of the facts of life, without being too crude. Jenn knew that. She just wasn't comfortable discussing 'the birds and bees' with her mother.

"Have you rubbed yourself there honey?"

Jenn was shocked by the question and kept turning deeper, and deeper shades of crimson. "Not really, er...sort of.... sometimes.....maybe a little."

"Did you ever put anything inside your, uhhmm...cunny?"

Jenn shook her head 'no'.

She tried to avoid her mother's gaze. She looked down. Her body was beginning to perspire noticeably. She wondered to herself, if it was from the heat and humidity of the bathroom, or something else. As she stared downwards she noticed that her nipples were painfully erect. Apparently a part of her was wanting to have this conversation. But was she getting aroused by her own mother's presence? No, her mother was truly beautiful. More 'womanly' than even her gorgeous sister. Jenn realized she was just a sucker for beauty. Anyone would get a little excited seeing her mom, or so she thought.

Mother continued with the lesson. "You are probably still too tight for inserting anything in your pussy, but rubbing with your fingers should bring pleasure. Does it honey? Does it feel good when you rub yourself there? You do rub yourself, don't you?"

Jenn nodded the affirmative, shocked by the questions and still looking down.

"How often does my baby girl play with her privates?"

After a long pause, Jenna contemplated running out of the room, but found her voice and spoke. "Not very often...I...It's embarrassing."

"Oh honey, don't be embarrassed about it," she hugged her daughter " if mommy does it, so can you." Astrid broke the embrace with a kiss on her daughter's cheek. Astrid noticed how young and fresh her daughter smelled. The young hair was soft and silky. Their eyes finally met. Jenn could see the still vital glow in her mother of 15 years. 'So beautiful' she thought. As awkward as this encounter was, she felt more comfortable, after this sudden display of intimacy. She smiled back at her mother, and hugged her back for being so gentle.

Just as she was becoming comfortable with the situation somewhat, her mother dropped another bomb. "Why don't you take off that wet jammie top, honey, and I'll dry you." Jenn felt trapped. She wanted to obey because she always did, and because the thought of disrobing, made her itch in a curiously delicious way 'down below'. It was all quite embarrassing, yet thrilling. She had not been nude in front of her mother since she was twelve or so. Sensing the hesitation, Astrid's adept fingers made a bee line for the buttons on Jenn's silk pajama top. She shouldn't have. But the situation was giving her warm thoughts below, and there was some unfinished business there! The situation of getting caught by her little fifteen year old daughter gave Astrid quite the thrill! Was it right getting so excited by her own? Only once did Astrid pursue sapphic feelings, and that was long ago in high school, and did not go well.

The buttons left the protective confines of their buttonholes, one by one. Jenn squirmed a bit, her arms uncooperative. Mom was practically trembling at the secrets she was about to reveal. Why did it feel so good to look at this pretty teenager, her own offspring? She was too excited to think about the answer right now. How far could she go with this little encounter anyway? As the last button fell away, Astrid paused momentarily, before unveiling her young daughter's upper body. Jenn surrendered to her mother's knowing fingers. Off came her top. Jenn self consciously looked down at her own exposed b-sized mounds. Astrid looked as well. There was a long pause, and a loud silence before anyone spoke again.

"You are truly lovely my daughter! I have not paid close enough attention to your physical development lately." Her fingers began to flutter like butterflies, all over her young daughter's body. She was staring at the young tits, amazed how they've appeared from nothing this past year. Jenn was uncomfortable with the contact, yet at the same time, relished the attention even if it was from her own mother. Years of repressed feelings can do that. Astrid knew she had to touch those boobies full on. She wanted to heft them, test their weight and firmness. Jenn WANTED to be touched in that manner, yet was afraid of the repercussions, with mom doing the touching. Of course it could not be considered sexual contact, just eager exploration, full of curiosity.

"Your breasts are s-o-o-o beautiful, Jenna honey." Astrid reached out and cupped both of them now, relishing in the sensations. Nipples tended to run long in this family. Jenna's aureolae were quarter sized, and covered by telltale bumps. Mother looked at them, and her daughters face, appraising how Jenn might be taking this. The shy teen would meet her gaze only briefly, still blushing. Mostly she just stared down at her mother's hands, firmly on her pert breasts. Astrid flashed her teenage daughter a bright smile while tugging those pointy nipples. Her smile was shyly returned with a smaller, more nervous one.

She just HAD to take this a step further. She squeezed both breasts with some force, watching the already stiff nippies grow to full attention. Astrid could not wipe the smile from her face as she reveled in this dark fantasy. Jenna was getting dizzier and dizzier. This was going beyond her ability to control, but she decided to trust mother's judgement. Why did it feel so good to be touched there by someone else? Both of them seemed to be enjoying the moment. Did this make them lesbians? So many questions. Right now, neither of them gave a damn as to the answers.

The touching progressed further. Astrid massaged, hefted, and squeezed the pliant flesh in her hands every which way. Her pussy was giving approval, by releasing abundant secretions through her picture perfect mother-orifice. Daughter or not, the girl before her was ravishing. Any man or woman would be moved. As she squeezed and tugged on the nipples, she looked up smilingly at Jenna's face. The teenager was definitely losing it now, as her face was contorted, and her eyes closed. A small involuntary moan escaped her lips.

"Oh honey, look at the way your nipples are reacting to my touch. You boobies are so firm. You know, I was about your cup size at your age, and that means you'll get a lot bigger. You'll probably be a d-cup by the time you are your sister's age."

This roused young Jenna from her trance. As pleased as she was with her development, she still had the least developed chest in the family. "You really think so mother?" (It just goes to show you it's never enough!) "Do you really think they'll be as big as Jade's?"

"No honey, they'll be even bigger I'm sure. Your sister is a c-cup from what I've noticed, and she was smaller at your age. You are going to be as big as your Momma!" Astrid thrust her chest out after that last bit.

Jenna realized now what had been missing. Mom was still wearing her towel. As hot as she looked that way, it didn't seem fair. Mom had looked and felt her up, and she had not really gotten a good look at mom before she disappeared under the thirsty towel. Yes, it was apparent to Jenn that her mother was well endowed, but Jenn couldn't really 'see' that like Mom was seeing her. "Ummm, ...Can I see yours' mother?" She asked sheepishly. "Can I see what your breasts look like?"

Astrid looked her daughter in the eye. She was hoping it would come to this. She was so hot and tingly, that she probably would have shown her daughter everything, even without being asked. This way definitely made it better. Astrid stood up now. They were almost the same height, Jenna being an inch or so shorter, at 5' 8". Jenna watched intently as mom put her fingers in the knot, and s-l-o-w-l-y peeled the garment back like a bannanna. As her magnificence came into view, Jenna was in awe. She had never, in person, seen such large, firm-looking breasts. She thought her sister was a perfect '10', but mother was beyond that. She was sure her mouth must have been hanging open, but felt powerless to shut it.

"Gosh mom, they're incredible!" Not dating lately, Astrid was well overdue for some compliments at her still tight body. Being that it was her own daughter that broke that dry spell, seemed not to matter. "Thank you dear, I'm so glad you like them."

She spun around to give Jenna several different perspectives, but held on to the towel so it would not expose below the hips. Jenna secretly hoped the towel would fall. She was so sexually aroused that she wanted to touch herself. Astrid was feeling no different either. "You may touch them Jenn..."

Jenn did not need to be asked twice. Eagerly she reached out and felt the bigger than life orbs, her mouth still open. They felt so good, and looked like the nicest she'd ever seen, real or out of a magazine. At first the touch was soft and static, like she was weighing the big tits. Soon her hands and fingers trembled, uncomfortable with going as far as she had with the mutual explorations. "Touch my nipples honey, like I touched yours" and her daughter did. Astrid's aureolae were very large, and pale. Typical blonde traits. Her hair was up in a bun, so her chest was accentuated even more. New ground was being broken, and the danger was that one might not be able to go back if things went too far. But had they already? Both were reluctant to leave the comforts of familiarity behind, and become even more familiar in this very graphic physical way. The problem was that they trusted each other implicitly, and their bodies were full of chemicals that made them want to explore this forbidden horizon.

Astrid then let the towel drop. Jenna's gaze instantly traveled south. She was embarrassed to look, but could not exert the will to ignore the territory now coming into view. Her hands stopped their testing of her mother's lethal weapons, and her eyes guiltily gazed at her own mother's secret sex! Surely it was ok for her to look. It was being freely offered. Astrid was obviously proud of her body. Perhaps the three days a week in the basement exercise room was not dumb after all. Jenn hoped she would look as good, after two kids.

Jenn stared at the pouting lips. It was interesting how her mom had pouting lips on her face and her vagina. Almost twins. The plumpness begged one to touch or suckle. But that would be sick, wouldn't it? Astrid spun around like a model, making sure all of her angles were well displayed. She put her arms on her hips, watching the teen's roving eyes. She wanted to go further. She wanted to see Jenn's pussy! She wondered if there was hair growing there yet. Jade had the most hair there, being a brunette, and that was hardly any at all. Astrid's golden pudendal locks were patterned in that same short and vertical shape as her older daughter Jade, but being blonde, made the presence of the wonderfully downy mass much less noticeable. She looked almost hairless. Her body was on fire, but Astrid knew this was possibly getting out of hand. Didn't people go to jail for these things? Perhaps she should be satisfied with what she had seen and done thus far. Jenn's psyche seemed still to be intact, and the relationship seemed to be none the worse now. She sensed that Jenn would not be ready now, for anything purely sexual, and she wasn't sure she was ready either. She must not abuse her daughter's obedience by crossing that fine line. She just wanted to love her daughter, and her daughter to love her back. A perception of sexual contact could easily ruin that, even though sex was obviously fueling some part of it.

"Mother is cold. I'm going to get back in the warm water. We can continue our conversation later honey. OK?" Astrid stepped back into the tub. Only her face and knees showing now. Jenn was relieved, but frustrated too. She watched her mother's shiny, perfect backside sink into the depths, and start the whirlpool again. Standing, wearing only her wet pajama bottoms, Jenn seemed frozen to the spot, her mind replaying all the incredible sensations she just experienced. As exciting as things had gotten, it seemed anti-climactic now.

Astrid's hand went under the bubbles, and like a magnet, to her waiting vagina. She was confident Jenn could not see that from her current position. She could wait no longer to masturbate. So she did, stealthily, but forcefully.

Jenn was still on display, and feeling naked. Her mother was still looking at her, her face, her body, certain places... It was a look she had not seen in years past. "Why don't you leave your wet pajama bottoms in the hamper before you leave, dear." Astrid was rubbing her pussy now, and hoped it didn't show in her voice.

Jenn was almost in a trance. She needed to go back to her room as quickly as possible. She never had so much fire in her center, as now. The hamper was by the door, some ten feet away. Picking up her discarded top, she walked to the clothes hamper on rubbery legs, the air feeling cold on her wet excited breasts. As she picked up the wet pajama top, her breasts swung slightly, and jiggled before settling back on her chest. Those B-cups did not wave or bobb like a C or D-cup, but the movement did not go unnoticed by Astrid. Jenn debated whether to obey the request, and figured mom would probably not even notice her take off the wet garment. This helped with the struggle with her modesty. She turned around to make sure mom was not still eying her, and sure enough she looked occupied. Swiftly, Jenn peeled off the jammy and stepped out of it, throwing it in the hamper. She went for the doorknob quickly, hoping she could get to her room without bumping into sis, seeing as how she was as naked as a Jaybird!

"Oh, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about, honey?"

Trapped again! She couldn't reply without turning around, that would be rude. Still holding the doorknob to freedom beyond, she turned only halfway to reply.

"It can wait mom." She could not stand the embarrassment of full frontal nudity, and smiled politely as she tried to escape before her mother thought of anything more to say, or saw any more of her nude body. "Thank's for being so understanding mom. I didn't mean to embarrass you with the...ummm...thing earlier. I'm just going to leave on the counter," referring to the snake. "I love you."

"I love you too honey. Please don't tell your sister about our little 'incident'. I'd like it to be our secret." She said with a coy smile, but she was looking at Jenna hungrily, trying to see between her legs, fabulous long legs, capped with a trim, almost boyish butt. Her long, thick straight blonde hair went to near her ass. The distance and position she was standing in was not ideal, so Astrid could not see clearly, but it was good enough. Astrid's guess had been correct! A hairless pussy could just be discerned before going out of view!! Tight thin slit, with no inner vaginal lips visible! Beautiful.

Jenna nodded in the affirmative to that last statement, and hurriedly left. There was no way she could or would recount the recent events to anyone. She ran to her room to take a cold shower. Today was a milestone as experiences were concerned. New house, new town, new school, new friends, and now totally new experiences. She had never been wetter, and it was not from the water of the shower. She wondered if juicing up like that was normal? Mom had told her how pretty she was. Mom never lied. Why did the compliments and the nudity cause her pussy to leak? Strange, exciting new feelings. Perhaps she could deal with the school issues on her own. She focused all her will at coming down from the unbelievable state of arousal she was just in. (Silly girl)

Astrid reached orgasm within a minute of her daughter leaving the bathroom. It was extremely powerful. Her pussy almost swallowed her helping hand. She mashed her breasts heavily, increasing the intensity of the 'pleasure harmonic', and was not aware of her loud vocal accompaniment. The images were so erotic that the last of the multiple orgasmic shudders, caused complete unconsciousness. A family trait.

Jade decided to call a couple of the tanning salons. She picked the one where the woman had put her at ease, and where there was a special being offered. She dressed in her shiny-yellow bikini thong, with a grey sweatshirt and blue and black pleated skirt from St. Beave's, and bounced out the door. Hopefully after a few sessions of tanning, she would appear more presentable by the time actual students arrived next week. She drove her new black diesel pick up truck the few miles to the salon. She thought her truck was very practical. It would be able to haul all kinds of Gym gear, be great for camping, and got 20 miles to the gallon to boot. Although the six speed manual transmission was sometimes a pain, Jade loved to exercise, even while driving, and the stick shift gave her something to do.

The salon seemed small and not at all busy. In fact only one other car was there, probably the employee's. Jade grabbed her Gym bag and bounced in.

"Hi Ya!"

"Well hello there!" The clerk was a young girl that seemed too young to be working behind the counter. Jade took note. The girl looked about 13, blonde, thin, budding breasts the size of apples, dressed in a tight white t-shirt and tiny jean shorts sporting pretty, youthful legs. 'An apple a day' thought Jade.

"Umm, I called about an hour ago, I'm here for a session?"

"Oh yes, my mom told me you might be coming. It was her you spoke to earlier. She had to leave, but I can show you around. I fill in for her all the time."

"I see." Jade got the rundown and a quick tour of the tiny place. She liked the fact that no one else was there, and that some horny man wasn't running the place. These things put her at ease. It seemed that Chris, the young blonde kid, was very knowledgeable about the tanning process and the equipment. Jade watched her cute ass wiggle as she showed her around. 'What a pretty smile she has' thought Jade, 'and so developed for a 13 year old.' And she seemed to be quite confident and in control. Jade thought she would definitely have to take some ques from this 5'2" lass. A teacher would have to be in control, and though shy and inexperienced, Jade would have to learn to be more confident and in charge. If this little elf could do it so could she!

"You a model or something" asked the young blonde.

"Certainly not, " Jade was pleased at the apparent compliment, "I'm starting at St Beave's and I wanted to look my best for next week when the classes start."

"Really, St Beave's Catholic School for Girls, my mom went there! She says it's a great place. You a teacher?

"Yes, Phys Ed."

"That's really cool."

What Chrissy didn't say was that she would be starting there on Monday, and probably be in Jade's class.

"Well anyway, here is the tanning bed, I'll show you how to work it."

Jade watched the teenage girl scamper about, full of enthusiasm and energy. At times like these she would sometimes question her sexuality, but ultimately she would just ride the feelings through. She understood the social taboos of sexual preference and age discrimination, and although she did not share those sentiments, societal pressures kept her restrained to just taboo fantasies.

"Did my mom mention the make up and nail special with a six month subscription?"

", just the 10% off."

"Well, the way it works, a six month subscription gives you unlimited weekly visits, and today I could do your nails and makeup for free!"

"Well, that's certainly a fair deal. I'll have to consider that."

What Jade didn't say was 'What could this little thirteen year old in pigtails, possibly know about properly applying makeup?' Her own mind answered it 'nothing, perhaps less than nothing.'

Chrissy read the raised eyebrow and immediately presented her case.

"Mom taught me. I'm really very good. I just don't generally wear much makeup myself, but you can see an album of my work to help you decide. Here I'll get it!"

Chris did not wait for an answer. She pulled the album from under the counter, and dragged the big thing to the lounge/waiting area, and dropped it on the coffee table. She sat down and patted the leather couch seat next to her for Jade to come and sit. Jade was not convinced, but it was pleasant to be around such a pretty young girl with a two sizes too tight tee shirt, and teeny little shorts that showed off her young little butt and pretty legs. Reluctantly she sauntered over. She could tell that Chrissy had her eyes on her. It was a look of judging, or taking inventory of. The catholic school uniform skirt she was wearing showed plenty curve, and little Chrissy wanted to see more. Jade sat down and looked at her Submariner Rolex (18th birthday present from mom).

"It'll only take a few minutes and I think you will like my work!"

And she began paging through, as Jade looked on. The first thing Jade noticed was that all the customers in the photographs were pretty. The second thing that became apparent was that Chris DID know how to apply makeup. From subtle to slutfest. Obviously, this was a talent. She thought her own makeup routine was adequate, but this degree of artistry was only seen in magazines. She helped Chris flip the pages now, and was more and more impressed.

Chris could tell that Jade had judged her prematurely, and now seemed to be enthusiastic about showing more of her portfolio because she could tell Jade was changing her mind. The pictures mostly seemed to have been taken at the salon, and the subjects ranged in age from younger than Chrissy, to women older than mom. She had enough sense to know that a real artist has a lot of range, and is able to adapt the work to what each face needs most. Now Jade was no stranger to applying a range of makeup to herself. She had spent many nights practicing for that eventual hot date, as well as just trying to accent her gifts. But, seeing the quality of Chrissy's work just raised the bar.

"You are really talented Chris. I had no idea. What brand do you use?"

"Thanks. I hoped you would like. No one manufacturer makes the best product in any given category. I use only the best each has to offer. Some products are even hand made all over the world, and some are made exclusively for our chain of boutiques. This location is kind of small, but we have 3 other stores in the area that have a more professional atmosphere and are bigger, with a full staff to boot. There we stock the entire cache of products."

"I see."

Jade was convinced she would have to try this little girl out. She was not only pretty and confident, but talented and smart for her age. Sitting so close she noticed Chrissy's perfume. Very distinctive. Not too showy, and a little erotic. Their thighs were now touching as they sat and poured over the pictures. Jade was getting a little warm between the legs. As they flipped through the album together, she noticed that this chain also did equally well with hair. Every now and then one of them would comment about this style or that, and they established an easy rapport. As they got near the end of the album, Jade noticed that some of the photos were of girls tanning. These were of course full body shots with only bikinis covering the private parts. The females were of all types and ages. All were quite pretty. Jade found that fact a little odd, since most people one would meet in passing, were usually nothing much to look at. On the other hand, any business would want to promote their wares by showing off their best work, on the prettiest people.

"That is a lovely perfume you're wearing Chrissy. What is it?"

"It's our private line. We're thinking of going national with it. Mom is working out the details with the Thai producer. It is very old world, completely natural and difficult to get in quantity right now. It's called 'SEDUCTION'. Do you like it?"

"Yes, very much. Is it expensive?"

"Very, but it is the finest line of perfumes outside France. Perhaps including France! And it is more natural, with no fillers or garbage ingredients. It is part of the 'Burning Bush' line of products."

"It is really growing on me. Do they have more than one type of perfume?"

"Yes they have about a half dozen. From mild to wild. My other favorite is 'Bitch-In-Heat'."

Jade looked over at Chris. Certainly no one would really name fine perfume that. Perhaps it was that child's sense of humor. She studied the impish face for clues. Should she laugh or ask again. Chrissy finally cracked a smile, and chuckled. Jade too forced a little smile, only she was happy to have finally found a flaw in this way too adult little girl. She also detected a strange look that she could not place. She had remembered seeing it on several occasions. It seemed almost predatory in nature. She noticed the girls nipples were now kind of prominent through her tight blouse. Jade smiled back and looked away. Hopefully, she was not caught staring.

"How much is your smallest bottle?"

"That would be 10 milliliters for $90."

Jade's mind could not calculate exactly how much that was, but it seemed like very little quantity for the money. She was just too excited for math or even for scanning her memory for the approximate conversion ratios. Anyway the decision was made in her mind. 'So much for my budget'. She narrowed her eyes at this little girl who had disarmed her so. 'Quite a salesperson that one, no wonder her mom lets her watch the place when she has to go out.' Jade was a little angry now. In a very short time she had decided to get the full treatment from this little used car salesman. She had not expected to spend so much, but excused it in her mind with the desire to make the best impression possible on her employers. 'Always be the best, and when that fell short, surround yourself with the best people' her mother used to say. Words of wisdom.

"Chrissy, I would like to get the full treatment from you! You are really a find."

"Why, thank you Ms. Parker. That is such a compliment from someone with such obviously good taste and good looks!"

'Okay, now she's laying the sales crap on a little thick' thought Jade. I've already said yes, no need for that touchdown when you're up three to one and the two minute warning has sounded.'

"How is your schedule? Can I get all this done before 10 am tomorrow? That's when I have my orienteering at work."

"Let me see what I can do Ms. Parker. I'll give you a freebie this evening, and if you're still pleased with my work I can probably get you in first thing in the morning at our westside location. That place is just down the road from the school. I could meet you there about 7 am, before our official open time. That is, if that is ok with you."

"Hmmm......You know that might work out good for me! That way everything will be fresh for work! You gotta deal young lady! Now lets see what you've got."

Chrissy smiled. She was happy to make the commissioned sale, but more importantly, it would provide some potentially wonderful thrills. Smiling, Chris grabbed Jade by the hand and led her to the salon room with the single old style barber's chair. "I'm going to do your nails and make up for free, then you can use the tanning bed like I showed you. Tomorrow at 7am, I'll meet you at the other store and I'll do your make up again, and there you can see the entire product line we carry, and try out the different perfumes. If we have time you can get another tanning session in. That store officially opens at 9 am, but I'll have you done by then so you'll even have time for breakfast. Sound good?"

"Yes, great!"

Jade was trying to hide her nervousness. She was not sure she could trust this little kid just before her first day at work. What if she really screws something up?

Chris's heart was racing in anticipation as she went to the front of the store, retrieved what she was looking for, and flipped the open sign over.

Let the games begin!

As she returned to where Jade was still sitting and in the same position, she could tell Jade was openly looking at her. Chris detected an unmistakable look of longing, AND a good dose of fear. This is just the way she liked it.

(It is at this point dear reader that we point out, that rather than being a cute little girl of thirteen, Chris and her mother were pernicious wanton lesbians, that chose their businesses on the sole basis of the potential of seducing straight or slightly bi young girls and women!) Chris flipped up a little tray that was attached to the side of the antique barber's chair, and laid out the nail gear. She produced a cup with green soaking fluid, and placed Jade's hand in it. Jade hoped it was not Palmolive! Chris produced a barstool and placed it in front of Jade, before sitting down on it to do her work. It was hard not to notice how this exposed the young teenager's groin, as she sat with her legs spread.

There was little chit chat now, just some professional attention directed at producing a shiny, well manicured hand. Jade wanted the effect subtle yet efficient befitting a teacher of Phys Ed. They had decided on a milky pink semi gloss finish, that was pleasing to the eye without attracting undue attention. The nails would be left as long as possible without interfering with her active lifestyle. Busy with the task at hand allowed Jade to pretty much look at the lovely young girl anywhere she wanted, with little danger of being discovered. And look she did.

Jade was unable to keep her furtive glances at bay. Did it mean she was gay? She didn't think so. She still got excited thinking about certain men. It was just that she found herself more in situations where there were women, and rarely men. It was just odd mathematical probability really. And she just happened to mostly draw the 'always around females' card. Unlike her own mother and sister, she at least admitted to herself that she was probably bisexual. She just wasn't about to risk taking her sometimes slightly abnormal fantasies and thoughts, into the world of reality. A true voyeur was probably in the making! She watched Chris work with labored breath. Little escaped Jade's critical eye. However, the excitement and guilt served to quickly erase a lot of that detail, making it necessary to look everywhere again. Jade was loving every minute.

Chris fiddled with the nails. She was focused and efficient. It appeared that she was doing a good job so far. Jade was beginning to relax again, and allowed her eyes to assess the little teen girl with more focus. She noticed the girl's breasts seemed to have swelled up some, as they seemed larger now, angrily straining against the tight white cotton top. Jade loved at how much of Chrissy's slightly concave stomach her top left exposed. She noticed, that when Chrissy moved her legs a certain way, the tiny and short material of the obviously home trimmed cutoff jeans, left a pudendal gap! The first time Jade saw it her eyes reflexively went up to Chrissy's, to see if she was seen looking below. Chris seemed oblivious to everything but the job at hand. 'Whew' thought Jade. 'I really want to look there. Did I see what I thought I saw? Naww... I'm sure her mother would not let her out without panties.'

Chris shifted around continuously while she worked on Jade's pedicure. 'She moves about in an extremely unladylike way' thought Jade. 'She moves as if she is not even aware of the view her posture is providing me! Well, if she's going to be so ignorant and unconscious about it, I'm going to get my thrills and look!!' And so Jade looked. Just as she was getting accustomed to the view, Chrissy changed position again. This time she spread her legs wide apart and cocked her head as she was trying to decide whether her latest pedicurial efforts were adequate. This move was of course deliberate. But Jade was still too innocent to know that. The new position allowed the denim of the shorts to gape open at the crotch on one side, allowing Jade a several second look at the teen's completely exposed sex. There was no mistaking that she was not wearing underthings! Chris's peripheral vision was keen, and knew Jade was stealing glances at her. Her seduction was proceeding well!

Jade was shocked and thrilled all at once! No, she had not been noticed looking. 'Whew,' she fidgeted in her seat now, the moisture between her legs becoming noticeably uncomfortable. Jade looked again. 'Oh my, the little girl's slit is visible! And she doesn't even have any pubic hair!' Guilty or not, she couldn't turn away. Her fidgeting was now affecting her pedicure.

"Are you ok Ms. Parker?"

"Uhm...yes, it's just getting a little warm in here. You're doing a fine job Chris, don't mind me. I'll be fine."

"You can take off your sweatshirt if you'll be more comfortable?"

"Oh no I couldn't do that!" 'Not with a teeny little bikini on top' she thought. She wanted to be alone now, so she could relieve the pressure. She hoped Chris was almost finished. At least she'd have some privacy in the tanning bed. She was not happy about her lack of control over her body. Here this innocent young teenager was just doing her job, and she, the adult, was getting sexually aroused by her. That sweet face, body, and the fleeting glimpses of her most secret place made Jade very horny indeed. She doubled her efforts to be unaffected by this innocent employee, only it wasn't working. The more energy she exerted in blocking her responses to the sights, sounds, touch, and smell of this girl; the more it hit her head on. She feared what would happen if this girl knew what Jade was feeling. Imagine if Chris had somehow come on to her. She would practically be powerless to stop her. That could land her in jail! Luckily, Jade thought, the procedure was finally over, and it was time to assess the work.

"Well, you're finished Ms. Parker. How do you like them?"

"Very nice honey. You did a super job."

Jade appraised her pedicure, and decided the little girl knew her business. Her nails were absolute perfection. She was also dizzy from the peek-a-boo, and her body was all fired up. She really needed to be alone right now, so she made sure Chris knew she was pleased with the quality of the work, and that she was looking forward to tomorrow's appointment.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

Jade's breathing was a little shallow and labored-her mind couldn't figure out what Chris meant. Chris knew the effect she was having on Jade. Jade was clearly trying to think, but was just too heated at the moment. Chris ended the torture.

"You forgot I still have to make your face up, silly!"

'Duhh' Jade thought. Talk about short circuits! Jade was angry she was losing control of her mind and body. How could she forget they were only half done! Jade attempted to seize control of herself through deliberate concentration. As a teacher, she is going to have to be focused, so that she will always be in control! Her roving eyes and mind have embarrassed her again. 'I am the adult, and she is just a kid performing a service for me in exchange for money.' She was hoping that she was convincing herself of the reality of this illusion. Jade really just wanted to lie down, but she had not yet sampled Chrissy's make up artistry. She was not willing to take a chance on the kid's skills in the morning. She needed to know tonight, if Chris was reliable in that as well.

"Yeah, right, I forgot. Why don't you begin." And with that she leaned back in the chair resigning to wait until she could be alone with herself. She hoped Chris would not take too long, or smell the secretions coating the back of the new skirt. This whole time Chris was busy laying out the make up gear on the tray table. She carried on idle chit chat, while Jade only nodded when necessary and watched the show. It was sure nice to be catered to like this. Jade liked being pampered. A steady paycheck would make this all a recurring possibility. She hoped she would not screw this new job up. Yes there were student loans to repay, and a starting salary of $40,000 was really not all that much. Various government agencies, union, and property taxes-to name a few, would take about half of that, right off the top. She did not like that. She knew just how inefficient government was, and she would have to perpetuate that, with little say so in the matter. Her reverie was broken by the perfume and closeness of her little friend.

"You'll have to scoot forward and spread your legs a little, so I can reach your face. Why don't you close your eyes for this next part."

Chris worked quickly, efficiently, and with practiced confidence. Her mom had taught her well. She liked making up pretty faces, and the face before her was flawless. Youth had it's advantages. With her eyes shut, and oh so close, Chris had a chance to scrutinize the Amazon-like young woman before her. Medium complexion. No wrinkles. Luxurious, thick, long and shiny hair. Broad shoulders, befitting an athlete. Killer cans! Chris wanted to heft one and confirm their apparent denseness. Anyplace she looked there was no flaw to be seen, only perfection. She tried to concentrate on the job at hand, but seeing all that leg emanating from her patron's little skirt, caused some pleasant distraction. Tonight, Chris would give Jade exactly what she requested in order to gain her patron's confidence, but tomorrow she would pull out all the stops and really make her up to excess! She licked her lips in anticipation.

"You have to hold still Ms. Parker, you've ben patient with me so far, I'm almost finished. If you can hold on just a little longer..." Chris leaned in to her victim as often as possible, and since Jade was on the edge of her seat (literally), bare legs would bump every now and then. Sometimes one leg would go between the other pair. At first it made Jade jump. Then it just made her nervous. Finally she began to anticipate it with pleasure. Her clit had swelled up, and after the last hour of stimulation, was begging for human contact! This accidental leg contact was both a relief, and a further stimulus. Jade was holding the armrests of the big old barber's chair so tightly, that her hands had become a lighter shade of pale. And then all too quickly it was all finished.

"You can open your eyes now" and with that Chris turned the chair so it faced the bank of mirrors. "How do you like?"

Again Jade was blown away. The kid did a real nice job. The eye shadow really made one look, and yet it was subtle. A very sophisticated look, indeed. Jade thought it would make a great impression on her employers. As noticeable as her eyes were before the treatment, they were even more green now. They glowed with an aura of life and youth. The blush seemed perfectly natural, in fact she rarely applied it herself. Her cheeks were always a little flushed looking. The lips now seemed luxurious. They were always on the full side, but now seemed fat. A look most people found desirable. Jade looked at them, and it made her want to kiss her own lips! All this without going too far and looking like a slut.

"Thank you Chris, I love it. Can you do no wrong? You will have to show me how you got this look, and I'm going to have to buy some of these products." She got up closer to the mirror trying to find imperfection in the work. Yes, it helped to be starting with a model face, but you could screw that up if you didn't know what you were doing. Clearly, Chris knew this game well.

Chris left Jade alone for a bit in front of the mirror, letting her bask in the afterglow. She tidied up, then broke the silence.

"We'll be closing in an hour or so, maybe you should get that tan started?"

"Oh sorry. I guess you're right. I kinda lost track of time. I don't want you to have to stay longer because of me."

"Don't worry about it, it happens all the time. I'll just set the timer on the machine for you."

Just let me know if you need anything such as towels, or oil. I think we should limit your first visit to 15 minutes so you don't burn. And if you want to tan nude to prevent those lines it's OK with me. A lot of clients do it, I don't mind. Just push the green button when you're ready to lie down, and close the lid. Here are some headphones if you want to listen to music."

"Thanks Chris, you are so thorough! I think I WILL take the headphones, and some tanning oil too." Chris got a hold of Jade's arm and dragged her over to the little tanning room. She then went into the storeroom to get the necessary items. Jade wondered if she should start undressing now, or wait till Chrissy brought the oil, and left her alone. She was so excited about the events of late; her earlier touching at home, plus all the looking and teasing here in the salon. She decided that there would be no harm in dropping her skirt and losing the sweatshirt. Both of them were girls after all, and she had nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides, she already had her bikini on underneath, and even though tiny, it covered all the essentials. She had no intention, however, of tanning nude even though she didn't want tan lines. She must draw the line somewhere!

Jade watched herself in a conveniently placed mirror, as she pulled off her plaid skirt. Chrissy was returned with the oil. It was a special oil that she and her mother had designed. Call it a Spanish fly, or more appropriately Spanish Thai, or perhaps a Thai Fly. While it did an admirable job of protection, mostly it acted as a sexual stimulant, causing the body to tingle, and squirm around a lot. A topical aphrodisiac. Chrissy was young, but she was far from innocent. Her mother had raised her to be sexually active early. By age seven she had lost her virginity. Even earlier if you count girl sex. By now she knew exactly what she liked and how she liked it. She preferred older females, and she was perpetually horny. This tanning place was just one type of front that her mother owned, to help get into people's pants. Chrissy was so impressed by Jade's body, and the luck of the draw when she found out this would be her teacher as well! Imagine being able to ogle her every day. Her mind whirred with alternate plans of seduction and depravity, which she hoped she would be able to play out in the coming school year. Not to mention immediate plans currently in the fire.

As she came back into the room, Jade was just peeling off her sweatshirt. For a second Chris froze in the presence of such perfection. She almost dropped the oil bottle, staring openly at the sight unveiling before her. Jade noticed the teenager and quickly turned around so Chris would not see her thonged butt. She watched Chrissy scan her body up and down. Jade blushed a little as she reached for the bottle in Chrissy's hand. She was now feeling very naughty exposing so much of her body to this young blonde teenage girl. A harmless thrill she thought.

"Oh sorry for staring, it's just that you are really Pretty Ms. Parker."

"Please, call me Jade, Chrissy and thank you. You know it takes one to know one," said Jade trying a bit of levity to soften the tension. 'Geez now I'm flirting with a little girl. How embarrassing. I'm going to need a drink before this day is up.'

Chrissy smiled back but her eyes kept boring into all the parts of the goddess before her. The little blue eyes didn't know where to look first. She scanned, she stared at the boobie cleavage, she looked at the V between Jade's legs, and then scanned her bikini clad body all over again. Jade tried to keep cool, but got a secret thrill being on display like this. She hoped that teasing was not illegal.

Jade was now waiting for Chrissy to leave before putting the oil on, but the thrills she was getting made her overcome much of her modesty. She popped the bottle top and inhaled the scent of the tanning oil. 'Copperbush Tanning Salve', it said on the label. Jade had never heard of the brand. It looked high quality, and supposedly boasted Aromatherapeutic qualities. She started spreading it on her body. Glancing over at Chrissy who was still watching her, Jade decided to wait just a little longer before shooing the girl out, enjoying the attention she never got enough of while growing up.

She had covered most of her front when Chrissy stepped forward, grabbed the bottle and said: "Here let me get your back, I'm here to help, ya know!"

Before Jade could respond with the 'no thanks', Chris was squirting the stuff into her hands and turning Jade around, exposing the exquisitely muscled ass and thighs.

"I don't need you to..."

"Really, it's OK, I don't mind helping. You don't want to leave any bare spots and burn yourself the first time. Your skin needs to be protected at all times."

Of course it made perfect sense. Perhaps she should just let this professional do her job. Chrissy had a slow but firm methodical touch, that bordered on massage. It certainly made Jade relax AND excited. The room had quite the mirrors, and Jade could see the young girl working her back slowly, and somewhat sensuously. Jade noticed in the reflection, that Chrissy's nipples were now protruding through her little white t-shirt more than before. Her own breasts were straining against her 'wet-look' bikini top, and the oil was starting to make her skin tingle with (even more) excitement. Surely it was all perfectly normal. Jade was simply excited because she was nervous, and the girl was just helping her where she could not reach very well. Right? Except that Chrissy was now on her knees doing the backs of her legs. Slowly she worked her way up to the thighs, and finally she began to knead those killer glutes. Jade's derriere was almost totally exposed due to the thong, and she began to get uncomfortable. Chrissy's face was level with her ass not 6 inches away! The young girl's breathing had become noticeably labored and irregular. Her face flushed, and her young puss began to soak the front of the jean shorts. If the room had been well lit, one would have seen the telltale wet mark.

Jade decided to put an end to this before she lost the upper hand, so she quickly turned to face her tormentor. This movement, of course, made Chrissy's face level with Jade's bikinied mound; which if not for the waterproof fabric, would be sporting a wet patch as well. She saw the pubescent girl was openly staring at her covered pudendum, the pupils dilated, and the eyes shining brightly.

"Thanks Chris, I think I'm done now. You did a very thorough job with the sun screen. I can take care of the rest." With that Jade sat down on the tanning bed, and put on the headphones. Chris had hoped to cover a little more ground, but on the other hand she was already risking going too far. After all she was an artist, and it was art knowing how far to go. She practiced her seductions well, and knew it was better to err toward caution. She decided to bide her time, for the moment at least.

"Yell if you need anything, I'll be behind the front desk."

"Alright Chris, I will."

Jade plugged her headphones into the jack and adjusted the volume. It was a college radio station playing hard rock and metal, just what she liked. Most places tune to those wimpy softie or top 40 stations, so Jade was riding an endorphin high. She laid down and adjusted her body for maximum comfort. Pushing the button, the lamps lit. She lowered the lid over herself and closed her eyes.

Finally a moment alone. She felt the peace wash over her as the music laid waste to her ear canals. Metallica, Megadeth, Sabbath, Motorhead, and even harder and faster stuff too intense to mention. OK so she liked her music raw, energetic, and devastating. It made for a nice counterbalance to her quiet and innocent personality. It takes extremes to balance extremes.

Unbeknownst to her, Chrissy had turned on the scanning digital camera custom fitted into the bed lid. This allowed the operator to take stills or video, of all the beautiful people. The screen saver on her computer monitor flickered, and was replaced by an ever panning view of Jade's spectacular body, covered by only two tiny pieces of bright yellow gloss fabric. Chrissy used the joystick to move the silent cameras field of view. She pushed another button, and the computer launched a program into the web based radio stations' soundstream. These were subliminal messages for the victim in the tanning bed. The music kept the messages in the background (and basically undetectable). Chrissy's mom, the psychologist (among other things), had designed the recordings for her PHD thesis. She had tried them out on other unsuspecting, choice targets. Amazingly, Chrissy's mom's theories proved sound. The two had, over time, refined the messages, and made different ones for different personality types. The idea was to get the listener aroused enough to shed his or her inhibitions while under the lights, and shed the remnants of their clothing for the camera. There were a dozen different recordings in the computer to cover different situations and personalities. The operator could even do a manual override with a filtering algorithm. It worked about 75% of the time. Combined with the proprietor's disarming manner, and the complementary tanning lotion, the hidden messages would ideally put the victim over the top. Chrissy smiled a wicked grin as she set the last phase of the planned seduction into motion. Her left hand worked the controls while her right slipped into her shorts and over her swollen sex. She would only have 15 minutes with this session to achieve Nirvana! Mom was certainly an evil genius, she thought. Tonight she would share the video with her, and they would both masturbate to it.

Meanwhile, our heroine was feeling the tingle of the oil as it tantalized her flawless epidermis. The lamps were getting warm too, and her body was covered by little beads of perspiration. The music actually always made her horny, and the subliminal messages were adding to this suggesting secretly full nudity. 'I feel soooo horny' thought Jade, 'I would be so much more comfortable without this bikini, which for some reason feels very tight on me today. I'm all alone and no one would see, besides I'm mostly covered by this apparatus. It would certainly help with those bikini lines until I can sunbathe nude at my own place. I'll just lift this thing, undo my bra and slip my bottoms off. Damn I look good!' And then both pieces of cloth were history.

Chrissy was ecstatic. 'We have ignition!' She put the phone on mail, and swiftly peeled off her shorts. Resuming her seat on the chair, she took the computer off autopilot and directed the joystick at will. 'Holy paydirt' she thought, 'this Jade is got a truly killer bod! Look at the cans on that bimbo!! Lets see her cunt! Holy shit, she's naturally almost bald, and its reddish! I love bald pussy, but downy red is my fave!'

Her hand was now all over her swollen leaky nether lips. She had a teeny patch of blonde hair above the slit, and puffy lips that gaped open revealing a large clitoris and light pink inner vaginal lips. For thirteen years old, she was way ahead in her physical development. One can only imagine this young thing in 5 years! The sloshing sounds on her pussy were very loud. Chrissy worked her fingers, over, around, up and down, in circles, and in and out. Abnormal amounts of vaginal secretions poured out of her aroused young body. 'I wonder if I could get Ms. Parker to play with herself!' She pushed another button, and a new message went out with the music. She glanced at the clock. 'Shit!' Only 5 minutes left on the tanning timer. On subsequent visits she would have more time, but now...

Jade began to wiggle and squirm, and had this strange and overwhelming desire to touch her aching swollen breasts. Her throat was dry, her cunt was wet. She glanced out from under the bed and saw that she was still alone. She lifted the top bank of lights so she could fondle her now unencumbered breasts, just for a little bit! 'Oooooh yessssss!!! That feels sensational! My nipples are so erect they hurt!' She massaged both breasts and pulled on the oversized nipples. What pleasure! Jade loved the firmness of her jugs, and the cartoon-length nips. She had never climbed this high just by titty manipulation. What could be the harm in just a quick finger visit to her pussy. Her right hand traveled downward over her washboard abs, towards Area 51.

Meanwhile none of this was missed by Chris. She had grabbed a dildo from the cash drawer and was now pumping 8 inches of flesh-colored latex into a very young and tight cuntal passage. Even though the plastic monster was over two inches wide, the gushing girlie-goo made for smooth sailing. She was openly moaning now, as the dildo slammed home harder and faster. "Ms. Parker you're gunna make me fuckin' cumm!! You're soooo hot Jade honey! I can't wait to surprise you in class. I want to make love to you baby!' The computer was once again on auto pilot as Chris frigged furiously. Everything was recording to the hard drive, and then to a CD burner. Being financially well off and a computer nerd to boot, sure made this project a dream 'cum' true for mother and daughter. 'Wait til mom sees this one!'

By now Jade had reached her own netherworld with her fingertips. While the left hand tightly gripped her bosom, her right peeled back the hood off her 'hooded monk', and set it free. It was already swollen like a half inch long penis. Touching it made the sensations even greater. She tried a circular motion now.


She ran the fingers up and down her slit, and occasionally in and out, increasing the feelings as they spread throughout her perfect body, like a nuclear bomb.

Chrissy could not hold back the dam any longer. She watched the 15.7" laptop monitor wide eyed, her hands busy at her pudendum. The fingers of her left hand spread her outer lips and exposed her clit; while her right hand did most of the hard work. She caressed, stroked, tweaked and diddled the pliant yet taught 13 year old flesh. Her shorts were hanging off an ankle as her leg was up on the counter. She leaned back in the comfy designer chair as her head finally thrashed in climax.

"Oh F-U-C-K-K-K!!!!!!!!!!!"

Liquid leaked out of Chrissy's box as she rubbed her sex raw. She opened her eyes after a few minutes of satisfying after-climax, and saw that Jade was also rapidly approaching climax too. She was surprised this woman made her cumm so fast. She gathered the strength to get up, and moments later she was standing beside Jade, watching undetected, as she furiously masturbated.

Jade had her beautiful eyes closed, and Chris finally was able to view her victim, in the alltogether. The subliminal messaging system took another victim! Chris wondered how to market such a thing. She was sure there would be a market for it. She eyed Jade's sweaty body, as she bucked and loudly moaned on the tanning bed, completely engrossed in her act of self lust. The headphones still blared the wicked heavy music into Jade's ears. As her left hand squeezed her perfect c-cup tits and yanked the nippled aureolae, Chris noticed something unusual. Every now and then, Jade's tits would squirt!! Obviously, she was completely unaware of this. At first it almost looked like some kind of renegade discharge, but soon it became obvious her ministrations created jets of milk that shot feet into the air! A fresh stream hit young Chris in the face. 'What the hell?' She had never heard of such a thing. It was wildly erotic. Her shorts were already gone, so she put her fingers back in her warm place. Chris realized that this woman was amazingly talented (where it counted), and wondered what other talents she might soon discover.

Jade was so out of control that she was now completely unaware of her surroundings. All that mattered was CLIMAX. Chris continued to touch herself as she took in the glorious sight of her most successful vouyeristic invasion yet. She looked at the slick cunt on the tanning bed, and noticed how deliciously large Jade's clit had swollen to. Her own nips were painfully hard again, even though she had cum minutes before. She knew she had to take this young adult NOW! She settled herself at Jade's feet, and lowered herself so that her face was only inches from her target. There was no objectionable odor, only the smell of spring rain and honeydew fields. Chrissy noticed the color of Jade's pussy lips were the same as the surrounding flesh, and the inner lips were a pleasant light pink color. She noticed how perfect Jade's nails looked after their tune up, not too long to make the current activity dangerous. Those nails looked so very sexy working her sloppy sex. Chris had to taste her. She knew this woman was so engrossed, she could pull it off. Certainly her screams of pleasure made this a reasonable assumption.

"Oooooh........A-r-r-r-r-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!!!" Jade groaned semi-consciously. The pace was building, and Chris had to act fast. She stuck her tongue out and tasted. 'Wow' she thought. The taste was completely incredible. No seafood fare here! It was like fresh fruit! Chris licked with more force. "U-n-n-g-g-h-!-!-!", Jade reacted with added animation, and raised her hips off the bed to meet Chrissy's tongue thrusts. 'Lots of juice, and lots of flavor' thought Chris. She ate the beautiful (soon-to-be) teacher, and took in as many sights, sounds, smells, and tastes as her young brain and body could handle. She noticed Jade was all wet from sweat and eruptions of milk from her mammaries. Chris made love to the piece of meat before her like there was no tomorrow. And then it happened, with a loud scream of pleasure Jade started to cum. That put Chris over the top, again. To Chrissy's surprise, Jade began to ejaculate girl-goo at that very instant. The first squirt was like misting a plant, only it was Chrissy's face. The subsequent eruptions were more like streams of perfumed ejaculate. Chrissy opened her mouth, not wanting to waste any of the ambrosia. There were at least four or five separate squirts that left Chrissy's face and some of her hair soaked. Chrissy had several multiple aftershocks herself.

She was amazed at this raw talent. Her own hips felt so warm and spent. She watched for signs of awareness from Jade, but she was still. Chris stood up to see, and could tell Jade had frigged herself into unconsciousness. This was too good to be true. She had completely gotten away with this oral assault.

When Chris had recovered herself, she got a washrag from the bathroom sink to clean up her victim and cover her tracks. Both still naked, she wiped Jade down lovingly, from head to toe. She took extra time at her breasts and pussy, amazed at such beauty. She gave Jade a deep passionate kiss (with tongue) straight into her pussy, before putting back on, Jade's bikini bottoms. She did the same with her perfect tits, putting on the top and tying it proper. She took one last look before lowering the upper bank of lights over her patron, and heading out to put her own clothes on before Jade awakened.

As consciousness slowly filtered back into her overloaded mind, Jade realized wherever she was, it was dark. The surroundings were unfamiliar. She imagined she was in Medieval times, in an Iron Maiden (no not the band), in the catacombs of a great castle. Soon enough the less interesting reality became apparent, and with it returned some memories. 'Oh no how could I have!' She pushed the now dim lid off her glowing body, hoping it was all a bad dream. To her surprise her bikini was still on. Although squishy, there was no evidence of girl cum on the glass under her ass. That fact, plus seeing that she was still clothed, made Jade realize it was all just a horny dream! 'Whew, lucky that wasn't real. I even dreamt there was another person near the end of the dream, helping me climax with her face!' she mused. Realizing she was overwhelmed, why with all the previous teasing and excitement, it was no wonder she dreamt of a little elf girl pleasuring her overheated body. She smiled as she put on her clothes, glad she was still in control, and hadn't really embarrassed herself in front of a minor.

She found Chris busy at the computer. She looked rather radiant, and although she found the kid attractive, she had not noticed that glow about her earlier. Strangely her hair was wet in front. As Jade was preparing to leave, Chris stopped fiddling with the computer and got up to unlock the door.

"Thanks for all your help Chris. You're so talented, I'll see you in the morning. Good night."

Chris grabbed the woman around her waist, gave her a big hug, and then a peck on the cheek.

"See ya Ms. Parker, I mean Jade. And thanks for your business. I enjoyed eating you... I mean meeting you!"

Her wicked grin returned as she watched the lovely young lady walk to her wheels. "Wait till I get my hands on you tomorrow!"

End Chapter 1