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Date: 10-06-02


(Chapter 10)

By Hummmvee

(tales of Lust, Depravity, and Seduction)

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Nectar is most abundant near the source . . .

Jenna listened raptly near the closed office door that was suddenly the center of her juvenile world. The intriguing tidbits coming through the door, piqued her interest. Clearly, the school nurse was having a heated conversation with Jane Warner, the school's new art teacher. Jenna was shocked to hear Ms.Warner's admission at having lesbian desires; totally inappropriate, for this was an 'all-girls' school. No doubt, the nurse will try to confirm the facts, and then the poor woman will be terminated. Jenna was even in one of Jane's art classes. She liked the shy, sensitive blonde. Too bad. Jenna felt guilty for listening in on their private conversation, but basically, had nothing else to do until her new duties were explained to her.

"I think we shouldn't jump to conclusions, Jane. You underwent an extensive hiring examination. If you were gay, it would have shown up on the tests. You are highly qualified for this job; I'd hate to see you throw a good future away, based on some 'feeling', and after only one day on the job."

"No, I'm not imagining this! I already told the principal. I presume she sent me here for you to legally fire me." Jane was sobbing again.

"Look, I'm the nurse here. It's my job to determine what is and what isn't appropriate. Until I've made a diagnosis to the contrary, you are perfectly normal-and will not be doing any 'presuming'. Understand?"

Jane was unconvinced but did like her new job, and after all, Nurse Shannon was entrusted by the administration to rule in these matters. She also wore the higher ranking orange pin, and discipline was considered paramount at St. Beave's. Jane was not about to add insubordination to her imminent pink slip.

'Might as well let her run the necessary tests before I have to clean out my desk.' Jane lamented her career's false start.


"Okay, let's get this over with. What do you want me to do?"

"That's better. Now then, we're going to run some tests that will immediately tell us what we need to know. I'll need you to step out of your skirt, remove your blouse, and put on this paper gown - while I get everything ready for your psychological and physical evaluation."

Shannon handed Jane the blue paper gown and left the room. Jane was thankful for the privacy.

On the way out, Shannon almost collided with young Jenna Parker. The blonde stammered and stuttered. The nurse was hoping to catch the teen near the door eavesdropping, so this confirmation pleased Shannon. She eyed the stunning fifteen-year-old blonde.

"You are on time. That's good. I have an unscheduled patient to attend to, so I can only superficially go over your duties for today. I may need your assistance inside the exam room at some point, so stay within earshot."

Jenna was somewhat nervous for having been so near the door when Shannon burst out, nearly running her down in the process. It appeared to her that Shannon was unconcerned about what the blonde might have overheard, and now she was being encouraged to listen in on events inside the little examination room.

Jenna was instructed regarding her filing duties, and then told to 'keep it down'. With that, Shannon returned to her first official crisis. Jenna found that she was mesmerized by the tall, hard, care-practitioner. The no-nonsense demeanor was attractive, and the woman seemed very disciplined. She was also so sexy and confident. She reminded her of her sister, except that this woman was older and more plastic-looking. There was also something about her that made Jenna somewhat afraid. Jenna wondered what was going to happen to the shy art teacher (with whom she identified with a lot).

Sitting on the exam table, Jane was very nervous. The short paper gown tied in the front, and barely covered her crotch. When she sat down, it became even shorter. The paper was thin and flimsy, and awfully tight. One wrong move, and it could rip. Jane took small breaths to avoid this possibility. As she gripped the edge of the table tightly, she wondered why she had to take her clothes off in the first place. What kind of test was this going to be? Didn't she already pass a comprehensive physical on Friday? Why was the paper so translucent? It sure didn't leave much to the imagination!

"Now then, let's get down to business. Tell me, when was it that your mind first realized you had girl-oriented feelings?"

Shannon had her clipboard, and sat down on her wheeled stool in front of the blushing blonde. Shannon crossed her legs slowly, evoking Jane's attention. Her uniform was much too short. Carelessly crossing her legs could reveal more than just toned thighs, and she was deliberately careless! This exam was going to be a lot of fun for one of them. The nurse adjusted the cover-music via her handy remote, then tapped her pen against her cheek, eyeing the new teacher over her mirrored sunglasses. Jane collected her thoughts and began to answer, but found the circumstances distracting.

"Well, my mind is a little fuzzy on this, but I think my self-doubt began on Friday, during my examination."

"Go on, Jane. I'm listening." The nurse pretended to be taking notes.

"I was waiting in here for my insurance physical with a few of the other teachers. I remember how attractive everyone was. I felt so inadequate compared to the others. They all looked more like models than teachers. Their bodies were so feminine and curvy. I'd never noticed such women before."

"Surely there's more? I don't see how this alone makes you a 'Lesbian', or a danger to the student body. Do you remember anything else about the exam?"

This was an important question. Since the mind control techniques were still highly experimental, the fiendish organization needed to constantly monitor the scientific capabilities of their subterfuge. If a victim remembered too much of the debauchery, it could pose a hazard to the whole organization.

"It's so strange, but no, I can't recall much." Jane's brows were scrunched together as she was trying hard to remember some details - any details!She was unfortunately wholly unsuccessful.Nurse Shannon was again amazed and pleased at the effectiveness of the mind control system.

"I guess I'm missing something, Jane. You were waiting for your physical with several pretty coworkers . . . and, is that it?"

"You see, I get this headache if I try to think about it too hard. I think it was later at home that those events seemed to affect me."

"Oh, and how so?"

"I was feeling very . . . well, you know - horny. I don't usually have those kinds of feelings, and never that strongly. Recalling those experiences of earlier in the day, later caused me much conflict."

"But you said you didn't really remember anything specific from your physical. So how could something you can't remember be causing all this mental anguish?"

The blonde brows wrinkled again. The nurse had a point. Yet Jane did seem to recall waiting with others for the nurse to begin their physicals. Yes, that's when she first felt those stirrings within! Jane was happy to share this newly remembered detail, but Shannon was rarely nonplused.

"So when you got home, and remembered the images of your pretty coworkers; what happened then? Did their memory tempt you to masturbate?"

Jane nodded demurely. As she was never this open, so it surprised even her that her big mouth opined her thoughts so eagerly, and before she had the chance to make up something more politically correct. Paradoxically, something in this sterile space was helping her feel comfortable. But she hated doctor visits, didn't she? Alas, the soothing music seemed to caress her fears away, making her speak her mind like alcohol always did.

"Well? Did you end up . . . you know?"

"I was tempted, but I don't do that! Never have; not all the way. It's not right! It's d-i-r-t-y!"

"Who on earth pounded that shit into your head?"

"My mother always said it was dirty, and if I touched myself there, I would get Leprosy! Leprosy is a horrible condition!"

Shannon couldn't believe her ears. Talk about immature adults. She would have to take care of this, and pronto!

"Look kid. You're young, so I'm going to help you out here. Your mother lied to you. She was probably just an insecure, and immature woman who projected her frightful ignorances on a defenseless child! Or, she had parents who thusly poisoned her own mind."

Jane shook her head in confusion. Deep down, she knew the negative aura surrounding 'self-gratification' was all a big Santa Claus style exaggeration, but the snappy dance tunes coming from the wall speakers were starting to make her want to sing along. It was all so silly really. She was sweating over nothing. What was wrong with feeling good? Touching herself had always felt good. Too good. Perhaps her fears were not her own, but projected on her by imperfect parents? Maybe so. The could be right. In any case, she instantly forgave her parents for any and all shortcomings, as her legs wagged back and forth to the frenzied beat.

The nurse studied the younger blonde. The messages hidden within the music were having their desired inhibition-reducing effect. In this case, they were just messages of comfort and trust and safety. Jane's nipples had already begun stabbing her paper gown. Perhaps the risque chat, combined with the frictional coefficient of the paper against her flesh was to blame for the now apparent twin nippular erections. Shannon could almost see up into Jane's crotch as the blonde unmindfully swung her legs fore and aft. It was time to begin the physical portion of the examination. Shannon never tired of this type of activity!

"I hope you understand what I've been trying to say to you, honey. Now then . . . let's get this show on the road."

Jane watched the nurse walk over to a machine on wheels. It looked like an electrocardiograph or electroencephalogram device. This was one nurse who knew how to walk like a real woman! Jane could not help but stare and moisten. As the gizmo was wheeled into position near the patient, Shannon prepped it, all-the-while explaining the upcoming procedure to Jane.

"This will measure your body's reactions to stimuli. It's quite painless, yet very reliable. We will know in no time whether you are still an employee of St. Beave's Academy for Girls."

Those words cut into Jane like a rusty nail. She wished she had not been so honest earlier at the Principal's office. As Jane tormented herself with guilt, Shannon prepared the seven sensors for strategic placement on the patient's body. Jane visibly stiffened when they were unveiled.

"Please open the top of your gown and remove your bra."

Jane Warner figured something like this was coming, but the words still shook her when they came. Her compliance was sluggish. That was fine as far as Shannon was concerned; prolonging the process just sweetened her seduction. Of course, Jane was having a bit of trouble getting the paper gown off her shoulders without tearing it. Shannon's patience was in reality, quite limited. In frustration, she took hold of the thin blue paper at Jane's shoulders and yanked it down to her waist, completely tearing it in the process.


A second practiced move scythed the a-cup bra clean off - so quickly, that Jane didn't know it had happened at first. She now sat on the exam table topless; her arms trapped at her side by the remnants of the paper gown and still dangling bra. She looked down at her nakedness. A red flush began enveloping her, starting at her face. If she moved her arms in modesty, the gown could become even further torn, and possibly expose her . . . moist panties. She decided to remain motionless and mute after the nurse's surgical strike. Jane would be a 'big girl' and just take her medicine. Hopefully the exam would be short.

"I have to place these sensors on your body, before we can record your responses."

The first two sensors were attached to Jane's temporal lobes. The area was first thoroughly massaged, then dabbed with a special paste. The other end of the sensor's wire was plugged into the base of the impressive-looking machine. Jane's shyness made this situation of toplessness almost unbearable. She scanned the nurse's face to see if Shannon was looking at her inadequate 32A chest. The blue-mirrored sunglasses made this inconclusive.

The third sensor was to be placed at the base of Jane's coccyx; to her, a very sensual area. The preemptive massage on that spot didn't help matters. The precious metal at the sensor's center caused chills up and down Jane's spinal column, whose nipples immediately stiffened, and the areolas crinkled. The gown became further damaged during this process. Shannon was smiling in advance of her next move.


Ms. Warner protested loudly as Shannon suddenly massaged each naked tit with her long-nailed fingers. Liquid now uncontrollably seeped out of the art teacher's juncture.

"Hold still. I don't like this any more than you do!"

Each boob was receiving plenty of attention. The worst was when Shannon grazed the areolas and nipples with those long, glossy nails. A dab of paste soon found its way to each nipple, which Shannon rubbed in vigorously. It seemed to Jane that the nurse spent more time with her breasts, than she did when placing the sensors at her temporal lobes or back. But, since there was seemingly nothing untoward in the professional's facial expression, Jane tolerated the illicit contact - for now. Her main concern was her rising passion; guilty 'proof' of her abnormality. Jane was certain she would be confirmed unsuitable to teach here. She knew what the nurse would do next: The cold sensors would make contact with her nipples; only this next pair of sensors appeared a little different. They were not sticky, cloth discs, but instead, alligator-style clamps! Jane almost came as they were fastened at the base of each nipple.


The response was, of course, involuntary - and if this continued, Jane feared she would not be able to maintain control over her young body. Luckily, there were only two sensors to go. But where would they be placed? She gritted her teeth, and her heart raced in fear. Shannon answered Jane's unspoken question by lightly scratching Jane's belly - a spot between her navel and her soggy paper-hidden pubes. Shivers and goose bumps erupted immediately after the contact. Jane was seriously aroused and leaking, but despite that, she was feeling this strange detached calm.

With that sensor placed, there remained only one.

"Stand up Jane - carefully, and watch those wires."

"Now, remove the rest of your paper modesty-gown."

This was too much! If Jane complied, it would leave her clad only in her panties. She debated what to do, fearing she knew where the last sensor would probably end up. Sensing hesitation, Shannon once again, took matters into hand. The lightning-quick strike, left torn bits of blue paper slowly floating to the floor, thus leaving a freshly denuded art teacher standing only in heels, socks and (moist) panties. Apparently she was now also cold, because a look down made Jane painfully aware of her artificially-encouraged, nipple lengthening. Perhaps this was due to the metal clamps? The part that made the nurse chuckle, was the appearance of a huge oil slick, whose origins appeared to be about one inch below where she was about to place the last sensor. Jane's white panty had become sheer, as a result of the voluminous, uncontrolled seepage. One could just make out the impression and shadow of the vertical smile of Jane's vulva. Jane could only stand there, in confused, pre-orgasmic bliss.

"I don't want to embarrass you too much, so I'll let you keep your panties on after the last sensor is in place. I know how tense these situations of modesty can be for a shy person such as yourself."

Jane was relieved; at least she was, until Shannon stepped forward again and see-sawed her panties down far enough to expose her mound of Venus to her slit's beginning. Immediately Shannon began the preemptive massage; a ritual she performed prior to placement of all the previous six sensors.

"Ooohh, God, no!"

"Hush baby Jane, 'nursey' knows what she's doing."

Jane looked down in horror at the sexy sight that was her. There was this wonderful contact on her pudendal plain, that was not of her own doing. It was awesome! Never had Jane been forced to submit to such pleasure. Shannon was impressed with Jane's evident level of moisture. Obviously, she must have been doing a pretty fair job of pushing all her secret girl/girl buttons.

'She must be going absolutely-fucking-crazy with lust!', mused the nurse. It was only a matter of time before a finger would accidentally make contact with the twenty-one-year-old's unused clitoris. The moment was to be profound!

"AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeee-e-e-e . . . . n-ooooooooooo!!!!"

Jane collapsed to the floor from an astounding orgasmic onslaught - only her second of such intensity. Nurse Shannon Obanyon chuckled at her prowess; slightly disappointed that the orgasm had arrived so quickly. But she was a professional; she would just have to work around this minor setback.

Poor Jenna had been listening. She had completed her duties and could not but help overhear everything. It was all so randy! She became aware of a strange leakage in her own panties. This affliction had been bedeviling her more and more frequently lately. She was just about to check under her skirt, and confirm the leakage source; when the office door suddenly opened, framing the tall redheaded nurse. Those long, white leather boots were so outrageous - but it was a good look on her.

"Please come in, Ms. Parker. My patient has succumbed to unconsciousness and I need you to help me get her up off the floor."

Though Jenna obeyed, her heart was racing at the prospect of the level of undress she might find her art teacher in. What happened in there anyway? Jenna was unprepared for the squalid scene.

The lithe blonde lay crumpled on the floor. She wore black shoes with a medium heel and 'little-girl' socks. Her smallish tits were exposed, and there were wires connected to her. It was way-cool the way the sheer white panties only half-covered Jane's pudendum. Jenna chided herself for staring at the poor teacher, who was oh-so vulnerable!

"What happened to her?"

"I suppose she fainted from the excitement of her examination. It happens sometimes. Nothing I can't handle though."

The nurse picked up one side, waiting for Jenna to take the hint and pick up Jane's other half. Shannon caught the teenage blonde shyly copping a look at the half-covered crotch as they hoisted Jane onto the examination table.

"Jenna, look at me!"

This startled the teen from her illicit ocular invasion of Jane's external reproductive organs. She had been busted! Jenna turned red as she looked at the nurse.

"What happens in this office, is very personal - and strictly private. You are not to share with others anything that occurs here. That would be a violation of patient trust, and subject to swift disciplinary action. Do you understand young lady?"

Jenna nodded. She felt good about being in on secrets. The fact that she was accorded trust made her feel more adult. She decided to just be grown up about the things she might see as integral, incidental parts of this new part-time job. Jenna could not help detect Jane's odour of sweat (mixed with something more exotic). She eyed the teacher's naked chest hungrily, categorizing size and swell. The blonde was lithe. Jane was four or five inches shorter than Jenna. But though shorter, they probably weighed about the same. Jane's extra weight was probably in the woman's curvier hips and older, denser bone structure. Jenna's attention settled where the woman's legs met her hips. She could see the top, or start-point, of the woman's blonde pubic hair. Why was this exciting to her? Briefly, it reminded her of seeing another older woman's blonde locks recently - her Mother's. Shannon watched Jenna's hunger. She was almost shaking from excitement, and yet she was probably too innocent to understand her true desires. That's exactly why Shannon picked her - that, plus the fact that she was young and 'supermodel' gorgeous.

"You okay Jenna?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Glad I could help you with Ms. Warner. Will that be all?"

Jenna was disappointed that her task was done, and would probably have to go back to filing, or maybe even worse: polishing bedpans!

"Do you want to stay?"

Jenna looked at Shannon with surprise, then inadvertently at the still unconscious teacher. She nodded a shy affirmative. Jenna was happy to be needed, as Shannon was treating her like the responsible adult she so wanted to be.

"Welcome aboard then! But remember . . . P-R-I-V-A-C-Y, is our watchword here!"

Shannon winked at Jenna, then patted her on the rump.

"You can help me with this next task. I need to apply this last electrode to her before I begin her tests. Do you think you can use that razor over there, and remove this patch of hair for me? There mustn't be any hair under the sensor, or it could cause false readings."

Nurse Shannon used her long, red-tipped index finger to hook Jane's panty - then pull it down further, to expose most of the woman's blonde-furred vulva to her new partner-in-crime. Pointing at the target area with her other hand, she surveyed young Jenna's face for a reaction.

Poor Jenna. Her eyes had completely come out of their sockets (well, almost). She really was shaking visibly, but her eyes never left the mildly carpeted plain between Jane's legs. It was an incredible sight as the redhead pulled the art teacher's panty down for Jenna to see everything! Gallons of something wet, felt like they were escaping from Jenna's own crotch; the rivulets tickling her thighs on their way down. Surely that was just her imagination? The teen was mega-embarrassed, but also very much excited. She moved toward the nearby razor.

"That-a-girl! But first you must soften the area with that moisturizer."

The nurse used her fingertips to graze the sleeping mound and show Jenna where she was supposed to trim. The sleeper moaned. Shannon then pulled Jane's panty down to mid-thigh. The teen struggled for control over her own extremities, and for a sordid look into the moist gash. With a lot of effort, Jenna ejaculated some shaving cream onto the sleeping woman's vulva. She had to go real slow, because of the needed level of concentration. Gingerly, she rubbed the fertile plain with her teenage fingertips. Another moan from the sleeper, but a quick glance confirmed that she was still in dreamland. Jenna felt so dirty. Her subconscious hunger for adult female flesh was being fully fed today.

"That's it Jenna, honey . . . you're doin' just fine. You just may be a doctor in the making! I'm sure if Jane were awake now, she would tell you how wonderful your touch is. There, that should be enough. You may try the razor now, but be gentle with her little blonde pussy!"

Jenna creamed in her overwrought panties again, as she heard the colorful metaphor. It was difficult to shave the 'pussy' because of her own uncomfortably swollen tongue, shaking hands, and watering eyes. Jenna was not used to such stimulation, but she was a trooper, and vowed to stalwartly march through the difficult task. The two of them stood between the supine Jane Warner's legs but bumped into each other a lot because of the limited space there. Soon, Jenna had shaved a bare patch big enough to place the sensor on. Shannon was still improvising these meaningless procedures, and just thought of another wrinkle to add.

"You know, you might as well just shave everything off. It'll be easier that way. I'm sure Jane won't mind, and it will grow back. Why don't I just take these panties off completely, so you have better access?"

Jenna stepped back and observed the nurse swiftly yank the sheer, wet material off the senseless art teacher. The view was fantastic. Jenna had never experienced anything like this before. Even the sudden and surprising nudity of the past few days had been fleeting, and/or somehow under pressure. But now, she had time to feed! Jane Warner, her art teacher, lay completely bare right in front of the curious student. Nurse Shannon playfully brought the sodden panty to her face, and closing her eyes, inhaled the woman's residual musk! Jenna was flabbergasted until she saw Shannon look at her, wink, then laugh. Jenna was relieved that the nurse was just being playful. Just as the teen wondered what the panties might smell like, Shannon wafted them under Jenna's cute button-nose. Inadvertently Jenna inhaled, then immediately blushed. Surprisingly, the smell was pleasing to her, and her virgin pussy shamelessly erupted (yet again) with an approving accolade of fluid. Shannon's expression told Jenna it was just more playfulness, so she shyly returned the nurse's smile.

"Finish her off, Jenn!"

Never catching the innuendo, Jenna resumed her fastidious work. It was obvious to her that she was not the only one suffering from a moisture problem. Unfortunately, the woman's crotch-odour was somehow exciting young Jenna - even though she knew nothing of the proven effects of female pheromones. 'How strange that this woman's scent is so stimulating' mused the young blonde. While Jenna was engrossed in her work, the nurse slipped the recumbent teacher's wet panties into the hem of the rear part of Jenna's skirt, and then playfully patted her rump again. Jenna almost cut the woman's privates! That nurse was getting a little too chummy, in her opinion. Still, it was a pleasant job so far; there were nice tunes in the background, and she was entrusted with serious and important work. Someone finally appreciated her maturity!

"Excellent work young Lady, now you can finish by rubbing in the soothing salve, and your part is done."

Shannon handed Jenna a bottle bearing the now familiar 'B.B.' logo. Just as Jenna squirted the salve into her palms, the nurse gripped the unconscious teacher's ankles, and to Jenna's utter shock, lifted the legs high in the air; spreading them wide.

"This should make it easier for you . . ."

It was all Jenna could do just to keep standing on her rubbery legs. This was so outrageous - wasn't it? She'd never worked at a doctor's office, but this seemed pretty far out. The music made her comfortable though, and the nurse was surely a pro, that she had to trust. If the school had confided in this woman's medical skills, Jenna saw no reason why she shouldn't.

The blonde fifteen-year-old stared at the frothy opening to the art teacher's inner sanctum. It was truly beautiful. This was the first adult twat that she had seen up close. She tried to record every detail this time - like how the blonde vaginal lips popped open as nurse Shannon spread the creamy thighs, and the way a string of wet slimy stuff appeared on the lips as they parted, then snapped and disappeared. She ogled the inviting inner pinkness, then saw a little bump at the top poke out from its protective hood. Jenna was desperately trying to be professional, but this work was turning her on! The sights, sounds, touches and smells were exciting her more than anything had previously in her short life!

Jenna wiped the tepid twat with a soft towel, before applying the moisturizer. Strangely, the sleeping teacher was murmuring in her sleep more and more. There was even a slight gyration in those hips, as Jenna finished up. Surely the nurse saw her hands tremble?

Shannon took over and squeezed a length of the special paste directly onto the glistening Mons, before affixing the last sensor.

"There, we're ready to proceed! I think I should probably secure her into the stirrups. Help me hold her, Jenna. We don't want her to injure herself. The machine sometimes feedbacks mild electrical current that can cause involuntary muscle spasms."

The nurse worked fastidiously, tightly wrapping Velcro fasteners against legs, and arms. Jenna was surprised by all the convenient tricks and gadgets the exam table was capable of, as it securely entrapped its prey like a padded-metal spider. The sudden activity caused the supine teacher to begin to rouse.

"Why don't you have a seat over in that chair, Jenna. I may ask you to assist, so pay attention. I think she's waking up."

The art teacher moaned, as her head traversed from side to side. When her eyes slowly opened, the first thing they saw was a bunch of blinking lights from a machine with seven wires coming out of it. She tried to raise her arm, but could not. Why not? In time the situation hit her like a hundred tons! She screamed, almost causing Jenna to fall out of her chair behind the snared teacher.

"What's happening, why am I tied up like this!? Oh my God, I'm completely naked!"

"Not quite honey, you're still wearing socks and shoes!"

"Oh my God, what happened to my vagina. What are you doing to me?"

Shannon was surprised to see the woman struggling so, and advanced the aural messaging system to a higher level of potency. The bonds were holding as Jane looked from her nakedness to the nurse, then back again. Either she grew tired, or the control methods reached greater potency. Whatever the case, Jane began struggling less, and she started accepting her current powerlessness. Jenna kept quiet and out of sight, but tried angling her chair so that she could see the reclined and naked art teacher better. Jane began to cry again.

"You passed out earlier, so I had to restrain you. I didn't want you falling down again. You could get hurt that way!"

"But my clothes are gone!!"

"Don't worry, they're close by. Your garments were getting in my way. No need to be embarrassed, I'm your nurse. Believe me, I've seen it all before, Blondie!"

"But . . . my vagina . . . it's totally shaved!!!"

"Nothing to worry about Jane, honey. I need you 'follically challenged' for the electrodes to read accurately. Your pubes 'll grow back, you'll see!"

"But . . . but . . . you can't do this . . . "

Jane began struggling again. She was a shy one for sure! It was time for Shannon to take control once more. Though the impressive looking machine was in no way capable of determining the art teacher's sexual preferences, it was capable of producing a mild electric shock. The guts in the machine were actually once part of a cattle containment system used in electrifying fencing. The nurse adjusted a knob and Jane's hips flew off the exam apparatus.


In doing so, her pudendum obscenely lurched off the padded seat, and thrust into the air. This pleased Shannon, who approached the new teacher and stood between her widely splayed but secured legs. She reached down and pushed the eager beaver back down into the seat.

"Please stop squirming around. The quicker I can administer your test, the sooner we can all go home. I'm going to begin your exam now. Try to relax, and react naturally. I'm going to scrutinize your visual, aural, tactile, and olfactory reactions. Each of your responses will give me a clue into your psychological state. "

Jane listened, momentarily distracted from the agony of her extremely vulnerable state of undress via the redhead's assertive words. Jane contemplated her situation: The office door was closed. The nurse was a professional. This wasn't so bad? A few little questions, and Jane would get to go home to her spartan apartment. She was almost able to forget her compromising position. The rhythmic dance-beat in the background certainly helped in soothing her embarrassment.

Shannon picked up another Burning Bush product. With one hand she pulled the zipper of her uniform down to her belly-button, with the other she sprayed a shot of the nefarious perfume between her globes. The ex-stripper favored the least subtle fragrance in the Burning Bush lineup: 'Rape'. Like a crouching tiger, Shannon stalked the prone and helpless teacher, moving in a predatory fashion. She stood once again, between the spread-eagled blonde's thighs. Jane could clearly see a red bra holding back Shannon's industrial hooterage. She began to tremble with desire for the dominating dame.

"What do you think of the scent I'm wearing?"

Jane had not gotten a whiff of it yet, so she jacked her head up off the table/chair, trying to shorten the distance between them. Shannon decided to help her out by leaning forward so that her tan cleavage shook only inches from her intended victim. The awkward position caused the nurse's torso to rub the patient's slick, newly nude vulvic expanse. Jane inhaled the psychotropic aroma, and it heightened her usually inhibited passions. As the heady scent tormented her nostrils, the straining nurse-bosoms teased receptors in her brain's occipital lobes. Jane struggled to keep her rising excitement below a simmer, but then did not count on the frictional assault on her privates by Ms. Obanyon's uniform. The nurse was accidentally rubbing herself against the helpless teacher. To make matters worse, Shannon kept re-adjusting her position, thus causing even more inadvertent pleasure. When the cold metal zipper rubbed Jane's exposed clitoris in just the right way, the poor creature erupted again!


The abused shaved pussy could not take the insurrectionary siege. The orgasm was so intense, that Jane again lost her sense of awareness and her cunt expelled her rarely used lubricant. The pleasure barrage took another reluctant victim!

Jenna watched in confusion and trembled. Why did everything suddenly revolve around sex? She saw the nurse look at her and smile evilly before getting up off of the indolent Jane.

"Come here Jenna. Quickly!"

That was easier said than done, as Jenna was near sexually-induced paralysis. Only through sheer concentration did she manage to find herself at the nurse's side, and once again between the unconscious teacher's wide-splayed thighs. Yes, Jenna looked.

"Poor bitch seems to have a hair trigger! Quickly, block her fluids from getting all over the upholstery while I find a towel. That's real leather you know! It could get ruined."

Jenna did not understand the request exactly. To her soggy mind, everything was lovely and titillating. Shannon did not wait for the sluggish blonde-covered cranium beside her to catch up with the meaning of her words. She grabbed the teens hand and thrust it into the drooling gash of Jane Warner! Poor little frustrated teen. This was too much. Jenna began hyperventilating. The nurse was not helping matters by thrusting the young hand even deeper into Jane's tight, foamy hollow - then pumping it in and out. The little fist only went partway in, as there seemed to be a membraneous blockage. Soon, the curious teen was exploring the bald cavern without assistance. The sight of her own arm moving forward and back inside the glistening hairless twat was strangely hypnotic. A tiny part of her screamed: stop, run away from this hell; yet she moved not from her front-row-center vantage point!

The damp towel hitting Jenna in the face broke her from her unlikely phantasm.

"Clean her up, now."

Jenna withdrew her right fist from her teacher's soppy slit, whose lips made a wet plopping sound as the tight orifice found relief from the invading appendage. Jenna had no idea how close she came to taking her teacher's virginity! She gently blotted the slippery slot.

"Say, aren't you enjoying yourself a little too much? You're not going Lesbo on me, are you?"

The observation startled Jenna, and shook her lucid. The nurse had been watching her trance.

"N . . n. n-n-oo . . . I was just doing what you t-"

"Never mind kid, I'm just joshing with 'ya! Go sit down, I've got to get this exam behind us."

As Jenna stumbled back to her anonymous position, she realized she was feeling faint; not a moment too soon in planting her derriere. As Shannon brought out the smelling salts for Jane, a flashing red light issued from the wall phone. This indicated an important message from the Principal's office. The nurse could guess why Sister Mary called.

"Infirmary, can I help you?"

"Look here you Cleveland trailer-trash slut. If you've taken her virginity, I'll skin you alive! You know the rules."

"The hand wasn't deep enough. I think she's still intact."

"You're not paid to think, whore! Selective deflowerment will be voted on later. It's not up to you!"

The nurse turned her body for privacy, trying to prevent Jenna from hearing her conversation with the Principal. Yes, Mary had been watching all on the monitors. It was her responsibility to enforce the rules of this rag-tag team of professionals and misfits. A ruptured maidenhead would bring a lower price. Mary realized how vigilant she would have to be from now on. The drugs combined with the mind control, had an effect similar to alcohol - severely degrading judgement. Even those in on the plot sometimes faltered, in spite of their protective innoculations.

"Are your shots up to date? We're still trying to determine optimal frequency. Maybe the protective effects are wearing off? Why don't you step closer to the camera so I can check your irises."

"Look I'm perfectly under control . . . see?"

Mary strained in her chair as she scrutinized the image on her monitor. The green orbs did not seem any more iridescent. She checked the image with Nurse Shannon's file. The colors of her eyes matched those on her dossier exactly. An indicator of a build up of the hypotropic chemical influences was a growing iridescence in the iris of the eye. Perhaps the nurse was under control, just a bit 'fast and loose' in her approach. This was, after all, new for all of them. Nothing like this had ever been attempted. Just to be certain, the principal immediately reduced the potency levels of the various automatic subliminal mind-control systems.

"It's your ass if you fuck up! You must control yourself until we cull the herd."


Shannon hung up the pink phone and mouthed the words: B-I-T-C-H, before realizing that she was still 'on camera'. Oh well, this academy was too much fun to worry about politics. After all, it was Wanda that was top-dog here, and Shannon knew Wanda well. Even though Mary was Wanda's sister, Shannon felt she could schmooze through most any glitches in this experimental program at the resurrected St. Beave's Academy for Girls. She resented a nepotistic, overpaid, do-nothing 'babysitter' like Principal Silverstein.

"Now where were we ladies?"

Jane had come to again, and was focused enough to realize that the nurse's statement was plural! She looked about her in distress, trying to see if anyone else was in the room. The restraints made this difficult, but her struggling was enjoyed by both Jenna and Shannon; not to mention the principal, who was recording all of this.

"Is someone else here?"

Jane sensed a presence behind her. She struggled against her restraints even more fiercely, while her breasts jiggled and her hips undulated.

"Who's there!"

The nurse relished in the art teacher's new fear and discomfort.

"Oops, looks like the cat's out of the bag. I guess you might as well meet my new assistant, Jane."

Shannon motioned to Jenna to join her between the restrained teacher's legs. Jenna complied, albeit sheepishly.

"Jane Warner, meet Jenna Parker; my new assistant."

Jenna was so nervous that she had extended her hand in greeting; as though the bound woman could shake her hand. Her futile gesture was greeted by a glistening pudendum that could only gyrate itself up at Jenna's extended hand. She realized her faux pas, only after the nurse chuckled heartily.

"Oh my God! She's a student!!! You must let me go! I'm naked for God's sake! She can see everything . . . EVERYTHING!!!"

"Jane honey, she may be a student, but she is also a mature student at that, and I am short-staffed. I'm sure young Jenna will be very discreet."

Jenna could only nod as she openly stared into her art teacher's depths. This new vantage point was far superior. The fifteen-year-old's heart rate was getting away from her. Her secret lesbian longings were being fully entertained by the sex-crazed nurse. Jenna needed to wipe the rivers of Mons-moisture from her sweet thighs, before the seeping fluids reached her shoes. As she seemed to be the center of attention, this would have to wait until her potty-break.

Shannon took this opportunity to put an arm around her new assistant's waist. A waist so tight and narrow. The ass below, just beckoned a feel. The young breasts actively agitated the front of Jenna's blouse, and caused the blonde very pleasant vibrations. Nurse Shannon was quite delighted with her choice for an assistant; very satisfied indeed.

"I can't believe this is happening to me. Has she been here the whole time? Does she know about my . . . problem?"

Jenna blushed red, while the nurse just smiled. Jane had her answer.

"Oh my God, no! Jenn's in one of my classes. You can't let her stay here! She's only sixteen!"

"Actually, she's still fifteen, and I'm sure she doesn't have a problem seeing you in your birthday suit Ms. Warner, do you Jenna?"

The smitten teen offered a mute headshake. Jane tried to break her bonds again, but to no avail. All her motions did, were to expose more of her glistening privates to the two standing females. If only her legs weren't so widely spread! Why did they have to stare into her depths so brazenly?

"Now if you'll just settle down, we can administer your questionnaire. The machine will then record your responses. Jenna, I want you to push the little red button whenever Jane's heart rate maximum is exceeded. Just look at that digital display, and push this button when the number goes above one-fifty. This will activate an electric calming agent for Jane, and make her more comfortable."

The art teacher relaxed after realizing the futility of her struggles. She almost began to enjoy watching the nervous teen's body move and wiggle, as the youngster followed the nurse's instructions.

"I'm going to show you a series of images, Jane honey. Just look at the pretty pictures, and the machine will do the rest."

Shannon pointed her remote at a large LCD display that hung from a wall like a picture. It suddenly glowed to life. The slide show had apparently been prepared in advance. Lights dimmed. The initial images were innocuous enough: a fire hydrant, a palm tree, the moon, a cat. Jane's heart rate was steadily falling. Then things picked up. A cute pre-teen chasing an ice cream truck; same girl licking popsicle; three young girls skipping rope; you get the idea. All the young-uns were cute, and their little dresses were . . . well, little. Jane's heartbeat was on the rise. The next series were runway models doing their . . . well, runway modeling. Yes, the women were hot. To make matters worse, nurse Shannon began an insidious commentary. She would point out a hard ass, or a pouty set of lips; just to stimulate the bound teacher. Her comments became increasingly racy. Even Jenna seemed to be enthusiastically responding to the slide show. Suddenly the still images turned into video with a soundtrack. It too started out innocently enough, before quickly turning abhorrent.

The images now streaming into the darkened infirmary were surely illegal. Neither Jane nor Jenna had ever experienced kiddy-porn, but that's surely what it was! The images were of very young females in various stages of undress, and in progressively increasing sexual situations. Both Jenna and her bound teacher were getting hot under the collar. By the end of the program, ten-year-old girls were scissoring their pussies together, at the suggestion of an older sibling-who was watching and encouraging their activities. The passion seemed very real, and the proof was in the pudding. Or rather it was in the copious (pudding-like) secretions, seeping from their tight, hairless vaginas. The pair was coitus bound, and made ultra-sexy 'little girl' sounds. The older sister, who appeared to be in her late twenties and very nude, masturbated to the scene. The dialogue track had been replaced with a music track of the tainted variety.

The nurse watched her pair of gudgeons squirming to the hypnotic vid. Jenna kept crossing and uncrossing her legs while she sat on the tiny wheeled stool, while Jane could only thrust her hips into the air for relief. This did not accord the art teacher enough friction to satisfy the boiling urges being extracted from her. Shannon could see that there was also a sheen of moisture on Jenna's thighs, which closely matched her teacher's.

"Say, Jenna . . . you are not paying attention to your patient! Her heart rate is way over her maximum. You are a professional now. You have to focus and prioritize!"

"I'm sorry . . . I got . . distracted . . ."

Shannon chuckled at the depth of her own wickedness, as Jenna jumped up all confused, and unwittingly administered another electric shock to Jane's pudendum and nipples.

"Ahhhh F-u-c-k!!!"

Jane's pelvis arched obscenely once again; pointing her soggy slit in Jenna's direction. Jane had succumbed anon. Jenna gripped the frame of the machine with her other hand to keep from falling down. She was so aroused, that hearing a teacher swear, hardly registered on the shy teen. Jenna did notice how her art teacher's sex organs had swelled up during her presence here. The tiny privates were entirely slime covered (to the knees), and the inner vaginal lips had parted somewhat; showing a divine interior pinkness. Looking up into the flushed face of her new teacher, Jenna noticed the poor woman had passed out again, then looked at Shannon for further instructions. Jenna turned and almost chocked; the nurse was slowly taking off her uniform! Accidentally, Jenna administered another salvo of electric current to the overindulged teacher.

Meanwhile, as Jade sat in her office doing paperwork, a sudden burst of consciousness struck her broadside. It was as if she had been sleeping most of the day, and was suddenly awakened by something. She tried prying information from her slothful brain, but there were no clues forthcoming. Jade simply could not remember the greater part of her day. She had studiously avoided any contact with the Burning Bush fragrances or topicals, so why the massive brain fart? What could Jade have subjected herself to, that put her in such a state? She put both hands on her temples in an attempt to increase her level of concentration. How were these 'influences' administered, if indeed they were? It was clear to Jade that her memory had unexplainable holes in it, so it was just a matter of finding out the source and method of the hypnotics. Jade stood up stiffly, and walking around her office, scrutinized every detail of her new environment. The Gothic building was awe inspiring, almost to the point of distraction. But if this incredible conspiracy was real somehow, surely the conspirators would be monitoring their prey. Was it smart to possibly arouse suspicion by being too nosy? Jade would have to tread carefully and discreetly until she had enough pieces of the elusive puzzle.

Shannon was down to her bra, panties, garter and thigh-high leather boots. Jenna stared at the woman's body in awe. It was hard and toned from dancing, and kind of reminded her of her sister's hard body. The matching red undergarments, combined with Shannon's red hair, made her seem like a top-heavy cartoon character. Jenna liked seeing the older woman move, and she did so with purpose and confidence. Nurse Shannon had turned the simple act of moving into an art form. Had Jenna not been under the influence, the teenager would have died of embarrassment. Instead, she contentedly observed the lioness, stroke the prone, unconscious art teacher into wakefulness. She used her long, red nails and dragged her mane of fire-colored hair over the supine, naked body. She even snapped her head periodically, thus whipping the simmering body with her long hair. Occasionally, she would look up at Jenna and mouth the word 'P-R-I-V-A-C-Y', punctuating it with a wink. The heat in Jenna's loins was unrelenting this day.

Under these circumstances, it was only a matter of time for Jane to be roused once again. The worn out teacher, focused her eyes on the woman whispering sweet nothings into her ear, who was gently touching her bound body all over. Jane's pelvis was on fire. Her unrealized girl/girl fantasies were being realized without her ability to control the circumstances. Oh, if only she hadn't been honest about her recent unbridled urges, she might likely be home by now, nursing a steaming latte. Upon seeing her teenaged student sitting on a stool in her short dress, Jane remembered she was uncompromisingly naked. Her renewed struggles would again prove pointless. Her mind was just too stupefied to recollect a timeline of events. Like most people exposed to the Burning Bush chemistry, Jane's animal side became more dominant. Her heart rate was on the rise again.

"Wake up sleeping beauty!" Shannon commanded of her captor.

"Oh, I have such a headache. Please untie me. Perhaps we can finish my test at another time?"

"Sorry, Charlie, no can do. Perhaps you need a little lactose instead of aspirin?"

With that, the nurse cupped her own breast and freed a huge engorged nipple from its red restraint, feeding it to the helpless art teacher. Jane was spellbound by the newly naked tit.


That picture caused Jenna's eyebrows to arch about as high as they could go. Shannon winked at her, while striking a lewd pose over Jane. Before the bedazzled teacher could react, nurse Shannon had inserted her nipple in the woman's face, searching for her mouth. Jane did not want to suck, but something unseen was urging her on. Soon, she was sucking like a newborn baby. Shannon was pleased, and her throat let out murmurs of approval. Her free hand went inside her own panties for some needed relief. As she masturbated, Jane sucked on the fat, silicone-enhanced tit. Both Jenna and Jane were now in a sexual trance.

The clock on the wall indicated the schoolday had been over for some time, so why was she still here? Jade needed answers. As she pondered how to achieve her investigative goals without arousing suspicion, an image of her sister appeared in her mind. She felt she was in trouble somehow. Her heart began to pump harder as she attempted to understand the sudden flow of images to her mind. The thought of her sister being in danger also angered her; at which point her body sprang into action. She ran. It took her mind a while to figure out where her body was taking her so swiftly. The infirmary!

Jenna could not help it. Without conscious thought, her hand had strayed southward to Beaver Island. It went under her skirt and her little fingers began rubbing at the front of her panties. The scene was just that hot, and the subliminal messages and drugs had all combined to lower her inhibitions and put her in a receptive but moronic state. With time, the inexperienced fingers found all the special coves and cays in Jenna's center.

Jane slurped at her tit-meal of flesh with relish. Shannon took the opportunity to slowly glide a hand over the blonde patient's lovely naked torso - eventually finding her treasure trove. First she teased the swollen clitty-nubbin', and then she inserted fingers in her cave. Jane was so wet, the sounds Shannon's fingers made were quite noticeable. Jane opened her eyes to see the nurse's tit firmly in her mouth, and a hand exploring her vagina. Jenna also saw, resulting in her own fingers seeking a more direct path to what lay beyond her panty barrier. Shannon noticed it too. Would the heat of the scene push Jenna over the precipice to self induced coitus? Three pairs of sloshing sounds reverberated in the sterile room, being broken only by unconscious moans and blissful sighs. Jenna reached up to touch her tit. Jane was close to another orgasm, and met each of the nurse's finger insertions with a pelvic thrust. Shannon was also getting close to her own release as she cursed and blasphemed words of lust. Everyone watched each other climb higher.

Suddenly the flashing red light intruded upon their bliss. Another damned call from the office! Shannon was resentful, and was not about to stop. She tore off her own thong panty, allowing her greater self-access, and providing Jenna with an even better view. Shannon had straddled one of the art teacher's legs, and as Jane thrust upward, the two bodies would make beautiful contact. Shannon wanted a really grand finale.

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