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Date: 2-20-03


(Chapter 11)

By Hummmvee

(tales of Lust, Depravity, and Seduction)

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(Chapter 11)


There are those that have eyes - yet see not, brains - but thinketh not. This is how you lead sheep to slaughter!

Jade ran for the nurse's station. Somehow her mind had inexplicably latched on to an image of her little sister in trouble; likely some kind of reflexive amygdalic response. The school day was over and it was time to go home, but Jenna had not kept her appointment with her big sister. For the life of her, Jade could not figure out where the better part of her day had gone. She had no specific memories of today's events. That fact (rightfully so), bothered her. Now she was running on impulse.

To any observer, the sight would surely be considered pathetic. Jade's normally long and powerful stride was replaced by an 'Ozzy-shuffle'. Luckily, Jade's occluded mind made such analysis impossible - at least for the time being. She hoped that her recent flash of intuition(?), might have a more mundane explanation, that perhaps it was nothing more than intestinal-gas induced paranoia.

The hallways were now empty, and the Gothic school was eerily quiet. The elevator music generally heard coming from the speakers at all hours, was strangely silent. Jade burst into the outer nurse's office without any courtesy and scanned the place for her little sister. Oddly, she was out of breath. This surprised her, but its significance would have to be extrapolated later. For some reason, the nurse's station gave Jade the creeps, but, she was in 'offense-mode' and (for the moment) feeling quite fearless. She called out her sister's name. Nothing. She then spotted a second inner door with frosted glass. Movement and faint voices were coming from the other side. A lighted sign over the door indicated: 'Exam in Progress'. Jade tried the knob reluctantly. Locked. Just as Jade was considering the merits of busting down this door, she heard a faint yet familiar sound somewhere behind her.

At first, she did not spot the sound's origin, and then . . . there behind a counter . . . a supine Jenna, apparently just waking from a nap on the cot. Jade's heart leapt, and she wasted no time assessing Jenna's condition. The teen was under a blanket, and rubbing her lovely blonde head. The unmistakable odour of the Burning Bush product line, hung heavily about little sister, who seemed unappreciative of Jade's efforts to get her upright. There was something not quite right with the way Jenna's clothing fit, which was odd, since little sister always tended to look good.

"I've such a headache! Take it easy Jade. I'm in no mood right now!"

Jenna became even more irritable after being successfully righted.

"Are you okay? Why are you here? I had this feeling you might be in trouble. Are you sick . . . injured? And where's that . . . nurse-feratu?"

The questions came faster than Jenna could respond. She was disheveled and disoriented. There was also another strange odour to her. Jenna smelled like . . . well, like female excitement, though Jade wouldn't be able to postulate that until much later.

"You were supposed to meet me in the Gym after your last class. Are you okay, hun?"

Eventually, Jenna's head cleared up enough to attempt some basic thinking. She wondered what she really was doing under a blanket? Ah yes! Jenna remembered . . it was the new job. Yes, that's it. 'How embarrassing . . . I must have dozed off.' As unsteady as a newborn colt, Jenna stood (with big sister helping, and quite impatient for an explanation). Clarification was not as forthcoming as Jade would have liked.

"You see, I got this part-time school-sponsored job as the nurse's assistant. It seemed like the best paying of the jobs on the list, and I thought the extra cash would really come in handy with my new car and all. I was doing some kind of filing. It was pretty boring, and I must have fallen asleep . . . I'm glad you woke me. I would rather not have to explain such an incident, and on my very first day. "

Jade did not look happy after hearing about the job. A number of things bothered her. One of which was her sister appearing much too flushed for someone who had simply been 'sleeping'. Jenna was also disoriented; as though she had been drugged. And that second odour seemed vaguely familiar . . . 'Oh, why is it so damn hard to think straight lately?', Jade wondered.

From Jenna's perspective, the young, blonde beauty couldn't understand her sister's over-concern. Just when Jenna thought Jade might blow a headgasket, to her surprise, big sister hugged her heartily, then just as startlingly snatched her by the hand. Leaving the creepy office behind, the concerned brunette stole one last suspicious glance backwards at the locked, frosted-glass door - her sister firmly in tow.

Their ride home was somewhat tense. Jade could not explain to Jenna (in a tangible way), that the nurse gave her a 'bad feeling', and because of this fact she did not want Jenna working in such close proximity with nurse Shannon. At this point, it was only an unproven sixth-sense that fueled Jade's apprehensions. Hence she was unable to successfully convey the tangibility of her foreboding. Jenna went out of her way not to see, and so they struggled underneath a heavy atmosphere of discord. Even the normally soothing sound of Disturbed's 'Down with the Sickness' wasn't enough to improve moods, and in fact only served to further irritate their already tender nerves.

Back at the nurse's station, a naked Shannon Obanyon and a fully 'penguined' Principal Mary Silverstein towered over an unconscious and nude Jane Warner. Sister Mary looked at Shannon admonishingly.

"That was close. Too close. The next time I page you, you'd better act a lot more vigorously! This game is potentially dangerous, and we can't have you jeopardizing all of us, just because your weakness for poontang has dulled your discipline! You are lucky the hypnotic suggestions combined with the products, seem to have covered our tracks. We're definitely going to have to keep a watchful eye on the gym teacher, though. She seems a little more resistant than the others. Quite a wit that one. Nurse-feratu! Ha, indeed!"

Monitoring the conversation in the outer office had tried the nurse's nerves. Shannon was furious with her new nickname, and attempted to change the subject. She was a woman of action, and felt like really making someone pay for the abusive remark.

"What do we do with blondie here?"

Though Shannon did have a problem with authority, Mary was her superior, and to top it off, she was right. 'Damn that gym teacher!' That 'perfect' brunette almost walked in on the delicious debauchery; she even prevented the pending 'rapture'. The rude interruption would not soon be forgotten by Nurse Obanyon.

"I think perhaps, we need to have some serious fun to lighten the mood. Let's rape her, nurse!"

Shannon smiled.

"I thought we couldn't do that yet?"

Sister Mary began removing her habit.

"We haven't 'taken' anyone since this term began. My sister has been very busy with the pending shipping arrangements and ancillary details, and she hasn't been to the meetings to vote. I think I'm going to use my executive powers to tag our first mark. Pass the word to the others. It's 'open-season' on Jane Warner."

As they stood there in the buff, they looked at one another, and at the unclad and unconscious art teacher. Sister Mary already had in place a large artificial 'man-device' between her loins. Nurse Shannon watched the thing swagger as the Principal removed the last of her clothing, leaving only her headcovering on. The nurse made some final adjustments to the audio, and atomized the air with a final shot of the Burning Bush.

They were reasonably sure that they could pull off a full-fledged rape of the young art teacher without negative consequence to themselves. Jane Warner's pre-employment questionnaire revealed a personality type that the techniques were especially effective against. The young, new teacher was ripped and torn by a pair of remorseless, hungry wolves. She was taken very slowly and painfully. They finally groped and fondled her into wakefulness. The evil pair then used all means at their disposal to 'condition' their victim after the lascivious and bloody sexual assault. The final step in covering their tracks was instilling maximal self-doubt; just in case their victim were to remember some hastily buried, sordid details later. Unfortunately, there was no one to intervene on Jane Warner's behalf.

Neither Parker sister managed to bridge their frosty chasm during their short ride home. Though each felt the other was missing the point, still, it did not feel good to disagree. By the time they arrived home, they had long been silent.

It soon became apparent, that no one was at home. Strange. No note, and no message on Jade's cell phone. No dinner either. Definitely a little uncharacteristic of their mother. Perhaps Astrid and Cousin Jenniffer had gone shopping? The house still smelled after the tainted cosmetics, and was messier than usual. Jade opened the windows to let in some fresh air.

Jenna decided to make a salad. While she ate, she became aware of a burning tingling between her legs that begged 'fingular' intervention. The sensations had actually been building for days. The phenomenon was usually accompanied by inconvenient humidity issues. At first Jenna questioned the meaning of these curiosities, but her guilt and fear had always managed to prevent any self-exploration (which might have relieved the burden). Jenna had resisted as long as she could. Now she wanted a quiet corner to preen. But there was no longer any privacy at the Parker residence. Dr. Smith had taken over her room, and sharing Jade's room was certainly becoming an inconvenience. The big log home suddenly seemed too small.

"I'm going to Dakota's, Jenn. Call me on the cell if you need anything."

Jenna watched as her very good looking sister put on her leather jacket and fished her keys from her purse. This was good news, for sure! Now she would finally have some alone-time.

"You gonna' be all right, squirt?"

Jenn nodded. She couldn't believe her luck . . 'ask and ye shall receive'.

"There are some leftovers in the fridge, but I see you're managing. Have mom call me when she gets in, though I'm going to paste her a note."

With a forced smile, Jade left . . and within seconds, Jenna bounded upstairs and found her way to her sister's bathroom. She was dying for some Burning Bush! Five exasperating minutes later, she had given up looking for the colorful bottles. Her selfish sister must have hidden the stash again (or maybe used it all up)! 'Damn!' As Jenna looked up, she was greeted by a sweaty and flushed blonde face. It was her own, of course, though it was all worked up. Her chest was heaving, yet she had not been doing anything strenuous. 'Perhaps I'm coming down with something?'

She figured a nice long shower would put Humpty Dumpty back together again! Jenna tentatively began removing her clothes. Standing very still, she looked curiously at her reflection. Tonight she seemed older in a womanly kind of way. Her eyes seemed to sparkle just a bit more intensely than she remembered. Her long, blonde locks hung long and thick. The golden color of her hair seemed especially radiant today. Jenn looked at the upper swell of her breasts. They were captivating to her. Did they seem just a bit bigger than they were yesterday? She remembered her mother's words about their impending prominence. They would be 'bigger than her sister's', her momma had said. She smiled at them. For the first time Jenna was seeing herself as someone that was 'easy on the eyes'; no make that attractive.

The smile she gave herself revealed perfect white teeth, and adorable little dimples around her luxurious lips. Her excited state almost made it seem as though she was staring at another girl. Today, she was ready to explore herself. Jenna was not about to look away as she reached behind her, and unleashed her gorgeous, budding b-puppies from her bra.


She had accidentally said that out loud. It made her giggle. This in turn, caused her breasts to jiggle. The movement created a breeze that made her already noticeable nipples become even more prominent. Jenna stared at herself and became more aroused. She approved of her image. Her tits (yes, she thought of them as tits now) seemed firm, yet hypersensitive. This condition begged a helping hand (or two). Jenna cupped them using both hands. This proved very rewarding, so she did it some more. It would normally have been too brazen to touch a nipple, but that's what she wanted to do now, and since there was no one to stop her . . .

"Oooooohhh . . ."

The sensations were simply . . . well, sensational! But why should it feel so good to touch oneself? Jenna did not know why, but she inched past the ebbing guilt and continued her first serious teenage self-explorations. She placed an elongating nipple between each thumb and index finger, and gave a slight twist. This proved wickedly thrilling!

"Oooooohhh Mmmmmyyy!!!!!"

If she kept this up, something wonderful was going to happen?! Her knees almost buckled with her latest effort. Jenna had never (consciously) gone this far with herself. Wherever her body was trying to take her, was full of wonder, and hinted at more secret pleasure yet to come. She looked at her near nakedness in the mirror, and liked her image more and more.

It struck young Jenna that she looked a lot like her mother, whom she had recently gotten a startling glimpse of in the nude. This was a good thing. Mom had looked extremely sexy, and the memory made Jenna perspire below the equator! Would she ever have breasts like her mother's? She hoped so. She remembered her fleeting recent contact with mother's massive mams; their warmth . . . their feel.

But, it was time now to peek inside her panties (yay!). This had recently become an area of great interest. She wondered at the significance of her gushing gash; was it normal for the damned thing to leak so much? Jenna pulled down the soggy material slowly, looking in the mirror as her virtually unforested plain revealed itself, inch by inch. She spread her legs some, and let the panties remain around her thighs, just a few inches below her vagina. The material of her panties had briefly stuck to her opening on the way down, confirming the peristaltic moisture problem. Jenna inspected her pudendal reflection carefully. Very blonde. There was hardly a hair to be seen, just a bit of golden down, and you really had to look to see it. Certainly not enough fuzz there to hide her swelling slit. And yes, it seemed uncharacteristically swollen, with a lot of phlegm(?), in and around the unfamiliar erogenous zone.

It was becoming harder to breathe, and Jenna's heart rate was climbing. A long, slender finger obeyed the command to trace her throbbing vaginal cleft. Strangely gooey, and yet the contact was not unpleasant! A growing tightness in her taught belly both amused and alarmed her. She could not will the discipline to stop her newfound activity . . . and why should she! Placing both her hands alongside the troublesome furrow, Jenna applied an outward pressure, separating her tight nether-lips. Her insides were indeed very slick. They were also very pink, and almost glowed with health and youth. The sight was new to her, and she found it not unattractive. A single dewy drop slowly stretched from her opening and dropped free as it's surface tension broke. Jenna's forehead crinkled in response, and she reached for a tissue to clean off the offending buildup. In doing so, she must have touched a wrong spot, for a bolt of pleasure blindsided her! Jenna saw stars and had to grip the granite countertop for dear life as the wonderful implosion engulfed her!

Meanwhile, Astrid and Jenniffer had indeed been on a deadly shopping spree. Unfortunately, the ladies had kept the coveted Burning Bush products flowing freely throughout the day. Clearly Jade had not been successful in hiding all of the tainted cosmetics. Additionally, today had 'damaged' the Parker checking account to the tune of a hundred-and-fifty-grand! Another few weeks of this, and the Parkers would be flat broke.

The ladies laughed merrily as they entered the now dusk-darkened home. They tossed the shopping bags inside rather carelessly, as they tickled each other mercilessly like pre-pubescent schoolgirls. Sometimes one of them would gain the upper hand, then just as quickly, the other.

"Hello, we're home! Is anyone here?"

"Looks like the girls are out."

"Why don't you help me with our groceries, if you don't mind 'cuz'. Or, should I address you as 'Doctor Smith'!?"

The pair giggled moronically again, as they wound their way into the kitchen. After putting away some groceries, Jenniffer and Astrid decided a visit to their outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi was in order. Astrid assumed her youngest was with her sister, and so Mrs. Parker went to the master bedroom to put on something appropriate for an evening of watersports, while Ms. Smith went to Jenna's bedroom to do the same. They ran into each other in the hallway afterwards, both eager to get into some hot, bubbly water. Eyeing each other up, both of them laughed, and hugged warmly. Both pairs of mammary glands pressed against the other's. The girls wore skimpy new, two-piece bikinis, that were only partially covered by a thin, short, silk robes.

"Finally we have some privacy!"

"What exactly do you have in mind, Doctor?"

Jenniffer made like a stalker, and set off after Astrid, chasing her all the way to the hot tub. They screamed with relish as the game wound to the sun room where the tub lay in ready. Astrid unceremoniously shed her robe and jumped into the jetted tub, as water went everywhere. Jenniffer was not far behind. The screams and giggles continued for a time. Alcohol flowed. Imported cheese was savored. Tobacco was burned. I. Q.'s dropped. But all were merry. Thanks to those colorful little bottles of the Burning Bush!

Soon the ladies were relaxed and mellowed. Each lay back enjoying the pleasant sensations of the lap of luxury. The bubbles soothed away the daily stresses. Their legs would occasionally touch; this further added pleasant sensations to a very satisfying day.

"Mmmm, I could stay in here forever!"

"I know what you mean. I like to get a good session in at least three times a week."

In a playful gesture, Jenniffer used her toe to tease Astrid under the water. Receiving only giggles back, the good doctor continued the roaming physical contact as they conversed. Jenniffer went slowly, but she definitely had a plan of attack. She was horny. An abnormally high sex drive had been a lifelong curse. She knew that under the right circumstances, they could have a lot of adult fun together. They were both still in their prime, and man-free. What was wrong with a little tender girl/girl contact?

Jenniffer changed position and came to sit alongside Astrid. She was careful not to spill her wine. It wasn't hard to notice how Astrid admired her body before it disappeared under the bubbles again. They were alone. Now was the chance. But it had to be subtle. Jenniffer did not want to ruin a long friendship. She was confident in her moves, and certainly had enough experience to justify the cocky attitude. She put an arm around Astrid's neck. There was no resistance. This brought their bikinied breasts in light contact with each other's. Bigger and better breasts were never in such cozy proximity. It was clear they were both aware of the contact, since nipples began to stand at attention, and these were no average nipples. The thin, wet material paid the price by succumbing real estate to two pairs of very aggressive nips. In minutes they were majorly stiff and outward bound. The girls were starting to get excited, and the air was pregnant with long-dreamed-of taboo fantasies.

Dr. Smith covertly undid her neck bow, allowing her bikini top to slowly pull away from her breasts. She would simply pretend not to notice. Meanwhile, she would massage cousin's neck, and perhaps accidentally, undo her tie as well. The murmurs of approval indicated things were progressing well. Astrid had not noticed a thing, as her eyes were closed. Soon the fate of the knot on her bikini top paralleled that of Jennifer's, who was poised to get an eyeful of the healthiest breasts west of the continental divide. Then, without warning, and a loud 'Shit', Astrid suddenly stood up out of the water. Jenniffer began to apologize, as she silently cursed her impatience. She had been so close. In fact, looking up, she could see that Astrid's breasts were only half covered as the woman tried to stand without succumbing to the alcohol's tug at gravity.

"Shit! I can't believe I almost forgot about tomorrow!"

Jenniffer was silent, trying to understand what had upset Astrid so.

"You know. Phoenix! I'm supposed to fly down with Jenna for her advanced driving lessons. Remember, it was all a part of her birthday present. But I've got a million things to do . . . shit! What's the matter with me lately? I'm constantly forgetting things."

Of course, Phoenix! Driving lessons! New Lamborghini! Three day weekend intensive! Jenniffer had also clean forgotten the whole event. She made a mental note to take extra vitamins and minerals, and especially that leaf from that tree that was supposed to enhance memory . . . What the hell was it called? 'Shit, I'm going senile at forty two!'

"I've got a hair appointment, I need to get tags for the new truck . . . insurance . . . I've hardly spoken to Jade about her new job . . . and god knows what else I'm forgetting!?"

'Yes Jenna. Driving lessons. Alone with Jenna. Yes, the good samaritan!' Dr. Jenniffer was able to think again, and she had ideas. Yes, a solution was in progress. She looked up to see that Astrid had disturbed enough of her top to leave her large areolas exposed, and she was so fraught, that she was oblivious to this fact.

"How can I leave in the morning with all this unfinished business, not to mention you're here, and I would be a terrible host to leave you here alone with Jade."

Jenniffer also stood up and joined her friend. Her top held a similar fate. The sudden move made Astrid realize she could see the good doctor's goods, and they rocked!

"I've got a great idea Astrid honey. Why don't I go in your place? I'm not busy, and since I've managed to monopolize so much of your time, it's the least I can do! Will you let me help you and Jenna?"

Astrid's head felt as though it was in a fish bowl, but her cousin's tone sounded so reasonable . . . She looked at her lips move, but then she would be distracted by the nearly bare breasts. It almost sounded as though it was Jenniffer's breasts that were speaking to her. How silly! And how sexy they were. Did she know they were on display? Astrid certainly wasn't about to say anything. 'Yes, Phoenix . . . Jenniffer go in my place . . That good plan.'

There was something psychedelic about the moment; Astrid felt sooo nice. Her sweet, dear cousin was offering the perfect solution. 'Yes, solution . . Dilemma . . Problem solved . . Astrid smile nice at bare-breasted cousin . . Doctor very cute . . Astrid very drunk . . Must not fall down into water . . Drown bad.'

The Products, the booze, and the deadly combination of repeated exposure slurred speech, and made folks amicable. Disharmony was to be avoided at all costs. Problems were very irritating and had to be solved as simply and quickly as possible. Sexual situations were stimulating and fun. Let someone else make the heavy decisions. Such was the life of a Burning Bush addict.


"Great, I'll go pack right now! Wise decision, cuz!"

Jenniffer was so giddy at the prospect of having Jenna for the entire weekend, that she forgot about her planned seduction of Astrid, and hopped away dripping wet. Astrid stood hesitantly as the waves threatened to topple her back into the water. As she looked down, she noticed her breasts had somehow worked free of their cradle, but she did not care. 'Nice breasts! Lonely breasts . . . Need friendly touch. Better sit, before Astrid fall!'

A noise startled Jenna into consciousness. She found herself naked, and on the hard bathroom floor. Looking down, she was shocked to find her thighs slick with some kind of bodily residue. What had happened? She got up, but was startled by her nudity - which assaulted her from several directions, by the liberally placed mirrors. The panties around her knees tripped her up once or twice, so she removed them. She did not appear to be damaged in any way; in fact her insides felt real nice. She tingled everywhere, especially . . . down below. The washrag helped her discover what had happened earlier; there was this sensitive spot that was to be avoided! Jenna fought the pleasure as she futilely tried to rid her vaginal area of the sticky mess. On a lark, Jenna decided to get a glass of milk-except that she was going to get it naked! She felt like doing something daring, and since she was likely alone . . . why not!? Still, she listened carefully for any signs of life, and even called out into the hallway. Nope, it seemed all was quiet.

Jenna made it to the kitchen without incident. Milk was poured. 'Yummy. What that? Strange noise? Jenna not alone? Uh, oh! Jenna naked! This bad! Jenna hide!' She was rather confused by the sudden realization of distant 'watery' sounds, and familiar female voices. Why did she have to be so daring without a proper inventory of at-home adults!? In her shock to get her legs to move, she spilled the cold glass of milk all over herself. The resulting scream did nothing to enhance her camouflage. Jenna abandoned her glass, and beat feet for the safety of the bedroom. But fate was not on her side; two running females almost collided, each startled by the other; they froze mid-track, mere feet apart. The log home's mood lighting was on low, yet each lady inadvertently stopped directly under a soft pool of halogen, low-voltage lighting. The strategic shadows enhanced the beauty of each respective form, and they had no choice but to look and recognize each other; Jenna being slightly more disadvantaged considering her complete nudity and shy nature.

Long moments passed. The cold milk dripped down Jenna's breasts and torso, making her nips obscenely long and turgid. They almost looked like they were leaking cow's milk. She was so embarrassed she could die! 'Cousin Jenniffer was topless at least. Wow, did she look a woman . . . Almost as pretty and perfect as mom . . .'

Jenniffer looked at her fantasy teen. She was everything she had imagined and more! This weekend was going to be fun! Oh what things she wanted to teach the shy youngster . . . A glance south revealed Jenn was a real blonde, and perhaps just shy of puberty. The good doctor had examined plenty of women and young girls, and she knew instantly that Jenna was queen of the 'jailbait' category! Even the way the fifteen-year-old shyly tried to cover her breasts and bald pussy sent Jenniffer's drug-enhanced libido into orbit.

Like a deer in car-headlights, Jenna was frozen in place. Her legs would not obey, her lungs malfunctioned, and her heart skipped many beats. Jenniffer regained her senses first, and moved forward with exaggerated hipsway. With a wry smile, she passed the teen and extended a finger, wiping a sample of milk upon it, then passing the happy digit to her mouth.

"Mmmm . . . Delicious!"

Speech broke the spell, and Jenna raced upstairs and out of sight. She barely heard something about a 'last-minute chaperone-change, for the trip to Phoenix'.

"Hi Chief."

"Hey Mutt."

" I know we don't normally work out on Thursdays, but I felt like it tonight. Would you like to meet me downstairs?"

"Yeah, okay."

Jade was past her warmups, by the time Dakota joined her in the apartment's downstairs weight-room. Unplanned workouts were not unusual for this duo. It was just a logical extension of several well-known musclebuilding techniques. This time however, there was definitely a recognizable tension in the air.

Jade was still wearing her green, silk shorts with the monogrammed St. Beave logo in maroon. The sides were cut high and slitted. Her top was a tight lycra affair ending at the midriff. The look was quite progressive for a girl's academy, thought Dakota. The fact that Jade's tanned curves flexed and glistened under the flourescent lights set Dakota's dormant girl/girl heart ablaze. In fact, she had purposely dressed in a plain grey tee shirt and bicycle shorts. Her emotional state had suddenly become a concern to her whenever Jade was in close proximity. Why was she feeling this way around another female? Perhaps the plainer attire would make her less noticeable, thus her secret might pass unnoticed. (Considering the fact that the tee was a size or two too small, this was unlikely)

Dakota was blown away by Jade's intensity. She tried keeping up, but found it hard to. They would surely be sore tomorrow! When Jade did her final abdominal exercise by hanging from a bar and lifting her legs up, Dakota noticed how much glute-flesh revealed itself during each repetition. Indeed very sexy attire, for a girl's school!

Jade pretended not to notice the increasingly open adoration. She knew her best friend's deepest secret from the other day's Burning Bush-enhanced encounter. In a way it was a turn-on to tease the poor girl. Somehow tormenting a girl was 'lighter' than tormenting a man. Jade privately chuckled at the sight of Dakota's stiffening nipples. They were beautiful. How did she feel about knowing her friend had a crush on her? It was a strange knowing, yet Jade did not feel uncomfortable about it.

Clearly her Indian friend knew there was something heavy on Jade's mind, yet she waited patiently. The workout had ended as abruptly as it began, and the two heavenly bodies were covered in healthy sweat. A sublime satisfaction permeated them.

"There's something I haven't discussed with a living soul yet. Can you lend me your ear for a bit - and maybe your shower too?"

"Sure babe."

Dakota tried to sound nonchalant, but it sounded like the object of her infatuation wanted to use the shower in her apartment!? This would be a first for the modest Jade. Perhaps an opportunity to see more of that perfect body would somehow manifest itself? Dakota had often masturbated to such possibilities, and now . . there was a glimmer of hope of seeing a tender morsel here or there. Jade was half way up the stairs before her friend realized she was still standing in the weight room by herself. Luckily, bike shorts hid moisture well, as Dakota's cunt was erupting uncontrollably at the possibilities.

By the time she arrived upstairs, Jade was leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed; her eyes seemed to be sparking inner secrets. Dakota had trouble inserting her keys in the locks, as the mass of the possibilities washed her out to sea. In a way the look in Jade's eyes reminded Dakota of those nature programs where tigers stalked their prey, then pounced when least expected! Jade saw her friend's nimble fingers briefly shake, and her eyes unconsciously flutter. Dakota's body was responding . . . it did not forget what happened to it the other day - though she was likely clueless. It was time to take some chances.

Dakota was all-thumbs laying out towels, shampoo, and scented body scrub. She did not see Jade come into the bathroom behind her. She was still bent over the tub when Jade spotted the wet patch on her seat. As she turned around, she was startled by her Jade's silent presence in the smallish bathroom. She thought of the tiger, and let out a little yelp.

"Thanks for being so patient with me. I did promise you an explanation. I need to tell someone. This is really serious."

Jade leaned into her fiend and briefly kissed her on the lips, a genuine gesture of thanks. Dakota was having trouble with her heart rate, yet she was curious about her friend's recent cryptic behavior. Their close proximity was not helping, and it was unclear if she was supposed to stand and listen, or accord some privacy and lend her ear after the shower. She opted to stand there until dismissed, after all, Jade's nipples had taken issue with the fabric of her top. She did not want to miss anything involving Jade's body. The silence became briefly awkward.

'Wait a minute!!! Did she just kiss me!!??? Holy crap!!!!' Dakota almost went into cardiac arrest! At the very least she was having a mild infarction! Her eyes were about to leave their sockets, and her pussy was losing more water than a collander!

"Shower with me, please. I want to tell you everything - now."

Jade stepped back and pulled off her top. As it came up and off, Jade's hair settled about her firm tits and shoulders, further electrifying the wickedness of her daring exhibition. She kept her eyes on Dakota's, as she bent to peel off her soaked shorts. She knew that her bald cunt would leave nothing to the imagination. Dakota looked; big time! Her mouth opened and closed but no words came out. Those hungry eyes betrayed her feelings, and the obvious approval of what she was seeing was easily recognizable and made Jade just a bit less tentative. She surprised herself as she noted how long and engorged her own nipples had become. It was too late to back out now. Jade tentatively guided her long, black hair behind her, and shook her head sexily in the process. This movement also made her heavy breasts shake at their foundation, and she found it necessary to halt their movement with her palms.

Dakota was speechless and in mild shock. She could hardly comprehend that she was now staring at the perfectly bald pussy belonging to her esteemed best friend. The unbelievable sight was going to make her lose control. She tried to make the feelings stop, but it was beyond her ability. Just before an unsolicited orgasm swept through her shuddering bod, she momentarily realized the gravity of the situation. 'This can't be?', she thought . . .

Jade was not made of stone either, and at the fateful and obvious moment, she cupped her friend's firm breast and pulled down the soaked bicycle shorts just in time to see Dakota forcibly and visibly ejaculate. Jade almost came herself, except that she had to concentrate on holding her suddenly jellyfied friend up. It felt good to have arms around Dakota's neck, and to feel her warmth. Her hair had a unique shine to it, and her musky fragrance titillated Jade's olfactory system, who took time during the post orgasmic bliss, to further view her friend's intimate areas, and finish taking off the rest of her clothing.

Dakota was spectacular! The reddish-brown hue to her complexion was even and rich, giving her well-toned body great depth and definition. The breasts were only a little smaller than Jade's, but just as perfectly formed and very firm to the touch. The nipples were about half the length of her own, but still considerably longer than average, and just as fat. The aureolas were very dark; their diameter a bit narrower than her own. The telltale swelling and aureolic bumpage made it clear how Dakota felt. Jade could not help looking further down, at her friend's tumescent furrow. The vertical patch of dark hair was narrow and sparse, ending halfway down the chubby labia. Yes, she took some innocent liberties with her fingertips while holding up her friend. Wet is good!

There was a great bilateral symmetry to the Indian Princess, and Jade continued to drink her in from every angle as she recuperated. In a minute or two, Dakota had regained a semblance of composure and could stand again without assistance. Breast against breast . . . vagina to vagina . . . face to face. Each lost herself in the comfort and safety of the other. Dakota's lips consciously closed the narrow gap between them, and she kissed her friend back with a tear in her eye. An avalanche of emotions tumbled over them, obliterating logic and protocol, and any restraint. The bathroom echoed the sounds of cats in heat as their passion climbed again. It wasn't long before their tongues ventured excited, exploratory duels, accompanied by heavenly wet-sounds. Even the uncontrollable moans and groans only served to punctuate some recently broken threshold. Hands roamed freely, and thighs undulated responsively. Words of love escaped hungry lips. They cared not of the possible implications, at least not yet. Soon their thighs turned into wetlands, and full-term coitus seemed inevitable.

It was for each of them their first meaningful sexual contact. Their advanced ages and virginal status only served to heighten their desire and intensity. Jade frantically squeezed Dakota's perfect derriere, and vice versa. Each mirrored the other's actions. Yeah, it was good! As one held the other's firm breasts, letting their nipples rub, they humped each other into orgasmic oblivion. Two torrid pussies popped their corks in unison, filling the smallish room with steaming girl cream. They squealed like schoolgirls as hot ejaculate left each of its respective holds; both girls still kissing and biting each other's soft, lush lips. Each was relieved to find another person who was able to ejaculate, though it seemed to Dakota that Jade produced more volume and with longer duration. There was also something else she never saw or heard of before. Jade had 'milked' her. Dakota kept her eyes open during orgasm (she was curious and didn't want to miss any visual morsel), but she had no idea she was on the bonus plan! Not only did the object of her long term desire have a similar vaginal talent, but those perfect breasts also knew a trick or two of their own. It appeared to Dakota that Jade's breasts also ejaculated during orgasm! No fucking way!! How hot was that!

The fluid was all over both of their fronts, and it was slightly tacky, like the stuff that came from their vaginas. Both eyed the guilty evidence of their torrid lust, and wondered what the various fluids might taste like. As if on cue, they searched for the answers orally. Each got to taste the bodily fluids of the other. Neither was disappointed by the response of their taste buds. Yes, Jade's tit-fluid had milky origins. Each cunt tasted more sweet than sour, and they wasted no time in sucking the non-offending fluid off their sticky fingertips, and occasionally, by more direct means.

Time seemed to stop, as the ecstasy put both in a superconductive state. They looked deeply into each other's eyes, seeing lust, love and a now deeper intimacy mirrored back. Dakota was in love with the electric green eyes belonging to the woman she so looked up to, and Jade luxuriated in the mysterious, deep-black opals that belonged to the girl that was her soul sister. Both were strong yet loving eyes, and in spite of the shocking events of minutes ago, they held understanding within.

Jade led the way into the shower, holding Dakota by the hand. They were doubly deserving of a shower right now. Though Dakota seemed uncharacteristically shy and reserved after what had just occurred between friends, Jade began talking a mile a minute. She was telling her friend about her suspicions of a deep conspiracy involving several businesses and untold individuals. It was a tale of drugs and deep pockets, and she was smack dab in the middle of it! She even explained their chemically forgotten first sexual contact from the other day. It felt good to finally tell someone.

Jade's grandstand was interrupted by a sexy scream. She had been so busy with her story and washing her hair and body, that she hadn't paid any attention to Dakota. Opening her eyes, Jade was greeted by her (again) collapsing buddy. Apparently, her showermate had been furiously masturbating her leaky slit as Jade animatedly told her tale. Alas, poor Dakota just had her third orgasm of the hour. Several thin streams of girl-juice sprayed forth as the poor girl slowly slid down the far wall, to end up on the shower floor, half-witted and drooling noticeably from the corner of her cute mouth. Her fingers were still rubbing her convulsing nether lips involuntarily, and her body would still jerk every now and then. Her eyes were glazed and unfocused; her legs obscenely spread.

'She probably hasn't heard a thing I've said.' Jade did not want to have to start all over at the beginning. 'Sigh. Maybe I shouldn't have burdened Dakota with such heavy shit.' After such an intimate personal breakthrough, the whole conspiracy theory thing was probably ill-timed. 'Am I a lesbian now?', Jade finally questioned recent events. 'Is Dakota?' She observed the obviously satisfied glow, spreading once again, over her Indian Princess. She picked her up, dried her off, and delicately put her to bed. Dakota was irresistibly beautiful. Jade could hardly think straight. She wondered if Dakota would even remember their magic moment. It was time to let her worn out friend sleep. Jade tucked her in, and turned to leave.

But something held her back. Perhaps she needed a last look at her friend's naked body? Yes, that was it. Lifting the sheet gave Jade a much deserved spasm between her legs. Dakota was so exotic, and they were the closest of friends. The woman's gash practically called Jade's name. She knew what she must do.

Gently, Jade spread the long legs of her reclined friend, and slowly descended for immediate oral intervention. With one hand holding Dakota's legs back, and the other massaging her own clit, Jade extended her tongue for an illicit raid. The taste was even better direct! Jade licked like there was no tomorrow. Instinctively, her tongue knew all the tricks, and Dakota was soon audibly humping her facial invader. Juices were heavy on both sides, and Jade knew she would be cumming soon. The way her breasts swung and collided with each other and the sheets, as she furiously tongue-lashed her girlfriend, told her that friction and gravity would shortly help claim another orgasm. Jade hoped the walls were not as thin as she knew them to be, for the screams were guttoral and unbridled. Once again, hot jets of jizz bellowed forth from each hot box simultaneously, only to intermingle and cause further damping of the sheets. Jade drank the eager juices and tried not to miss a drop! This was her most profound physical encounter to date. She blissfully collapsed on top of her semi-lucid friend to recover her spent strength.

Dakota was asleep again. Jade looked at her and realized she must leave, now. Would her friend remember anything? She certainly wasn't listening to Jade's story in the shower. Perhaps she would have to bring Dakota around more slowly. Jade dressed in fresh clothing from her duffle bag, and before she left for good, she retrieved a flower from her truck and placed it on the pillow next to the sleepy cheeks. The flower was an orchid from Jade's garden. She liked to cut a fresh one for her ride every few days, so it was fortunate she had a fine, healthy, and colorful Cattleya today. With a lighter heart and a spring in her step, Jade made happy tracks for home.

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End Chapter 11