"Adventures of Jade, Chapter 12"

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(Chapter 12)


Often, illusion is interpreted as reality because truth is submerged by consensus.

It was a sunny day in the mountains. Temperatures were still comfortable during daylight hours. The low humidity always tended to temper and moderate any extreme weather - of which there had been none lately. Jade felt a deep pervasive peace quaff over her soul as she drove home through a spectacular display of sunset-lit, fall colors. She did not care, for the moment, what possible change recent events might portend - including how her best friend might react to what just occurred between them. Jade told herself that none of it mattered. Of course, if she completely believed that, she might not have anointed Dakota with a liberal dose of the Burning Bush, just before she left. Still, there was the purposely left flower on her friend's pillow . . .

When the garage door opened, the preposterous sight was both a surprise and Jade's worst fear. The olive-drab military vehicle with temporary tags clearly must have been the result of 'Burning Bush Fever'. Jade got out of her truck and examined the sexy behemoth slumbering in the middle bay of the garage. A garage which now seemed quite small, considering that all three spaces were allocated. It appeared that the Humvee had every available option - and then some. Jade knew how much money lay smoldering within the new truck's three-and-a-half tons of metal. Soon the black Lamborghini would arrive as well, and surely her new pickup truck would get consigned to the outdoors holding down the driveway. She had to figure out a plan to detoxify this family of the tainted cosmetics, but more importantly, she had to decipher the purpose behind the ensconced stratagem, whose iceberg's tip was evidence in the form of the Burning Bush line of cosmetics and personal care products. There was just no point in going to the authorities until she knew more. One thing was certain: whoever was responsible for this sudden dark cloud upon her sanctuary, had very deep pockets and broad based support.

As Jade ate a light supper, she read the note from her mother. This was sadly becoming a much too frequent mode of communication between them. 'Shit.' Jade had almost forgotten about the brat's trip to Arizona. Her eyebrow went up further, when she read the part about Dr. Jenniffer Smith being the chaperone. It seemed unusual for Mother to even let the little one out of her sight, never mind that Jenna was about to be absent a whole weekend with a relative they socialized with only infrequently. On the other hand, Jenniffer was a doctor, and Astrid clearly found her reliable and trustworthy. Although Jade did not know Jenniffer well, her mother apparently felt comfortable enough with the planned scenario. On a positive note, perhaps the absence of her sister for a few days would allow Jade greater freedom, and one less possible victim to worry about. Certainly this might prove a double bonus, and even timely, if she was to have a chance at uncovering any dark secrets at the school. Jade spent a couple of hours on the patio contemplating the school rulebook, and looked for possible clues there. She did not want to have to deal with another close call, such as the recent one involving the Waters family.

Sleep patterns had apparently changed at the Parker household, for Jade had noticed that everyone was already in bed - and it was barely eight o'clock! Even she felt a little . . . bushed, so a final sweep for any ill-concealed, tainted cosmetics was made before retiring. As Jade brushed her teeth, she thought of her Native friend, and how perverted passions had gotten the better of her judgement. Was she becoming a lesbian? No, it was not just ordinary physical attraction they had shared, it was turbocharged girl-on-girl lust, unleashed and enhanced through the mysterious, behavior-altering chemicals found within those evil little glass bottles. Yet, Jade remembered in gleeful detail, how good Dakota had tasted - both her lips, as well as her . . . well, her other lips. 'Pussy's yummy!', she thought. Who would have guessed that her first non-self sex would be with a semi-conscious female!? Hopefully, that friendship can yet be salvaged.

Jade's orchids seemed to be doing very well lately, in spite of her lack of lavishing attention on them. Perhaps they too were affected by the fragrant line of potent chemicals, for many were starting to bloom, and this was an unusual time of year for that to occur for some of the varieties. Did they also seem to be growing noticeably faster? Jade admired them from her stone shower cubicle. As her eyes beheld their utter perfection, her hands explored her own. She fought the urge to play with herself. A long meditation there resulted in a firm, new resolution to be extra vigilant at work come morning. No one was going to pull any wool over Jade's electric-green, cat-eyes!

Sleep came swiftly and deeply; Jade barely had time to give Jenna a peck on the cheek and wish the sleeping sibling 'good hunting', before she entered the R.E.M. stage of sleep. Jade dreamed. They were strange dreams, and somehow prophetic. By dawn, the details had faded - except for a lingering excitement that foretold that this day would somehow produce true revelation! Jade shivered in her feather bed. She turned to face little Sister, but the other half of the bed was already empty. The clock confirmed that it was later than Jade realized. Everyone was probably already at the airport. Jade took another shower, and pondered the meaning of her dream.

The trio hugged and kissed, but only two got into the short line with their luggage. Astrid waved goodbye and left; a tear in her eye, and mixed feelings for leaving her youngest daughter out of her control. On the other hand, she was also looking forward to getting home and relieving the burning fire in her bush. She wondered why she had been so sleepy lately, and ultra horny. In any case, she was happy to finally have a day all to herself.

Jenna thought it was silly to have to be at the airport that much earlier than their scheduled flight time. She drowsily looked at the faces of the other passengers. It seemed to her that everyone was willing to give up a bunch of convenience and freedom in exchange for a sense of perceived safety in the post 9/11 world. This was such a small airport, and there were few passengers waiting for this flight (or any other); yet, here they were - two hours early. Jenna reasoned that terrorists would hardly want to make a statement where there would be so few potential casualties or witnesses. Her mental diatribe was broken by the low voice from a stern-looking, female security officer.

"Are you two traveling together?"

"Yes we are Ma'am."

Jenna answered enthusiastically, as she was excited about the trip, and the Burning Bush perfume always put her in a majorly good mood.

"Come with me please, Ladies - and bring your luggage."

The pair was led to a small conference room, not far from the ticket counter where they had stood only moments ago. The security guard ushered the two into the small room, as a second official waited outside the now freshly locked door. Suddenly they felt nervous; Jenna much more so than her chaperone. Both were informed, in no uncertain terms, that they had been selected for a random additional security screening.

"Please remove your jackets and shoes. Place any loose metallic items from your pockets into these plastic trays."

The short, no-nonsense, stocky, middle-aged woman knew the words by heart, and yet today something felt different in her routine. As Jenna and Jenniffer rummaged for loose objects and took off their shoes, something unusual began to engage and overtake the security guard. It was their positively fabulous perfume!

Her name tag said: Ruth Thomas. Well, Ruth had never been one for perfume (or anything too 'girly'), but this stuff inaugurated her senses unlike anything ever had before. The effect seemed so powerful, that she became aware of a whole new vibration. It was like Rebirth; or as if the past had been but a lame dream, and the future was about to burst forth bright and hopeful. Such was the effect of these chemicals on many people. Ruth was skeptical as to how these sensations could blindside her so. Perhaps it was simply the stunning beauty of the two 'pretty' people? No, it was more than that. It was their wonderful scent, as well as their arousing appearance. Ruth wondered what brand the perfume was, as she vainly tried to focus on her job.

Jenniffer sensed the sudden change in this woman's demeanor. To her, Ruth's authority suddenly seemed to falter. Clearly, she was abruptly becoming less confident - less intimidating. This realization gave the Doc a sense of power, and the desire to be the one in control. It was time to have a little fun. She looked at Jenna, who appeared to be fostering growing trepidation at being singled out like this. Perfect. Jenniffer turned the fortunes of energy to her own end. Amusement would be had by all today.

"Really, Ms. . . .Thomas, there's no need for this nonsense. It's not like I'M HIDING A BOMB IN MY PANTIES or BRA!"


Ruth unconsciously mumbled the key words.

"You don't need to STRIP SEARCH US! It's not like we're TERRORISTS."

The emphasized provocation set off alarm bells in Ruth's (formerly) untainted body chemistry. These were major trigger-words that security people both feared and trained for. Ruth's hair almost stood from her body as her Burning Bush-slowed mind tumbled over the new mixed signals. Only yesterday she said to herself how dull this new job was; confiscating toenail clippers and tweezers, a tactical absurdity aimed at placating ignorant masses. Ruth had not had one serious incident in the month she had worked at the posh airport. But now, several things seemed to be happening simultaneously. It did not help matters that Ruth was a lesbian, and before her stood two shining examples of womanhood. Her body temperature was on the rise. The sudden chemical rush, brought on by the Burning Bush perfume, and in concert with the natural visual effect of the pair of stunning women (who were pushing all her panic buttons), created an inevitable environment for what was to happen. Certainly Jenniffer felt the odds of an 'incident' building with the passing of each inflammatory word from her quivering, oleaginous lips.

"Yes, strip-search. Please hold out your arms and remain still."

Dr. Smith delighted in her ability to manipulate this woman into some (hopefully) embarrassing sport. She waited motionless as her body was scanned. Ruth excitedly fanned Dr. Jenniffer Smith with the suggestive-looking sensing device, and Jenniffer couldn't help but notice how distracted the woman became by her ample chest. The thin, white, cotton designer-tee, showed off her voluptuous twin-towers. Jenna looked on in growing horror at the obvious way Jenniffer was causing both of them an unnecessary delay. Jenna realized that Jenniffer was just trying to be funny, but this woman seemed to be taking it seriously. Jenna looked at cousin Jenniffer in discomfort, hoping to have her mind read. The good doctor simply gave young Jenna a huge wink. It was about that time that Jenna began to notice the doc's two frisky, outward-bound flesh epicenters. The naughty doctor's nipples were getting hard! Though Jenniffer was a respected doctor, she still craved attention as a little child might! The Burning Bush tended to enhance these child-like qualities (as well as ones not so child-like which resided in the dark recesses of the thalamus and hypothalamus). A little exhibitionism never hurt anybody, thought Jenniffer, and she just couldn't wait to see Jenna when it would be her turn for the strip search!

Poor Ruth began perspiring even more. What was happening? She was normally ultra-professional and highly unflappable. All she began caring about, was a need to see more of these two lovely female passengers. She felt deep desire, as well as confusion and fear. Ruth had to justify what she was about to do, so she expeditiously rationalized that no stone would be left unturned in her search for potentially dangerous contraband. After all, it was for the greater security of all trusting travelers!

"Please lift up your shirt ma'am."

This was a key moment that Dr. Jenniffer Smith had been waiting for!

"But I'm not wearing a bra! You'll see my tits, and so will my young charge there."

Ruth didn't seem to find the problem in that, in fact it only added to the sudden avalanche of excitement that she had begun to feel.

"I am authorized to take this as far as I need to, in order to insure passenger safety. LIFT UP YOUR TEE SHIRT MADAM!"

Dr. Jenniffer was enjoying this so far, except for the part about being called 'madam', but hey it was showtime. She presented her best poker face, and hoped that her feigned reluctance would make the gravy all-the-better. She wanted to flash both young Jenna as well as this strange, butch woman in uniform. A quick visual inventory indicated she had everyone's rapt attention. Jenniffer slowly lifted up her tee, and then held it that way. The angle was such that Jenna couldn't fully see her goods (the poor thing looked frustrated about that), but Ruth could. Dr. J pretended to be both annoyed AND reluctant at being forced to show skin.

Ruth was impressed. The jugs before her were magnificent! Double D's, she was guessing - and surprisingly firm-looking. Additionally, the two areolae were quite substantial and becoming bumpy, with the nipples erecting long and stiff, and in turn stretching the areolas. Ruth's upper lip was now uncomfortably moist. She stared a lot longer than was professional. Poor woman couldn't understand why she was losing her battle with self-control.

Despite turning as red as a beet, Jenna was trying to inconspicuously move to a better vantage point. Indeed, she was hardly conscious of her own burgeoning desire. About the best she could do was a good side cleavage shot of Jenniffer, affording her only about half of the desired perspective. Perhaps this exam would go further, and if she remained patient, she would get to see those huge, womanly breasts that she almost bumped into last night.

Ruth knew what she had to do next (job, or no job). Her trembling hands put down the scanning-wand and reached out. Tentatively at first, she grabbed handfuls of warm, dense tit-flesh. Dr. J pretended to be upset and uncomfortable with the manipulation of her twin treasures. She could see how big Jenna's eyes were getting. Even the security guard looked like she might die of pleasure at any moment. But Ruth didn't die; in fact she felt very alive! Her touching became more robust, and as the seconds passed, more aggressive. She even let out a most unprofessional moan of satisfaction. Ruth used both hands and thoroughly lifted, pushed and prodded the pliant flesh. Certainly, there was little tactical reason to pinch and tug at the woman's nipples, and yet that's exactly what she did. Was that saliva forming at the corners of her mouth?

Jenniffer had always considered acting as a possible alternate career, and she relished in her role of 'victimized passenger'. Her movements reflected mock protest, and were just convincing enough.

"Take the garment completely off. I need to check it as well."

Jenna heard that loud and clear, and it excited her. But why? She knew not, except that her body was almost out of control with intense curiosity and that strange, recurring, southerly moistening. As Dr. Jenniffer Smith took off her tee shirt, leaving her topless, she looked over at young Jenna.

"I'm sorry you have to see me like this. I'm so embarrassed!"

Of course she was anything but. The hunger with which the two females ogled her, fed her exhibitionist streak (which had been duly amplified through the repeated use of the Products). The good doctor was giddy from the cocktail of chemicals her brain was producing in response to the foreign drugs (not to mention these were delectable circumstances). She pretended to modestly cover her now naked breasts. Either her hands were too small, or her breasts too large - for the task was not quite possible. Both of her observers were secretly pleased about that shortcoming.

Ruth had to intervene and move Jenniffer's hands away from their pretend efforts. Perhaps it was the cold sterility of the white room that caused the excessive horizontal nipple activation in the five-foot-seven medical professional.

"And now your pants . . ."

"Oh no, I can't do that in front of an audience!"

"Ma'am, I haven't got all day. If you don't want to cooperate with me, you are either hiding something or you want to miss your flight. In any case, it is suspicious, and I can call one of the male security personnel to take my place. Is this what you want?"

"Forgive me, Jenna!"

Jenniffer was proud of her body. She worked hard to keep fit, and lauded a legitimate opportunity for the world to appreciate how good she looked at forty-plus. Of course she would cooperate! What surprised her was how little effort it was taking to manipulate this Lesbian (one didn't even need Gaydar to spot that in Ruth). Jenniffer turned her body opposite her audience and began removing her overpriced jeans (Osh-Kosh-Debauch brand). When she looked back and saw how raptly everyone was staring, she bent way over to finish the task. It would seem the dirty doctor was NOT wearing undergarments! Jenna audibly gasped as her hand went to her mouth; shocked at seeing the doctor's beautiful behind, sans garment.

Ruth too enjoyed the perfect pear-shaped ass. Her's certainly never looked this good! She wasted no time in taking the next step and using her trusty wand on the now fully nude woman. Accidentally of course, the plastic device would brush sensitive breasts and collide with tumescent nipples - not to mention an occasional contact with a soggy, yawning cunt. Poor Jenna was creaming her panties at the improbable sight.

Again glancing behind her, Jenniffer noticed that Jenna's nipples were becoming quite visibly erect from the effect of this scandalous inspection. This confirmed with certainty, Jenniffer's suspicions. Jenna harbored latent girl/girl eccentricities! This certainly promised to make their weekend in Phoenix much more tolerable. Ruth now turned Jenniffer completely around. She and Jenna could now both see her complete nakedness, and from the front!

Again Jenniffer allowed them a long look, then tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her manicured, but too-small hands. What a lovely game this was. It was indeed rare to see such a perfect female. Ruth even dropped her wand in the excitement. As she bent down to pick up the wand, her head came level with the lightly furred pie that belonged to the well-heeled traveler. It looked swollen and moist, and almost pulsed visibly. Ruth was going to enjoy the body-cavity search that she would dutifully perform on both of these two goddesses. They say if you love your job, you will never have to work a day in your life! How true that was this fine Friday!!

Jade was off to school before her mother returned from the airport. She used the drive time for further deliberation on what she would do today. She had to perform both her teaching duties, as well as gather intelligence relating to the depth of the suspected conspiracy - all without getting caught, fired, or worse! Jade applied several eastern concentration techniques directed at maintaining focus and clarity.

An early test came when she went through the usual security screening via Bertha. Jade was certain now, that she and others were being inappropriately groped during their daily screening! Strangely, it felt as though the crippling elevator music made the more specific and shocking details harder to recall. Jade wished they would turn that lame shit off! It was all she could do to ignore the lingering infelicitous touches on her firm bosom and derriere.

Getting past that hurdle, she hurriedly proceeded to the biding safety of her office and inner sanctum. But the deeper she traveled into the bowels of the school, the weaker her resolve and discipline seemed to become. By the time Jade unlocked her office door, she was sweating from the strain and effort. At least here the tunes were more appropriate, and to her liking. However, the bad feeling she was ripening, persisted even in the former safety of her own space. Conceivably, if she focused on getting ready for her next class, maybe she wouldn't feel so pathetically powerless. As the minutes passed forever by, Jade could feel her resolve waning, and her mind lazily wandering. Suddenly, the prognosis for lucidity did not look so good in spite of the best efforts of all her willpower.

Jade managed to set out what she needed for today's exercises, but it had required much more concentration than expected. Exhausted, she sat down at her desk. That's when her world began to really unravel. Her hopes of this day bringing revelation began to fade.

Jade felt an electrical charge in the air, and her hair began to stand on end. Soon goose bumps formed all over her body. Her heart began to race more. That's when she saw it. A notebook-sized piece of pink paper on top of her desk. It was her own personal letterhead from home. A further shock was the handwriting. You see, it was her own. No doubt about it. With a lump in her throat, she began to read the note:

Dear Jade,

I know this will freak you out, but you must read on if you are to manifest your destiny. This is not a joke. By now, you have recognized the handwriting. It is yours . . . I beg you to read on.

*This is a warning*

Something is going to happen . . . something BAD .

My dearest . . .

because of (nearly) impossible and unlikely circumstances, you will have a unique opportunity to Shine, and make things Right with your world. You see, this letter was written by you - or at least it will be. As you have already begun to suspect, there is something terribly wrong at this school! You are not imagining these things (though you have questioned your sanity on many occasions, since you began this endeavor).

I tell you, a chain of events is about to unfold, and you need to prepare body, mind, and soul. This cryptic message is being sent, so that you might grasp the grave and yet miraculous nature of a pending "collision of realities". This is a note of hope, for in the blackness, an opportunity of a lifetime will present itself to you. Together, we will beat the odds (yeah, the odds suck from a mathematical standpoint).

But be warned, there is great evil brewing in your midst! You have no idea how thick the darkness looms over the immediate horizon of many young lives. Beware of lifeless eyes - they are in the walls - above and below, and they see nearly all! Yet, you must not despair fair maiden! Banish fear. Be the warrior you are destined to be and save them!!!

Soon, a 'dimension-door' will manifest at a preordained physical point in space and time. Only you can unlock its secrets. Your nigh task then, is to recognize this threshold when it substantiates, and then seize felicitous action. But, even the 'mighty' Jade V. Parker is not yet ready to tackle the forces of deliberate human ignorance as are now coalescing against her - at least, not yet. You must trust us and prepare immediately. Take heed of my . . uh, your words and follow the charges we are about to deliver you. Please understand I can not say too much, for fear this note could give us away. I trust you will have found it and understand and believe! We are not alone!

'She' will contact you forthwith, and give you further illumination. Your dream was real. Revelation is at hand. Be brave. Victory is ours!


PS-Burn this note now!

Jade was at a complete loss. Was this just another instance of her recent mental obscurities? The note looked real enough, and it definitely was in her own handwriting. This was alarming. The steady loss of jurisdiction over her intellect during the past week was bad enough by itself, but now there was solid confirmation of the likeliness of some kind of evil conspiracy! Who will she be able to trust, and how could she remain rational when it was so hard to concentrate? Who was this third party cryptically referred to as 'She'? Let's see: Someone is supposed to help Jade save someone else - but who and from what? The disorder in Jade's mind fueled a growing fear that she had not felt since the loss of her father some ten years prior. Instead of answers, all Jade could come up with, was more questions. She began to shiver.

There was a postscript to the message. It was a list. Very strange. Looked like dietary instructions. Should she take the bizarre directives seriously? The list looked benign enough . . . Jade made her decision. She was ready to trust this alter-ego, at least for now. She was probably just dreaming right now anyway! Her private fridge provided the named items, some of which included: bee pollen, apricot nectar, colloidal vitamins and minerals, grape seed extract, aminos, etc..

It was no small miracle that the well-equipped office had a fridge and kitchenette, thus making it possible for the health-conscious gym-teacher to keep all kinds of herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals and supplements on hand. Without adieu, Jade swallowed the items she had gathered, and in the order and quantity specified. A strained, stinky burp signaled successful completion of her first instruction from an 'alternate reality'.

Additionally, Jade was also directed to burn some Frankincense and Myrrh, along with the now infamous note. Some candles for atmosphere, and Jade sat herself down comfortably in the leather, swivel recliner. She watched the smoke rise along with her prayers for guidance. Jade had followed the mysterious directions to the letter. There was no harm in it, right?

Now what? Aside from the bad taste in her mouth from a few of the ingredients, nothing at all was happening. But what exactly was supposed to develop anyway? Jade was starting to think how silly all this was. Nothing would likely happen. The note was now history, so there was no longer any evidence that it ever existed. Jade thought about the words in the note.

'Was this whole episode just my imagination, or simply another side-effect of the products?'

As Jade pondered these things to an old Deep Purple number, something peculiar began to take shape. At first, she thought she saw fog rolling in, but being indoors - that was impossible. Maybe it was smoke? Was there a fire? Jade tried getting up, but her body felt unresponsive. The persistent mist seemed to come from all directions, and it became noticeably colder; no it probably wasn't a fire. That was followed by what seemed to be a clap of thunder - which startled the groggy brunette. Immediately after, came dancing lights - a 'will-o-the-wisp' type phenomenon, if you will. Jade was not sure she was really seeing and hearing accurately, and was still quite unable to move - try as she might. Off to the left she heard a type of harmonic - almost sounded like speech. A sudden smell of Roses and Ferns broke across Jade's olfactory bow. As her eyes adjusted, her mind was hardly ready to accept the phantasm waiting for her there!

A woman stood - all etheric-like. No, not a woman - a nun! At least, she wore nun's head covering - and nothing else! It was impossible to guess her age, but her body appeared to be quite flawless. She exuded undefinable goodness, and timeless beauty. Jade could hardly believe her eyes; she could not look away. The nun slowly approached, as though she were floating; her feet did not ambulate! Her well-proportioned breasts bobbed as though she were submerged in salt water. Her vagina was bare, and almost pre-pubescent in its shape and maturity. The nun seemed to have very long hair that could hardly be contained; it looked untamed, was green in color, and coiled out from her headcovering like underwater sea-grass. Her eyes shone and sparkled like black opals. She was smiling when her lips opened.

"Sweet Child in Time, do not be afraid."

When the apparition spoke, her lips did not move in a conventional manner; yet Jade understood her intent. Now she was alarmed! Definitely not your typical Friday morning, that's for sure!

"I have come to help change human events. I visit you today, hopefully the first of three appearances. Today, my "time" with you will be limited. With luck and skill, by our third meeting, you will understand and believe."

"Who are you?"

"I am the Keeper of Time."

"The what?"

"I am in charge of regulating all time in this continuum, Valkyre."

"Yeah right. You can't be real, yet I see you, and . . . how do you know my middle name?"

"My, you are full of questions."


"You are not capable of sustaining the energy to keep this link open. For you, time is running short this day. Please save your questions for our next meeting. In the meantime, you must fulfill a quest. If you are successful, our next meeting will be longer and more fruitful."

The vision moved her arms about, just like a swimmer might, trying to float in one place.

"You are to play a part in Manifest Destiny. Your higher self has made consequential contact with the powers that be - which in turn have petitioned my intervention. Your request was/is/will be granted. And now for your instructions . . ."

Jade was dumbfounded by the unlikeliness of such a realistic-looking phantasm. She saw, she heard, she smelled, she felt - but still found it hard to trust her senses. The nun still floated mere yards from her, naked as a jaybird! There were flickers of light all about the apparition, and the sound of a fast-running brook - or was it more like distant thunder? Jade figured it was all just a neat, thorough hallucination. She must be in really bad shape to have such a colorful and realistic fantasy while awake. Looking down, Jade saw that she was still seated in her office recliner, and could still vaguely make out the radio playing in the background. If this was a dream, it was very authentic! The nun's opalescent eyes flickered with energy and intelligence - 'twas almost hypnotic.

"Listen carefully, Jade Valkyre Parker! You must be in the school Chapel at midnight, and wait for me under the moonlight glow of the skywindows. Make sure you can see Grandmother Moon from your vantage point!"

"I can't do that. No one is allowed on the third floor! Even the Chapel is off limits, except once a week and then only with an escort by Sister Mary or another high-ranking staff member. The main doors are locked after hours, so how could I get into the building? If I hide somewhere and wait, security will know I haven't left, since everyone has a computerized identification card. I'm sure they know every employee's arrival and departure times. There's no way to get up there. I could get fired if I'm caught!"

"You are above Man's laws. It is up to you to find a way. Believe me, if you do not gain access - you will soon not care about this job compared to what will inevitably come to pass. Once you gain entry - meditate. More instructions will follow. And now I must depart, but before I do, your flesh must be baptized. I know your spirit is strong, but your flesh is weak - though you might disagree. The items you recently ingested should prevent your electrocution."

"Please, what do you want with me? I must be dreaming . . ."

"Off with your under-coverings, Valkyre."

"What?! Are you crazy?"

"Your flesh must be baptized, or there will be a paradox."

"Paradox? But, why my shorts?"

"It is written!"

Jade felt trapped. She wanted to bolt, but her body continued its recent affair with unresponsiveness. There were so many questions. Clearly, none of this could really be happening. Should she call for the school nurse? No, definitely not - that would be the day! Was this maybe just an allergic reaction to an overdose of the tainted cosmetics? The mental struggle temporarily ended as Jade decided the whole episode was probably harmless anyway, and she would be in no danger if she played along. Dreams can't hurt you, right? Jade looked at the spirit's nude form at length. It struck her as silly for a dream-nun to be floating there, wearing only her headcovering, and nothing else. Maybe that was a magic flying hat? Whatever the explanation for this sexy dream, the nun was definitely a looker - though it was hard to tell if she was young or old.

Jade's reverie was interrupted as the spirit waved her hand, and at that very instant her shorts burst into (harmless) flame - gone from her loins in a bright flash, and puff of smoke. Incredible! She looked down at the juncture where her jogging shorts once called home. Her forcibly shaved vagina pouted back at her, now without its customary outer raiments. To add to the embarrassment, Jade could not help but notice how wet the damned thing had gotten again. She tried to move her legs together, but they wouldn't obey. The nun-apparition floated forward.

"Quickly my dear, spread your legs. Good! That's it . . . more!"

The nun was now staring at Jade's soggy sin-slot, but those traitorous hands would not allow her to cover herself. This 'ghost', definitely had the overwhelmed brunette completely at her beck and call. In fact, Jade's legs were indeed parting of their own accord to allow the naked spirit better access. The nun knelt down. 'Oh no!!! What is she going to do!? Oh shit, she can't do that!!!'

As the angelic, timeless visage advanced upon Jade's inner sanctum, she understood what the Sister meant by a baptism! An etheric, pink tongue left the saintly lips and wormed towards the wanton, wet wattle between Jade's quivering thighs. There was nothing Jade could do but wait for . . . cuntact!

What followed was an explosion in flesh. There was a clap of thunder, and Jade felt as though she had been hit with an electric shock. But it did not kill her. A warm cold spread out from the gym-teacher's epicenter at light speed, enthralling her body, and pushing it instantly, towards . . . CLIMAX! 'Oh no, how could this happen!' Jade was helpless to resist the merciless onslaught. She watched in near paralysis as the mysterious 'Sister' gave her pussy a few deadly laps, driving her to the speediest orgasm of her life! Her puss peaked in record time.

Jade screamed out. As was customary for the brunette, her quim began to erupt streams of girl-jizz. This time, they were profoundly voluminous. The sweet sprays arced in the air in the general direction of the slowly retreating spirit. Each drop seemed then, to burst into a bright flash of sparks as it made contact with the apparition's Auric, or Meisner field. Even Jade's tee shirt was soon wetted by her subsequent and uniquely outrageous orgasm-induced boob-discharge. Then, suddenly, with a wink and a smile, a lick and a promise, the nun was history. The room became suddenly still and fog-free. The PA system still spat out the old metal tunes - now easily audible once again. Jade lay slumped in her chair. She looked around. Alone now. 'Whew. What a crazy dream!' Unfortunately, as Jade looked down, to her horror, she discovered that she was indeed shorts-less! Her mind was mush. The adrenaline rush was not helping her sober up. Jade began to realize that it was much later than she thought, and that the kids would shortly be arriving for class. There was no time to waste in clearing her foggy mind and body.

Shannon sat in Mary Silverstein's lap in the principal's office. On a monitor, a clandestine scene played out. It was the live video feed from the gymnasium's private office. A drunk-looking gym teacher was stumbling around without the customary lower part of her uniform. The pair watched the scene unfold without comment. Mary had one hand in Nurse O'Banyon's bra, while the other played inside the woman's panties. On the screen, Jade was trying to get herself together before students began filing in.

"That bitch is so fuckin' hot!"

"She was talking to herself quite a bit."

"Maybe we need to back off on the settings; she looks completely lost - and has obviously just had an orgasm without even touching herself . . ."

"No, I think she's going to be fine. Very strong willed, that one. Better safe than sorry."

"But all the others have easily fallen in line. I don't think anyone suspects a thing. If you leave the settings in the Gymnasium at the highest level, we could soon have vegetables on our hands. We don't know the long term effects of the mind-control combinations, and I would think she would be quite the prize in-tact."

"My sister has planned and tested this system; we are being paid handsomely to make sure all goes according to schedule. No one has yet irrevocably strayed outside the envelope. Remember, Shannon, you're not a real nurse - so spare me your 'medical' dribble."

"I just don't want things to cave in before the winter holiday payoff, bonus package. The more we deliver, the larger our cut, right?"

"To be sure, if any of us are to enjoy our bonuses unincarcerated, we had all be extra careful with this very gutsy charade. I for one, want to spend my early retirement rich, and in the south of France. However, I'm in charge until Wanda says otherwise. I'm not backing the settings off until I feel like it."

Shannon hated Mary. She was even bitchier and callous than herself. But a lot of money was at stake. She tried her hardest not to scratch out the woman's eyes this very instant. Shannon tried to think of something positive, like her pending million dollars plus.

"It's hard to believe Wanda has perfected this aphrodisiac to such a useful level. I've never seen anyone manage to blend in the elements of suggestion and mind control, though in my first year of medical school, we did experiment with hypnosis."

"You mean your first AND last year of medical school."

The digs were never far behind. Mary was a very abrasive individual, and always quick to find an individual's weaknesses and explore them; for her it was fun. Shannon boiled on the inside, in spite of her expressionless exterior. Alas, the hierarchy was set. There would be time to get even later, but currently, Shannon was bent over the administrator's desk, getting her pussy and anus reamed by the bony fingers of Mary's hands. Her panties had been ripped off, and her uniform hiked up around her waist. Shannon's dancer-ass swayed in front of the seated principal's face, and judging by the sounds of moisture that Mary's finger-action elicited, Shannon was not far from an orgasm. They continued watching the super-hot Gym teacher stumbling about in her office and trying to find something to wear. It was not easy to see detail on a monitor, and soon both heated ladies wondered how they could get Jade alone and in some compromising position. On the monitor, students began changing into their gym uniforms. As Mary humped her pussy over the back of Ms. Obanyon's long leather boot, an amazing orgasm shook her at the same time that 'Nurse' Shannon popped her own cork. This day of promised hedonism was still young - there would be more pleasure to cum.

Jenna could hardly breathe. Dr. Jenniffer stood completely nude in front of the chubby security woman. The good doctor looked down in time to see a stream of excitement work its way down her thigh. Ruth was forcibly preventing Jenniffer from covering her nakedness, all-the-while staring at the heavenly sight that was her cunt. Jenna swallowed hard; Dr. J. Smith was a beautiful woman. Ruth turned up the temperature a notch with her next idea!

It was time for the body-cavity search. She reached out, still squatting, and used ungloved hands to touch Jenniffer's outer labia. The doctor involuntarily moaned. This was starting to affect her. She couldn't believe how deliciously close to orgasm she was. A few more touches, and she might go over the edge. This would not do! She cursed her lack of control, pushing away the invading digits. Ruth would have none of this, and reasserted herself. Again, Jenniffer parried.

"Madam, if you keep fighting me, you will miss your flight. Now move your hands away!"

That intense feeling in her belly scared Dr. J. She was always able to maintain her stamina during arousal, but here she was - on the brink! Control was shifting again, towards the bull-dyke. Suddenly, she was apprehensive.

"Please Dr. Smith, let her get it over with. Let's not miss our plane! I don't want to not be able to drive my new car. I need this driving class!"

Jenna pleaded for both obvious reasons. Dr. J gave her a crossed look, and continued trying to cover her privates. The damned brat was looking at her there, and she was siding with the security person! As Ruth unsuccessfully struggled to part the gushing, pink labial sea, Jenniffer's heavy breasts paid the price in wiggle-quotient. The heat went up again as the guard spoke up during their struggle.

"You, Blondie please come here and hold her hands!"

Jenna couldn't at first comprehend the request, which Ruth repeated several times in frustration. Initially, it didn't occur to her that Ruth was talking to her. When the sweaty dyke grabbed Jenna's hands and placed them over Jenniffer's, her brain had finally caught up with what was being asked. It was shocking and gutsy, holding the Doctor's hands away from her cunt and pussy! Yet somehow, her muscles involuntarily closed over Jenniffer's wrists and she resisted. Jenna was a strong and athletic girl. Probably a good match for Jenniffer. The two struggled for domination. Dr. J looked into Jenna's ice-blue eyes with a 'you'll pay for this later' stare. The teen was afraid, and yet angry too, that she might miss her flight. Jenniffer gave in.

"Excellent! Hold her just like that. Now you - spread your legs so I can finish."

Ruth placed her hands next to Jenniffer's vertical smile and parted the fold. Jenna looked down, even though she fought the desire to. Seeing another woman's hands holding an adult woman's sex was almost unbearable for the fifteen-year-old! Something wet and intense was churning in Jenna's gut, and it was related to pleasure. Looking up into the doctor's face confirmed that she too was somehow enjoying the scene, albeit more reluctantly than before when she was in full control. Jenna realized how beautiful the female form could be. She had first become aware of her mother's beauty, then her sister's, and now cousin Jenniffer's. They sure were a beautiful family. But was that pee dribbling down Jenniffer's thigh? No, it smelled different. The guard's finger-action created wet slopping sounds as she worked the naked passenger's privates. Ruth picked up her trusty flashlight and aimed the aluminum thing right into Jenniffer's leaky slot! Jenna was trembling.

It was so clear that the pussy in front of them held no bombs or other foreign objects. Ms. Timken inserted more fingers inside and put her face real close. Nope, nothing but juice - so why did she keep slowly pumping her fingers in and out? Ruth pushed that question aside. The dyke felt so empowered and free, she decided to throw caution to the wind. The Surefire® tactical flashlight soon ended up exploring the doctor's other frontier: her 'Hinterlands'! Yes, the ole' back door. Before Jenniffer realized it, her sphincter parted to receive the skinny end of the quality device. There was only one thing the doctor could do now - have a fucking orgasm!

So that's exactly what she did - climax; all-the-while staring straight into Jenna's deep, blue eyes. The youngster did not understand the reason behind the contortions of bliss her chaperone's face was expressing. She didn't know what was happening, yet she held Jenniffer's wrists tight, even though the doc was hardly struggling any more. The sudden scream caused Ruth to momentarily stop pumping the spasming passenger to be. Even Jenna let go, and stepped back, causing Jenniffer to collapse without her two supporters.


"What the hell is going on in there, Ruth?"

The male security official waiting patiently outside the locked door had thought he heard something that concerned him. He had besides been growing more concerned, as things were taking much longer than usual.

"Ruth, is everything okay in there?"

"Ehhemm, errrr yes, we're almost finished. Everything is nominal, Hank! Be out in a flash."

The banging on the door combined with Jenniffer's visceral scream finally broke the Burning Bush's spell. Ruth shouted back through the locked door. Hopefully, Hank did not catch the uncertainty in Ms. Timken's voice.

Ruth tried to pull herself together. What had she done! Grabbing her throbbing head, she searched for and found a sliver of sanity. She realized she had finally lost complete control, and taken advantage of a female passenger. Her fantasies of seducing and violating a super-feminine traveler had come true, in spades! A convulsing naked woman lay on the floor of the too-white room. Mere feet from there, her fellow traveler stood dumbfounded; obviously in shock over what Ruth had just done. It was too late to undo any of it. Perhaps the young blonde witness could be intimidated into silence? It was worth a shot for Ruth, since the alternative was unemployment and maybe even jail!

"Help me with her clothes, quickly!!"

It took Jenna some time before she could move again. She had come so close to . . . something. Her body had of late been awakened to certain physical impulses that were quite confusing. Before she knew it, cousin Jenniffer had been dressed, and on her way toward some semblance of lucidness.

"Don't just stand there you bimbo, help me with her blazer! Remember, nothing unusual occurred. We simply had a routine inspection, that is all!"

Jenna finally did help get Jenniffer decent (though her head was still swimming), and she felt hot and dirty. Glancing over at the security guard confirmed that she appeared worse than Jenna felt. Ruth's hair was all matted from sweat, and her face moist from streaming perspiration. She was also out of breath, and quite agitated. Apparently the security screening was over, and nothing unusual transpired. Jenna helped Jenniffer with her bags, and they were let out of the room on wobbly legs to catch their flight; barely in time. A trail of perfume drafted behind them, tickling the fancy of all who crossed path with it.

"What happened in there? You took much longer than usual, and you're a mess my dear."

"Hank, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

As Ms. Timken watched the pair of confused passengers finally board their plane, she unconsciously put the end of her flashlight into her mouth and sucked. There would be plenty to masturbate over tonight. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny little colorful bottle of something that had not been there before, and read the label. Now she knew the name of the exotic perfume. There was the pang of guilt over obviously having stolen something (albeit unconsciously) from a passenger's luggage - a first in her short career as a trusted security official at Telluride Airport. Opening the bottle, she placed a drop on her wrist and inhaled. The guilt went away.

"What is that fantastic smell?", inquired Hank.

Astrid cleared the curves with more effort than she was used to. It was hard to focus on the road. On more than one occasion, she found herself having to seriously correct her line. Perhaps the Ferrari needed more air in the tires? Or maybe an alignment was in order? She slowed down so that she wouldn't end up like the many snowplow trucks in winter - over the side. By the time she got home, she was a nervous wreck, and very clammy from perspiration. She also craved more Burning Bush!

Dr. Jenniffer and Jenna managed to just board in time. By the time they had found their seats, both were quite winded and tired . . . from something? The gaps in their memory made both of them wonder what really occurred during their security screening. Logic tried to obscure the frightening reality. Was there some kind of a problem involving a strip search? Naww, couldn't be. Jenniffer found that her stress was somewhat mitigated through a fresh shot of the perfume. Jenna also felt a similar desire for the familiar chemicals, but she fought her body's whims. Lately, Jenna had begun to feel a lot of guilt whenever she tried to use the wonderfully intoxicating personal care products. It seemed to her that such temptation should be resisted. The way the perfume made her feel was somehow too good, and it was beginning to scare her. You see, it made the fifteen-year-old want to look at her body - preferably naked! And not just her own - other bodies too. The products would make her warm and (-gasp-) wet. It took a lot of willpower to keep her own hands away from her overheated flesh. Jenna made fists as she struggled with the craving, and as she looked over at her chaperone it was clear she apparently felt no such guilt.

The little jet began to taxi, and pressed Jenna's and Jenniffer's beautiful pelvises into the seats. Takeoff from Telluride was more like a launch into orbit, for as soon as you reached the end of the runway, you were at over 9,000 feet! It was breathtaking. Unconsciously, the pair of passengers instinctively found each other's hand and held on tight.

Dr. Smith and Jenna Parker held hands as they slept in first class. They awoke refreshed, just in time for the uneventful landing. Several hours later, after hurriedly checking in, they were at the Bodurant driving school. Jenna was so excited, she hardly noticed the mistake the hotel had made; their room had only one bed. The hotel was overbooked, so they would just have to live with things.

Jenna was enrolled in the advanced teenage driving/high performance driving class, while Jenniffer decided to take the personal protection/anti-terrorism driving course, just so she wouldn't be bored. The buku dineros were not a problem. The moment the two ladies walked into their respective classes, they became instant centers of attention. Truth be known, it was all the available men that got Jenniffer interested in sticking around. She had planned on going shopping during the day, and catching up with Jenna in the evenings. All the attention made them both practically instant celebrities, and that suited them just fine. Neither suspected that The Burning Bush Cosmetics and Personal Care Products had anything to do with the overt consideration they had gotten the moment they showed up at the acclaimed school. The adulation of the men certainly rubbed the girls the right way, and they knew this was going to be a great weekend. Thankfully, neither had brought any Burning Bush products to class, and their tainted scents wore out by day's end. Even so, most of the men had dropped their IQ's by fifty percent! The closer their proximity, the greater and quicker the effects. In spite of these distractions, Both ladies found the subject matter in the classes surprisingly interesting and stimulating.

Jade managed to get through the day without further hallucinations. She kept the girls busy, but hardly noticed them. The final bell finally came, and she rushed out of the building. The further away she found herself, the more clear her muddied mind became. The 'incident' had seemed so real. But was it? Jade promised to herself that she would follow through anyway, yet the rational part of her mind feared the illogic of her previous decision. She wrestled with the probability of breaking into the school tonight. There were many security cameras about. The doors were wired to the alarms. This could be a recipe for disaster!

On the other hand, perhaps the skywindows on the roof would be less protected? Surely the bulk of the building security budget would be directed at the likeliest entry points? Perhaps a glass cutter would be all she would need. And maybe some suction cups to keep the cutout piece of glass from falling to the chapel floor below. Definitely wear black.

'Oh God, I'm actually considering this madness!'

There was still the big problem of getting onto the roof itself, some three stories high. There was no time to order any grappling equipment, and Jade did not already possess any. Besides, this had to be a quick entry, as the parking lot was well lighted and not the place to loiter. Even if she knew how to climb, she had very little time. There was less than eight hours to plan and execute this. Why was she even considering this? Jade felt sick in her gut, but she gave her intuition great weight in decisions when her intellect fell short.

"Hey Chief!"

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"Hello Jade."

"You wanna go runnin' with me?"

Another long pause. Jade noted that Dakota called her by her name.

"Earth to Dakota. Like in an hour or so. I could pick you up."

"Uhhh, I guess."

"Don't sound so enthusiastic about it!"

More silence.

"Grab some rabbit food if you haven't eaten, and I'll pick you up after I've had mine. We can do Top-o'-the-World."

Jade knew what was bothering her girlfriend. Dakota must have recalled some or all of the previous day's intimacy. It's not everyday that your girlfriend puts her tongue in your twat. Jade wondered just how much Dakota remembered. In any case, she was formulating a plan and Dakota held the key.

Pulling into the drive caused Jade some concern. The Ferrari was parked outside, and it was dirty from the trip to the airport. Mother never left the Enzo outside, and she always wiped it down after a ride and covered it. At least the maid must have come today, for the inside of the house looked better than it had looked since bringing home those evil bottles. Music was coming from upstairs. Loud music.

Jade had grabbed a salad from the fridge, and was eating it as she climbed the stairs two at a time. The music was vintage Black Sabbath, only it was coming from Jenna's room. Little sister's music tastes were a little lamer than this, so what was going on? Jade paused at the closed door. Whoever it was liked it as loud as she did. A further check of the entire floor did not produce her mother, so Jade found herself back by the closed bedroom door. She knocked. No answer. Perhaps a quick peek would assuage her burning curiosity. She opened it just a crack, and looked inside.

Well . . . at least she found mom, though it was a sight Jade was unaccustomed to. Astrid was in there all right. Mother's music tastes were also a little more sedate, yet here she was, dancing away to heavy metal at high volume. As strange as that was, it was even more unusual what mother was wearing - just a pair of fucking boots!

Jade almost dropped her empty salad bowl and fork. Mother was stark naked, except for that pair of white leather, high-heeled boots (something akin to what nurse Shannon liked to wear). Astrid was not just dancing . . . she was DANCING! She danced like a call girl in heat. Jade was dumbfounded! She had never seen anything like this from her mother. The look in Astrid's eyes was a mix of 'fuck me' and 'hey I'm s-o-o wasted'. Wow, could she move those hips at the ripe old age of 35! Several impromptu full-length mirrors had been placed about, and Astrid seemed to be trying to seduce herself. Jade was transfixed, and fully mesmerized by the deliciously squalid scene.

Several times on dares or for parties, Jade had gone to strip clubs. She found the experiences quite erotic. And now, here was mom! Those girls had nothing on her! Jade watched with growing excitement. The moves looked practiced and highly fluid. Astrid's body belied her age. From behind, she looked like a firm and athletic teenager. The smell coming from the room told Jade that Burning Bush was in use. Poor mom. Soo hot and horny, and no husband. Jade marveled at how little mother's tits bounced. They were as firm as her own (slightly) smaller versions. Her mouth was getting dry just from staring. The shocked daughter took this opportunity to really study her mother's seemingly perfect figure. Jade looked between her legs whenever the view presented itself; blondes were really special there.

Soon Astrid's frenzied dancing settled into smooth, sexual undulation. She touched her body a lot with both hands. In time, those hands contributed greatly to her pleasure. The dancing became almost secondary. Her fingers caused further distraction, so that soon Astrid was openly cupping her D's in one hand - while rubbing between her legs with the other. Jade gasped when her mother picked up a strange pair of panties, and began rubbing her clit with them. She was so beautiful, so sexual. Jade was proud of her mother's figure, pleased with receiving the benefit of those genes, yet apprehensive regarding the Burning Bush-induced, sexually charged behavioral changes. The concern was well founded; those were Jenniffer's panties!

Jade remembered, how just the other day, these same evil products had led to her walking in after some kind of sexual aftermath involving everyone at the house, including a stranger. She could not even find a way to bring this incident up, for surely no one would remember what they had done. The family had only narrowly escaped the long arm of the law. Another disturbing thing was that this scene was turning the poor, virgin Jade on! Mom was super hot and very pleasing to the eye. Almost unconsciously, Jade began touching herself. Slowly at first, then with more vigor. Her breasts were very sensitive; her nipples even more so. Jade caught herself, but couldn't stop. Only guilt prevented her from instantly cumming. She dared not rub her clit further! One more stroke and Jade would go off!

Astrid was deeply masturbating now. Her head was down as she stood in front of the mirrors. Her long blonde hair curled all about her breasts, nearly obscuring them. This effect reminded one of mountains rising from the mist, only these mountains went sideways. Occasionally, she would look up at her image, then resume her fingering. Jade noticed how long her mother's nipples had become. Astrid was definitely enjoying herself. Her fingers glistened from pussy, and made loud wet-sounds. Her thumb and index finger rolled her two-inch-long nipple back and forth. Astrid even started moaning. Looking at the almost bare blonde bush, tied Jade's stomach into a tight knot.

The young daughter could not stand another second of this voyeuristic invasion. She had to go to her room and finish herself off, but it was not easy getting her body to move from the spot in the hallway. The added friction of walking back to her room almost caused a vaginal accident. No time was lost ripping her clothing off - literally ripping. Naked, and finally on her bed, Jade got down to a wonderful self-fucking session.

Images of her sexy mother splashed on her mind's stage in living color. Even her sister and Dr. Smith were there. Little Chris from the tanning place, too. Then there was sweet Dakota, and even a choice student or two. It only took a minute or so, before Jade's hot, slippery box blew! Her lungs accompanied the blessed release with a chorus of their own. Then it started. The massive discharge. Streams of hot, sticky ejaculate leapt up toward the ceiling, visually expressing Jade's joy. Her breasts did not disappoint either, for they too joined the wicked celebration with their own exuberance of unlikely fluids. Jade's body wracked with her most powerful orgasm to date. She writhed and undulated on her bed like a snake, and managed to open her eyes in time to see her unusual girl-ejaculate make excited arcs onto her bed sheets. That felt so good! She was barely able to keep her mind from going insensible with pleasure. Unfortunately, her blissful afterglow was interrupted.

"Sometimes, you would pass out after you came. I would clean you up, and re-tuck you in . . . my little Jade - oversexed, like her mother."

Reflexively, Jade tried to cover up. The sheet had become tangled under her, so there was nothing to hide behind. She gave up struggling with the sheets, and simply used her hands to cover as much of her as possible. Jade was embarrassed to say the least. She had never been caught masturbating before, at least she never knew it had happened! Jade looked in the direction her mother's voice came from. Astrid was leaning back against the door frame, looking at the places her oldest daughter was trying to cover up. Mother was now wearing a sexy, lace pair of black colored under-things - and the white boots. Her nips were straining against the thin fabric, and the vertical line of her cuntal opening was barely discernible - though Jade tried not to look. An uncomfortable silence followed.

Astrid sauntered over to her daughter's bed like some predatory beast. The motion was fluid, like water, but powerful too - like water falling from a high mountain ridge. Her violet eyes seemed to sparkle with more intensity than usual. The twenty-two-year-old was frozen in her place, and could only wonder what might happen next. Jade's heart was beating fast as Astrid finally sat down beside her firm daughter. She was being thoroughly checked out by mom! A brilliant smile appeared, and obviously indicated motherly approval. But approval of what? Jade was naked! Surely, Mom had not been so severely affected by the cosmetics that she was about to cross the line of decency? The bed moved as Astrid sat down. Jade was doing her best to prevent her pussy or breasts from being ogled again. Of course, two hands were not quite enough to cover all three objects well. Astrid was clearly pleased about that, and her expression was one Jade rarely saw. It was the look of pure animal sex!

Their new proximity gave proof that mother had been heavily dipping into the Burning Bush products. Jade was unable to speak, though at the moment she really couldn't think of an appropriate thing to say anyway. It's not every day your mother catches you with your fingers in the honeypot. Mother continued staring inappropriately at her naked, squirming daughter.

"I must say, you turned out very well, Jade honey. I saw you nearly naked the other week before your tanning adventure, but my vantage point is much better today. You are so very pretty my darling. If I was a man, I would not be able to control myself."

"Mother, please - I'm naked!"

"Yes, you most certainly are. I've already noticed, honey. And what exactly were you doing with yourself?", Mother asked with an almost evil sexual grin, her eyes still inspecting . . and judging.

Of course Jade could not find the words for such a personally embarrassing admission. She still lay there like a sack of potatoes. Just when Jade thought this couldn't get any worse for her, mother reached out with her hand. Slowly it hovered over the supine virgin, causing her severe anxiety over Mother's possible actions. Then the other hand ventured as well. They settled on each of Jade's arms and gently pulled them away from their futile tasks. Who could resist such gentleness? Jade clamped her legs tighter together, after her only protection had been stripped from her by her own mother. Astrid held Jade's arms away from their recent mission, and ogled the steamy orgasm-enlivened daughter flesh. Poor Jade could see the hunger and satisfaction in those rarest of violet eyes. It was not Mother's fault, but the conspiratorial chemicals that had captured her mind. At least, that's how Jade had to see things.

"You are so lovely! Such a firm, tight body. You must drive everyone crazy when you enter a room!"

The compliment was sincere, but nevertheless inappropriate. Astrid let go of one of Jade's arms and felt her daughter's wet spot on the bed sheet. She rolled her fingers together afterwards, and brought them to her nose. This seemed to put her into some kind of deeper trance, except that Astrid was also frowning now, and there seemed to be visual evidence of some kind of internal struggle suddenly vying for her consideration.

"I'm afraid you have inherited the female ejaculation thing from me, although I've not seen breasts do what your's have just done! That was incredible."

"Mother, could you please leave now. This is already impossibly embarrassing for me. I can't believe my own mother caught me playing with myself."

"Don't fret child. I noticed you in the hall earlier, when I was doing the same thing. If the situation were reversed, I'm sure I would have masturbated too. In fact, I have seen you on occasion, when you were lost in your bliss. Please don't feel ashamed of that. We are both beautiful, young, healthy and oversexed women! And neither one of us has any other outlets for this kind of energy."

Astrid's eyes seemed to lose their focus for a bit as she rolled Jade's secret secretions between her thumb and forefinger. Her forehead wrinkled more deeply as if in deep thought - an unexplainable uncertainty growing. She looked at her daughter, then at her fingers - then back again.

"I don't know why I'm telling you all this? I just feel this intense need to be free right now, and having such frank conversation with you makes me feel so wonderful - so free."

She looked over at Jade again, still looking somewhat confused - but with a discernible child-like curiosity and innocence.

"You shave there."

Jade turned an even deeper shade of crimson at that last intimate observation. Her mother was openly looking at her recently uncovered breasts and pussy.

"I didn't shave, I just sort of discovered it one day - oh forget it Mother, I can't explain it yet! I think there's this conspiracy . . ."

Her mother's laughter stopped Jade mid-sentence.

"It's okay honey, I've done it too on occasion, but I don't have much there to begin with, see?"

Astrid stood up, and before Jade could even react to the words, Mother's panties were mid thigh - and she was aiming her privates at Jade's incredulous face!

"Please, can I see YOUR shaved vagina up close? I NEED to see it!"

Mother had crossed the line now, but it wasn't her fault. Astrid knew not what she was doing, and Jade most certainly did not need for her eyes to travel to her mother's intimate, moist place - but they did. The scary part was that her mother's furrow was pleasing to her. More than that; it turned Jade on! She stared at the magnificent blonde bush. The hair was thin and short, and very golden-blonde. The lips beyond, were swollen - no doubt from Mother's recent 'circulatory' efforts! Even her inner lips had pushed their way past their outer siblings, and glistened for Jade's piqued eye. Was that a hint of a swollen clit - there at the top? Jade was almost ready for a mild cardial infarction!

Practically without control, her own legs parted in response to Mother's request. Jade was offering a look at her most intimate place, in exchange for her own long, lingering inspection of the most perfect and beautiful vagina she had ever seen (though what she remembered of her sister's vagina was very attractive also, only in a more adolescent way). Dakota too had a pretty gash! And Jenniffer . . . Jade had to stop visualizing all the pussies she'd seen lately. She wasn't a lesbian. She just had a sharp eye for perfection and beauty. No doubt, it was those chemicals that were taunting her libido. Astrid's reaction was instant and guttural. Seeing Jade open her legs, was somehow just what the secret ingredients in the cosmetics wanted.

"Your pussy is fucking awesome!!"

Mom said the 'P'-word!, Jade was shocked. The sudden release of endorphins into Astrid's brain produced much satisfaction and pleasure. In her condition, she found her daughter's appearance more than appealing. The feelings induced by the chemicals, combined with a sense of pride in how beautifully formed her offspring turned out, caused in her a certain uncontrollable reflexive behavior. In a stunning and sudden motion, Astrid tore off her bra and unbound her D-sized melons. Both pairs of nipples appeared 'battle-ready' - a customary response to such overt, taboo stimulation. The two females stared at one another - their breathing becoming more agitated. Jade followed a drop of moisture with her eyes, as it fell from her mother's tropical opening. Her own gash was leaking more lubricant onto the already wet bed sheet. This was going to be a threshold moment. Jade resisted the sexual inertia as valiantly as she could, but those awful chemicals were having their nefarious effect on her healthy, twenty-two-year-old body.

Astrid extended a hand to her naked daughter. Reluctantly, Jade took it. She was lifted up and off the soggy bed. They then stood facing one another, mother still holding daughter's hand and smiling. The music coming from the other room was still audible. Naturally, the two females began to sway to it, Mother taking the lead. Astrid was laughing as though she hadn't a care in the world. Her upbeat mood was infectious, and even Jade almost forgot they were buck naked and dancing together in her bedroom.

Tits flopped. Hips bumped. Supple hands held waists. Surprisingly, both found freedom in this unorthodox expression. Astrid, in those boots, was a sight to see. Jade's rock-hard body followed Mother's lead perfectly and charismatically. She was starting to loosen up, and go with the flow. Iron Maiden now provided the frenzied beat thundering from the other room, which was harmonizing with their own raging heartbeats. The girls danced hard and furiously. Each was trying to out-dance the other. They started out timidly, but soon progressed to unabashed dirty dancing. You never saw such perfect, fluid movement - it just dripped of sex. Jade finally let her inhibitions go completely; after all this was her mother - what could happen?

Soon the girls were hopping up and down on the bed -laughing hysterically. It was hard to say who started it first, but it wasn't long before they started tickling each another, then finally collapsing onto the bed in a sweaty, giddy, heap. Astrid's hand landed on the bed's wet spot. She looked at her hand, then at Jade - knowing where the fluid came from. Jade's guilt and embarrassment started to return, and she backed away from her mother as far as she could. Astrid brought her fingers up to her nose smiling at her daughter. Jade was shocked to see her mother place these wet fingers into her mouth, and suck them clean! Must have been extra tasty, because Mother seemed very thorough. Jade wondered at how easily she had been coerced into such an incestuous situation.

Astrid suddenly frowned. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth and stared at them. Then she looked at Jade, and a few seconds later, her eyes traveled over her naked progeny in a way that was different than before. It was almost as though she was just realizing Jade was completely naked. In shock she recoiled away, and the two now lay on opposite sides of the bed - both looking like deer do at night, when surprised by approaching headlights. Poor Jade was conscious again, but deeply distraught by her own weakness in allowing the situation to degrade to this level. She was afraid to move, and for the longest time, all you could hear was the thundering of their hearts.

As the seconds passed, Astrid's befuddled consciousness gave way to her eyes. In doing so, she saw that her daughter was truly fair. Again, this realization distracted her from her recent flash of lucidness, and her brain rewarded this 'surrender to flesh' with a tantalizing, and guilt-alleviating chemical cocktail. Jade saw the different states of consciousness ebb and flow across her mother's beautiful but confused face. She was still as a statue, as she lay back against the bed's headboard, while Astrid lay opposed. Neither dared move, except for their eyes . . . Hungry eyes that roamed and consumed one another. The sight was enough to soon have them both looking with hunger again. Looking in places they had no business to. Private, moist, beautifully formed places!

Mother started it first. Initially, her hands simply slowly edged towards her burning epicenter. But soon Astrid began to seek out her clitoris, and that could not go unnoticed by Jade. In no time, the thirty-five-year-old was masturbating her clit - legs splayed wide open. Her offspring was too weak to resist the voluptuous view, and soon was staring at her mother's vagina in awe. Once again Astrid seemed unconcerned about anything, including how loud her wet pussy was! She even mewled with satisfaction.

"This is not the first time I played with my pussy thinking about how pretty my daughters turned out!"

That was way too much information for Jade. She naturally attributed her mother's vulgarity to the insidious influences of the Burning Bush products, although she could not help to admit in her own mind that she too had had such thoughts about mom and Jenna, and many others. She suddenly realized how many of her fantasies involved females. 'Oh my gosh, I might be bisexual!?"

Jade's fancy was interrupted by the amazing sight of her beautiful mother, naked and masturbating in broad daylight on her own bed.

"Honey . . ."

"Y . . y yes, Mother?"

"Why don't you join me?"

"W . . w . wwwhatever do you mean, Mother?"

Astrid was now tugging at her own nipple while furiously fingering her pink snapper. Jade was overwhelmed by the sexuality of the sinful scene unfolding at the base of her own bed. She had no intention of succumbing to her body's burning needs. Nevertheless, her own fingers twitched in response to her mother's request. It was so wrong.

The blonde was clearly excited, judging by her open moans and slippery sounds. This helped the young brunette feel less self-conscious about joining her mother in their first mutual masturbation. The Burning Bush fragrance wafting over them helped bury any second thoughts. Jade stared at her beautiful mother, as her fingers edged closer to her own burning box. The passion on Astrid's face was infectious, and soon Jade began tentatively rubbing her clitoris. This immediately produced a reward reaction in Jade's cranium, insuring a steady flow of continuing pleasure.

Soon, both Mother and Daughter were touching their respective vaginas. Oh, timidly at first, but the pleasure was too great to hold back. Each got more comfortable, and spread their legs further, offering the other a better view. Their techniques were amazingly similar: one hand on a tit (squeezing and caressing, then moving to grip and pinch their long nipples and areolas), while the other hand's fingers made tiny circles over their engorged, oversize clitorises. It seemed both were getting vocal, which only inflamed libidos further. Each got more excited seeing the other person's eyes travel over them. Their sopping vaginas made sounds akin to someone walking barefoot in slime.

"Jade, you are a wet dream, Honey!"

"Thanks, and I've always thought you were the most beautiful mother a daughter could have."

"Awww, thanks. Too bad your also gorgeous sister isn't here for some of our new-style family bonding!"

"Do you find her attractive, Mother?"

"Yes. And you?"

Jade hesitated, but in the end answered honestly.


"Why don't you cum for Mother, Honey."

The words were no longer shocking. Both had given in to the fires within that burned out of control. Pleasure would be had without guilt.

"Okay, I'm close again."

"Me too; let's fucking get our rocks off!"

As they stared into each other's unique eyes, they approached what promised to be simultaneous peaks. Their groping was at a fever pitch, and their senses were bombarded with extraordinary sexual impulses, which were now being fully catered to. Both started cursing and undulating, as contractions hit them at the same instant. They screamed in a violent a capella chorus.


"OOOOOHHH Babyyy . . .!!!"

Astrid's twat ejaculated her liquid approval in two-foot-long arcs, while Jade's shot almost six feet, and her boobs chorused as well - dueling orgasms they were. Astrid opened her eyes just in time to see volumes of lady-cum fly from her as well as her young daughter. Ejaculate flew like tracer bullets, with Astrid's landing on Jade's thighs. Their bodies spasmed for a long time afterwards, as secondary orgasms crested and crashed. More screams. More fluid. More nirvana.

It was hard to say how long they glowed after the forbidden act. The lovely women lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, at some point becoming aware they were staring at one another.

"Oh, Shit!!! I gotta go Mom. I'm late for a run with Dakota!! I'll be going out afterwards, so I may be very late. Don't wait up, and don't worry. Tell Jenna and Jennifer hello for me when they check in. NOTHING HAPPENED HERE MOTHER."

It was hard to gauge Astrid's response. She just had the most . . . well, stupid look on her face. There was no time to babysit Mom's recovery now. Jade had several appointments to keep this evening!

By the time her black pickup truck pulled into Dakota's apartment complex, she knew she was very late. Her heart lifted when she saw her friend sitting on the steps, still waiting for her. As Dakota got in, Jade began to apologize for being so late, but the poor Native American was staring off into space. She hardly heard a word. Jade wondered how to approach the subject of yesterday's sordid encounter. She did not succeed. The drive up the mountain was quiet, as Dakota echoed Jade's silence.

Luckily for the pair of lovely driving students, they had not freshened up their applications of the nefarious scents - otherwise there surely would have been some serious car accidents! As it was, people around them were quite distracted all day. That first evening, after classes, there was much celebration and excited talk about their newly budding skills. The hotel they were staying at was first class, and after a scrumptious supper, they rode on a boat that floated in an artificial river surrounding said hotel.

It was getting dark by the time they made it back to their single room. Jenna was going to call her mother and give her a progress report. During supper, Jenniffer had encouraged the teenager to sip on several of her adult beverages, so young Jenna had a slight buzz. Both were by now dying for more Burning Bush. It was getting late, and they were going to have to be up early for classes. Nevertheless, Jenniffer was looking forward to this private time with Jenna. She had promised Astrid to teach her exceedingly innocent daughter about 'the birds and bees'. While the youngster was sitting on the bed talking with her mother, Dr. J made sure the bathroom door was slightly ajar, and that Jenna could see in from where she sat. Jenniffer disrobed to just her tee shirt and panties. It was time for titillation shower scene.

"Hi mom!"

"Yes, we made it fine . . . no, I wasn't too scared on the airplane . . ."

"The classes are a blast, mom. Thank you for this and the car. Now I know why you have that vanity plate on your Ferrari. Adrenaline IS such a rush!"

An occasional stutter on the phone testified to Jenniffer's rapt audience. She posed in front of the mirror, and fussed with her hair and general appearance. The doctor cupped her still covered breasts, pretending to not realize the door was open. She squeezed the firm tit-flesh and tugged at her nips through the fabric, watching them push the fabric away from her chest. Then she doffed the tee shirt and bent over, removing her thong panty, all the while giving Jenna a good long look at her perfect rear end. As she stepped into the shower, she made sure Jenna got a good side view of her voluminous pectoral twins, and a brief flash of her sparse copper.

"What? Oh yes, the Doctor is taking very good nude of me - I mean care of me. Yes, she's even signed up for her own class just to keep me company at the track . . . she's taking a shower right now . . . do you want her to call you back?"

"Oh, okay Mom. We'll call tomorrow after classes. Love you . . ."

Jenna couldn't concentrate on the conversation. Mom seemed a little melancholy about something, but Jenna just couldn't string sentences together with such overt distraction. As bad as it was, things got worse. Dr. Jenniffer came out of the steamy bathroom wearing only a towel, and it barely covered the needed areas. She was toweling off her hair with a larger towel, and as she raised her arms, Jenna got a glimpse of the woman's vagina! Surprisingly, it looked very pretty to her, and Jenna swallowed hard.

"So . . . what'd your mom say?"

"She said she wanted us to pass with flying colors, and have fun."

"Oh I think we will, don't you?"

She gave Jenna an evil wink, laughed, and pulled up her towel for a split second - flashing her woman beaver on purpose. The poor teen could only smile a nervous smile, and blush. She didn't know how to react in such overly intimate situations. Why was Jennifer acting so silly and immature? Luckily, the little bit of alcohol in her bloodstream smoothed things over.

"Say! I've got an idea. Why don't I give you a breast exam!?"

Jenna almost fainted. That was a terrible idea! Why did everything have to revolve around nudity lately? Jenna mouthed a response, but even she could not hear what it was. A cold sweat enveloped her body like a swarm of crawling bugs, only she couldn't move away. Jenniffer was serious. How was she going to get out of THIS! The doctor seemed to have a one track mind with this exam business. Jenna did not like it one bit - besides, her breasts were just fine; thank you very much.

"Take that top off, Young Lady."

"No really, I don't need a breast exam!"

"Is that right? Since when did you become a doctor? Don't you think I know what's best for you? Remember how our instructors today emphasized the value of preventative maintenance?"

"Please Dr. Smith, I don't feel comfortable having you see me naked. Besides, I think they meant cars, not breasts."

"Really honey, it's okay. I've seen lots of breasts in my line of work. I hardly notice them any more."

"Please, no - I'm very private about my body. I don't like it paraded around in front of another person."

"I noticed how tight your jeans were this morning, and the way you swayed in front of all those admiring men in class. You seemed to like parading around then. Perhaps you just like giving 'ole Dr. Smith a hard time? Are you a tease, young Lady?"

"I . . . I'm not, it's just that . . . I mean . . . I didn't do anything wrong."

Jenna burst into tears at the flagrant confrontation, and the now glaring inconsistency in her logic torpedoed her excuse for not getting topless. Jenniffer suddenly seemed very sympathetic, and took Jenna in her arms to console her. Why did she have to be so shy, and embarrass so easily? Poor young thing.

"Shush, Honey. There, there. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. It's just that, being a woman, breast self examination should be done often - and you've never done it. Someone has to show you, Honey. And who better than a gynecologist? Unless you'd be more comfortable having your Mother show you?"

This thought frightened Jenna even more. Lately, her mother had made her nervous. But recalling their recent bathroom incident, made Jenna excited as well. Maybe the adults were to be trusted? Maybe both would show her how? The thought caused some less than comfortable secretions for her. Dr. J consoled young Jenna as best as she could, as the young thing had her head against the freshly showered adult-woman's breasts - covered only by that little towel. Jenniffer petted Jenna's silky, blonde hair, and held her tightly.

"I know I should listen to you and my mother, but I'm so darned embarrassed doing that in front of anyone."

"Don't worry, Honey. I understand your shyness. I'll try not to make you too uncomfortable. It's just that I promised your mother I'd take good care of you, and I just can't help it - being a doctor and all. Say, I think I can educate you without you having to take off your top. Old Auntie Jenniffer will show you how it's done, then you can do it after in the bathroom, when you're alone. You will see how it's done, but on my own breasts. What do you say?"

Jenna had stopped her crying, and was just starting to feel comfortable in Jenniffer's loving bosom. Did she hear right? Was the doctor offering to show her how to do a breast exam on herself? That meant she could get a long look at those fabulous tits up close.

Dr. J had previously placed a dab of the Burning Bush perfume between her industrial cleavage, and Jenna just got a whiff of it. She thought the smell was wonderful the way it mixed with Jenniffer's own muskiness. Maybe if she let 'auntie' show her how to do this, she would be satisfied and leave her alone. Jenna felt another twinge of excitement in her stomach.

"What do you say? Will you let me show you?"

Jenna pulled away, and looked at her forty-year-old chaperone. She had mixed feelings about the pending intimacy increase, but her curiosity burned in her groin - not to mention the warming glow from the wee bit of alcohol she had. Then there was that wonderfully smelling perfume her sister had discovered and the whole family seemed to love. This new compromise allowed Jenna was to feel more comfortable, and safe. It was her eyes that gave the gynecologist the answer that was sought. Jenna moved backwards, giving Jenniffer the needed space.

"I want you to know this is a little embarrassing for me too. It isn't often I demonstrate the techniques on myself. But for Astrid, I don't mind showing you. First, you must get comfortable. A bath or a shower can help to put you in the mood. Next, you will want a large mirror. At least the first few times, until you get the hang of it. I prefer using a mirror all the time. It's just nice to see your reflection sometimes."

Jenniffer held out her hand. Jenna tentatively took it. She was led to their spacious dressing area, and a large mirror greeted them there. With Jenna at her side, Dr. J gave a big smile before undoing the knot on her towel. In the mirror, she watched Jenna expectantly look at the protrusions thereunder. The towel was slowly lowered and refastened at the waist. Jenna did briefly glimpse the coppery bush, but quickly her eyes returned to the magnificent globes of titty-flesh now fully revealed and up close. For a brief while, Jenniffer just stood there allowing Jenna to drink her in.

"Remember to do this at least once a week, or even nightly. It can be a lot of fun if you do it properly." Wink-wink/Nudge-nudge.

"I like to do one at a time. Take your hand like this, and apply pressure here."

Jenna was bug-eyed and breathing with difficulty. She was very nervous, but her eyes were glued. She long wanted to see another woman naked and up-close, to compare you understand. Jenniffer's breasts were very large, and the areola's wide across. They were becoming bumpy, and her nipples were growing more and more erect. She kept her eyes on Jenna as she talked and touched herself.

"Rotate your hand like this and squeeze. You are feeling for any lumps or irregularities. Yes that feels pretty good. No reason not to enjoy this when you do it. "

She smiled at Jenna again, trying to calm the girl a little with levity. She even wiggled her butt a couple of times, causing her unheld tit to wobble attractively. Jenna was beginning to hyperventilate. Something funny was happening in her groin again. Jenniffer looked so beautiful. Perhaps only her mother and sister were more beautiful. The gynecologist turned to face her young charge, feigning concern.

"Are you okay? You seem a little flushed. We had a grueling day, maybe you got too much sun?"

Of course, now Jenniffer was directly in front of Jenna, who could not look away from the older woman's breasts. The doctor held Jenna's flushed face in her hands, and checked the temperature of her forehead.

"Are you looking at my breasts, young Lady?"

She said that in a mock tone which snapped Jenna out of the titty-trance she was in.

"I wasn't . . . I . . . it's just that . . ."

Jenniffer hugged the young girl, pressing her face against her naked breasts.

"I'm just messin' with 'ya that's all. You are supposed to be looking at my breasts. Jenna is being a good little student. Don't fret." then she added: "You really need to loosen up some, you know? It's just us girls in here."

For some reason Jenna would not let go of the older woman, and held on tight even when Jenniffer stopped petting her. She was as close as she could get to those wonderful, and surprisingly firm melons. There was no reason not to look at them now, and she took full advantage, marveling at their udder magnificence. She remembered seeing her mother's breasts recently, and these were even larger. Jenna did not know where the feeling came from, but she wanted to suckle! Her hands finally roamed a little, and she was wondering how she might 'accidentally' be able to touch those magnificent golden orbs. She returned Jenniffer's smile with her own reticent one, trying not to let the older woman realize how excited she had become through her simple instructions on breast self examination. It was shameful, she thought. Unfortunately, her body was in some kind of heat, and her eyes cast back down on the magnificent breasts touching her own clad ones.

"Let's get this exam behind us, shall we little one?"

Of course, Jenna was not little. They stood eye to eye.

"Now why don't you get behind me and show me what you've learned."

What? Was Dr. J asking her to try out the technique she had just witnessed? The woman would let Jenna touch her . . . breasts. It felt so wrong, but so tempting. Her hands began trembling in anticipation. Seeing Jenna's near paralysis, Jenniffer Smith helped the young teen do what lay in her heart. She placed the fifteen-year-old's trembling hands in her's, then brought them up to her towering tits, squeezing over the top of Jenna's own hands. It happened soon after. Only took a few seconds. Jenna's body had tensed up, then erupted in an uncontrollable and surprising orgasm that flooded her overburdened panties and leaked into her tight jeans.

When Jenna opened her eyes again she was in bed, while a concerned, topless woman wearing only a towel around her waist and one around her hair, stared back at her. She was smiling though, and her large breasts swayed (yes, even gravity desired them). Jenna's mind was trying to figure out what had happened.

"Looks like your orgasms have a narcoleptic side-component, young Lady. Congratulations, that must have been a good one!"

Yes, it was all coming back to her now. Oh no! She had another one of those dirty, sexual fainting spells. She hated herself for being so weak, and succumbing to her body's frailties. But an orgasm? Is that what's been happening every time she blacks out? There was always the customary squishiness between her legs afterwards, so maybe those were orgasms? Who would know better than a doctor? Jenna was really embarrassed now. Her dangerously naked friend had made her body vent these terrible sexual responses, leading up to this alarming loss of motor skills. The shock of the realization, (that she just had a sexual peak by manipulating her mother's friend's breasts) was too much for Jenna to bear. She started crying again.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry auntie Smith . . . I didn't mean to do that. I really don't understand what happened. Please forgive me . . . It's just that you are so pretty, and I'm not used to the alcohol, and . . Oh I'm so ashamed Auntie, please don't tell my mom what I did."

Boy, the kid sure cried easily, and she was way too innocent for her age. Be that as it may, Jenniffer would have to take things at a gentler speed. No sense in permanently traumatizing her cousin's precious daughter. Jenniffer also couldn't help but notice the expanding wet patch in Jenna's jeans. She was obviously a big producer of girl-fluid, and Jenniffer wondered if she might be an ejaculator as well. This excited her very much.

"Don't worry, Jenna. You did nothing wrong. A breast exam can be a very sexy thing. You see that wet patch in your jeans . . . although quite normal, it is proof that you found my breast examination pleasant in a sexual way."

The incredulous, overwhelmed teen looked down at the place in her jeans that Jenniffer had just referred to. As if things weren't bad enough already, sure enough, there was now obvious, living proof of her depravity. Jenna's mouth opened again, but the right words would not escape. She looked at her new teacher, then back at her stain. It was just too much for her to come to grips with.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, Honey. Your body is reacting naturally. And . . . I have to admit, my own privates got pretty excited while I was showing you what to do."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better, Auntie."

"Yes, I suppose I am. But you know what? It's also quite true . . ."

And with that, it was time to show her the proof!

As the two runners stretched and warmed up in silence, Jade put on her gleaming new revolver to a shocked stare. The twenty five bullet loops were all filled. The machined stainless marvel begged attention, as it sat on Jade's hip like some male sexual organ.

"What's that all about?"

"Run first, talk later."

With that, Jade took off like a bat out of hell. This was not jogging. Nor was the young teacher running. This was a sprint to challenge herself and her friend. Dakota eventually took off after her. She was already a hundred yards behind, and would not likely catch up to Jade unless the lead runner decided to allow it.

Somehow, recent events only inspired Jade to best her best time. She looked back to see how far behind her partner was. She would eventually allow the Indian Princess to catch up, but she would make her work for it. Only the wind and her heartbeat reached Jade's ears, as she pondered her recent deep descent into the Burning Bush abyss. It was unthinkable, what had transpired only an hour hence. Mutual masturbation with her own mother! Ugh!!! And yet, while she was under the influence of the drugs, the proposition was quite exciting. Secrets were told. It took a very secure personality to put something like that behind one's self, or a complete Madwoman -which Jade was not. Serious investigating would have to be carried out tonight. She just had to get into that school!

Perhaps it was the Burning Bush, but Jade's performance this fine Rocky Mountain eve, was a personal best. When Dakota finally caught up, she was exhausted. They walked the rest of the trail, getting their breath and senses back. Both girls were exceedingly fit, and in the best shape of their lives. Jade was wearing very small white jogging shorts, with slits and green racing stripes at the sides. On top she wore a matching colored, lycra jogging bodice that left most of her belly bare. Dakota was wearing blue-grey hip-hugging sweats and a similarly bold top. Her dark complexion was gleaming from perspiration, as the complimentary light from the pending sunset bathed them in its special glow. They did not speak until they were back by the truck, sharing well deserved drinks of water.

"You were incredibly fast. I could not catch you."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been feeling this intense physical energy building up in me. I knew I would have a good run today. Five minutes, ten seconds for the first mile. How did you do?"

"Five minutes, fifty seven seconds."

"Hey, that's pretty good. Almost your best time."

"Not good enough, and you keep getting faster. That was your best time, by far. You're a freakin' Cheetah!"

"I want to break into the fours."

"Who doesn't."

"I think I can do it before this year expires!"

"I really wish you luck, Kiddo. I hope I'm there to see it."

"Me too."

"So what's with the hand cannon? You worried since those hikers got mauled?"

"Yeah, plus last time I was up on Hasting Mesa I heard a cat. No need to take unnecessary risks, you know how running entices them."

"I bet you could have shaved a few seconds off your time if you weren't hauling around all that extra weight."


They stood near the truck stretching again. The talk of mountain lions had them quite close to one another. Jade smelled a trace of Burning Bush on her friend, as well as some on herself from the earlier encounter with Mom. It was time to put her plan into action.

"Listen, Chief . . . I need you to borrow your father's lift truck, and drop me off on the roof of St. Beave's Academy for Girls before midnight tonight."

What could the poor girl do, but stare with incredulity, and search Jade's face for clues as to the seriousness of the unexpected request. Jade took the opportunity afforded by the momentary confusion to press her case.

"I think the higher-ups at the school are testing illegal drugs on unsuspecting students and teachers. For what purpose, I can't tell yet. The drugs are disguised as normal toiletries, cosmetics, and various personal care products. They are marketed under the name: Burning Bush, and yes, that was the stuff I showed you yesterday. The packaging says: imported, so I don't know where it comes from and why it is being liberally handed out at school, and even being sold locally. And here's the kicker: I think they are addictive and mind altering. They seem to also be potent aphrodisiacs and leave one highly susceptible to suggestion. They somehow overcome your natural sense of right and wrong, and stimulate your pleasure centers. I need your help in getting to the bottom of this conspiracy, and my school - I think, plays a pivotal role."

Dakota's face went through several wide-ranging expressions, but none of them garnered any reaction from Jade. The run-exhausted girl was completely befuddled. The confusion finally made her laugh, hoping her friend would soon give up her game and laugh also. It was a nervous laugh that became weaker with the realization that Jade wasn't going to join her.

"I can see you don't believe me, so I came prepared to prove my theory. I am still praying I'm wrong, but I doubt it. If I am wrong, I sincerely hope you will forgive me."

The weirdness finally got to the Indian, and she rebelled at the impossible assertions, backing up some and fidgeting nervously.

"I don't have much time and need to know if you're in my corner."

"This is some kind of a joke, right?"

"Do I look like I'm fooling around?"

Indeed, Jade looked deadly serious, more serious than Dakota had ever seen her. But she went on, giving more details, and sounding very genuine.

"You know, that all sounds pretty far fetched, Mutt."

"I can hardly believe it myself. If it wasn't for that note, I might not believe it either."


Jade went on with more impossibly crazy details, including the evidence from the future and the vision. Though Dakota looked uncomfortable, she listened patiently. The sunset painted their bodies in rich blood tones. As Jade shared her preposterous story, clouds began to gather without much notice. An ill wind soon kicked up, starting to blow Aspen leaves and moisture-starved red earth about. The girls still did not notice.

"I don't know Jade . . . it's all pretty hard to believe. You know how difficult it is to pull off a true conspiracy. Maybe it's just your hormones raging, or the pressures of the new job conflicting with your intense physical regimen? Maybe there's too much lead or fluoride in your drinking water?"

"I came prepared to prove everything."

"And how are you going to do that?"

"Have you had any Deja Vu's lately?"

"As a matter of fact . . ."

"Well, there's a reason. I've had a lot of them too. But it hasn't been your regular Deja Vu. The pictures in my mind have been more realistic, more detailed. I believe those are vestigial memories of actual events!"

Dakota instantly had a picture of herself rolling around naked with her friend; she blushed, shaking her head. It had all been a dream, hadn't it?

"No way!"


"Okay, prove it then!"

"What would you say if I started by getting you to do something you would never ever agree to under normal circumstances?"

"Go on."

Jade seemed to think for a moment. Dakota studied her. Jade's words were being said with power and conviction. It was clear that her friend believed everything she was saying. This was truly frightening.

Jade had always been so trustworthy. Dakota simply could not allow herself to believe this madness. There had to be a more reasonable explanation for her friend's sudden flight of fantasy.

Jade turned slightly, and put her fingers in the waistband of her running shorts, pushing them down an inch or so. The late sun created beautiful shadows in the ripples of her stomach. The sweaty sheen made it even more pleasing to the eye. With an increasingly irregular heartbeat, Dakota's eyebrows raised as her eyes darted to Jade's cameltoe, outlined by the tight fabric and now somewhat framed by long fingers that teased and tormented.

"I bet I can get you to lick my sex within a minute."

"Jade!!! Don't be vulgar!!"

"So you won't?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, I happen to know you want to."

Jade explained about last night, and the flower! The fucking flower!!! Dakota thought her chest would burst. Even she didn't consciously admit to herself that her fantasies of doing such things to her friend implied an underlying abnormality or perversion. Worst of all, it appeared that she may have acted on her long-festering impulses. Her eyes nervously darted between Jade's face and the heavenly "V" of those shorts. She looked like she may have been about to cry. Jade reached into a backpack and retrieved a little colored bottle.

"Don't worry, I'm happy that you like me like that, I like you too . . . in that way. Fear not, Friend. I won't hurt you. Ten minutes from now, there will be no more secrets between us."

She held the bottle out so Dakota could read the label, and then sprayed her in the face. Dakota had reflexively stepped backwards and stumbled, falling onto her ass. She coughed a few times, then looked at her tormentor. Jade was now pulling down her shorts. -Gasp- She wore nothing under them. Her top came off too, revealing that long-fantasized-about, perfect bod. The athletic woman was a little embarrassed about stripping in front of an audience, but she had to find out for herself if what she believed had merit. Her stretchy top was next to come off. For some reason, Jade refastened the black leather gunbelt around her hips once she was naked. Naked, gun-wielding chicks were just a little hotter! She held out her arm. Dakota was reluctant to take it. Jade stood there in all her perfect naked glory, hiding nothing and distinctly determined.

"This will be the last time I take advantage of you. Now get up; take my hand."

Dakota felt the stirrings of some kind of radiating warmth within. Strangely, she wanted to obey. Fear felt ugly now, and no longer felt like they belonged inside her any more. She finally took the offered hand. They stood nearly eye to eye, Jade wearing only sneakers, socks, and firearm. Dakota tried hard not to look at her friend's nakedness, so instead, she stared at her friend's glorious face. The ebbing light made Jade's green eyes even more electric and striking. Dakota wanted to dive into them and drown. Jade was also struck again by her younger friend's exotic beauty. Dakota's eyes were dark as coals - mysterious and haunting, and her umber complexion suggested an easy rapport with nature and the great outdoors. Naked breasts rubbed against sweaty, clothed ones. Instinctively, Dakota's thigh squeezed in between Jade's, as they tentatively embraced. Time stopped for them.

The two heavenly bodies clasped as one - faces only inches apart. Each found the other fair. Their new proximity allowed scents and body heat to commingle. Only Dakota's slightly dumbed-down look prevented Jade from enjoying the moment fully. Like two celestial black holes, their lips attracted one another's, as though they were in declining orbits derailed by the incomprehensible effects of gravity. Their eyes discovered that their lips would most inevitably make sweet contact. What would happen when stars collide? They were about to find out.

Coincidentally, a change was also continuing to brew with the weather. The wind had intensified, whipping about unsecured vegetation. The sky was still more or less clear, but a kind of darkness was coming from the east. If the girls were coherent, they would have taken notice by now.

The inevitability of that kiss, was as certain as it was that the world would continue to spin. As their lips met, each soul became as one. Their faces were soft; they were young and free. The touch was like a kick in the guts. Even though Jade felt the clock tugging at her, she so wanted this moment to last. Alas, things had to be moved along; they would have time for this later - maybe. The kiss had to end now. It had been almost chaste. Almost.

"We don't have the time for this, Love. I need you to 'do me' so I can see if I'm crazy."

Dakota looked back, all trance like; she did not understand the request. Jade helped her in her understanding by placing a hand on her head, and pushing her friend down into a kneeling position. The Indian girl knelt there, like some Egyptian slave, avoiding looking anywhere but at Jade's face. A significant internal struggle raged within her. Her peripheral vision would ultimately win the battle for her attention. Dakota didn't even realize her left hand had found her own firm breast, while her right had already begun to travel south to warmer climates.

"Eat me, honey."

Dakota valiantly fought the request, even though she too wanted the same thing. Her body felt as though she had drank a fifth of whiskey; her willpower was now subscribed to the path of least resistance. She cast her eyes down to the humid valley of her friend. The scent of the Burning Bush product comingled with Jade's own burning bush scent to drive Dakota to near madness. She studied the pudendal landscape before her, and felt the stirring of inevitable orgasm. Yes, she would give this perfect peach oral pleasure, and thus bring her own need to fruition as well.

Dakota looked at the saucy slit and brought her face forward for a deep and passionate French kiss. It was firm and warm and wet to the touch. The smell was Spring-like, and the taste . . . The taste was soberingly scrumptious. She did not hear Jade's moan of satisfaction, as the naked athlete leant back against her truck's fender. Dakota grabbed the tall woman's waist and pressed her face in with more relish. Her tongue became less timid as she became more familiar with the unique flavor of clean, brunette pussy. For a semi-conscious straight-girl, Dakota certainly showed promise at cunnilingus.

"Ohhhhh . . . . ohhh . . . ohhh . . ooohhhh"

Jade was humping her friend's face, as she held the girl firmly by her head and hair. She was very close already. Her pussy was leaking big-time, and would burst soon. Just a few more seconds. Dakota had never experienced a lesbian tryst, and was still a little tentative about swallowing too much of the frothy mess. Jade was about to inadvertently change that.

With a final moan, she blew! Her provoked cunt let loose a torrent of liquid approval. She looked down as her discharge began to squirt and inundate the Indian girl's face. The pouty mouth was filled to overflowing before Dakota realized it, and she reflexively began swallowing. Jade's breasts showered Dakota from above with their unusual translucent spray.

Time to watch and test her theory. Jade surveyed the final few, declining arcs of cum hit their target with precision. Would anything happen? She pushed Dakota back and away from her oversensitized slot, scanning her glowing face for anything hinting of sudden lucidity; a phenomenon she thought she had observed on several occasions. The poor Indian girl had just begun her own series of premature, multiple mini-climaxes. Cum dripped out from the left corner of her mouth as she struggled for breath and balance. Her head and shoulders had paid the price from being so close to the orgasm explosion. Pearls of Jade's boob-milk contrasted beautifully with Dakota's jet-black hair.

Nothing. Jade waited a bit longer. Still no change. Dakota was scooping up the last bits of honey off her face, and licking her fingers afterwards. Jade started to get dressed. Perhaps she was wrong about everything? She looked at her orgasm victim and thought about how pretty and talented she was.

A high-pitched scream brought Jade back down to earth. It was her friend. Something WAS happening!

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