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Date: 07-22-01


(Chapter 2)

By Hummmvee

(tales of Lust, Depravity, and Seduction)

(Disclaimer: The following intellectual property is for entertainment purposes of mature persons only. Do not read this story if it is unlawful for you to do so. You may not use this story, nor any excerpts, for commercial purposes; without the writer's consent. You may post/re-post the story if unedited, and if you meet all applicable requirements in this paragraph. The author does not condone any activity illustrated in this story. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Regarding erotic writing: More often than not, fantasies should remain just that; another's words: Don't try this at home. Your comments are generally appreciated.)

*For the censors out there: Please add 20 to the age of each character, and all will be well. This will correct any age discrepancies and give you the true age of the characters. And to the only person who wrote me to say they did not like the story because of the profanity, sex, underage characters, and alternative lifestyles: You've gotta be kidding...Right?

It was a cool Autumn night in the American 'outback' (S.W. Colorado), as the Parker family slumbered blissfully. All was quiet and peaceful. There were a number of contributing factors for this. Astrid had raised a pair of winning girls in spite of the loss of a loving husband during the Gulf War, and she had honed a way to make a solid income without the loss of all of her time. All that by age 35. The bills were paid, and there was money in the bank. Everyone got along well with each other. Jade, at 22, was to start a brand new teaching job in just a matter of hours. Her innocent young sister Jenna, was an academic success, and while not yet 16, had also been gifted with this family's great genes. The book of tomorrow was hardly written for Jenna, and therefore her future still held the promise of limitless possibility and untold happiness. Except for the one dark blotch of losing the man of the house, they were blessed indeed. What could possibly go wrong? (It's rarely a good idea to ask that question!) Dawn would certainly bring new beginnings for the Parker family.

Jade awoke well before the radio alarm clock did. She was excited about the job at St. Beave's Catholic School for Girls. To teach Phys Ed to young teenage girls would satisfy Jade's two-pronged desires. On one hand you have to do something for an income stream, on the see, although a beautiful example of womanhood, Jade had unrealized girl/girl tendencies. She did not hate men, rather the opposite. But there was some unexplainable desire, and the attraction to forbidden girl/girl sex. Jade really enjoyed the female form. Her 15 year old sister also had these desires raging inside. Only Astrid their mother had, on rare occasion, realized some of these urges. Partly because Colonel Bradley was fine with it, Astrid had experienced this activity without the usual baggage. Both girls were certainly still virgins, and quite innocent considering their ages and the times we live in. Sheltered lives indeed, for better and for worse.

It was a very restful night of sleep for Jade. She thought about the day to come, and the potential promise it held. Naked, she looked down at her beautifully pouty pussy, as she let loose a stream of urine into the commode. She liked looking at a beautiful pussy. Hers had a cute pattern of fur that was very sparse, but got denser toward her centerline. Half way down her pussy, the hair ended, and she was bare between there and her anus. She did not like a lot of hair on a girl (except the head, of course), and this made trimming rare for her. Jade also admired her new nail job as she parted her labia with her fingers. She saw her pea-sized clit that tended to eagerly swell and protrude past its covering. She resisted the urge to give it pleasure. Wiping, she got up and turned the water on for her shower. The shower was made entirely of granite, and cavernous. The landscapers had installed a shower garden, with tropical plants (Orchids, Frangipani, Ferns, and other exotics). There were a myriad of shower nozzles as well as a bench. Of course, Jade had to have music, so there was also a clever waterproof stereo/cd unit built in. Jade soaped herself, and looked at her reflection in the wall of mirrors. She programmed a playlist, and within seconds, some heavy music pounded the shower. She watched the soap suds as they were temporarily diverted by her breasts, then traveled down towards the deain. The floor was also of granite but instead of highly polished, it had been sandblasted for slip resistance. Jade began doing her martial arts exercises. It was roomy enough in the stall, and there was no glass door to accidentally break. Tai-Chi was a slow motion version of a form of ancient martial art combat. She watched her form as she performed the repetitive movements, increasing their speed until she changed over to a full combat-style calisthenic. The spraying warm water warmed her blood, and helped make her feel alive. As the tempo increased, she ended the warm-up with a high kick against an imaginary target. Her breasts shook briefly in the reflection of one wall mirror. Though the mirrors were good for improving her fighting form, she was always distracted by her own sexuality. Her father had gotten her hooked on the martial arts from when she was young, and the energy release was a godsend. If not for all her activity, she would no doubt be masturbating in front of a mirror 24 hours a day. Man (and woman too) was a creature of habit; therefore having some momentum of good habits was a blessing. Jade was taught a lot of good habits early in her life.

Eventually she had managed to focus on the task of preparing for her first day of work. She put on a white lace thong, along with a three-quarter-thigh-length, flower-patterned Western-type skirt (lots of pleats). Her top was a light green, short sleeved blouse (to match her eyes), that ended just shy of entering her skirt (showing just a smidgeon of skin). She wore a sports bra underneath. The first day at work was supposed to be casual, as it was orienteering. She put no make up on, since she was headed for the salon before she had to be at the school. She thought back on last night. She discovered a talented little girl named Chris, at the salon. A sort of 'one stop shopping place for all your beauty needs'. She remembered how this child's mother, (questionably) leaves her to run things, and how she accidentally ended up flashing Jade her genitalia on several occasions. Jade was due at the salon at 7 am, but was running ahead of schedule. Thoughts of seeing the thirteen year old again, oddly triggered a light vaginal secretion. She thought that was a bit strange. 'Probably a lack of sex!' she thought. A light breakfast of mostly fruits and grain, and she was ready to go. The note from her mom on the breakfast table wished her luck; 'love Mom and Jenn'. She smiled and grabbed her bag, feeling lucky to have such a loving family.

Once the glow plugs were fully heated, the big Diesel truck thundered to life. Jade knew that the thick log walls of the house were an excellent insulator against the outside elements, including sound. Even though it was just after 6 am, she knew she would not disturb anyone inside, except maybe the neighbors. Even inside the house each room was practically soundproof due to the masses of wood. The dawn was bright and colorful. The new truck a shiny black. No color looked better when clean! She was young, hot and in control. Nothing could get in her way now. The future could only bring more satisfaction. Or so she believed.

Astrid watched the Ford pull away from her bedroom window. Her little girl was growing up, and heading out of the nest. Perhaps the new job will be satisfying enough for Jade to not want to move out right away. Astrid wasn't ready to let her baby go. She stood in the window thinking, finally realizing she was buck naked, and with close by neighbors. She chuckled at the thought. She was not ashamed of her body. Five foot nine, a hundred thirty some pounds, most of which were in her solid D-cup breasts. She was also quite muscular, although in her mind, it was a softer look compared to Jade. She looked down and saw the slit between her legs, only slightly obscured by golden fur. She loved being a natural blonde, you could get away with so much.

Astrid thought about last nights incident, when her youngest daughter Jenna accidentally caught her with a large penile-substitute while in the tub. And how she realized her daughter was so innocent and naive about certain things...(not to mention virtually hairless between her legs!) Instantly she felt a surge of liquid escape her still tight pussy lips. She decided she would have to ease Jenna into seeing how the world of 'birds and bees' worked. She didn't want her to get hurt due to ignorance. Apparently they didn't teach these things where her daughter had been attending school. Astrid wondered how to accomplish this touchy task. It all reminded her of her first sexual experience when she was thirteen......

Her's was a happy childhood. Astrid was already beginning to show some curves at that age. Blonde with budding A/B-cup breasts. Her cousin Jenniffer was visiting from medical college. They got along good considering the five year age difference. Jenniffer was a med student, hoping to become a doctor. Astrid was interested in hearing about all the sordid details relating to College and her cousin. Jenniffer visited every summer, and even though it was only her first year in college, she had an aire of confidence about her. In any case, she certainly had more life experience than her virgin thirteen year old cousin. This particular day, the girls were alone at the house, and Jenniffer decided they both needed suntans. Now Jenniffer, was a cute brown haired girl just a little taller than Astrid was at that time, but more curvy, with huge tits. Astrid admired them, and hoped hers might swell to those proportions some day.

It was decided to use the second floor balcony, off the master bedroom. They set up chairs, towels and lotion. Astrid was nervous because she had never done this with anyone before. She did admire being in her cousin's company, so she would be game.

"I'm going to put on my bathing suit. You don't mind if I change here, after all we're both girls?"

"I guess not" Astrid replied timidly, but quite excited for some strange reason.

Astrid got a lump in her throat as Jenniffer began a slow strip. She seemed already well tanned to Astrid, but she wanted to see her cousin in a bikini.

When Jenniffer was down to her (matching) white undergarments, she paused and looked at Astrid. Astrid was staring. Jenniffer had recently had a sexual experience with her female dorm mate, and was starting to look at other females in a sexual way. Astrid was even prettier than her dorm mate, even though she was much younger. She wondered if Astrid had girl/girl tendencies. The way Astrid looked at her body, Jenniffer suspected the answer was yes. Jenniffer turned around feigning modesty, and proceeded to finish undressing. She knew the mirror on the dresser would afford Astrid a partial view of her front as well. She could see Astrid eying her now naked body. It gave her such a thrill to expose herself. She had to turn sideways to put on her yellow two-piece, but did not mind the additional exposure to Astrid's hungry eyes. Much too quickly, the briefly exposed teenage flesh was (somewhat) covered once again. Astrid was shocked to see no tan lines. She also saw no pussy hair either (her cousin was as bald as Kojak). She wondered if that was natural, or artificially enhanced. She had heard of people shaving there, but never really needed to since she was so sparse in that department.

"Well, aren't you going to change too, Astrid?"

"I don't really own a bathing suit like that"

"You must have something you can wear?"

Astrid had trouble not looking at her cousin's chest as she spoke. She hoped that it went unnoticed, and tried to focus on the answer to what to wear. A moment ago she had glimpsed virtually all of her cousin's young form and now she struggled to remember what it looked like behind the flimsy covering. The mood was electric.

"If you haven't a bathing suit, you can just do it in your underwear. You have underwear on right?"

Astrid nodded, and wondered what she had on underneath, and whether it would be modest enough to be seen in. She couldn't remember which pair of panties she had on.

"Here, let me help you with these jeans" and the much older Jenniffer pushed Astrid down on the bed, tugging at her zipper and pant legs. Astrid's heart was racing. Everything was happening so quickly, she didn't have time to think. She realized only too late, that there were a couple of problems. One, she remembered now that she had on a new sheer panty that was translucent (especially when wet!). And secondly, she did not have a bra on under her t-shirt. However, the die was cast, and Jenniffer was clearly in control. As Jenniffer struggled with Astrid's tight jeans, her tits wobbled and hung down ever so pleasantly in their yellow prisons. Astrid looked down at her own body as it became exposed, and her panty fears were confirmed. She had gotten wet for some reason, and the garment clearly showed a hairless Mons Veneris, and what appeared to be a short, narrow vertical slit behind the see through material. She looked up to see that Jenniffer noticed as well. She gave a funny smile, and pulled Astrid to her feet. In one swift move her t-shirt was gone, and Astrid was virtually naked in front of her bikinied cousin. Her cousin gave her the once-over.

"You have a very pretty body for a thirteen year old! I think you can sun just like that, without a top. You have lovely breasts too, and you know I know, since I get to see a lot of bodies in my medical schooling" This made Astrid feel less self conscious. A compliment always helps break the ice. Her arms were across her chest for modesty's sake, but she secretly enjoyed being on display. Jenniffer lied about seeing a lot of naked flesh in only her first year of medical school, but it made the seduction go more smoothly.

Jenniffer put her hands on her hips and admired her younger friend. Astrid was still innocent then, a virgin, unspoiled. Her cousin was acquiring a taste for younger flesh, and Astrid was now a prime target.

"Come on out on the balcony with me. I'll take the lounger by the railing. You'll have to put lotion on, or that fair skin will burn. You don't want to get skin cancer you know!"

Astrid obeyed, but still kept hopelessly trying to cover up all her naked parts. She sat on the lounge chair, keeping her thighs together, trying to keep her translucent wet panties from exposing her bald tight slit to her older cousin. She looked uncomfortable and embarrassed, but did not run away.

"Here I'll do you, and then you can do me!"

That was starting to sound good to Astrid. Jenniffer had already poured a handful of the protectant into her palms and was reaching for Astrid's quivering naked flesh. It was impossible to back out at this late stage. If she did, her cousin might think her a baby. She held her breath waiting for the touch of her cousin's hands on her skin. She hoped it would not be as embarrassing as she imagined it could be if Jenniffer touched her anyplace personal. Her older cousin knew what she wanted, this was a seduction of a minor, plain and simple. Even though Jenniffer was new to this kind of thing, her appetite had been whet, and Astrid was sooo pretty! She started spreading the oil, ever so slowly. Astrid's chest area was initially avoided, but Jenniffer was thorough.

"I'm going to put some of this on your chest as well...It might tickle a little!"

Eventually their eyes locked...and Jenniffer disarmed little Astrid with her smile as she tweaked her budding boobies and tittytips. Astrid was lying back in the lounger now. Her arms ended in little fists at her side. She was so tense. Her cousin was so much older, and her body sooo fully developed. Jenniffer had these thick kissable lips with pleasant, mild facial features. The contact, on her rising titties was wonderful. Her nipples had instantly hardened to battle size, and both ladies seemed to notice it at the same time, innocently smiling at each other. The movements and pressure became more urgent and forceful. Astrid was breathing heavily. Where was all this going?

"You are going to have quite a set of cans young lady, in just a few years! I love your massive areolae! Mine are kind of petite compared to yours." Much too quickly, the oil was spread, and Jenniffer had retreated to her own chair, a foot away from Astrid. She put on her cheap Marilyn Monroe sunglasses, and was now able to stare (covertly) at Astrid. For Astrid, it was nice to be admired so, even by another girl. Jenniffer angled her body for best display, and was now secretly able to look at all of Astrid's delectable parts. Astrid kept her arms away from her tits, but kept her thighs together tightly. Jenniffer wanted to take things to the next level.

"Would you like to see my tits again, Astrid? I need you to put lotion on them."

The stare coming back at her should have been answer enough. Eventually Astrid nodded, her eyes never leaving her cousin's huge chest. The yellow bikini fabric was clearly strained from the weight and size of what it had to bear. Jenniffer had such a power rush going. She couldn't believe her seduction was going so well. She didn't even have to get Astrid drunk.

Jenniffer pulled up, straightening her back, and reached behind to undo the knot. Her eyes were on Astrid's. Ever so slowly Jenniffer allowed the fabric to come down exposing more and more of her previously hidden assets. The fabric briefly got stuck on the hardening nipples underneath, before falling to the chair.

This memory always got Astrid so hot. Yes she got to touch her cousin some, and vice versa. In spite of this early introduction to alternative lifestyle, the two never did 'fuck'. On a subsequent visit, Jenniffer demonstrated the need for regular breast examinations, and taught Astrid her version of that. There were many practice examinations and anatomy lessons. Despite these highly charged, sexually driven encounters, they had always managed to retain their youthful innocence. Jenniffer was a doctor now (gynecologist of course). Astrid hadn't seen much of her after graduation, but they stayed informed about each other's lives, and considered themselves close. A short time after that summer, Astrid met her husband to be, Bradley Parker, and married him after a whirlwind romance. They had to marry in one of those Appalachian states where it was less of a big deal marrying a thirteen year old. She had fond memories of these times.

Just then, the ringing of the phone broke her out of the reverie.

"Hello?...Oh Jennifer...I was just thinking about you....How's the practice going?...Is that right?...You're what?...A whole two weeks, that's great!...Here?...No, that would be wonderful!...Of course it's not an imposition...I...We'd love to have you for all or part of that...This afternoon?...Sure I can pick you up at Telluride... blah...blah...blah..."

They chatted about everything. Astrid was excited. Her cousin Jenniffer was taking a long overdue vacation, and she would spend some of it at the Parker household. Jenniffer had never met the Parker offspring, but had seen the pictures Astrid recently sent. She practiced in the L.A. area, and was apparently successful. Jenniffer was 40 years old. Astrid realized that during their telephone conversation, her pussy had wept for her cousin. The panties had gotten quite creamy from the memories of what was, and the anticipation of the fun they may yet have.

'Perhaps Jenniffer can help me with Jenna's shyness, and apparent arrested development of things sexual. Maybe the two of us can put my youngest on the path to discovery. Jenniffer is a fun person, I'm sure the girls will love meeting her.'

She wanted to tell her 15 year old about her cousin's upcoming visit. She padded over to Jenna's room, and poked her head in through the partially open door. Jenn was still asleep. Astrid walked over to the bed and looked at the sleeper.

'What a vision of loveliness!' Astrid thought. Jenn was wearing her light blue silk pajamas. She had kicked off the bed sheets, and her top had come undone so that only one button kept it from exposing her budding chest. Solid b-cups's underneath, and very prominent nipples in their centers. Her tiny tummy was exposed, as it rose and fell with her chest. Astrid stood mesmerized. Jenn's straight blonde hair was getting long, yet the ends were not split, and it glowed of youth. Her facial features were still developing, yet she already possessed the flawless skin, and the high cheek bones that would make her desirable. She had thick, naturally upward-curved lips (perhaps like Meg Ryan's in shape, but thicker), and had her eyes been open, one would be treated to shining powder blue orbs, that faded to cobalt blue away from the pupil. This made her eyes even more intense, and three dimensional looking. Astrid looked down past the quite flat tummy; did it seem like she was getting more muscular there, like her sister Jade? The silk hid the treasures called her legs, and yet accentuated them. Five foot eight at fifteen, 'She will drive the boys crazy, I must have that talk with her!' Astrid noticed what may have been a little wet patch at her crotch. Perhaps yesterday's events may have had something to do with that. The slight moisture made the silk cling there, and it hinted at a pudendum to die for. From yesterday's surprise in the bathroom, Astrid knew her young daughter had no pubic hair yet. The tight silk stuck to her mound and showed the vertical smile of her pubescent young cunt. Her own daughter was turning her on, yet she felt so peaceful about it, and had no pangs of guilt. She looked and looked at her sleeping teenage beauty. She reached into her own robe, and as Jenn slept, Astrid opened the sash and fondled herself. She had not bathed her young daughter in years, and got immense pleasure from seeing her nearly nude body. Her cunt gushed again, and her nipples took on their Parker family battle readiness.

There were already a few cars in the parking lot of the Wicked Wanda Salon, as Jade's diesel rig pulled in. She was hoping someone would be there, as she was a little early. As Jade walked up to the door, she looked inside for signs of activity. It looked to be a new, well equipped facility. There appeared to be no customers inside, and the door was locked. She knocked. From the back she recognized her new friend Chris, coming to open the door. Jade got a lump in her throat when she saw the thirteen year old. Chrissy was wearing heels and a black spandex micro-mini. Her top consisted of a custom t-shirt with the salon name on it. The problem was that it was extremely short, just reaching past those lovely young breasts that Jade got a quick peek at, the night before. More cones than breasts. They hardly moved as Chrissy ran to open the door. Jade couldn't believe the girl's mother allows her to go out like this. She wondered if she would get to meet the mother this morning. The lock made a loud mechanical -clack-, before Chris pushed the door open.

"Hi Ms. Parker, you're early!"

"Hi Chris, please call me Jade. You make me feel old when you call me that. I'm barely 22!!"

"Okay, Jade, come on in, I'm glad you made it, and early too!"

Chris hugged her new friend and client (and Gym teacher to be!), and gave her a peck on the cheek. She had to stand on her toes to do this. 'She's an affectionate little thing' thought Jade.

"Looks like we'll have plenty of time to get you all fixed up before 10 am. Maybe you can get a tanning session in first to relax you, while I decide what we can do for you, hair-wise. We can then finish you off with make-up afterwards. Is that a plan then?"

"I guess so..."

"Great...Why don't I show you to the tanning booth in back of the store...just follow me Ms. Parker...I mean Jade."

As they made their way into the back of the store, it was plain to see that this branch office was three times the size of the one Jade visited on the prior evening. It did not have that typical terrible chemical smell, usually associated with beauty salons. On the contrary, it smelled of a tropical jungle. The equipment seemed very modern, even cutting edge. There were exhaust fans near each chair that seemed to be highly movable. Plants were everywhere. Someone spent a fortune trying to make this place better than all the others. While the other location was small and conservative, the west branch of Wicked Wanda's was opulent, and it was apparent the designer was aware of the Feng Shui principles of placement. Jade had read about such things in the metaphysical journals her mother subscribed to. She was excited at the find, and worked up about being on the receiving end of such talent like little Chrissy here.

Jade watched the young teenager sashay ahead of her. She seemed so experienced walking in such high heels. Did her tight little butt wiggle just a little more than it needed to? Jade's reverie was interrupted when she noticed what must have been an employee. A decent looking brown haired girl, average height, brown eyes, solid chest, maybe in her early twenties. The woman looked up from her preparations, but Chrissy only mentioned her as Rosa, and did not formally introduce them. Jade was glad she was not employed here, as she would not like to be treated so casually. The employee seemed a little sad, and a little skittish.

"Rosa doesn't speak a lot of English, but she does a nice job of tidying up for us"

So that explains why they weren't formally introduced. Still, it was a cold way to treat a person. Jade wouldn't put up with some brat 10 years younger telling her what to do.

"Here is the bed, it operates just like the one at our other store."

"Yes, I remember how it works."

"Great...I've laid out a fresh towel for you, and here is a tray of our lotions...Can I get you anything else?"

"Thanks, Chris. Just make sure you wake me if I fall asleep, OK! I must have dozed off last time."

"Sure thing, enjoy your session."

And with that Chris thankfully left her alone to change. Jade checked, and the coast seemed to be clear. She started taking off her street clothes. With the mirrors against one whole wall, it was hard not to notice yourself. Jade appraised her body as usual, as its' perfection came into view. She left on her white thong panty and her sports bra. She couldn't help but get a twinge 'down there' seeing her Valkyre-like form. Jade took to sampling the smells of some of the exclusive lotions, and picked out a new favorite. Jade was concerned about staining her underthings, and realized she had forgotten to pack an extra set. 'Stupid me!' The area seemed private enough, so she decided there would be little harm in tanning in the buff. Certainly it would prevent those pesky tan lines.

Chris was in the office working the keyboard to the multiprocessor computer her mother had customized. Wanda, Chrissy's mother, was a woman of means and conviction. Nothing remained in her way for long. Certainly the expense of the equipment and special modifications, were hardly a blip on her radar. One would think a twenty something mother, fresh out of med school, would be strapped for cash after graduation. Not in this case. Chrissy's mother had a lot of irons in her lesbian fire, and she turned her young daughter into a carbon copy of herself.

Chris leaned forward so she could see the image in the monitor better. It was Jade stripping, slowly, and sensuously. The micro-mini was already around Chrissy's too tiny waist, and Chris did not bother with underwear often. 'This is going to be sooo sweet' thought Chris as her hand had already found her teenage quim, which she greedily squeezed now. Sure enough, the anticipation from last night waiting for another chance at Jade, and the scene on the monitor had made young Chris already moister than moist. The image on the 24" screen was even bigger and sharper than the mere 15" laptop at the other store. As more and more of Jade's real estate came into view, Chris checked to see that the computer was recording everything. The playback of Jade's first tanning session had gotten Chris off several times last night, and when her mother came home and saw the treasure her daughter had uncovered (literally), the two had a wonderfully depraved mutual masturbation session with fingers, mouths and even a large vegetable!

Rosa stood at the entrance to the office, and looked through the tiny window in the door. She saw her employer's teenaged daughter sitting in the plush chair, the little mini-skirt up on her hips, her fingers busy at her crotch. Although Rosa had already witnessed scenes like this before, it still made her sick. Yes, she liked seeing a fine body as much as the next girl, but the depths of depravity she had witnessed these past two weeks, made her think of returning to Portugal. She did not have a work visa, in fact she was tricked into this job by Wanda Silverstein. And now she was at their beck and call. A deeply depraved mother and daughter. Who could she tell the wicked sins she had witnessed repeatedly? During the day, she helped in the salon. Sure, they actually did some legitimate work, but it was mostly these ghastly exploitations of young women. At night, Rosa was their housekeeper, where the depravity continued unabated. Repeatedly she had been raped by the Silversteins! Although she never knew her body could experience such pleasure, her mind was not a willing pawn in this lustful game, even though her body was. Rosa saw on the monitor how another innocent beauty's privacy was violated.

With more than one camera to choose from, Chris always had a good view. The annoying thing was that she had to let go of herself to make adjustments to the hardware. Oh well, the limits of technology.

Jade grabbed at the sides of her thong panty, and slowly sawed it down her thighs, gradually exposing her perfect crotch. She always liked to see it come into view slowly. Past a certain point, the panties fell to the floor, and Jade deftly hooked them up with a toe, tossing them high into the air and into her outstretched hand. She always liked to play games involving exercise. Her bra was next to go. The intense white made for a beautiful contrast against her darker skin. The sheerness and lace gave subtle clues as to what was underneath. She preferred the front opening kind, as this one was, and sometimes she would take a deep breath before popping the clasp. She did this, and the bra literally exploded off her chest!

"Oh F U C K K K!!!!!!" exclaimed Chris watching the entire package now exposed. Her whole hand was practically inside of her. Her left hand pulled a nipple hard, and she alternated pulling with slapping.

"U-n-n-n-n-g-g-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!!!!!" The sounds of her slapping fingers and slurping pussy filled the office. Rosa could not help cupping her own breast rather absent-mindedly, as she watched Chris get off. She felt guilty. She wanted to take this mere child and discipline her good--but it was not her place. Rosa unzipped the white uniform to her belly. It did not take long for her to lower a reinforced bra cup, and help her double D's out. It was wrong, she knew it, but the sight of two very attractive women in such compromising positions was too much for her to bear. She did not have a clear view of the monitor, but it appeared to her that Jade had the most perfect body she had ever seen! Since coming to America, and especially since she began working for the Silversteins, she had gotten to see a lot of beautiful bodies. Jade, however was a statue, a goddess, an Amazon. Rosa's pussy betrayed her moral conscience, as her brown haired pudendum let out a small drop into where her panties should have been, had the Silversteins allowed panties in the salon dress code.

Jade found the headphones and put them on. She took one last look at her reflection before beginning her session. The timer button for the lights automatically started the Lid-Cam as well. For a brief few moments she adjusted herself, and blissfully lay in the glowing cocoon. The music thundered in her head. Briefly, she wondered why she liked such apparently raw, crude music, but why ask why? It was enough to find such great satisfaction in it. She would have to thank Chrissy for putting on the same station. (Too bad she didn't know about the experimental subliminal suggestions pouring over the sound in the background) She knew this music well, and yes it did sound a little 'odd' at the salon, but she figured it was a hardware issue. It sure satisfied some testosterone laden part of her brain. Like last time, her body began to tingle, causing a certain flush, followed by extreme horniness. It was just a matter of time before her hands would wander over her virgin real estate.

Rosa had witnessed this before. She wondered if all American girls were so horny that they always had to touch themselves in the tanning bed. Even she didn't yet know that nothing in the salon was left to chance. Even the tanning lotion had certain drugs in it, to make the victim less inhibited, and more open to the subliminal suggestions, while heightening the five senses. She did not want to see anymore, so she went to prepare for the clients shampoo.

Chris was just coming down from a massive orgasm, still twitching and convulsing. Another few minutes and she was starting to get horny again. She left her skirt hiked up around her little waist, and went to see if Jade was under the spell of the hypnosis. She had brought something from the office with her. She adjusted it for comfort, and stroked the end. It was her mother's biggest strap on. A foot and a half long, three inches thick, black, with a vibrating head. Four pounds of latex and plastic. It swung as she walked down the hall. The store would open soon, she did not have much time. Chris entered the room where Jade lay. She was ready to take what did not belong to her. After quietly checking her victim's condition, and satisfied, she lifted the bank of lights. The lotion strength had been increased from last nights session, and Jade was very aroused and delirious. Absently, her hands roamed her hard body, unaware of the presence above her. The music still pounded, and the messages continued into secret parts of her brain. Chris dragged the fake phallus over the glistening hardbody below. Her eyes were voracious. She took in the beautiful form. The model face; fat lips, button nose. Further down, the firm C-cup titflesh, the hard washboard belly, prominent pussymound, light fur, only slightly visible inner lips, and very long legs. Jade's hands were absently on her breasts now, lightly squeezing them.

"Rosa, get in here, now!" Barked a frenzied Chris. Rosa was not far away. She knew what would happen if she disobeyed. Her bottom was still sore from the last whipping by both Chris and her mother Wanda. She entered the small room quickly and quietly. She should not have been shocked. These things happened here with regularity. It had been a wild two weeks, working for this perverted family. There stood young Chris, barely a teenager, her micro-mini up around her tiny waist. Below that she waved the big black strap-on menacingly. She dragged it over the golden victim on the tanning bed, who looked stunning. Even the 'straight' Rosa was moved by the brunette's physical charms, all fully on display. She wondered what depraved thing the pesky teenager would have her do.

"The wench needs to be de-furred! I want you to get the shaving kit, and move your ass before she fully comes to!" Rosa moved her fine twentysomething body with urgency. The first time something like this happened nearly a week ago, she did not act quickly enough, and was scolded by Chris. After Chrissy's mother found out, Rosa was spanked by Wanda. Right in front of little Chris, she was forcibly bent over, her panties pulled down, and slapped on the rump silly. There was even some fondling with the other hand that held her legs. Of course, things had progressively gotten worse, despite her best efforts. She was not even allowed to wear panties anymore, and there were occasional spot checks. She was too afraid to resist the aggressive shop owner, knowing she could be out on the street without a job just like that. Briefly, Rosa looked at Chris and saw the impatience on the kid's face, causing her to speed up the preparations. Rosa had a can of creme, and a fresh razor in her hands. She looked at the object of her task, and got a pleasant jolt in her loins. She could not remember having feelings like this for any other females. This was some piece of ass!

"Hurry up bitch!" Commanded Chrissy. "The other employees will be getting here soon, and I have come only once!"

"But Senora, there is hardly anything to shave!" Protested Rosa, looking at the finest quim she had seen. She looked at the teenager with rebeliousness and understandable irritation. She could not but help to look at Chrissy's almost exposed breasts, and bald pussy, sporting a half meter of black plastic.

Chris picked up the plastic intruder with one hand, and raised it menacingly toward Rosa.

"Obey, foreign bitch, or you will feel the weight of my phallus on your cheek!" Rosa did not need to be warned again, and she got down to the task at hand. She squirted the shaving balm over the mound, causing Jade's hips to rise up slightly, and a small moan to escape her lips. She continued, and massaged the prominent mound with the fingertips of both hands. Another moan, this one more urgent. Perhaps she should not let her nails graze her so.

"I think she likes you, bitch" smirked Chris, as she began squeezing her future Gym teacher's perfect tits. Rosa concentrated on not cutting the pussy in her hands, as she made several strokes with the razor. In no time at all she was done. There was hardly anything there to begin with.

"Strip off your uniform, bitch!" Barked Chris. Rosa found it most embarrasing stripping for this kid and her mother, but it happened almost daily. It was always under some pretense of punishment for her insubordination. Luckily, she liked her body, otherwise, she imagined it could be a lot more embarrassing! She pulled down the long front zipper of her nurse-like white uniform, too slowly for Chrissy's liking, and wiggled it down her legs. She wore a lace brassier and stay up seamed stockings. At least her employer bought her the best underwear, she thought. Chris was watching the show as she held both of Jade's nipples by her knuckles, wiggling them.

"Don't forget the aftershave, bitch!" Commanded Chris. "No, don't use your hands, I want it applied with your nipple!" Rosa's eyebrows told Chris she did not fully understand the request. Impatiently, Chris went for the lotion bottle and squeezed some in her little hand. Rosa watched as the teenager quickly and angrily approached her, and shockingly in one swift move, tore off Rosa's bra.

"I said I wanted you to apply the lotion with your fuckin' tit, bitch!" With that she slapped the lotion on one of Rosa's large exposed breasts, mashing around roughly. Both a painful and slightly pleasant sensation for the young assistant. She began to get the idea of what was demanded of her. 'Disgusting' she thought, 'and yet...' Rosa got down on one knee, and cupped her lubed breast, aiming it at the wet shiny crotch in front of her. Timidly she touched it to the tanning flesh, causing her nipple to betray her by hardening. Her breasts were mostly areola and nipple, and always very sensitive. This was a disgusting, perverted, act and yet her body was responding positively. She rolled it around the slicking mound, trying to cover all the shaved area. Looking up, she saw that Chris had gotten up on the bed and was straddling Jade's face. Her hands mashed Jade's breasts together, and the now vibrating penis was thrusting, back...and forth...between the cleavage. Rosa was disgusted by the young teen's depravity, but she continued tit-fucking...err...applying the soothing balm to the affected area.

Chris increased her fucking tempo. Suddenly, almost without warning, Jade's drugged body erupted with a loud guttoral moan. Rosa was blown away when she saw an eruption of milk-like discharge from Jade's golden mammaries. It squirted almost a foot in the air. It was incredible! Rosa had never seen anything like it. Her shock was interrupted by a wet sensation coming from the pussy she was massaging with her tit. As she pulled back a stream of clear liquid sprayed her in the face, and she screamed something in Spanish! She was on the floor now, leaning back against her hands as another bigger stream of what must have been ejaculate, hit her in the hairline! -Sniff- It was definitely female ejaculate. Rosa was relieved it was not pee. She was too stunned for words, and just gawked from her position on the floor, wiping her face with her hand. The smell was delightfully pleasant, as it lingered in her nostrils. She could see Chris was also close to an orgasm herself, and she jumped off the bed and positioned herself at Jade's pussy entrance. Right in front of Rosa she stood, her defined glutes flexing, as she put the giant prick to Jade's opening and pushed. It was so wrong, Rosa thought. Then another thrust, and another. Chris was thrusting madly now. Rosa closed her eyes, this was considered rape where she came from.

Suddenly, she heard Chris blaspheme: "Shit!..Shit!!...Dammit!!!....Fuckin' virgin cunt!!!!" She could tell it was a sound of frustration, not sexual abandon. Curiously Rosa opened her eyes. Chris was squirming in front of Jade's opened legs, both hands tightly around the plastic cock, trying to penetrate the client's too tight lips. Only the giant head was impaled at Jade's entrance. It seemed the opening was too tight!! Chris could not get the damned dildo past the lips!! Even though Chris had engaged the vibrating option, and Jade had just had an unconscious orgasm, her slick cunt would not let the intruder pass the front gate. Chris needed to cum NOW, but the frustration was causing coitus interruptus. Rosa could not help but laugh at the inadvertent justice. She did not realize she had laughed out loud. Big mistake!!! Chris spun around in a rage, and jumped on Rosa before she realized it. She entered Rosa's pussy like a wild animal, and plunged the cock into her as far as she could. Rosa was stunned, yet scared to death to resist the surprise assault on her privates. Submissively, she bore the intrusion whose discomfort was slightly mitigated by all her own secretions, reducing the pain, and finally causing inadvertent pleasure. She looked down at the teenager between her legs, pumping in and out of her, the face all contorted, and near climax. Chris certainly was a pleasant little blonde, but sooo bitchy. Rosa was glad Chrissy's planned rape of Jade was unsuccessful. Of course, she was now paying the price. One day she would get even with this family. Chris shrieked in a long awaited orgasm.

The first thing Jade saw was herself. It was an identical twin that leered at her. Except her twin's eyes were all dumbed up, and this inferior copy drooled spittle. Two young women were attending to her copy. One was young, short, blonde, lithe; the other in her early twenties, medium height, long brown hair, and a white uniform. As she observed the scene in a fog, she came to realize she was looking at her reflection in a salon mirror, while her mind tried to fill in the missing gaps, unsuccessfully.

"Well, sleepy head, glad to see you're up finally!"

"W...Wh...What happened?"

"You dozed off in the chair, silly!"

"That's weird, I can't remember anything after..."

"You must be a little tired, you were up pretty early today."

Jade honestly couldn't remember anything after the tanning session began. The clock on the wall said 8:30 AM. Clearly the salon was now open to the public, as other employees were ambling about. Rosa was assisting, and Jade got a chance to take a good look at her. Did it seem like her white uniform showed a bit too much cleavage? She looked like she had lost the black bra she was sporting earlier. She looked a little unkempt, and her hair was slightly mussed up. Jade smelled a very familiar perfume on her. Come to think of it, Chris looked a little off as well. Could she really have slept through the whole thing? She didn't even remember her hair being washed. Ah yes, her hair. She took a close look in the mirror at the progress. This was one of the main reasons she was here so early. She had never even discussed how to have it done. She was understandably concerned. Of course her hair was coming along splendidly. It looked natural, yet fuller somehow. One side had a long tight braid, and it smelled wonderful. This brought some relief, as she wanted today to go perfectly. She began to notice, whenever Chris would reach up, her already too short top would ride up, exposing a good portion of the bottoms of her lovely young breasts. Jade noticed the other hairdressers also had the short loose t-shirts with the 'Wicked Wanda' logos on them. Quite the risque place.

Jade's body was still tingling everywhere, and she began to grow aware of a strange feeling between her legs. It felt wet, and itchy. Almost as though she had recently climaxed without underwear. (Of course, Chris had taken her panties as a souvenir) Jade knew she had put on panties this morning, but with the two women around her, she would not be able to check. She was struggling with the blank spots in her memory, but with her hair turning out really well, and the constant distractions of the two pretty female bodies, she gradually pushed those thoughts away. Rosa seemed very helpful and attentive. On several occasions, Jade felt Rosa wanted to say something to her, but seemed wary of Chris. She was treated in a very subordinate manner by the teenage girl. The more Jade looked at Rosa, the more pleasing the woman's features became. Oh what was that divine perfume? (Of course it was a vestige of her own juices)

It seemed everyone there was easy on the eyes. Jade looked at the progress in the mirror, and was still happy with the apparently finished product. All that was left to do was make up, time permitting. As a side note, it seemed to her she would have to increase her tanning, as she simply wasn't getting a deep and even tan.

"Voila...How do you like your new look" Chris had finally finished snipping, pulling, and combing, and held a smaller mirror so that Jade could see her hair in back as well. It was fabulous. You had to look close for the changes because they were subtle. But the exquisiteness was in the details. Chris had cut only the ends, layered, and fluffed, with an asymmetrical braid on one side. Jade smiled at the results.

"I love it. You did a fantastic job, Chris. Do you have time for the make up as well?"

"I think I can pull it off before you have to leave. Follow me to the other chair." They went to another area that did not have banks of mirrors all around. Rosa watched Jade wiggle her tight butt as she walked away. 'If she only knew what was done to her. If they all knew what this place did to women..." Rosa mused as she swept up the little bit of hair.

Jade had not noticed because she was still feeling a little off, but Chris was a bit pissed off at Jade. Chris was mad because she had to bring herself off by penetrating her employee instead of the lovely Jade Parker. She knew she would have to get another opportunity to deflower this virgin. This affected the make up session. Chris lingered with it, and went for the slightly slutty look. A look more suited for an evening at the club, rather than a first day on the job at the girl's school. Jade noticed it was taking too long, but could not see a clock from her new position. She got a little bit anxious as the seconds turned into numerous minutes. Just when she was about to say something, Chris spoke first.

"Oh my...I've kept you a little long. You'll have to leave right now if you're going to be on time for your new job. I really apologize." Jade got that sick feeling as Chris told her the time, and she tried to collect herself and get out as quick as possible. Young Chris had done it on purpose. A bit of revenge; she enjoyed her little game, and she hoped Jade would not notice how she was made up, right away. Jade paid her bill quickly, and bolted for the door, hoping to make up time en route.

"Aren't we forgetting something..." Jade turned around as Chris spoke, wondering what it might be. "You forgot your hug, silly!" Chris had her arms extended, smiling mischievously at Jade. 'Oh for Pete's sake...Oh hell...Why not', Jade thought to herself, and figured a few more seconds couldn't hurt. Two pairs of tits, and four nipples poked against each other when they hugged. Chris was a sensual hugger, 'a little too affectionate' thought Jade. Just when she thought it was over, Chris kissed her on the lips. While not outright sexual, it was more than would be deemed appropriate. Chris beamed Jade her most radiant smile, and wished her luck. A little dizzy, Jade made her way out to the parking lot. She had on almost streetwalker make up, she wore no panties, and she had an orgasm in the last hour or so. Not to mention still a little foggy from the hypnotic messages, and horny from the chemical elements applied to her body. She didn't have a clue about any of it. The squishy feeling between her thighs was momentarily forgotten in her attempt to get to her first day of work on time. She definitely left a little rubber in the parking lot as she peeled out and headed for St. Beave's Catholic School for Girls.

End Chapter 2