Subject: "The Adventures of Jade, Chapter 3" (F,f,Ff,ff,fff,reluc.)

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Date: 09-19-01


(Chapter 3)

By Hummmvee

(tales of Lust, Depravity, and Seduction)

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Telluride airport is the highest commercial airport in the United States. Astrid negotiated the area's dangerous curves with aplomb. The Ferrari F-60 was not available to the general public yet, but she managed an advance copy. She hardly drove it anywhere, as the mountains were more suitable to four wheel drive. Mostly, it had been sitting under cover since May, when it was delivered from Italy. But today was special. She wanted to make a good impression on cousin Jenniffer, whom she was picking up for a relaxing vacation get-together at her home. Jenniffer, the gynecologist, was a long time friend, and Astrid was excited about finally spending some time together. It had been more than a few years since they had seen each other. A likely reason for all the excitement was the fact that Astrid had her first sexual encounter with her cousin Jenniffer. It was all pretty innocent play really, but her body still held the memories. They were close, and still spoke often, but had not gotten together since Astrid's daughters were little. 'Why did Jenniffer pick this particular time to take her vacation', wondered Astrid. (Perhaps it was because of the photographs of her beautiful young daughters, Jade and Jenna, that she recently sent to her) She did not like to dwell on matters of suspicion, and so she simply dropped the mental gymnastics and looked forward to this surprise event.

The Ferrari had 12 cylinders, and Astrid used them all. Only a skilled individual could tame six hundred and fifty horses. The red blur was not exactly 'low profile', and Astrid just HAD to let the ponies run. There was always the danger of a ticket, but one of the benefits of living in a place off the beaten path, was knowing a lot of the local people. Astrid was confident that, should she be stopped for speeding, she could talk her way out of it. She knew a few of the local cops, and they were all eager to give the Ferrari a go. Satisfied that the odds were in her favor, she accelerated to over a hundred as she got near the top of the mountain. She was thankful her (late) husband Colonel Bradley, had one year surprised her with driving lessons at one of the fancy high-performance driving schools. The knowledge was invaluable, especially if you were going to take the law into your own hands. The Ferrari twelve cylinder engine made a special sound, not soon forgotten. At over $500K, many might raise an eyebrow at such an exorbitant purchase, but after her husband failed to arrive home from the Gulf War, she had a lot of pent up emotions and energy. She focused on the girls and making money, but something had to give. After making her second million, she splurged on this car. Yes, she felt a little guilty, but the college fund was stoked, and she wanted to feel alive again, and try and fill the emotional hole of losing the physical presence of her true soulmate. She even felt guilty that she did not miss her 'Brad' more. For some strange reason, she felt as though she would see him again in this lifetime.

The Parker family loved a good adrenaline rush. The custom plate (A-D-R-N-L-I-N), said it all. After scaring the crap out of some lame tourists from the midwest (by blasting past them doing a hundred and ten), Astrid settled the beast down to 50 or so as the runway and tower loomed ahead. This car always made her smile, and put her in a good mood. It was going to be a swell day. She parked the red monster, and went inside.

Being a half hour early, she checked the schedule, and went to freshen up. Astrid was wearing a very short one piece dress, in cobalt blue. The weather was still warm and it was sunny. She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and took inventory. The spaghetti straps on her shoulders were just a bit too long, and would keep falling. She liked the attention it got when she would have to readjust one or both straps. Below the hemline were stay up stockings in a sheer nude color, with 5-inch 'fuck me' pumps (She had to take the shoes off to drive the car!) The dress was just long enough to cover the tops of the sheer stockings. As Astrid admired her reflection, she wondered why she was slutting herself up, just to pick up an old girl friend. Her heart was racing. Was it the Ferrari, or her cousin? A quick adjustment of her large braless melons, and to freshen up the make up. Gazing at herself, she thought her penetrating eyes were her best feature. They were a deep violet, almost purple, like Elizabeth Taylor's. She was told men have cum in their pants, just by looking into her eyes. She believed it, hell...she got pretty excited looking at herself too, so why not anyone else. Astrid had lips that were fat and lush, with a permanent little upturn at the corners, giving her a slightly mischievous look. They really didn't need the glossy pink lipstick she was now applying to them, but she wanted to go all out.

As she was finishing up, someone else entered the bathroom. Astrid gave a quick glance in the direction of the door, before taking final stock of her freshening up efforts. The woman in her peripheral vision was maybe 5' 7", brown hair, trendy sunglasses. She was very well proportioned from what Astrid could tell, given the quick glance. She wore black leather pants, and a white expensive looking blouse. In fact the whole package screamed 'well heeled'. Astrid had to take a second look, as her brain interpreted and filed the observations. The woman was maybe a size six, very well stacked. Astrid was no slouch in the boob department (being a 40D), but this woman had her beat. There was something familiar about her, but Astrid couldn't quite place it yet. As the woman freshened up next to her, Astrid caught a whiff of her exquisite perfume. Although she lacked the supermodel look that Astrid was blessed with, the woman could easily be a model. Astrid guessed that the woman was probably in her late thirties. The stranger gave a cheshire cat smile as she dropped her gaze, and her eyes met Astrids'. 'What a lovely smile' thought Astrid. 'Where have I seen that face before?'

"That dress looks absolutely stunning on you, if I may say so!" spoke the woman excitedly. Astrid knew that she had heard that voice before somewhere. This unsolicited compliment made Astrid take another look at herself in the mirror.

"Why thank you..."

The woman had now moved up behind Astrid, and slowly...reached around cupping Astrid's breasts in her hands. Astrid was momentarily frozen to the spot. She was shocked at this stranger's boldness. The woman gave Astrid's 'professional size' bra-less tits in their black cocoon, a playful squeeze. In the mirror, Astrid could see the woman's grin broaden, and lower her eyes so that Astrid could see them as well. She spun around in shock, somehow regaining her composure, and met the bold woman's still smiling gaze, with her mouth hanging open, trying to speak.

"Have you forgotten me so quickly young lady?" The familiar stranger asked jovially. Then it hit her.

"Oh my gosh! Jenniffer!! Look at youuuu!!! I didn't recognize you..."

And they hugged heartily, laughing and trying to speak simultaneously. Astrid's straps had fallen down, after the playful squeezing of her breasts, showing good cleavage to her cousin. They kept hugging repeatedly, and each time the electricity became stronger, until they both knew this week was going to be fun.

"You are a bit early cousin!"

"We had a tailwind, so here I am, a little early!"

"It is so good to see you. I hardly recognized you, not that you've aged any since I saw you last!"

"You too look incredible my young Astrid!! It has been too many years. Lets get my luggage, we can catch up en route."

They held hands and giggled like schoolgirls as they made their way to the baggage claim. Being a tiny airport, there were no crowds, and the baggage arrived quickly. Jenniffer had only a couple of carry on bags. Each of them took one in arm, as they made their way outside. Jenniffer was thinking how responsive Astrid's breasts had been to her touch a few minutes ago. They were sooo firm, and the nipples began to harden almost instantly.

"I'm glad you didn't bring a ton of luggage, because I don't think it would have fit in the car."

"Car? I thought you people all drove trucks and stuff, with lots of cargo space?"

"Yeah, mostly. But I thought I'd break out the sports car for your first visit. We'll get home a lot faster, and since the weather is good...I thought it would be more fun. You'll like my new ride. I don't think I've told you about it."

The red Ferrari was impossible to miss. It stood out like a very sore thumb. When she saw it, Jenniffer knew it was the most decidedly red car she had ever seen.

"Don't tell me THAT'S it?!" She could tell from Astrid's grin..that it was. Jenniffer drove a nice luxo/sport BMW, but this beast was so over the top that her Bimmer might as well be a Ford Pinto (remember those?).

"You've got to be Joking Astrid?"

"C'mon let's get you stowed."

Astrid could tell that Jenniffer was impressed with the ride, at least as much as another girl can be impressed by a car. The luggage compartment was pretty small, but the two bags weren't hardshell, so they eventually got everything mushed down and secure. The doors did not open in a conventional manner, so Astrid had to 'stow' Jenniffer as well. As she closed the door, Astrid could not help noticing tha massive cleavage again. Jenniffer moved like a dancer, and the leather pants showed off her other assets beautifully. She was definitely not a stereotypical gynecologist. As Astrid climbed into the cockpit, it was Jenniffer's turn to observe her. She noticed how Astrid's dress rode up, revealing sexy stocking tops, and a large expanse of thigh. She acted very cool about it though. Her sunglasses made it hard to tell, where exactly, her attention fell.

The engine growled to life, like an angry tiger. Astrid showed off further by revving the engine, then popped the clutch. The force of numerous gravities pushed their pelvises against the body hugging seats, and they were out of the parking lot instantly, leaving behind tall clouds of white tire-smoke. The single air-traffic controller had to stop all landings while waiting for the smoke to clear.

Jenna had slept in today. School would start on Monday, and she was savoring the waning freedom. She knew she had the house to herself. Her sister, Jade, went to St. Beave's Catholic School for girls today. She was the new Gym teacher there. Jenna would be starting there on Monday, as a 10th grader. Jade would probably be gone all day. Mom went to pick up cousin Jenniffer whom Jenna did not really remember, but had spoken to on a couple of occasions. They would be back late afternoon. She was going to have some privacy today. Jenna loved these lazy days of summer, and with school just around the corner, it was time to let her hair down a bit.

Jenna decided to take advantage of the fact that she was alone, and do a little sunbathing on the balcony. She had wanted to for a long time, but was never alone. She felt too embarrassed to sunbathe while her family was around. Jenna believed she was too pale, and could use a little color. She didn't really have any appropriate bathing suits, so she decided to borrow one of her sister's. She would wash it and put it back before anyone returned.

Jade's room was bigger than her own, and had the balcony. She walked around the room looking at her sister's knick-knacks. There were a zillion posters on the walls. You would think that her sister was the younger one. The posters and pictures were of Xena, Hercules, Star Trek, fast cars, castles, wolves, beautiful scenic places, airplanes, Bruce Lee, military items, etc.. She was like a big kid or something. Jenna had only one poster of an enchanted fairyland with unicorns playing and pixies flying around amongst colorful flowers. She looked at the different posters, as she worked her way towards the walk-in closet. When she finally arrived there, she took in the smells of the space. It smelled of her sister. Not overpowering, but discernable. Jade was well organized. More so than Jenna. Everything had its' place. Eventually she figured out the clothes filing system, and picked out a few things to try on. Though Jade did not consider herself vain, there were a lot of mirrors in the space. Jenna realized she would unavoidably bear witness to her own nudity. It was distasteful and exciting too. A delicate balance of opposites for the virgin fifteen year old.

She stood now, looking at the body that was her. Cute at the very least. Majorly blonde, with thick, straight, and very long hair. Solid 'killer B's" in the chest department. A little too tall for her age. The overly blue eyes stared back at her, daring herself to expose more of that perfect young complexion. All the staring caused an inadvertent nipple erection. Parker family nipples were oversize, and overly sensitive, especially noticeable without a correct bra. When excited, they would enlarge even further, causing quite the embarrassing moment. Apparently, Jenn did not have the 'correct' bra on today. She felt very guilty, that her own self could excite her so. But with all the mirrors, what was she to do? No use dragging things out. She would find a suit and go for a quick tan. Without further drama she peeled off her pink tee shirt, and pulled down her grey sweatpants. She stood only in her bra and panties now, and couldn't resist another peek in the mirror. Moments later, she turned beet red. She didn't know how Jade could dress each day, in front of such an audience. Off went the bra and (modest) panties without further looking. She was relieved that she had a skinny frame, because had her body been overweight, she could never allow herself to do this, especially with all the mirrors staring at her. She put on a white lace bikini bottom, that was more lingerie than bathing suit. She could not help seeing her tight virginal slit, still hairless, before it was covered again. The tops she tried were all too big, but she finally found a white stretchy thing that could pass. By now her nipples were painfully engorged and the material was causing pleasant friction. She literally had to squeeze and massage her breasts to relieve the tension.

She then put some lotion on her body (without lingering anywhere too long), and stepped out on the balcony. It was some of the new Burning Bush stuff from the Wicked Wanda Salon. She did not know it had extra properties! There was a nice view of their back yard, with mountains in the distance. She checked for neighbors, who were only 75 yards on both sides, and the coast seemed clear.

The sun warmed her Goddess flesh, and made Jenna tingle all over. In her first efforts at an even tan, she tried several positions, changing after about 10 minutes in each. Finally she settled on her back, and relaxed enough to doze. In no time at all, she was fast asleep. The tainted Thai tanning oil began to lower her inhibitions, and make her horny. Jenna dreamt of faeries and medieval times. She dreamt of her father, who was only a distant memory these days. In this particular dream, he was a knight in shining armor, and she needed to be rescued. Perhaps she was a sacrificial offering for a dragon? She looked down in the dream and noticed that she wore a flowing white dress, sheer and light. Would the rescue be in time? She had only her hope and faith, and she still knew she was only dreaming.

She heard, what must have been the dragon, roar and breathe fire in the distance, setting a nearby wood to flame. And then she saw her father, the knight in armor, riding in slow motion towards her rocky outcropping. He rode a black Fresian warhorse, which was covered in plate armor. Even the dust rose in slow motion. Suddenly the dragon appeared in the southern sky. Red and black, and all scaly he was. Hard to miss against the blue cloudless sky. It spotted the rider, who seemed oblivious to the danger from behind. The flying beast tucked in his bat-like wings, and went into a speed dive, black talons extended. Jenna screamed a warning, but no sound was heard from her lips. She tried to wave her arms in warning, but they were bound. The dream had become a nightmare, and she was lost in it.

The world looks very different at a hundred and fifty miles an hour. All that matters is what is ahead. Astrid was really kicking the Ferrari in the ass. Certainly, it could go a lot faster, but these were mountain roads. Though the altitude robbed the engine of a good portion of the power it might have had at sea level, there was still enough to put a smile on two beautiful faces.

The windows were open, so it was very windy inside. Jenniffer could see Astrid's dress buffet around. It was hard for Jenniffer to ogle the driver at this speed, as the view outside was competing with her view inside. Eventually she put her trust in Astrid, and decided to check out her pilot instead of worrying about the driving. Astrid had to focus on the road, so she could not see the level of satisfaction she was providing to Jenniffer. The wind would do crazy things in the cockpit. The straps of Astrid's dress had long since fallen, and her cleavage came and went from view as the wind pushed and pulled at her. Once, Jenniffer saw a fat, engorged nipple atop a large areolic expanse. Her attention briefly diverted south, to where a lot of thigh action also came and went. The stocking tops were fully visible now, with an occasional flash of nether. Obviously the pilot was sans underwear. Jenniffer squirmed in her form-hugging seat, getting sweatier in her leather pants. Experiencing such loveliness and being actively teased like this, made her wonder why she had waited so long to visit her lovely cousin. Jenniffer could see why they called this road the million dollar highway; it was the views. They were both home in no time flat.

With a loud clang, Sir Bradley was snatched off his steed, before he knew what had hit him. The plate armor bent and buckled around him, but otherwise the damage to his flesh would have been instantly fatal. The beast beat his wings again, and gained altitude, the former rider in its grip. The red dragon circled around as it ascended, and as it neared the post where the virgin was bound, it released its' prey to fall to the jagged rocks below. Again Jenna screamed but no sound would come. The figure plummeted near her, and then loudly crashed into the rocks, not 20 yards away. Logic told young Jenna, only a superman could have survived such a fall. Indeed as the dust settled, there was no movement from the fallen knight. The polished metal was now bent and splattered with blood. The dragon made another aerial pass over the sacrificial mound before descending to 'take' the virgin. Jenna struggled to free herself from her bonds. Though frightened, she still had faith. As the dragon landed nearby, the wind kicked up around Jenna, causing her to close her eyes in fear. Her white dress waved and snapped about her like a flag on a flagpost. Her eyes remained shut, but she could hear the beast move steadily closer.

She wanted to keep her eyes tightly shut, but something unusual began to happen. She started to feel a power surge coursing through her veins. The feeling was one of rage and something else she didn't recognize. Eventually, the new feelings overcame her natural fear. She now wanted to die fighting, rather than to quietly acquiesce. She focused on this new feeling, and her fear completely vanished. She opened her eyes to face her enemy. The beast was slowly closing, checking her out. It was close enough to smell. It did not smell good. It's eyes were like that of a mutant cat, and it had many long whiskers around the snout, that it used as a sensory organ. Jenna could not understand where these new feelings of fearlessness were coming from. Normally, she was shy, reserved, and a scaredy cat. Under the circumstances she should have been dying of fright, but she felt this inner strength that was coming from somewhere and seemingly not from herself.

The beast sniffed the air around her. The whiskers extended forward, lightly touching her all about. They felt like a dozen large spiders, crawling all over her. The dragon's scales seemed to change color, becoming more irridescent. Judging by the low purring sounds, Jenna deduced that the Dragon was pleased with her. The whiskers were as thick as a finger and very dexterous. Waving around her bound body, they began peeling her dress off her body, and she could not stop this olfactory assault. (It seemed the beast had some experience at this) Obviously, he was NOT a virgin. That is when Jenna noticed the offending object the dragon was sporting. At first Jenna thought it was another smaller creature, but soon enough she realized the gargantuan beast was getting an erection! Only this erection was longer than she was tall! It continued to engorge, and grew threateningly close to her pretty face. The smell made her cough and gag. Eventually it waved and bobbed inches from her lush lips. It was sharper than a man's penis, and much more disgustingly veined. A slimy substance oozed slowly from the business end, undoubtedly pre-cum. Jenna knew she was so very tight down there, the ten inch diameter would surely rip her in two. She was still very much a virgin, never even having put a finger down in there. It would be so unfair to be taken this way. She knew what boys supposedly liked to do with their hardons, and it was terrifyingly worse with a giant beast. So why was she not more frightened?

She had thus far, been deftly relieved of all her flimsy clothing, by the insidious tentacles. The beast seemed poised for what he came for. That is when a blood curdling growl came from the depths of the impassioned animal! The rush of air from the dragon's breath, blew her back tight against the post, and made her realize, for the first time, that she had been skillfully stripped! The giant penis lunged at her. She struggled to parry. But something was wrong. The massive penis began rapidly shrinking, and that is when she realized it was no longer attached to the dragon. The animal was clearly enraged now, and it breathed a loud, bright plume of fire into the sky. The noise was deafening. The beast reeled backwards, off balance. The wings flapped erratically, as it tried to launch into the air. Jenna looked at the oozing penis, which had now shriveled to a mere two feet long, one end of it showing it had been forcibly, and surgically removed. As the dragon began to lift off the ground, the rush of air blew the bloody penis off the sacrificial outcropping. Her eyes fixed on the dust obscured human silhouette now visible, where the dragon had stood only moments ago. The armored figure held a bloody sword defiantly, and struggled forward. The man was clearly injured, but the dragon and his sporting activities had been curtailed. She knew now where her sudden feelings of bravery came from. They were being channeled from her father. The energy was consciously willed to her to alleviate her terror. She had a sudden realization just then. Bravery was not really fearlessness, but rather the facing of terror with resolve and a clear head.

"Daddy you're alive, You're alive!!!" Screamed Jenna, her voice finally finding her.

Astrid and Jenniffer pulled into the driveway at 1313 Aspenvail Lane. Astrid had made the trip in record time. Jenna of course, would not be expecting them for another 90 minutes or so. Cousin Jenniffer helped Astrid wipe down the Ferrari with a moist chamois, before a cover was pulled over the prancing horse. The ride was titillating to say the least. Both ladies were in an adrenaline sex rush. They giggled merrily the whole time, seemingly comfortable with each other, even though it had been ages since their last contact. Jenniffer was the older, yet she felt like a schoolgirl again. Seeing so much of Astrid's body revealed by the wind, brought back all those horny girl/girl memories and experiences with Astrid. It was something begun, that was never finished. The air was pregnant with the possibility of resuming their fun where they had left off some twenty years ago.

"Did you see the look on that guys face in the Corvette?" Jenniffer was of course referring to their recent drag race, where they toyed with another driver, before blowing him away with the flick of the wrist and push of the heel. He must have thought his new car was in reverse, the way the girls gunned past him.

"He sure looked pissed when you allowed him to eventually catch up with us!"

"Typical male, cousin...too much testosterone and not enough brains to see when he's outmatched!"

They stepped inside, and Astrid called for Jenna. No answer. The minivan was still in the garage, and Jenna did not officially have a learner's permit, but she did have some private tutoring by her mother. Astrid made her way upstairs, looking for her daughter.

"Why don't you get us drinks girl, while I hunt down my little daughter." She pointed to the Sub-Zero as she passed it.

"Long-Island's OK?"

"Yeah, whatever you know how to make well will work for me."

Jade drove like the wind. She didn't want to be late for her first day on the job. How could she have dozed off at the salon like that? She wasn't feeling tired at all. And why didn't Chrissy inform her of the time? The girl knew about Jade's schedule. Why was she feeling squishy between the legs, like she had no underwear on? The answers would have to wait, as the parking lot came into view. Not a moment too soon! She had several minutes to get inside before she could technically be called 'late'. The security card opened the gate to a teachers and staff parking area, away from the general parking. She found her space, and to her amazement and pleasure, her name was painted on the curb. Grabbing her bag, she beat feet to the teacher's entrance.

The building was impressive. Neo-Gothic in style, probably a hundred years old. The old nuns that ran the place closed up shop when enrollment remained low, and they were cited for code violations. The place was up for sale for half the year, when an investor bought it, and decided to reopen it after all the necessary upgrades had been done. By the looks of the place now, someone spent some serious bucks upgrading the building. The steep copper roof and the arched windows gave the place a 'Munsters' kind of feel. Brick, stone, copper, perfect proportions, and nice landscaping gave it a 'bucks up' look needed to draw the area's upscale residents. Yet tuition was very reasonable. How did they pull that off? Not to mention a decent starting salary!

Jade made her way up the wide granite stairs, taking two steps at a time (good for the glutes you know). Jade thought the place had a wonderful feel to it. She just hoped her co workers would not prove to be the 'flies in the ointment'.

There was a party atmosphere inside. Someone had decorated the place with balloons and ribbon. A number of people were ambling about. They were all women of course. Everyone was well dressed but casual, and to Jade's surprise, the people were quite good looking. There was pizza and beer, and pastries and such. Jade always had an eye for detail, so little escaped her scrutiny. She noticed the disguised metal detector on the way in, and some security cameras. All added, since her interview. She thought it overkill, since they were in a small town and in a low crime area. Oh well, better safe than sorry with all the recent school incidents.

She checked in at the office, (barely on time) and got her information packet. The secretary seemed quite young to Jade, perhaps only 21 or so. She wondered how someone so young landed a position like that. Usually, secretaries were older bookwormy types. This girl looked more like a receptionist or something. After a warm but plastic welcome speech, Jade avoided the party goers, and made her way to the gym. She just wanted to check out her new dig. The gym was in the basement, and apart from the rest of the classes. There were officially two floors above her, and some restricted areas on the third floor. At least according to the map she was looking at.

Finding the Gym Jade was elated. The place had been re-fitted with state of the art gear. Basketball, a climbing wall, an elevated track, a weight room, ropes, and of course the shower area! It was one of those open affairs. Jade's heart skipped a beat as her mind scenarioed some of the lewd possibilities. She continued on to her office, and was surprised at it's luxury. A nice area for paperwork with all the latest office equipment. Her own private shower area, and jetted spa tub with seating for a dozen people! The place was so laid out, that she started giggling out loud. A very happy first day for Jade.

Sister Mary was principal. Her private office was on the third floor. Though she wore the traditional penguin outfit, she was no sister at all. Well actually she was the sister of the woman that headed the board of trustees for St. Beave's Catholic School for Girls. That being 'wicked' Wanda, Chrissy's mother. Two extreme lesbian ladies in a place of power, where their sick fantasies would surely play out. Mary was the older, being in her forties, but still a tight package under all the flowing robes. Few of the teachers or staff knew any of this. Sister Mary was only a figurehead for the 'Catholic' part of the school name. Although it was a religious organization prior to the takeover, today it was only a front. You see, the applicants were carefully screened by Wanda and Mary. They were looking for pretty girls with high naivette, and preferably damaged, or single parent families. Their questionnaires flagged girls with the desired qualities, and in some cases, they recruited from other schools. Many of the girls had potential same sex preferences. The low tuition, and easy financing allowed them to quickly build a student base, after being sans operations for several years. St. Beave's took on seventh through tenth graders. An affiliated 'finishing' school handled the eleventh and twelfth grade girls. They offered accelerated graduation programs there. Though most of the staff were actually accredited teachers, some were not. The teaching staff was also carefully selected, using similar criteria that Wanda had developed during her PHD.

Jade sat down in her new office, after giving the place careful scrutiny. She went over the required guidelines. The list was long and strange. Every aspect of life at the school was covered somewhere in the manual. It seemed corporal punishment was approved of and encouraged. The parents all had waivers on file at the school, regarding teachers and staff administering spankings. The spanker was actually encouraged to spank in front of the other students (as a deterrent), and was allowed to administer the punishment to a bare bottom! How embarrassing Jade thought. There was even a hierarchy among the staff, so that a teacher could get disciplined like the kids! Jade imagined being spanked by the principal in front of her class. She couldn't believe such a thing could happen. Laughing to herself, she did not think a rule like that would ever get invoked (how wrong she would be!). Another odd thing, at least to Jade's mind, was the constant music on the PA. It was not loud, and the music was pretty much elevator music, but it was constant throughout the day, and it was everywhere you went, including in the bathrooms! According to the manuscript she was reading, it would continue when the actual students began their classes. There was a lot of stuff about giving up your privacy rights in this joint. Jade had to agree to all the terms, before she would be 'official'. She was not comfortable with a lot of what was in the rulebook, but she wanted the job badly. She had to sign on the dotted line in front of a witness. Off to the offices she went.

A lot of teachers were mulling about in the hallway, and in the office. Jade sensed a lot of eyes checking her out. She was not comfortable with crowds. Mary, the principal, took Jade under her wing and helped her get the contracts submitted. Mary wore the traditional dark blue and white nun outfit. She really stood out in it, reminding everyone that this was a religious organization. It was hard to tell what her shape was, underneath all that cloth. Jade could only see the dark brown almost black eyes, and that the principal was of average height. The dark eyebrows suggested that she was a brunette. Her manner was curt and business like. She did not mince words, and Jade could see that everyone respected her. Actually, it looked to her more like fear!

Jade was given a bunch of keys and pass cards. The roster she got a peek at, suggested small class sizes and a surprisingly light enrollment for the year. She did not mind this one bit. It would be nice to start out slow, and build some experience first. That's when she noticed the cool redhead. Everyone noticed her. Jade had not seen this person before, but judging from the expressions on some of the other teachers, they had. She wore a white nurse's uniform, only it was obscenely short. The redhead seemed very well proportioned. Full red lips, and greenish-blue eyes. Perhaps 5' 8" without the heels. She had a powerful stride, and the heels clacked loudly on the granite tiles of the hallway. She was headed straight for the group of teachers, who suddenly had stopped talking. Jade noticed that a few of them looked down, almost as if they were trying to avoid having their eyes meet hers. The nurse wore a pair of tiny sunglasses, which made it hard to see her eyes unless she tilted her head a certain way.

"Everyone, this is nurse Shannon Obanyon. Most of you have already gotten your physicals done earlier in the week, so no introduction is necessary. The rest of you need to follow nurse Shannon to the medlab. As you all have read, the excellent health coverage you will receive here requires certain tests before the coverage begins. Nurse Shannon will administer the tests and paperwork to the insurance company on you behalf. It's all quite painless, so let's get a move on!" Principal Mary Silverstein spoke with authority, as she extended her hand in the direction of the resident nurse. Only four of the teachers had not yet had their examinations by the nurse. Jade noticed that besides herself, it was the art teacher, the music teacher, and the French teacher. There were only about a dozen teachers in the whole school, with an additional several dozen staff. The background music played on, while the hidden subliminal messages droned on 'Obey...obey...obey...obey...' Jade and the remaining three others seemed a little uncomfortable about this situation, yet somehow they felt as though in a dream, when you wanted to run but couldn't. The feeling was like lambs to the slaughter. Nurse Shannon turned on her heels, heading back to the nurse's station, with the four following in tow. Jade watched the hips in front of her swish and sway, with exaggerated motion. 'Definitely a sexy walker' thought Jade. The white uniform was extremely short, and the high heeled boots were of the mid-thigh variety, in a patent white leather. The single vertical seam in the back of each boot drew your eye upward to the magnificently hard ass above. Jade wondered if nurse Shannon was a true redhead. She caught herself thinking that and mentally rebuked herself for the wanton thought. The background music proved effective at silencing the alarm bells that had gone off in each of their four brains. Jade had noticed the orange pin on Shannon's lapel. She and most of the other teachers had green lapel pins. In her guidebook she remembered this signified a kind of rank. Everyone had to display their pins at all times. Red was higher in rank than orange, green seemed lowest. Someone of lower rank had to obey a superior. Failure was grounds for immediate dismissal. Jade and the other four all noticed that orange pin, shaped like a cross, and wondered how this strange system might play out. The guidebook did not explain how one advanced in rank, or why such a militaristic thing was even necessary. None of them were veteran teachers, and none of them had any religious training. They were all quite surprised to have even been hired here.

They walked what seemed a long way. Jade was continually amazed by the gothic lines of the architecture before them. The ceilings were higher than they needed to be, and the ornamentation would be unheard of today. And why was her pussy getting so wet? Why weren't her panties working? For whatever reason, all four seemed to have had something trigger uncontrollable vaginal secretions. Of course the background messages screamed out in secret: 'wet pussy...wet pussy...wet pussy...'.

A particularly deserted and isolated part of the school housed the nurse's station. They followed the nurse through the frosted glassed door. Jade and the other three looked around the strange office, uncomfortably. The nurse showed them into a sterile looking room with the typical medical equipment you might see in a hospital. Like everything in this school, this place was also well equipped and modern.

"Why don't you girls get to know one another, while I get things ready." The suggestion came out more like a command, but the four seemed comfortable just to know the nurse would be gone for a spell.

"Izznt she kreepy!" French teacher spoke while shaking her body like she had goose bumps. Jade had not paid much attention to her comrades yet, so she took this opportunity to check everyone out. The name tag read Renee. Frenchie was about 5' 7" tall, maybe 110 pounds. Her eyes were hazel and very expressive. Her hair was long, brown, and tightly curled in that Dyan Cannon perm. Her boobs were in proportion with her frame.

The art teacher nodded agreement, with a shy smile, and a shake of her head. Jade could see her name was Jane. A skinny blonde with pleasant features, maybe 5' 4" tall.

"I don't believe we've all been formally introduced. My name is Suzie Quinlain. I'm the music teacher." Everyone shook hands and introduced themselves. Jade noticed how Suzie's breasts quavered when they shook hands. They were much larger than her own, yet seemed firm. Of course you'd expect them all to be firm. They were all just barely out of college. They chatted up a little storm in no time. Jade found them all either very pretty, or at least pleasant looking. None seemed to have any real teaching experience, and all felt lucky to have landed such good paying first jobs. The French teacher was REALLY from France, and the music teacher fresh from Joliet Academy. Renee seemed the most outspoken to Jade. Suzie seemed like a very deep person, while Jane the art teacher seemed too shy to peg. Jade could see that they were all a little impressed with her 'Amazonian' stock, and the girls were all secretly checking each other out. Jade was going to try and play it cool. Even in the infirmary, the music played through the PA speakers. No one could hear the messages though. It seemed here they were disguised within disco music. The subliminal messages droned on: 'You are safe here...obey superiors...all is well... safe here...."

The sudden sound of the door, and the re-emergence of nurse Shannon, reminded everyone why they were there. Did the nurse just lock the exit door?

Back at the Parker log home, Astrid was looking for her daughter Jenna. She found her finally, on the balcony. 'This is a rare sight!' thought Astrid to herself. She seldom caught her youngest in a position of semi nudity. Of course she and Jenniffer had returned from the airport earlier than expected. She chuckled to herself that Jenna was too shy to even sunbathe when the family was around, but was not surprised she took this opportunity, given the sudden privacy. She greeted Jenna from the doorway, expecting her to jump for the nearest towel. But Jenna was asleep. This gave mom time to digest what she had just seen. Jenna was wearing her sister's lace underwear, which left little to the imagination. The panty had slipped down her pelvis somewhat, exaggerating the size and development of her pubic mound. They were just a little too big in the fit department. The stretchy green top was also a bit loose, but understandably so given the sister's different bust size. Jenna must have been asleep quite some time, as she was starting to get red. That's when Astrid notic the heavy sweat everywhere, and she looked somewhat in distress. Astrid approached closer, and realized she was asleep and dreaming. It looked like a bad dream. She decided to wake her from the nightmare, and get her inside before she over did it.

"Jenna honey, wake up...You're having a bad dream..." Astrid had sat alongside her daughter, and lifted her lithe form off the chaise lounge. The commotion had brought Jenniffer to the scene as well. She held the drinks, and stood in the doorway to the balcony. She couldn't believe how sexy Jenna had grown up. Perfect body for a fifteen year old. Long, thick, shiny blonde hair. Standing behind her concerned host, Jenniffer could see down Astrid's dress. As she tried to wake her daughter, her breasts jiggled pleasantly. Jenniffer released a fresh batch of cream into her overworked panty thong. Luckily leather didn't leak easily. She saw Jenna's loose fitting panty had ridden low on her hips. She could discern no pubic hair. This excited her greatly. She loved getting young, pre-pubescent girls to examine at her practice. Sadly it was a rare treat. Astrid had a real winner here.

"Wake up're just dreaming. Mommy's here now!"

Jenna was a little delirious. She began speaking, but it was unintelligible at first. Astrid sensed Jenniffer's presence, and turning, she asked her for a cold compress from the bathroom. Putting the drinks down, her cousin tried to find her way about, and eventually succeeded in the task.

"Why don't you wipe her down with that!" Instructed Astrid, concern in her voice. "Not down there, her face!"

"Oh sorry.."

They could understand what she was saying now.

"You're alive....daddy you're alive!!!"

Both women looked at each other. Jenniffer knew the family history. Everyone avoided that subject usually. It had been a happy union, and a fruitful marriage before Colonel Bradley was taken from them. It was unfair for the girls to grow up disadvantaged with only a single parent. Slowly, Jenna's eyes opened.


"Yes honey, mommy's here. Everything is going to be all right."

"Oh mom, daddy's alive, I know he's still alive..."

"Hush now honey, you were just having a tiny nightmare. You're gonna be OK. Everything is all right!"

"I know all that, but no...I think daddy's alive, no I know he's alive...He was sending me energy in the dream. He has to be alive......I miss him so!" And she erupted into tears. Cousin Jenniffer got all misty as well.

Jenna looked into Astrid's eyes and saw the doubt there.

"You don't believe, do you?"

"It was just a dream honey..Daddy died in the war..."

Soon the overwhelming doubt on her mother's face crept inside of her, and she too began to doubt the unlikely possibility. This brought fresh tears, and a stronger flow. The sadness turned to anger, and she jumped up, heading for her room. She was startled briefly by the somehow familiar sexy stranger in the cool shades. Momentarily she stood frozen, like a deer in headlights. Before bolting past her. Jenna had to grab the underwear before they slipped completely off her tiny teenage butt. As she went past Jenniffer tried inhaling her unique ferromones, causing a raised eyebrow from Astrid. She jumped up after her young daughter, but her cousin grabbed her by the arm.

"Let her go. She'll be all right. Give her some space. You can talk to her later, when she calms down."

Astrid scrutinized Jenniffer's face. 'Was she right? Yeah, probably so' She tended to overcompensate and overmother.

"Let's finish our drinks, and we can both talk to her later. You know I did a stint as a psychiatrist before specializing in gynecology. She'll be all right...she's a big girl!" They both sat down on the balcony, and Jenniffer proposed a toast to the week ahead.

End Chapter 3