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Chris and Cassandra, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


It was difficult for Chris and Cassandra to hide from their parents the fact that they were having sex. Knowing that their parents would be very angry if they found out about their incestuous relationship, the only times that they could make love where when their parents where out.

The twins had been having sex for two years when they entered high school. At age 14, their bodies had developed considerably since they had shared their first sexual experience. They had started wearing bras on their 13th birthday and their breasts had since grown to a size B. They both stood 5'4" and their figures had become more shapely and more feminine. Chris still wore her hair shorter than Cassandra's so that their friends could tell them apart.

Chris and Cassandra shared most of their classes together. The only class that they did not share was Foreign Language. Chris took French while Cassandra took Spanish. Foreign Language was not their most important class anyway. The class that the twins found most important was Physical Education. Both of them were on the girls' soccer team, which was held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of soccer, Chris and Cassandra could see each other and twelve other girls completely naked in the showers after practice!

One Friday, during lunch, Chris and Cassandra met in the cafeteria as they always did. "Hey, Cassandra," said Chris as they ate their lunch. "Have you noticed how many hot girls are on our soccer team?"

"Oh, shit," Cassandra said. "I know what you mean. There are so many hot girls on our team."

"I can't believe we never tried team sports before. And have you noticed how so many of them masturbate in the shower? God! Now that is hot!"

"I can't believe they actually do that."

"What are you talking about? I do it all the time! Just watching those girls fucking themselves in the shower. Wow. I can't help but make myself cum every time. I wonder if any of them know that when I masturbate, I'm thinking of them."

"I bet most of 'em are thinking about their boyfriends or something like that."

"Yeah. Poor guys. They don't have the visual aid that they need to have the best orgasms they could have."

Chris' words seemed to have an impact on Cassandra. That afternoon, after soccer practice, many of the girls, including Chris, masturbated in the showers as usual. However, one thing that Chris noticed that was unusual was that Cassandra was masturbating along with them! Cassandra always had a tendency to follow Chris' lead. "Shit, that is hot!" said Chris to herself as she watched her sister rub her clitty. Cassandra watched Chris intently also, indicating that Chris' masturbation was just as arousing as her own.

At least half of the girls in the showers were jerking themselves off and the entire shower room smelled of female arousal and pussy juice. "Oh, yeah," one of the girls moaned. Several of the other girls, including Chris and Cassandra, turned their heads to the direction of the moan and saw that the girl was Carol, a senior with black hair, brown eyes, and large breasts that every girl envied. Carol fell against the wall, her hips and legs shaking in orgasm. The sight of this hot girl cumming was extremely arousing to Chris and she started rubbing her hard clit even faster. Seeing Chris go down on herself harder made Cassandra also speed up her ministrations.

Several more girls had their orgasms. Chris and Cassandra were very close to their orgasms as well. The twins looked across the shower room at each other, their eyes focusing on each other's hands, which were squeezing their breasts and rubbing her pussies frantically. Just seeing each other in their highly erotic situations made both sisters cum. They moaned loudly as their bodies started shaking. Their legs shook so violently that they could not help but fall to their knees as they felt their cum-juices gushing from their pussies all over their legs.

"Oh, shit!" another girl from across the room cried as her orgasm hit. It was Sam, a sophomore with blond hair and blue eyes. She had slumped to the floor with her back against the wall. Chris and Cassandra could see her hips rocking with every wave of orgasmic pleasure. It was so hot that the sisters came again. Their second orgasms were not as powerful as their first, but they were still very pleasurable.

By that time, most of the girls had already finished with their showers and had left to go home. Chris and Cassandra were the last ones in the shower. "I see you decided to join the party," Chris said as she and Cassandra got back to their feet.

"Yeah," the long-haired twin replied. "You were right, Chris. Those girls masturbating are really hot."

"You were really hot also."

"You too."

"Ya know," Chris said in a seductive tone, "we're the only ones here. Nobody would notice if we stayed a little longer, would they?"

Cassandra laughed. "Your not serious."

"I'm dead serious!" Chris walked up to Cassandra and they wrapped their arms around one another, kissing passionately, driven by the extremely arousing scene that had just transpired. The smell of nearly 15 girls' orgasms had filled the air and it made the twins hornier than ever. Even after two orgasms each, they still wanted more, especially from each other.

They dropped to their knees and then onto their sides, not breaking the kiss for a moment. Their hands continued roaming each other's bodies, fondling and squeezing each other's breasts. They both realized how much their tits had grown in size since their first sexual experience two years before. Just like their first time together, they started fingering each other at the same time, still kissing and holding onto each other tightly. The moaned and sighed as they fucked each other on the shower room floor.

"Oh, wow," moaned Cassandra. "This feels so great, Chris."

"I can't believe we never did this before," the short-haired twin moaned.

"You mean fucking in the shower room?" Cassandra asked before kissing Chris again.

"Mm-hm," Chris answered affirmatively, her lips still locked with her sister's.

Although they were still wet from the shower and their recent masturbation, they could still feel their juices oozing from their young twats. Their moans and sighs were becoming steadily louder as they brought each other closer to their third orgasms of the day. It became more difficult to keep their lips together as their mouths were always open, loud moans and cries escaping their parted lips. Taking advantage of the fact that their lips were no longer touching, Chris brought her head down to her sister's chest and started sucking on Cassandra's breasts. The long-haired girl cried loudly and started rocking her hips in time to Chris' ministrations.

"Well you girls look like you're having fun," a female voice said from the doorway. Chris and Cassandra jumped, afraid that they had been caught by one of the teachers. They jumped to their feet and tried to cover themselves. However, when they looked to see who it was that had caught them, they were somewhat relieved to find that it was only Sam.

"Sam!" cried Chris. "What are you doing here? I thought you went home."

"So I wasn't dreaming just a few minutes ago! You were watching each other while you jerked off!"

"You noticed that?" Cassandra asked.

"What do you girls think made me cum so hard?"

All of Chris and Cassandra's fear left them with those words from Sam. "So, you don't think it's wrong for sisters to have sex?" Cassandra asked.

"Are you kidding?" said the blonde. "I think it's the hottest thing there is! When I noticed that you two weren't outside to say goodbye to me, I knew what you were up to and I had to come and join in the action!" Sam quickly stripped her clothes from her body. Again, Chris and Cassandra saw the naked body of this hot, blond-haired, 15-year-old. Although they had seen Sam naked many times before, right after practice, this time was very different than the previous times. Sam was naked not to wash sweat off of her body. In fact, she would most likely sweat even more.

Now knowing that Sam did not mind the thought if sisters having sex, Chris and Cassandra were very turned on by the prospect of letting this hot girl in on their fun. As Sam walked toward them, the sisters opened themselves up to her and welcomed her to their party. The three of them met in a steamy embrace, sharing a hot three-way kiss. Chris and Cassandra moaned as Sam fondled their tits. They squeezed Sam's firm breasts as well, marveling at their size. "How big are these?" asked Chris. "Size C?"

"That's right," said Sam.

"I wish I had boobs as big as yours," said Cassandra.

"You're still young. They will grow." Sam laid the twins back down onto the shower room floor. "I saw that you two had been playing for a while. >From the looks of things, you were pretty close to orgasm when I walked in. Maybe I should relieve all of that built up tension." With that, the blonde started fingering both girls' throbbing clits. They both started crying out in pleasure, both of them on the verge of cumming.

"Oh, fuck!" cried Chris. "Yes! Yes!"

"Oh!" cried Cassandra. "I'm cumming!"

"Oh! Me too!" cried Chris. The sisters reached for each other and held on as their orgasms hit hard. They both cried out in ecstasy as their bodies started convulsing violently. Now that they were out of the stream of water from the showers, Sam could see just how powerful the twins came. Girl-cum jetted powerfully from their spasming cunts, completely soaking each other and Sam.

"Holy shit!" cried the blonde at seeing the twins' cum-juices spraying all over the place. "Fuck, that's hot!" Chris and Cassandra eventually came down from their orgasms and rested in each other's arms for a moment as they regained their strength. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone cum as hard as you just did," Sam exclaimed. "Squirting orgasms like that usually only occur from stimulation of the G-spot."

"What?" Cassandra asked, still in a post-orgasmic daze.

"Usually, girls can only ejaculate like that when their G-spot is stimulated. But you girls. All it takes is an orgasm and you girls squirt like crazy! How do you do that?"

"It just comes out," Chris said, having regained some of her strength. "We can't help it."

"It must be our genetics," said Cassandra.

"I gotta say," said the older girl, "those squirting orgasms were the hottest thing I've ever seen. Especially when they're being had by two young, hot, identical twin sisters. Shit! After seeing that, it won't take me long to cum again."

"Cassandra," Chris said, looking at her sister, "you wanna make love to Sam together?"

Cassandra smiled and said, "Sure." She then looked at the blonde and said, "I wanna see if we can make her squirt."

Sam excitedly turned around and got on her hands and knees. "I've only been able to squirt from stimulation of the G-spot. Just plain clitoral stimulation doesn't do it for me. You girls are so fucking lucky!"

"Where is the G-spot?" asked Cassandra.

"It's a few inches inside my pussy on the front wall. You should feel a rough area in there, that's where the G-spot is." Chris and Cassandra looked at Sam's pussy lips poking out right below her ass cheeks. They were very red and swollen, letting them know that Sam was very aroused and ready to cum. Cassandra extended her index and middle fingers to Sam's wet hole and inserted them into her pussy. Sam sighed in pleasure as the long-haired twin entered her.

After a moment, Chris asked, "Have you found it yet?"

"No, she hasn't," said Sam. "It's really far in there. You have to go deeper."

"How the hell can you reach it?" Cassandra asked, becoming frustrated. "If it's so hard for me to find it, it must be impossible for you to find it!"

"I usually use a hairbrush to reach my G-spot. I stick the handle into my pussy and I find it that way."

"Wait," said Cassandra. "I think I might have found it." Cassandra started rubbing and Sam gasped in pleasure. "Is that it?" asked Cassandra.

"Yeah," said Sam. "That's it, all right." Cassandra continued rubbing the special region inside Sam's pussy and Chris went around to Sam's front. She kissed the blonde hard on the lips and squeezed her breasts. Sam moaned loudly as the twins went down on her.

"You like that, Sam?" Chris asked. "You like getting fucked by us?"

"Oh, yeah," Sam moaned. "You girls are so good. I can't believe how good this feels!"

"We've been practicing on each other for two years," Cassandra said.

"Well your practice is definitely paying off now. Oh, fuck! I'm so close. Make me cum, girls. Oh! Yes! Ugh!" Sam started rocking her hips forward and backward to meet each thrust of Cassandra's fingers. Meanwhile, Chris was paying even more attention to Sam's large breasts, pinching her erect nipples as well as clasping her titties tightly. "Oh, shit!" Sam cried. "I'm cumming, girls! I'm cumming!" Sam cried out in bliss as her body started shaking even more powerfully than it had earlier that afternoon. For the first time, Chris and Cassandra saw another girl besides each other squirt like they did every time they had an orgasm.

Sam's body continued jerking for a minute until her arms gave way and she collapsed to the ground with a heavy sigh. Chris and Cassandra went to each other and kissed passionately. After a moment, Cassandra brought her cum-drenched hand to her mouth and sucked all of Sam's honey off of her index finger. She then brought her hand to Chris' mouth and let her sister suck all of the blonde's cum-juice off of her middle finger.

"Oh, fuck," Sam moaned as she regained her senses. "Chris, Cassandra, that felt so good."

"We're happy to be of service," said Cassandra.

"We really have to do that more often," said the blonde.

"But next time," said Chris, "we'll have to be together the whole way through. You'd better not just walk in when we're so close to orgasm. We want you to have the whole experience."


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