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Double Take, Part 1
by Nathan Warford


"Come on, where are you?" Mandy wondered as she stared at her blank computer screen. For the last several months, Mandy had been communing with a girl on the internet who called herself Clover. Mandy had met Clover on a lesbian chatroom under the assumed name of Phoenix, and the two of them hit it off well. Neither of the girls knew the other's real name. Mandy only roughly knew Clover's physical attributes, blond hair, blue eyes, average height and build for a 17-year-old, B-cup tits. When Mandy and Clover first told each other about their physical attributes, they were both surprised at how similar their rough appearances were. Mandy had seen Clover as a brunette, and Clover had seen Phoenix as a redhead. However, they both preferred blondes more than they did brunettes or redheads.

Suddenly, green lettering appeared on Mandy's screen reading:

<User "Clover" has logged on>

"Finally!" said Mandy.

A massage appeared on the screen reading:

Clover: hi phoenix

The conversation progressed.

Phoenix: clover. hi
Clover: howve u been, babe?
Phoenix: ok. i graduated from high school 2day
Clover: oh sweet! i graduate next week, so we can spend more time together then :)
Phoenix: ya i kno!
Clover: whatcha doin right now?
Phoenix: waiting for u of course
Clover: of course. u got your vibrator ready?
Phoenix: 1 moment

Mandy was about to go to her desk and take up her vibrating back massager when there was a knock on her door. 'Shit,' Mandy thought to herself. 'Why do my parents have to interrupt me now?'

The blonde hid the chat window and said, "Come in."

Her door opened and her mother walked in. "Hi there, Mandy," she said.

"Hi, Mom," the 17-year-old replied.

"Are you ready to go?" her mother asked.

"Go where?"

"Why out to dinner, Silly! You wanted to try that new Japanese place in town for graduation dinner, didn't you?"

"What?" Mandy then remembered that it was true that she had wanted to go into downtown Tampa and try out the Japanese restaurant that just opened. "Oh, yeah. Just let me get my jacket on and I'll be right there."

Mandy's mother walked out of the house and to Mandy's father's car. Mandy quickly got back to her computer and started typing.

Phoenix: sorry clover, i told my parents i wanted to go to a new japanese place for dinner for graduation dinner. i g2g
Clover: i see. youll be on tonight, right?
Phoenix: of course. i just love cybering w/ u
Clover: i cant wait. c u later babe
Phoenix: bye bye

Mandy logged off her computer, put on her jacket, and went outside to meet her parents at the car. Mandy and her parents drove away into downtown Tampa where Mandy would get her special dinner.

After Mandy and her parents had ordered, her mother said to her. "Mandy, there's something we would like to talk to you about."

"What is it?" Mandy asked, a little worried that her parents had somehow found out about Clover. She did not know how her parents would react if they knew that she was a lesbian, but she was even more worried about them knowing that she had been on chatrooms. They had warned her when she was younger about online predators and she knew that her parents would be very angry if they knew that she had put herself in situations that could expose her to predators.

"Well," her mother continued, "you're almost eighteen now, and there's something that your father and I thought you should know."

"Okay," Mandy said, now knowing that she was not in danger of getting caught. "What is it?"

Her father said, "We didn't want to tell you this until we thought you were ready. This is a secret we've kept from you your whole life."

"But before we say anything," said her mother, "we want you to know that your father and I both love you very much."

"I know you love me," said Mandy. "And I love you too. Why do you think I wouldn't?"

"You see, Mandy," said her father. "The truth is..." he hesitated for a moment, "...we are not your real parents."

Mandy stared at her father for a moment. "What?" she said.

"You are adopted," her mother said. "Twenty years ago, your father and I wanted to have a child, but we couldn't. It was two years after that we went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. After some testing, the doctors found that your father was sterile."

"With me unable to reproduce," Mandy's father continued, "the only way for us to have a child was to adopt."

"I'm adopted?" Mandy said in shock.

"As it turned out, two babies had just been born at the local orphanage in Dallas. Identical twin girls. Unfortunately, the mother died because of complications during childbirth. However, before she died, she named her two children. Samantha and Amanda."

"Amanda," the blonde said. "That's me, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right," her mother replied.

"Unfortunately," said Mandy's father, "your mother and I didn't have enough money to care for both babies. So, we decided to adopt only one. That one was you."

"Wow," said Mandy.

"I know this is a lot for you to accept," her mother said. "But even though your father and I are not your biological parents, we still love you just as much as if you were one of our own."

"I know," the blonde said. "I understand that completely. Just, wow. I never would've guessed. Thank you for telling me."

"We're glad you understand," her father said.

"So, whatever happened to Samantha?"

"We were just getting to that," said Mandy's mother. "Your father and I thought that it would be best for you to know the truth on your eighteenth birthday, or right before. We figured that it would be nice for you to meet your sister for the first time on your birthday, sort of a birthday present for the both of you. So, last week, we decided to try to track her down."

"Did you find her?" Mandy asked, excited at the prospect of meeting her long lost twin.

"Yes, we did," Mandy's father said. "Just a few days ago, we found out that Samantha lives with her adoptive parents in San Francisco."

"San Francisco?" said Mandy, surprised. "That's on the other side of the country. How did Samantha and I get so far apart?"

"From what we've heard, Samantha's parents were visiting Dallas from San Francisco for only a short time. We don't know exactly why, but they decided to adopt a child while in Dallas. They adopted Samantha and went back to San Francisco with her when they returned."

"We lived in Dallas for ten years," said Mandy. "And then we moved here to Tampa."

"And that's how you and Samantha ended up on other sides of the country," her mother said.

"So, am I gonna meet Samantha for my birthday?"

"That is what we're planning," said her father. "However, that is if you want to go to."

"I do! I do!" Mandy cried. "I never knew I had a twin. I wanna meet her."

"We were hoping you would," said Mandy's mother.

After having an amazing Japanese dinner, full of sushi, teriyaki, noodles, and tempura, Mandy and her parents returned to the residential area of Tampa and returned home. It was close to 10:00 pm when they got home, plus they were tired after their large dinner, so the three of them got ready for bed at that time. Mandy's parents went straight to bed after they had brushed their teeth and changed into their bed clothes, but Mandy had been horny all night anticipating her frequent cyber sex with Clover.

After she had brushed her teeth and changed into her pajamas, Mandy went straight to her computer and logged on. 'Yes!' she thought when she logged on. 'Clover's online.' The two women began their session.

Phoenix: hi clover. i'm back
Clover: good. ive been waiting all night
Phoenix: i'm sure u have
Clover: pheonix, i'm all alone in my room wearing only a pink bra and panties

Clover's statement made Mandy very aroused. The blonde took off her pajama top and bottom, exposing her naked body. Her nipples hardened upon coming in contact with the cool air in her room.

Phoenix: i just took off my pajamas. i'm completely naked.
Clover: r u wet?
Phoenix: yea. very wet. ive been waiting all night for this
Clover: I just took off my bra. my nipples are so pointy and hard
Phoenix: I wish i could suck on them right now

Mandy started rolling her nipples around with her right hand, moaning in bliss as she sent small electric shocks through her body by stimulating her hard nubbins.

Phoenix: clover im rollin my nipples with one hand and typing with th e other
Clover: r your nipples hard?
Phoenix: very. i wish u could siuck on tem

It was difficult for Mandy to type with only one hand. Because of it, there were more typos than usual

Clover: im dlipping a hjand into my oanties. godf im spo wet

It seemed Clover was having the same trouble typing. However, it did not matter to either of them. As long as they felt good, it was okay.

Phoenix: yea rub yourself

Mandy, too, brought her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned in pleasure, but was sure to be quiet so that her parents would not be disturbed.

Clover: it fe;lls so goof rubbing my pussy. i wish it was ypour fingers on my cvlit
Phoenix: me too
Clover: u have your vibe?
Phoenix: yea

Mandy picked up the back massager and turned it on to the low setting. She put the vibrating head to her hard clit and gasped at the feeling.

Phoenix: i have the head right agaist my clitty. it feels sp good
Clover: shot im so wqet. i have my hair brush with me. i,m putting it into my hole
Phoenix: yea fuvbk youself
Clover: i ove getting filled. i just wish u were filling me

Mandy turned the setting on the massager from low to high, sending even more intense vibrations into her hard clitoris. She again gasped in pleasure and her breathing became heavier. She could feel her juices dripping between her legs and onto her desk chair.

Phoenix: i just tuned ui[p the speed on my vibe. ijm do wet
Clover: im sdo close to cumming
Phoenix: yea me 2
Clover: my legs r ashaking. im so clodse
Phoenix: i want u to cum flor mer cover
Clover: ikm cumin now!

Mandy almost came when Clover told her that she was cumming, but the blonde managed to hold back. The next message appeared several seconds later:

Clover: that felt so good, phoenix. my juices are everywhere. my hands and my chair are soaked.

Just reading the details about Clover's juices was enough to make Mandy cum.

Phoenix: im cumming!

Mandy almost screamed, but managed to hold her breath so that her parents would not hear her. Although she was quiet about it, it was a very powerful orgasm. She closed her eyes tightly as her body started spasming wildly, still pressing the massager firmly against her throbbing clit. She shoved her left index and middle fingers into her cunt, feeling the walls contracting around them and juices gushing onto her hand as she came.

The blonde came down from her orgasm several seconds later, breathing heavily after her very pleasurable experience. Mandy turned off the massager and dropped in onto the floor. She sucked the juices off of her fingers while typing with her right hand.

Phoenix: that was a great orgasm, clover
Clover: how wet was it?
Phoenix: very wet orgasm. im licking my juicers off of my fingers right now. my chair is soaked also. i'll have to cleanh that
Clover: i'll have to clean my chair too

With all of the juices sucked off of her hand, Mandy went back to typing with both hands.

Phoenix: my juices taste so sweet. i wish u were here to taste them for yourself.
Clover: yea i wish so too. I bet they taste better than mine.
Phoenix: i really wanna taste yours 2

Mandy sat back in her chair for a moment to recover from her intense orgasm. Then, she remembered what her parents had said that night during dinner.

Phoenix: clover i think im going out of town soon
Clover: really. y?
Phoenix: i just learned today that i was adopted. im going to san francisco soon to meet my twin sister. im not gonna be online then
Clover: your going to san francisco? no way! i live there!
Phoenix: u do?!
Clover: if your going to san francisco that means we can meet!
Phoenix: SWEET!

It was then that Mandy yawned.

Phoenix: sorry babe i gotta crash. im really tired after my big meal and my big orgasm
Clover: ok. good night, phoenix. i'll talkto u soon, babe :)
Phoenix: good night, clover

With that, Mandy logged off and shut down her computer. She was so exhausted after her cyber that she almost fell over when she stood up. However, she managed to keep her footing and she went over to the light switch to turn off her light. She decided to sleep naked that night since she did not have enough energy to put her pajamas back on. However, the silk covers against her bare skin felt soothing and very sexy. The blonde quickly fell asleep with thoughts of Clover in her mind.

Mandy was unable to get a hold of Clover until five days later, Thursday morning. It was the day that Mandy and her parents were going to San Francisco and two days before Mandy's 18th birthday.

Phoenix: clover im so glad i caught u
Clover: sorry babe. ive been busy studying for finals. but theyre almost over. my last final is tomorrow
Phoenix: today is the day i leave for sf. i should be there at about 9:00 tonight your time
Clover: i'll be busy tonight studying for my last final. but, how abt we meet tomorrow right after my final
Phoenix: id love that. but i dont know my way around san francisco
Clover: when u get there, look at yahoo! maps for directions to 5238 diamond heights blvd. theres a chinese restaurant there where we can meet
Phoenix: that sounds great. what tiome should we meet?
Clover: how does 4:30 sound?
Phoenix: 4:30 sounds great babe. how will i know u?
Clover: i'll be wearing a green tank top, blue jeans, blue baseball cap and have my hair tied back in a purple scrunchy
Phoenix: Thanks hon ;)
Clover: sorry i gotta get 2 school. i'll see ya tomorrow ok?
Phoenix: ok. love u 4ever clover
Clover: love u 2. bye, phoenix
<User "Clover" has logged off>

"Oh, my God!" Mandy cried. "I'm actually gonna meet Clover!"

"What was that?" Mandy heard her mother say from behind her door.

'Oh, shit!' Mandy thought, afraid that her mother would learn about her online activities.

"What was what?" Mandy asked, trying to sound innocent.

"I thought I heard you yelling or something."

"I'm just so excited that I'm gonna meet Samantha," said Mandy, hoping that her mother had not heard her say, "Clover," the first time.

"Ah, yes," her mother said. "Samantha. Speaking of which, you'd better pack your bags. We have to get to the airport at 6:30 tonight."

"Right. I'll start packing right now." Mandy started packing her duffel bag with clothes, excited that she was going to meet both her twin sister and her lover soon. She was sure to bring her back massager with her, sure that her parents would not know what she truly intended to do with it.

After eating dinner at 5:30 pm, they called a cab to bring them to the Tampa International Airport. They arrived a little after 6:30, but they still had almost an hour before their plane left. At 7:30 pm, the plane took off and Mandy and her family were off to San Francisco, California.

The trip took almost five hours, Mandy's family arriving at San Francisco International Airport at 9:14 pm, Pacific Time. However, it was 12:14 am Eastern Time, so Mandy and her parents were very tired. After finding their luggage at baggage claim, they made their way to the lobby where they saw a family of three holding up a sign that read Trevers on it, Mandy's father's last name. The man and the woman seemed very much like Mandy's parents, in their early 50s and seemingly of upper-middle class. The girl that was with them looked in almost every respect exactly like Mandy. Her hair color, eye color, height, and build were just like Mandy's. Mandy knew that it was her identical twin sister, Samantha.

Mandy and her parents walked to the family to greet them. "Mister and Missis Trevers," said the man, who Mandy guessed was Samantha's adoptive father. "Glad you could make it."

"Mister and Missis Kinsley," said Mandy's mother, greeting the other family. Mandy's parents shook hands with Samantha's parents.

"Hi, Amanda," said Mandy's twin.

"Hello, Samantha," Mandy said. The two sisters shook hands. "My friends call me Mandy."

"My friends call me Sam." Mandy was surprised at how warm Sam's smile was. Her twin was much more welcoming than she was. She figured it was probably because it was only 9:15 pm for Sam. Mandy was tired and not in the mood for being warm and welcoming.

With Mandy and her parents tired from the long flight and from the jet lag, Sam's family thought that it would be best to get them back to their house so that they could sleep. The Kinsleys' couch rolled out into a queen-sized bed for Mandy's parents to sleep on. Sam's parents offered to set up another mattress for Mandy to sleep on, but Sam insisted that Mandy sleep in her bed. Sam's bed was also queen-sized, so there was plenty of room for Mandy. Since Sam was her twin, Mandy decided that it was okay. She figured that normal twins slept in the same bed frequently. Mandy and her parents changed into their bed clothes and jumped into bed, not even bothering to brush their teeth because they were so tired. Sam went to bed as well. "I hope you don't mind, Mandy," said Sam, "but I like to sleep in my bra and panties."

"Sure," Mandy said, lying down in bed. Sam took off her T-shirt and jeans, revealing her shapely body, identical to Mandy's in every way, covered only by a pink bra and a pair of pink panties. After turning off the lights, Sam got into bed next to Mandy and wrapped her arms around her twin sister. Mandy was a little surprised by Sam embracing her, but was too tired to really care. She just went with the flow and wrapped her arms around Sam as well, falling asleep in her sister's arms.

It was almost 12:00 pm when Mandy woke up. For reasons that she did not understand, the blonde was very horny. However, she was determined not to make herself cum. She wanted to hold out for when she met Clover. She took a quick shower and got dressed before walking around the house to find her parents. She found them in the kitchen, eating lunch and talking with Sam's parents. "Ah, good morning, Mandy," said Mandy's father.

"Good morning, guys," Mandy replied.

"We were just talking about you," Sam's mother said.

"Why don't you come join us?" asked Sam's father. Mandy sat down in an empty seat. "As my wife and I were saying to your parents, we were so excited when they managed to get a hold of us."

"We knew that the time would come sooner or later to tell Sam that she was adopted," Missis Kinsley said, "so we were thrilled when we found out that her twin sister was coming back into her life. Sam doesn't really make friends very easily and we thought that her sister might be the friend that she needs."

"Well, she was very generous last night," Mandy said. "I was surprised that she was willing to let me sleep in her bed on the first night that we met."

"Well she was just excited to meet you," said Sam's mother. "It's not every day a girl meets her long lost identical twin."

"I know what you mean," said Mandy. "I was certainly excited to meet her. Is Sam around?"

"No," said Mister Kinsley, "she's at school right now. We know that you ended school a week earlier than her. She's staying over at her friend's house for a few hours, but tonight, you and Sam will have plenty of time to get to know each other."

"I can't wait," Mandy said excitedly.

"Would you like a hamburger?" Missis Kinsley asked. "It'll take no time to make."

"Oh yes," Mandy said, "thank you."

Mandy and the four adults continued talking as they ate their lunch, the Trevers and the Kinsleys getting to know each other better. Mandy thought that Sam's parents seemed like nice people and that they would make a nice addition to the family. However, it did seem a little strange that her sister's parents were not her parents. That was something that both she and Sam would have to sort out in the near future.

At 3:45, Mandy got onto Sam's computer to find directions to the Chinese restaurant that she was supposed to meet Clover at. She found that it was not far from the Kinsleys' house, only about 5 miles away. She convinced her parents and Sam's parents that she wanted to go and see the sights of San Francisco. Her parents did not want her to go exploring the city at that time because they wanted to continue talking with Sam's parents, who had to stay at home to wait for Sam to get back home from school. However, Mandy also convinced the parents to let her go see the sights by herself. Aside from Sam's sports car, which Sam had driven to school, the Kinsley's also had a minivan, which Mandy said she could take to see the city. The parents eventually gave in and let Mandy explore for about an hour. Sam's father gave Mandy the key to the minivan. After Mandy had picked up her back massager, she got in the car went on her way.

Even though Mandy got lost on the way to the Chinese restaurant, she had a whole half-hour to get back on track and on her way to where she was to meet Clover. She arrived at almost exactly 4:30, the time that she and Clover had planned to meet. 5238 Diamond Heights Boulevard turned out to be a shopping center. "Great," though Mandy. "Where am I gonna find Clover in this huge place?" Then, Mandy happened to see several tables below a staircase. Sitting alone at one of the tables was a young woman in a green tank top, blue jeans, wearing a blue baseball cap, with her blond hair sticking out the back of her cap, held in a ponytail by a purple scrunchy. She fit Clover's description too perfectly for this girl to not be her.

Suddenly, Mandy became very nervous. She was actually going to meet this mysterious girl that she had met on the internet. She had no idea whether or not she would like Clover in the offline world or if Clover would like her in the offline world. However, she and Clover had been dying to meet each other and they had already made plans to meet where Clover was sitting at that moment. Mandy certainly did not want to stand up this girl whom she had fallen in love with. Mandy's train of thought brought her to the fact that she had never actually met Clover and she was already in love with her. That gave her the confidence she needed to walk up to Clover and say hello.

Mandy made her way across the parking lot to the table that the other girl was sitting at. Clover was sitting with her back to Mandy, so the blonde still did not know exactly what her online lover looked like. After Mandy walked up behind Clover, she was still a little hesitant to speak. Finally, Mandy was able to say, "Clover?"

The girl sat upright when she heard Mandy's voice. "Hello, Phoenix," she said.

Mandy's heart skipped a beat. She felt light-headed. She had actually made contact with Clover. "Oh, wow!" she cried, throwing her arms around the girl who was still in her seat.

"Phoenix," said Clover, "we don't want people to see us in this strange position."

Mandy removed her arms from around Clover's body and said, "Oh, right. Sorry." Mandy walked around the table and sat down opposite Clover. "Wow. I can't believe I'm actually meeting you." Mandy looked at Clover to find that the bill of her baseball cap was hiding her face. "I stand corrected," the blonde said. "I wouldn't really say that I'm meeting you until I can see your face."

Clover smiled. "Are you sure you really wanna see my face, Phoenix?"

"Yes," Mandy said. "I want nothing more than to look into your eyes and see who you are. Until now, you have been a faceless ghost to me. I need to know the face of the person that I love so much."

"All right," said Clover. "But don't say I didn't warn you."

"I'm not afraid."

Clover grabbed the bill of her baseball cap, ready to take it off. She pulled the cap off of her head, revealing her full head of blond hair. However, as she took off her cap, her arm still hid the middle section of her face. Finally, as Clover lowered her hat to the table, Mandy looked into her lover's face for the first time. Mandy took a double-take and stared, flabbergasted, into Clover's blue eyes. "Surprise, Mandy," the blonde's identical twin said.

"No way," Mandy said. "This can't be. You can't be Clover."

"I am Clover, Mandy. I told you what I would be wearing. I told you exactly where to meet me."

"But, Sam? You're my sister for God's sakes!"

"Yes, I know. What's your point?"

Mandy put her elbows on the table and dropped her head, holding her forehead in her hands. "I cannot believe this," she said to herself. "How is this possible?"

"Remember the last night we chatted?" Sam asked. "You told me that you had just found out that you were adopted? Well, right after we ended our session and you logged off, my parents walked into my room and told me that I was adopted too. And when they told me that my identical twin sister was coming to San Francisco to visit me, I started thinking that this Phoenix person could be my sister. I knew that Phoenix was close to my age, my build, and had blond hair and blue eyes. It took me a while to come to grips with the fact that Amanda Trevers and Phoenix were the same person, but by the time you arrived at the airport, I had accepted that fact. I didn't care that we were sisters. It didn't matter to me. All that mattered was that Phoenix was there with me."

"I slept next to you," Mandy said, still somewhat bewildered. "I held you in my arms as we slept."

"You must've been really tired last night. I was surprised that I didn't wake you up. Having you in my arms, feeling the heat from your body, it made me so horny. I don't know how many times I made myself cum rubbing my pussy against your leg last night."

"WHAT?!" Mandy cried, jumping to her feet. She closed her eyes and held her hand in her hand, trying to block the image from her mind. "That was why I felt so horny this morning. I must have felt what you were doing to me in my sleep." She looked at Sam and saw her twin looking back at her. Mandy quickly averted her gaze away from Sam, disgusted by the thought of her own sister making love to her. "I gotta go."

Mandy started walking back to the minivan. "Mandy, wait," Sam called after her. Mandy only started walking faster. She got into the minivan and just drove around the city, trying to forget everything that had happened between her and Clover. As the blonde continued driving, she found herself on a beach several miles south of the city. There was a Taco Bell there that she ate dinner at. As Mandy watched the sun go down, she thought that she should get back to the Kinsley residence. Although she knew that Sam would be there, she did not want to make her parents worry about her.

It was after 7:30 pm when Mandy got back to the Kinsleys' house. "Mandy," her mother said at seeing her walk in. "You took longer than we expected. Do you know what time it is?"

"Sorry, Mom," the blonde said. "I got a little lost on the way back," she lied.

"Do you want some dinner?" asked her mother.

"No," Mandy replied. "I had some dinner."

"You look awfully flushed, Mandy. Are you feeling all right?"

"I dunno. I guess I'm just flusterred from losing my way back. Maybe I should lie down for a while."

"Sure. We'll be in the kitchen if you need anything."

"Is Sam here?"

"Yes. She's up in her room waiting for you."

'Damn it,' the blonde thought.

"Okay. Thanks, Mom." Mandy slowly made her way to Sam's room. She did not want to see Sam after the incident earlier that day, but she knew that she would have to face her sister sooner or later. As Mandy entered the room, she saw Sam lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. Mandy took a deep breath and said, "Sam?"

Mandy's twin turned and looked at her. "Hi, Mandy."

"Can I come in?" Sam nodded. Mandy walked to Sam's desk and sat down. "Wow," said Mandy, still overwhelmed by the situation. "I...I don't know where to begin."

"Why don't you just tell me what you're feeling?" Sam suggested.

"How am I feeling? I don't know. Confused, I guess."

"Tell me about it."

"Well, over the past few months, I've become..." Mandy searched for the words to describe what she was feeling, "...attached to this girl who calls herself Clover. After getting to know her, I fell in love with her. And now, I find out that Clover is actually my sister. And..." Mandy trailed off.

"And you don't think it's right for sisters to see each other," Sam finished.

Mandy sighed. "That's right. Now, I don't know what to do. I'm torn between my love for Clover and my beliefs about incest."

"I think I understand. Ya know, I feel this is partially my fault. I...I should've just come forward when I learned that you were Phoenix."

"I don't really know how much that would've helped. You would still be my sister."

"Well Mandy, I still wanna be your sister. Even if you don't wanna be my lover, then at least be a sister to me."

"But how can I be sure you won't take advantage of me again, like you did last night?"

"You're right. What I did last night was wrong and cruel and...I shouldn't've done it. I am truly sorry, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. All I can offer is my word that I will never do it again." There was a moment of silence. The sisters both looked at the floor, neither of them knowing what to say. "Thanks for not telling your parents or mine," Sam broke the silence.

"You don't have to thank me, Sam. It's what sisters do. They forgive each other and they protect each other. It's the nature of siblings."

"Still, thank you. It really means a lot to me that you wanna still be my sister."

Mandy smiled and said, "You're welcome."

Sam then sat up in her bed and said, "Well, now that we've sorted all of this out, in the spirit of sisterhood, you wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure," said Mandy. "Did you have anything in mind?"

"Do you like The Matrix?"

"I love The Matrix! Didn't I tell you once online that it was my favorite movie?"

Sam went to a shelf of DVDs next to her entertainments system. After searching through the many DVDs in her library, she pulled one out. "Here it is," she said, throwing the box to Mandy. "Why don't you set up the movie while I get us a couple o' sodas?"

"Sure. You have any cola?"

"I have some caffeine-free Pepsi."

"That would be great. Thanks." Sam left the room and Mandy went to the entertainment system to start the movie. She inserted the DVD into the DVD player and turned on the television. Mandy was just taking off her shoes when Sam came back into the room, holding a can of caffeine-free Pepsi in either hand. Sam handed Mandy one of the soda cans and the sisters lied down side-by-side on the bed to watch the movie.

When The Matrix ended, Mandy and Sam just talked, hopeful that Mandy could come to grips with the fact that Clover was her sister and that she could forget the fact that Sam had taken advantage of her the night before. "How are you feeling, Mandy?" Sam asked.

"Okay, I guess," replied Mandy. "I guess I'm still a little worked up about what happened today."

"I'm really sorry about that," her sister said.

"I know you are," Mandy said. "But I think that I'm beginning to come to grips with the fact that you're Clover."

"That's good."

"Yeah. Actually, now that I think about it, we acted a lot like sisters online."

"You're right. We shared every bit of information with each other. I remember laughing when you told me about the time you caught your parents having sex and your dad called your mom wet doughnut."

"I remember crying when you told me about the time your boyfriend dumped you for your best friend."

"I remember arguing with you about which is better, Backstreet Boys or N'Sync."

"I remember agreeing with you that The Matrix is such a great movie."

"Mandy, I think we're on to something here. I think that was what I liked so much about you in the first place. We could share every intimate detail with each other without fear. We could be totally open with each other without the risk of being judged."

"I guess that's what I liked about you as well."

Mandy and Sam looked into each other's eyes for a moment. At that point, something came over Mandy. She almost could see Sam as a person other than her sister. However, the feeling passed as her beliefs got the better of her. Sam, at seeing Mandy's discomfort, said, "You probably don't wanna sleep in the same bed with me after what happened today. I'll go and get you a mattress to sleep on."

Sam was about to leave when Mandy caught her arm. Sam looked at her sister and Mandy said, "That's okay. I don't mind."

"You're sure?" Sam asked. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

"I'll be all right. Just don't do anything to me in my sleep."

"You have my word that I won't take advantage of you while you're asleep."

Mandy was about to go into the bathroom to change into her pajamas, however, she stopped herself. She knew that her feelings for her sister were changing, but she was unsure of how to proceed. She decided to test herself and find out how she felt about changing in front of Sam. Although daring, the blonde was still cautious about Sam. As she stripped, she noticed that Sam had averted her gaze. Mandy smiled at her knowledge that Sam was trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible. After Mandy had changed, she and Sam went into the bathroom to brush their teeth.

As they reentered Sam's room, Sam said, "If it'll make you feel any better, I'll sleep in my clothes."

"It's okay if you wanna sleep in your lingerie," Mandy said.

"You're sure?"

"Yes. Whatever makes you feel comfortable."

"Well, thanks." With that, Sam took off her tank top and jeans. Mandy looked at her sister's almost-naked body and saw her pink bra and panties. She remembered Clover mentioning in their most recent cyber sex session that she wore pink underwear. Mandy got into bed and Sam turned off the lights. Sam got into bed next to Mandy, but stayed as far away as possible. The two sisters fell asleep.


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