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Double-Take, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


Mandy woke up with an unusual feeling. At first, the only thing that she could tell about herself in her sleepy state was that she was breathing heavily, her heart was beating rapidly, and she was sweating. However, as she regained more of her consciousness, she realized that someone's hand had slipped into her pajamas and was rubbing her pussy! Mandy wanted to stop what was happening to her. However, her orgasm hit before she had a chance to do anything about it. The blonde would have screamed if she had not held back her vocalizations. Instead, she made several sharp exhales with each orgasmic wave. With every wave, her body twitched and her vaginal walls contracted. It was the most wonderful feeling that Mandy had ever experienced while waking up in the morning.

However, as her orgasm died down and Mandy came back to her senses, she jumped to a sitting position, looked toward Sam and cried, "Sam! What the fuck did I tell you about--!" Mandy suddenly stopped herself from speaking. She was surprised to find that Sam was not there. "What the hell?" she said to herself. Mandy looked down at her crotch to see who's hand was in her pants. It turned out to be her own! Mandy hastily made her way to the bathroom to clean up and rid herself of her soaking wet pajamas.

After changing into a white bra and panties, a white T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts, Mandy exited the room to look for the rest of the family. She found Sam, Mister Kinsley, and Missis Kinsley eating breakfast. "Good morning, Mandy," said Mister Kinsley as Mandy entered the room.

"Good morning," said the blonde.

"How did you sleep?" Sam asked.

Mandy stared at Sam for a moment, still sorting out what had happened that morning as she was waking up. "Oh, just fine," said the blonde.

"Happy birthday, Mandy," said Sam's mother.

"Thank you, Missis Kinsley," Mandy replied.

"Speaking of which," said Sam, "I'm going over to my friend's house after graduation today. We're having both a graduation celebration and a celebration for our birthday. You wanna come along, Mandy?"

"Yeah. I guess," Mandy said.

"Ah, that's good," said Missis Kinsley, "we won't have to make preparations for your birthday here. Less work for us." The four of them laughed.

"So, where are my parents?" Mandy asked.

"I think they're still asleep," said Sam's father. "I think they're still adjusting to Pacific Time."

"But I've adapted just fine already," Mandy said.

"You're still young," Sam's father said. "You're more resilient that us old people and can adjust more easily."

"It's great to be young, ain't it, Mandy?" said Sam.

"Yeah. It is," Mandy said, smiling.

Mandy shared breakfast with the Kinsleys. Her parents woke up about an hour later. The two families talked and played board games until they were ready for lunch. Mister and Missis Kinsley made hot dogs for everyone. After lunch, they decided to catch a movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Although their parents were not thrilled with the movie, the twins enjoyed it quite a bit. They really enjoyed the action sequences, and thought that it was funny when the Smiths started attacking each other.

However, they did not have much time to discuss the movie since Sam's graduation was to start soon after. After Mandy and Sam had packed what they needed for the night, they went on their way to Sam's graduation. Mandy decided not to bring her back massager because she wanted to make sure that nobody would hear her if she decided to get herself off that night. The ceremony was to take place in an auditorium adjacent to the high school that Sam went to. The graduating seniors were to wait outside until the ceremony began. As Mandy, her parents, and Sam's parents walked into the auditorium, the girl handing out programs caught Mandy's attention. "You're Mandy, right?" she asked.

If the girl had not spoken, Mandy would have not noticed her. She was about Mandy's age, maybe a year younger. She had brown hair and blue eyes. The feature that stood out the most to Mandy was the fact that the girl's hair was shorter than most girls'. Although she had short hair, it was not too short to keep it from being feminine, like Denise Crosby's hair style when she was still an actress on television's Star Trek, The Next Generation. "Yes," Mandy replied to the girl's question. "How did you know?"

"I'm Chris," said the girl, "one of Sam's friends. She told me that her twin sister was coming to her graduation. Since you look exactly like her, you must be Mandy."

"Ah, I see. Have you known Sam long?"

"About three years. We were on the girls' soccer team until now. I hear that Sam is taking a year off from school before she goes off to college. Is that true?"

"I don't know. She hasn't told me anything. I never asked."

"I hope so. I'm a year below her and I don't graduate until next year. I wanna go on to college with her. And you seem a nice person too. Hopefully we can become friends at the party tonight."

"You're going to the party too?"

Chris laughed. "I wouldn't say going to the party. We're hosting the party."

"Oh, it's at your house."

"That's right."

"Okay. I'll see you there, Chris."

"See you there, Mandy." Mandy saw that her parents and Sam's parents had already sat down in the auditorium. They had been saving an empty seat for her, so she went and sat down next to them.

The graduation ceremony was not unlike Mandy's graduation. The only main difference was that Sam's graduating class was about twice as large as Mandy's, so it took about twice as long. The ceremony ended a little after 7:00 pm with the well-known ritual of the graduates moving the tassels on their caps from the left side to the right.

Mandy, Sam, and their parents all met up when the ceremony had ended. "Congratulations, Sam," said Mister Kinsley.

"Thanks, Dad," Sam replied.

"Yeah, congrats," Mandy said.

"Thanks, Mandy."

"Are you two ready to go to your friend's house?" asked Missis Trevers.

"I'm ready," said Mandy.

"I'm ready," Sam said.

"Okay," said Mandy's mother. "We'll see you girls tomorrow."

"Bye," Mandy and Sam said in unison as their parents went back to the minivan.

"Sam, Mandy," a voice called to them from across the parking lot. The twins looked and saw two girls waving to them from a silver convertable. Mandy could not make out the figures, but she recognized the voice as that of Chris. She and Sam walked toward the girls that had called to them.

As they approached, Mandy could make out the figures more clearly. It was then that she took a double-take. One of the figures was Chris and the other was a girl that looked exactly like Chris, just with longer hair. "Mandy," said Sam. "These are my friends, Chris and Cassandra."

"Nice to meet you, Mandy," the long haired brunette said, holding out her hand to the blonde. "I'm Cassandra."

"Hi," said Mandy, shaking Cassandra's hand.

"We've already met," said the short-haired brunette.

"You guys are twins also?" Mandy asked, stunned.

"Chris, Sam," said Cassandra. "You didn't tell her about us being twins?"

"I wanted to surprise her," said Sam.

"It never came up," said Chris. "She went to sit down before I had a chance to tell her."

"Who cares?" said Sam. "Why don't we just get going over to your house?"

"Good idea," said Chris as she got into the driver's seat. Cassandra got into the front passenger's seat and Mandy and Sam got into either rear passengers' seats.

"Cassandra," said Mandy. "I notice your hair is longer than your sister's."

"Yeah," said Cassandra. "She decided to cut her hair short when we were ten. She did it to let people tell us apart."

"Cassandra doesn't want to admit it," said Sam, "but she always follows Chris' lead because she's younger than Chris."

"Hey!" said Cassandra.

"You know it's true!" said Chris.

Chris and Cassandra argued playfully while Mandy and Sam listened, finding the argument humorous. "So," Mandy asked, "what are we gonna do at your house?"

"Well," Chris said, "our parents are out for the night so..." Chris paused for a moment just for suspense, "...anything we want!"

"Really?" asked Mandy. "Your parents are actually out for the night?"

"They like to go out for romantic dinners every now and then," said Cassandra. "About one night a month, we're home alone."

"And so I come over to keep them company," Sam said.

"Do your parents know that you have friends over when they're gone?" asked Mandy.

"Yes, they know," Chris said.

"But they know that we're responsible young women," added Cassandra. "We're old enough to take care of ourselves and our friends."

"How old are you?" Mandy asked.

"They're seventeen," Sam replied. "About nine months younger than you and me."

The girls got to Chris and Cassandra's house a little after 7:30 pm. "Welcome to our humble abode," Chris said as they all entered the house.

"Not too shabby," said Mandy as she saw the house's interior for the first time. It seemed pretty average for an upper-middle class family of four. It seemed to be kept in good order, probably cleaned and tidied up in preparation for Mandy and Sam's visit.

"So," Sam asked. "what's first on our agenda for tonight?"

"Well," said Chris, "as I mentioned at graduation, I wanted to learn more about this mysterious twin of yours." She then turned to Mandy and said, "So, Mandy. Tell me about yourself."

"Well," said the blonde, thinking about where to begin, "from what I've heard, Sam and I were born in Dallas, Texas. I lived there for ten years with my adoptive parents, but I didn't know that I was adopted until just last week."

"Our parents just kind of told us when Mandy's parents got a hold of mine," Sam said.

"Ah, I see," said Chris.

Cassandra piped in, "Tell us more."

"After ten years of living in Dallas, my parents and I moved to Tampa, Florida. When I completed high school, my parents told me about my adoption and that I had a twin sister named Sam living in San Francisco."

"How was it you ended up in San Francisco?" Cassandra asked Sam.

"At the time that I was born, my parents were in Dallas," Sam said. "I guess they felt sorry for me because my mother died soon after giving birth. Nobody knew who our father was, so they took me in."

"Bastard was probably some rapist that fucked up your mom just for the hell of it," Chris said.

"Chris!" the long-haired brunette said. "Don't say things like that."

"I'm sorry," said Chris. "It's just that nobody really tells me to keep my thoughts to myself. Mandy, please continue."

"Okay. Anyway, I arrived in San Francisco with my parents two nights ago."

"Sam told us that you turned out to be Phoenix, her internet girlfriend," said Cassandra.

"Yeah," Mandy said. "It really freaked me out when I learned that Sam was Clover."

"Mandy doesn't really approve of incestuous relationships," said Sam.

"It's not that I disapprove," Mandy said. "It's just that I don't think that I could ever be in one. I think what really got me angry was what Sam did to me when I was asleep that night."

"Oh, yeah," said the short-haired girl. "She told us about that right after it happened."

"In fact," Sam said, "it was these two that convinced me to seduce you in the first place."

"What?" exclaimed Mandy. She looked at the brown-haired twins and cried, "You two told my sister to seduce me?"

"We thought you would be cool with it as long as you loved her," Cassandra explained.

Chris concluded, "After all, she was Clover."

"But, I'm getting over what she did," Mandy said. "We're sisters. We forgive each other."

"Thankfully for me," added Sam. The girls smiled at Sam's mildly humorous remark.

"So what about you guys?" Mandy asked the two younger twins. "What are you like?"

"Well," Cassandra started, "first of all, we weren't separated at birth like you were. We've lived together our whole lives, so, as you can expect, our relationship is pretty strong." Chris and Cassandra embraced each other.

"We share just about everything with each other," Chris said. "Stories about boys, our most intimate feelings, all that good stuff."

"Tell me more about how you met Sam. Chris already told me that you were on the soccer team together."

"We were just starting our freshman year," said Cassandra. "Sam was a sophomore. Actually..." Cassandra trailed off, blushing a bit.

"What my sister is trying to say," Chris said, "is that we became friends in the shower room one day after practice."

"Really?" said Mandy, surprisingly interested.

"I thought they were good-looking," Sam said. "So, we got to know each other better, and that's how we became friends. But, we haven't really made a commitment to each other. If we had, you and I would never have met online."

"That makes sense," Mandy said.

"I still can't believe how much of a coincidence it was that you two actually met online months before you met in real life," Cassandra said. "It would certainly make for a great story."

The girls continued chatting about themselves and each other. Unlike Mandy and Sam, Chris and Cassandra had never been in any relationships with boys. Although they were attracted to boys, they had only had relationships with other girls. It was at about 9:00 pm when Chris said, "Hey. You girls wanna try some vodka?"

Mandy stared at Chris. "You can't be serious," she said.

"Come on, Mandy," Sam encouraged her. "Why not just try some."

"I just never saw myself as a drinker."

"I didn't either before Chris gave me a drink," said Cassandra. "And I still don't drink all that often. Only on special occasions. Like this for example, it's your birthday. Two beautiful girls are turning eighteen! What occasion could be more special?"

"Well," Mandy said, "I guess it might be kinda fun to be a bit reckless."

"That's the spirit, Sis!" said Sam. "Chris, fetch us some alcohol."

"Yes, Ma'am," said the older brunette, walking lightheartedly into another room of the house.

"Their parents keep some very good raspberry vodka," Sam said to Mandy.

"They have no idea that we drink it every now and then," said Cassandra. "Because we only drink on special occasions, it doesn't seem as if any is gone."

"Ladies," Chris said as she walked back into the living room with a bottle of vodka and four wine glasses, "drinks are served." Chris set the glasses down on the table and filled them all with the alcoholic beverage that she had. The girls picked up the glasses. "Here's to your birthday," Chris said, holding up her glass.

"Here, here," the others said, raising their glasses as well.

The four of them took sips from their glasses. "Oh!" Mandy yelped, grabbing her throat. The other girls laughed. "That burns!"

"Well, it is alcohol," Chris said.

"I know," said the blonde. "I just didn't know it would be that strong."

"Drink some more," said Sam. "You'll get used to it after a few minutes." Mandy took another sip from her glass. She still winced at the burning sensation, but her reaction was much less excited. "It does taste good," she said. "A nice bit of raspberry in there."

The girls kept talking and drinking for another half-hour. "Wow," said Chris as she looked at the DVD player, which displayed the time. "It's almost 9:30. Where did the time go?"

"Time flies," Cassandra said.

"How're you doin' Mandy?" Sam asked her sister.

"I'm not sure," said Mandy. "I...I feel kinda warm. And very relaxed."

"You're buzzed," Chris said.


"From the alcohol. If you have a little but not too much, you get buzzed."

"Well, I kinda like being buzzed. How much of the bottle have we drunk?"

Cassandra looked at the bottle and said, "Almost all of it."

"All?" cried Mandy. "Your parents'll notice that for sure!"

"It's okay," Chris reassured. "They've got a whole lot more. One bottle won't be noticeable."

"You wanna finish off what's left?" Sam asked, handing the bottle to Mandy.

"I think I've gotten used to the taste," the blonde said. She downed the last of the vodka and sighed in satisfaction. "That's some good stuff," she said.

"Who's up for a game of poker?" Chris asked, finding a pack of cards and a set of chips.

"Oh, sure," said Cassandra.

"I'm game," Mandy said.

The four girls went to the table and started setting up. Each player received 10 white chips, 10 red chips, and 4 black chips. "Okay," said Chris, "we each start out with one-hundred points. Whites are worth one, reds are worth five, and blacks are worth ten. Sound good?"

"Sounds good," said Cassandra.

"Sounds good," said Sam.

"Sounds good," said Mandy.

"Okay then. Let's begin." Chris was about to deal the cards when she said, "Hold on. Who wants to play strip poker?"

"Strip poker?" Mandy said. "Why?"

"Because it's fun, that's why!" said Sam.

"You said you wanted to be reckless," said Cassandra. "That's why you drank the vodka, wasn't it?"

"True," the blonde said. "I accept."

"I propose," said Sam, "that with every twenty chips lost, a piece of clothing goes. Because shoes and socks are so small, they count as one article of clothing. Add that one to shirts, pants, bras, and panties, you get five articles of clothing to go for one-hundred points. However, we don't want anyone getting reclothed, so the maximum number of chips that you can have are the number of chips that you started out with at the beginning of each hand. Game?"

The other three girls thought for a moment. They all said, "Game."

"Okay," Chris said. "The game is Texas Hold'em." The short-haired girl dealt 2 cards to each player. They all looked at their cards and started betting. Sam won the first hand, costing Mandy 5 points, Chris 9, and Cassandra 7. However, according to her own rule for strip poker, Sam did not get any chips that brought her above 100 points. As the game progressed, each player lost more and more of their chips.

Contrary to her win of the first hand, Sam was the first to go below 80 points. She took off her footwear and they continued playing. Cassandra went barefoot next, then Mandy, and then Chris. It was Chris that went below 60 points first. She pulled off her blue, strapless top, exposing two round, B-cup boobs, encased only by a black silk bra. Cassandra was the next to reveal identical breasts in an identical bra. Mandy was rid of her T-shirt next, showing everyone her B-cups in a white bra.

"Isn't that bra a little small for you, Mandy?" Sam asked.

"I guess maybe a little," Mandy replied. "Why, do you wear a C-cup?"

"You guys seem to be borderline," Cassandra said. "Either a C or a B-cup would be good for either of you."

Sam was the next one to lose her shirt. Although she tried to fight it, Mandy could not help but stare at her sisters breasts, hidden only by the fabric of her pink bra. Mandy remembered the pink bra that Sam wore for the past two nights. Going below 40 points, Mandy stripped out of her pants. The other girls soon went below 40 and they, too, were only in their underwear. "This is where it gets interesting," said Sam. "We go below twenty points and we play the rest of the game topless."

"That's gonna be you, Sam," Chris said competitively.

"No, Chris," Sam retorted. "It'll be you that goes topless first."

"We'll see," said Mandy. As it turned out, Cassandra was the first to go below 20 points. She stripped off her bra surprisingly readily. All of the girls had lost much of their inhibitions due to the alcohol. Cassandra's breasts were beautiful, only slightly smaller than Mandy's. Mandy's bra came next. Although her breasts were larger than Cassandra's, her nipples were not as pointy. She could feel a small dampness between her legs and she was sure that the other girls had similar feelings.

Next came Sam's bra and Mandy was awestruck. Although she had seen those breasts before in the mirror, they seemed ten times as beautiful on her sister. They were just begging to be touched, to be fondled, to be squeezed. Mandy was barely able to pry her eyes away from her sister's tits and concentrate on the game. All of the girls found it hard to concentrate and they started making foolish mistakes, costing them more points than usual. Mandy was down to her last 10 points. Sam had 15, Chris had 13, and Cassandra had 19. "This is it," said Cassandra. "We're down to our last few chips. Who will be the first to lose the game and to lose their panties?"

"I'm thinking it's Mandy," Sam said. "She has the least points."

"I've been know to make comebacks," Mandy said. "I may not be as good on the field as you are, but I've learned quite a bit of poker from my parents."

After several more hands, each girl was down to 5 points. It was Mandy's turn to make the first bet. She pushed in her one remaining red chip and said, "All in."

"Risky," said Chris. "You lose this hand and you're naked."

"If you take the chance, you have an equal chance of getting naked."

"I'm in," said Sam, adding her last red chip to the pot.

"I'm in also," Cassandra said.

"We each have a three in four chance of losing if you join, Chris," said Mandy. "Let's make things interesting!"

"Okay," Chris said. "I'm in. Let's see who wins and who gets naked." They all showed their cards. Mandy had the kings of hearts and diamonds, Sam had a 4 of clubs and a 6 of diamonds, Cassandra had a 5 and 6 of hearts, and Chris had aces of spades and clubs. "It seems I have the best hand," Chris said.

"What's the flop?" Cassandra asked. Chris dealt the three cards of the flop.

"Now that's interesting," said Mandy. It was the 3 of spades, the 7 of hearts, and the king of spades. The turn card was the jack of diamonds, not helping anybody. Mandy with 3 kings seemed the most likely to win the pot. However, if the river was a 5, Sam would win. If it was an ace, Chris would win. If it was a 4, Cassandra would win. Mandy knew that the chances of drawing one of those cards was slim.

"This is it," Chris said. "This last card will send three girls to the land of nudity." Chris drew the last card and set it down on the table.

Everyone stared in awe. It was the 4 of hearts. Cassandra screamed in joy. "I won!" she cried. "Everyone, get out of those panties." Mandy, Sam, and Chris stood up and dropped their panties to the ground. All of the girls, except for Cassandra, were now completely naked.

Chris' pussy, unlike Mandy's, was neatly trimmed. Mandy had considered grooming her pubic hair, but had never gotten around to it. However, what Mandy saw between Chris' legs was nothing compared to what Mandy saw between Sam's. Sam had no pubic hair at all! Mandy had only seen shaved pussies in pornography, and it was much more intoxicating to see it in real life. There was no more denying it, Mandy wanted her sister just as Sam had wanted Mandy!

"I'm really hot and bothered," Chris said. "I'm really hot after this strip poker. Who's up for some skinny dipping?"

"I am," said Cassandra and Sam. Cassandra stripped out of her panties as well, leaving herself just as naked as the three losers of the poker game. Her vagina was also neatly trimmed like Chris'.

"You guys have a pool also?" Mandy asked.

"Yes, we do," said Cassandra.

"Taking a dip to cool off does seem nice, doesn't it, Mandy?" said Sam.

"It does, actually," Mandy said.

Sam, Chris, and Cassandra made a dash through the house and Mandy followed. Immediately after exiting the door in the back of the house, they all dove into the backyard swimming pool, none of them wearing anything. "Ah, that feels nice," said Sam as she surfaced.

"This is heated, isn't it?" said Mandy.

"Yeah, we like it warm," Chris said, floating on her back. However, Chris was shoved out of her back-floating position by her long-haired sister coming up from below her. Cassandra surfaced and burst into laughter. "Damn you!" cried Chris, grabbing Cassandra and dunking her. Cassandra managed to grab Chris' head and pull her under with her. The brown-haired twins resurfaced several feet away from one another and started splashing each other, laughing.

"Wait, stop," Cassandra said after a moment. Chris and Cassandra stopped splashing each other. "We're forgetting someone."

"You're right, Cassandra," Chris said.

Mandy realized too late that Chris and Cassandra were talking about her and Sam. Before she had a chance to react, she was hit in the face with a wave of chlorinated water. She and Sam started attacking Chris and Cassandra with splashes, and the battle turned into a free-for-all water fight, every girl splashing every other.

After several minutes the girls got tired from attacking each other. After the battle stopped, they all started laughing. Mandy found that she was having a great time. She was naked and slightly drunk from drinking vodka. She had never done anything so reckless and she was enjoying it. "What time is it?" she wondered.

"I dunno," Chris said. "We did play cards for a while."

"It feels like about ten-thirty," said Sam.

"Maybe we should get out and get to bed," Cassandra suggestion.

"That's probably a good idea," Chris said. The girls reluctantly walked out of the pool. The air was very cold after their time in the heated pool. The girls ran to Chris and Cassandra's room to find warmth. They all threw themselves down on Chris and Cassandra's bed and wrapped themselves up in each other's bodies. Their body heat helped to warm each other up a bit. Their nipples were hard from the cold air and they could feel the other girls' hard nubbins pressing into their flesh. Mandy was immediately wet when she felt her nipples rubbing against Sam's.

"Would you girls like to join us in the shower?" Chris asked, her and Cassandra standing up.

"Oh, no thank you," Mandy said. "There's something I'd like to talk to Sam about for a moment."

"Okay," said Cassandra. With that, the two young brunettes walked into their adjacent bathroom and closed the door.

Mandy and Sam were still on the bed with their arms wrapped around each other. "So, Mandy?" asked Sam. "What is it you'd like to talk to me about?"

"Sam," Mandy said, "I've been thinking a lot about what happened yesterday. No, not just yesterday, the past few months actually."

"Yeah. Me too."

"The first time I met you online, I knew that you were special. I knew that I would fall in love with you if we spent enough time together. And for a time, I did. But, after what happened yesterday, I couldn't see myself as loving you. I mean, I knew that you were Clover, the girl that I had fallen in love with, but you were also my sister, and...and I just couldn't love you like that."

"I know, Mandy. You told me all of that last night." Sam was surprised when Mandy embraced her tightly, pressing their bodies into one another. "There's something different about you, Mandy. What is it?"

"It's coming back to me," Mandy said. "The dream that I had last night."

"What dream?"

"This morning, I woke up to find myself masturbating in my sleep. I didn't know why, but I thought that it was you that was fucking me in my sleep. However, it was only me. But now I know why I thought it was you. I was dreaming. And...I was dreaming about you."

"About me?"

"You were right, Sam. You are Clover. And I am Phoenix. I tried to deny it, but I can't hide from my feelings any longer. I love you, Sam. Not just as my sister, but also as Clover. I need you as my lover, Sam. I love you, Sam."

"I love you, Mandy." Mandy moved her head forward toward Sam's. She closed her eyes and did the last thing that she would ever imagine herself doing. She kissed her identical twin sister on the lips. For a moment, Mandy and Sam stayed still and silent for a moment, their lips barely touching. However, as the shock died down, the two sisters started moving again, deepening their loving kiss. They sucked on each other's lips, their hands beginning to roam about each other's bodies.

"I should have known," Mandy said, "that I couldn't be without you."

"That means so much to me, Mandy," Sam said, holding her sister close. Their lips parted and they met in an open-mouth kiss. Sam's tongue extended into Mandy's mouth and Mandy accepted it. She sucked on Sam's tongue and Sam moaned in delight.

Sam's hands moved to Mandy's buttocks and gave each cheek a light squeeze. "Oh!" Mandy moaned in bliss. The blonde moved her left hand to Sam's right breast and fondled it. Sam arched her back and moaned in pleasure. "I need you, Sam," Mandy said. "I want you."

"I'm all yours," Sam said, spreading her legs. "I've always been yours." Mandy kissed Sam again and Sam wrapped her legs around Mandy's body. Mandy kissed Sam's neck, eliciting small moans from her sister. Mandy continued her way down Sam's body, coming to her breasts. Although identical to hers in every way, Mandy thought they were so much more beautiful on a person other than herself. She licked Sam's left nipple, causing her twin to gasp in delight. She flicked the hard button with her tongue several times and then sucked it into her mouth. Sam gave out a loud moan and grabbed the back of Mandy's head, pulling her closer into her chest.

"Well you two seem to have made up," a voice said from behind them. They looked to see Chris and Cassandra staring at them from the bathroom door!

"Chris! Cassandra!" Mandy cried. "It's not what it looks like!"

"Yes it was," said Cassandra. "You were sucking on Sam's titties!"

"Oh, no," said Mandy. "Please don't hate me. Please still be my friend."

"Mandy," said Sam, "don't worry. These two have been having sex with each other since they were twelve!"

Mandy looked at Sam, shocked. "They have?"

"Oh, yeah," said Chris. "In fact, that day that we met Sam in the shower room, she caught us making love there after all of the other girls had left."

"No way!" Mandy cried. "You actually made love in the shower room at your high school?"

"All three of us," Sam said.

"It all makes sense now," said Mandy. "That's why you were so eager to have sex with me. You were used to it. You'd been having sex with Chris and Cassandra for years now! But, I thought they hadn't made a commitment to you."

"Because we're having sex with each other, Silly!" said Cassandra. "We can't really say we've made a commitment to anyone if we're having sex with anyone else!"

"Well," said Mandy, "can't you make a commitment to more than one person?"

"Ya know," Chris said, "I never thought of that. But why not? Why can't you make a commitment to more than one person?"

"Yeah," said Cassandra. "I could make a commitment to both Sam and Chris, can't I?"

"And I can commit to both Chris and Cassandra," said Sam.

"Well I'm going farther than all of you," said Mandy. "I'm making a commitment to all three of you! Chris, Cassandra, get on this bed and make love to us!"

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" said Chris. The two brunettes jumped into bed with Mandy and Sam, mashing their bodies together. They all kissed each other, each girl alternating between kissing the other three every few seconds. Mandy felt one of Chris' breasts in one hand and one of Sam's in the other. Chris' tits were definitely slightly smaller than Sam's, but she made up for it with the perkiness of her hard nipples.

"So," said Cassandra, "where's that back massager that Sam told us about?"

"Oh, I didn't bring it," said Mandy. "If I knew that anything like this was gonna happen--"

"It's right here," Sam said, interrupting Mandy.

Mandy swung to look at her sister to find that Sam had packed the back massager into her pack! "Sam?" said Mandy. "You brought the back massager?"

"I had a feeling you wouldn't think to bring it. And I also had a feeling that we would need it. So, I brought it."

"What about your special hairbrush, Sam?" Chris asked. Sam simply reached into her pack again and pulled it out.

"A hairbrush?" asked Mandy. "Don't Chris and Cassandra have one?"

"They don't have this one," Sam said. "This one is just the right size and shape to hit my G-spot. Although, this hairbrush is just for you and me. These two don't need it."

"Whaddaya mean?"

"Chris, Cassandra, ya wanna demonstrate what I mean?"

"Pass us the back massager," Chris said. Sam tossed the back massager to Chris and Chris gave it to Mandy. "Use this on us," she said.

"Okay," said the blonde, not knowing exactly what Chris and Cassandra were going to do. However, she knew when the brunettes lied down in front of each other and put their pussies up to one another. Mandy turned on the back massager to the low setting and pressed it in between the two girls' pussies, the head resting firmly against their clitties. Chris and Cassandra moaned in pleasure as the vibrations from Mandy's massager stimulated their erect clits.

"Oh, wow," moaned Cassandra. "I can't believe how good this feels."

"I've never tried a vibrator before," said Chris. "This is really nice."

Sam got up on the bed on the opposite side of Chris and Cassandra that Sam was on. "Let's give their nipples a little attention, okay?" she said to Mandy.

"All right," Mandy replied.

"Mandy," Chris said. "I want you. You seem the submissive type."

"You heard what she said," said Sam. Seeing Sam lean into Cassandra's chest, Mandy went for Chris' breasts. With one hand each on the vibrating massager, both Mandy and Sam had one free hand to stimulate the brown-haired girl's boobs. They fondled their partners' right breasts with their hands while sucking on their left nipples. Chris and Cassandra gasped and arched their backs in pleasure. It seemed as if what they said about identical twins was correct, even at a distance, they each felt what the other felt. Chris' and Cassandra's actions and reactions seemed in perfect unison.

"Does this thing go any faster?" asked Cassandra.

"Yes, it does," said Sam, turning the massager from low to high. The vibrations became faster and Chris and Cassandra cried out even louder. They both rocked their hips back and forth against the vibrating head of the back massager, wrapping their arms around their partners and holding onto them tightly as they neared their climaxes.

"Oh. Oh shit. Yes," Chris moaned.

"Sam, I'm so close," said Cassandra.

"Get ready, Mandy," said Sam through a mouthfull of tit. "Soon, you'll see why they don't need a hairbrush like normal girls do."

"Oh, fuck!" cried Cassandra. "I'm cumming."

"Shit! Me too!" the other brunette cried. Chris' and Cassandra's orgasms hit at the same time and they both screamed in ecstasy as their bodies jerked about wildly. Mandy felt Chris' nails digging into her back as the short-haired girl came hard. However, the pain was negligible compared to the shock that Mandy felt at feeling Chris and Cassandra's girl-cum ejaculating all over her!

"Holy shit! Mother-fucker!" Mandy cried at the feeling of warm girl-juice splattering against her body.

Chris' and Cassandra's bodies flailed about and they held onto Mandy and Sam tightly until their mutual orgasm stopped and they came to rest on their bed. With their partners resting, Mandy and Sam sat up and looked at each other, noticing each other to be soaked in Chris and Cassandra's honey. Mandy's mouth was wide open and Sam was grinning at her. "See what I mean?" said Sam.

"They squirted all over us," said Mandy. "Isn't that only possible from stimulation of the G-spot?"

"That's why they don't need the hairbrush like we do. Any kind of orgasm at all, and boom! These girls ejaculate all over the place."

Mandy noticed the back massager was still in her hand, droplets of love-juice flying off as it vibrated away. Mandy turned it off and sucked on it as if it was a lollipop. "How does it taste?" Chris asked in a weak voice.

"Good," Mandy said. "You guys taste really good."

Sam took the back massager in her hand and sucked the juices off of it as well. As all of the nectar was sucked off of the head, Mandy and Sam started searching for more on each other's lips. They moaned as they licked the insides of each other's mouths, their hands probing each other's bodies.

As the blondes kissed, they felt the weight on the bed shift. They saw that Chris and Cassandra had stood up. "Where do you think you're going?" asked Mandy.

"Why, to get your birthday presents, of course," Chris said. The brown-haired sisters went to a drawer and pulled out one gift-wrapped present each. "Mandy, this is for you," said Chris.

"And this is for you, Sam," said Cassandra.

Mandy and Sam took their presents and opened them. They stared in awe at the objects that they had revealed. Mandy had received a hairbrush with a long handle and Sam had received a vibrating back massager! "Well," said Sam. "How about that."

"We knew that Mandy had a back massager and Sam had a long-handled hairbrush," said Cassandra, "so Chris and I decided to get Mandy a hairbrush and Sam a back massager."

"Now you each have two normal house-hold objects that you can use for your own purposes," Chris said.

"But not tonight," said Sam. "Tonight, you're the ones that are gonna use these house-hold objects on us."

Smiling, Chris and Cassandra approached Mandy and Sam. The blondes lied down side-by-side while Chris straddled Mandy and Cassandra straddled Sam. Chris kissed Mandy and Cassandra kissed Sam. Mandy felt up and down Chris' young body, caressing her smooth skin. She immensely enjoyed the feeling of the brunette's perky nipples digging into her skin.

Mandy and Sam took up the back massagers as their partners kissed and licked down their bodies to their breasts and down between their legs. Chris and Cassandra looked at the blonde's dripping cunts for a moment and then started licking at them. Mandy and Sam moaned in pleasure as the brown-haired girls ate them out. "You taste so good, Mandy," Chris said. "You taste just as good as Sam."

"We are twins," said Mandy. "I'm sure you and Cassandra taste the same as well."

Chris and Cassandra removed their mouths from their partners' pussies and started working the blondes' cunts with the hairbrush handles. Mandy and Sam gasped as their vaginas were filled with the long hairbrushes. They both turned on their back massagers to their low setting and pressed them against their throbbing clits. They moaned and sighed in pleasure as they vibrated their hard clitties while the other twins fucked their pussies with the hairbrushes.

"How does that feel," Chris asked.

"Shit," moaned Mandy. "That feels good. Oh. That hairbrush feels so good inside my pussy. I can't believe I never thought of it."

"You're welcome," said Sam sarcastically.

"Come on, Sam," Mandy breathed. "When I knew I was gonna meet Clover, I think we both knew that I was gonna have a hairbrush in my pussy."

"Come here." Sam grabbed Mandy with her free hand and pulled her close. They kissed each other passionately as Chris and Cassandra pounded the hairbrushes in and out of their wet cunts. Mandy and Sam fondled and squeezed each other's breasts with their free hands while they continued to vibrate their erect clits with the back massagers.

The blondes turned the vibrators from low to high and they both cried out in bliss. Chris and Cassandra also picked up the pace of their ministrations. "Holy shit!" Mandy cried. "What was that?"

"That's your G-spot," said Chris.

"Don't tell me you've never had a G-spot orgasm," said Cassandra.

"I don't have one of those hairbrushes that Sam has."

"You do now," Chris said, "thanks to me."

"Yeah, thanks Chris. Oh!" Mandy arched her back and started thrusting her hips forward and backward to meet the thrusts of the hairbrush into her sopping pussy.

"Oh, shit," moaned Sam. "Keep going, Cassandra. Fuck my pussy with that cock."

"Are you gonna cum?" asked the long-haired brunette.

"Mm-hm," moaned Sam.

"What about you, Mandy?" asked Chris. "Are you gonna cum, too?"

"Yeah," Mandy moaned. "I'm so close. Oh, fuck me!"

Both Mandy's and Sam's bodies started shaking as they reached their peaks. They closed their eyes tightly, holding back their orgasms for as long as possible. "Oh! Oh shit!" cried Sam. "I'm cumming!"

"Oh, fuck!" cried Mandy. The blonde sisters held onto each other and pulled each other's bodies tightly against one another. With their breasts mashed together, Mandy and Sam started cumming powerfully. They both screamed in bliss as their bodies started convulsing violently. They could feel their pussy walls contracting around their hairbrushes as girl-cum jetted from their spasming cunts.

"Oh, yes!" Chris yelled as she arched her back, letting Mandy's cum-juices spray against her tits.

"That's it, baby," said Cassandra as Sam squirted her juice all over her as well. "Give me that girl-cum." Chris and Cassandra pulled the hairbrushes away and latched their mouths onto Mandy's and Sam's contracting pussies, sucking up the orgasmic honey that gushed from their pee-holes.

As Mandy and Sam came down from their pleasure highs, their bodies stopped shaking and they came to rest on the cum-soaked bed. Satisfied for the time being, they turned off their massagers, wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed each other lovingly. Chris and Cassandra climbed up the blondes' bodies and joined them in a four-way kiss. They brought the soaked hairbrushes between their faces, letting Mandy and Sam taste their own cum-juices.

After several minutes of steamy kissing, the four girls just looked at each other. "I love you guys," said Sam. "I don't think I could part with any one of you three."

"Me neither," said Mandy. "Although I met you guys just today," she said to Chris and Cassandra, "I really like you two."

"We love you guys too," said Cassandra.

"We're gonna have a lot more fun in the days to come," Chris said. "I just know it."

"Hey, Mandy," said Sam.

"What is it?" Mandy asked, turning to face her sister.

"It occurs to me that you and I haven't really consummated our love yet. I mean, we made love to Chris and Cassandra and they made love to us, but I think it's about time Clover and Phoenix actually came together."

Mandy smiled and said, "Hello, Clover."

"Hi, Phoenix," Sam said. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"Same here. Tell me, what's your real name?"

"Sam. What's yours?"

"Mandy. My real name is Mandy." Mandy and Sam held each other's faces in their hands and kissed each other with uninhibited love and passion. Mandy no longer cared that Sam was her sister. She had finally accepted the fact that Sam and Clover were the same person and she held back none of the profound love that she felt for the girl in her arms.

Chris and Cassandra applauded for Mandy and Sam. "That's nice," said Cassandra. "These two finally meet in the way they're meant to. With arms wide."

"Congratulations to you two," Chris said.

As they kissed, Mandy and Sam parted their lips, allowing each other to extend their tongues into each other's mouths. They moaned as their tongues danced with each other. Mandy's hands found Sam's breasts and Sam moaned in pleasure. Sam pushed Mandy onto her back and lied on top of her, kissing and groping her vehemently. Mandy's hands moved down Sam's body to her ass and squeezed her sister's buttocks, making Sam gasp.

Sam turned to Chris and Cassandra and said, "You won't be needing those."

The brunettes noticed that they were still holding the hairbrushes. They gave them to Mandy and Sam, who gave their back massagers to Chris and Cassandra. Sam turned herself around and got into a sixty-nine position with Mandy. With exactly the same height and build, the twins fit together perfectly. "I've waited so long for this," said Sam as she looked into Mandy's wet pussy.

"I know," Mandy said. "Me too." Gently, Sam started licking Mandy's clitty. Mandy sighed in delight as her sister licked her hard button. Mandy also started licking Sam's clitoris, causing her to moan as well. Starting off slowly, they steadily increased their ministrations, going down harder and faster on each other's hard clits. Mandy sucked Sam's clit into her mouth and Sam gasped in bliss. She did the same to Mandy, causing her to gasp as well.

Meanwhile, Chris and Cassandra were watching intently, side-by-side on their knees with the back massagers vibrating between their legs. "That's so hot, guys," Chris said.

"Yeah," Cassandra added. "Go down on each other you hot girls."

"See if you can find my G-spot with that hairbrush," Sam said. Mandy inserted the handle of her hairbrush into Sam's slimy vagina and felt around a bit. Knowing that the G-spot was on the front wall of the vagina, she started applying pressure there. After rubbing the handle against the front wall for several moments, Sam moaned loudly, indicating that Mandy had found it. As she rubbed the handle against Sam's G-spot, Sam stuck her hairbrush into Mandy's wet pussy and started rubbing her G-spot as well. Mandy moaned loudly and started rocking her hips to Sam's ministrations.

Chris and Cassandra turned the back massagers from low to high and they moaned loudly as well at the increase in RPM. Their bodies, too, started rocking back and forth as they masturbated while watching the blonde twins fuck each other.

Mandy and Sam continued pounding the hairbrush handles into each other's slippery cunts while sucking on each other's throbbing clits. They were both moaning loudly and humping each other as they pushed each other closer and closer to orgasm. They could feel their pussy walls involuntarily tensing and untensing. They were getting close. Their legs shook slightly as their orgasms approached quickly.

"Oh, shit," Chris moaned as she neared climax. Her hips were bucking powerfully into her vibrator.

"Oh, God," moaned Cassandra as her hips humped into her vibrating head as well.

"Cum with me, Cassandra," Chris said. "I want you to cum with me."

"Yeah," said Cassandra. "Mm. I'm so close."

"Yeah, me too," Chris moaned.

Chris and Cassandra rubbed the back massagers against their clitties hard as they drove themselves to the edge of orgasm. Their moans became louder and faster as they reached their peaks. "AAAHHH!!!" They both screamed as their orgasms hit. Their bodies jerked about powerfully as they both came hard to the image of Mandy and Sam going down on each other. Their cum-juices erupted from their cunts, spraying against Mandy and Sam.

The feeling of Chris and Cassandra's orgasmic nectar spewing all over their bodies was so hot and erotic that Mandy and Sam started cumming as well. Their orgasms hit hard and they both screamed in absolute bliss as they held onto each other for dear life, their bodies convulsing violently. Cum-juices exploded from their cunts, soaking each other in their sweet honey.

Chris, Cassandra, Mandy, and Sam came down from their orgasms after what felt like an eternity of true pleasure. They all collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily with their eyes closed and smiles on their faces. Tears were running down Mandy's and Sam's faces, so grateful that they had finally come to terms with their burdensome and potentially destructive feelings toward each other.

Just then, the door opened and two people rushed into the room. Chris and Cassandra swung to see who it was. "Oh, shit!" cried Chris as the four girls ducked under the covers. It was Chris and Cassandra's parents!

"Oh, no," Cassandra whimpered. "No. No No."

Sam poked her head above the covers to look at Chris and Cassandra's parents. "Come on out," said their mother. Hesitantly, the girls extended their heads from under the covers, hiding the rest of their bodies from the two adults.

"What's gonna happen?" Mandy sobbed. "What are you gonna do to us?"

There was a pause. The girls waited in fear for the adults' reply. "We heard screaming from in here," said the mother, "so we instinctively ran in here to see what was wrong."

Chris and Cassandra's father said, "We have to admit we are shocked by what we saw, but..." there was another pause. "At least you're not making us early grandparents."

"We're not disappointed with you girls," said Chris and Cassandra's mother. "I think that as long as people love each other, there shouldn't be any problem."

"So," Cassandra sniffled, "you're not mad at us?"

The mother smiled. "In fact, when we were in college," she said, "the two of us experimented a bit with my own sister."

The girls stared at the adults for a moment. "Aunt Judy?" Chris exclaimed.

"Chris, Cassandra," their father asked, "how long has this been going on?"

Hesitantly, Chris answered, "Five years."

"Five years?" said their mother in shock.

"I joined in three years ago," said Sam.

"And I kinda got dragged into this when I met Sam two days ago," Mandy said.

"How did you girls manage to hide this from us for five years?" asked Chris and Cassandra's father.

Cassandra said, "We've only done it when you two were out or in the school bathroom between classes."

There was a pause. "Okay," the mother said. "But be careful, girls. Not everyone is fine with incest, especially people our age. You're lucky that we're fine with it. But Sam, Sam's sister, your parents might not like it. You should also be careful at school because someone might hear you in the bathroom."

"Thanks, Mom," said Chris. "Thanks, Dad."

"Thanks, Chris and Cassandra's mom and dad," Mandy said.

"Good night," said Chris and Cassandra's father. With that, the two adults closed the door.

The four girls looked at each other for a moment and then embraced each other tightly, relieved that Chris and Cassandra's parents were all right with what they were doing. After turning off the lights, Chris, Cassandra, Mandy, and Sam got under the covers and embraced, falling asleep in each other's arms.

Although Mandy and her parents left for Tampa the next week, Mandy kept in constant contact with Sam, Chris, and Cassandra. They frequently met online and had frequent cyber sex as well. One thing that the four of them discussed at great lengths was where to go to college. Mandy decided to take a year off from school as well so that she, Sam, Chris, and Cassandra could go off to college as freshmen together. Mandy's parents and Sam's parents were happy that their adoptive daughters had gotten along so well with each other and with Sam's friends. If only they knew how well!


For quite some time I wanted to combine two of my erotic stories into the same universe. So, I included Chris and Cassandra, the stars of the first ever erotic story that I wrote simply titled Chris and Cassandra. If you have any questions or comments about me or my stories, please email me at nathan_warford@yahoo.com and tell me. Also, feel free to drop me a line on Yahoo Messenger. If you want to view my profile, click here.