Family Affection

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

My name is Clare and I am sixteen years old. It was the weekend of my parents anniversary
when things began to change for me alot. I sat in my living room one afternoon, watching my
younger sister, Ashley, clean the house for the guests who were going to show up for the
occasion. I didn't really feel like working so I made her do it while I supervised.

"Don't forget to wipe down the coffee table Ash, and do it a little faster would ya." I said

I called Ashley "Ash" for short. She didn't like my nickname for her very much, but had gotten
used to it over the years.

"Mom asked you to do this, not me Clare. I'm going to tell her." she answered.

I gave her a slight smirk.

"Well I'm sixteen and you're twelve. When you get to be my age you can give younger people
orders. But for now, do it." I said.

It was common place for me to boss my little sister around. It was quite fun and it kept me from
doing the work myself. I watched her toil with the stains on the coffee table, grumbling to
herself, while I laid on the couch holding a pepsi. I ran my fingers through my dark red hair,
smiling at Ash confidently. My hair was almost down to my shoulders, with two long braids in
front which I had dyed blonde. Ashley had similar hair, only it was shorter and instead of two
braids in front, she had two pigtails in the back. My braids waved back and forth in the warm
afternoon air. I definitely thought of myself as very attractive, and I took great care of my
body all of the time. I was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top. My mom, Lauren,
hated it when I dressed the way I did, but I just loved to annoy her. She would always get dad
to make me put on more clothes, but sometimes I would ignore him as well. I guess you could say
that I was a regular defiant teen, but I liked the way I was.

It was up to my dad to invite the guests. He wanted the anniversary to be a surprise with lots
of people at our house to celebrate it. My mom was out for the day and wasn't due back until
this evening. He had called everyone the day before and had arranged for them to be over today
to be with him and Lauren at our house. After Ash had finished with the living room I let her
watch TV, as I stood up from the couch. I walked into the kitchen to take a look at the list of
people that were supposed to be showing up for the occasion. The names were mostly friends of
my parents with some of my dad's relatives and a few of my mother's. One name, in particular, on
the list stood out from the rest. There was at least two of every last name on the list except
for one which read, S. Hamilton. I remembered that my mother's maiden name was Hamilton so I
became a little curious. My dad was also in the kitchen, doing the dishes and listening to the
radio. I picked up the paper and brought it over to him.

"Hey dad who is this person here on the list?" I asked.

He took a look at the name I was pointing at on the sheet.

"Oh, that's your mother's sister, Sarah. I invited her too. Why?"

"How come I've never met her before?"

"No, you have Clare. You probably just don't remember because you were so young. She doesn't
come around here anymore. I haven't really asked your mother why but she will be here tonight."
he said.

"I didn't know I had an aunt Sarah." I said. "What's she like?"

"Well I don't know much about her really." my dad said. "I've never seen her with another man
before. I guess she just likes to be single. She said she would be very happy to come over and
celebrate our anniversary though."

I walked upstairs to my room and lied on my bed. My mom loved to have her relatives over, except
for Sarah apparently. I wondered why she never spoke of Sarah around me or Ash.

Later, the guests began to arrive and it was beginning to get loud downstairs. I wasn't very
interested in being down there with all of my aunts and uncles who would always say how cute I
was and hug me. Ash walked into my room and looked at me.

"Dad wants you to be downstairs when mom gets home." she said.

"I'll do what I want squirt, and have you ever heard of knocking?"

"Hmmmph...fine then." she said, leaving.

I waited for about ten minutes before I finally decided to go downstairs for a drink. As I left
my room, I heard the front door open and everyone yell surprise to my mom. Lauren sounded very
surprised and happy indeed. I worked my way through the crowd of people to the kitchen to grab
a pepsi. I noticed that dad had opened the liquor cabinet and there were various bottles
scattered on the breakfast table. I thought that I might take one of them up to my room to have
a drink. I walked over to the table and looked at the various bottles casually, as if I was
meant to be doing it. I eyed a bottle of white wine that I thought would do perfectly and
prepared to grab it. Just as I put my hands on it, one of my annoying relatives noticed me.

"That's not for you Clare, its for grownups." the person said.

I gave her a glare and walked away from the table. As I left the kitchen I noticed someone out
of the corner of my eye who was holding a glass of liquor and smiling at me.

Later I came back to the kitchen to see if I had another chance at getting the wine. Lauren was
walking through the kitchen, greeting guests and talking to them. I looked through the crowd to
see my mom standing next to a woman with glasses and a pony tail, wearing a knee length skirt and
a blouse. My mom looked alot like her, only older.

"Hi Lauren, I'm very proud that my big sister has been with her husband for so long. Thanks for
inviting me." she said.

"Its been a long time Sarah. I expected you to have someone here with you. No boyfriend?"

"Actually, I am seeing someone. They couldn't show up tonight unfortunately." Sarah said.

I pushed through the crowd to get a better look at my mother's sister. She had
reddish brown hair, almost similar to my mom's and she looked younger and more cheerful. As I
stared, Sarah turned my direction and saw me looking at her. She gave me a nice smile and began
to walk over to me.

"Hello Clare. I remember you when you were little. You look so pretty now that you're older."
she said.

"Pleased to meet you aunt Sarah" I said curiously.

"Oh you can just call me Sarah if you wish." she said. "Its really crowded down here maybe you
should go upstairs and I'll come in a minute so we can talk. Does that sound nice?"

"Okay..." I replied.

I turned and left the room. I walked up the stairs and into my room. I waited for a few minutes
before I started to hear the guests leaving. I thought that Sarah was going to leave to so I
shut the door and lied on my bed. A moment later I heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Its Sarah sweety." the voice said.

I stood up and opened the door. Sarah walked in holding a bottle in her hand. I closed the door
behind her.

"I thought you might like a little drink Clare." Sarah said. "I saw you trying to get at the wine
earlier and I wanted to help."

She handed me the bottle, still smiling.

"Gee thanks Sarah." I said. "I've never met an adult like you before."

"Well I tend to be liked by younger people more than adults, that's why I'm a teacher."

We both sat down on my sheets. I took a drink from the bottle and then hid it underneath my bed.

"I'll save the rest for later. Thanks Sarah."

"Your welcome Clare. We should see eachother again so we can talk."

"I'd like that." I said. "Where do you live?"

Just as Sarah was about to tell me Lauren opened the door and walked into the room.

"Oh, Sarah. I didn't know you were still here. What are you doing?"

"Me and Clare were just having a nice talk." she said. "I guess it's about time for me to leave.
Happy anniversary Lauren."

She kept smiling as she stood up and left the room.

"I like your sister mom." I said. "She's really nice."

"Well she seems to be very good with younger people." Lauren said.

She left as well and I stayed in my room for the rest of the evening, thinking about Sarah.

The next day I slept in for most of the afternoon. I walked out of my room, still only partially
awake. My dad was out on business and I noticed Lauren and Ash downstairs at the front door.

"Oh, good morning sleepy head." mom said. "I'm taking Ashley shopping with me. We'll be back in
a few hours. You have the house to yourself Clare."

"Okay, bye." I said.

They closed the door and drove away. I slipped out of my pajamas and went for a shower in the
bathroom. Afterwards, I fixed my two braids up and left the bathroom in my mom's dress coat. As
I headed for my room I heard the doorbell ring. I walked down the stairs to see who it was.
When I opened the door, Sarah was standing there with a similar skirt and blouse on.

"Oh hi Clare, did I catch you getting out of the shower?"

"Ya." I said. "No one's home right now though Sarah."

She smiled.


"Its just me." I said.

"Well may I come in then?"

"Sure I guess."

I let her step inside, closing the door behind her. I led her into the kitchen where she sat at
the table.

"So, your mother trusts you alone in the house sweety?" Sarah asked.

"Ya. I'm the oldest so she doesn't mind leaving me alone here."

"Do you ever have anyone over when you are the only one here? A boyfriend perhaps?"

"I don't actually have a boyfriend right now Sarah. My dad doesn't really approve of it."

"Oh well that's okay I guess. You get to spend more time with your cute little sister Ashley."
Sarah said.

I walked over to the counter and put some bread in the toaster for my breakfast. As I was
fidgeting I heard Sarah stand up and walk over to me. She stood directly behind me and put one
hand on my shoulder.

"I love your hair style sweety, its so pretty. You must take good care of your body." she said

I didn't answer and tried to act normal as Sarah placed her other hand on my shoulder.

"What are you doing Sarah?" I asked.

"Doesn't your mother touch you like this?" she asked.

"No, she never does anything like this." I said.

"Do you want me to stop?" Sarah asked.

I waited for a second.

"No that's okay I guess."

Her hands lightly massaged my shoulders, making me smile and sigh quietly. I let my hands rest
at my sides to let her continue.

"Are you wearing anything under your dress coat Clare?" she whispered.


Her hands slowly reached around in front and pulled the dress coat off of my shoulders causing it
to fall to the ground. I gasped loudly and clenched my fists, ready to bend over and grab the

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Its okay honey." Sarah said softly. "I just want to make you feel better, that's all. Don't be

I tried to relax my body but I was violently shaking and my breathing had increased

"I can't do this Sarah." I said.

"Shhhh...just relax Clare." Sarah whispered. "I won't hurt you, just let yourself go."

She brought her face close to me and began to gently kiss my neck. My arms and legs were shaking
and the cool air on my naked body was overwhelmingly cold.

"You're so tense honey." Sarah said softly. "Are you nervous?"

"I...I...No one has ever touched me like this before." I whispered.

"You've never had make you feel this way Clare?"

"I've...done things to myself when I'm alone, but never with someone else." I said.

Sarah ran her hand down my chest until she reached my breasts with her fingers.

"Ooohhh...Sarah..." I whispered, closing my eyes.

My nipples had become hard in the cool air and Sarah's touch shot waves of pleasure down my
spine. Her other hand reached up and cupped my other breast. I took a deep breath and then let
it out, timidly.

"Your breasts are so perfectly sized sweety." Sarah said, slyly. "I could just suck on them for

I had noticed the heat between my legs begin to grow once Sarah had removed my dress coat, but
now it was unbearable.

"Lets just see how wet you are honey." Sarah whispered.

Her right hand slid down my stomach while her left remained holding my breast. Her fingers ran
across my short dark red pubic hair, inching closer to my trembling sex. I felt two of her
fingers slip inside my pussy lips very slowly.

"Oooohhhh god...Sarah...unngghhhhh..."

Her fingers slid around inside my wet cunt, exploring and soaking up all of my juices. She
finally withdrew her fingers and ran her hand up my stomach again. A trail of my warm juices was
left behind as Sarah's hand went past my breast and into her mouth. She gave a small moan of
delight as she sucked up my juices and swallowed. As she took her fingers out of her mouth, my
chest began to heave frantically.

"I knew my favorite niece would taste heavenly." Sarah said into my ear.

I could not answer her. I was caught in a state of nervous desire. I wanted to push her away,
but at the same time I wanted her to continue. My mind was telling me that this was my aunt, but
my instinct was beginning to take over. Sarah turned to the breakfast table and pushed
everything on it aside. She then put her hands on my shoulders again.

"Now turn around for me Clare."

Still shaking, I turned slowly around, revealing my naked body and dripping pussy to my aunt.
Her warm smile was comforting as I looked into her eyes. Sarah took her glasses off and set them
on the counter. When she turned back to me I fell into her arms. We embraced eachother tightly
and our lips met with a beautiful kiss. I held nothing back as I felt Sarah's tongue enter my
mouth slowly. I let my saliva ooze out from my mouth onto my breasts and Sarah's blouse. As
we kissed, Sarah and I turned so that my back was facing the breakfast table. Our lips broke and
my drool left a string leading to Sarah's mouth for a moment. Sarah put her hands on my
shoulders and gently pushed my backwards. I sat up on the breakfast table and lied my head back
on it, still looking at Sarah.

"Oooohhhhh...Sarah be gentle with me." I whispered.

Sarah smiled as she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. As she undid her bra for
me I let my hips writhed and moved around slowly, waiting for her sweet touch on my pussy once
more. Her bra fell to the floor, exposing her perfectly shaped breasts. I expected Sarah to
stop there but she moved her hands lower until she reached her skirt. As she removed her belt, I
slipped my hand between my legs. I played with my pussy lightly as Sarah continued to take off
her clothes for me. Finally her skirt slid down her legs and onto the floor. I couldn't believe
it. Sarah wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. Her beautiful mound had a small bit of
pubic hair the same color as her pony tail. Sarah was now completely naked along with me.

"I've waited so long for you to grow up so we could do this sweety." Sarah said.

"I want you to make love to me Sarah." I said, spreading my legs for her.

Sarah got down on her knees and pulled my legs closer. She slowly ran her tongue from my inner
thigh closer to my quivering pussy.

"Unnnghhhh...I want your tongue inside me Sarah..." I moaned.

Her tongue pushed inside my moist slit making me squirm and clench my fists. I had played with
myself before but it was nothing compared to having Sarah's hot tongue deep inside me. Sarah
brushed up against my clit sending waves of ecstasy through my body.

"Yesssss...that is so good Sarah."

I cupped my breasts with my hands and gently squeezed my nipples as Sarah ate my soaked cunt.
The kitchen became filled with the scent of my hot pussy as well as Sarah's. I looked down and
saw that Sarah's hand was in her lap playing with her own wet cunt. I knew that at any moment
Lauren could walk in the door with Ashley and see her sister and her daughter making love to
eachother on the kitchen table. Sarah slid her tongue out of my pussy and looked at me.

"Does my tongue feel good in your young, tight pussy sweetheart?"

"Oooohhhhhhh...god yes Sarah!" I moaned loudly.

"I want my favorite niece to cum all over me." Sarah said, quietly.

I watched as she rose to her feet and licked her fingers. I writhed and moved my hips, hoping
for her to enter my throbbing pussy.

"Close your eyes Clare."

I did as she said and waited for her to touch me once more. Instead of her tongue I felt two of
her fingers push inside of my pussy.

"Aaaaahhhhh...Fuck yes Sarah! I want your fingers deep inside me!" I yelled.

Sarah took my hot clit between her fingers and squeezed it gently. I moaned loudly as her third
finger slid inside my cunt. She bent over onto the table and let her breasts rest on my stomach.
Sarah then put her lips around my hard nipple and began to suck it, still pushing her fingers
deep inside me.

"OOOOHHHH Sarah!! Hard like that yessss!!! That's gonna make me cum!!!"

As Sarah sucked on my breast, her pony tail slid around her shoulder within my reach. I took it
inside my mouth and sucked on it, waiting for my building climax to hit me. When I could finally
take the pleasure no longer I spit out her pony tail and screamed out my last words.

UUUUNNNGGHHHHH!!! I can't hold it anymore Sarah!!! I'M GONNA CUM!!!!"

I wrapped my arms and legs around Sarah and squeezed her tightly as my throbbing pussy began to
contract on her fingers.


My girl cum spurted out onto Sarah's hand as well as the edge of the table. I held Sarah
against me for as long as I could before going completely limp and letting go. The whole table
shook as the honey flowed out of my shaking pussy. Sarah moved her head to my throbbing cunt to
devour the last bit of my juicy cum until it finally stopped. The table was now dripping wet
from my cum as well as my sweat which had accumulated under my back. I felt as if I was going to
pass out but Sarah's warm tongue inside my soaked pussy kept me awake. When she finally stood
again and looked at me I sat up and smiled, with partially open eyes.

"That was beautiful Sarah." I whispered.

"It is only the beginning Clare." Sarah answered.

I watched her as she picked up every dish and glass left on the table and then place it on the
counter. As she walked, I could tell her incredible pussy was waiting to feel the same thing
mine had. After Sarah had cleared everything from the table I lied back down on it and spread
myself out comfortably. I expected Sarah to come and lie down on top of me but instead she
walked over to the fridge and looked inside. I was very curious to see what she was looking for
inside. Finally she closed it and walked back up to me, holding a full carton of milk.

"Let's have a little fun now Clare." Sarah said, devilishly.

She got up onto the table and sat down directly below my waist, making out pussies slightly rub
up against eachother. She stayed sat up as she opened the carton and began to pour it onto her
chest slowly. I watched as the white liquid ran down her breasts and stomach finally reaching
our pussies.

"Oooohhhh...Sarah its so cold." I moaned.

"Ssshhhh...just relax sweetheart." Sarah whispered.

She stopped pouring the milk on her body and moved her arm directly over top my chest. I saw her
tilt the carton slowly making the cold milk pour out onto my breasts.

"Unnngghhhh...ooohhh...fuck that's cold." I said quietly.

Sarah moved the carton lower covering my stomach and finally my wet mound with the tasty liquid.
When the carton was finally empty Sarah tossed it aside and lowered her torso towards me,
dripping the milk onto my already drenched body. Our soaked breasts touched eachother and spread
the milk further as our hard nipples rubbed up against eachother. I was forced to grit my
teeth until the cold sensation finally subsided and our body heat kicked in. The breakfast table
creaked and slightly shook as our sweaty, milk covered bodies writhed against eachother. Sarah
looked into my eyes and it was then that I knew I had changed. The incredible sensual feeling of
making love to another girl was more than I could possibly bear. As she pushed her hot pussy
into mine I moaned loudly and twisted my body. I tried to hold on to Sarah tight but the milk
combined with our sweat had made both of our bodies quite slippery.

"Sarah yes! Oh god!! Ooohhhhhh!!!" I yelled.

I put my hands on her back and held her close as our cunts pushed tightly against eachother.
Sarah was gentle but at the same time she was exciting me incredibly well. I could almost feel
our hot clits touching and throbbing together as I closed my eyes. The milk on the table top had
soaked into my hair making me even more wet. Sarah forced her pussy hard upon mine and began to
moan loudly along with me.

"Unngghhhhhhh! Oh Clare sweety!! I think I'm gonna cum!!!" she yelled.

Our tongues touched eachother and spread drool all over our faces in a fit of passion. There
was an unthinkable lust between the two of us as our pussies pounded against eachother. The fact
that our making love was forbidden made it even more blissful to enjoy.

"Oooohhhhhh!! I want you to cum all over me Sarah!!! Please!!!" I yelled.

The squishing sound of our cunts pushing into eachother made the moment even more blissful. I
felt my next orgasm building within me and I was ready to explode with a river of my hot girl
cum. Sarah sat up once more and moaned louder with each of our thrusts. I looked at her soaked
breasts, which were glistening in the light from the milk and sweat. The only part of her body
that was still relatively dry was her hair. Her pony tail waved back and forth as she moved,
now with her eyes closed. Sarah cupped my breasts with her hands to support herself as her hips
began to shake wildly.


Sarah let go of my breasts and fell backwards, letting her back rest on the table top as her
climax hit her. Immediately I felt her hot honey spew out onto my own pussy and continue to flow
as her screams echoed throughout the entire house. Finally, after feeling her hot cum drench
my own cunt I felt my pussy walls contract as the orgasm hit me as well.


Our hot girl cum spewed onto eachother's bodies and mixed with the milk and the sweat already
covering us both. I kept one hand on my breast and the other on my stomach until the flow finally
came to a stop from us both. We both kept our eyes closed listening to the dripping sound of
our cum hitting the kitchen floor and our heavy breathing. After lying still for a few moments,
I was the first to sit up and look down at Sarah. Her eyes were partly open and focused on me.
My arms were shaking as I tried to support myself, still weak from the intense climax. I raised
one hand to push my two braids away, which were blocking my sight. Now, with Sarah's hair soaked
in the milk on the table as well, our bodies were both completely drenched.

"Oh god Sarah...that was so good." I said quietly.

"I knew you would be incredible Clare. It must run in the family." Sarah whispered.

As she said that I thought about Lauren, Ash, and my dad.

"What will we tell them Sarah?" I asked.

"We can't Clare." Sarah answered. "They wouldn't understand like we do."

"I promise I won't tell anyone Sarah. I want to do this again."

Sarah sat up as well and looked into my eyes.

"I'm here for you sweety." she said.

We sat holding with eachother for a few minutes before we finally got up off of the table to
clean up. As I wiped up the milk and our girl cum from the table Sarah put her clothes back on
and then assisted me. Eventually, we were able to make the kitchen look the way it had before
Sarah and I had made love to eachother. Lastly, I put my dress coat back on and walked with
Sarah to the front door.

"Seeya aunt Sarah." I said happily.

"Oh favorite niece. I'll see you soon."

She walked out of the house elegantly, as if nothing had happened at all. I watched her reddish
brown pony tail wave in the air as she got into her car and drove away waving. When she was out
of sight, I closed the door and ran up to my bedroom. I let the dress coat fall to the floor,
then jumped onto my bed. Sarah had changed me for sure and I knew it. I lied there, completely
naked and still incredibly horny, thinking about one thing: my sister, Ashley...

END for now...

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