Family Affection 2

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

As you should already know, my name is Clare and I am sixteen years old. It had been a week
since Sarah and I had been together that afternoon in my kitchen. Fortunately I had been able to
clean up and dress again before Lauren and Ashley had returned that day. With that in mind, I
lied on the living room couch watching TV with Ashley sitting on the floor nearby.

"So what did you get this year Ash?" I asked.

"Mostly money." she answered.

It had been Ashley's birthday a few days earlier and she had received presents from her friends.

"So how does it feel to finally be a teenager squirt?"

"I feel more grown up I think." she replied. "I like it."

Recently I had been noticing Ash's body grow and develop quite beautifully. She had been wearing
bras for a while now as her cute breasts grew seemingly every day. I watched her stare at the
TV wearing a pair of khaki jeans and a t-shirt my mom had given her for her birthday. It was a
surprisingly hot afternoon so I had only a tank top on without a bra and a pair of shorts.

My dad had left for work out of town a day earlier and wasn't due back for another few days at
least. Lauren was upstairs getting ready for her massage appointment over at the mall. It was
just the stroke of luck that I needed to have some alone time with Ashley. I twisted my braids
around my fingers, waiting for my mom to leave so I could begin my work. I couldn't believe how
incredibly horny I felt as I sat on the couch looking at Ash's body.

A few minutes later Lauren came down the stairs to say goodbye.

"I'll be back in an hour or two girls. Be good." she said.

"We will..." I said, smiling.

The door closed and I let out a deep breath of relief. I sat up on the couch and spoke to

"You can come sit up here with me if you want Ash."

She looked at me for a second, confused. I was normally never this nice to my sister so I could
see why she was a little skeptical. Finally, she got up and walked over to the couch to sit

"Thanks Clare." she said smiling.

She went back to watching TV as I thought of something to say to her.

"So now that you're a teenager have you learned how to kiss yet?" I asked.

Ash looked at me.

"Well...I kiss mom all of the time I guess." she said.

"That's different." I answered. "You have to know how to kiss someone who's close to your age."

"What do you mean?" Ash asked, curiously.

I moved myself closer to her and smiled again.

"I can teach you how to kiss Ashley. We can practice on eachother."

"Okay." Ash said.

She turned her body so that we were facing eachother and closed her eyes. Holding back my
excitement, I moved my head closer to hers slowly. Our lips met with a soft, beautiful kiss
which lasted forever. I heard Ash give out a slight moan as we stayed locked together. When we
finally broke Ash opened her eyes and went completely red in the face.

"You kiss perfectly Ash. Doesn't it feel so good?"

"That was really nice Clare." she whispered.

"You look a little warm Ash. Are you alright?"

"I guess it is a little hot in here maybe." she said.

"Well since we're alone here wouldn't it be nice to get a little more comfortable?" I asked.

"I don't know Clare...What if..."

I interrupted her by leaning forward and kissing her again. This time I let my tongue slowly
slide into her mouth making her eyes widen. She quickly pulled away, leaving a string of drool
running from my mouth.

"Clare, I think I felt your tongue inside my mouth!"

I licked my lips before answering.

"Did you like how it felt Ash?"

She hesitated for a moment.

"It was nice I guess. It makes me feel weird."

I smiled at her and gently placed my hand on her leg.

"Am I making you nervous Ash? Should I stop?" I asked.

"'s just...I feel so strange when you kiss me like that." she answered.

"You have no idea how good it feels to be touched by another girl Ashley."

"I'm a little scared Clare. But this feels so good at the same time."

"Just lie back and close your eyes Ash. I promise you'll enjoy it." I whispered.

"Enjoy what? Cla..."

Before she could finish speaking I brought my other hand forward and slowly unbuckled her belt.

"Clare, what are you doing?" she said loudly.

I looked into Ash's eyes, smiling softly.

"It's okay Ash. Just relax. This will make you feel better."

She reluctantly lied back, still jittery with the feeling of having her older sister remove her
pants. I undid the zipper and slid her jeans down to reveal her cute pink panties. Ash squirmed
and shivered as I pulled her pants completely off and set them aside.

"Ohhh...Clare...please stop..." she moaned.

"Shhhhh...don't worry Ash..." I whispered.

I was already completely soaked as I stared at her shivering legs and panties. What I had
dreamed of ever since Sarah and I had made love was coming true. I placed my fingertips inside
Ashley's panties and began to pull them off slowly. She moaned louder and even pleaded for me to
stop at first. As her underwear finally dropped to the floor she became silent. Ashley's young
beautiful pussy was now completely bear for me. She had the slightest bit of dark red pubic hair
on her cute mound.

"You're so beautiful Ash. Don't be afraid." I said softly.

My warm touch on her thigh finally brought her shivering to a stop. Ashley's breathing had
increased substantially once I had removed her underwear. With her chest heaving I gently rubbed
her inner thigh causing her to sigh and even smile a bit.

"Ohh Clare...that feels...nice." she said slowly.

I moved my hand farther up her leg rubbing up against her inner thigh and inching closer to her
trembling sex.

I licked two of my fingers and brought my other hand closer. Ashley took a huge breath and held
it in as I brushed my wet fingers across her small bit of hair before finally reaching her young,
wet pussy lips.

"Ohhh Clare...unngghhhhhhh..." she moaned.

My fingers entered her slowly and gently as Ash writhed upon the couch moaning. Her young pussy
was young and very wet as my fingers probed deeper. I felt her hot clit slide between my fingers
making Ash moan louder and put her hands on her stomach. Her heavenly aroma filled my nostrils
making me a little light headed and even more relaxed.

"Clare....that's soooo good. Aaaaaahhhh!" Ash whispered.

Her wet cunt was very tight on my two fingers. I made sure not to hurt or stretch out her
innocent pussy as I slid my fingers in and out. I made sure not to break her sweet cherry just
yet as I pumped my hand more quickly. Ashley was completely overwhelmed with pleasure and began
to drool almost mindlessly. She was seemingly under my complete control. I reached up and
pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it away. I undid her bra and let if fall off while
Ash kept her eyes closed, still moaning and drooling. Her cute body was now completely naked for
me. As I moved closer to suck on her hard nipples I felt the intense heat between my own legs.
I felt my hot juice slowly run down my leg and drip out of my shorts. My sister and I were now
completely overwhelmed with lust.

"Oh god Ash...I need you..." I moaned.

I stood up and began to take off my clothes for Ash. She opened her eyes slightly as I removed
my tank top and finally my shorts. I hadn't been wearing panties at all underneath them which
was surprising for Ashley to see.

Now with the two of us naked, Ashley stretched out and lied back down on the length of the couch
waiting for me. I lied down on top of her slowly, sliding my dripping pussy lower down on her
leg so that I could reach her young breasts with my mouth. I put my lips on her nipple and
sucked on it gently. Ashley gave out a huge sigh as she placed one hand on my back and the other
on her throbbing pussy. As our bodies rubbed up against eachother we both began to sweat
intensely. Within no time our bodies had become hot and slippery against eachother.

"Uunnngghhhh...Clare! I love you! Don't stop!" Ash yelled.

I switched to Ashley's other nipple as she used her own fingers to excite her hot cunt quickly.
I could feel my own hot juices drip out onto Ash, craving to be excited as well. I took my mouth
off of Ash's nipple and brought it to her face. This time she knew the way to kiss me. Our
tongues slid up against eachother restlessly causing Ash's drool to pour out onto her neck and
chin. Our lips broke and Ashley opened her eyes to look at me.

"I want you to eat my wet cunny Clare." she said.

"I've wanted to do that for sooo long Ash. I know you'll love it."

I slid down lower on her body until my face finally met Ash's waiting cunt. I let my tongue dive
into her dripping wet pussy lips and devour the sweet juice she was making. I was amazed by just
how wet Ashley actually was. It was as if she had already climaxed but I knew she hadn't yet. I
wanted Ashley's first orgasm to be special. I wanted to swallow all of her hot girl cum and I
knew I would.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Clare your tongue feels so good inside my tight pussy!" Ash screamed.

Her throbbing clit was now soaked and swollen as I ran my tongue around it. Ash whimpered and
moaned louder than ever before as my tongue slid around inside her. She let her drool pour onto
her hands before gently squeezing her nipples with her fingers making them more wet.

"Clare! Clare!! Something is happening! Oh god I feel soo good!!" Ash yelled.

Her orgasm was building and I was ready for her to release her sweet honey into my mouth. Her
quivering pussy had already soaked my entire face with her juices and I was ready for Ashley's
hot cum to finally gush out. She grabbed my braids with her hands and held on tight as her pussy
walls tightened on my tongue at last.


Ashley's girl cum exploded out onto my face and into my mouth instantly. Ash kept on screaming
as the warm sticky dew splashed out onto the couch and onto the carpet. I turned onto my back
and let my hair soak in the hot juices before the flow finally came to a stop. I turned over
again and peered up at Ashley's face. Her mouth was open and her drool was dripping out as she
lied back. She had completely passed out from the incredible climax. Her body had become limp
with only her chest still breathing heavily. I licked my lips and just stared at her young
sweaty body happily.

I waited for a few minutes before I picked Ash up and carried her upstairs. Ash was in a deep
sleep as her feet dangled from my arms. Her wet body was warm and comforting to hold. When I
finally reached the top of the stairs I brought Ash into my room and placed her on my bed gently.
My hair was still dripping with Ashley's sweet girl cum as I left the room and closed the door.
Almost seconds later I heard someone at the front door downstairs. I ran into the bathroom and
threw on my big white dress coat quickly. I walked down the stairs just as Lauren stepped in the
front door.

"What are you doing home so early mom?" I asked nervously.

"My masseuse called in sick so I wasn't able to have my appointment today."

Lauren took her shoes and coat off and then looked at me.

"What's that stuff in your hair honey?"

"Ohh..that's just...well I just had a shower so..."

"I see. And where's Ashley?" she asked.

"Oh...she's upstairs." I answered.

"Well I'm going to go change then I guess."

Lauren headed up the stairs with me close behind. When she reached the top she turned and headed
for her room. She stopped along the way and peered at my bedroom door.

"Why is your door closed Clare?"

I quickly walked in front of the door before answering.

"Well...Ash was feeling sleepy and she asked if she could sleep in my room for a change. You know
how my bed is more comfortable and things..." I said quickly.

"Well, we shouldn't disturb her then I guess." Lauren replied.

She continued down the hallway and into her room. I quickly opened the door to my room and found
Ashley, still passed out on my bed. I closed the door again and walked into my mom's bedroom.
She was standing near her bed stretching her arms out slowly.

"Oh honey, I really needed that massage today." she said. "I feel so tense and with your father

As she said that something deep within me snapped and I looked straight at Lauren, smiling. I
walked behind her and put my hands on her shoulders.

"I'm here for you mom." I said nicely. "I'll help you relax."

She was very tense at first but as I started to massage her shoulders she calmed down.

"Oh...that feels nice honey..." she whispered.

I brought my face closer and let my warm breath tickle the back of her neck.

"Sit on the bed mom." I said. "Then it will be easier for me."

"Honey, this isn't the best time..."

"Its just a little massage mom. Let me give you one please..."

She reluctantly gave in and sat on the bed for me. I got on the bed as well and positioned
myself behind her, keeping my hands on her shoulders. My mom's reddish brown hair smelled so
nice as I caressed her shoulders slowly. Lauren closed her eyes and let her body relax.

"That's so nice Clare honey..." she said.

"It would feel better if you weren't wearing this blouse mom." I replied.

There was a moment of silence but I kept massaging Lauren anyway.

"I...I can't honey, it wouldn't be right." she said anxiously.

"I'm your daughter mom. It'll be fine, now let me help you..."

I leaned forward and unbuttoned her blouse slowly. Lauren had begun to shake slightly, still
keeping her eyes closed. I slid the blouse off her arms and let it fall to the carpet. Now I
could hear the nervousness in my mom's breath as she sat with only her bra and her jeans on. I
placed my hands on her shoulders again and continued my little massage session. Lauren shivered
as I moved my hands down her arms and then back up again. I never realized how beautiful my
mother really was until that moment. If she had been wearing glasses and had a ponytail she
would have looked almost exactly like Sarah. Lauren was just a few years older than my aunt but
she had the same slim figure and beautiful curves which seemed to run in our family.

"Ohhh...Clare honey, I haven't felt this a long time..." she whispered.

"I want you to feel good mom. Now relax for me."

I made my movements even slower so as not to frighten my mom as I slid my hands down her back
until I reached her bra. As soon as I started to take it off Lauren tensed up again.

"Clare...what are you...doing?" she asked, shivering.

"I can't continue if you're wearing this mom. It's okay, don't worry."

I undid the back and brought my hands back up to her bra straps, sliding my fingers underneath
them. Lauren quickly brought her arms up, holding the bra on and shaking restlessly.

"I can't Clare..." she said quickly. "Your father...he..."

"Won't be home for days mom. Just relax and go with it. You'll be alright." I said softly.

Lauren slowly let her arms fall back to her sides allowing her bra to gently drop into her lap.
I took it and threw it aside before continuing further. My mom was really breathing hard now
that she was half naked. My soft touch on her shoulder seemed to calm her though.


Before she finished speaking I stood up from the bed and looked into her eyes.

"Mom, don't be nervous now. Just relax and let yourself go."

Lauren opened her mouth as if she was going to speak. I slowly opened up my dress coat and let
it drop to the floor, revealing my naked body. Lauren was completely speechless. I smiled at
her brightly as she stared at my young figure. I sat down beside my mom and brought my face
close to hers. This first kiss was absolutely incredible. Lauren seemed so timid and nervous as
our lips finally met. It wasn't one of the regular mother daughter kisses that we had so often.
I let my saliva and drool pour into her mouth and slowly let my tongue enter as well. I could
tell that my mom wasn't expecting this to happen as her entire body shivered slightly.

When our lips parted I wanted to lick mine and swallow every bit of my mother's saliva which I
had on my lips. Instead I let it slowly run down my chin and neck, stopping near my breasts.

"Now lie back mom. I want you..." I whispered.

I put one hand on her and eased her back as she lied down. Lauren kept her hands on her stomach,
shaking them nervously, waiting. I placed one hand on her breast and lightly caressed her hard
nipple. My mom closed her eyes once more and gave out a quiet moan. I moved my hand lower,
across her stomach until I reached the top of her jeans. As I undid the button Lauren began to
writhe on top of the bed slowly. I undid her zipper at last and slipped my fingers inside to
pull the jeans off.

" I...oh god..." she moaned.

I pulled the pants down her thighs until they dropped to her feet. Lauren had goosebumps all
over her skin now. I moved closer to keep her warm and brought my face down to her beautiful
breasts. My lips surrounded her erect nipple and I sucked on it very lightly, making Lauren
moan louder.

"Ohhhhh...honey...Clare don't..."

Her words faded away as she continued to moan and shiver more. I brought my hand back up her
thigh and let my fingers slip inside my mom's panties. Her cunt had become unbelievably wet from
my touch and was already throbbing. At last my fingers reached her hot pussy lips and gently
slipped inside.

"Clare...unngghhhhh...oh god..."

Her pussy was so warm and moist inside. I let two of my fingers rub up against her pink walls
and make circles around her clit. With my lips still locked around Lauren's nipple, I let my
fingers push deeper into her incredible pussy.

"Clare!...ohhhhhhh...yesss..." she moaned.

I let a third finger poke inside and then a forth. My fingers were tight now in my mother's hot
slippery cunt as they pumped in and out ever so slightly. Lauren gripped the bed sheets with her
hands and moved her waist back and forth, meeting my thrusts. Her panties were completely soaked
in her warm juices now.

"Aaaahhh! Honey that" she said loudly.

The smell of her glistening pussy had filled the room now and the heat was growing. I finally
removed my lips from Lauren's nipple and brought my face close to hers as she opened her eyes

"Mommy...will you suck on my tongue?" I whispered.

She didn't answer but as I got closer she opened her mouth for me. I slowly stuck my tongue out
and waited until I felt my mom's wet lips surround it and begin to suck. The drool was pouring
out of my mouth now and onto our faces. Lauren continued to moan with her mouth swallowing my
tongue as I let my hand explore the inner regions of her perfect pussy. She couldn't hold back
the pleasure now. She let go of my tongue as her moans turned into screams of ecstasy.

"Ohhhh god!! Clare yes!! Right there!!!" she yelled.

I sat up and put one leg over on the other side of my mom so that I was facing her moist cunt.
My own wet mound was only inches away from Lauren's face as I bent forward to take of her
panties. While keeping my four fingers inside her I used my other hand to slide the panties down
her legs until they finally fell off. My mother's pussy was completely uncovered and ready to
be devoured.

"Clare!!! I think I'm going to...Cum!!!" she yelled.

I let my fingers make one more deep thrust before I pulled them out and brought my face closer.
The aroma was so beautiful and so familiar to me in a way. As soon as my tongue met Lauren's wet
pussy lips she yelled out loud.

"CLARE!!! Ohhhhh...I can't hold out much longer!!! Aaahhhh!!!"

"I want you to cum all over me mommy. Cover my face and hair in your sweet honey...please." I

With that I slid my tongue inside, immediately coming into contact with my mom's swollen clit.
It was too much for Lauren to bear. My hot tongue inside her tight throbbing pussy caused her to
scream out louder than ever before.


An explosion of her girl cum shot out in almost every direction as the orgasm hit her. My face
was splashed with the hot thick dew as it continued to gush out. Lauren kept yelling and
screaming my name as I let a handful of her cum build up in my palm. I then lifted my hand and
ran it through my already sweaty hair, soaking it once more. When the flow finally came to a
stop I turned myself around on top of Lauren so that we faced eachother. I leaned forward and
gave my mom a kiss on her lips and then licked her cheek slowly. She opened her eyes and looked
at me, with my hair dripping onto her face.

"Will you do me now mommy?" I said, innocently.

Lauren smiled at me happily, still weak from the orgasm I had given her.

"Ohh honey, Of course I will..." she whispered.

I got up off my mom and lied down on my back right beside her. Lauren turned towards me and put
one hand on the top of my chest. She then slowly ran her hand lower down until she reached my
hard nipple. She lightly tweaked it with her fingers making me giggle and lick my lips at the
same time. I could feel the heat and the hot juices drip from my pussy as I waited for my mother
to reach it.

" I'm so horny...please..."

With that she ran her hand down my stomach and past my thin layer of pubic hair until she reached
my wet mound with her fingers.

" little daughter is so wet." she said seductively.

I felt a single finger trace circles around my warm, pink lips before entering my quivering pussy
very slowly.

"Unnghhh...oh mommy that's sooo good..." I moaned quietly.

Lauren let two more fingers slip inside and squish up against my moist pussy walls. I placed my
hands on my thighs and let my hips move with the rhythm of my mother's hand. I thought about
Sarah and how it was she who had made me this way in the first place. Having my mother's hand
deep and tight inside me was driving me crazy.

"Ohhhh mommy...I want you to eat my cute little pussy...Aaaahhh!"

Lauren pulled her three fingers out of my cunt and let them drip onto my stomach. She brought
her hand up to my face and waited for me to open my mouth.

"Taste yourself Clare, you'll love it." she whispered into my ear.

Lauren seemed so different now. We were both completely overwhelmed with lust at that moment. I
opened my mouth and let my mom slip her fingers inside, letting me taste and swallow every bit of
my juices which was on them. When I finished she took her hand out and sat up. Lauren slid off
of the bed and got on her knees before turning back to me. She grabbed my legs and pulled me
closer so that my feet were dangling from the bed.

"Oh mommy...yessss...take me."

She spread my legs slowly and brought her face close in between them. I felt her hot tongue make
contact with my wet pussy lips causing my body to shake momentarily. She pushed her tongue deep
inside coming into contact with my throbbing clit at last. At that moment I knew I was in
heaven. I took a deep breath and then moaned louder for my mom as she devoured my young pussy.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck!! Mommy yes!! Oh god Unngghhhh!!!"

Now, with her tongue engulfed by my cunt, I put my hands on the back of Lauren's head. I writhed
and moaned wildly knowing that my mother was going to make me cum harder than ever before.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!! Mommy! Suck on my clittie!! That's gonna make me cum!!!"

I felt the pressure between my legs begin to build up immensely. I felt Lauren's tongue lick my
pussy walls faster and faster, soaking up all of the juice and getting ready for her daughter's
inevitable climax. Just before I opened my mouth to scream I felt my mom's tongue make a
complete circle around my swollen clit and then thrust deeper into my pussy than her fingers ever

"Aaaaaghhhhhh!!! Mommy!!! I'm Cumming!!! UNNNGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Instantly my girl cum began to gush out, splattering onto my mother's face and into her mouth.

"Mommy!! Mommy!!! Yessss!!!" I yelled.

I kept screaming as Lauren pushed her tongue back inside my gushing pussy one last time. I felt
her tongue wrap around my throbbing clit and lightly squeeze it as a final touch.


My second orgasm hit me even harder than the first. The flow of my thick cum instantly doubled
and splashed out onto the bed sheets and my mother's face. Lauren held me down with her hands as
my entire body shook before finally calming.

"Oh Clare honey, you were so good." she whispered into my ear.

I was too weak to even move as the flow of my sweet honey finally came to a stop. My body was
completely limp and I lied still with my chest rising and falling quickly. Lauren kissed me
again letting her tongue enter my mouth first this time. Her entire face was dripping with my
girl cum and the entire room smelled like our two pussies.

"That was magical sweety." she said.

"Oh mommy...I love you." I answered.

She lied on the bed beside me and held my head close to her dripping wet breasts. Lauren played
with my braids slowly as I sighed and smiled at her happily. I was already looking forward to
the next day as we fell asleep from exhaustion on the soaked bed sheets.

END for now...

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