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First Cousin, First Love

By: Nikkdane

Chapter 1

Sunshine poured through the sheer drapes of Emily Clark's room. She awakened to the realization that a thick white envelope laid beside her head on a pillow adjacent to the one she rested on. Groggily, she wiped the sleep form her eyes, adjusting her vision from the seven hours of darkness contributed from sleep. Yawning, Emily picked up the envelope and inspected it sleepily.

Her crystal blue eyes widened in excitement at the sight of the blue and yellow University of California at Los Angeles emblem prestigiously stamped on the upper left hand corner of the tightly packed envelope. Her heart raced at the prospect of being accepted to UCLA; a childhood dream of Emily's. Not wasting anymore time, Emily frantically ripped open the package taking into consideration the precious contents within.

Emily's large blue eyes darted back and forth across the neatly creased page of the letter. One word registered: ACCEPTED, and she felt as if she'd just leaped off the edge of Mount Rushmore. Her round cheeks reddened in sheer excitement as she stood on her plush, full sized bed, jumping up and down merrily. Emily had worked a tremendous amount to get to where she was. Ever since the day she began reading and writing, she'd aspired to be nothing short of academically perfect. Emily's desk and walls were adorned with various plaques, certificates, and trophies that symbolized the many years of contests won.

Not only did Emily Clark seem academically flawless, but athletically as well. Years of cheerleading and softball participation had sculpted her long, lightly tanned legs and taunt curves. If perfection took human form, it would form itself into Emily.

Many only dreamed of becoming the success that Emily Clark was. Her social reputation was nothing short of superior, taking on the position of student council president and prom queen all in the same school year.

Now, the stack of acceptance letters from other colleges applied to seem almost worthless. She quickly disregarded them, placing her UCLA letter at the top of the heap. Feeling refreshed, Emily decided to prepare for the day. She merrily hummed to herself as she snapped her drapes open receiving the morning's sunshine. Emily thought this day would be perfect for visiting her best friend, Tayler Hannigan, who happened to be her younger cousin as well. Maybe they could celebrate together; Emily didn't care as long as she saw Tayler. Emily picked up her cell phone and dialed Tayler's number. To her dismay, her cousin didn't answer, and instead, left a voice mail hoping Tayler would return her call soon. After leaving her message the blonde quickly showered and dressed, picking out her shortest miniskirt possible. She only left her house after her make-up was perfection, en route to the only place Tayler Hannigan could be on such a beautiful Friday morning: stuck in the detention hall of West Bay High School.

Chapter 2

Tayler waited impatiently for her punishment to be over yet again. This was the third time she'd been caught smoking in the girl's restroom; she just seemed to never learn. Tayler hated detention...she hated high school in general. Although she'd never admit it to the world or even herself, Tayler envied her older cousin, Emily, who'd graduated a week ago.

God, how could I get caught in detention on the last fucking day of school? Tayler thought to herself.

Tayler Hannigan was the exact opposite of her clean cut cousin, Emily. However, although they shared no common traits externally, inside they were one and the same. Only one year apart in age and grade, they seemed more like sisters than cousins growing up. Somewhere during junior high around the sixth grade the girls started drifting apart into their own social realms, Tayler venturing onto the darker roads of West Bay junior high and into even darker regions in high school. Her wrists were often littered with darkly hued bangles and her deep blue eyes were never without her heavy charcoal liner encircling them. Once a blonde much like Emily, Tayler decided at the beginning of sophomore year that's just who she wasn't. As much as her mother demanded Tayler retain her strawberry blonde tresses, she defied her mother's wishes, transforming her light strands into a deeper black than her persona could ever reflect.

Tayler felt the vibration of her cell phone rattle against the cargo pocket of her cut off Dickies pants. She wondered who'd be calling her in the middle of the morning as she wasn't West Bay High School's most popular girl. She waited until the buzzing ceased to secretly slide the phone out of her pocket. If she was caught with it in detention it would be confiscated again.

The last bell finally rang and Tayler was home free for three months. That would be more than enough time to brush up on her guitar solo for Summer Fest. Grasping her phone from her left pocket, Tayler checked who'd called her as she gathered her belongings and marched out of the detention hall.

Emily? Tayler thought to herself as her cousin's name and number illuminated from her phone's display. She noticed she'd left a voice mail with her call and wondered what she did to earn the honor of a call from Emily on a now beautiful Friday afternoon. Tayler punched in her code and waited for Emily's voice message.

"Hey Tay, I know you need a ride home, so I'll pick you up. Meet me in the parking lot by the field...I have great news too, bye!"

Unknowingly, Tayler smiled as she saved Emily's message and flipped down her phone's folder. She hurried to the parking lot as if she couldn't get there fast enough. For the first time that week Tayler Hanningan was happy. As Tayler approached the parking area, she noticed Emily's silver BMW isolated from the other expensive vehicles.

"Such brats," Tayler mumbled to herself suppressing a smile that threatened to show itself. Smiling was just not in Tayler's character description and never really had been.

Tayler rolled her eyes as she noticed the captain of the football team being surrounded by his cheerleader groupies at yet another ridiculously expensive car. At West Bay if you didn't have a car over $50,000, you didn't have a car at all. Naturally, Tayler fell in the latter category, not because she had to be, but because chose to. Tayler's eyes returned to Emily's line of sight and a smile now broke the surface of her lips revealing a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Although it had only been a week since she saw her cousin, Tayler's eyes ran over the older girl as if she hadn't seen her in years. White flip flop sandals barely covered Emily's slender French pedicure feet and her khaki miniskirt and white tank was nothing short of prepsville. With Tayler's black YEAH YEAH YEAHS tee, studded belt, black Dickies and Converse tennis shoes, the two cousins were fashionably day and night.

"`Sup cuz?" Tayler greeted, finally meeting eyes with Emily.

"Nothing much, what's going on with you, Tay?" Emily responded mirroring back the smile that was plastered across her younger cousin's face. In only the short period that the two girls were separated, Emily began to notice a change in Tayler. Unlike Tayler's clothing metamorphosis which had taken place many years before, it was something about her younger cousin's shocking blue eyes that seemed to glow from under her thickly layered eye liner, the way her pants hung perfectly from her slender hips and the way Tayler's gothic leather belt accented her chiseled lower stomach. After awhile of Emily surveying her cousin's body, her eyes settled on a set of naturally pink, lacquered lips.

"Em...Em! Were you listening to anything I just said?" Tayler grinned amusingly at the older girl. Emily immediately snapped out of her trance regaining eye contact, her blue eyes retaining a distant, glazed stare into Tayler's.

"Did you get a haircut?" Emily absentmindedly asked, dismissing Tayler's inquiries.

"Um, no...in fact it grew a little. Are you alright, you're acting weird again?" Tayler shifted her weight from one foot to the other waiting for Emily's reason for her strange behavior. Emily averted her eyes from her cousin knowing that she'd caught her gawking.

"Uh, no just a lot on my mind since graduation. C'mon lets get out of here...I don't like this place that much to be back so soon." Emily chuckled and Tayler followed suite before they both loaded into the silver BMW and off the school grounds.

"Hungry?" Emily asked.

"Sure, you buyin'?" Tayler responded.

"Of course, you've got no money, broke ass!"

"Shut up, I do too, loser!" They both shared a laugh. "My mom made me get a stupid job last month." Tayler rolled her eyes at the thought of her revised after school activities. "Grace knows after school I practice. I can't stand that evil gorgon."

"I see you're still on a first name basis with your mother, that's nice to know." Tayler glared at Emily. She almost hated her mother for taking the one thing she was good at away from her.

"Anyway, I can pay for lunch, it's no big deal."

"No, it's my treat. I invited you, remember?" Tayler shrugged her shoulders, staring at the broken yellow lines that seem to smear together on the pavement as they drove pass them.

"So what's this awesome news that you have to tell me?" Emily smiled momentarily glancing at her younger cousin, finding that the back of Tayler's head was staring at her. Emily's eager grin faded as she went on to tell Tayler about UCLA.

"Well..." Emily hesitantly started, "I got into UCLA." For the first time during the ride the two cousins caught each others eyes.

"Are you going?" Tayler questioned, pleading with her round blue eyes for her cousin to say no.

"Well of course I'm going..." Emily wished to at least take back the enthusiasm that seemed to further hurt Tayler.

"Well, I guess I'm happy for you then, Em. Congratulations." The younger girl resumed her stare out the window at nothing in particular. There was an uncomfortable silence for a long moment before they finally arrived at a diner only a few blocks away from Emily's house. The blonde sighed and turned off the ignition, instantly feeling the California heat invade the car's interior.

"C'mon, we'll talk some more over lunch."

The girls took their seats, ordered their food and still there was more awkward silence between them...there was silence even after the food was served. Somehow Emily had lost every ounce of her appetite. Throwing her napkin onto the table, she slammed her back against the booth and eyed Tayler intently.

"Why is this affecting you so much? I thought my best friend and cousin would be happy for me." Emily challenged.

"I told you I was happy for you Em, geez..."

"Yeah well I guess you'd be a little more convincing if you actually meant what you said!"

Tayler folder her arms over her chest a delivered Emily a searing stare of her own. "I can't believe this."

"Can't believe what, Tay?" Emily's eyes had softened to a desperate plea, searching for the root of the younger girl's frustration. Tayler unfolded her arms and slumped down so that now more than half her body was under the table. Emily still waited patiently for the younger girl's explanation. There matching electric blue eyes met and Tyler spoke in a wavering voice.

"You're gonna go off to that school, have all your friends, have all that work to do and you know what...? You're just gonna forget that I even exist." In that moment Emily wanted nothing more than to pull her cousin into a tight embrace. Tayler continued, "you're like a sister to me, Em, and believe it or not, the only person who understands me.

Emily felt tears threatening to flood their barriers and give way to the overwhelming amount of emotion caught between the two girls. The blonde sat wide-eyed wondering why she never saw this coming, or rather, why she forced herself to ignore the fact that not only Tayler, but herself would feel this way. Emily still feigned ignorance.

"I didn't know you'd take this so hard, Tay..." leaning over the table, Emily brought her body closer to Tayler ignoring the table between them. Tayler Hannigan didn't move. Her icy blue eyes only burned into Emily's with an expression just as cold as the stare she emitted.

"Emily, we have been family and best friends our whole lives, how could you not know I'd take it this hard?" Now Tyler's voice was riddled with more annoyance than hurt. Emily sat back again, bringing a lukewarm French fry to her lips, the food leaving a lump in her dry throat. She honestly had no response to her little cousin's question although she knew she should have.

"Let's just go." Tayler demanded, scooting herself from the booth. She exited the diner and took her place leaning on the passenger door of Emily's car. Sighing helplessly, Emily paid for the uneaten lunch and exited the diner as well. Emily found the younger girl standing with her back pressed against the door of her BMW taking long drags off her cigarette. All the while she noticed how her cousin had really grown up since junior high, transforming into quite an attractive girl. Again Emily found herself staring, becoming a habitual act when it came to Tayler. The blonde noticed the perfect curvature of Tayler's lower back descending into her pert ass as it rested against her car. She noticed Tayler's medium sized tits as the oncoming wind pressed her shirt against her body. Not only did Emily's cousin have an amazing body, but overall, an amazing personality to match.

Emily snapped out of her trance, wondering just how long she's been ogling the girl smoking outside of her car. She took another deep sigh and approached Tayler and stood tall in front of her. The pair were positioned as if only a mirror separated them. It was like looking into to parallel universe when Emily stood before her cousin, like she was looking at a darker opposite of herself. Now two sets of steely blue eyes challenged each other and Emily smirked at the other girl.

"Don't you know this shit kills you, Tay?" Emily mockingly questioned, taking Tayler's Marlboro and inhaling deeply. Tayler stood perplexed as Emily took her last drag, exhaling and extinguishing the lit stump with the bottom of her shoe. "Let's go back to my place, Tay." The dark haired girl, a little confused by Emily change in character, willingly agreed entering her cousin's car. Emily felt relaxed as if all the tension and frustration within her body had been released with the final puff of the Marlboro's carbon monoxide and tar mixture. The ride from the diner to her house was short, but pleasant and both girls appreciated that.

"So when the hell did you start smoking?" Tayler asked grabbing her black notebook and messenger bag from the back seat after Emily pulled into the driveway.

"I never really started. It's just something I do now and again when I'm stressed." Tayler smiled again, loving the discovery and seeing the more imperfect side to Emily the "Saint".

The two girls entered Emily's parents' substantial white brick three-floor dwelling and headed straight to her room.

So what do you have planned for the summer, Tay?" Emily asked as she opened the door to her suite. Tayler noticed the poster sized picture of Angelina Jolie scantily clad in a white string bikini hanging on her door. Tayler's eyebrow couldn't help but to raise in amazement that Emily had such an attractive ornament attached to her door and even more amazed that Julia, Emily's conservative mother, let her keep it up.

"Niiice." Tayler involuntarily complimented as she entered the spacious room and closed the door behind her. Emily kicked off her flip flops, turned on her stereo, and plopped down on her decadent bed. Tayler sat besides her finally answering her question. "My intent was to practice for Summer Fest in July, but I dunno how I'm going to find the time with this stupid job..." Tayler bit back the rest of her statement in fear wanting to strangle her mother again. She sighed instead.

"Oh stop complaining. You're seventeen; don't you think it's about time for you to get a job anyway?" Tayler had the urge to slap Emily with one of her own oversized pillows.

"Oh yeah that's easy for you to say miss spoiled brat. I'm talking about a girl who's eighteen, never worked a day in her life, and has everything she ever wanted handed to her daily on a fucking silver ass platter. You disgust me." Tayler snickered attaching her best impression of Sylvester Stallone's Rocky accent on her last three words.

Emily shot her tongue out at her little cousin and for the first time Tayler noticed that a silver ball rested on its fleshy surface. "You're just jealous."

"When the fuck did you get that?" Tayler asked, instantly changing the subject the minute she caught a glimpse of her piercing. Emily face flushed. "Get what?" Emily asked getting up and changing the radio station, seeming to be more preoccupied with that and avoiding the subject of her tongue ring.

"Don't play dumb Em...the tongue piercing, when did you get it?" Emily sighed and faced the younger girl.

"A week after my birthday I went uptown and got it." Tayler was caught between more amazement and a little hurt.

"Why didn't you call me, we could have gone together."

"I didn't wanna risk my mother finding out, so I didn't take anybody." Emily confessed.

"Em, you know I wouldn't have ratted you out. One of your snot nosed cheerleader friends would have told your mom before I would've." They both sat in silence for awhile before Tayler broke it. "Well, let me see!" Tayler squealed impatiently. The younger girl stared in amazement at Emily's pierced tongue. "Now I have a reason to be jealous."

Chapter 3

What seemed like days had passed before Tayler and Emily noticed the late hour. They'd spent the last half a day talking about general subjects, school, their likes and dislikes...the standards of catching up. Tayler was boosting about Emily's tongue ring for he millionth time when her eyes happen to glance at the digital display of Emily's stereo.

"Oh shit, are you serious?" Tayler's outburst half startled the older girl.

"What, Tay!"

"It's nearly two a.m. and I'm still here!" Emily gave her cousin a look of disbelief.

"So you give me a heart attack because it's two in the morning and you're safe at your cousin's house?"

"My mom doesn't know that, and later I will have to go home to a bitch fest." Tayler huffed.

"Nonsense, my mom called your mom hours ago. Don't you think your mom would have called your cell phone hours ago if she thought you were missing?" Tayler thought for a moment and Emily did have a point. "I figured you could spend the night...catch up on some things." There was something in the tone of Emily's voice that was riddled with mischief. She said the last portion of her sentence a little too suggestively.

"Would you have minded running that plan by me first?"

"Slipped my mind," Emily said nonchalantly give her cousin a sly smile. "c'mon, let's get ready for bed." The blonde suggested heading toward her spacious walk-in closet.

"I have nothing to wear to bed."

Emily rolled her eyes and bit back a smile. "Must you always be a `tard? I have p.j.'s for you." Emily retreated back to her task of getting them both pajamas. She rummaged through her draw until she found a pink pair of Abercrombie and Fitch shorts that were devastatingly little and a white tank to go with it. She threw the ensemble at her younger cousin. Tayler eyed the crumpled heap of clothing and then at Emily.

"You're kidding, right?" Emily poked her head out of her closet and stared at Tayler with doe eyes as if Tayler wouldn't say anything.

"No, why?"

"Ok, three reasons: one, these are Abercrombie and Fitch shorts; everything I don't stand for. Two, they're pink and way too short for my liking, and three, they're wrinkled."

Emily finally emerged from her closet with a similar outfit to the one that she'd thrown at Tayler, only her shorts were an aqua color with yellow racing stripes decorating the sides. And in place of a tank, a tight fitting yellow camisole adorned her small torso, showing off her lightly toasted lower stomach. "I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to the bitch factor with you and Aunt Grace. Besides it's either that or nothing at all."

Tayler's body stiffened at her cousin's latter words. Strangely enough, the thought of having nothing on at all in front of Emily seemed quite enticing.

"Ok." Was all Tayler said before she started to undress, first removing her tee shirt and then her cut off cargo pants. Emily didn't know what Tayler's simple response had meant, but so far she was enjoying it...enjoying it just a little too much in fact. Emily could feel her pussy begin to moisten against her tiny shorts as she watched Tayler disrobe. Holy Christ, how long had she's been staring and did Tayler notice? Emily began shifting uneasily as the inner seam of the shorts brushed against her bare womanhood. It took all she had in her not to moan in pleasure. Just the sight of her baby cousin's hot body made her want to scream.

Tayler pretended not to notice her older cousin ogling her as she changed. In any normal circumstance, Tayler should have been upset that her cousin was looking at her like that. They were family and both girls no less, but strangely Tayler didn't feel that in the least. It kind of turned her on how Emily's bright blue eyes almost seemed to darken with lust at the sight of her changing. Tayler decided to have some fun with her cousin.

"Stare much?" Emily's cheeks turned ten different shades of red.

"Sorry," was all she could say before tuning away and cursing herself from being discovered. While Emily's back was turned she stripped herself bare naked before putting the shorts and tank on her body.

"Ta daaa." Tayler chimed flatly as the cue for Emily to turn around. Emily damn near came at the sight of her cousin in her clothes. It was so odd seeing Tayler in anything but black and metal, punk-like attire...the simple change had turned the blonde on so much it was ridiculous.

"You look nice." Emily complimented giving, what she thought, was the understatement of the year. All she wanted to do was shove Tayler on her back and ripped the clothes she's just put on off of her. She wondered just how small and sweet Tayler's pussy was under those sexy miniature shorts and how delicious her tits would taste as she sucked them. One way or another, Emily would have what she wanted...she always did.

"So, I guess we're bunking together, huh?" Tayler asked as she claimed her half of the bed.

"Looks like it unless you wanna share a bed with my mom and dad."

Tayler snorted, "No offense, but no thanks."

Emily climbed into bed and settled beside Tayler under the thick down comforter. She could feel the heat rising between then as the bulky covering trapped in any signs of rising body temperature. Tayler turned away from her cousin on her side, and as she did, she accidentally brushed her leg against Emily's. Emily shuttered in pure delight at the feel of silk on silk.

"Night, Em."

"Night, Tay." With that Emily turned the knob on her lamp and the room went black.

Emily tossed and turned knowing what she wanted the most laid right beside her in bed. Her pussy was swollen and needed to be touched. It took all she had within her not to open her legs and shove two fingers inside until she came at the thought of her cousin's image. She stared at the ceiling wondering if Tayler was even sleeping. Emily stopped shuffling and turned her head toward Tayler noticing how her arm and back gently lifted and fell as he breathed calmly. Tayler seemed to be asleep, but something deep down told Emily that she wasn't.

The first light of the morning now started seeping in through Emily's sheer drapes and for the first time since they went to bed she could make out the outline of Tayler's lithe body. Tayler shifted and Emily froze. The younger girl now lay on her back facing the ceiling and all Emily wanted to do was open her cousin's legs and let her fingers play until she was satisfied. Emily eyed the length of Tayler's body as it disappeared beneath the sheets. She noticed her little cousin's nipples were rock hard and straining beneath the fabric of the thin shirt. Emily smiled. The tell tale reaction of her cousin's body was enough to fuel Emily's fire for her cousin. Emily moved her body closer inch by inch until their hot, smooth legs touched each other's again. As much as Tayler tried to regulate her breathing to appear as if she were sleeping, she couldn't. Her breaths became shallow and ragged and right away she knew she'd been caught by Emily. Tayler felt the brush of something soft against her shoulder. She squint her eyes and gasped. To her surprise, Emily's face unexpectedly hovered above hers and it was Emily's soft blonde hair that tickled her shoulder.

"What the..." Emily pressed her finger to Tayler lips silencing her as she stared into her eyes. God Tayler was beautiful.

Tayler instinctively pressed her lips against Emily's finger tip. She wanted to slap herself for doing that...why would she do such a thing? Tayler's blue eyes widened at her own action, but she couldn't help the intense sexual tension caught between the two gorgeous girls. Emily brought her face down to nuzzle Tayler's neck and the younger girl sighed in ecstasy. Emily closed her eyes taking in Tayler's delicate scent. Before she knew what she was doing, Emily was taking small licks and nibbles out of Tayler's soft flesh. Dear God what was she doing?

At that point neither of the girls cared. They had no sense of what was right or wrong...all they wanted was each other.

"Tayler?" Emily's voice was raw with passion. All Tayler could do was stare up at her cousin with wide eyes. "I want you. Please let me have you."

Tayler's pussy constricted at her cousin's endearing request. She wanted Emily just as bad, just was too afraid to acknowledge that fact before this point.

"Touch me, Em. I'm all yours." Tayler's words rang like church bells on a wedding day to Emily. She didn't waste anytime snatching the cover off their bodies and throwing it on the floor. Emily's core flooded with arousal at the sight of Tayler's full body again and she couldn't help but to muster a low growl in the back of her throat. Lying partially on top of Tayler's body, Emily began to ravage the younger girl's mouth with her own. For the first time Tayler felt the metal ball of Emily's tongue ring grazing her tongue. Their tongues danced at a frenzied pace as if they couldn't get to one another fast enough. The slurping noise of their make out session took Tayler over the edge. She could feel the inside of the shorts she wore moistening more and more with each passing second. She needed Emily's sex and she needed it now.

As if Emily could read her mind, her finger began to play at the elastic of Tayler's short as if asking permission to continue further. As they kissed, Tayler's hand covered her cousin's and led them into the shorts. Emily moaned into Tayler's mouth at the feel of her hand cupping around her wet pussy. Tayler brought her hands to the elastic of the shorts and began pulling them down. Getting the hint, Emily took over ridding her lower body of any clothing, leaving Tayler vulnerable to Emily's fingers and hungry mouth. Emily looked down noticing Tayler's pussy shimmered in the dull light of the early morning. It made her mouth water and ache to taste her soft, shaved, dewy lips. Taking the tank off, Tayler now lay completely naked before her older cousin. Her nipples looked like little pebbles atop a soft pillow mound and Emily couldn't wait to wrap her lips around them.

"I want you so fucking bad, Tay!" Emily's voice was husky and laced with pure lust.

"Fuck me Em! Please I need you." With those words Emily's mouth found its way to her cousin's erect nipple. She sucked frantically making Tayler arch her back in pleasure. Tayler's bent knees flapped open and close as Emily made a meal of her tits and the darker girl couldn't help but to dive her fingers into the pool between her legs. Emily lifted her head to see what Tayler was doing to herself. She felt her hot come dripping from her pussy hole as she came softly at the sight of Tayler fingering her own perfectly tight little cunt.

"Mmm Em... you make me cum just by looking at you..." Emily continued to watch as she now twisted Tayler's right nipple between her thumb and index finger. Emily took it upon herself to further help Tayler by dipping her head between her cousin's legs and taking her hard clit into her mouth. Using her piercing to her advantage, Emily grinded the ball of her tongue ring into Tayler's clit. In that instant, sweet girl cum shot from Tayler's pussy, her eyes shooting open as her orgasm forced her small body to spasm and shake. Emily looked back up at her cousin, Tayler's eyes dark and hooded. Her mouth was held slightly agape as she struggled to catch her breath and ease her pounding heart.

"Can I taste you?" Emily asked, knowing full on what Tayler's response would be. Tayler nodded opening her legs more to accommodate her cousin's body. Emily noticed a small pool of cum staining her white sheets and it took all she had not to lick it up. Instead, she placed her index and middle finger on Tayler's steamy pussy and spread her tiny lips apart. Tayler's clit automatically jutted out form beneath its hood as Emily's fingers spread her more and more.

As Emily lowered her head between the valley of Tayler's legs, the younger girl tugged at the neck of Emily's tank, urging her to relieve herself of it. Without any words being spoken, Emily disrobed herself entirely, both now equally and beautifully nude. Tayler's eyes lingered on Emily's soft milky breast. She noticed how her older cousin's tits were just slightly bigger than her own and she loved how they rose and fell with every breath Emily took. Tayler reached her hand to Emily's chest, sliding an index finger between her tits and then over to her left nipple. She noticed the contrast of her darker skin to Emily's and couldn't help but to lower her lips to Emily's rosy, puckered nipple. Several minutes passed before Emily reluctantly pulled her body away from Tayler's warm wet mouth and playfully pushed her little cousin onto her back. With one swift nudge, Emily lowered her lips to Tayler's erect clit and sucked forcefully. The younger girl gripped the sheets with tightly clinched fists as Emily's mouth seemed to work expertly on Tayler's sensitive hot spot. The feel of Emily's slick pierced tongue maneuvering about Tayler's entire pussy was enough to drive her to the point of insanity. Tayler laced her fingers in Emily's soft blonde stands and tugged lightly whenever her body tingled from the touch of her cousin's mouth.

Despite the already deep depths of Tayler's sexual bliss, she wanted more.

"I wanna...taste you too, Emily..." Emily got the idea to mount Tayler's face, so that both girls could experience dual pleasure from each other, but Tayler would never go for such a thing...or would she?

"Let's 69," Emily suggested. The smile on Tayler's face was all Emily needed to continue her exploration her cousin's body.

The older girl lifted her body from its place between Tayler's thighs and straddled her sleek abdomen. From this angle, Tayler was given a full view of Emily's perfect ass and luscious pussy lips as Emily leaned forward to indulge in the younger girl's delectable womanhood. Balancing her weigh on an elbow, Tayler lifted her face to Emily's exposed rear, licking the path between her soft rosebud to her protruding clit, sucking and nibbling along the way. Emily sucked in a much needed breath between clinched teeth as Tayler continued on her journey. Feeling nothing but raw sexual energy, Emily shoved two fingers into Tayler's tight pussy as she licked furiously on her clit, alternating playful bites with feverish flicks with the tip of her tongue. Both girls were now wrapped in bliss without another care in the world except for each other. For once, Emily had forgotten she's even been accepted to UCLA, or why she'd even applied in the first place.

Emily's fingers slid in and out of Tayler's pussy at an earth shattering pace as she sucked on the small petals of her lips. Groans erupted from Tayler's mouth and she bit her finger to keep herself quiet. After finally pulling her middle finger from her lips, Tayler carefully slid the moistened digit into Emily's rear entrance while sliding her tongue inside the depths of her older cousin body. Life couldn't get any better for either of the girls. For a split second Emily wanted to decline the offer to go away to school...it would only mean not have her precious cousin with her. It was only the feel and sound of Tayler's squirting pussy that pulled Emily from her prior thoughts and back on her cousin's body. Tayler shoved a pillow over her face to muffle the high pitch yelp that went with her orgasm. Not before long Emily followed suite allowing her sweet juices flow out of her body and into Tayler's awaiting mouth.

Now both girls laid spent, one on top of the other, feeling completely satisfied with each other's company. After awhile, Emily dismounted Tayler, lying beside her and content with looking into the deep blue of her eyes. They seemed to connect on a telepathic level as they always had as kids. One simple wink or smile could mean everything in their unspoken language. Tayler wanted so bad to confront Emily about UCLA and Emily could see that in her eyes.

"Don't worry about a thing, Tay," Emily finally whispered. "I promise you no matter what I won't leave you, lil cousin."

That was all Tayler needed to hear for now and Emily knew that. Holding each other, their eyes closed as the first rays of sunshine crept through the folds of Emily's drapes.

"I love you, Emily."

"I love you too, Tayler."