Like Mother, Like Daughter

©1997 JayJay, All Rights Reserved

WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of incest and explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you, or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.

Annie took a few steps forward into Amanda's room.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" yelled Annie.

"But mom..." said Amanda.

"Not a word," scolded Annie. "Not a word from either of you. I saw what happened, and I don't approve of it. You two young ladies get cleaned up and get dressed then go to my room and stay there." The two girls slowly moved away from each other and off the bed. "Kimi," said Annie, "I'm calling your mother." Annie walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. She tried to call Janice at work, but found that she had left early. Eventually, Annie finally found Janice at home and called her over.

"Annie, what's the matter?" asked Janice.

"Your slut daughter was in bed my daughter," said Annie. "I know she's sexually active, but I didn't think that she would be having sex with my Amanda."

"What are you so upset about? There just having sex."

"I knew you were going to say that."

"Well, what does that suppose to mean?" Janice had a hand to her hip while waiting for Annie's reply.

"It means that you're a slut, and you know it." Annie aggressively pointed her finger at Janice.

"Hey, I didn't came all the way over here to argue with you. You never had a problem with me before."

"Who you sleep with is none of my business. Who Amanda sleeps with is, and in this case it's yours, too."

"So let them sleep together. Maybe they love each other." Janice smiled. "Stop it Janice. I don't like it."

"What do you mean you don't like it? When I said 'me' I meant you and me. I can't count to number we fucked each other to sleep," said Janice. Wide eyed and startled, Annie pulled her right hand back and slapped Janice hard in the face. The sound of the slap echoed throughout the house. Janice's head turned to one side, and her hand covered the stricken area. Afraid, she slowly turned her head to face Annie. Janice's eyes began to water, and she spoke with a trembling tone. "I'm sorry, Annie. I thought you loved me." Janice started to turn and walk away to get her daughter, and a tear formed in her eye. Astonished at her own behavior, Annie knew she had made a mistake. She felt guilty and sorry. Annie walked out to Janice and grabbed her arm to try and stop her. Janice moved back fearing that Annie would strike her again.

"Janice, I'm sorry," pleaded Annie. "I didn't mean to hit you. Really. I just got crazy." Seeing the pain in Janice's eyes, Annie felt like crying, too. "Please forgive me." Annie stepped closer. "I do love you. I'm sorry. I really am." Annie pleaded more, and Janice felt a little better. Annie moved closer and gently kissed Janice on the cheek where she slapped her. "Does that feel better?" asked Annie.

"No," answered Janice, "but this will." Janice touched her lips to Annie's.

"Oh, Janice," said Annie. Her head started to spin. Their moist tongues met in a play of passion, and Annie just wanted to go wild on Janice. Still kissing, the brunette bombshell put her hands around Janice's waist and picked her up. Annie placed her best friend on top of the kitchen counter. She pulled her lips from Janice and started undoing Janice's blouse.

"My oh my, aren't we very apologetic," said Janice. Annie just looked up and smiled. She pulled the blouse open and stared at Janice white lacy bra. Both of her hands grabbed Janice breast, and she pulled her best friend toward her and kissed again. Not paying any attention to their surrounding, Amanda walked in the kitchen startled at her discovery.

"Mom?" Amanda said. Annie jumped at the sound of her daughter's voice. She turned around and found her fifteen year old daughter standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Amanda," yelled Annie,"I...I thought I told you to stay in my room." Annie tried to conceal Janice's open blouse, but was too afraid to move. Amanda was speechless. All she could do was look at her mother. She can't help but to notice Kimi's mother sitting on the kitchen counter with her blouse open. "Amanda," said Annie. Janice got off of the counter.

"Annie," Janice said, "just face it. She caught you red handed." Annie looked over at Janice and pulled Janice's blouse together. She paused for a second to think.

"Amanda darling," said Annie, "be a good girl, and go to Mommy's room. Kimi's mother and I will have a nice little talk with the two of you, ok?"

"Yes, Mom." Amanda answered quietly. She slowly turned and walked away.

"Janice, I can't believe this. Look what you've gotten me into."

"Annie, I love you. I didn't mean to cause any harm under your own roof."

Janice looked Annie in the eyes. "Come on Annie. She at that age. You can't blame her for being curious."

"I know Janice, but I have a hard time teaching her these kinds of things."

Annie turned around and looked at the walls. She didn't have an answer, and she didn't have a clue as to how to explain her situation. "Amanda is probably telling Kimi what just happened."

"Listen, Annie." Janice walked around Annie to face her. "I know I'm a wild one, but please hear me out. I have an idea."

Almost twenty minutes have passed. Amanda and Kimi were waiting impatiently in Annie's bedroom. They were sitting on the edge of the bed wondering what was taking their mother's so long to come. Annie's bedroom was huge. The bed was against the far wall below the window. Facing from the king size bed was the door to the hallway. To the left of the door was a small couch, and the the right of the door were shelves. To the left of the bed in the corner was a door leading to a walk-in closet, and beside it was Annie's dresser and mirror. The wall to the right in the center was the door leading to the master bathroom. To the left of that was Jeff's dresser, and to the right of the door was a rocker. Of course nightstands were on either sides of the bed. Soon enough, Annie walked in, and Janice stood in the doorway.

"You two girls sit back some on the bed," Annie said. She seated herself at the edge of the bed and turned towards Kimi. "Now, Kimi, I won't have to tell you any of this since your mother doesn't mind you having sex so everything is ok with you." Annie then turned to Amanda. "But you young lady are my daughter, and I am responsible for you." Amanda felt a lump in her throat and couldn't face her mother. "So because you are a minor and you are at an age of sexual curiosity, I am asking for your permission for Kimi's mother and me to teach you sex." To Amanda's surprise, she look up to face her mother wide eyed and shocked. Annie had a gentle smile on her face. It's a smile that Amanda recognized from a loving and caring mother. Amanda looked over at Kimi, and she too had a gentle smile on her face. Kimi slowly nodded in approval, but Amanda was still shocked at her mother's announcement. Annie spoke. "I know this may seem awkward, and I think it's the best way to do this without anyone getting hurt." Kimi placed her hand on Amanda's left shoulder and whispered softly.

"Mandy. I think it will be ok."

"I...I don't know," said Amanda. She looked across the room to see Janice smiling at her. Amanda was scared, but there was a sense of warmness in the room.

"If you don't want to do this, you don't have to," said Annie. "But remember, I'm always here for you." Amanda looked back at her mom and then Kimi. Kimi moved her hand to touch Amanda's face. Her sweet smile and the warmth of her hand helped relax Amanda.

"I love you, Amanda," said Kimi. Amanda smiled back and turned towards her mother.

"I guess so, Mom," said Amanda in a soft voice.

"That's good, sweetheart," Annie said. "Go in my bathroom, and get undressed. Kimi, go and help her." Amanda and Kimi got off of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. "And Kimi," Annie said, "you can take off your clothes too if you like."

"Thank you, Mrs. Walker." Kimi walked into the bathroom. Annie looked over at Janice.

"Come on in, Janice, and give me the bag," said Annie. Janice walked in and handed Annie a brown paper sack, and Annie placed it on the floor of the right side of the bed. She got up and kissed Janice on the lips. "Now, let's get ready. Put your clothes on the rocker." The two women started to undress.

In the bathroom, Amanda and Kimi were naked from head to toe.

"It'll be ok," Kimi said trying to comfort Amanda. "I promise. I'll go in first, ok?" Amanda nodded.

Amanda and Kimi walked back into the bedroom. Janice was sitting in the middle of bed, and Annie was sitting on the couch. They too were naked from head to toe. The two adult women looked at their daughters' young and beautiful bodies. So fresh and so soft, the two girls waited for instructions from their mothers.

"Amanda," said Annie, "get on the bed with Kimi's mother. Kimi," Kimi looked over at Annie, "you can sit with me." Both girls did what they were told. Annie's legs were already spread apart exposing her womanly vagina. Kimi took the liberty to sit between them with her back nesting against Annie's huge breasts. Annie didn't minded. She welcomed Kimi with a loving hug. Amanda climbed on the bed and notice that Janice had something behind her. "Now, do what Kimi's mother says," said Annie. Amanda nodded. Janice was very impressed with Amanda's large breasts. She spoke.

"How are you doing, Sweetheart?"

"Fine, Mrs. Price. And you?" Amanda asked hesitantly.

"Just wonderful. Now, I want you to relax, and get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed...face your mother...very good. Just relax, Honey. Just relax." Amanda was very still, but was turned on by the open nakedness of her situation. Facing her mother and best friend, Amanda could see them smiling at her. Janice, behind Amanda at the head of the bed, rested her left hand on Amanda's lower back, and her warm fingers of her right hand touched the outer folds of Amanda soft smooth vagina. Amanda became light headed and started to breathe heavily.

"Oh," cried Amanda. Janice's massaging fingers were making Amanda wet from all of the anticipation. "Ohh." She cried again.

"How does that feel, Sweetheart?" asked Janice.

"Nice," said Amanda.

"Nice?" replied Janice. "I guess I have to do better than that." She winked to her audience. Amanda felt a finger sliding into her warm vagina. It wiggle around in circles and moved in and out bringing Amanda to a new wetness.

"Ohh...oohhh," moaned Amanda.

"Is that better?" asked Janice.

"Y-yes, Mrs. Price."

"Good, Sweetheart." Janice looked up at Annie. "My God, Annie. She is so wet in no time." Janice giggled. Both Annie and Kimi were getting aroused watching Janice giving Amanda her sex lessons. They can't help but to get wet from all the excitement. Janice continued to finger fuck Amanda for several minutes. Amanda would sometime let out soft whimperings and look beneath her to see Janice's hand moving back and forth from behind. "Ok, Amanda," spoke Janice. "I'm going to do something different." Janice bent forward behind Amanda's ass. Janice's lips met Amanda's wet pussy lips, and her tongue tasted the sweet sex juices of the young teenager.

"Ohh...oh, yeah...owe." Amanda moaned and cried with sexual delight. She could feel Janice's warm loving tongue danced a dance of love on her wet sex. Amanda was so hot, and she was so ready, but there wasn't a male there to full fill her emptiness. Janice raised her head.

"I think she's ready," said Janice. "And she tastes good, too."

"Hold on, Amanda," said Annie. "Mrs. Price has a surprise for you." Janice reached behind her and pulled out a rubber dildo attached to a strap-on. Kimi's eyes widen at the sight of it. All she can think of was "do me, do me." But for now, she had to wait.

"Hold still," instructed Janice. "I'll go nice and easy for you." Amanda felt the tip of something smooth and cold on her vagina, and looked underneath her to see what it was. She gasped at the sight of the dildo. Amanda wanted it so bad she pushed her ass back to help Janice shove the artificial cock inside of her.

"Oohhh," screamed Amanda. she moved her hip to meet Janice's thrusting. Janice was absolutely amazed at Amanda's eagerness. "Ohh...oh, Mrs. feels so good...oh." Janice held the fifteen year old firmly around the hips.

"You are such a fast learner," commented Janice. Amanda was so wet, Janice slid in and out of her so easily. The dildo warned up in no time. Amanda was experiencing the ecstasy of sex. She grabbed the bed sheet tightly hanging on to her rider.

"Annie, baby," said Janice, "I think you raised a natural." Janice continued to fuck Amanda, and Annie felt proud of herself. The sight of her daughter getting fuck by her best friend brought back so many fond memories. Amanda was the spitting image of her mother. Their beautiful blue eyes and silky black hair. Of course Amanda has some catching up to do to match her mother's breast, but they're big enough as it is.

On the couch, Annie was holding Kimi. Gently caressing her breasts, Annie ran her fingers over Kimi erect nipples. Kimi just laid back and relaxed. She look up at Annie, and Annie gave her a kiss on the forehead. Annie rolled Kimi's nipples between her index fingers and her thumbs.

"Mmm," moaned Kimi. Her legs were spread apart like Annie's. Annie's right hand reached down to Kimi's little twat. So wet, so young. Two fingers stroked the tender love box. Kimi's breathing became deep and slow, and she looked up at Annie again. Her mouth opened, and Annie knew what she wanted. Her tongue went deep inside of Kimi's mouth exploring the insides of the young girl. Then, she pulled away still stroking at Kimi's flood gate whispering into her ear.

"Kimi, would you like to join your mother and Amanda?" asked Annie.

"Yes, Mrs. Walker," answered Kimi. Annie turned her attention to Amanda. Janice was still pounding Annie's daughter.

"Are you ok, Amanda? How do you feel?" asked Annie.

"Oh,'s so good...mmm...oohhh," moaned Amanda.

"She's just too hot," said Janice. "I wonder why she hasn't done this before." Annie looked at Kimi.

"Go ahead, Kimi. Go ahead."

Kimi anxiously climbed on the bed. Eagerly, she laid on her back and positioned herself where her face was underneath Amanda's swaying breasts. She reached up with both hands and pulled them down towards her face. In response, Amanda lowered her upper body until her breasts met Kimi's mouth. One after another Kimi sucked and played with each nipple rolling them between finger and thumb while nibbling on them. She enjoyed the peachy taste of Amanda's flesh. Kimi felt that special warm feeling between her legs hoping that someone would come and satisfy it.

Amanda cannot get enough of the dual sensation. Like hot wires, erotic flashes traveled from her breasts down to her sweet love hole that at the same time was being penetrated by Kimi's mother from behind. Amanda thought that having sex with her best friend was one thing, but with her best friend and her best friend's mother was something she had never imagined.

"Ahh...aahhh!!!" Amanda screamed. She can smell the sweet scent of Kimi's vagina and could almost taste it. But for now, Amanda was enjoying being loved by both girls. Mentally, the sands on her beach was being washed away by a wave of passion. She was helpless before the whims of nature.

Annie continued to watch as her daughter's inner most soul was released in a passion of love play. She always knew her daughter was beautiful. But this time, that beauty was more that just skin deep. The sight of Amanda's submittal to Janice's love making and Kimi's breast kissing beckoned Annie to come forward. After hearing Amanda's cries of pleasures, Annie could not sit still any longer. She too climbed on the bed close to Janice.

"Glad you can join us, Annie," Janice smiled.

"I want my daughter," Annie said bluntly. "I want her now." Janice looked at Annie with a look of astonishment. She called out to Kimi, and mentioned her to move away from Amanda. Kimi moved to one side of the bed, and Janice pulled the dildo out of Amanda. She spoke to Annie.

"She's all yours, Sweetie," said Janice. After Janice and Kimi moved away from Amanda, Annie rolled her daughter over on her back. Amanda stared deep into her mother's baby blue eyes.

"Oh, Mom," cried Amanda with her arms opened. The two females embraced, and their lips met. Their breasts pressed against each other sending sensations up and down their spines. "Mmm...mmm." Amanda's moans were muffled by their kisses. Annie sat up to look at her beautiful daughter. Ecstasy radiated from the young teenage body. Staring into Amanda eyes, Annie slipped a finger inside of Amanda's wet vagina. For the first time, Annie touched her daughter in a new loving way. Amanda immediately accepted her mother's soft caressing and spread her legs wide apart enjoying the loving touches of her mother. Janice and Kimi still on the bed were being entertained by their best friends. For a while now, Janice watched Annie's finger plunged in and out of Amanda and listened to Amanda's moans. Shouldn't Annie have some fun, too, Janice asked herself. She reached into the paper sack by the bed and pulled something out.

"Hey, Annie," said Janice, "use this." Janice handed Annie a two-way dildo that was about fourteen inches long. Annie gave Janice a kiss and gladly took the dildo from her while Amanda looked at her mother anticipating her next move.

"Hold on, Honey," Annie said to Amanda. "You are going to like this." Annie inserted about half of the dildo inside of her own vagina. "Ohh...," she moaned. Then, she guided the other end towards her daughter's vagina. After all of the pussy pounding Amanda took from Janice, the dildo slid easily inside of her.

"Ohh...oohhh, Mom...oohhh," cried Amanda. Naturally, the two females moved their hips back and forth against one another. Mother and daughter stared into each other eyes in an intimacy never before experienced. "Ahh...aahhh...oohhh." Amanda just laid there at the loving mercy of her mother, and they both felt the fulfillment of their new toy crashing inside of them.

"Wouldn't it be nice if Darrell were here right now," said Janice.

"Um, Mom," said Kimi, "Darrell and I broke up today."

"Oh, Kimi, I'm sorry," responded Janice. Then, she revealed a sinister grin.

"Why not let me do you then?" asked Janice. Kimi looked down at the strap-on still around her mother's waist and looked over at Annie and Amanda fucking each other. Then, she look her mother in the eye.

"Well, sure," said Kimi. "Why not."

"That's my little girl." Janice moved towards Kimi on the other side of the bed. With one hand holding the dildo steady, she spoke. "Now it's your turn." Kimi got on her hands and knees ready and waiting for her mother's entry. She was already hot and wet and just wanted to be filled up good. Janice already knew that Kimi can take more sex than your average sixteen year old. In fact, Kimi can take more sex that most young girls. "Okay, Honey. Here comes Mommy." Janice aimed the strap-on dildo at its pussy target and rammed it fast and deep inside of her daughter.

"Ohh...oohhh...OH, GOD...oh, MOM...oh yeah yeah...ahh...aahhh!!!" Kimi screamed and cried. Janice knew her daughter very well. "MOM, FASTER...HARDER...uhh...oohhh!!!" Annie looked over at the other two and saw a wild fucking frenzy before her.

"Amanda," said Annie."

"Ohh...yes, Mom," Amanda said still being fucked by her mother."

"Hang on." Annie pulled to two-way dildo from both of their snatch. Wiping off one end dry with the bed sheets, Annie reposition to dildo at the gates of Amanda's soaked pussy. She firmly held it halfway and plunged it deep inside of her daughter. Annie twisted to artificial cock while thrusting it in and out making Amanda scream in ecstasy.

"OH, MOMMY...MOMMY...MOMMY...MOM-EEE...OH, YES, MOMMY...YES...YES!!!" Amanda screamed and screamed. Her head was thrown back buried into the sheets. Eyes widen and a smile from ear to ear, Janice was absolutely ecstatic at her best friend and her best friend's daughter.

"So, Annie, you want a showdown, huh," said Janice. "First one to get her girl cumming is the winner." Then she spoke to Kimi. "You ready for more, Kimi?" asked Janice while still pounding her daughter from behind. Kimi looked back at her mother.

"Yeah, Mom...give me more," Kimi begged. Janice firmly gripped Kimi's waist with both hands and started to vigorously slam Kimi's ass against her body. "Ohh...THAT FEELS SO GOOD...Oohhh!!!" Kimi screamed louder than before. Annie had to retaliate.

"Amanda, Sweetheart, are you going to let you mother down?" asked Annie.

"No, Mommy...I won't...I WON'T!" Amanda screamed. Annie shafted her own daughter over and over again. The smell of young sex permeated the bedroom. Both teenage girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. Both girls gave into the ecstasy. For minutes, the sounds of sex filled the room. Mother's trying to bring their daughters to a higher pleasure. Ironically, both daughters wanted it to last forever, but also wanted to be the first to come to climax. The sexual Olympics continued until...

"OH, MOMMY..., " Amanda cried. "MOMMY...I FEEL SOMETHING...I FEEL...I FEEL...OHH...OH, GOD...OH..OH...aahhh...AAHHH!!!"

For the first time Amanda felt the ripping shockwaves of her pulsating pussy exploding in an orgasmic wave of lust. Like a mother, Annie could tell that her daughter just achieved reaching the greatest pleasure known to man. Amanda's pussy continued to pulsated as her mother slowed down her in and out rhythm. Amanda was still trying to catch her breath as her orgasm subsided. Her eyes were glassy, and she gave her mother a loving stare of thankfulness and compassion. Annie climbed on top on her daughter to give her a long wet congratulations kiss hungering for each others tongues. Still on top on Amanda, Annie looked over at Janice.

"We are the winners. You girls are not," bragged Annie.

"True," responded Janice still fucking Kimi. Then she stopped. "Since we lost, Kimi, I'm not fucking you anymore." Janice pulled the dildo out of Kimi and slapped Kimi on the ass.

"OW!" yelled Kimi. "Oh, Mom, please...don't stop now," Kimi begged.

"It's not fair. She probably more sensitive that me."

"I don't care," responded Janice. "You lost so you don't deserve to get fucked."

"Ohh," Kimi squabbled. Then, she sat on the bed pouting wanting to get off so bad. Annie, feeling a little sorry for Kimi, held Kimi's head up. "Why don't you lay down and relax, Honey," Annie told Kimi. Kimi's face brighten, and she laid on the bed beside Amanda. Waiting patiently for Amanda's mother, Annie climbed on top of Kimi with her vagina above Kimi face. Automatically, Kimi pushed her legs apart and welcomed her new lover. Annie lowered her face, and engaged in a pussy buffet. Kimi moaned and cried.

"Well," remarked Janice, "if that's the case, I'm going to be with the winner." Janice removed the strap-on and dropped it on the floor. She moved over to Amanda and laid beside her. "Get on top of me like your mother, and I'll do ya'." Without hesitation. Amanda climbed on top of her. Admiring the sight of her mother giving oral love to her best friend, Amanda decided to follow in her mother's footsteps. The scent of Janice's experienced pussy told Amanda that she was dealing with a pro. Janice and Amanda lusted after each other trading licks and kissed. Both feeling the warm sensations of their tongues and the tickling touches of their fingers. By now, the fucking foursome were giving each other fuck after suck after fuck after suck. They continued to do one another until Janice remembered a dinner appointment she made. It was with her best friend, Annie.

That night, all four girls went out for pizza. While eating, Annie finally confessed to Amanda that she regularly had sex with Janice during their college days. What was also revealed was the fact that Janice has told Kimi all about her sexual adventures with Annie.

"You did what?" asked Annie. "No wonder you went after Amanda like you did," she told Kimi. Kimi sat still with an angelic smile and a devil's tail growing out of her ass.

"Come on, Annie," said Janice. "I knew you wouldn't want anyone to know, but Kimi can keep a secret. Everything turned out okay, didn't it?" said Janice. Annie couldn't argue. After pizza, the foursome rented a movie and went to Janice's house to watch it. There wasn't much point in the movie since they all just couldn't keep their hands off of each other. And once again their sexual energies mixed that night in an orgy of lesbian lust over and over and over and over and...