8th August 2009

please be aware that the following story involves a sexual encounter between a daughter, and her mother.

If the content in anyway disturbs you, or you are under 18, then please do not read on.

As this is my first foray into short story writing, any comments would be appreciated,

Thank you.




Megan always knew that she was smaller than the other girls of her age, even at school, she had to endure the usual derisory comments. 'hey pipsqueak', `hiya shorty', `here's meg the midget' , but as usual, she took it knowing deep inside she was better than the morons who mocked her.

Even when she left school, and went to work for her favourite charity, she was only a couple or three inches taller than the children she looked after in the youth groups she mentored with the senior worker, and often was mistaken for one of the children as opposed to one of the helpers, and this she found quite funny on occasions, as the look on peoples faces when they realised that she was, in fact, a helper, and not one of the children, was a delight to behold...

It was fast approaching megs 19th birthday, and she had made arrangements to go out with a few co-workers to celebrate, a new dress was the order of the day. They had all decided to try out the new "posh" nightclub in town, and meg realised that a new dress was mandatory

Now meg, and dresses was definitely not a match made in heaven, she was at her happiest mooching around in jeans or combats, and tops, or sweatshirts, but she would make the effort, she felt she had to.

Stepping out the shower on the Saturday morning, she wrapped herself in the big fluffy bath towel, and went into her room to dry off, and to run a comb through her raven back hair, which she had had cut into a page boy look to compliment perfectly her features, especially her big deep brown eyes that seemed doleful in their expression, but always sensual.. She started to dry herself off in the full length mirror in her wardrobe, and looked at herself naked... at just over 5ft 1in although not tall, she was perfectly formed, her breasts, though not big, were beautifully matched, and topped with an deep brown aureole, and nipples that even a girl with twice her size would have envied. Her smooth taut torso ended at the 'v' of her mound, shaven, with a little runway disappearing between her legs, which, though not muscular in a masculine sense, had a definition that gave them perfect symmetry.

She dried herself, and as she stepped into her silky black thong, she wondered about the type of dress she was going to buy, and was startled when her phone began to ring,

"meg?, it's Sam, you know we're goin to arcadia for your birthday on Saturday night, well, ive just found out it's fancy dress, and we've decided were all going to dress up for the occasion",

Oh! No!, thought meg ,

"but Sam, we we're goin' out later to pick a dress for me to wear for Saturday!!"

"I know meg, but this is infinitely more exciting , it will be a blast"

"well, what are you all going to wear Sam?"

"we haven't decided yet, we are all turning up without anyone knowing what the others are wearing, isn't it exciting?"

Bloody mind blowingly fantastic, NOT, thought meg, but hesitated in letting Sam know how she felt,

"ok, Sam, if all the girls are getting dressed up, then it's the least I can do, it is my birthday after all"

"you are the best meg, it's going to be a fantastic night, see you in work on Monday morning, bye meg"

"bye Sam, take care"

As meg put her phone down, her thoughts immediately went to what she could wear on Saturday night, but her train of thought was interrupted by her mum's voice.

"meg?, you up there love?"

"yes mum"

Meg heard the stairs creak, and knew her mum was on the way up.

"I thought you were going out with Sam to buy a new dress love"

"I was mum, but it seems that Saturday night is fancy dress at arcadia, and the girls have decided we go in fancy dress, so instead of buying a dress, I've got to decide what I'm going to go as"

"go as?" questioned her mum,

"you know mum, what to hire",

"oh!, I see, well isn't it going to be rather expensive to hire something for just one night love "

Meg smiled at her mum,

"it's ok mum, I've got the money for the dress I was going to buy, I can use some of that"

"but why waste good money on something your not going to wear again love, I'm sure we can do something that will be just as good as the hired stuff, and you can still buy something nice to wear at a later date"

Meg knew that her mum was only thinking of her well being, and meg loved her for that ,

"it's ok mum, I can afford to go hire something, it's not a problem",

And meg leant over to give her mum a hug.

As meg released her mum, she realised that the roughness of her mum's jumper had made her nipples stand erect, and that her mums gaze was fixed on her erect deep brown nipples.

"mum!, stop staring " laughed meg,

Her mum went a deep scarlet, and managed to stammer,

"sssorry love, I didn't mean to stare", and bowed her head as if in shame

"it's alright mum", and meg leaned over, cupped her mum's face in her hand, and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

" I think I'd better finish dressing ", and meg lifted herself off the bed, and started to put her bra on.

As she was fastening it, she looked at her mum, and could see that her mum was still quite flushed.

"you ok mum?"

"yes love, I am"

"You sure?"

"Oh yes love, Its just that I never realised until today just how beautiful you are "

It was megs turn to go bright red, and seeing her daughter embarrassed, she bowed her head again.

"mum, don't be upset please, it was a lovely compliment, it just took me unawares that's all", and with that meg sat down next to her mum, and put her arm around mum's shoulders. It took a few seconds for meg to realise that her mum was not alright, and that she was silently crying.

"mum, what's the matter?, why are you crying?", asked meg as she lifted her mum's head up to see real tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

"oh!, mum, please don't cry, I wasn't that shocked you know", uttered meg with a smile, trying to diffuse the situation,

"they're only boobs with nipples", laughed meg,

Her mum sniffed back the tears, and with an laugh that was more like a release of air from her lungs nodded,

"sorry love", sniffed her mum, " but it was only at that moment that I realised that my wonderful little girl had actually grown into a beautiful young lady "

"aw mum", said meg with real love in her words, and again hugged her mum, only this time meg was acutely aware that the jumper mum was wearing was rubbing her nipples through the gossamer like satin fabric of her bra, and the more she hugged her mum, the more aroused her nipples were becoming. She very gently, and delicately released the hug she had with her mum, and tried not to look down at her boobs, but the more she tried not to look, the more her inner self was urging her to.

"oh meg, look I've done it again to your nipples , I'm sorry love", and meg's mum instinctively put her index finger on one of megs hugely aroused nipple as if to press it back into it's non-aroused state. As meg felt the pressure of her mum's finger on her nipple, she instantly knew that the feeling reverberating through her very core was sexual, and sat back with a jolt.

Her mum sat, index finger in mid air where megs nipple had been a nanosecond before, and realised what she had done.

She quickly lowered her hand to rest in her lap, and as she looked up she could see that meg was looking at her with a quizzical look. She managed to raise a weak smile, the one that tries to convey everything without the need for words, and the smile turned into a grin, and the grin into a chuckle, and the chuckle into a laugh that was so hearty it soon had meg laughing just as hard . Both woman prostrate on the bed laughing `till tears welled up in their eyes, and were flowing copiously.

"well, that was different mum" said meg between waves of laughter, but her mum just couldn't answer, she was curled up with waves of laughter emanating from her.

Meg managed to stand up from the bed, still laughing, and looked at her mum. The first thing meg noticed was her mum's skirt had ridden up to the top of her thighs revealing pristine white panties showing the dark mound of pubic hair that lay beneath the material, meg pointed at her mum's position, and the way she was showing herself, but this seemed to fuel the situation, and the both of them went into fits of laughter. Meg collapsed onto the bed again, and as she did, her mum turned to meg, and managed to stifle the laughter enough to say,

"I love you "

"I love you too mum", said meg after her laughter had subsided enough for her to utter the words.

Meg was still smiling when her mum leaned over and took her in her arms and held her close, not a closeness just of love, but a closeness of all the instincts that a mother and her offspring share, one of love, one of tenderness, one of protection, one of 'let anyone try to hurt my offspring, and they'll have me to contend with', such was the bond meg, and her mum felt for those few brief moments .

As both women released the hug they had on one another, they intuitively knew that their relationship had been taken to a whole new level, and that the mother/offspring bond had become even closer than it had been in all the nineteen years meg had been on this earth.

"right meg", said her mum after she had fixed herself and stood up to pat her skirt down,

"lets see if you have anything that you can wear to this fancy dress in your wardrobes"

And without further ado she proceeded to search megs wardrobes for something that might suffice for the fancy dress.

Meg sat on the edge of the bed, and watched her mum as she searched through her wardrobes, and her mind relived the moment she felt that surge of sexual emotion run through her body. A myriad of thoughts, and questions bombarded megs brain as she tried to put what she felt into perspective.

"why did I feel like that", "why did my pussy involuntary contract ", why did secrete love juice", "it's my mum for god's sake".

All these things and more coursed through megs brain, and the more she thought the more she got confused.

It was her mum's voice that brought meg out of her almost hypnotic state of mind,

"the very thing meg, and if it fits, it wont cost you a penny to go to the fancy dress".

Megs looked over to where she knew the voice was coming from, and saw her mum holding up meg's old school uniform.

Meg mentally shook from her semi comatose state, and stood up.

"that'll never fit me mum, it's years since I had that on"

"It's only been just over two love, and you haven't grown all that much now have you"

Meg knew that her mum wasn't being derisory in her choice of words, just stating fact.

"no mum, your right", said meg.

"well try it on love, let's see if we need to alter it slightly, but if it fits, we`ll go out and buy you some white knee length socks"

Meg couldn't help but laugh at her mums enthusiasm

"ok mum, give it here, I'll try it on"

Meg took the hanger from her mum, and took each item of clothing off it, and laid it neatly on the bed.

She looked at the white blouse, and thought to herself that it wouldn't go near her boobs, as they have developed even more since she last wore it. She looked at the dark blue cardy, and thought that it may do, and then held up the short pleated skirt, and thought to herself that if it fitted it would be a miracle!.

"want me to help you love?" said her mum in a maternal way.

"no mum, you're ok, I can manage thank you"

As meg slipped the blouse on, she knew full well that it wouldn't go anywhere near to fastening over her boobs, but she thought she had better try anyway, just to appease her mum. She managed to get the first four buttons done up starting from the bottom, but the last four that took the blouse over her boobs had no chance of fastening, but she left the blouse as it was, and slipped the cardy over the blouse. It seemed to fit quite well, not fastened of course, but well enough to wear without feeling a complete fool.

"try the skirt meg", said her mum, "you never know, it just might fit, and all we'll have to do is buy you a blouse that will fit up top"

Meg took the skirt, and slipped it over her legs, and onto her thighs, and eventually onto her waist.

The waistband was just a tad too tight to fasten, but meg knew that the button could be moved over, and that the zip would zip up.

She looked at herself in the mirror, and laughed

"I look like a tart mum"

"no you don't love, you look wonderful, all we have to do is some slight adjustments, and hey presto, your fancy dress outfit"

"This skirt is far too short to go out in mum, you'll see my knickers in it"

"no you wont love, here let me sort it out for you"

And with that megs mum came over, knelt on the floor, and stated to adjust megs skirt.

As her mum was adjusting her skirt, meg could feel her mums hands moving up her legs to get the blouse tucked in, and each time her hands brushed megs upper thighs, meg became acutely aware of the tingly sensation that was running through her body. Without even knowing she had done it, meg found her stance had shifted, and that her legs were slightly apart. She could feel her mum's hands moving around her bum and her pussy, trying to get the blouse straight under the skirt, and this made her more and more aroused.

"god!!", thought meg in disbelief, "it's my mum , why am I feeling like this??", but the more her mum fussed around her most intimate parts, the more she was aroused.

"can you open your legs a bit more love, I need to pull the blouse down at the front, and I can't do it round the sides",

Meg , as if in a trance did as she was told, and she felt her mum's hand slip through her legs, and her arm brush against the material of her panties that held her pussy lips, and shuddered as a feeling of pure sexual pleasure ripped through her body.

Meg's eyes were tightly shut, and her mind was elsewhere, but she knew that there was nothing between her legs, no arm, no hands, nothing, then she felt it, a hand, moving slowly at first, cupping the cheek of her bum, slowly, gently moving in a circular motion, first one cheek, then the next, ever so slowly, almost sensually, and meg started to move in time with the hand, slowly swaying , just enough motion to enjoy the delicate feel of the hand as it caressed her, all thoughts of what was happening to her concentrated on the hand moving in time to her swaying, then as she thought it couldn't get any better, the hand moved between her cheeks, and into that place that only she had touched, first one finger running along the cleft of her pussy, then another, then another, and another, until four fingers were delicately rubbing her pussy lips over her panties.

"fuck!!!", she heard herself moan as one finger seemed to detach itself from the others, and make a beeline for her engorged clit, finding it with ease under the now soaking material of her panties. With small circular whirls, the finger retraced it's steps from meg's hypersensitive clit to rejoin the other three fingers that were opening her lips, and rubbing them through the now soaked material of her panties.

Such was the intensity that meg was feeling as her mum's fingers deftly massaged her pussy lips, she felt her knee's start to buckle, and grabbed the sides of her wardrobe to stop herself collapsing . Time seemed to stand still in megs brain, every fibre of her body acutely attuned to the rhythm of her mum's fingers as they expertly caressed megs pussy. Then it started, the trembling in her knees, then the first jolts of almost painful, but exquisitely wonderful nerve tingling sensations that meg knew was the first throes of her orgasm, and she started to relax, and let the waves of ecstasy course through her body. Meg could hear coarse guttural sounds of pleasure coming from somewhere, but such was the intensity of the orgasm that was building up inside her, it took her a second to realise that the sound was emanating from herself, and in the same instant, she let her mind and body become open to wave after wave of the most intense, and sublime orgasm she had ever experienced. Her body reverberated as jolt after jolt of extreme pleasure travelled through her very being. Such was the intensity of her orgasm, meg could feel herself slowly sliding to the floor, and she was powerless to do anything about it. In the two seconds it took meg to slump to the floor, she had fainted...

To be continued