This is the second part of a fictional story of a sexual encounter between a mother, and her daughter.

If this type of material offends you in any way, or you are underage, then please do not read on.

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Meg's mum. Part 2

"Meg...Meg, are you ok sweetheart?"

Meg could hear the words being spoken, but in her semi conscious state, they seemed detached, as if they were floating around in a vacuum, but they had enough substance in them to bring her forth from the darkness she had visited for a few moments. Meg opened her eyes, and saw her mum kneeling over her, and felt her mum's hand caressing her cheek.

"I'm ok mum", meg managed to utter, and then closed here eyes again to give her that vital few seconds to get her thoughts together, and try to make some sense of what had just happened between the two of them.

But whatever way meg looked at it, it just didn't make any sense at all. She had had what she thought, no.., she knew, was the most intense, and pleasurable orgasm of her life, and it was her mum who had given it to her. Meg was mentally shaking her head in disbelief when her mum's voice broke her train of thought.

"sweetheart, please get up off the floor, and lie on the bed, it's better than lyin' there on the cold laminate".

Meg felt her mum's hands move gently under her armpits, as if the request was now a command, and meg did as she was bid, and though her legs felt like the were made of the wobbliest jelly, made it to the bed, and fell back onto the bed like a rag doll.

"that better love?", asked her mum.

"huh huh ", whispered Meg, mentally pleading with her mum not to say anything else until she had reconciled all the feelings, and thoughts that were whirling around inside her.

Meg's mental pleading was to no avail!.

"meg love, before you say anything, please let me talk, and let me finish before you say anything ok?".

Meg nodded silently agreeing to her mum's request.

"before you ask me why sweetheart , can I say that I just don't know. I asked myself that question when you fainted, and I held you in my arms 'till you stirred. All I know is that when I was fixing your blouse in your skirt, I could feel the softness of your skin, the smoothness of your thighs, the delicate material over your bum, the almost sensual switch from skin to material, and the wetness of your panties when I went to fix your blouse, and put my hand through your legs. Meg, I could actually smell the sex of you, and that shocked me love., but at the same time I have never felt that sexually alive for a long time, and it felt so good touching you, rubbing your beautiful bum, feeling your pussy quiver when I touched it, feeling your cum juice on my hand, oh! Meg it was wonderful, and I'm so sorry, and I feel so ashamed for doing it to you, please forgive me".

Meg knew that her mum had finished talking from the way the bed moved as her mum shifted position, and instinctively knew that she had to say something in reply, but what?, this was way beyond anything she had encountered in her short life, way way beyond the few sexual encounters she had had in her life, but she knew her mum was sitting next to her, and was waiting for her to say something, to say anything.

Meg opened her eyes, and turned to look at her mum.

"Mum, your not a lesbian are you?", and as soon as she said it, Meg knew, by the look of astonishment on her mum's face, she had boobed. `what a stupid question, is that the best you could come up with Megan Louise', (meg often used her full name when scolding herself).

"What I mean is mum", started Meg trying to rationalise the last few minutes, and praying that she could keep a level tone in her voice.

"you've told me what happened, and I believe you honestly I do, but I'm just trying to come to terms with it, that's all, I'm sorry if I asked you if you were a lesbian, it was a foolish, and stupid thing to say, but mum WHY???"

While meg had been asking her mum, she had suddenly felt very vulnerable, she realised that she was lying on the bed still in her panties, and bra, and that her panties were still extremely wet from the orgasm she had experienced a few minutes ago, but Meg, though' acutely aware of her situation , was unable to do anything about it, she was still exhausted from the intensity, and sheer joy of what happened.

"no Meg, I'm not a lesbian, but I can only re-iterate what I said to you, that something very sexual happened to me, and I know it was wrong to do what I did because you're my daughter, and I love you with all of my heart, and no amount of words can express the deep regret I feel for putting you through such an ordeal"

Meg turned to look at her mum, and her eyes were immediately drawn to her mum's sitting position.

What meg hadn't realised when she knew her mum had shifted position after her explanation was the fact that her mum had moved one leg onto the bed, and had left her other leg hanging over the bed causing her skirt to ride up, and expose her now very dark, and damp pristine white panties.

`Oh god', thought meg, 'my mum's cum, she's cum making me cum'

`think Meg think!!', but no matter what she thought, Meg was mesmerised by the picture before her, and she could feel herself, much to her chagrin, getting wet again.

`jeez!, this is not happening `, was rapidly hitting every nerve cell in meg's brain, but no matter how she tried to block it out, she knew her body was responding to the sight before her eyes.

Meg lifted an arm, which seemed to be weighed down by a dozen leaded weights, and laid her hand to rest on her mum's leg midway between her knee, and her pussy.

Meg could feel the muscles in her mum's leg stiffen at her touch, and tried to assuage her mum's trepidation by slowly caressing her leg.

Meg turned her head, and closed her eyes, and concentrated on moving her hand gently, and lovingly up, and down her mum's beautiful silky skin `till she touched her mum's panties.

The touched of the sheer material made meg gasp, as she realised that she actually enjoyed touching her mum's now wet panties , and moved her hand up again, only this time leaving her hand there a little longer so her fingers could explore all that her mum was hiding under the now very wet panties.

With her eyes still tightly closed, and her fingers exploring the almost delicate, and seemingly fragile folds of her mum's outer lips, Meg began to feel the tingle in her pussy again, the tingle she knew would turn into a itch, and the itch into a throb, and a throb that could only be relieved by her cumming.

"Oh Meg my love, my beautiful little one, that feels so good"

Meg knew it was her mum talking, but the words were coming out so raspy, and so sensual, that it made Meg's love juice flow even more.

All of a sudden meg felt her mum's pussy move away from her hand , and she lay there, eyes closed, not daring to open them, and wondered why her mum had moved.

Her answer came a couple of seconds later when she felt lips brush her mouth, and a tongue wisp across her own lips.

Meg involuntary opened her mouth to accept the kiss that she instinctively knew was coming, but it was not a kiss that crossed megs lips, but a finger that traced the outline of her mouth, and with a beautiful, and delicate movement gently pushed it's way into Meg's mouth.

Meg greedily accepted the finger as if it was the right thing to do, sucking on it as she would a stiffened cock, only for it to be extracted from her mouth, as if to say 'whoa meg, all in good time'.

Then she felt the lips, not where she expected them to land, on her own lips, but on her neck. This made Meg quiver with anticipation as the lips started down her neck, all the time kissing gently, until they reached the valley between her breasts, and instead of lips caressing the valley, it was a moist soft tongue that trailed over the top of her breast, and made exquisite circular motions until a hand released her nipple from the constraints of her bra.

Meg knew what was coming, and was eagerly anticipating the feeling of her huge erect nipple being engulfed by her mum's soft lips, and she wasn't disappointed. As her mum's lips encompassed her nipple, Meg felt all the tension, and emotional baggage of what had happened a short while ago evaporate with a feeling of sheer bliss.

Meg opened her mouth, and was just about to utter something meaningless when a hand gently crossed her mouth.

Meg knew that this meant `sshhhh love, don't say a word', and the lips, and tongue continued to expertly manipulate her nipple to a point where meg could feel every fibre of her body aching for more.

And more Meg got...

While meg's mum was sucking her nipple, Meg felt the flat of her mum's hand on her belly, and she gave a whimper of joy, submission, ecstasy, call it what you will, but all Meg knew was that she was in a mindset that she had never, ever been to, and she was loving it.

The hand slowly started to make circular motions on Meg's flat hard tummy, and as the circular motion decreased in it's diameter, it moved down to the elasticised waistband of her panties.

`oh!!...fuckin' `ell' whirled around in Meg's mind as the hand slipped beneath the waistband, and the fingers started to rub her now hugely enlarged lips.

Meg instinctively opened her legs to accommodate her mum's hand, and she felt it engulf her pussy.

As her mum's hand engulfed her pussy, Meg felt a finger bend, and slide effortlessly into her, and begin to finger fuck her.

Meg opened her eyes, and looked at her mum sucking her nipple, and felt a love that she had never known for her mum before this day.

She cupped her hand under her mum's chin, and lifted her head from her nipple, and in one movement brought her mum's head close to her, and kissed her mum with such a passion she thought she was going to faint again, but she never, instead she broke away just long enough to say ,"I love you mum" , and as the words were spoken, they seemed to trigger an orgasm that started in the very depths of her soul, and as she cum, and the waves of the orgasm washed over her , Meg held onto her mum fearing that the love, the lust, and the pure sexuality of the moment would vanish in an instant should she let go.

To Be Continued...