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Mother's Bed



The sun was streaming through the window, slowly moved across the bed until it hit Margaret in the eyes and woke her up. She rolled away from the light and smiled at the sight of her daughter Ann lying naked beside her as she closed her eyes and drifting back to sleep.

She had barely begun sleeping again when her mind returned to dreaming about her life. She had graduated from high school and got a job in the local bank as a teller. She thought the job was neat for about three months before she began to realize how boring such work really was.

She put up with the grumpy customers and male flirts for a couple of years. There was one guy named Robert that kept offering to marry her every time he came in. He was old enough to be her father but he was sweet enough and she knew what he was worth.

One day just after her boss got on her case for taking to long with her customers Robert came in and she asked him if he was serious about his proposal of marriage. He assured her that he was so she said, "Then let's do it."

She closed out her cash tray and handed the manager her name plate and walked out of the bank. It wasn't until they filled out the marriage license that she found out how old he was. He was 56-years old which gave her second thoughts about marrying a guy that old but she figured why not. He was a real sweetheart and she knew that he adored her.

She became pregnant soon enough and somewhat to her surprise she became a devoted mother to her daughter. The two of them doted over her. Robert was thrilled to have a child. He had not expected to ever become a father at his age. He worked hard to provide a comfortable home for his family. If anything he worked too hard and dies of a stroke within four years. At least he had provided for them.

Margaret may not have been a very sexual woman but she had gotten used to having a warm body in bed with her. She missed his body heat and the firmness of his erection when she held his penis in her hand.

Ann had been disturbed by the loss of her father so unexpectedly. She became very attached to her mother. It was a natural thing for her to want to sleep with her mother for comfort and Margaret was happy to have the heat of a warm body next to her. It was very innocent and Ann became very jealous of her mother's affections. Even if Margaret had wanted to pursue a relationship with another man her daughter would have been upset. Margaret was not interested in replacing her deceased husband anyway.

Sex with men had never been that exciting to Margaret. She had only a few relationships before marriage. She felt as though nature had not given her much of a sex drive. Margaret resigned herself living just to satisfy Ann's every wish, not that Ann was a spoiled or willful child.

Margaret was never concerned with modesty. She never tried to hide her body from her daughter. They often dressed and undressed in front of each other. They even bathed in the same tub together. Ann must have been four or five when she asked when she would ever get breasts like hers and would she ever get hair between her legs like hers. Margaret was not disturbed by her questions and told her about the future changes that would take place in her body. Of course Ann was impatient for the day she would look like her mother.

Ann was a good student at school and got along with her contemporaries. She even developed a close friendship with one girl in her class. She was a platinum blonde named Velma from a Dutch family. How could anyone resist the charm of a girl with such white hair, gray eyes and creamy skin? The girls became such close friends that they would spend nights at each other's home whenever the opportunity presented itself.

When Velma would visit Ann they would sleep in Ann's bed because Margaret didn't want anyone knowing that Ann slept with her. Her bed felt cold and empty on those nights.

The girls would be playful and talkative most of the night. They were the closest of friends for that first year of school. Velma did have to go on vacation with her family that summer. They didn't get to visit until the next school year and then it was only briefly the first day of school. They were not in the same classroom for the second grade or the third grade. They did visit each other several times during those years but they were always parted again come summer.

Velma spent the summer visiting relatives in the Netherlands. When she got home she called Ann the first chance she got. She wanted to tell Ann all about her summer. They had received their class schedule in the mail and they were reunited again in the same class for the fourth grade. They were full of excitement and got together that night to talk about their summers and what they would do in school for the next year.

They both talked non-stop long past bedtime. Velma finally told Ann about her cousin and what she had taught her during the summer. They were sitting on the bed cross-legged facing each other. Velma told her that her cousin was older than they were and she knew all about sex.

Apparently this cousin punctuated Velma's education by demonstrating how girls could enjoy sex with each other. Velma wanted to show her best friend what she had learned. She pulled her own nightgown over her head and helped Ann to remove hers too. She clung to her and pulled her down on the bed next to her and as she kissed her friend on the mouth she stimulated Ann's nipples with her fingers.

Ann accepted her friend's advances and accepted Velma's tongue in her mouth as she played with her friend's nipples. When Velma put her hand on Ann's vulva she felt a forbidden thrill rush through her body. Velma slide down her torso and placed her mouth between her friend's legs and introduced her to the forbidden love of cunnilingus between two young girls.

Ann found it very thrilling and even though she was too young to reach a climax she was all too willing when her friend moved back up the bed and spread her legs in an invitation for Ann to do the same thing to her. Ann moved down the bed and thrilled at the moist smell of her friends pussy. She stuck out her tongue and licked the flesh and found that she could not resist her friend's juices. She lapped greedily at Velma's pussy as her tongue tip flicked across the swollen bud she found at the entrance to the slit.

Margaret had heard the girls chattering late into the night. She finished watching the late news and the late show before turning off the television and the lights as she headed for her bedroom. As she approached Ann's bedroom she saw the light under the door and figured that the two of them had fallen asleep with the light still on. She opened the door figuring she would turn it off. What she was confronted with was her daughter between the legs of her best friend. She quietly closed the door hopping that they had not seen her.

That night she could not sleep. When she closed her eyes she could only see the golden body of her daughter between the white legs of Velma. That image brought up wicked thoughts about seducing both of them. She felt her own pussy tingle and she sure she was secreting juices from her cunt. Soon she was reaching between her legs to play with her own pussy. She masturbated repeatedly throughout the night. By morning her vagina was raw.

She didn't say anything to Ann about what she had seen. After Velma want home on Sunday Ann came back to her mother's bed as she had done for years. Both of them had a hard time going to sleep. If Margaret had not exhausted herself the night before she would not have been able to go to sleep at all.

Ann on the other hand was filled with the smell of her mother's perfume. It was a smell that had been comforting to her all of her life. Now she could also detect the smell her mother's pussy for the first time. She was tempted to touch her mother in all of the secret places Velma had shown her. She struggled with her desire to make love to her mother for days. She was about to tell her mother that she thought she should sleep in her own bed from now on.

It was a Thursday night and Ann was thinking about Friday night and going to Velma's home for the weekend. She was drifting off to sleep next to her mother. Her thoughts were about feeling Velma's soft skin, the round ass, the hard little nipples.

Margaret woke up because she felt a hand on her breast. It took her awhile to become fully aware that she was not dreaming. She smelled her daughter's hair and knew that the small hand on her breasts was Ann's.

In Ann's dream Velma's breast had become as large as her mother's. She felt the soft flesh yield under the pressure of her fingers. The nipple seemed so much larger and it grew harder under her touch. She was having such sweet dreams. It was natural that Velma would pull her hand down her body the junction of her legs.

When she felt the traces of hair she woke up and realized that it really was her mother's pussy she was feeling. She tried to pull her hand away but her mother held onto her wrist. When Margaret realized that Ann was awake she rolled over to face her daughter. "It's alright baby. You don't have to stop."

She looked her right in the eyes and kissed her on the mouth as she placed her hand on Ann's back and pulled her tightly against her body. She lifted her right leg and placed it over Ann's legs. They kissed for a long time. Margaret could not resist rubbing her pussy against Ann's thigh. Her nightgown had worked up her body during the night so that it was not in the way. The same thing had happened to Ann's nightgown.

Margaret could not resist licking her daughter's neck as she worked her way down her body so that she could suck on her daughter's hard little nipples. She found her flat chest so delicious that she had to pry herself away to lick her way down her slender body to Ann's little vagina. The skin was so soft she was intoxicated by the feel and aroma of her little pussy.

Ann was running her fingers through her mother's hair. She wanted to watch everything her mother did to her. She didn't want to forget anything. She kicked the blanket free of her legs and spread them as wide as she could to allow her mother better access.

She was having her second lesbian encounter and it was even more thrilling that her first one. There seemed to be no end to her mother's ability to thrill her. She never wanted it to end but eventually her small labia got so swollen and raw from the raking tongue that she felt she had to push her mother way because she could not stand it any longer.

Ann wanted to find out what her mother's breasts tasted like too. Margaret flopped back up onto the pillow that still had the impression of her head in it. She didn't do anything because she was still savoring the flavor of Ann's pussy. For some reason she had found having sex with her daughter to be the most thrilling sex she had ever had in her life. No wandering hands or penetrating cock had ever caused her to feel the way she felt right now.

Ann rolled on top of her mother and clamed her mother's breast with one hand and placed her mouth on the other. She thought her mother had the loveliest tits in the world. They seemed so large to her, even though they were just a little larger that a 36, C-cup. She loved the smell between her mother's breasts. She gripped both breasts with her hands as she smelled the flesh. She used both index fingers to stimulate both of her nipples.

Margaret lay back and stroked Ann's shoulders as her daughter started sucking on her breast like she had as a baby. It was a very comfortable feeling. Ann continued sucking on one of her mother's big nipples as she ran the palm of her hand down the front of her mother's body. She was intrigued by the exotic feeling of touching her mother's vulva. The feeling of the hair was a contradiction. It felt coarse at the same time it felt soft too. Her mother kept her dark pubic hair trimmed to an even length. She hated stubble so she shaved the hairs very carefully from any place she felt she didn't want them. It was always a trick for her to shave the hairs from her vaginal lips and her anus. Any time she nicked her vulva she cursed the day she discovered her first hair and longed to be as smooth as her daughter.

Ann on the other hand could not wait for her pubic patch to appear and her breast to develop like her mother's. To her the little areolas were so childish looking. She wanted big brown areolas with large nipples like her mom's. The told herself that she would never shave a single hair from her crotch.

Ann loved the feeling of her mother's hair in her hand. The hair was moist to the touch and the labia were so moist and soft. As the skin pulled back Ann felt her mother's clitoris. She toyed with it the way Velma had taught her. She masturbated her until her mother thrashed and moaned her way through a climax. That was the first time she ever saw a woman climax and she was both surprised and intrigued how much fluid leaked out of her vagina.

She lapped at the juice and fell in love with the taste of her mother's cum. She stuck her tongue into her mother's cunt and probed the depth. She was just able to reach the bulge of her cervix with the very tip of her tongue.

She pulled her tongue out and stuck her finger into the opening. She added fingers until she had all of them in her mother's pussy. When she pulled back her hand the pudenda clung to the back of her hand. Ann watched as her mother's asshole stretched before she pushed her hand back into her mother's cunt.

She kept inserting and removing her fist until her mother had another climax. Margaret was not limber enough to place her heels behind her head but she pulled her legs as far back as she could. The way her butt was exposed Ann could see everything and she touched her mother's asshole and watched it pucker and then relax.

They talked about how they felt and Margaret told Ann that she has seen her sucking Velma's pussy and how it had stimulated her sexually so much that she masturbated almost all night. Ann confessed that as much as she liked sucking Velma's pussy she had been thinking about what it would be like to taste her own mother's pussy.

The next day at school Ann told Velma about what had happened last night and asked her to come home with her after school. Velma told her that she would have to go home first and tell her mother that she was spending the weekend at her house.

Ann rushed home to tell her mother that she was not spending the weekend with Velma. She had arranged for Velma to spend the weekend with them.

Margaret had never dreamed of having sex with a woman let alone two young girls. The prospect of have her first three way with her daughter and her daughter's best friend had her as excited as a school girl.

She spent the rest of the day preparing for the weekend. She ordered a combination pizza delivered and made a salad to go with it. She thought about what she should wear for the occasion. Ann showered and powered her own body very carefully and selected her best underwear. She topped that off with the tightest skirt and sweater. She put on her newest shoes.

Margaret went to her room and bathed herself. She also powered herself and selected her finest perfume. Just the thought of what she was going to do had her pussy dripping. She feared that the girls would smell her cunt and not want to make love to her. She had not been the type to dress seductively for her husband. She really didn't en joy sex with him. But she had bought some rather sex underwear for her own satisfaction. She had only put them on in private to admire her body. She had put on a few pounds since Ann was a baby but she felt sure that she could get the bra, panties and nylons on. When she put them on she was pleased at the effect they had.

She knew that she was going to have to pay for the pizza and she didn't want to give the delivery boy a hard-on so she selected a simple summer dress with a tight bodice and full skirt. She figured she could change into something more alluring after dinner.

The three of them chatted as they consumed the pizza. They cleaned up afterwards and retired to the family room to look at pictures taken on a digital camera of Velma's summer in the Netherlands. They gathered around Margaret's computer to see the pictures. There were pictures taken all the normal tourist kinds of attractions, from the historical museum in Amsterdam dedicated to Ann Frank to the canals separating dairies and Islands in the North Sea. Then there were pictures of family members gathered around dinner tables. Eventually she came to pictures of her cousin Clara.

The girl was truly a stunning beauty. The blonde hair shinned. There were pictures of the two of them visiting places and what looked like a park setting. Clara was obviously proud of her body because she liked to show off for the camera. There were pictures with people in the background and the girls facing the camera and holding up the front of their skirts to give the camera shots of their crotches without panties on or a tit exposed. Even in the park settings Clara was not shy about peeling off her clothes. Velma looked much more uncomfortable exposing her nakedness in a place where passer bys might see her. The pictures did have the desired effect on both Ann and Margaret.

All three of them were horny even before the pictures started getting much more erotic. Margaret wondered who took the pictures of the two girls getting it on. Velma told them that they were taken using a delay mechanism in the camera.

The pictures started off with the two of them undressing each other. Then Clara had Velma sit on her lap while she felt her up and parted Velma's vagina for the camera. They kissed while feeling up each other's bodies. There were pictures of Velma sucking Clara's breasts and others of both of them sucking each other's pussies. Velma probed her cousin's cunt with her fingers and even managed to get her fist up to the wrist in her cousin's cunt.

After they finished with the pictures the three of them retired to Margaret's bedroom and undressed in front of each other. The young Velma was fascinated by the sight of Margaret's dark pubic hair and dark areolas. The dark skin and dark hair was new to her.

The girls lay on either side of Margaret and sucked her nipples for a long time. They alternately probed her vagina and rectum long before they took turns sucking her pussy. Following her many orgasms Margaret sucked both girl's pussy. They spent the remainder of the weekend in a state of naked bliss.

After that Ann would test the waters with every girl she met at school. If they were conducive to lesbian sex she would introduce them to her mother. Their favorites were young girls. Ann chose to get her collage degree in social work so that she would have access to young girls. Now that she is 30-years-old and her mother is 52 they still enjoy introducing girls to the thrills of oral sex with an older woman.

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