This story is fiction. It is written purely for the erotic effect. It depicts an incestuous sexual acts between a woman and a girl (f/g). The people in this story do not inhabit the real world for if they did this would be an illegal, damaging and abusive relationship.

Do not read this story if
- it offends or is likely to give offence,
- if you are under the age of adult consent in your society,
- if you cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality,
- if you believe that the fantasy can be made reality.


F/g, con, inc

I suppose that I had give myself a name, lets say Diane. It isn't my real one of course because what happened could still get me in trouble even after 12 years. I am 37 now and physically not much different from what I was then. Those of you who need the dots joined together might like to know I'm 5' 5" with a 32B cup, dark hair, which is bobbed, and brown eyes. I dress smartly and can wear strong colours. Because I sail and row I keep quite trim at around 115 lb. Before the time of this story I had had a few longer relationships, always with men, but also a couple of "one night stands" with women. I enjoy sex but I run a business so sensuality often gets left on the back burner.

There is nothing really extraordinary about my family. I am the younger of 2 daughters. My big sister, Marie, is 6 years older than me and was always the wild one of the family. Our parents divorced when I was 10. Mum went off to live in Australia, so dad brought me through the pains of adolescence. He ran a small chandlery and died when I was 20. Marie wanted to sell the business but I was able to buy her out and expanded a little.

I have said that Marie was the wild one, what I had not known was that she would prove to be stupid as well. She was arrested in Malaya the year before in possession of a K of heroin. She tried to claim that she knew nothing about it, and that it had been planted on her. Unfortunately evidence from the hotel, the police and her own bank account proved otherwise. She was lucky to escape with life imprisonment, the normal sentence was death. Before going off she had left her daughter, Melody, in my care. Social Services, thankful to avoid any drain on their resources, let the arrangement stand with only minimum investigation.

Melody had born during a very short failed marriage when Marie was 21. Tom, her husband, had proved during the divorce that Mel was not his daughter. Marie didn't know who the father was, she explained that she had got drunk one night and had a "knee trembler" in the pub car park with some stranger.

Whoever Melody's father was he had some blonde in his ancestry and had left her with the most wonderful deep golden hair that had never been cut and hung down to her thighs. She was 4' 8" at the time of my story, with a slight figure. She was normally a very happy girl, bubbly and very self-confident. These qualities had been put to a huge test during that year.

It had been terrible for Melody. When she first arrived I thought her to be on the verge of an early puberty but it never happened. I am certain that the stress of her mother's arrest and trial delayed matters, for her body showed few signs of the woman she would become. The last straw had been the call from Foreign Office that morning to say that there was no chance of getting Marie moved to serve her sentence in Britain "... for at least 5 or 10 years ...". I hurriedly arranged a day off to be with Mel. So there I was, a year after the arrest, a successful small business woman, sitting on the river teaching my 10 year old niece to row and to help her forget her problems. To be honest I needed the relaxation as well, the year had been a nightmare and I had had no time for myself.

Melody and I had gone down to the skiff and pulled on life jackets, we could both swim but you dare not take chances, then we had stepped into the boat. I sat Melody between my legs to show her how to hold the oars. We pushed off and began to make the first few strokes with my hands over hers. I felt the tight muscles of her buttocks tensing and relaxing and I could smell the freshness of her hair. She was not doing well being much too tense but she insisted on carrying on. I didn't stop her, it felt so nice to be so close to her and I wasn't paying attention to what my body was saying.

"You ok with this?" I said,

"Fine, Auntie Di," there was a catch in her voice,

"Right, remember to turn the blades don't let them slide - That's it," she didn't answer but concentrated on her stroke, "That's wonderful, Mel," I encouraged, "now pull into Treneth creek we can beach there,"

She rowed for a few minutes. "I'm not going to see mum again am I?" she asked suddenly,

"Sure you will, love. I can get us out there at least a couple of times a year and then in a few years the Malays will let her come back to England to spend the rest of her sentence," I spoke with more confidence than I felt,

"No, I mean she won't be there as a mum," she pulled angrily almost missing her stroke, "You're wonderful, but you're not my mum. She went off and's left you with a stupid little girl when you could be a - a millionairess or something," she was almost weeping now,

"Hey, hey, hey," I said, "you're not stupid and you're not a little girl, I told you that a couple of months ago. I love you. I've got a friend and a sort of daughter and soon a teenager - all without having to have a child. For me it's wonderful. C'mon let me beach us and we can have a proper talk," I reached out to cover her hands and help her pull,

"I can do it!" she said angrily and, without warning, pulled hard on the oars,

"Careful, love!" I began, and we hit the beach. Mel was not expecting it and missed her next stroke so that she flipped back into me. I fell into the bows and Melody landed on top of me.

"I can't do anything right!" she said and began to cry,

Suddenly I found my arms full of weeping 10 year old, I hugged her and stroked her hair. Huge racking sobs shook her little body as I murmured softly. One of my hands ran down her flank and cradled her bony little bottom and caressed her jeans covered leg. To my mind both felt round and smooth and womanly. I kissed her forehead, whispering endearments whilst her body shook.

"I'll have to be your mum," I promised,

"I don't want you to be," she said, " I want you to be my lovely, beautiful, successful Auntie Diane," then she eased herself up my body and kissed my lips, then the tears returned.

It was at that moment that I became aware of what my body was doing. There was a delicious tension in my stomach, my nipples felt hard and rubbed painfully against my clothes. My breasts sensed every breath we took and I was sure that I was wet between my legs. I almost tried to kiss her like a lover, I wanted to feel her mouth open to my tongue but she snuggled back down so that my nose was filled with the intoxicating smell of her hair.

It was a dilemma; I knew that prolonging this contact was wrong because I desired this girl. On the other hand if I forced her away she would feel rejected and abandoned in a big, hostile world. I carried on holding her telling myself it was the long months of tension and enforced celibacy that made me feel like this. I think even as I rationalised I knew it was a lie.

After what seemed like an age we rowed back to the landing, tied up and drove back to our house. I was in turmoil. I knew what I felt was wrong but I also knew that I desperately wanted some relief for the sexual tension that Melody made me feel. Once I found my hand had strayed over to her side of the car and was squeezing her leg. I only realised when Mel said, "That's nice, Auntie,"

Back at the house Mel ran upstairs to the bathroom, she wanted a pee. Downstairs I poured myself a stiff drink and told myself to forget the vague fantasy I drifted into. I went and sat down, flicking on the television. I don't even remember what the program was because, as I sipped my drink, I caught myself imagining my niece upstairs sitting down with her knickers round her ankles. I pictured her slender legs and my hand rubbed my breast through my top. The toilet flushed and guiltily I pulled my hand away and took a long pull at my drink.

The next few days were hell. The desire I felt did not die down, as I thought it might, for I found myself studying the sweet, lively child. When we touched I savoured the silk feel of her. When she went to bed she would start talking to me and I would sit on the edge of her bed, wanting to take her in my arms but contenting myself with stroking her arm or cheek. When I slept strange dreams disturbed my sleep and I would wake wet and wanting. Masturbating did not ease the tension, I would begin the fantasy with thoughts of adults but each time I would end with thoughts of Melody - I found I murmured her name. The whole time I was terrified that I might loose her.

The next fine day we went rowing again. This time I sat in the stern, telling Mel that she could easily row on her own. There was no way I was going to risk her lovely body moving between my legs again. Instead I found that I watched her legs flexing and her shorts pulling tightly into the sweet junction of her thighs. I wondered whether it rubbed her the way I wanted to. We rested in midstream tying the painter to a vacant mooring buoy.

"Auntie?" Melody began,

"Yes, love?"

"Could you come up and help me row, like you did last time? Please?"

"Why Mel? You're doing fine,"

"It was a lot nicer when you were behind me," she hung her head her little her hair draping round her face, then she glanced back up at me, "It made me feel sorta nice, bubbly,"

"I don't understand, Melody. Bubbly?" as I said it my mouth was dry. If this conversation went the way I thought I knew the temptation would be too great,

"Yeah, I can't describe it. It was sorta like I was hungry and full - at the same time - and warm. It was like ..." she stopped suddenly,

"Like what, love?"

"It's a bit," she was breathing raggedly, obviously distressed, "It's a bit, you know. I don't like to say. You might be angry,"

"I won't be angry, love," I waited, every sense alert, looking at her blushing face,

"Well, you remember when the Social Workers spent that day talking to me?" I nodded and she continued, "Well, one of them asked me if you had ever touched me inappropriately. I didn't know what she meant so she said had you ever touched me on my bum, or between my legs or on my chest. Well, of course you haven't. I wondered about what she said and when I came home that night I tried touching myself where she said and it was very nice. That's when I felt bubbly like that. But I got very wet an' I didn't want to pee myself.

"Then I had a silly dream. I can't remember exactly what it was but I know you were in it and I woke up and I was very wet and I ran to the bathroom because I didn't want to wet the bed but I couldn't pee. Then when I tried to dry myself it was so difficult because I was so - so," she hunted for a word,

"Sensitive?" I supplied,

"Uh-huh," she confirmed,

"Do you think you would like me to touch you like the Social Worker said?" I carefully moved up the skiff to sit alongside her,

"I don't know, really. I get confused. It seems such a nice idea but the way those people talked it seemed sorta nasty," while she spoke I had rested my hand on her thigh and moved up into the leg of her shorts. She took a sudden breath, "That does feel nice, though,"

"I'd better say first that I don't think you were in any danger of wetting the bed, darling," I said, revelling in the contact, "But I'm pretty sure I know what was happening and it's perfectly normal but here isn't the right place to talk about it. So let's row back to the dock and we'll go home and have a long talk about these feelings. Is that OK?" she nodded,

"Right. Now carefully you come and sit here between my legs," my surrender to our desires was complete, "and we'll row back together,"

That journey was so good. I could let myself recognise the wonderful feelings and look forward to an afternoon exploring the new world my beloved girl was so ready to enter. Every few strokes we would pause and I would whisper encouragement into her ear, letting my mouth touch her. There was a sudden intake of breath when I did it first, then she turned her head and smiled beautifully. Once we rested the oars and I let my hand drop to Melody's thigh, stroking upward and letting my hand rest briefly over the top of her mound. She gasped and she looked round eyes wide.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, "What's happening?"

"Let's get home and you can find out,"

Back on dry land we went to the car. Before we got in I held her at arms length letting my eyes take a picture of her while she was still so virginal. Her shorts, light khaki in colour, were darker where the fluids she was making had soaked into the cloth. I opened the car door and helped her in, like a bridegroom might support a bride. Sliding behind the drivers seat I undid the buttons of my jeans.

"You know I love you, Melody? Do you trust me?" she nodded, "you know you're wet down there? Right, now give me your hand and I'll show you something," I lifted her hand and led it to the open fly,

"Slip your hand inside," I instructed, and she did. I put my hand on top of hers and pressed her fingers onto the soaked gusset of my knickers. It took all my self-control not to let her bring me off there and then.

"You're wet too!" she said,

"That's right, being with you has made me like that," I let her hand out and I could see the glistening of my desire on her skin. I could smell myself and I could smell her. I put my hand back into the Levi's wetting it. Pulling out I rubbed fingers and thumb together.

"You try," I said,

"It - It's all slippy,"

"That's right," I held my fingers beneath my nose and inhaled deeply, Melody copied me, "What does it smell like? Does it smell like pee?"

"No! It's like ..." she searched to find a word for something far outside her experience, "Sorta like that expensive scent you sometimes wear," she struggled again,

"Musk is the word, a lot of scents use that," I deliberately licked my index finger,

"Eurgh," she said,

"It's not 'Eurgh' at all, sweetheart. Just try," and quickly her tongue touched her fingers, then again but for a fraction longer, at last she savoured my juices. "Is it 'Eurgh'?" I asked,

Melody shook her head. Her eyes widened, pupils dilated and a faint rosy flush appeared on her cheeks. "It's strange," she whispered at last.

I glanced round. There was no-one else in the car park so I leant across and kissed her sweet lips and let my tongue brush them. Faintly I could taste myself on them. I wanted more but held back until we could go into the comfort and privacy of our home. Reluctantly I buttoned up then stroked the back of my hand down her face.

"Oh, Auntie," she said and I don't think her eyes left my face for the whole journey back even though I drove fast and hard to get us back to the house as quickly as I could.

The front door slammed behind us and I took Melody into my arms, "Do you know how they kiss in films?" I asked,


"We're going to kiss like that now, my angel. Just let me show and you can copy me if you like,"

I lifted her one hand behind her back, the other under her tight bottom. Her legs naturally wound round my waist. We looked in each other's eyes for a moment. Her eyes closed and gently I touched her lips, first nibbling at them then licking them. They opened and I my tongue entered. Coyly she began to respond to me. I managed to suck gently at her tongue drawing it into me. Her legs tightened and she forced her body against mine, I could feel the heat of her sexual centre against my stomach.

Our mouths parted, her breaths came in short little gasps, "Oh, Auntie, Auntie. What - what - what is it? I feel so strange,"

"But it's not a bad strange. All you've got to do is trust me. You do trust me, don't you?"


"Then let's go into the lounge," I told her,

She unwrapped herself from my body and we walked into that room hand in hand. The afternoon sun streamed through the window, as we went I pulled my blouse from my jeans. She stopped and turned. The light shone in her hair and her thin T-Shirt showed the silhouette of her thin body.

"Darling," I began and knelt on one knee, my hands on her waist, "you know I love you so much but if anyone, anyone at all, finds out about us they will take you away from me. Do you still want me to go on?" she nodded, but I insisted, "You have to speak it,"

"Yes, go on. I'll never tell anyone - ever!" she gulped, "It's just that I'm a little scared. What's going to happen?"

"It is a little scary but it feels so good. What we are going to do is make love; I will show you how to have sex. Do you want me to do that? To love you?" My hands were under the T-shirt stroking her flank and back,

Her eyes were wide and for a moment I thought she would refuse me but the feelings I was giving her were beginning to dominate her, "Y - Yes,"

"You want me to love to you?"

"Yes, love me. Please!" she said and I began to unbutton her shorts,

"And will you make love to me if I show you how?"


Her shorts slid down her legs. One at a time I lifted her legs to get her feet clear of the garment. I raised her T-shirt and she lifted her arms to help me. It was clear that her body was on the verge of changing. Her nipples were no longer flat against her chest; small, thin pads of fat had begun to make her breasts. I leant forward and began to mouth her beautiful buds, my hands caressing her neck, her back, her thighs, her bottom. While I suckled the little nipples they crinkled and hardened. Birdlike cries escaped her mouth and I lifted my head to fasten on those sweet lips. I freed her hair from the clips that held it back while I tasted her mouth again.

My thumbs slipped under the waistband of her knickers and pushed the flimsy patterned material down. Then I held her away from me so I could look at her nakedness. I had never seen anything so beautiful, desirable and erotic. Her hair cascaded down her back, fanning out slightly so that it showed around her waist and clinging slightly to her hips. Those hips, although not yet a woman's, were like her breasts showing a slight roundness. Her knickers, halfway down her legs, held her thighs together so that I could only glimpse the very top of her nude, hairless and reddening slot. Those nipples I had so recently feasted upon were still upstanding. Little white ankle socks and sandals completed the picture. She was the perfect vision of a child about to become a woman.

"Please, please, please don't stop," she begged and my mouth found hers again.

I pulled her panties clear of her legs with one hand, grasping the gusset and feeling the dampness on it. Finally I stood and pulled my jeans down my legs; then lead her, unresisting, to the couch that faced the fireplace. I sat and, as if we were rowing again, put her between my legs. Her bum, still a little bony, pressed against me transmitting every movement of her hips through my sodden panties to my pussy. My mouth fastened to hers or nibbled at neck and cheek and ear, and my hands roamed her body.

Between kisses I spoke, "You will feel strange, ... don't be frightened, I won't let anything bad happen ... that's right, love ... give in to me ... trust me ... you're making me so hot ... "

My hands found her little girl slit and I felt wonderingly at its innocent smoothness. With one finger I traced the length of it, loving the way it was already gaping slightly to my touch. Near the top a small bump showed her clitoris was ready. She writhed as I explored, humping my pussy with her hip and buttocks. I was coming off, coming off on my gorgeous little girl. She writhed in my lap as I slipped my forefinger inside feeling the sleek wetness of her. Little cries escaped from her,

"Oh, oh Oh, Aunt - Auntie, uh, o-o-oh, aah,"

"That's right, my baby, that's right ... hold on ... let it build ..."

We kissed again as my thumb pushed back on her little clit feeling the hood and pushing it back. I rubbed the exposed knot of flesh and took a nipple in my free hand lightly pinching it. Her body stilled filled with the exquisite tension. Our mouths parted and I could look at her face. She was breathing in little gasps and her eyes were wide, unfocused. A scarlet flush filled her face, neck and upper body. She tried to hold back what was coming but could not as I played her like a fish. Her eyes turned up and her jaw chattered as it began.

"Nnnnnnnnnnn, Ahhh, Oh - oh - ah, oh god, ah Auntie, O - o - oh ah ah ah ah ah," the pitch of her voice rose, then, "AHHH, UH, UH, UH AHHHH!"

Her body convulsed, arching upwards before crashing back against my sodden cunt. My hand was soaked by her first orgasm. With all my strength I held the contorting body against me, letting her thrashing bring me off. Her bum ground against me and like her I could hold back no more.

"Oh Mel! You fuck me so well, I'm cumming, I'm cumming on you, baby. Oh, AHH," I cried, as my own orgasm took me,

We collapsed sideways on the couch. I was quivering with the intensity of what had happened. Melody twitched and juddered with the aftershocks. A tiny dribble of saliva crept from the corner of her mouth. I whispered her name again and again, telling her how good she had been, how wonderful she made me feel.

Recovering a little I stood and finished undressing, tearing buttons and fastenings in my haste. Sitting, I drew her into my arms, she was still so limp. Her head fell to my breast and I brought my nipple to her mouth. Like a baby she began to nurse, mouthing and chewing on my sensitive flesh. Her hand rose and grabbed the other breast, clinging onto it and squeezing in time to the action of her mouth. The simple contact nearly drove me over the edge again.

"Oh, Melody, darling, sweetheart, baby, you're so special," I babbled, "You're so good, we're going to be so fine. You make me do such wonderful things. Do you want to find out more wonderful things we can do?"

She looked up at me, trustingly, and nodded. Her hand never left my breast. I gazed back at the girl who needed me so much and I dreamed of the delights to come.