Selene, part one
     Selene felt good! As she took off her blue dress with the white lace collar, and her pretty pink slip, she rubbed her arms and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. The ten-year-old little redhead had just sung a solo with the youth chorale, something she had hoped and practiced for for months. Her mother and older brother were in the audience, and everyone in the hall had applauded, stood up cheering! She was on top of the world. She wanted to be a professional performer someday. She played the recorder and the keyboard, and her singing was very good. The director of the youth chorale was recommending her for a scholarship at the conservatory in Seattle, next fall. As she pulled the slip over her head, her arms brushed her small, inverted nipples...inverted just like her mother's were. She hoped her breasts would be bigger than her mother's tiny little titties were, when she got some, though!! Sometimes she would tease her mom about her small, droopy, size 32-a boobs, with those inverted nipples, but her mother would always say: " Honey, they work just fine the way they are!", and Selene would never understand what she meant.
     As she brushed the nipples, she felt a slight tingle that shot from there down to between her legs, down THERE. Sometimes she played with herself there, and it would really tingle, but she had never felt the tingle from any other place. She looked at herself in the mirror, and, tentatively rubbing one hand first on one nipple, then the other, she slowly slid the other down her flat tummy inside the waistband of her panties, and down across the mound there, and then further down until it reached her little, prominent pussy lips. She had observed her mother's hairy pussy, and noticed that it was very prominent, also. She was too young to have hair yet, but she certainly felt good when she touched herself there. She watched herself in the mirror as she rubbed herself, first slowly, then increasingly faster, until she was standing, legs spread, one hand pinching a nipple and the other rubbing her pussy at a rapid rate. She slid her fingers between the lips, up and over her clitoris (she called it her "button"), and then plunged a finger into the slit, which by now was slick with her juices. She didn't know exactly what she was doing, but it really felt good!!. As she watched herself, she got more and more excited, until she shuddered with an orgasm that seemed to convulse her body from head to toe, centered in her belly. As the contractions hit her, Selene shuddered and got wobbly, her eyes closing as her body felt waves of pleasure engulf it.
     Little known to Selene, her mother had started in to the bedroom, wanting to chat with her daughter about the night's event. She had just cracked open the door when she caught sight of the mirror, at an angle across the room. She had a full view of the scene, but because of the placement of the door, and Selene's state of excitement, the little girl didn't know she was being observed. Sally was astounded. There, before her eyes, was her little ten-year old, masturbating!!! She wasn't so much startled by the IDEA of her masturbating. That could be expected from a young girl just starting to reach puberty (after all, Sally had been masturbating since she was nine, and since her husband had moved away, she did it at least once a day (or night), and often more). What was so amazing was that she was watching it, and that the girl was oblivious. She stopped and stood there, stock still, watching as Selene got more and more excited. Sally found her eyes glued to the mirror, as her daughter pinched first one nipple, then the other. The breasts were undeveloped, but those nipples stood out like cherries on the otherwise flat chest, dark red and engorged. She also was enthralled with the hand swirling around inside the panties, and found herself wishing the girl were nude. 'My god', she thought, 'here I am, looking at my daughter with lust.'
     She knew she should leave, stop violating the girl's privacy, but she couldn't take her eyes off those panties. Sally realized her own panties were damp. She leaned against the doorway, still watching, but so that she could unbutton her jeans, and slip a hand inside her own panties. Unconsciously, she ran the other hand inside her t-shirt and loose-fitting jog-bra, and started tweaking a nipple on her own chest. She felt the familiar thrill of feeling in her chest, and in her pussy. She was slimy with desire. Within a minute, both mother and daughter were writhing in the throes of sexual heat, their hands almost simultaneously moving at the same speed. Sally pinched her clit, then rubbed her fingers over it, then pushed them in and out of her pussy crack. She felt the lips give way to the pressure, and then she was thrusting her hips against her hand trying to get more pressure on her pussy. She started to come, a wave that started in her clit, then convulsed in her womb and moved up her torso until it exploded in her chest. It was all she could do to stand up, let alone not make any noise, thereby not alerting the girl. As she came, so did Selene, slumping against the vanity chair across the room. Sally continued to watch, realizing the girl was in a stupor.
     She knew Selene would probably take a shower, so she hurriedly buttoned her self up, wiping her sopping hand on her sleeve. She turned down the hall into her bedroom, where she stripped her clothes off. As she turned and saw herself in the dresser mirror, she was intrigued by the sight. 'Just like Selene', she thought, 'except without the panties.' Sally was small, five feet, two inches, about 125 lbs, with a good, big butt (for a small woman) and legs, and a small upper body and little tits. She didn't shave body hair, and she was going gray. But at 42, she knew she was still attractive, and she had a tight, tight pussy. That she knew, had been told over the years by first boyfriends, then her husband, and lately by her estranged lover. Still flushed with orgasm, her pussy hairs were wet. She lifted her boobs, rolling the nipples in her hands. 'Ooh', she thought, 'damn, that feels good.' She dropped one hand to her pussy, spreading the lips, and rubbed her clit. She wanted more!! Just then, Selene called from the hall. "Mom, I'm taking a shower!" Sally, startled for a moment, had a thought of her daughter without any clothes on in the shower. She started for the door. "Wait up a minute, honey, and I'll join you."
Selene, part two
     Sally waited until she heard the shower spray start up, then padded down the hall to the bath. Selene had just stepped into the tub enclosure, and was closing the door as Sally came in. "Let's shower together, OK, sweetie? We can wash each other" "Yeah, mom, good idea", Selene smiled, and stood back to give Sally room. Selene was happy her mom cared enough to wash her still, like she had when she was a baby. Sally faced the girl, and picked up the soap. Selene had a little girl's flawless body: long, wavy red hair, freckles everywhere, her small chest, leading down to her sweet hairless pussy and rounded little ass. allye was consumed with absolute lust. She wanted this girl, HER girl, wanted to put her mouth on her, wanted to feel her, finger her, and most of all, make her come like she had seen her do in the bedroom. She would, she would make her come!!! "Here, honey, turn around, and I'll start with your back."
     Selene turned her back to her mother, and Sally started lathering her back. She washed her shoulders, then her sides and lower back, holding on to her tummy for leverage. As she did, she could just feel the beginning of Selene's mound, and marveled at how smooth it was. She moved the soap bar down over the girls butt, and using both hands, spread her legs slightly so she could wash the precious little thing between them. Then she moved down first one leg, then the other, soaping and rubbing, then moving back up until she got to the pussy she was eagerly anticipating. Gently, so as not to scare the girl, she rubbed the outer lips, slightly spreading them as she did. Going farther, she lightly inserted a pinkie finger between the lips, probing the slit. She felt Selene spread her legs wider, and saw her lean against the shower wall, and realized the girl was moaning, very slightly. Worried that her daughter would be afraid (knowing what kids were being taught in school about "inappropriate touching"), and that she would be caught out, Sally moved her hand away, soaped it again, and moved it up Selene's belly, swirling it around her tiny, almost non-existent tits. The little buds responded to the touch, and Sally felt Selene shudder and shake slightly as she kept rubbing the nipples. "Ohmigod," she thought, 'I need to taste her! I've got to be careful, make her believe it's she who wants me to do this to her.'
     "Does that feel good, honey?" she asked. "Oh yes, mom, it really does; keep doing it, OK?" Selene replied. Sally moved up behind Selene, close to her, until she was touching her back, and she felt her boobs rub against the girl. She pulled her closer, and began rubbing each tiny nipple with a hand, while she squirmed against the little body held so tightly to her own. Sally could feel the wetness in her pussy, and she strained to rub it against the girls butt. Maneuvering her, she succeeded in placing one of the tiny, luscious globes between her legs, and she started rubbing her pussy against it as she more rapidly rubbed Selene's nipples. She leaned over and kissed Selene on the ear and asked "Do you want me to make you feel really good, sweetie, really, really good?" Selene was panting, writhing in her mother's arms. "Oh, ooooh, yessssss, mommy, yesssss!" Sally moved one hand down Selene's belly, rubbing around the softness of it, and down between her legs, reaching around her as her hand found the girl's little hairless pussy with its prominent mound. 'Ohhhh' Sally thought, 'it's so small, and smooth.' She trembled at the touch, at the wicked nature of what she was doing, at the excitement she felt all over her body. It had been so long since she had felt a hot body next to hers, and here it was her daughter's!!!
     As she slid a finger up and down the ten-year-old's slit, Selene moaned audibly, throwing her head back on her mother's chest. Sally pinched the little nipple until it swelled up, hard and red and enflamed, then started raking her fingernail tip across it. Selene howled in ecstasy, and leaned back against Sally, who then had better access to the tiny pussy in her hand. She inserted her middle finger into the little hole, careful not to tear the hymen. That wouldn't do... As she bottomed out her finger, she quickly withdrew it, then started an in and out motion, while pushing the knuckle of the first finger against the girl's clit. She could feel it erect, and pulled out her finger and started rubbing it on the hard button. Selene started to sag against her, so she turned the shower spray on low, and lowered the girl to the floor of the stall. Selene was in a daze, her eyes glazed like Sally had seen them in the mirror. Sally kneeled next to her daughter, leaning over her. Placing her breast over Selene's face she gently guided the girl's mouth to it and said "suck it, baby, suck it." The girl hungrily sucked the tit into her mouth, while Sally continued to rub the little pussy. God! she felt good! The fire raging in her pussy needed to be quenched, but first things first. She was determined to make her little girl come, come so hard that she would scream in ecstasy, and want more and more and more. Sally turned and lay on her side on the floor, feeling the warm shower spray, and gently turned Selene to face her. She put her tit back in the girl's mouth; the nipple was by now engorged and erect, red and hard. As she moved her hand on Selene's pussy, she started playing with her own pussy, it was so wet and hot! she thought. Then she decided it was time for the girl to feel her, so she took Selene's hand and deftly placed it on her pussy, moving her leg up to allow the girl better access to her mother's pleasure spot. Selene was moaning and writhing, and she immediately started rubbing the pussy in her hand, running her finger in the wet slit. "Stick it in me baby," Sally whispered. "Stick it in your mommy's hot pussy!!!" Sally started bucking her pussy against her daughter's moving hand, as first one, then two, then all the little fingers entered the mother's pussy. Sally was thrashing around, screaming and crying, while she rubbed Selene's pussy, then started thrusting her middle finger into the girl. Selene was humping against the finger, and the two females, mother and little red-haired daughter, came in a blinding, crashing orgasm under the shower, holding each other and sobbing.
     The water streaming over them brought them to their senses. Sally was worried about Selene's reaction to what they'd done. After all, this was forbidden territory, and awareness about sexual "abuse" was taught in the schools. 'Well', she thought, 'I can always take her out and home school her again. That way, she'd be here with me ALL day, every day, her hot little body close to mine...'
Selene, part three
     Sally heard the alarm go off. She started awake, thinking she had been dreaming. No, what had happened last evening was no dream. She had experienced her ten-year-old daughter Selene's sex, fallen into the horrific but tantalizing world of mother daughter incest. Sally loved her daughter, wanted the best for her, tried to give her everything, especially now, with her father gone. But she had needs of her own, and no man in her life, or woman, for that matter. She had a sexual hunger that was burning in her, and she knew now that her little girl, the red-haired beauty with no breasts, and a smooth little pussy, and tiny, globular ass, had sexual desires, too. She shivered in ecstatic memory of the thrill of touching Selene's little pussy, of putting her finger in that tight, sweet little hole...Sally realized she was wet, thinking of making love to her daughter. "I must be depraved," she thought. 'This goes against every convention of ethics, morality, and law. I've violated the innocence of my own daughter.'
     She started to cry, but then the image of Selene in front of the mirror came to mind, and her hand found its way to her nipple. She started rubbing it in a circular motion, feeling the tingle it always made between her legs. She started to pant, thinking of putting her whole hand into Selene's pussy, thinking of fucking her from behind with a strap-on dildo, thinking of sharing her baby daughter with a huge black man, his big cock hammering Selene's little anal hole, while Sally sucked his gigantic balls and fingered Selene's clit. Sally was now rubbing her own clit, and pushing her finger in and out of her pussy slit. She imagined that big black dick in Selene's mouth as she sucked the girl's pussy. Her hand moved faster, pushing urgently against her pussy. 'Oh god,' she thought, 'I need her body, I need the feeling of her soft skin against mine, I need the taste of her in my mouth.' She thought of that big dick in her own asshole, slamming her, in and out, the balls slapping against her pussy and thighs as she thrust her tongue down her daughter's throat. As she writhed on the bed, the covers slid off on the floor, so that she was completely exposed, although she was too excited to notice.
     Sally's eyes were shut tight in her fantasy, and she was moaning with desire, so she didn't hear her daughter's tentative knock at her door, which was slightly ajar. Selene was scared about what had happened yesterday, confused at her own sexuality, and even more so at her mother's involvement with her. Every trust she had as a child was breaking down, being replaced with uncertainty, mixed with the guilt of forbidden sexual longing and satisfaction. She was looking for reassurance, hoping her mother would absolve her guilt and tell her everything was all right, that she wasn't bad for wanting to be touched like "that". Selene, dressed in a robe and on her way to the kitchen for a glass of water could hear her mother's moaning, it sounded like yesterday, and she stopped at the door, which was slightly ajar. She felt a mixture of fear and excitement, felt the stirring between her legs. What was her mother doing? Apprehensively, she pushed open the door. She stopped in shock at the sight before her.
     There was her mother, laying on her back, her tiny tits almost flat against her chest, with her legs apart, one hand pinching a nipple and the other pushing in and out of her "pussy", as she called it. Sally was bucking her hips against her hand, moaning over and over "Suck me, baby, suck Mommy's pussy, Selene, make Mommy come in your mouth, make me come hard!!"  Sally was thrashing on the bed by then, throwing her head from side to side, bucking and moving as the strength of her orgasm built into a powerful wave of contractions that finally convulsed her body. She let out a loud cry and writhed in climax, rubbing her lit faster and faster. Selene stood at the door, transfixed. She had thought of what happened in the shower as of a dream, kind of hazy and .... This was no dream, however. there was her mother, right before her eyes, consumed in sexual gratification. Selene was scared but excited. She didn't want Sally to know she was there, but she couldn't stop looking at the spectacle before her.
     She felt the stirring in her own pussy, the insistent feeling, the pull of desire. Unconsciously, her hand strayed to her pussy, parting the folds of the robe. She touched herself and immediately felt the sharp tingle of sensation. Her body tensed and she leaned against the wall as she opened her legs to the intruding hand. She was wet, and her finger slipped effortlessly between the tiny lips of her pussy. Almost involuntarily, the finger slid up and down the open slit, now touching the swelling bud at the top, now pushing further into the hole at the bottom. As she watched her mother rubbing her pussy, consumed in multiple orgasms, crying out in ecstasy, Selene felt the surge of desire in her own pussy. Pushing the folds of her robe aside, she started openly fingering herself with one hand, while she rubbed her little clit with the other. Leaning against the door frame, she sagged into her frenzied movements. Panting lightly, almost yipping in excitement, she watched her mother with glazed eyes, focusing on that hairy pussy, now bright red with its engorgement. Selene was now thrusting her own hips against her hand, her small, titless body shuddering with her impending orgasm. She tensed, and suddenly grabbed the clit-head with her fingertips, scraping across its tip with a sharp nail. The feeling was astounding. She kept doing it, increasing the pressure until the nail was scraping across the clit, and the feeling bordered on pain. As she watched her mother's rotating hips and the gushing moisture on Sally's hand as it thrust in and out of her pussy, Selene fell over the edge, into a climax that started in her pussy, moved up through her diaphragm, into her chest, and finally resounded throughout her head. She was in total thrall! She slid down the door frame, whimpering as her legs kicked involuntarily. Now she was on the floor, her little hips bucking and thrusting just as her mother's had done. Once again, mother and daughter had come simultaneously... .
Selene, part four
     Sally was gasping for air. Her climax had been amazing. She was still whirling under its force. The image of her daughter with a black cock in her ass, and in her mouth, the image of that cock in her own asshole, had driven Sally's erotic fantasy to new heights. She wondered how she would feel if it really happened...NO! That was not even thinkable. A fantasy, yes, but not for real consumption. She lay back against the pillow, letting the sexual tension flow out of her belly. She felt drowsy, but she needed to get up and get her coffee, get Selene's breakfast, get the day going. She wished she had been making love to a man, had him there next to her in bed to hold. Damn!! She was lonely.
     As Sally started to roll off the bed, she heard a sound, like that of a small puppy, a kind of keening, whining sound. It was coming from out in the hall...She padded toward the door, naked. As she pulled the door open, there she saw her daughter, sitting against the wall, legs splayed out, robe open, hand in between her legs. The girl was practically unconscious, and all too unnoticing of her mother standing over her. 'She's been jerking off,' Sally thought, 'she must have been watching me while she did it.' Sally felt a wave of embarrassment, but that was quickly followed by the sensation of illicit desire for her own daughter, having autoerotic sex with her. She bent down to pick the girl up, saying "Selene, honey, get up." Selene started, looking up at her mother, whose tits were hanging down over the little girl's face. She started to stammer, but her mother cut her off. "It's OK, sweetie, it's OK. Every girl does that sometimes. It's not bad, it feels good. As you can see, even I do it."
     As she reached around Selene's back to pull her, her nipples brushed her daughter's face. The girl tilted her face up and statrted nuzzling her mother's breasts. Sally felt overwhelmed with parental love for her little daughter. After all, this child had come from her womb, had grown up with her, she knew her whole life...Selene kept nuzziling Sally's naked breasts as the woman drew her in against her body. As she did so, she felt the small hands around her left leg, holding on. Selene shifted position, sitting up on her knees and leaning into her mother's small chest. Mother and daughter stayed there for a while, Sally crooning while Selene continued cuddling her breasts. Shortly, Sally felt the tiny hands moving up her leg, as they grasped tighter. She pulled her girl closer as one of the hands moved up her inner thigh, sliding into the vee of her pussy. She started to feel the sexual desire rise in her, especially because Selene seemed to know what she was doing, to know that she was exciting her mother. Then Selene was gently suckling a nipple, sucking it into her hot, wet mouth, as her hand started to push into the folds of Sally's pussy. Sally let out an audible gasp and then a moan, leaning back against the wall, as she surrendered to the touch of her little ten-year-old sexpot. 'Oh God', she thought, 'she's actually doing it to me, I need this, need her fingers inside me, need to feel her sucking my pussy, need her to make me CUM!!!'
     Sally trembled at Selene's touch. She was having her pussy fingered and her tit sucked by her daughter, the beautiful little red-headed heartbreaker, and she was in heaven!!! Her legs spread invoulntarily, as she invited the invading hand. She placed her hand over Selene's and said 'Like this, baby', and moved the fingers up into her pussy, showing her how to stroke her clit in just the right way that would get her off. The girl picked it up immediately, and her hand became a blur as Sally thrust her hips against it. Soon she was bucking and writhing as the girl masturbated her while continuing to suck her tit. Sally was approaching orgasm-her second in a half hour- and she held on to Selene's head as she urged her on. 'That's right, rub my swollen clit, sweetie, make mommy come on your hand, get me off!! Fuck mommy with your fingers, stick 'em in my slit!'
     With that, she took Selene's hand and pushed it into the open pussy hole. The girl reflexively tried to withdraw it, but Sally was insistent, and she gently pulled the hand into her pussy, while lowering herself over it. In a few seconds, Selene's whole hand was in her mother's pussy, and Sally cried "That's it, fuck me with your hand, ram it in me, in and out, in and out...' Selene was fucking her with her hand while Sally moved up and down, thrusting he hips right in Simon's face, as the girl could no longer suck her tit due to the violent motion of her mother. She pushed the girl against her pussy, yelling 'Lick it, baby, like last night, suck my clitty, I'm starting to cum!!' Selene, excited by her mother's sexual heat, and feeling her own sexual desire, stuck her tounge onto her mother's clit, licking up and down the shaft. She felt Sally's juices running down her face, smelled the musky, powerful scent of a grown woman in heat, felt the thrill of giving someone sexual satisfaction. She pushed her hand in and out , in and out, faster and faster, now biting the swollen member between her teeth, as her mother moaned and writhed, thrashing her head from side to side. Selene could not believe the power she had over her mother in this situation. She began to get ideas about how to use that power...
     As she once again licked up the shaft of her mother's erect clitoris, Selene felt the woman start to convulse and contract in her orgasm, suddenly Sally's hips wre bucking and pivoting, and Selene had to hold on with her free hand to keep the pussy in her mouth. She reached around her mother's ass to do so, placing her hand over one of the perfectly shaped globes. Her fingers naturally went into the ass crack, and she felt the little puckered hole there. Unconsciously, she started worming her middle finger into her mother's anus, as the now-frenzied woman was crying and thrusting her pussy against the girl's mouth. As the tiny finger invaded the nether hole, this was the feeling that pushed Sally over the edge. Grabbing her daughter's head she convulsed in a giant, womb-shattering orgasm, pumping juices all over Selene, the contractions finally expelling the girl's hand from her pussy. Sally was leaning against the wall, much as Selene had earlier, spent with sexual effort, panting and gasping. Selene looked up at her mother, whose chest, neck, and face were bright red in her excitement. She was in awe of the woman's sexual power, yet just becoming aware of her own power, the power she had to excite her mother to this state of frenzy, how she lost control when the girl was "fucking" her.
     Selene, part five
     Sally was weak with the force of her orgasm at her daughter's hands. She realized that now she had gone beyond the bounds of everything proper and legal. She had violated her precious little daughter, encouraged the girl in depraved sexual practices. If anyone found out, she could be sent to prison, Selene would be taken from her, she would lose everytrhing. The realization horrified her, but what horrified her more was the realization that she didn't care. She loved what she was doing, loved fucking her daughter!! She wanted more and more of her.