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The Sisters

Chapter I: The First Sisterly Kiss

They were good sisters, Dominique and Dana, very good sisters. They told each-other everything. To each-other, they were everything. But they wanted to be more. Much more.

After an intense exercise session, they had fallen asleep on the same bed. Dominique, awakening from an erotic dream, stared over at her older sister, Dana. Dana was wearing silky white panties – nothing more, nothing less. Her legs were so smooth -- not a hair on them, perfectly contoured with a slight shine. Dominique shifted her eyes over Dana’s legs, stomach, and then breasts. Dana’s breasts were well-developed, shapely, with little hard nipples. Dominique’s eyes rested on the sight of her sister’s breasts for a long time. Then, she had a sudden urge, a sudden irrepressible urge.

Dominique had given in to this urge many times before, and knew she could not resist it now, but tried anyway, tried without success. Then, without thinking, Dominique found her hands sliding from her silky side, to her slender stomach, and finally into her pink panties. Her hand moved over her neatly trimmed patch of brunette fuzz and into her slit. She felt the warmth of her juices; she was moist. She then slid her two first fingers in and out of herself, trying not to moan loudly, which would wake up her sister, a light sleeper. Her eyes were still fixed on her sister’s breasts. She moaned softly as she slid her fingers in and out of herself. her moan was the delicate soft moan of a virgin. her fingers were drenched in her juices. Dominique then withdrew her wet fingers from her slit and began to slowly, methodically, massage her clitoris. She started in slow circular motions, and quickly hastened the pace, trying to keep her cries of passion silent. Just as she was about to cry out helplessly in a high-pitched scream, her sister, Dana, began to awaken.

Dominique almost whimpered, knowing that she could not complete her ritual act. Almost in agony from being interrupted, she withdrew her hand from her panties and placed it back at her side. Dominique then rolled her body slightly towards Dana and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Dana’s face was beautiful; her hair, long brown stomach-length hair. Her eyes were brown; eyebrows, long and fine, tilted slightly upwards. Her face is shapely and thin, her lips sexy and dark red.

Dana slowly opened and eye, and peered over at her side: her little sweet innocent sister, whom she adored.

Of course, Dana and Dominique had slept together in the same bed for a long time, but Dana had never felt for Dominique what she felt for her that morning – never. The feeling that Dana felt was a zealous desiring lust. She felt a lust towards Dominique. She desired her sister. Dana had went to sleep many times beside her bare-breasted sister; but now, after six years of sleeping half-naked in the same bed, Dana felt attracted to her sister: to her legs, to her stomach surrounding her belly button, to her face, to her breasts. Dominique’s breasts, hanging down slightly, were so perfectly formed, rounded with no impurities. Dana had seen her sister, Dominique, with her hand in her panties, but Dominique hadn’t noticed. Dana’s gracefully falling hair covered her open eye, thank god. Dana thought she was the only one who did that!

Of course, when Dana yawned, Dominique rolled over and closed her eyes. As Dana thought about her sister, who had her hand in her panties, she wondered why Dominique had been doing that. Had she always done that when Dana was asleep? Dana began to think that she should try to wake up earlier so she could watch her sister. She wished she hadn’t yawned. She wished that Dominique would keep massaging herself. if only Dominique had kept massaging herself, if only. When Dominique moaned slightly, Dana felt so gratified, as if she had been part of the act.

Dana decided to take a risk. After all, they were sisters, and if Dominique didn't’ like what Dana was about to do, little harm would be done. They were best friends. Dana always felt an urge to touch another woman, another beautiful woman. Men were so insensitive. But women, Dana thought, they were different -- sensitive, considerate. Dana wanted to be sensitive and considerate to her sister right now; she wanted to be sensual with her, sexual with her. Dana wanted to fuck her sister. Yes, I want to fuck her. Dana who rarely even thought in such crude terms, wanted to fuck – really fuck – her sister. Dana decided to take the plunge. She moved her hand and laid it beside Dominique’s thighs – well, slightly higher than her thighs. Yes, higher than her sister’s thighs. Dana was so tense, anxious, ready for her sister to push her hand away; but Dominique didn’t push Dana’s hand away.

Dominique moved her hands from her sister’s thighs to the side of her stomach, to the middle of her stomach, around the sides of her breasts, above the breasts, then finally down in between the breasts. Dana felt her sister’s hands moving up and down her body; responding, she clamped her thighs tightly round her sister. Dana rubbed her sister’s sides with her thighs, felt her self getting even wetter, and then felt a pleasant touch: like a touch in a dream, but this wasn’t a dream. This was Dominique’s tongue in her slit. Yes, that’s it, lick out my pussy. Dana felt Dominique’s hot tongue slowly sliding all the way in her. Dominique slid her tongue round and round her sister’s slit, and then slid her first three fingers into her sister’s slit. While one of her hands was busy fingering Dana’s slit, the other was busy penetrating her ass with two fingers. Dana, feeling her sister’s two fingers in her ass, felt a weird sensation. This is so good. Sensual, soft. Kinky. Yes, little nymph, slide your fingers in my ass. Dana felt enough friction as her sister fingered her ass with two fingers, but she wasn’t stuffed, and it wasn’t painful. Her legs were wrapped round her sister; her slit, probed by her sister’s first three fingers; her clit, licked like an ice-cream cone; her ass, being finger-fucked. She was totally satisfied. This is so serene, so – ugh, yes, she’s pushing into me harder.

Dominique felt the warmth of her sister’s hand next to her thigh; it was such a pleasant sensation: Dana’s warm hand next to her thigh, close to her rear; it gave Dominique a sensation of desire. Dominique suddenly wanted Dana to touch her body – anywhere. Dominique wanted her sister’s hands to Dominique's her body. Then, Dominique felt Dana’s hand – that warmth – moving closer to her.

Dana began to move her hand, not thinking of turning back, and placed it on her sister’s naked stomach. Dominique’s stomach had been tense, but when Dana placed her hand there, it loosened up and relaxed. Dana began to massage her sister’s stomach. Moving from the pelvis, proceeding upward close to the breasts, then coming back down in a circular motion. Dana saw her sister give off a slight seductive smile of pleasure. Dana tapped her fingers round her sister’s stomach, causing Dominique to giggle softly. Abandoning her state of cautiousness, Dana began to massage her sister harder, more forcefully, moving from Dominique’s stomach upward. Dominique moaned softly. Dana began to massage her sister’s breasts. This feels so weird, I feel guilty. Dominique slowly opened her eyes and gazed at her sexual sister.

“That feels really good,” Dominique said.

“I wasn’t sure you’d like it,” replied Dana.

Dana slowly withdrew her hand from her sister’s breast, waiting for Dominique to make the next move, to see how her sister would react. Dominique mad a pouting disappointed face, and then rolled over, raising herself above her sister, placing her lips to her sister’s. Dominique found it to be a more stimulating experience than she’d imagined.

“Mmm,” Dominique moaned.

“Mmm hmm,” Dana cooed back.

Dominique liked the way her sister’s lips felt: soft, delicate, warm. She kissed her sister slowly and lightly, with passionate love. Dominique had never kissed a woman before, never felt those so-soft feminine lips. Wish I’d started earlier. She began to kiss her sister more roughly and passionately, parting her sister’s lips and slipping her tongue partially into her mouth. Dana responded with sudden aggression, rolling her sister over, forcing her onto her back, and sliding her tongue into her mouth. She swirled it around inside Dominique’s mouth and met her sister’s tongue, which she began to massage with her own. Dana swirled her tongue round Dominique’s mouth, then returned back to her sister’s tongue. Dominique felt so good. Those few minutes when she had wanted her sister seemed like an eternity, but now she had her, and was frenching her. Dominique spread her legs and wrapped them round Dana’s body, which was unusual for her, being a woman, but still pleasurable. Dominique pressed her legs against her sister harder. Dana moaned softly, and then continued kissing Dominique. Dana pressed her lips to her sister’s. Dominique placed her hands round her sister, rubbing her back as they kissed, and moved them from Dana’s upper back, to her mid-back, to her lower back, down towards her sister’s ass, in intense circular motions.

Dana liked this – her sister kissing her, rubbing her back. Dana thought Dominique’s embrace of her mouth and legs, hands and fingers, was so caring. Responding, Dana moved her hands up and down her sister’s side, slowly and forcefully. Dominique moaned softly, softly and intensely. Dana shifter her mouth from her sister’s mouth to her sister’s breasts, kissing them, dragging her tongue from the base of her sister’s breast, moving upward, towards the nipple, in a methodically slow fashion. She was shifting her attention downward. Dana slid her tongue round her sister’s side, to the middle, next to her belly button, then downward to her sister’s thighs. She kissed her sister’s highs had, and squeezed her ass with her hands. Dominique was rubbing her breasts with her hands. Dana moved her face slightly, right between Dominique’s thighs. They were warm, and they were rubbing against Dana: back and forth, back and forth. Dominique felt her panties being slipped off, then felt her lips – the ones between her legs! – being kissed. Dana kissed her sisters lips intensely, tightly, embracing them. Dominique cried out in pleasure. Then, to her surprise, Dominique felt a thick soft wet object going in and out of her, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. Dana put her tongue deep down inside her sister, exploring her sister’s slit, her inner treasures. It was so wet, even hot. Dominique had never been that wet before. Certainly not from her fingers. Of course, she had been fairly wet before, when she woke up, when she was looking at her half-naked sister; but that was nothing compared to this. her juices were rolling down the inside of her legs. her whole inner thigh was wet, partially from her juices, partially from Dana’s tongue. Wet, very wet. Dana quickly slid her tongue in and out of her sister’s slit. Dominique moaned, softly at first, then louder:

“Mmm...Oh yea, Dana, yea, harder! Oh yeah! Lick me!”

Responding, Dana slid her tongue in and out of her sister even harder – much harder and much faster. Dominique, feeling the intense passion of the moment, feeling her sister’s love for her, moaned loudly for a long time.

“Ohh yea...mmm...ogh...yea!”

Dana, who was sliding her tongue up her sister, was stimulated by her sister’s screams. It was an intense c cry of pleasure. Dana had never seen her sister so turned on before. Dominique had never been so turned on. Dana then felt her sister’s body begin to shake like a shiver and heard her cry out more intensely. Dana then took her tongue out of her sister’s slit and began to lick her clit. Dana licked her sister’s clit intensely and furiously. She knew her sister was coming to. She would make it as pleasurable as possible. Dana licked her sister’s clit harder than she had ever licked anything before. Dominique began to have spasms throughout her whole body, and moaned at the top of her lungs. As Dominique’s whole body, especially her pelvic area, vibrated chaotically, Dana tried to continue licking her clit. She hadn’t had experience with another woman before – now she wished desperately that she had. But she was pulling her way through; and doing very well, especially for a woman who was previously straight.

Licking up her sister’s clit, Dana had her whole mouth buried inside her sister’s lips. Dana liked the smell of her sister. she liked how her sister smelled down there. It was a pleasant smell that Dana couldn’t describe – a turned on smell. She continued furiously licking her sister. Dominique stopped moaning for a moment, smiled faintly, then moaned out one last time.

“Oh yea, yes! yes! yes! Agh, oh God!”

Dominique then paused to regain her composure.

“Oh yea, that felt really good, Sis.”

Dana, with her lips, embraced her sister’s clit one last time, then moved her face and body upward until she was face to face with her sister, atop her.

Dominique smiled and kissed her sister for several minutes. Dominique then rolled her sister over and laid her body on top of her sister’s. Dominique kissed her sister, sliding her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Dana felt her sister’s hands sliding from the side of her breasts, down the side of her stomach; felt her sister’s hands slowly sliding off her panties, which were still on at that point. As Dominique slid off her sister’s panties, she noticed they were very wet. Her sister was wet. Her Sister was wet. Before she proceeded, she bunched her sister’s panties up in a bunch and smelled them, tasted them. Ahh, what a lovely smell.

“Do you know what this smell is?” Dominique asked Dana.

“Umm, its ----“

“It’s the smell of a Sister who wants to be fucked, that’s what it is. Do you want to be fucked, Sister?”

Dana hesitated – her sister never used such words. It shocked her.

“Yes, I want to be fucked, fuck me little Sister.”

“Ugh, yes! Yes, little sister, yes! yes! yes! Do me!”

Dana moaned, loudly at first, then softly, as her sister rolled her tongue up around her clit. Dana then moved her arms and hands down Dominique’s back until they reached her ass. After thoroughly licking them, she inserted her first three fingers into Dominique’s ass, one by one. The first two went in easily; but the third, that took a little work. Feeling her sister’s silky soft hands, Dominique moaned softly, then continued kissing and licking her sister’s clit, as well as her lips. Dana could tell that Dominique was in no pain as her moan was soft, so with her other hand, she slid her first three well-licked fingers into Dominique’s ass, one by one. Dominique now felt six fingers up her ass and moaned loudly. It feels so good. Dana shifted her first three fingers in and out of her sister’s ass, sometimes spreading them apart for additional friction, upon which her sister, who was between her thighs and busy, would moan. Dana thrusted her fingers in and out of her sister’s ass, spreading them far apart as to intensify the feeling. Dana could feel her sister’s muscles up there, contracting against her fingers rapidly. The muscles were assisting her hands by pushing them out, and then pulling them back in.

Dominique, in a bout of excitement, began sliding her fingers in and out of her sister’s ass faster, licking her clit even harder. Dominique told her sister to tense her vaginal muscles a little bit, as to create more friction. Dominique felt her sister’s vaginal muscles contracting slightly, then relaxing. Dominique’s muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. Quickly, but not too hardly. Dominique felt her sister’s body begin to vibrate: at first, only in the legs, but then throughout the whole body. Dominique paused for a moment, as if to torture her sister. Seeing the disappointed look on Dana’s face, seeing those eyes questioning in disappointment, longing for more – Perfect, just the way I want you, Sis – Dominique dove back in, like a starving baby suckling her mother’s milk, licking her sister’s clit until her sister came to.

“Oh, yes! yes! yes! Agh, God! Agh, yeah!”

Dominique then smiled, touched her lips to her sister’s vaginal lips, and french kissed them.Dominique withdrew her hands from her sister, and Dana withdrew her hands from Dominique. Dominique moved her body upward, coming face to face with her sister. They clamped their legs round each-other and kissed, alternating between a french kiss and a regular kiss.

“I guess we better get dressed?” Dana said.

“All ready?” Dominique whimpered. “I thought we were just getting started.” Dominique gave Dana a seductive little smile and licked her lips.

“Relax, we’ll have lots of fun.”

“Ok.” Dominique mock-pouting now.

Dana sat down on the bed, still naked, and brought Dominique, also naked, down on top of her lap, placing her ass in her crotch area. then, realizing she forgot something, Dominique got up and got a pair of fishnet black stockings, a bra, and a pair of panties.

“No, wear my panties, Dominique, the one’s which are soaked in my fuckalicious fuck-juice.”

“Only if you also wear my soaked panties,” Dominique responded, while blushing slightly.

“I’d love to.”

Retrieving their soaked panties, Dominique then placed her ass back into her sister’s lap. She extended her leg, and Dana began to put a stocking on her. Dana started with the toes and went up to the leg slowly, making sure to make maximal contact, until it reached Dominique’s upper thigh. Dana then began to rub her leg. She took the other stocking and slid it up Dominique’s other leg. She then grabbed her sister’s crotch.

“This is mine,” Dana said to Dominique, while rubbing her breasts against Dominique’s back.

Dominique looked behind her back, laughing and smiling deviously at her sister’s primal instinct.

“Your’s is mine, too,” Dominique shot back at her sister, while reaching back to tightly grab her crotch. “Your’s is mine and mine is your’s.”

They then kissed. Dana began to pull the her fuck-soaked panties from her sister’s lower leg all the way up to and around the cheeks of her ass. Dana grabbed her sister’s ass-cheeks tightly, then put her sister's bra on her, making sure to squeeze Dominique's breasts firmly while doing so. Dana then had an idea, and whispered it into her sister's ear. Dana shifter her sister as she was lying across her lap, and then began to slap her sister's ass with force, but not enough to be painful. As Dana slapped her sister's ass, Dominique giggled a little and rubbed Dana's legs. Dominique then rolled over in her sister's lap and stroked her sister's hair. She then got up and sat on the bed, slapping her hand on her legs to get Dana to sit there. Dana, buck-naked, sat on her sister's lap. Dominique put on her sister's stockings, one by one. Dominique then put on her sister's panties, and rubbed her hand against her sister's crotch. Finally, Dominique put on her sister's bra, massaging Dana's breasts.

Dana, who had just been dressed by her sister, laid face down on the bed, slapped the area between her lower back and ass, signaling Dominique to get on. Dominique then got on her sister's lower back and began bouncing up and down. As Dominique bounced up and down on her sister, she pressed her legs against her sisters side firmly. She grabbed Dana's shoulders with her hands for support.

Dana then got up, carrying her sister on her back, walked out of her room, and went downstairs to the dining room. Dominique got off her sister's back and sat in a chair. Dana went int other kitchen and made breakfast. She returned to the dining room, put the breakfast on the table, and sat in the same chair with her sister. They ate breakfast like this, with Dominique in the b back, her legs spread wide, her sister in between them. Dominique then brought her legs around her sister, and crossed them on Dana's lap. They continued the rest of the day like this, joined hip to hip, or at other various parts of the body. As it was Sunday, their parents were at Church; their parents left them home because they figured that they were both tired. They could enjoy their day in various types of bondage. They were sexual with each-other all day. At lunch, one fed the other and they sometimes put the food between the wrong lips. They drank a glass of red wine, arms intertwined.

Chapter II: Kinkalicious

After Dominique and Dana ate lunch, they were so tired that they decided to take a nap. Dana woke up first. She was almost sweating in her bra and panties. She and her sister, who lay beside her, would probably have to sleep half naked the next night due to the hot humid summer nights. But neither one of them minded. We won't be doing a lot of sleeping, and when we do it'll be more than half naked. I'm going to fall asleep with my hands on your crotch, little Sister; and you with your's on mine. Dominique and her sister had slept buck naked before when it was hot, even though they both shared a king-size bed. Sometimes, in her dreams, Dana would feel Dominique's ass rubbing against hers. Perhaps I'll feel her warm ass against mine in the nights to come. In the meantime, I'll get a snack for both of us. Dana slowly rolled out of bed, not bothering to put anything on over her bra and panties, and walked into the kitchen, which had the early afternoon sunlight shining in on it. Dana got out the chocolate cake. While straddling a chair, she cut two pieces of cake and placed them on separate plates. Dana was in her underclothes, and was straddling the chairs like she was getting ready to fuck it. Maybe I will fuck it. None of the girls or boys at school were lucky enough to see her like this, but boy if they did.

Dana walked back to the bedroom. When she entered the room, she paused, looking at her sister, then put the dish on the table. Dana walked close to her little sister, admiring her slow rhythmic breathing. She hovered over her sister.

“Dominique, its time to get up.”

But Dominique lay still. Dana then kissed her sister lightly on the lips. It felt so good, but it didn't wake her sister, though Dominique grinned lightly. Dana then kissed Dominique on her head, trying to wake her up. Dominique still didn't respond, causing Dana to become frustrated. She always was a heavy sleeper. I'll do something to rouse her. Dana then placed her lips over her sister's mouth and passionately kissed her, upon which, Dominique woke up.

“Nice way to wake me up. Do you want me to be horny when I get up?”

“Yea, nice and horny for the boys. Nah, I just wanted to wake you up gently. I couldn't shake you up like a dumb guy!” Dana responded, while smiling.

Dominique laughed.

“You don't want to bang you up, eh?” said Dominique, smiling slightly.

“Nah, I don't want to bang you up like the guys. I want to lick you up.”

They continued talking this way for several minutes.

“Well, you little sultress, I got you a little snack, are we going to eat it?,” Dana said, while grinning.

“Get into the bed and we'll eat it.”

Dana got in bed and they began to eat the cake. Dana would cut her piece and slowly feed it to Dominique, who was doing the same to her.

Dominique had an idea. She pulled the sheets off the bed, threw them onto the floor, and forced Dana to lay straight on her back. Dominique smeared the chocolate frosting on her sister's stomach, who was surprised.

“Eww, you're messing me all up!,” Dana protested.

“Relax, I'll do a good job cleaning it up.”

Dominique then put her stomach between her sister's thighs, and b began licking the frosting off of her sister's stomach, starting at the belly button, consuming the chocolate there. Dana giggled.

“That tickles!”

Dominique really liked tickling her sister's stomach. She continued licking the chocolate off her sister's tummy, going back and forth until, finally, all the chocolate was gone. Dana then got up and harshly forced her sister, who had just finished tickling her up, flat onto her back on the bed.

“I'm in control now, you little kinky thing,” Dana said. “I'm going to dominate you, you kinky little slut”

“With pleasure,” Dominique replied.

Dana then picked up her piece of cake and placed it onto her sister's stomach, smearing the wet sweet chocolate all over her sister's naval. At extremes, she went just above the pelvis and just below the breasts. Dana licked the chocolate frosting off of her sister's naval, sometimes being distracted by her breasts. Dana started at the outer edges of her sister, near Dominique's sides, and worked her way in towards the belly button. It was not a sexual act like earlier that morning, but a sensual one. As Dana licked the chocolate off of Dominique's stomach, Dominique felt so needed, so important to her sister. Dominique didn't feel turned on by her sister as she had been before, nor was she as wet; she was turned on and wet, but a more prevalent feeling dominated her: Romance. This is romantic.

Yes, Dominique thought it was romantic, in a kinky way. Dana finally finished licking up her mess. Both of them noticed their stomachs were sticky, so they decided to take a bath in the whirlpool. Dana, being the stronger one, picked up her sister as if cradling a baby, and carried her to the tub. Dana got in with her sister's legs planted firmly around her, and positioned herself, her clit in particular, in front of one of the water-jets. A feeling of immense pleasure overcame her. It was like a vibrator on speed. She trembled as the jets of hot water gushed onto her clit and into her slit. At first, it tickled, and she laughed hysterically. She had never been ticklish down there before. But the laughter was overcome by a moan. Within thirty seconds, Dana's body, with her sister riding her ass like zorro, and a jet of hot water gushing into her love-nest, spasmed and flipped. When she fell back into the water, she took her sister down with her.

“Gee, what are you trying to to, drown me?” Dominique said jokingly.

Then Dana straddled Dominique's back. Dominique positioned herself in front of the water jet, which at first, like it did to her sister, made her laugh. But that tickling feeling in her clit, one she'd never felt before, subsided, giving way to an immense pleasure. Dominique tilted her head back and moaned loud: First in a whisper, then growing louder and louder. She began to spasm throughout her whole body, climaxed, and then lost her balance and almost fell over in the hot-tub.

They kissed, allowing their tongues to explore each other's mouths. Dominique carried her sister over her shoulder to their bedroom. Dominique got on the bed, on all fours, and propped her ass in the air. She spread her legs to give easy access to her asshole.

“Lick it!” Dominique demanded.

Dana rubbed KY-jelly onto her right hand for lubrication. She then positioned her face in her sister's crotch, sliding her tongue down to her sister's pucker. She inserted her tongue in her sister's asshole, which she expected to taste bad but didn't, as far as it would go. Apparently, Dominique kept herself clean. Dana then slipped one of her lubricated fingers into her sister's hole. She pushed it in and out to loosen up her sister, and with the tip of her finger, explored her sister's rectum. Dana slowly slid in two more fingers, and finally her pinky and thumb. Dominique screamed.

“Oh fuck, god that hurts” Dominique yelled.

“Be patient, it'll feel good.” Dana replied.

The walls of Dominique's pucker constricted round Dana's face. Dana then pulled her hand out of Dominique's hand, made a fist, and reinserted it. She slid herself into her sister four or five inches past her wrist, the pulled herself back out. Dana was amazed. Her whole hand seemed to be devoured by her sister's hungry ass. Dominique was in a continuous moan. When Dana slid her arm in her sister almost to her elbow, Dominique's moan grew louder, much louder. Dana slid almost a foot of her lower arm in and out of her sister at two to three second intervals. In a few minutes, Dominique's legs were dripping with her girl-cum, and she climaxed, shivering throughout her whole body. Dana then pulled her arm out of her sister's ass, now distorted from having such a large object inserted in it. Now able to slide her tongue much deeper in, Dana lingeringly ate out Dominique's distorted asshole. Dominique collapsed onto the bed. Dana, who was then ready to receive, had to wait a long minute for her sister to recover.

Dana then felt a lubricated finger being inserted into her ass, then a second, and a third, and a fourth, and finally a thumb. Dana then felt her sister's other hand being inserted into her ass. Her sister had both hands in her ass. For a minute, she hollered out in pain.

“Oh fuck, this hurts. Take one of them out, please!” Dana cried.

“Nope, you're mine.”


“You know you love it.”

Dominique then shoved both of her arms in her sister, almost to the elbow.

“Owwwwwwww!” Dana cried out. She felt like her asshole was going to be torn apart.

Dana then felt her sister throttling her arms in and out of her; slowly, her pain gave way to extreme pleasure. Dana moaned in ecstacy. Her juices were dripping down her legs all the way to her ankles. In three minutes, Dana spasmed and collapsed onto the bed. The whole bed was wet from Dana's juices. Dominique had bathed her body in her sister's juices while she was screwing her up the ass. Dana then kissed her sister, tasting her own juices in her sister's mouth. They embraced each-other, and Dana could feel her juices all over her sister.

“Let me rub my juices onto you,” Dana cooed to her sister.

“I'd love it,” Dominique replied.

Dominique then rolled over and Dana rubbed her juices on as if it were tanning oil. She rubbed it on by dragging her pussy over her sister, and then massaging it in.

Chapter III: Excursion

The sisters were quite bored at their first three classes of the day. Dana had even masturbated during a video on chemistry. However, they met up at lunch. After lunch, they could resist each-other no longer, so they met up in the hallway next period. The fact that they went to the bathroom to fuck each-other was not hard to believe; but which bathroom they went to was – they met up in the boys bathroom. The boys bathroom to fuck! It was surprisingly clean, cleaner than the girl's bathroom. Dominique plopped her ripe ass on the urinal, waiting for her sister to kneel down and eat her out. Dana kneeled down before her sister's glorious pussy, and burried her face in it, lapping at it.

Dominique was now very wet. Juices rolled out of her pussy, down her inner thigh, down her lower leg, dripping off her inner ankles, then dropping onto the floor. Dana's tongue darted in and out of her sister, deep into the well of the vagina, then brushing up against the labia and clit. Dominique, now throttling up and down on the urinal, had almost orgasmed, when she saw the guy standing there. He was hard as a rock, she could tell. They broke off their jealous embrace and stared at the guy, frightened. He was blond and handsome, though they weren't attracted to him, being newly-found lesbians.

“Maybe I should go,” he said.

“You can stay and join in if you promise to keep quiet,” Dana said, preventing him from leaving.

He agreed. Knowing that they were sister's got him even harder. Dominique got up and continued receiving her sister's tongue, but had the additional pleasure of having this guy shove his dick in and out of her ass. Though Dominique liked the feeling of her sister's arm being shoved in her rectum, she was also satisfied with this guy's dick. This is kinky. In ten minutes, she climaxed, as did he, coming very hard. He came for near a minute long; he came so much that come was dripping out of her asshole and seeping onto othethe floor. Her sister then lapped at her asshole, rubbing the come in with her tongue. Dominique looked at the guy.

“Well, lick it up,” Dominique said.

The guy began licking the dripping come off of Dominique's leg.

“Not off my leg, off the floor!”

Normally, he wouldn't have even touched the bathroom floor, especially since he'd seen many people piss on it; but he was so turned on he did it: he licked his own come off the floor. Meanwhile, Dana collected the come seeping out of Dana's ass in her mouth, and then frenched her sister with the come in her mouth. They passed it back and forth, and devoured it between the two of them. After they were done, they made the guy promise not to tell anyone what they had done. He again agreed, putting away his equipment and leaving. The two sister's embraced each-other, first hugging, rubbing their luscious breasts together, then kissing. Dominique could taste a mixture of her juices and the guys come in her sister's mouth.

Chapter IV: Desert Heat

The sister's decided to jog home, living only four miles away. Both were in good shape and could easily run the four miles. They jogged a mile until they were safely out of sight of the school and other people. They stripped down naked and continued jogging. It wouldn't be so hot and it would give them a good tan. They wouldn't get sunburned, each of them already being tan; also, they had sunscreen all over their body, including between their breasts. They had applied the lotion on each-other earlier that day. Dana looked over at her sister, whose breasts were bouncing up and down as she ran. The sweat ran down her face, neck, around and between here breasts, down her stomach, gathering at her crotch, then down her legs. There wasn't and inch of Dominique's body that wasn't covered in sweat.

“Wait a minute,” Dana said, “lets stop and rest.”

When Dominique stopped, Dana jumped on her. Dominique resisted, saying they'd dehydrate. So they got their water bottle and each drank a quarter gallon of spring water. Then Dana pushed her sister on the hot ground. The ground caused her to sweat even more. Dominique liked being sweaty. It made her feel sexy, but only if she was nude. Dominique would never tolerate any clothing sticking to her skin. Whenever she started to sweat, onto the ground her clothes went. But this time when she started to sweat, onto the ground she went. As Dominique fell to the ground, she pulled her sister, also seating, on top of her. Dominique felt her ass being singed like eggs on the hot ground. Dominique and Dana rolled around on the ground, each getting their chance to be singed. This was a new sensation for Dana, having her ass singed. She felt like a cow being branded.

They kissed, their tongues interwoven, and Dana, now on top of her sister, had her tongue at the entrance of her sister's throat. Dana moved her face between her sister's breasts, exploring the area between them with her tongue. Every place Dana's hot slick tongue touched felt like the touch of God to Dominique. Dana liked the way her sister tasted now. Dana grabbed her sister's nipples with her hands, loosely at first, then tightening her grip, causing Dominique to moan. Dominique liked having her nipples played with, and was hoping Dana would discover that. Dominique then felt something wet wiggling on her left nipple. It was Dana's tongue.

“Ah, oh God, it feels so good,” Dominique moaned, as her sister practically performed liposuction on her breasts.

Dominique was thoroughly stimulated and her wet slit wanted some tongue. So she forced her sister into a sixty-nine position, which would allow them both to climax together as they were near carbon-copies sexually. Dana probed her tongue all the way into her sister's wet slit, then pulled it out and worked on her wet clit. They continued like this for ten minutes, at which time they both climaxed. They massaged each-other's sweaty bodies for a while. They then got up and finished their job, still naked.

Chapter V: Forced Entry

Later that day.

Dana wanted to be raped by her sister. Of course, it wouldn't be real rape. She wanted it. But she wanted Dominique to act good enough to make her think she was being raped. While Dana was lying on the bed, Dominique crept into the room with a knife in one hand and a whip in the other. Dominique then positioned her body above her sister's, hushing Dana's mouth with her hand.

“You're mine, to do as I say, bitch, understand?,” Dominique said, while holding the knife to her sister's throat. Dana nodded her head as Dominique positioned her bare crotch affront of her sister's mouth. “You know what to do, bitch!”

Indeed, Dana knew what to do. And she knew well, very well. Dana moved her mouth close to her sister's inner thigh. She then began licking it up and down, back and forth, slowly moving towards Dominique's pelvic area. Then it happened. Dana's lips touched her sister's lips, causing Dominique to moan out.

“Ugh, Ohh Yeah! Lick me, bitch!”

This stimulated Dana to slide her tongue around her sister's fatty lip. Dana went around her sister's wet warm lips, sometimes partially inserting her tongue into her sister's cunt, but quickly removing it. Dana would torture her sister. Dana slowly increased the time she spent on her sister's slit, at the expense of her lips, until, alas, Dana's tongue was totally concentrated on her sister's slit, nothing else. Dana slid her tongue in and out of her sister's wet hot slit for several minutes, tasting the sweet juice of her sister. Dana loved the taste of Dominique's juices.

Dominique felt an orgasm coming quickly. But just as she was about to climax, her sister stopped. Dominique lingered int other quasi-orgasm state for several minutes until her feeling of impeding orgasm had subsided. Dominique was then overcome with anger, her sister having stopped early. She would punish Dana for doing this to her. She looked down at her sister, who had an evil grin on her face. Dominique's anger exploded as she extended her arm and slapped her sister flat across the face. A tear glided down Dana's face, but she knew what was happening. The act had begun. Dana turned the other cheek. Dominique again raised her hand, coming to a height, accelerating downward, and slapping her sister across the cheek.

“You Bitch! Finish what you started,” Dominique screamed.

Dominique again slapped her sister, now sitting, so hard that Dana fell, belly-down, on the bed. Dominique was going to ship the crap out of her kinky sister with a leather whip. Dominique walked over to the counter, retrieved the whip, then returned, towering above her sister. Dominique placed the whip behind her, then accelerated forward and down onto her sister's bare ass with all of her might. Dana screamed as a tear rolled off her face. Dominique paused until her sister gave the go signal. Then Dominique slammed the whip onto Dana's ass again. Dominique did this ten times more, allowing Dana to recover each time before she did it again. On the eleventh time, Dominique landed the whip between Dana's ass, causing her whole body to spasm uncontrollably. She had brought her sister to an orgasm by whipping her! Kinky little slut.

Chapter VI: Red Lust

Dominique had a new idea. She had thought of it last night, and brought a blood drawing needle for tonight. She had IV tubes to collect the blood. And so, Dominique inserted the IV tube in her sister's arm, drawing out about a half a cup of blood. The other half came from the other arm. Once Dominique had the blood, she dumped it on her sister's breasts (Dana was, of course, naked). Dana's chest area was now dark red, covered with her own red blood. Dana felt her warm blood all over her breasts, rolling down her sides. Dominique looked down at her sister's body, engorged in blood. Dana's breasts looked so nice in blood, Dominique thought.

Dominique dove her face atop her sister's blood-covered body, and slowly began to lick up the blood, enjoying its' taste. Blood has a unique tasted, kind of salty, and another metallic taste that can't be described and is best left unnamed. Dominique started at her sister's stomach with her tongue, then moved up her sister's sides around her breasts, leaving plenty of blood behind. She would later rub that into her sister. She licked rounder her sister's breasts, slowly applying a lot of pressure, until she was circulating round her sister's nipple.

Then, Dana saw her sister look up at her. Dominique's face was red, especially her mouth. Dominique then kissed her sister, mouth to mouth. Dana could taste her own blood in her sister's mouth. It tasted good. It was the best of kisses. Dana felt like a vampire or something. Dominique broke off the kiss. Dominique then began to rub the blood into her sister's body. She rubbed it in as if it were sun screen, starting at the stomach, pressing inward, going between, over, and around the breasts, and finally atop them. Dominique continued rubbing the blood in her sister, concentrating on the breasts in particular, until it was totally absorbed. Dana's front body was tinted red, blood-red.

“Oh, god, that feels good,” Dana said.

Dana then did the same thing to her sister. They liked this, this blood-bathing. They wished they could take their bathes together in blood, but oh well, too bad. They went to sleep with the taint of blood.