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Three Generations



Leticia finally reached the age where she could retire from her job at the hospital but rather than being able to enjoy her leisure years she had to look after her sickly husband. Long years of hard work and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day had taken their toll on his health.

Her daughter Esperanza had followed her into the nursing profession and they had worked at the same hospital. She didn't marry until she was 34-years-old. The following year she presented Leticia with a granddaughter named Pilar.

Leticia had always had a strong attraction to Esperanza. From the time she was a small child Leticia had felt an urge to touch her in a manner that most people would find unacceptable. As Esperanza developed into a woman her figure took on the form of most of the other women in Leticia's family. Dark hair, dark eyes, large breasts, wide hips, round butt and an abundance of pubic hair. Esperanza had to start shaving her underarms and legs by the time she was twelve. She was always the prim and proper lady of the family. However, Esperanza has one bad character flaw. When she is not working she tended to get blind drunk.

When Leticia would be sitting for Pilar at Esperanza's apartment Pilar would be sound asleep by the time Esperanza would stumble home. Leticia would help her drunken daughter to bed. Leticia would help her change clothes and put her to bed where she would be sound asleep in no time.

Leticia would sometimes take advantage of the opportunity to lift her nightgown up and admire her daughter's pubic bush. She even tested her daughter's unconscious state by running her fingertips through the black bush. When her labia were protruding and the clit was exposed Leticia touched it and Esperanza would stir a little. One time while Leticia was fondling her Esperanza crossed her legs trapping Leticia's hand for a while. She had to sit there until her daughter moved enough to free her hand.

After Leticia had stroked her daughter's cunt she would retreat to the bathroom where she would use her left hand to masturbate her own hairy cunt while smelling the fingers on her right hand. Just the odor of her daughter's cunt was enough to bring her to the crest of a climax.

When Pilar came along Leticia would baby-sit for her while her mother worked those long shifts at the hospital. The attachment between Leticia and Pilar was closer that it was between her and her mother. Pilar would spend as much time at her grandparent's home as she did at her mother's home.

She was a beautiful child. She had the trademark black hair that they did not cut. Even with her hair in a ponytail she could sit on it. Her big black eyes were in sharp contrast to her white teeth. Privately Leticia was attracted to her in the same unacceptable manner as she was to her daughter.

When Pilar was only six and a half years old when her grandpa passed away. Leticia had not slept alone in so many years that the bed did not feel right without the presence of another person. The bed was lopsided and colder. When Pilar would spend nights at grandma's house, after that she would insist on sleeping with Leticia.

Leticia was reluctant to let her sleep in her bed because she knew how much she wanted to make love to her. It was enough of a test of her will just to supervise Pilar's baths. She had bathed Pilar from the time she was a baby and still sat on the toilet seat and watched her bath as they talked about daily events and latest news. She still checked the youngster's naked body to make sure that she was squeaky clean after her bath. When Pilar was not around Leticia would fantasize about that perfect little naked body while masturbating.

Leticia noticed that Pilar's body started changing when she was 11-years-old. Her breasts started to swell and her areolas expanded. The brown skin looked like little chocolate kisses on top of her budding breasts. It was just a short time later that Leticia noticed that Pilar started sprouting the first few strands of black pubic hair. That was enough to bring a smile to Leticia's face. Her granddaughter knew that Pilar would be as hairy as the rest of the Garcia family women.

Leticia was reminded about when she was an 11-year-old back in Puerto Rico. There was a 49-year-old neighbor that became her friend and she took her to the beach all of the time. The woman started showering with her when they got back to her home. The woman asked if she could bath her. She did a very good job. When she scrubbed her pussy she stroked her clit until Leticia trembled all over and climaxed. Then the woman knelt in front of her and sucked and tongue fucked her tender young pussy. Leticia soon learned that she also enjoyed sucking the hairy pussy of this adult woman.

One hot summer's night Leticia and Pilar were getting ready for bed. They each put on a thin satin nightgown before climbing onto the mattress. Pilar always turned her back to her granny and spooned up against Leticia's body after giving her a goodnight kiss.

Leticia always let Pilar rest her head on her left arm and this night she rested her right hand on Pilar's ribs and slowly slid her hand around Pilar's body to pull her closer against her. In pulling Pilar closer her fingers brushed against the swollen areola cap of her right breast.

Leticia held her breath and was about to remove her hand when Pilar placed her hand over her grandmother's and held it tightly against her breast. When Leticia tried to pull away Pilar's grip prevented her from doing so. Leticia exhaled the air in her lungs and gently toyed with the hard nipple.

Pilar let out a moan and whispered softly, "Please grandma don't stop touching me. It makes me feel all warm and wonderful inside."

Leticia felt her breast by gently squeezed the small orb and Pilar showed her appreciation by and nuzzling her butt tightly against Leticia's lap. Leticia felt her own pussy respond. She had that tingle down there that usually resulted in her masturbating. How the hell could she do that with her granddaughter pressing her round butt against her crotch?

It was Pilar that pulled grandma's hand down to her own warm crotch. Leticia could feel the heat through the satin nightgown. She slowly stroked the material and her finger felt the material slip between the lips on Pilar's vagina. She felt the material getting moist from the girl's juices. It was Pilar that gathered up the hem of her nightgown and started pulling it up around her waist.

Leticia had to lift her hand enough to allow Pilar to pull her nightgown up. When the gown was out of the way Leticia placed her hand over the naked vulva and started stroking the small opening with her finger. She found her little love button and began stroking it slowly. Pilar started grinding her naked butt into the satin covered crotch of her grandmother.

Pilar was so excited that she had a short breathtaking climax. She had been masturbating for a couple of years after an older girl in the neighborhood taught her how to do it. This was the first time another person had touched her down there and it brought her to a climax faster than it had ever happened before.

When she recovered from her orgasm she rolled over to face her grandmother. She had to lace her legs between her grandmother's legs so that she could press her body close to her grandmother's.

Their hot breaths mingled as they kissed each other like they had never kissed before. Pilar placed her hand on her grandmother's breast and pulled the top of her nightgown down enough to pull her tit out.

Pilar had always admired her granny's big breasts and had seen her naked before. Not that her granny flaunted her nudity. It was just natural occasions that she had seen her naked while changing clothes. Now that she was close enough to see every dimple in her flesh her mouth watered for want of the desire to suck on her nipple. Leticia's areola was a dark brown as her own and the nipple was as large as a baby bottles. She opened her mouth and flicked the nipple with her tongue tip before trying to swallow it.

Leticia was reduced to a whimpering bowl of jelly as she stroked the hair on the back of Pilar's head. Leticia started rubbing her hairy crotch against the slender thigh of her granddaughter. The friction was enough to send her into a blissful feeling of ecstasy. When she recovered she rolled Pilar onto her back and started kissing her face. She placed her hand over her budding breast before sucking on her nipple. She drove her granddaughter wild with her mouth and tongue.

Leticia licked her way down the girl's body until her mouth touched her sparse patch of black pubic hair. Pilar invitingly spread her legs wide as her granny started kissing her pussy.

This was new to Pilar. She had only heard crude rumors about lovers performing oral sex on each other. Nothing could have ever prepared her for the thrill of someone actually licking and tongue fucking her young cunt.

Leticia was making up for years of denial about wanting to do this very thing on Pilar's mother. She covered her vulva with her mouth and used her tongue to part her labia. She flicked the clitoris until Pilar could not hold her butt still. She bather the vulva with her saliva and licked the child from asshole to her clit.

This time when Pilar climaxed she lost control of herself and started peeing in her granny's face. Leticia was surprised that it did not disturb her that the girl was pissing on her. She actually opened her mouth and swallowed the salty liquid her granddaughter was squirting from her young cunt.

The kiss they shared afterwards was a salty kiss. Leticia lay on her back next to Pilar. She was resting and feeling content with herself for having finally tasted the pussy on her granddaughter.

Pilar was feeling the stirrings of her own desire to find out what it would be like to make love to a grown woman and the fact that she was her own grandmother added to the forbidden wickedness of it all. She turned over to face her granny and started kissing her the way granny had kissed her.

Leticia knew where this was headed and it appealed to her. Just thinking about her granddaughter sucking her pussy was enough to have her pussy dripping. She gently rested her hands on Pilar's shoulders and fingered the long black hair as the child moved down to a position where she could suck on her tits. She let her suck on both of them for a while but her pussy needed attention and she pushed the girl lower.

Pilar did not resist because she wanted to find out what it was like to lick a pussy. When she got down to her granny's bush she found so much hair that it got caught in between her teeth. She had to use her hands to part the hair and she found the labia to be like dark rubber lips. She could smell her lingering odor of urine and the strong odor of her sex. After all she had had a climax or two. She felt the valley with her fingers before licking her cunt. She continued stroking her granny's crack with her fingers while she sucked on her clit. She found that her granny had hair ringing her asshole. She marveled at the way her granny reacted when she pressed her finger against the sphincter. It resisted at first but soon relaxed and her finger actually was sucked into her butt. Pilar sucked her granny until she was rewarded with a flood of pussy juice.

They cuddled and talked about what they had just done. Leticia wanted to make sure that Pilar was not upset with her for doing those things with her. Pilar, on the other hand, only wanted to talk about what else they could do. They slept in each others arms that night and when their bladders woke them up in the morning they kissed each other before going to the bathroom. Leticia could still taste her own pussy juice on Pilar's face. Pilar could smell the morning breath of her granny but after kissing her she didn't mind it at all.

From that day on whenever Pilar stayed with Leticia they made love to each other. Leticia introduced her to all of her personal sex toys, everything from beads on a string to vibrating butt plugs and dildos. It was like a wedding night when Leticia took her granddaughter virginity with a lovely thick dildo strap-on.

Leticia knew that Esperanza's husband was a totally pussy whipped asshole that spent most of his time drunk. She had even walked in on him in the bathroom one time an saw his pitifully small cock. He had almost pissed on himself trying to stuff it back into his pants. He did what ever he was told to do by her daughter.

One time when Leticia was taking care of Esperanza's apartment while they were on vacation, Leticia was cleaning up the bedroom and found a box under the bed. She had stubbed her toe while changing the sheets. At first she was upset with having hurt her toe on the box but curiosity took over and she pulled it out from under the bed. When she opened the box she found that her daughter had secrets of her own.

The box contained a variety of sexual toys. Some were typical personal masturbation devices like her toys but others were even more interesting. She could barely figure out what they were for. There was a cock ring. She could picture her daughter's husband stuffing his little cock and scrotum through that ring and waiting for it to swell. There was also a strap-on dildo in the box. She wondered whom Esperanza used it on. She picked it up and smelled it. She could detect the latex rubber but she could also smell the tell tale aroma of someone's anus. She had a flash of her daughter standing behind her husband fucking his asshole while she reached around him and toyed with his swollen little prick.

She closed the box and put it back where she had found it. After that she found herself watching her daughter for signs of her sexual dominance of her husband. She was soon picking up on the innuendos she was telling her husband that he was not going to get what he wanted for not doing what she wanted.

Leticia finally confronted Esperanza about her suspicions. Rather than being defensive Esperanza smiled and said that he does as he is told. When Leticia told her about finding her toy box Esperanza brought the box into the living room and showed off her toys and told her mother how she used them.

Leticia knew every well what a catheter was and how it was used. Esperanza told her mother how she inserted it into her husband's penis and made him drink his own pee right from his bladder while she butt fucked him.

The second question Leticia had for her daughter was about her pubic hair. She knew that she never shaved her vulva and at times she had seen her underarms and found them to be unshaven.

Esperanza explained that she did shave her legs and underarms during the summer but preferred to go a natural during the winter. She said that if it were not for the bare arms during the summer she would never shave her underarms. To prove her point she pulled the underside of her sleeve and showed her mother the stubble of hair growing there.

Pilar was at school and they were alone. Leticia asked, "Have you ever had a relationship with a woman?"

Esperanza got a big grin on her face. "I have had a few affairs with some nurses and even a couple of candy stripers."

The news had Leticia's pussy throbbing. She was picturing her daughter dominating some young new nurse or a sweet young candy striper. She really got hot when Esperanza reached into her box of toys and pulled out an eighteen-inch long double headed dildo made of green translucent latex.

Leticia was sitting in at the kitchen table and Esperanza stood up and came around the table and pulled Leticia's chair around. She could not believe that she never knew about her daughters sexuality all of these years. She was too stunned to even object when her daughter pulled up her skirt and sat facing her on her thighs. She held one end of the rubber cock under her nose and let her smell the pussy odor still on it. "What see how it feels mom?"

Then Esperanza pulled the front of Leticia's panties down and inserted a good six inches of the dildo into her mother's pussy. "Do you mind if I use the other end?" she asked. Then she stood up long enough to pull her own panties down and step out of them. She lifted to dildo up and sat back down on her mother's lap and slowly lowered herself down on the dildo. She stared wiggling her ass around and bucking up and down. The effect was that both of them were being fucked.

Esperanza kissed her mother on the mouth as she kneaded her breasts. It was a study in erotic control the way Esperanza seduced her mother right there in her dinning room. After sopping up their pussies with the dildo she sat her mother on the dinning table and sat in the chair to eat the very cunt she had been born from.

The two of them retired to the bedroom to continue their exploration of their new relationship. Esperanza stripped off her clothes and reclined on the bed to watch her mother get undressed. She rested her head on the pillow and crossed her arms behind her head.

When Leticia was totally naked she crawled across the bed to her daughter. She could not resist sticking her nose into the stubble of her daughter's armpit and smelling the sweat as she licked her underarm. She proceeded to give her daughter a tongue bath. By the time she was sucking her daughter's toes Esperanza was aroused and she put on her strap-on and prepared to fuck her mother doggie style. They were so involved in their game that they didn't here the front door open.

Pilar had come home early with the hopes that she would be able to go visit her granny. When she entered the house she followed the noise to the master bedroom and when she opened the door she found her mother fucking her beloved granny from behind. Her first instinct told her that her mother was hurting the older woman. After all she was crying out all kinds of obscenities as her mother drove her hips hard against granny's butt.

When Esperanza saw her daughter standing there watching what was going on she stopped moving and pulled the dildo out of her mother's pussy. The slippery tool made a sucking sound as it popped out of granny's cunt.

Leticia loudly begged her daughter not to stop fucking her. When she turned her head she saw Pilar and the look of shock on her face.

Pilar felt hurt to see her granny being fucked by her mother. If that was what granny wanted why had she not taught her how to do it. She was backing up and about to bolt from the room when Leticia scrambled off of the bed and ran to her with juices dripping from her cunt. She kissed Pilar and pulled her back to the bed.

Esperanza was shocked to be caught by her daughter. She had never planned on letting her know what an old pervert she was. The way her mother was mothering Pilar told her that there was more things about her daughter than she knew.

They were sitting on the side of the bed calming down Pilar. It was Leticia that started undressing Pilar as her mother watched. She would have never suspected that they were lovers until she saw the way her mother started kissing her daughter. When Pilar was naked Esperanza watched her mother suck the small breasts. The kissing became mutual and before long granny was sucking Pilar's pussy while Esperanza returned to fucking her mother from behind.

The triangle was complete now. Leticia was having sex with both her daughter and granddaughter. It was more than she had ever hoped for.

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