The Young and the Restless: Chapter 1

Nikki Newman sat at her oubliette brushing her hair. It was a part of her bedtime ritual that she had enjoyed since early adolescence. She stared into her bleu eyes as she gazed into the mirror. A glance at the window showed her that the weather had taken on a change for the worse since this morning when she and Victoria had gone riding. It had been a relief for Nikki to see her daughter up and about for the first time in over a week. One never got over the worry for one's children when they were ill, no matter how old they were. Victoria had just turned twenty two weeks before and it hadn't been until then that Nikki had come to grips with the fact that her daughter really was a woman now, not just a girl in a woman's body. She had of course noticed the fact that her little girl had developed a voluptuous body at the age of fifteen, around the time she had returned from boarding school in France. It had surprised her enormously upon seeing her for the first time, and it had also sparked mixed emotions for the devoted mother, emotions that were at odds with her motherly instincts. Part of it was jealousy she knew, envy of her daughter's youth, the perfectly shaped body, the full breasts, the tightly contoured buttocks, the full sensuous lips that did not require cosmetics to be appealing, and part of it, she now had to admit, was an attraction she had not understood then for what it was.

Before she had become Nicole Newman she had been an exotic dancer in an exclusive nightclub that catered to the wealthy aristocratic clique of Genoah city. It was then, under the bright lights of the stage and in the back dressing rooms, that Nikki had discovered in herself a more than casual interest in the bodies of her sisters of the night. She had hardly admitted it to herself at the time but now, being an older and more mature person, she recognized the flood of emotions she had felt then for what they really were. It was the same emotion she had been experiencing in varying degrees for the past five years, in her own household, and especially today; she was intensely attracted to young voluptuous women. Nikki knew that it wasn't exactly jealousy that she felt of her daughter's body, but for her youth and innocence. She was older by a fair degree than she had been back then but had maintained, rather proudly, the perfect form she had been gifted with as a young woman. Her breast were still the 38Cs that they had been even before her two children, they did not sag like those of most women her age. Her ass was still tight and dimple free, no fat on her thighs or anywhere else for that matter, and her face had stood the test of time. If anything she was more perfect in her beauty now than she had ever been, like a peach that had reach its full potential of ripeness. Despite this she still felt the pressure of time, of missed opportunities, of chances and explorations she had not allowed herself for the sake of appearances that a woman of her social standing had to maintain.

There were no men in her life now for the first time in many years, not because she did not like their attentions, but simply because their kind of attention was something she no longer craved. She had come to appreciate her own beauty for its own sake, not for the ambitions of men and what they could provide her with; companionship, wealth, comfort. If anything she missed that comfort certain men had been able to give her, but now she took comfort in herself as a person as well as an object of lust.

Recently, she had started to look at herself in the mirror unclothed and in a variety of positions. At first she had simply been attempting to see in herself what men apparently saw when they looked at her. She liked what the mirror showed her immediately. The perfectly shaped breast with they softly pink nipples, the tan of her body as it contrasted with her pale blond hair, especially the triangle of blond pubic hair that attended her vagina. She had gone so far as to position herself on all fours with her back to the mirror to see how she must have looked for those men who had enjoyed her in that position. Her posterior had smiled back at her invitingly she had had to admit even to herself, the lips of her vagina nestled around her clitoris quite nicely, with her blond trimmed hairs hanging just below along the line of her belly. Even her anus had aroused a feeling of passion in her that had surprised her very much, its small wrinkled pucker was a slightly darker shade of pink than that of the surrounding flesh. She had thought then that it was surprising that more men had not attempted that particular passage during the many bouts of lovemaking she had enjoyed over the years. Only on two occasions had she permitted that type of penetration. Though she had enjoyed it after the initial discomfort of first entry, she had never quite understood the attraction afforded to it by men and had always thought it to be a sign in men of latent homosexuality. Upon seeing it with clearer eyes however, she had come to understand completely how one could contemplate making love to that portion of a person's body; in her it was a sight to behold. She had masturbated herself to several orgasms that first day of study, she now remembered fondly. It had not been the last in the subsequent days, and it would likely go on now indefinitely since she had rediscovered a passion in her self for herself that she had not suspected could exist except in those who were hopelessly narcissistic. All of this was not a problem for her as it might be to other women. She knew who she was and felt comfortable with that knowledge. In times past she had always looked to men to furnish her with confirmation of her beauty, but now she saw herself in a new light where she did not need to be bolstered by others to appreciate her self, or find meaning in her life.

Nikki sighed as she continued to brush her hair back. With all of these new realizations though, why did she feel so confused all of a sudden? Nikki looked at her reflection in the mirror a little more closely. Her eyes trailed down the contours of her face, to her neck, and finally to her breasts, which were barely covered by the silk of her low-cut sleeping gown. Delicately, and slowly, she finally put her brush down and with her right hand reached into the warmth of her gown to caress and massage her left breast. Almost immediately her nipple stood out at full attention against her palm. Gently, she began to knead her nipple between thumb and forefinger, stopping every once in awhile to gently pull it out away from her body in a mock form of abuse she found invigorating.

She understood her confusion a little better now that she was being honest with herself. Her nipples had become extremely hard earlier in the day when she had walked in on Victoria, who had been just about to change into her riding outfit. Impatient to be away as early as possible, and happy that Victoria was able finally to leave the confines of her room, Nikki had briskly walked up the stairs to her room. Instead of knocking however, as was her usual habit with her children before entering their rooms, she had quietly opened the door. To her shock, and later consternation, she had seen Victoria in the midst of divesting herself of her silk teddy. It had just dropped to the floor when she walked in and Victoria had been exposed in all her glory. Nikki could not help but appraise her daughter's body much as she had recently begun appraising her own. She noticed what she knew to be her daughter's 36C breasts staring at her with their nipples stiff with the newly discovered chill of the fresh air, her beautiful form with her straight and wide shoulders tapered to her slim waist and flared like the base of a cello to her beautiful hips, and she could distinctly make out the lips of her daughter's vagina as she stood with her legs slightly apart. Victoria's first reaction upon the door opening was to jump back and cover her breasts with her folded arms as she bent slightly over, attempting to cross her thighs to hide her vagina from the supposed trespasser but, upon seeing that it was simply her mother she stood up casually again and turned toward the bed to pick up her riding pants.

"I'm almost done mom -- I'll be down soon!"

As she spoke Nikki could not help but look at her daughter as she bent over the bed. Between the cleft of her apple round buttocks she could clearly see her daughter's clitoris peeking between her vaginal lips, a hint of her perfect rosebud just above, and further up she appreciated the motion of her daughter's pendant breasts as they swayed to her movements. Turning quickly to hide the shock of her feelings from Victoria, Nikki had left the room.

"All right honey! I'll wait for you in the tack room." She had called nonchalantly as she walked down the hall to the stairs.

Sitting now in front of her oubliette, still rubbing her breast gently, Nikki let out another sigh. What was she going to do? She had been able to push aside the powerful arousal the sight of her naked daughter had produced in her by the time she had reached the tack room, but not long afterwards she had had to consciously look away from Victoria at several points during the subsequent ride. The sight of her daughter's buttocks bouncing firmly against the saddle as she cantered along the trail ahead of her had caused her to feel a familiar dampness between her legs. Upon getting back to her room after the morning ride she had noticed the obvious stain of arousal against the crotch of her tight riding pants when she looked in the mirror. Had Victoria noticed? She had wondered about the strange look Victoria had given her when unsaddling the horses in the stable. She had actually smiled and seemed to blush at one point before turning away to release the halter from her mare.

They had then gone their separate ways for the rest of the day; Nikki to her room and a furious bout of masturbation on her king size bed, and Victoria to wherever she had gone. Thinking about it now Nikki wondered at the near interruption she experienced during her orgasm that morning. For a moment then she had thought she heard the soft steps of someone leaving the doorway leading to the atrium of her bedroom and the hall, but it was so soft a sound that she had dismissed the thought as paranoia and had blithely continued to insinuate her fingers in her vagina and anus as she thought of tonguing her daughter's gorgeous, hairless pussy. That had been the first orgasm in recent memory that she had had while thinking of another woman, let alone her own daughter. The particular theme she had been entertaining concerned the night just passed and her visit to Victoria's room before going to bed.

For the past week or more Nikki had been reveling in the resurgence of her maternal instincts with the arrival of Victoria's flu symptoms. Chills, congestion, fever, loss of appetite. Like most older parents the opportunity to baby their babies became fewer as the years past. With Victoria's illness Nikki had the perfect excuse to re-awaken the nurse that resided in all mothers and quickly began to dote care and affection on her daughter that in times of normal health Victoria would no doubt have found unwelcome and out of place. Night after night during the illness Nikki would go to Victoria's bedroom before sleeping herself to take her temperature and help apply vapor rub to her daughter's chest. For the first few nights Nikki's motherly instincts over rode all other thoughts and considerations but soon enough, despite Victoria quickly approaching recovery, she continued to baby her daughter and insisted on applying the rub to her chest herself, whether she really needed it or not. She told Victoria when she complained in embarrassment that it was natural for mothers to take no chances when it came to the flu but in her secret heart she knew she had begun to enjoy the ministrations. Though she never touched her daughter's nipples until last night, she had come more than close enough in the preceding nights to find her thoughts turning carnal with every pass of her hand over the top of Victoria's chest. This became so much so that she had crossed a certain line.

Masking her growing lust for her daughter with a mother's dutiful care Nikki had proceeded to give Victoria a more than sufficient amount of Nyquil before bed to make her very groggy during the application of the vapor rub. With Victoria all but passed out on her bed, and with Nikki in her silk gown sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing the heady mixture into her daughter's skin, she finally took the plunge and a made a lower pass than usual over her breasts until she was actually cradling the circumference of Victoria's breasts in her palms, pushing away as she did her daughter's teddy which, until then, had been tucked up around her waist and just covering her nipples. Carefully watching Victoria at this point and ready to utter the embarrassed apology should it be needed, Nikki held her breath. When Victoria had remained motionless, except for the slight sigh and parting of her lips, Nikki continued with her usual ministrations, except that this time she included the fondling of her daughter's sizeable breasts into her routine. This had continued for approximately ten minutes before Nikki finally slowed down enough to realize how close she was coming to having an orgasm and crossing the line for good. She had been watching Victoria nipples grow harder and harder, and with that her daughter's arousal had been plain to see as she unconsciously rubbed her thighs together in her sleep, her teddy bunched up around her waist. Nikki had thought she could actually smell to scent of daughter's pussy permeating the air, and she had gloried in it. Before rearranging the teddy back in its proper place Nikki delicately kissed each of her daughter's nipples, then standing up she had finally left to go back to her own bed. Strangely enough she had not played with herself then, she had been much too confused with feelings of guilt and shame to pursue that enterprise.

All these thoughts and more passed through Nikki's mind now as she drew her hand back from her breast. Slowly her hand began to move again, but in another direction altogether. It slipped like a fugitive seeking shelter between her now open thighs to caress her mound. Her other hand, until now idle on the desktop next to the brush, moved to her other breast and began a slow rounding motion over the surface very lightly, raising goose bumps all over her upper torso. Down below her middle finger had embedded itself between her vaginal lips, seeking her now hardened and swollen clit. In her mind she pictured herself in the tack room with Victoria like they had been earlier today and on countless other occasions in the past, but this time it was under entirely different circumstances. She imagined herself walking up behind Victoria as she took care of her mare's grooming, imagined standing directly behind her daughter, taking hold of her firm breasts with both her hands and gently breathing into her ear as she nuzzled her hair with her cheek. In her reverie she pictured Victoria turning slowly around to kiss her full on the lips, like a lover might, not a daughter.

Focusing on her reflection once more in the mirror, Nikki slowly stopped the motion of both her hands and brought them once more out of hiding and onto the counter in front of her. What was wrong with her? She knew it was immoral of her to think of Victoria this way, a betrayal of trust in the extreme. At the same time however she knew that it was all right as long it remained a fantasy. The very nature of fantasy, especially sexual fantasy, was to explore those things that one could, or should, not do in real life. The real problem in this case was that until last night and earlier today it had been just that. She had crossed the line twice in twenty-four hours.

Nikki got up from her chair and pulled a robe over her silk sleeping gown, then tied it in place. It was time to go down stairs and fix her self a drink. Drown her confusion in alcohol. She rarely did it but tonight she felt the need. Perhaps it would help her, by some miracle of drunken introspection, to regain her equilibrium and simply be a mother to her daughter, instead of a potential seducer. As she traveled down the long hall she almost stopped as she realized she would have to pass by Victoria's room if she went this way. She should have gone down the back stair to the kitchen instead. Even now she could see the door to Victoria's room. The light was still on. Tonight Nikki had hoped her daughter would have gone to bed early. It was late now. She had deliberately stayed away on this evening of her trial so that she would be able to pass judgment on herself without the influence of Victoria's presence. Just as she was about to turn around to go back to the other end of the hall and the back stairway she heard her daughter's voice calling gently from her room.

"Mom, is that you?"

"Yes honey", Nikki said as neutrally as she could.

"Are you coming to say goodnight?" The way Victoria said it sounded almost plaintive.

"Not tonight dear. I'm sorry, but you must be feeling fine since you went out today. You don't need me anymore, honey", Nikki tried not to sound despondent but didn't think she did very well, a fact belied by her daughter's next statement.

"You sound funny!" A pause, then: "Where were you going then?"

"Just going downstairs to get a drink, dear. Goodnight! I'm glad you're feeling better."

Before she could escape Nikki was flooded by sudden light in the hallway as Victoria opened her door. She stood in the doorway and looked hard at her mother. Nikki tried not to notice but her daughter looked beautiful tonight. She wore her usual style of low-cut silk teddy, a dark blue or purple Nikki guessed, but this one was cut a little lower than usual. By the light on her bedside stand directly behind Victoria, Nikki could see in relief the junction between her daughter's thighs. Looking up at Victoria's face finally, she noticed that her hair her was up, accentuating her gamin features with the high cheekbones and rounded cheeks.

"Are you getting sick?" Victoria asked. She cocked her head to the side as she looked at her mother up and down. "You look a little flushed."

"No, no, dear. Just a little tired. I'll feel better in the morning. You should get to bed soon. Goodnight." Nikki turned to get away but Victoria wouldn't allow it.

"No way mum! You're not getting away that easy. You took care of me when I felt like shit. I'm not going to let you go off by yourself when you're feeling down. That's not the way it works. It's my turn to baby you. OK?"

Nikki could only nod. She couldn't find it in herself to resist her daughter's attention.

"Good!" Victoria said as she became very business like.

"What were you going to get downstairs?"

"Just some brandy to help me sleep."

"Oh, I see! I get Nyquil and you get the good stuff. I see how it works", Victoria said with a sly smile. " I'll make a deal with you then. You can have your brandy against my better judgment but I'll share it with you; an ounce of brandy for every ounce of Nyquil you made me take. Sound fair?"

"I'm not so sure that's a good idea Victoria, I've given you an awful lot of Nyquil over the last little while. Besides", she added almost desperately, " you're just getting better yourself and I don't want you getting sick again. Alcohol has a way of weakening the immune system."

"So why are you having some?" Victoria looked at her mother appraisingly a "don't give me that shit" look on her face. Nikki knew she'd have to be honest.

"I just need something strong right now, ok dear?"

Victoria's countenance changed immediately.

"I'm sorry mum. Didn't mean to give you a hard time. I'm just worried about you. Why don't you get into bed and lie down and I'll get the brandy. Meet you there in two minutes!"

Without another word Victoria padded off down the stairs like a young colt and disappeared. With nothing left to do, and with her heart thudding like a hammer in her chest, Nikki made her way back to her room. Once there she leaned forward on her arms against the chair she had so recently been sitting on. Flashes of her previous thoughts paraded through her mind's eye. She couldn't believe this was happening. Was anything happening? She didn't know what to do while she waited for Victoria's imminent arrival. Should she sit on the bed and wait? Lie down on the bed? Sit at the chair? She felt vulnerable with every thought. She knew she couldn't casually wait as though nothing was wrong, or right, or anything but loaded with expectations. Then she had it! She'd get into the bath and hide beneath the bubbles. When Victoria came with the drinks she would have to sit on the steps or on the chair by the closet and eventually she would leave out of respect for her mother's privacy.

Almost running, Nikki rushed into the bathroom to get the water running. She made it as hot as she dared and poured in some bubble lotion. Next, she dimmed down the lights to a more private shade so that Victoria wouldn't be able to see her expression very well. Thankfully, the tub was filling up rather quickly. A last minute check and she grabbed some scented oil and poured it in. Finally she hung up her robe on the back of the door, and turning around she slipped out of her gown and stepped into the water. It was very hot, making her want to step out of it immediately, but the sound of Victoria coming down the hall with the clinking of glasses attending her stopped her short. Despite the temperature she immersed herself into the water as quickly and as completely as she could. She could feel her breast bobbing in the water, the warmth of the water caressing her most intimate places.

Just as she was settling into place Victoria called from the bedroom.

"I'm in here Victoria!" Nikki called back.

"You're not being sick are you?"

"No. I just decided that a bath would do me well just about now, that's all."

Victoria entered the bathroom and stood there for a second as her eyes adjusted to the dimness. She bore a tray in her hands, holding two crystal glasses and a decanter filled with chilled brandy out of the freezer. Nikki let out a sigh of anticipation as she thought of how good a combination it would be to sip on icy cold brandy as she lay in the hot tub.

"This ought to be a good combination," Victoria said, paralleling her mother's thoughts, as she set the tray down by the side of the tub. As she did so Nikki couldn't help but notice the way her teddy hung down exposing her breasts so that she could just see her nipples. Nikki could feel her own nipples hardening in response. How like me she is when I was her age, she thought. All thoughts of her strategy left her mind as she watched her daughter.

Victoria turned away and walked to the other side of the bathroom to get the chair. Her mother couldn't keep her eyes off the bounce of her buttocks under the thin silk of her teddy as she walked away. Victoria returned with the chair and placed it so that she would be adjacent to the foot of the tub and angled so that she was facing her mother. She leaned over again, with the same obvious result, to pour two full measures of brandy. Having finished that, she handed one of the glasses to Nikki and picked up her own. Nikki brought up her eyes to look at Victoria's face and was surprised to see a veiled look behind her daughter's eyes. It was a knowing, mischievous look.

"To the ladies of the house," Victoria toasted. "May nothing come between us now or ever!"

Nikki smiled at Victoria's apparent sentiment and clinked her glass with her daughter's. While Nikki took a small sip of her own glass Victoria downed hers with a quick backward tip of her head. As she filled her glass for another Victoria caught her mother's look.

"I drank a lot of this stuff when I was in France."

As her mother continued to look at her she continued, "Don't look at me that way! Its not like I did it every night. I'm not a lush!"

"Where did you drink this stuff?" Nikki was really curious now. She had never suspected her innocent little girl would have begun drinking at such an early age.

"Sometimes in a bar, but mostly in the dorm with the other girls after lights out."

While she had spoken Victoria had managed to down another glass. Not to be out done by her own daughter Nikki quickly, though not gracefully, finished her own glass and held it out to be filled as Victoria poured out her third.

"What else did you do in France that I should know about?" Nikki asked. It had been ages since she had really talked to her daughter, that much was apparent.

"Ancient Chinese secret!" Victoria said with a smirk, and looked away, but not before Nikki noticed that she had looked down at her body under the water. Belatedly Nikki realized that some of the bubbles in the bath had evaporated already. Her breast and their stiff nipples were probably plainly evident by now.

Victoria sat back in her chair and proceeded to sip on her third drink. As she did so she put her feet up on the edge of the tub so that her knees were level with her breasts. This had the effect of exposing to her mother's eyes the backside of her thighs as well as a significant portion of her nether region where it met the chair. Nikki realized then that the only reason she couldn't see her daughter's pussy was that she had her legs together. As it was now, Nikki thought she could just make out the little cleft between Victoria's legs as she gently moved her legs against each other lightly.

Nikki quickly gulped down her drink and reached for the decanter to fill up her glass once more. It had been a long time since she had had so much in one sitting. As she poured the brandy she suddenly became aware of the direction of her daughter's gaze. In reaching for the decanter and pouring her drink Nikki's breasts had cleared the water quite completely and the effect of the cooler air made her nipples stand out even more than they had already been previously. Whether Victoria knew this or not was immaterial since the present evidence was damming enough, though it was quite a natural response. Victoria's response to the situation however, was not. She continued blithely to stare at her mother's breasts while spreading her own legs in order to fully expose her pubic mound, and this happened to be the direction in which Nikki had been looking as she poured her drink. Nikki suddenly realized where Victoria's attention was centered. Nikki quickly leaned back into the tub nursing her newly filled glass and looked her daughter straight in the eye. Victoria had not bothered to close her legs and Nikki could just make out in her peripheral vision the swollen distension of her daughter's clit. What's going on here? Nikki asked herself.

"That water looks really nice mum. Can I get in with you?" Victoria asked softly.

Nikki didn't know what to say. Before she could respond though Victoria added: " It wouldn't be the first time I've taken a bath with you, even if it's been awhile. Besides, that bath could easily fit two."

"I guess this is to be a real mother daughter party then, eh?" Was all Nikki could think of to say. She almost immediately regretted it when Victoria responded.

"Only if you want it to be."

Before she could make a remark to this latest Victoria stood up and casually divested her self of the teddy. For the second time that day Victoria was completely nude in front of her mother. Nikki's eyes quickly found their way to the bottom of her glass as she took yet another sip. No doubt about it, she was starting to feel the effects.

Careful not to upset the tray on her way in, Victoria slowly eased her way into the water and, for the second time that day Nikki admired the way her daughter breast swayed back and forth with her motions. They were so full, and felt that way to the touch Nikki knew. Now Victoria was sitting in the tub with her mother, facing her, the top of her breast just clearing the surface of the water. Their feet were touching. Nikki felt the contact to be like a jolt of electricity. Victoria smiled at her mother and lean back with a sigh. In doing so she stretched out her legs and slid them between her mother's feet and up and over her thighs so that they came to rest against her sides, not far from her breasts. For her part Nikki also leaned back a little further so that her knees were on the outside of her daughter's and her feet were tucked in under Victoria's buttocks, not far from her pussy. This had the effect though of letting Victoria's feet come into full contact with her breasts.

"That feels nice," Victoria commented casually.

After a pause she added, "I meant the water of course."

Despite her sudden misgivings Nikki blushed, but not before she disengaged her daughter's feet from her breasts. She could definitely feel to beginnings of arousal by the increased heat of her loins.

"Watch it kiddo! I'm still your mother."

"Sorry, must be the brandy bringing back memories from France," Victoria put in by way of defense.

Both women settled back down into comfortable positions, much as they had been before. Each closed their eyes and the silence held. Every once in a while, one or the other would take a sip from their respective drinks.

Finally unable to contain her curiosity Nikki had to ask, "What did you mean exactly by `bringing back memories from France'?"

"Well ... I don't want to shock you too much. Maybe I shouldn't say anything more, the brandy seems to be getting to my tongue," Victoria said.

"Come on Victoria! Now's not the time to for pretended innocence. You've already shattered some of my illusions about your youth, what's a few more. Is there something to tell or not?"

"Alright then," Victoria sighed as she looked at the ceiling.

"The school you sent me to in France was really old you have to understand. The girl's dorm had once been a gymnasium, and it must have been quite modern by the standards of the day because off to the side of the adjoining bathroom had been the `bathing room'! There was a bench running along the entire circumference of this room, which must have been about twenty feet square. In the center of the room was the tub. The biggest I've ever seen, probably twelve feet by twelve feet or something. Anyway, at night, and usually at least twice a month, we girls would round up some wine or other hard liquor and have a bath party. It was really something! We'd just sit around in or around the bath without a stitch on and drink, and talk, and You know, girl stuff. Tonight just reminds me of that, that's all."

Nikki smiled as she listened to her daughter's story. Below the water however her body was smiling in its own way at the thought of her daughter, and her more than likely gorgeous schoolmates, engaging in these activities.

"What kind of games dear?" Knowing she shouldn't have asked Nikki did anyway, meeting her daughter's eyes for the first time in several minutes.

Victoria looked at her mother quizzically for a few seconds, with a certain twinkle in her eyes, before she said, " Do you mind if I ask you a question first before I answer?"

"Ok...I guess."

" Did you ever practice kissing with a girl when you were younger?" Victoria blurted out, looking away as she finished.

"No honey, I never did," Nikki said after a pause, "Though one girl did try to get me to, but I wouldn't let her."

"Then I guess you wouldn't understand the games we played, and I'd be too embarrassed to tell you about them. Let's just say I learned to speak more than French in school."

As she spoke Victoria finished off her third glass and reached once more for the decanter. During the pouring of this round, however, the sound of the decanter hitting the rim of the glass several times filled the room with the hum of crystal resonance.

Nikki smiled to herself a little at the sound and sight of her daughter's shaky hands. She supposed her daughter wasn't quite as professional as she had tried to let on. The thought was definitely comforting and reestablished a certain fondness in her heart for her daughter, but there was something else there too now, Nikki realized as she gazed at her daughter's breasts bobbing in the water. She had finally come to a decision regarding her daughter as they had spoken here, and how she should be handled from now on. In some ways now, in their newfound relationship, Nikki felt sure their roles would be reversed, not as mother and daughter, but as teacher and student.

"It's alright Victoria, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to. I can imagine for myself anyway." Nikki finally responded.

"Like you did this morning you mean?" Victoria said too quickly as she gazed back at her mother with a knowing smile. Then all of a sudden she frowned as the import of what she had just said and admitted to, dawned on her.

Nikki let her face appear convincingly shocked, which she was, but not to the degree to which she was letting on. At least she still has some respect for me, Nikki thought to herself. As long as I don't lose that I think everything will be all right. I'll have to let her take control of the situation from here on in. She has been from the start of the evening anyway.

Nikki let the shock slide from her face, to be replaced by a mischievous smile.

"Why Victoria, I don't know what you mean. Please explain?"

Victoria paled a little at this. She had intended to place her mother on the defensive but the table had been suddenly turned on her. Things were not turning out the way she had been planning.

For her part, Nikki was determined to play hard to get, if she were going to play at all.

"Nothing mother. The brandy is must be getting to more than just my hands and tongue, that's for sure!"

"And I thought you weren't a lush."

"Mum!" Victoria whined petulantly as she splashed her mother with one of her feet.

"Just having fun dear. And you? Are you having fun?" Nikki asked the question as a double entendre and hoped that Victoria would figure it out. She wasn't disappointed as Victoria frowned a little before answering.

"Yes! Not quite in the way I thought I would ... but yes."

The nights not over yet my dear, Nikki thought to herself as she smiled at her daughter. She closed her eyes and let the warm water soother her body. She could still feel the weight of her daughter's buttocks on her toes where they met the bottom of the tub, and the feel of Victoria's feet where they rested against her ribs, just below the sides of her breasts. So far, Victoria had cleaned up her act a little bit and had not tried to touch them to her mother's breasts again. Nikki was a little disappointed but pleased overall that she had gained a little control over the situation. She knew that Victoria now wanted to seduce her, but was unsure if she could accomplish her aim so easily; she didn't know what her mother was thinking at all. Well, the ball is in her court now. It has to be, Nikki had decided. This way, her own conscience would be satisfied.

After around ten minutes she finally opened her eyes. Victoria's head and shoulders faced her across the water. Her eyes were closed. Nikki had thought to catch Victoria looking at her, but was disappointed. There was a content smile on her face though. Looking down through the water she could make out in pleasant detail, since the image on the water surface was magnified as to enlarge objects below, the contours and convolutions of her daughter's pussy as it lay between her spread thighs. Victoria's knees were on the outside of her mother's, making all of this possible.

Testing a theory Nikki opened her legs a little more, forcing Victoria's legs further apart and exposing more of her vagina to her mother's avid gaze. Suddenly Nikki felt an overwhelming sense of possessiveness of her daughter's body, a feeling of propriety and ownership.

Victoria opened her eyes then as though she knew what her mother was thinking and smiled mischievously at her mother.

"It looks even better out of the water if you want a really good look."

"Just admiring how you've grown, Victoria," Nikki responded casually, looking her daughter in the eye.

Not giving her daughter a chance to respond Nikki suddenly stood up in the tub. In the process she afforded Victoria the opportunity to see her mother's wonderful body rise from the remains of the bubbles. The full pendant breasts swayed firmly as they settled into place, her narrow waist and widening hips tapering to long slender legs that disappeared below the surface around her calves. With her legs slightly parted Nikki let Victoria look at her pussy. Her little triangle of blond thatch looked like an exclamation point over her clit. Victoria clearly couldn't believe her eyes, or her fortune.

Pretending not to notice her daughter perusal Nikki reached for a towel. Victoria started to get up her self and in doing so her head bumped into Nikki's elbow with a hard thud.

"Oh Victoria! Are you ok?" Nikki cried as she braced to catch Victoria.

For a second it looked like she might fall back into the water but she righted herself and put her hand to her crown as she stood in front of her mother. Nikki quickly grabbed Victoria around the shoulders and pulled her in close as she began to rub Victoria's head gently. In response Victoria opened her arms and wrapped them around her mother's waist and clung tightly. Both women could clearly feel the other's breast and nipples pressed against their own.

For a moment they stood like that, frozen, Nikki's hand motionless. Then they seemed to relax into each other and Nikki's hand resumed its caress of Victoria's crown. Her other hand however now began to gently rub Victoria's back, soothing her even more. Nikki slowly began to rub lower down her daughter's back until she reached the fleshy part of her ass. For her part, and under the circumstances, Victoria had quite quickly cut to the chase and had already grabbed a cheek of Nikki's ass in each of her palms. She began to gently knead them together and apart as she pressed her lips against the hollow of her mother's throat. Sighing contentedly Nikki started to lightly trace her fingertips along the crack of Victoria's ass, letting them graze the pucker of her daughter's tight rosebud as they traveled to her vagina. Victoria reached a little further around her mother and let the middle finger of each hand push inward toward her puckered anus. Both women began to groan a little now, pressing more tightly against each other. One of Victoria's fingers began to penetrate her mother's sphincter, an action made easier by the oil from the bathwater.

"Oooh!" Nikki cried as she jumped slightly, clutching now at Victoria's creamy ass cheeks to steady her self.

Victoria's finger continued to piston her mother's sphincter gently as her lips brushed along Nikki's neck to her earlobe, which she slowly sucked into her mouth and nibbled.

"Oh God Victoria!" Nikki cried out helplessly as her nipples tightened painfully against her daughter's. "How can it be like this?"

Victoria, now cupping her mother's breast with her other hand, rubbed her hard nipple with her thumb. Leaning down she took the other nipple into her mouth and gently began to apply her tongue to the aureole. Her teeth gently grabbed the nipple as she sucked feverishly.

For Nikki the effect it produced on her body was too much. Suddenly feeling shame that Victoria should see like her this, Nikki pushed Victoria away, forcing her fingers to leave the tight confines of her sphincter in the process. Stepping out the tub quickly, Nikki picked up her towel and, wrapping it hastily around her wet body, ran into the bedroom where she sat down at her oubliette. Hiding her face in her hands, her shoulders shook with the sobs of shame trying to escape from her throat.

Victoria stood alone in the bathtub for a moment looking sadly after her mother, then her expression changed to one of resolution. Stepping out of the tub she didn't even bother to towel off before entering her mother's room. Slowly, she made her way to the oubliette until she stood just behind Nikki. If her mother had been looking into the mirror she would have been surprised to see a look of pity mingled with passion suffusing Victoria's face as she looked down at her. Leaning down, Victoria placed her hands on Nikki's shoulders from behind and slowly began to massage them as she brushed her cheek against her mother's.

"Victoria..." Nikki began but was suddenly cut off as her daughter took her right hand from her shoulder and gently pressed her fingers over her mother's trembling lips.

"Shhhh. It's ok", Victoria cooed into her mother's ear as she looked at their reflection in the mirror. Using that reflection as a guide she let her left hand slide down the front of Nikki's shoulder to find the knot of the towel just above her heaving breasts.

Sensing Nikki's impending protest Victoria softly whispered into her ear, "Do you trust me?"

With her elbows on the counter top and her face in her hands, Nikki slowly nodded her head.

"And do you love me?" Victoria continued.

Again the slow nod.

"Then there's nothing to be afraid of, is there?"

The shaking of Nikki's shoulders, which had been subsiding during this exchange, finally stopped. Taking her hands away from her face, she let her eyes find those of Victoria's in the mirror and smiled wanly.

Taking this as a positive sign, Victoria let her hand undo the knot of her mother's towel and let it fall around her waist. The devoted daughter leaned over a little more until she could grasp both of her mother's breasts in her hands and gently began to knead them ever so gently as she breathed into her ear. Closing her eyes and sighing contentedly, Nikki let her head loll back against Victoria's shoulder so that she could have unhindered access to her neck. For her part, Victoria took up the invitation and began to trail kisses down her mother's neck, even going so far as to nibble her skin between her teeth in the process. Goosebumps immediately broke out over Nikki's skin.

Relaxing even more into the moment, Nikki raised her arms slowly and linked them up and over her daughter's neck and pulled Victoria's face harder against her skin. Victoria took this opportunity to sink her teeth more forcefully into her mother's flesh. At the same time she took her mother's nipples between her index fingers and thumbs and gently began to twist them, pulling them out and away from her body.

"Oh god Victoria! How can we be doing this?" Nikki sighed plaintively.

"How can we not be doing this?" Victoria whispered back into her mother's ear. "We're practically twins, and what's more natural between two people who love each other to show the ultimate form of that love?"

On that last question Victoria released her mother's breast and broke the hold her arms had on the back of her neck, to Nikki's startled protest. Taking a firm grip on the back of the chair Victoria twisted the chair around enough so that she could approach her mother from the front. Once this was done she bent to pick up the towel from her mother's waist and threw it aside as she sat astride her mother lap with her own legs spread wide so that she could lower her breasts to the level of Nikki's face.

"See anything you like mother?" Victoria asked seductively.

Faced with her daughter's pendant breasts, Nikki wasted no time in enveloping her daughter's left nipple with her mouth and began to suckle earnestly. Arching her back to allow her mother better access Victoria moaned with pleasure. With increasing pressure, she then began to grind her pussy lips against her mother's lower abdomen as she grabbed the back of Nikki's head with her right hand. Incredibly turned on at this point, Nikki moaned loudly and turned her attention to Victoria's right breast, biting down hard on her daughter's turgid nipple. Nikki then brought her right hand to bear against Victoria's lower back. Searching downward with increasing confidence, Nikki found easier access in this position to her daughter's rosebud than her pussy. With her middle finger she began to slowly circle the rim of her daughter's anus in a teasing manner. In no mood for patience, Victoria reached behind with her left hand and, grasping her mother's finger between her own, began to force it into her ass. By relaxing her sphincter muscles, Victoria thus allowed her mother's finger to plunge into her chute almost up to her second joint.

"That's it mum!" Victoria gasped as her mother's finger began to piston in and out of her tight hole, helped by the motion of her daughter's hips as they jerked up and down in delight.

Taking her lips off Victoria's breast, Nikki grabbed the back of her daughter's head with her left hand and brought her face down to her own. Smiling into her mother's lust filled eyes Victoria allowed their lips to meet tentatively, as though this were the real point of no return, and then, with increasing passion, she mashed her lips down against her mother's and accepted her tongue as it sought to penetrate her mouth.

By this time the sound of Victoria's slick pussy lips grinding against Nikki's stomach could be heard throughout the room. Breaking their passionate kiss momentarily, Victoria took this moment to ask her mother, "Would you like to come to my room?"

"Why all the way over there honey?" Nikki almost whined. "My bed is right over there."

"There are things in my room you might enjoy", Victoria smile secretively. "Come on, let's go!"

Without further ado Victoria lithely got up to her feet but Nikki had other ideas. With her finger still buried in her daughter's ass she spun Victoria around and grabbing her by the hair pushed her head down until it was resting against the window ledge. Plunging her finger a few more times in and out of her anus, Nikki kneeled down behind her daughter. Taking her finger out of Victoria's rectum, Nikki used both hands to spread her daughter's thighs until her feet were well spread apart.

"Not yet, my little angel," Nikki told Victoria. "While you live under my roof you will take order from me, not the other way around."

"It was just a suggestion," Victoria offered. Then, "Oohh!"

Using both hands Nikki had parted her daughter's glorious cheeks and had begun to run her tongue down the crack from top to bottom, stopping to kiss Victoria's puckered anus on the way to her corral pussy lips. This was the first time Nikki had ever tasted another woman's pussy juice other than her own and she found it intoxicating to say the least. The folds of her daughter's pussy lips spread open for her tongue as it delved into the opening between. Questing further down, Nikki's tongue found Victoria's engorged clitoris. Taking it between her lips she began to suck it into her mouth and titillate it with the tip of her tongue. Victoria began to moan in earnest now as her mother continued to tease her clit. With her nose buried between the cheeks of her daughter's fine ass, Nikki was in heaven itself. All those time she had wondered what this moment would be like, or even if it would ever happen at all, did not prepare her for the eroticism she was now feeling. Adding to that the fact that this was her own beautiful daughter added a dimension of naughtiness to the act that she had never imagined possible, and it propelled her to reach her own orgasm after a very short time. The juice of her arousal was practically dripping down her inner thighs as she forced her tongue deeper and deeper into her daughter's pussy. With her free hands she reached up and around Victoria's hips to cup her breasts in her palms, pinching the nipples forcefully between her fingers. With a cry and a shudder Victoria reached her own orgasm as she pushed her ass back at her mother face, bracing herself with her arms on the window ledge.

Finally, after her daughter's orgasm had subsided, Nikki disengaged her lips from her daughter nether ones and stood up. Unprepared, she was bowled over as Victoria threw her arms and legs around her mother. On the ground, Victoria began to rain kisses all over her mother's face as Nikki laughed and hugged her hard. Their breast and nipples rubbed amorously against each other.

"That was the best orgasm I've ever had!" Victoria exclaimed fervently. "Thank you!"

"What should we do now, my beautiful little princess?" Nikki asked innocently.

Propping herself on all fours above her mother, her full breasts swaying invitingly as she rocked from side to side, Victoria reached back and undid the bun in her hair. Released, her hair cascaded down to brush her mother's face like feathers. Giggling, Nikki barely had time to meet her daughter's kiss as she swooped down to brush her lips gently with her own. Pecking her mother's lips tenderly with her own, Victoria continued to tease her mother with soft kisses. Reaching up, Nikki once again took hold of Victoria's beautiful breasts. By moving her knees against Victoria's, Nikki succeeded in prodding her daughter into adjusting herself so that her knees were on the inside of her mother's instead of the outside. Now Nikki was free to wrap her calves around her daughter's waist and drag her down so that their pussies could kiss too. Rubbing her smooth mound against her mother's like a man would, Victoria breathed excitedly into Nikki's mouth as she eased herself down to her elbows so that their breasts could continue their embrace. Tongues dueling they began to kiss once more as they rubbed the length of their bodies together.

After a few moments Victoria disengaged her lips from her mother's and began to trace a wet line across her cheek to her ear with the tip of her tongue, then languidly encircled the lobe as her breath flared through her nose and into Nikki's ear, making her squeal with delight. Traveling now down her neck Victoria quickly took repossession of her mother's right breast as she enveloped the aureole with her lips as her tongue encircled the nipple and flicked the tip. She repeated the action on Nikki's other breast before going on. Stopping momentarily to penetrate her mother's navel with her tongue, Victoria continued to leave a wet trail down her mother's abdomen until her nose was buried in the soft down of her pussy. Inhaling the heavenly aroma, Victoria paused to reposition herself more comfortably before reaching out with to tip of her tongue to touch her mother's protruding clitoris.

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