Date: January 20th, 2003

From:, formerly

Subject: Victoria and Nikki Newman continue their illicit adventures

( inc F/F )

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

The Young and The Restless: Chapter II

Nikki Newman awoke to the sight of the midmorning sun's golden light streaming through her bedroom window, bathing the room with its warmth. Outside, the sound of birds chirping could be heard faintly. `This is a perfect morning', she thought to herself. Even more perfect was the warm body clinging to her own.

Taking her eyes off the ceiling, Nikki raised her head slightly so that she could look down the length of her body and that of her daughter's draped across it. Sometime during the night the silk sheet which had covered them had been displaced, leaving them utterly exposed. Victoria's head rested comfortably on her left shoulder, her loose hair all but hiding her face. Her left arm lay across her mother's chest with her hand lightly cupping her right breast. The warmth of her daughter's calf against her mound felt incredibly comforting and naughty at the same time. She could actually feel the pulse of Victoria's heart against her sensitive skin down there. As she lay there quietly reveling in this new intimacy with her daughter, Nikki's mind wandered over the images of their love making the previous evening.

It had all started with an unplanned for but intimate bath, along with generous servings of brandy, and had inexplicably ended with mother and daughter enjoying the delights of each other's bodies. One of the last things she remembered was lying on the carpet at the foot of her bed moaning in ecstasy as Victoria ate her out like no one else had ever done before. After several prolonged orgasms Nikki had had afterwards only just enough energy to take Victoria's hand in her own as she drew her into bed and fall sleep. To wake up here, like this.

Languidly, she used her left hand to brush her daughter's hair away from her face and began to gently trace her fingertips along her newly exposed cheek. After a few moments Victoria began to stir, clutching Nikki's breast a little more possessively as she sighed contentedly. Smiling in response, Nikki moved her hand down further to lightly stroke the side of her daughter's full breast, that part of it that she could reach, and felt her nipple harden against her side.

"Mmmm......that feels very nice", Victoria murmured softly as she slowly raised her head and opened her eyes to stare lovingly at her mother. Nikki just smiled back, the laughter lines around her eyes crinkling in response.

"Oh....what do we have here?..." Victoria said coyly as she lowered her eyes down to her mother's left breast. "...a present?"

Even before Victoria's tongue began to trace circles around her aureole, Nikki's nipples quickly projected themselves out from the mounds below. Propping herself up on her elbow, Victoria began to suck the entire tip of Nikki's breast into her mouth as her left hand, which had never let go of the other all through the night, gently began to knead it as her thumb played caressingly across the tip. After a few seconds of basking in the electric glow these ministrations produced up and down her body, Nikki gathered herself and swung her body up and around so that her legs now straddled Victoria's slim waist. Placing her hands on either side of her daughter's head she leaned down so that her right breast hung just centimeters from her daughter's waiting mouth. She let the moment build for a couple of seconds, teasing Victoria mercilessly so that she in turn tried to raise her head and grab the nipple with her soft lips. Nikki was too quick for her though as she raised herself up so that Victoria missed by the scantest of margins.

"Since you seem to be so fascinated with these", Nikki husked as she gently swayed her beautiful breast above Victoria's avid gaze, "I thought I'd help you out a little bit, but I can't help you if you're too eager to let me."

Grabbing Victoria's wrists with her hands, Nikki brought them up so that they were pinned to either side of her head. Looking down at her loving daughter, her hair hanging down around her face and haloed by the sunlight streaming through the window behind her, Nikki could only stare in wonder at the wonderfully sexy woman beneath her. She still couldn't believe this was happening, despite and in spite of what had happened last night. Victoria, with her tousled hair spread across the pillow beneath her head and with her gamin features, the high cheekbones, the gently tapering jaw and her full lips and sparkling bleu eyes, was a sight to behold. She lowered her gaze to take in the swell of her daughter's full round breasts. Victoria didn't say anything as her mother studied her for a few moments more, her eyes moving from feature to feature as though attempting to engrain them into her mind lest she ever forget this moment. Instead she just lay there quietly and looked lovingly at the woman poised above her, letting her take control, sensing intuitively that this silence was something that Nikki needed from her just now.

For her part Nikki's mind was searching her soul for any signs of remorse or guilt about what she was doing with her daughter as she studied her features. Finding nothing but a profound joy mixed with unbridled eroticism she slowly allowed her breast to resume its interrupted course until it was almost completely enveloped by Victoria's loving mouth. She moaned softly as Victoria spiraled her tongue around her sensitive nipple before lifting it away and lowering her other breast to be similarly treated.

"Oh Baby", she whispered, "you do that SO well!"

Victoria stopped her devotions just long enough to breath "Only for you..." before resuming. She used her lips and teeth alternately to titillate her mother's pendant breasts as Nikki slowly began to gyrate her hips forward and backward so that her pussy lips brushed wetly against her daughter's smooth mound. After a few more rounds of switching back and forth Victoria twisted her hands around so that Nikki's hands lost their grip on her wrists and in turn grasped her mother's, pushing them up and away. Letting go of them, she then reached up to clasp her mother's face and, bringing it down to her own, opened her lips so that they could meet Nikki's for the first time that day. As their lips and tongues danced wetly together, Nikki began to grind her pussy more forcefully against her daughter as she lowered herself against her body. Their breast clung tightly together, nipple to nipple, as now both their pelvises thrust against each other. Victoria began to mew louder and louder as the heat between her legs, steadily building since she awoke, began to dictate her responses. She began to rub her thighs together in a vain attempt to appease the heat coursing through her center, twisting her body from side to side beneath her mother's in an attempt to gain some sort of purchase for her next move.

Digging her heels into the mattress Victoria began to inch her body down the length of the bed, breaking the contact between their lips, so that she could slide her body beneath Nikki's. In turn, Nikki raised herself up so that she was now resting on her hand and knees above her daughter, her breast swaying gently beneath her. Sliding down, Victoria stopped long enough to tease her mother's breast once more before continuing on her way down Nikki's stomach, her tongue leaving a wet trail to mark its path for the second time in as many days. As Victoria impatiently made her way to her mother's pussy she retracted her tongue momentarily so that her sensuous lips could feel the sensation of the well groomed tuft of curls her mother kept there brushing against them. She could clearly smell the scent of her mother's need as she finally arrived at her target. Tilting her head back so that her nose parted Nikki's pussy lips, Victoria glued her lips to her mother's nether ones as she ran her tongue along the inner walls in an erotic French kiss. Her arms reached up and around Nikki's hips and clutching a firm cheek in each hand for purchase she thrust her tongue deep inside her mother's incredible pussy. For several minutes the room was silent except for the wet slurping sounds emitted by Victoria as she worked hard to get her mother off and Nikki's growing moans as she came closer and closer to succeeding. Nikki's breasts swayed back and forth more and more violently as she writhed under Victoria's attack on her pussy. Victoria moved back up slightly so she could now concentrate on her mother's clit, which she had been pointedly ignoring up to now. With her right hand Victoria penetrated Nikki's cunt with two fingers as she flicked her mother's clit her with her tongue. Bringing her left hand around to replace her right, she used the lubricant provided by her mother's pussy to ease the index finger of that hand into Nikki's puckered anus. As Victoria's finger slipped passed the ring of her tight sphincter muscle Nikki shuddered uncontrollably and came hard, releasing a flood of fluid over her daughter's chin as she continued to stimulate her clit with her tongue, her left hand pistonning two fingers in and out of her pussy.

As her mother continued to shudder under the impact of her climax, Victoria gracefully managed to change her position so that she was now kneeling behind her mother while keeping her hands connected to her body by simply twisting her wrists around to complement her movements. Removing her finger from Nikki's ass, Victoria began to blow softly on her anus. The sensation of coolness where there had been heat so recently caused a swift comment from Nikki.

"Oooh...that feels nice sweetie!"

"I know something else that feels even nicer mum", Victoria replied, her fingers continuing to massage the inside of her mother's pussy in a lazy rythm.

"I don't know if I could feel anything better than what you just made me feel, honey", Nikki said, knowing that her daughter had something positively naughty in mind.

Victoria responded by running her tongue between the hemispheres of her mother's glorious ass, over her rosebud, and continuing up to where the valley ended.

"Oh my god! Do that again."

Even as she spoke Victoria repeated the act, only more slowly this time, stopping along the way to swirl her tongue around Nikki's puckered hole before moving on. On her next trip she stopped to devote her attention solely on her mother's pulsating hole. As her tongue invaded the depths of Nikki's ass Victoria brought the thumb of her left hand around to grind against her clit as her mother let out a yelp of excitement.

Using only her left hand for support, Nikki now brought her right hand to her breasts as she pinched first on nipple then the other as Victoria continued to snake her tongue in and out of her ass, the fingers of her left hand never abating from the magic they were performing on her slippery pussy.

Meanwhile, Victoria's right hand had made its way around to her own pussy and she began to massage her clit roughly, trying to gain some modicum of relief from the excitement the ministrations to her mother were causing her. Faster and faster, Victoria's hands and tongue increased their tempo to a shuddering crescendo as her mother approached the edge of ecstasy. Nikki's tongue ran along the edge of her lips from one side to the other as her fingers squeezed her breasts harder and harder.

Victoria was incredibly turned on by the acts she was finally finding herself able to perform on the one person that had for years been the object of her desires. Her love and devotion pouring themselves out as she let her instincts take over, sensing exactly just how much friction and softness her mother needed at each step in order to release the sexual tensions she had been harboring for years. As Nikki finally reached her second climax of the morning she cried out loudly, Victoria having succeeded in burying her tongue almost completely inside her mother's fundament as her fingers gyrated continuously in and out of her mother's pussy, her thumb pinning her clit beneath it, rotating, while she applied more and more pressure. Wave after wave of mind blanking ecstasy coursed its way through Nikki's body as she came and came. She could actually see stars flashing behind her closed eyes as she moaned incoherently.

Finally, as Nikki collapsed spent onto to bed beneath her, Victoria wormed her tongue out of its newly found home as her fingers slowly tapered off their movement inside her mother`s body until they finally stopped, though her other hand continued on her own still unsatisfied pussy, only more slowly now. Looking up, she watched her mother's back heave up and down as she sought to regain her breath, her heart clearly still racing.

After a few moments had passed, Nikki rolled over onto her back, still breathing hard but under control now.

"Oh honey...don't just sit there", she said plaintively to her daughter, reaching out her hand. "Come over here and let me taste that sweet pussy of yours. You deserve some loving attention of your own!"

Nikki didn't have to wait long as Victoria quickly disengaged her hand from her pulsating pussy and, taking her mother's hand with the other, crawled over her body until her thighs straddled her face. Looking up, Nikki fell in love again with the sight of Victoria's seeping pussy. It was so clean and pure looking with her clit just peeping out of its hood, the lips of her opening spread open just below like some glorious flower in bloom, the sweet nectar running down the pillars of her thighs. And just above that from her vantage point, Nikki could see her daughter's heavy breasts standing out proudly from her chest as Victoria pulled eagerly on her rock hard nipples, looking lustily back at her, waiting patiently for her reward.

"Lick me!" she husked lewdly.

Instead of being offended, the words ignited Nikki's passion for her daughter to a higher level. Letting go of her daughter's hand she reached around the back of her daughter's legs with both arms to clasp the front of her thighs firmly and lowered Victoria's smoothly shaven pussy onto her waiting mouth. For only the second time in her life Nikki let her tongue explore another woman's most intimate place. Though it had been Victoria's as well the first time, and that time having only been the previous night, Nikki could still only feel awe at the feel of her daughter's slit as her tongue ran gently around it. She truly tasted like nectar, a slightly bitter but wonderfully sweet nectar for all of that. She move her hands over so that she could spread Victoria open properly and nibble on her throbbing clit. She ran her tongue lovingly over that little button over and over as Victoria began to egg her on with a fury of commands.

"Oh suck it..... please....that's it! Harder! More! Ohhh, right there you beautiful bitch!"

Victoria's colorful directions just spurred her to greater efforts as she sought to give her daughter what she had so recently given her; the best orgasm of her life. With her left hand only now Nikki continued to spread her daughter's lips as she sucked and nibbled on her engorged clit while her right hand traveled back and around Victoria's thigh to attack her pussy from underneath. Dipping first one then two fingers into her daughter's waiting hole Nikki began to coordinate her movements like she had the night before so that she was alternating the pressure her daughter was feeling from her clit to the depths of her tender pussy.

"Oh god yes! Yes! Yes!" Victoria began to chant as she ground herself onto her mother's face. She began to move her hips back and forth more and more forcefully, and though that meant her mother could only intermittently maintain pressure on her clit with her lips and tongue, the pure naughtiness of what they were doing didn't lessen the ecstasy she was feeling any less.

"Suck it mother! Lick my pussy! You love it don't you!"

"Oh god yes!" Nikki managed to muster as she struggled to bring her daughter to a climax.

"Use your other hand on my ass! Come on...I'm almost there!"

Instead of complying, Nikki took a page from her daughter's book and simply switched hands. Replacing her right hand with her left as Victoria's fingers came down to take its place, she brought two well lubricated fingers around to her daughter's rectum and shove them in hard, knowing from last night that she could probably handle the sudden intrusion. As Victoria felt her ass succumb to the sudden onslaught she felt the hair on her scalp tingle as her whole body shuddered in utter abandon as her long awaited orgasm finally began to explode within her.

Nikki felt Victoria's body go almost limp above her, then suddenly tense, and she knew then that she finally had her daughter where she wanted her. With her fingers humping in and out of Victoria's ass and pussy in quick succession Nikki sucked her daughter's clit between her lips hard and fluttered her tongue over her clit as fast as she could. Another shudder passed through Victoria's body as she gasped for breath, then her whole body began to vibrate up and down spasmodically, threatening to dislodge her mother's mouth from her clit. Nikki managed to hang on though while Victoria's clit stretched back and forth every time her body lifted and lowered itself in the throes of her passion, adding to its intensity. Nikki's chin and neck were running with Victoria's juices as the seconds passed until finally she felt her daughter's body relax completely and sway above her. Regretfully, Nikki disengaged her mouth from Victoria's slick pussy as she let her fingers slip out of the clinging walls of her daughter's holes.

Released from her mother's hold, Victoria simply fell over onto her side in a heap since it was the easiest thing to do at the moment. She couldn't believe what she had found in her mother. Though she had slept with more experienced lesbians while schooling in France, her mother had given her more sexual release than anyone else had ever done. And that WITHOUT the help of the tools she loved to use and have used on her! Though she had never considered herself a lesbian before she knew now that she could never want anyone but Nikki forever more.

Even as that realization registered itself in her mind, she felt the bed move as Nikki rolled over to lean across her body and plant a lingering kiss on her cheek as she stared sightlessly at the wall, a nipple brushing her arm in the process. Reaching behind her with that arm Victoria held her mother's face close to her own so that she could turn her head and kiss her softly on the lips. Nikki wrapped her free arm around her and hugged her as she spooned against Victoria's recumbent figure.

"Well....", Nikki spoke softly into the stillness of the room, "I think maybe we should think about getting up. It looks like a beautiful day."

"Okay", Victoria said simply.

"Are you alright Victoria?" Nikki asked worriedly. "You're scaring me!"

Quickly coming out of her stupor Victoria suddenly found her energy again and, not wanting her mother to feel insecure for one second longer, flipped herself over so that she was eye to eye and nose to nose with Nikki.

"No, no! Its just that I love you", she said slowly and clearly. "And the fact that you know how to wear a girl out", she quickly added.

"Oh sweetie! I love you too and I don't care if anyone thinks its wrong", Nikki replied as she brushed her palm gently against her daughter's cheek.

"Good. I was hoping you wouldn't have a meltdown of guilt on me!" Victoria quipped as she gave her mother a lingering kiss. "But I think you're right about getting up. Besides, Miguel will start patrolling the halls any time now. He's an understanding man but I don't think he's that understanding."

The End......for now

* A special thanks to any of those who may have been waiting quite awhile for this second installment. What can I say? Life is busier at certain times than others. One does as one can or is inspired to do. One thing that can safely be said is that the story is not over yet and it won't be another two years before the third installment comes out. As I've said before this exercise is primarily a way for me to practice my writing skills, such as they are, so any comments good or bad are quite welcome. Go back to the top for contact information. So long.............