Date: January 23rd, 2003


Subject: Victoria and Nikki Newman continue their illicit adventures

( inc F/F )

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

The Young and the Restless: Part III

Victoria Newman quickly checked the time as she drove along the parkway leading to the Newman Ranch. It was getting close to two o'clock. Relieved that she wasn't far behind the scheduled time to meet her mother back at home, she slowed a little, belatedly realizing that she had been pushing it a bit. Another speeding ticket was the last thing she needed right now. She was dressed casually for work in a bleu low cut v-neck silk blouse and a black skirt that didn't do much to hid her lightly tanned legs as she sat at the wheel of her custom yellow Jeep Larango. A stylish pair of Raybans hid her luminous bleu eyes from the world while thin wisps of hair flew around her face, having escaped the bun she had haphazardly put together earlier.

She had gone into work just before lunch so that she could catch up on some of the work that had piled up over the last two weeks. Today being a Saturday, there had been few people about.

Everything had gone well enough. Her subordinates had covered all of the duties they were empowered to during her absence so all she had had to do was sign a few renewal contracts before dealing with the memos and reports stacked on her desk. Even that little bit of responsibility had demanded all of her concentration though. Ever since the events of the previous night and this morning she had been glorying in their after effects. Every once in awhile her hand had made its way down to the junction of her thighs, seemingly of its own accord, to check and see if she was really still as hot as she felt. She still couldn't believe her good fortune, or the sudden intensity of her sex drive. Her body felt more relaxed and healthy than it had since well before her episode with the flu. So much so that even the security guard at the main entrance to Newman Towers had commented on it.

"Well well, Miss Victoria!" old Mr. Hanson had chortled to her as she approached his desk. "Don't we have some bounce in us today! Glad to see you`re all better."

"Must be something in the air William", Victoria had replied happily as she continued on her way.

"Hmmmph! Well, if I had to guess I'd say `Love is in the air` my dear."

"Hope you're not moonlighting as a spy now Mr. Hanson, my father might not approve."

Victoria could still hear him chuckling as she had entered the elevator.

Turning into the lane leading to the Ranch Victoria smiled fondly to herself at the memory. She knew she might have to govern herself a little better in the future if she didn't want her closer friends and coworkers to ask some hard to answer questions, but she also knew that for now at least she could get away with acting how she felt; like a woman in love. Which she was. The fact that it was another woman didn't bother her in the least. That it was her own mother bothered her only a little, and only because she knew how society at large would react should the fact of their physical relationship ever get out. Their family was in the public eye enough as it was and another scandal was the last thing it needed.

What made it easier to deal with was that she knew she loved Nikki because of who she was, not for what she was, though that was certainly there also. She didn't desire her mother because she was her mother, though if she were to be completely honest with herself she couldn't deny that the pure naughtiness of that factor did add to a little spice to the equation. But the fact was that for years now she had considered her mother to be her best friend, and the latent attraction that had originated in puberty had grown in strength over those years. So much so that it had come to feel as natural to her as breathing. Victoria's only real concern were the possible repercussions should they be discovered.

`After all', she thought to herself, `You can't choose who you fall in love with, you just do.'

Anything else after that was just coincidence as far as she was concerned, though perhaps karma was a better term. After all, there was no such thing as coincidence. Things happened for a reason. Once you made a decision you moved on to the next one, and she knew to the bottom of her soul that she had made the right one last night. Maybe even the only right one of her short life. What really surprised her still on this beautiful day was that Nikki had decided to make the same one. She hadn't turned away, except for one small moment of doubt, and had accepted her daughter's affections as being true and noble, not dirty or sordid. Her tacit acceptance of Victoria's presence in her bed this morning and the events that had followed proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. She was proud to be the daughter, and lover, of such a brave person.

These thoughts were still rolling around in the back of her mind as she hummed along to her favorite bleugrass album blaring out of the jeep's speakers. Finally pulling up to the house Victoria noticed that Nikki's Mercedes sports coup was parked out front.

`Well', she thought happily to herself, `at least I don't have to wait for her to get back.'

Her mother had left the house shortly before she had this morning following their quick and mostly innocent shower together. She hadn't mentioned where she was going and Victoria hadn't asked but she assumed it had something to do with tonight's plans.

When Victoria had descended to the main floor she had found Nikki and Miguel talking in the kitchen. She had been just in time to hear her mother telling Miguel that he could have the evening off since she and Victoria were planning on having a girl's night in watching movies and eating popcorn. They would cook dinner for themselves for a change.

"Very good Mrs. Newman", Miguel had responded with his usual good humor.

Only god knew what Miguel did with his evenings off but both ladies knew he enjoyed them. Hopefully he had a life out there somewhere.

Victoria had gotten excited upon hearing this, knowing that Nikki probably had something special in mind for them. The excitement had scarcely abated since then and as Victoria walked into the house she wondered where she would find her mother.

Anticipating a nice long kiss she went from room to room on the main floor, keeping her ears open in the process but the house was quiet. The main floor seemed to be deserted. Even Miguel was gone. Usually he would be puttering around in the kitchen at this time of day but there was no one there either. Making her way over to the window overlooking the pool and yard, Victoria leaned over the sink to scan as much of the yard as she could. So intent was she in her perusal of the grounds that she failed to detect the presence creeping up behind her until she felt a cool pair of hands steal their way up her loose blouse to gently cup her breasts and give them a soft squeeze through her bra.

At the first sign of contact Victoria stiffened and nearly yelled out but stopped in time when she realized who it had to be. Then she relaxed as she felt a firm pair of breasts pressing themselves against her back.

"Who or what are you looking for sweetie?" Her mother breathed into her ear from behind. A tongue began to trace its way along the edge of the lobe, waiting for a response.

"My lover, who else?" Victoria replied, reaching behind to grasp what she could of Nikki's firm ass. A tingle began to run its course up and down her spine as Nikki began to breath into her ear.

"Good answer", Nikki whispered as she began to nibble on the lobe, her hands continuing to massage her daughter`s heavy breasts.

Victoria tried to turn around to face Nikki but soon discovered that she couldn't with the weight of her mother's body pinning her against the counter. So she stayed where she was and waited to see what Nikki's next move would be, doing the only thing she could under the circumstances, which was to continue rubbing her mother's behind. She didn't have to wait long as Nikki glided her right hand down along her stomach to her skirt.

`I'm glad I decided to wear one today' Victoria thought to herself, her heart beginning to beat louder. `And no......'

"Oooh...", Nikki cooed excitedly into her ear, "you're not wearing panties."

Her hand had managed to worm its way between Victoria's body and the counter as she took some of her weight off her daughter's body. With Victoria's skirt bunched against her lower abdomen, Nikki's hand began to roam over her smooth mound while her other continued to play with her breasts.

Nikki reached down a little further so that she could insinuate her middle finger over Victoria's clit and into her tight pussy. She was pleased to find that Victoria was already very wet. Satisfied with what she had been able to accomplish in a little over a minute, she withdrew her hands from her daughter's body and stepped back until she was resting against the counter of the island that dominated the middle of the kitchen.

With her face flushed with excitement, and suddenly finding herself able to move, Victoria turned around to see Nikki placing the finger she had probed her with into her mouth. She was wearing her usual riding outfit, white sleeveless turtle neck underneath the black coat with beige pants and black riding boots. Looking very fetching with her hair tucked up into her hat, she continued to suck contentedly on her finger. Nikki was one of those women who could easily pass for a thirty year old instead of early forties.

"Why'd you stop?" Victoria asked distressfully after a moment of silence had passed between them.

"I'm sorry Victoria", Nikki answered smugly, taking the finger out of her mouth before continuing. "I couldn't help myself. I heard you come in and by the time I found you, you were already over by the window."

"I didn't say `Why did you do it?'", Victoria said, adding a pout to her lips. "I said `Why did you stop?'!"

"Oops. That's right, you did didn't you? Well....", Nikki paused teasingly as though she was really pondering her answer. "....I just wanted to make sure everything was working properly after last night and this morning. I stopped when I found that everything was in perfect condition since I didn't want wear you out when we still have the whole night to look forward to."

"You're just too cute", was all Victoria could say to that as she made her way over to Nikki and gave her a big hug. It was almost like a hug from before except that she gave her mother's rump a little squeeze before stepping back.

"But just for that", Victoria continued, "you're going to have to wait awhile before I let you do that again. You're not the only one that can play hard to get."

"Didn't I just finish telling you that", Nikki said with her winning smile. She reached out to take Victoria's hand. "Come on, let's go for a ride. I'll wait here while you get changed."

"I have a better idea", Victoria said mischievously, "why don't you come with me and help me get changed."

"Alright young lady....", Nikki said with mock severity, "...but no funny stuff."

"Wouldn't dream of it. Really mother, you need to get your mind out of the gutter."

"You're such a tease Victoria."

They both laughed at the irony as they made their way hand in hand up the stairs to Victoria's room.


The mid afternoon sun shone in solid slabs across the carpeted floor as the ladies arrived at their destination, making the rest of the room seem dark by comparison.

"Miguel isn't in the house is he?" Victoria suddenly thought to ask, letting go of her mother`s hand.

"No", Nikki replied casually, "I gave him the rest of the day off when I got back. You don`t think I would have done what I just did downstairs if he were do you?"

"I'm not sure whether you would or not", Victoria said with a smirk. "That's why I asked."

Undoing the bun in her hair Victoria walked over to where she could stand in front of the window, the sun haloing the outline of her body and turning her hair to pure gold as she shook it loose. Turning to face her mother she began to unbutton her blouse. Never taking her eyes off her daughter, Nikki sat on the edge of the bed close by so that she could continue to watch her daughter unveil herself more comfortably. She felt just like a kid in a candy store as she waited for the show to begin. It was a surreal experience to be able to do this and she hoped that the thrill of this novelty would never fade away.

Sensing her mother's fascination Victoria paused momentarily to give her a quick wink before letting her blouse slide off her shoulders and to the floor. Standing there in just her bra and skirt she could feel the electricity passing between them. Slowly, she reached down to pull down her skirt.

"Wait honey", Nikki said quickly before she could start, "why don't you take your bra off first?"

Smiling seductively, Victoria brought her hands up behind her back to undo the clasp of her bra as she watched Nikki's face. As the straps came loose she allowed her shoulders to slump slightly so that they slid off and, bringing her hands up and through the loops in one smooth motion, she was just able to catch the cups before they fell completely away. Holding them there gently from underneath Victoria allowed the cups to fall just enough to expose her nipples to Nikki's adoring gaze before bringing them back up.

"A penny for your thoughts", she said almost to herself as Nikki looked up at her.

"I'd take you up on the offer but I don't know where on earth you'd be hiding a penny", Nikki replied coyly, grinning wickedly.

"Wouldn't you like to know", Victoria said as she let her hands drop back down to the waistband of her skirt.

For a moment her bra just hung there on her hardened nipples before falling off to join the blouse on the floor. Easing the skirt down over her voluptuous hips Victoria bent over slowly so that she could slide them down her long smooth legs. This allowed her breast to dangle invitingly in front of her mother's hungry eyes. Standing up again Victoria's globes settled back into place on her chest. Stepping gracefully out the shambles of her skirt she nudged it with her foot to join the rest of her clothing. Victoria stood calmly looking down at her mother with her hands on her hips and her feet spread two feet apart, a naughty yet challenging glint in her eyes.

From her vantage on the bed Nikki could only stare appreciatively at the statuesque beauty of her daughter a bare three feet away. The effect of the sun's rays as they highlighted the contours of her body took Nikki's breath away. The inside of the her inner thighs looked like they had been painted with gold, as did the outside of her shoulders, legs and arms. Victoria's hard pink nipples stood out prominently from her proud breasts. Contrasting beautifully with the light brown of her areolas they pointed to a line just slightly above Nikki's head as Victoria continued to face her mother patiently. Nikki understood that her daughter was just having fun with her as she posed there like a model, but she didn't think she realized the picture she made. She was like a work of art rendered in gold. Looking down at her daughter's pubis she could just make out her clitoris as it peeked out at her enticingly. Nikki leaned forward slightly so that she could get a closer look and noticed that there was a slight glint to Victoria's sex. Clearly, her daughter's exhibitionistic display was just as exciting to Victoria as it was to her.

"I guess I could stand here all day", Victoria said, affecting a bored tone, " but its already past 2:30 and if we want to get in a good ride before dinner we'd better get going."

"You're right Victoria. Its just that ever since last night I can't seem to get enough of you." Nikki tried to sound casually flirtatious but missed by a mile. She knew she had sounded almost sad. She looked up from Victoria's body to see that her daughter was looking confused and insecure. After a slightly uncomfortable silence Nikki regained control of her emotions, not really sure herself exactly what they had been until that moment, and grabbed both of her daughter's hands with her own. She pulled gently until Victoria stood directly before her feet.

"Do you have any idea just how beautiful you are? Do you?" Nikki asked in all seriousness as she looked up into her daughter's eyes.

Victoria actually blushed, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red as she looked back lovingly into her mother's eyes, while her own glistened with unshed tears of joy. Instead of answering she lowered herself to her knees in front of mother, breasts bouncing adorably as she moved, and parted Nikki's knees with her hands. Leaning forward so that her breast flattened themselves against Nikki's riding jacket, she planted her lips passionately on those of the woman sitting on her bed. Their lips clung together lovingly while their tongues gently probed the other's. The kiss lasted several seconds before Victoria finally broke away.

"Thank you." Was all Victoria could manage before regaining her feet.

With one last lingering look Victoria made her way over to the closet.

Nikki couldn't help but follow the bounce of her daughter's apple round bottom with her eyes before finally deciding that she had to snap out of it. The moment had passed and they had grown closer together in an instant of mutual understanding. Nikki had been experiencing intense insecurity, feeling that she wasn't good enough to be loved by Victoria, but Victoria had let her know unequivocally that that simply wasn't true.

Standing up, she adjusted her riding jacket more comfortably around her hips before walking over to the door. She stood there quietly while Victoria picked out the elements of her riding attire, throwing them onto the bed one after the other. A brown suede riding jacket, black sleeveless turtleneck, skin tight white riding pants and glossy brown riding boots that would reach up almost to her knees when she put them on. With a quick glance at her mother to make sure she was still there, she proceeded to wriggle her way into the outfit, making eye contact with her from time to time to make sure everything was still okay. She smiled to herself when she noticed that Nikki had a decidedly damp looking stain on her pants where the outline of pussy could faintly be discerned.

Nikki could only continue to marvel at the beauty possessed by her daughter as her form bounced and heaved its way hurriedly into the clothes. She did note that Victoria had decided to forego either bra or panties and smiled in approval, for she had done to same when dressing earlier. She also realized that it was going to be much harder than she had anticipated to keep her hands off her daughter's body till the evening came around. But that was okay. After all, anticipation was the spice of life.

Finally ready, Victoria made her way over to Nikki. Giving her a quick peck on the lips, she then linked her arm with her mother's and happily led her out of the house toward the stables.

To be continued...........

*As usual, any comments good or bad would be appreciated. I hope that I have succeeded here in part III where I feel I may have failed in part II. Unfortunately I didn't realize the failings myself until it had already been submitted. After rereading part I I may have tried too hard to make up for breaking it off at a point where it was just getting good. I tried to compensate for that by sacrificing emotional content, forgetting that the action is almost incidental to the story I'm trying to tell. Hopefully you will find this has been a better effort all around. It was certainly easier to write and that in itself confirms my suspicions. Thanks for reading!