Date: January 27th, 2004


Subject: Victoria and Nikki Newman continue their illicit adventures as things get a little more interesting.

Disclaimers: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

The Young and the Restless: Part IV

Out in the meadows beyond the house, in the vast acreage of the Newman holdings, Nikki and Victoria cantered slowly through the quiet sunlit afternoon. The high grass brushed against the bellies of their mounts as they rode in companionable silence. Here and there small copses of trees dotted the landscape as they made their way toward the small stream that neatly bisected the property. Every once in a while one or the other would look over at her partner until the eye contact was returned, then a smile would ensue, and here and there a hand would reach out the grab the other's and give a reassuring squeeze. They were still at that stage of new found romance where such reassurances were required, and both hoped in the privacy of their thoughts that they would never get complacent with each other as so often happened between lovers.

As they neared the stream the land suddenly became heavily wooded, the trees growing larger as they progressed. Here among the shade of the canopy the sun broke through occasionally to bath the beaten path with small patches of gold. Ahead of them, they could see the shimmering surface of the stream as it made its way lazily to the southwest. They slowed to a walk as they approached the embankment bordering the stream before bringing their horses to a complete stop.

"Well Victoria", Nikki said as she turned to look at the stunning beauty on her left. "What should we do? Move on or go for a swim? I brought a blanket", Nikki continued as she patted the quilt rolled up behind her saddle, "so we could lie down after and dry off in the sun."

"Hmmm...", Victoria hummed in response as she brought her hand up to her chin in the classic pose of the deep thinker. "I think a swim sounds great. There's a little pool just a little further down where the embankment ends and there's even grass running right up to the water where we could lay the blanket. It's secluded enough that no one could see us from the field above. You know the spot right?"

"I do", Nikki said softly as she contemplated their naked bodies lying next to each other as they dried off afterwards. It would be a perfect place for her to pull out the surprise she had brought along. She had packed it in her saddle bag upon arriving back at the house earlier before Victoria had returned, just in case the opportunity were to present itself. She knew even then that her resolve to wait until this evening might falter, and she didn't want to left wanting.

"OK. Let's go then."

Nudging her mare into motion with her knees, Nikki led the way down the embankment, turning left to follow the stream as Victoria followed on her stallion. Victoria couldn't help but appreciate the sight of Nikki's sculpted ass bouncing along pleasantly ahead of her, the contours of its lovely roundness accentuated by the tight riding pants she wore. She licked her lips unconsciously as her mind wandered down the lascivious possibilities of what might lie ahead.

Before too long they arrived at a place where the embankment ended abruptly, to be replaced by the high grass of the field which swept down from up on their left to meet the water's edge twenty feet away.

Dismounting gracefully from her horse, Nikki took the reins and casually led her over to a nearby tree where she gently began to undo the bridle. Slipping it over the mare's head, she hung it over a nearby bough. Behind Nikki, Victoria watched the experienced movements of her mother for a moment before following suit. Leading her horse over next her mother's, she repeated the steps performed by Nikki. By design, she had positioned herself and her horse so that she and her mother were effectively sandwiched between the equines, screened from any potentially prying eyes. In the running of a horse ranch there was always the possibility of running into field hands wandering the grounds as they performed their various duties, such as filling in the constant intrusion of gopher holes on the grounds. The field hands were usually long gone by this time of day but it would be better, under the circumstance of being out in the relative open, to be safer than sorry.

Turning to face her mother finally, Victoria could see that her actions and their significance were not lost on her. Smiling wickedly at her beloved, Nikki stepped gratefully into her warm embrace as their lips met in a long wet kiss. Hands wandered caressingly over lower back and tight behind as the languorous kiss continued. It was Nikki who finally pulled away to break the contact between their clinging lips, though she began to rub her nose gently against Victoria's as they gazed adoringly into each other's eyes.

"Maybe we could go for that swim now?" Nikki said tentatively.

Instead of answering, Victoria simply nodded and disengaged herself from Nikki's arms. Taking hold of one her daughter's hands with one of her own, Nikki turned and reached with the other to unbutton her saddlebag and throw it over her shoulder before doing the same with the quilt.

"What's in the bag Sneaky?"

"A treat", her mother replied innocently. "Though you'll have to behave yourself if you want it."

Victoria just shrugged her shoulders ambiguously, not promising anything. With a slight tug Nikki began to lead Victoria toward the bank of the stream where the long grass swayed gently in the warm afternoon breeze. Taking in a quick perusal of both sides of the stream with her eyes and ears, Nikki gently let go of her daughter's hand and, dropping the saddlebag on the ground, began to unfurl the quilt onto a relatively beaten down section of grass. It looked as though someone had been here within the last day or so.

Feeling positively naughty at this point, Victoria took advantage of her mother's slightly bent position to cup the cheeks of her ass lovingly and give them the Charmin treatment. The lower half of their bodies were well hidden by the surrounding grass.

"Is that what you call behaving?" Nikki laughed as she wriggled her bum in approval.

"Depends on your definition", Victoria giggled emphatically, "but yes!"

Pushing her mother down so that she had no choice but to fall forward onto the newly laid quilt on her hands and knees, Victoria kneeled down behind Nikki and grabbed the waistband of her riding pants. Pulling them down to expose her mother's behind to her avid gaze, Victoria lost no time in planting kisses on one cool cheek before doing the same to the other. Sighing contentedly, Nikki let her head drop onto the quilt between her spread fingers, her hat falling off to the side unnoticed as she pushed her ass back into her daughter's face.

"Aren't we supposed to be going for a swim dear?" Nikki mewed absentmindedly.

Victoria didn't bother to respond, if she even heard her mother's question, as she continued to concentrate her whole attention on the wonderful scent emanating from Nikki's pussy. Her nether lips glistened wetly in the sun and her puckered rosebud beckoned Victoria beseechingly as she admired it. Bending down to bury her face between those glorious cheeks, Victoria ran her tongue along her mother's wet slit to get a good taste before withdrawing momentarily to check out her mother's tiny little rosebud once again. Lowering her face once more, Victoria reveled in its small size and cleanliness, her tongue circling around the rim before dipping in languidly. She wondered briefly as she did if her mother used enemas to keep it so clean. Traveling back down to Nikki's waiting pussy, she ran her tongue along the folds of her labia while bringing one of her hands into play to manipulate the blood engorged clit. Spreading her knees a little further apart to help Victoria gain better access, Nikki began to moan her daughter's name as the gates of her wellspring opened. Meanwhile, Victoria squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to cool her own mounting fire.

After a few more moments of reaming her mother's pussy with her tongue and fingers, Victoria reluctantly relented in her manipulations and removed her face from its favorite home. Sitting back on her folded legs, Victoria gave one of Nikki's cheeks a playful slap before nudging her gently over onto her back. With her riding pants bunched just above her knees, Nikki sat up so that she could rest on her elbows. Looking over at her daughter, whose face shone from nose to chin with her juices, she blew her a kiss. As though it was her cue, Victoria reached over and proceeded to divest her mother of her riding boots before sliding her pants the rest of the way off.

Victoria smiled to herself as she took in the incredibly sexy picture Nikki made as she lay there on the quilt, nude from the waist down, her legs spread ever so slightly. Her loose hair had fallen onto her shoulders now that her hat had fallen off, framing her classic beauty in a blond aura. Her black riding jacket bulged where her large breasts lay buried beneath, contrasting beautifully with her tanned skin where it ended just passed her stomach. The rest of her was completely exposed to the bleu sky above, the little blond hairs of her thighs highlighted by the sun shining down on them.

Without further ado Victoria crawled over Nikki's body so that they could share yet another long lingering kiss. Both were aware somewhere in the back of their minds that the day was still a long way from being over. Which is probably the reason why they didn't rush the kiss, but instead let the moments flow into each other for several minutes.

Their breasts rubbed amorously together through their clothing as Victoria brought one of her hands up from the quilt to brush her fingernails against the soft skin of Nikki's exposed inner thighs.

The pace quickened from there as Nikki sat up to begin unbuttoning Victoria's riding jacket. Clumsily, Victoria did the same with Nikki's as she balanced herself precariously on her knees. Both women's fingers worked feverishly to complete their missions. Despite the fact that their arms interfered with each other constantly they managed to divest each other of their respective coats so that each now wore only their sleeveless turtlenecks on their upper bodies; one black, one white. Nikki managed to beat Victoria to the punch as she gathered the hem of Victoria's black one and began to pull it up over her daughter's magnificent 36DD's. Victoria raised her arms to assist and in no time at all she was completely bare from the waist up as her hat fell off to the quilt below, bouncing and rolling to come to rest next to her mother's. The pile of discarded clothing was beginning to grow appreciably. Now it was Nikki's turn as Victoria pulled her turtleneck up and off. The only break to these hectic activities were the quick kisses they lavished on each other when the opportunity presented itself. With their breasts now completely free, the women leaned in toward each other so that nipple pressed against nipple and flesh against flesh.

Bringing her weight to bear on her mother's body, Victoria pushed forward until Nikki had no choice but to give way with a squeal and lower her body back down on the quilt. Victoria's hair hid both their faces from the rest of the world as she lowered her lips to meet those of her mother's once more. Their nipples rubbed together erotically as they pressed their bodies against each other. Nikki's hands found the waistband of Victoria's white riding pants as she spread her legs beneath her daughter's body and began to ease them over her hips, exposing her apple round bottom to the warmth of the late afternoon sun. Both were breathing heavily, neither one aware that only five minutes had passed since Nikki had first laid down the quilt; for them, time was standing still.

Breaking away reluctantly, Victoria quickly stood up to rid herself of boots and pants before covering Nikki's body once more with hers. Their feverish kiss resumed where it had left off as their breasts clung together yet again. Nikki spread her legs wide and wrapped her calves around Victoria's luscious hips, bringing her daughter's wet smooth mound into contact with her own small thatch as she clutched at her daughter`s ass. Both women wiggled their hips together as Victoria's juices ran down to coat her mother's inner thighs. Combined with her own those juices then began to run down along the crack of Nikki's ass. Grunts and moans issued from mother and daughter as the tempo of their wet humping increased.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a half-remembered thought insinuated itself into the foreground of Nikki's consciousness. Bringing her hands up to Victoria's face, Nikki pulled gently so that their lips unglued themselves. With a sudden heave and roll Nikki managed to find herself where Victoria had so recently been so that it was now Victoria's legs that came up and around to wrap themselves around her hips.

"I think its time for that treat I promised you earlier honey" Nikki panted against Victoria's lips.

Victoria indicated her approval by grabbing Nikki's lower lip gently with her teeth fleetingly before responding.

"So you approve of my behavior so far?" She asked archly.

"Uh huh!" Nikki sighed into her daughter's mouth as she gave her another wet kiss. "But", another kiss, "you have to promise to close your eyes and not open them until I say."

"I like the sound of this already", Victoria said naughtily as she squeezed her eyes tightly closed compliantly.

Nikki hesitated briefly before sitting back on her knees to make sure Victoria wasn't going to peek before turning around to reach for her saddlebag. Opening up the clasp as quietly as she could, she took out the toy she had bought earlier in the day. Glancing back at Victoria she was satisfied to see that Victoria was keeping her promise. She lay there just as she had left her, her legs spread wide so that Nikki could see her wet slit and slightly protruding clit. Her substantial breasts nestled like little mountains on her chest with her rock hard nipples pointing innocently to the sky while her hands swaying gently with the breeze, humming quietly to herself as she waited patiently.

Standing up as noiselessly, Nikki stepped into the harness of the 8" strap-on dildo and brought it up around her hips as she struggle to adjust the buckle ineptly. It was purple and of the jelly variety; she had discounted the plastic ones as being too rigid and inflexible when deciding on the right one at the store. She'd never used one of these before and it was a truly novel sensation to feel the weight of the thing as it swayed lewdly in front of her while she settled it into place.

`So this is how it feels to be a man', Nikki thought to herself as she ran her right hand along its length. She hadn't anticipated the feeling of power she would experience when wearing it. Looking over at her daughter, who was still lying there peacefully with her eyes closed, she felt a sudden imperative need to plumb the depths of her body with her new found toy.

"Can I open my eyes yet?" Victoria called, starting to cool down.

"No sweetie", Nikki answered quickly. "I'll be right over."

Lowering herself back onto her knees, Nikki crawled over to her waiting lover. Not knowing exactly what to do, but knowing that she couldn't just barrel her way into her daughter's body like a man would do under the circumstances, she crawled over to the side of Victoria's head so she could whisper into her ear.

"Keep your eyes closed for just a few more minutes ok?" She purred.

"Alright mom", Victoria purred back as she smiled, "but you're making it awfully hard."

"You got that right", Nikki muttered under her breath, then giggled.

"What's so funny?"


Wanting to make sure that Victoria's fire was still stoked after the sudden lull, Nikki brought her lips down to her daughter's closest nipple and stroked the semi-hard nipple back to life with her tongue. Sensing her mother's body close to her own Victoria reached out with a hand to find what she could of her body but Nikki quickly took hold of her wrist and pinned it down on the quilt; it wouldn`t do to have her find her surprise too early after all.

Victoria acquiesced affably as she felt Nikki's other hand travel down her stomach toward her pussy. Slipping her fingers along the folds Nikki was happy to find that Victoria was still sufficiently wet to allow easy entry. Despite that though she wanted to make sure Victoria was on the brink of a climax before springing her surprise. With that purpose in mind she moved herself around to kneel between her daughter's open legs. Kneeling down a little further Nikki reached out with her tongue to lovingly trace the contour's of Victoria's throbbing clit as she brought two fingers around to caress the inside of her pussy. For several minutes Nikki alternated between sucking her daughter's clit into her mouth to flick it with her tongue and letting it go to lavish it with her tongue alone. Every once in a while she would break away to make sure Victoria still had her eyes firmly shut.

Victoria's breathing began to quicken under Nikki's ministrations, her nostrils flaring in her excitement. She brought her hands up to squeeze her breasts together as she pinched the nipples with her fingers. When Victoria began to lift her hips off the quilt so that her pussy rose up to meet her mouth, Nikki judged that the time had finally come.

Rising up from Victoria's pulsating mound, Nikki placed her hands on either side of her daughter's body as she lowered her pelvis down so that the tip of the phallus bobbed gently mere inches from her opening. Feeling her mother's movements above her, Victoria sneaked a quick peek through her half-open eyelids to see the vague form of her mother leaning over her, looking down along their bodies.

`Oh god', she thought to herself as she closed them again. `Please let it be what I think it is.'

Lacking practice, and not wanting to miss, Nikki shifted the weight of her upper body onto one hand as she used the other to circle the circumference of the fake penis just below the slightly flared head. Pushing her hips forward slowly, Nikki guided the head of the long shaft so that it pressed firmly against the lips of her daughter's waiting pussy. Nikki watched in fascination as those perfect corral lips parted slightly and wrapped themselves around the head before allowing it to slip past.

"Oh yes!" Victoria moaned loudly as she felt the cool head of what had to be a dildo penetrate her opening. Opening her eyes fully she was momentarily blinded by the brightness of the sun before she could look down to see what her mother was doing. Quickly recognizing what was going on Victoria crowed in delight as she open her legs further. She brought her calves up and around to gently push Nikki's ass from behind so that the dildo began to inch its away inside her clinging hole in earnest. Then, reached up, she lovingly began caress her mother's dangling breasts.

"Please fuck me!" She said to a startled Nikki.

Nikki had wanted to go slow but with her daughter's legs pushing her from behind she had no choice but to bury the length of the phallus into Victoria's clutching depths in one easy motion.

Victoria moaned passionately as she felt Nikki's pseudo-penis slide all the way into her tight pussy until the support for the shaft came to rest against her clean shaven mound. Feeling incredibly turned on by what she doing to her own daughter Nikki tried to pull back so that she could start fucking her properly but found she couldn't with Victoria's calves holding her in place forcefully.

"Just keep it like that for a sec", Victoria husked as she ground her pelvis against Nikki's. She could feel the dildo churning nicely in her depths as she did, making room for itself as her insides adjusted to its presence.

Watching the expression of pure gratification playing its way across Victoria's face, Nikki allowed the moment to continue for several more seconds before forcefully retracting her new penis from her daughter's body. Seeing that she couldn't win Victoria relaxed her grip on Nikki.

Stopping at the point where just the head lay lodged in Victoria's pussy, Nikki hesitated briefly before beginning to force the first few inches of the dildo in and out of Victoria's grasping pussy in a lazy rhythm. Victoria cooed her pleasure as she continued to pinch and play with Nikki heaving breasts as she worked her body above her. Wanting more of the phallus inside of her Victoria began to use her calves again to force Nikki to comply, but Nikki, sensing her daughter's design, stopped her movements and pushed back against Victoria's calves firmly.

"Oh please don`t stop now!" Victoria pleaded. "I need you to fuck me more!"

"I'm sure you do honey", Nikki said naughtily as she leaned down to give Victoria a soft kiss. "But I think you're forgetting whose wearing the penis!"

"Ok." Victoria beseeched her mother. "Fine. You`re the boss....for now...but I'll remember this when its my turn you know", Victoria concluded playfully, wiggling her hips saucily as she traced her fingernails over Nikki's turgid nipples.

Not deigning to reply Nikki simply resumed her thrusting, except that this time her thrusts were harder and faster and with each new thrust she buried more and more of the dildo into Victoria's frothing pussy. Caught unprepared, Victoria gasped as the playful smirk she had been sporting quickly vanished under the sudden onslaught, to be replaced just as quickly by elation. She pushed her pelvis up to meet her mother's thrusts as she sought to swallow as much of the fake penis as she could into her clutching hole. Soon, the sound of flesh slapping wetly together resounded around the immediate surroundings, but so lost were the lovers in their own passion that they failed to notice. Not so the person who was watching in utter astonishment from not far away......


Not too long after Nikki and Victoria had left the stables for their ride, Sharon Newman was just getting ready to go out for a swim. Though she could simply walk up to the house and use the pool there, she had decided that today she would prefer to go up to the stream she and the kids loved to use from time to time. In fact, they had just been there yesterday afternoon. There was a nice watering hole there that wasn't too deep for Noah where the stream widened out into a kind of lagoon before descending down a small set of rapids.

Out of habit, Sharon took a look at herself in the full length mirror situated at the end of her walk-in closet before venturing out. She had decided to wear her white string bikini since the kids wouldn't be with her this time. They had gone into town with Nick so that she could have a rare afternoon to herself. The small triangles of the top barely concealed the nipples, let alone the fullness of her 38C breasts while the small triangle of the thong bottom piece accentuated the contours of her perfect mound quite nicely. It made her feel especially sexy as she turned around to check out her ass in the mirror one last time. She loved the feel of the string riding up the crack of her ass too. It wasn't everyday that she was able to wear this particular one, it being a tad immodest for social functions. She knew that that bitch Nikki would be sure to point it out to her if she were to ever try. She promised herself though that she wouldn't let the thought of her nemesis bother her today.

Leaving the closet, Sharon stopped to put a ponytail in her hair before picking up her sunglasses from on top of the dresser. Retrieving her carryall bag from the bed, which held towel, drink and book, she proceeded down the hall to the stairs. She stopped in the living room for one last quick look around to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything before heading to the door to slip her sandals on.

Once outside, under the influence of the warm summer sun, she decided that she would walk today instead of taking one of the RVs. She hadn't gone to the gym all week and this would be a perfect time to get a little exercise and work up a sweat before cooling off in the water. It would take her about twenty minutes to get there instead of five but what the hell.

Walking past the stables she skirted the fenced in corral and headed for the meadows dominating the land between the main residences and the stream. Looking back at the main house once before resuming she noticed that both Nikki's and Victoria's cars were parked out front. She wondered briefly what they were up to on a glorious day like today but it didn't really concern her so it was just a passing thought. Instead, her thoughts turned to Nick and their current problems. She had found out a few weeks ago that he had cheated on her with one of her long time friends from Madison. She knew that he had probably been seduced against his better judgment but she knew too that it would be awhile before she would completely forgive him, though she would never forget. Women had long memories when it came to that sort of thing; `hell hath no fury' was dam straight right. It wasn't fair either, she kept reminding herself as she walked along. She had been feeling frustrated and neglected ever since she had found out, having put a stop to their sex life in retaliation for his inequities.

Bringing her attention back to her surroundings she realized that she didn't have much further to go. The fringe of trees that defined the beginning of the wooded shoreline lay about fifty yards ahead and slightly to the right. She knew there was a path leading through the trees that would take her to her destination and she decided to take it as she noticed that it was indeed hot out. Usually she wouldn't but there was a definite sweaty sheen to her skin as she looked down at her bouncing breasts, despite the fact that they was a steady breeze blowing in her face. It didn't seem to be doing much to relieve the heat so what better way than to walk in the shade for the last hundred yards.

Sharon sighed appreciatively as the cool shade enveloped her clammy skin. She could feel her nipples stiffen in response to the sudden coolness, thinking bemusedly that it was the closest thing to sexual stimulation she had experienced in weeks and it was the shade she had to thank for it. With a quiet little laugh at the absurdity of life she continued quietly down the path, her fleshy round ass bouncing happily along to her gait.

Before too long she could see the stream glimmering ahead of her through the trees. As she got closer she thought she could see movement over by the stream close to where she knew the embankment ended. Slowing slightly, she proceeded more cautiously as she tried to figure out what it was. The clues became more evident as she got closer and she realized that it was a horse grazing, no doubt stuffing itself full with the sweet weeds that grew along the embankment.

Wondering whose it could be, she didn't notice the other one until she was standing at the edge of the embankment. It was grazing just a little further down off to the right and she recognized this one as belonging to Victoria. The other one, she surmised, must belong to Nikki as she fitted the pieces together in her head.

`Well', she thought to herself, `I guess that answers my question about what they're doing today.'

`Where were they though?', she wondered as she looked around. She knew they had to be close by but she couldn't see any sign of them. A closer look around revealed the bridles hanging over the lower bough of a tree bordering the path and the embankment on her left.

As she stood by the tree looking at the bridles, thinking that it might be better to beat a hasty retreat, having no wish to cross paths with Nikki or Victoria if she could help it, Sharon thought she heard something. It had sounded something like a muffled moan coming from her left. Leaning over the bough of the tree, which was about waist high from where she was standing, she peeked from around the trunk of the tree to look out over the high grass by the stream's edge. Her eyes couldn't really pick out anything unusual out there in her first sweep but then she heard several more gasping moans. It helped her to pinpoint the source. Not twenty feet away, she could just make out the top of Nikki's head as it wobbled back and forth among the high grass. No wonder she hadn't seen it at first. It camouflaged itself quite effectively with the golden brown of the dry grass. She couldn't see the rest of her but from the motions, not to mention the growing noise, she could easily guess what she was going on.

Her previous instinct to get out of there doubled and she was just turning to go when a single thought blazed its way across the foreground of her scattered thoughts. She knew Nikki had been alone for awhile, Victor having yet another one of his famous romances, if she even thought about him anymore in that way, but if she had taken on a new lover it would be a nice piece of leverage for her if she could find out who it was. Hopefully he was married. After all, when you were battling an alpha female in her prime it would be best to have a sharp weapon to use when push finally came to shove. Whoever it was though, he must have borrowed Victoria's horse for this clandestine meeting.

With that thought in mind Sharon turned back to the tree so that she could begin to climb it, letting her bag drop noiselessly to the ground at its base. If she could get high enough, and with a little luck, she knew she should able to see who the other person was. It wasn't a particularly hard tree to climb she found, as such things went, even for a girly-girl like her.

As quietly she as she could, Sharon stepped up from bough to bough until she was a clear fifteen feet above the path, and twenty from the bottom of the embankment where the tree's trunk ended. She tried to keep her eyes on the prize as she climbed, impatient to get a glimpse of Nikki's secret lover through the foliage and was gratified to see that she could make out most of Nikki's upper body. Her breasts were swaying back and forth violently beneath her shoulders as the long smooth calves of whoever lay beneath her encircled her gyrating hips. It struck her as being an unorthodox position for Nikki to be in, since it was usually done the other way around, but she had other things to worry about as she climbed stealthily. She had gone up one more bough when the thunderbolt finally struck her.

`Oh my god! Smooth legs! Its a woman!'

She almost fell out of the tree at that point as her body forgot where she was, but she recovered quickly and clung to the trunk of the tree for emergency support. She knew she had let out a fairly audible gasp though and remained frozen in place, afraid that even now Nikki and her lesbian lover were now looking in her direction. The moans coming from below hadn't abated one whit though, and was it just her imagination or were they getting louder? Then:

"Oh god! Fuck me you sexy bitch, fuck me!"

Sharon couldn't deny hearing the words nor the passionate tone, and it sounded oddly familiar to her though she couldn`t quite place it. No doubt she knew her from somewhere.

`She must be using a strap-on', Sharon surmised as she put the pieces together. It explained Nikki's position and movements, let alone the smooth legs gripping her waist. Peering once more from around the trunk of the tree, but now from her new vantage point, Sharon was surprised to find that she had a fairly unobstructed view of the happenings below, and unsurprised when her surmise turned out to be right on. Nikki was wearing a strap-on! However, that recognition faded rather quickly to the background when, after a few seconds of spying, she was shocked to the very core of her being to recognize the familiar face of the second figure below.


It a state of near absolute disbelief, Sharon could only stare with hanging jaw at the scene below. Nikki had picked up her pace appreciably since she had first begun to witness the drama unfolding below. The wet slap of flesh against flesh carried quite well despite the background noise of the stream, and a small part of her mind wondered how she hadn't noticed it before. Or had it just begun now even as she watched? The details of the scene below embedded themselves like bullets in her mind's eye as the moments passed her by like the static frames of a picture show.

Nikki's back, from shoulder to legs, shining in the sun with a sheen of sweat as she labored doggedly to drive the dildo in and out of her daughter's tight pussy. Nikki's breast bobbing up and down as Victoria reached up to grab and pinch them. Victoria breasts heaving up and down on her chest as she used her calves to drive her mother's body harder into her own while driving her pelvis up to meet those thrusts. Sweat running down both their faces. Nikki leaning down occasionally to kiss Victoria's lips, or take a nibble at one of her diamond hard nipples.

A rhythmic soft squelching sound was being emitted from between the focal point of their bodies, and Sharon's imagination provided her with a vivid picture of what she couldn't see; the tight lips of Victoria's pussy clinging desperately to the shaft of the dildo in a vain attempt to keep it inside her as Nikki continued to drive it in and out.

Sharon couldn't tell afterwards just how long she may have been perched there watching raptly. All she knew was that it wasn't until she felt a distractingly cool sensation running down the inside of her thigh that she was able to tear her eyes away from that erotic scene below in order to look. Apparently, her own pussy was leaking fluid in copious amounts and it was this that felt cool in the warm breeze as it ran down the inside of her leg. She couldn't help but notice too that her nipples were pressing painfully against the material of her bikini top, their outlines jutting out proudly in bold relief. Confusion and erotic passion warred with each other as she sought to come to terms with these inescapable facts. She couldn't deny that she was incredibly turned on by what she had just witnessed, but at the same time she was afraid of what it might mean. She wasn't a lesbian, closet or otherwise, and her only sexual experience with another woman had happened in junior high when on a sleepover. She and a friend had masterbated in front of each other, watching what the other was doing all the while. That had been it and all. So why was she so turned on?

"Oh god....I'm coming mom! Hurry......harder......oohhhhhhh."

Turning back to the scene below, Sharon was in time to witness the climax of her semi-inadvertent peep show. Victoria calves clung desperately to her mother's body, her back arched and head thrown back in a silent scream as she squeezed her own breasts hard. Nikki was pushing the dildo into her as hard as she could while her hips spasmed with the effort, thumbing Victoria's clit with one free hand as she did. Finally, after several long seconds, Victoria shuddered and expelled a long hissing breath as her body relaxed into immobility, clearly spent. Nikki had stopped moving too, except for the heaving of her breasts as she fought to regain control of her breathing, the dildo still buried deep inside her daughter's body, until finally she too collapsed in exhaustion across the prone body below.

Long moments passed where nothing sought to disturb the suddenly returned peace of nature as Sharon continued to watch in amazement, unaware that she rubbing her own clit through the scant bikini bottom. Both women's chests rose and fell steadily as their breathing slowly returned to their natural rhythms. It was then that Sharon squirmed with the realization that if Nikki and Victoria were to come directly to the tree upon getting ready to leave there was a better than likely chance that her presence would be detected. Suddenly aware of what her hand was doing, Sharon abashedly removed it from her now sopping bikini bottom, realizing that she must have been doing it ever since she had returned her eyes to the action.

`Think Sharon! Think!'

Now that she wasn't being distracted by her treacherous hand, she found she could concentrate better. Sucking her fingers absentmindedly into her mouth, Sharon began to juggle the possibilities in her head, though panic still had her in its unyielding grip. She knew it was inevitable that they would come to the tree to retrieve the bridles. The worst case scenario was that she would be discovered shortly. She relaxed marginally as it occurred to her that even if that happened it was more that likely she would have the upper hand. Sharon didn`t think they would be willing to kill her despite the possible stakes up for grabs. Short of that, the worst they do could do would be to label her a peeping tom while she, on the other hand, would be holding the threat of exposing their incestuous relationship perpetually over their heads. She smiled an evil little smile to herself as she realized she would come out of this on top no matter what. The best thing that could happen would be if she were somehow able to get away without being detected. That way she could keep the knowledge to herself until the best possible time, which she knew wouldn't be far in the future. All she needed was a little time to ponder all the angles before making her move. She didn't know yet what it would be, but she knew it would be good for her and bad for them, especially Nikki. She hesitated slightly as her conscience tried to get the better of her to make her feel guilty but she threw that momentary pang away ruthlessly, knowing that neither Nikki nor Victoria would hesitate to blow her out of the water if they had the chance.

As her devious thoughts were arriving to that final justification she caught some motion out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to see what was going on. Nikki had pushed herself up a little so that she could kiss Victoria passionately.

`God....', Sharon muttered under her breath, unconsciously jealous. `....don't they ever get enough.'

Below, Nikki was now pushing herself completely off Victoria's body with her arms as she retracted her hips so that the glistening dildo slipped out of her daughter's pussy with a faint but audible plop. Sharon could clearly see the cream encrusted lips of Victoria's pussy as it slowly began to close upon itself. Leaning back so that she was temporarily standing on her knees, Nikki gathered herself for a moment more before planting first one foot on the quilt then the other so that she could stand the rest of the way up.

Victoria looked up lovingly at her mother as she loomed over her for a moment before swinging herself around onto her knees. Taking the purple jelly dildo into her mouth she slowly began to clean it off as though it were the real thing. Nikki, meanwhile, reached down to stroke her daughter's hair while she watched. Finally done with her self-appointed chore, Victoria stood up to give her mother a huge hug before reaching down to help her undo the harness and slip it off her hips and down her legs. Taking one of Victoria's hands in hers, Nikki stepped out of the jumbled harness and led her down toward the waiting stream.

With their backs facing her as they entered the cool water, Sharon took advantage of the opportunity to quietly start climbing down the tree, using the boughs like the rungs of a ladder. Keeping the tree between herself and the unsuspecting women, she took one last look from around the trunk when she got to the ground to see what they were doing. This was the moment when she was most likely be seen. If either one of them bothered to look in this direction as she was making her way back up the path she was certain to be noticed.

She needn't have worried though. Both Nikki and Victoria were completely engrossed with each other as they stood in the water up to their knees. Nikki reached down to scoop some water up and throw it against Victoria's pubic region before rubbing it down with her wet hand as Victoria's squealed at the cold. In retaliation Victoria took a step back and used one of her legs to splash her mother thoroughly across her breasts and belly before turning to plunge into the deeper part of the little lagoon.

Seeing that they were completely oblivious to anything but themselves, Sharon reached down to retrieve her carryall bag. Walking backwards to make sure her escape was complete, she cautiously made her way up the path until she was effectively screened by the intervening trees. The last she had seen of the ladies, Nikki had been diving in pursuit of her errant daughter, her shapely round ass the last thing to submerge itself underwater as Victoria's head poked out of the water just beyond. Finally feeling it was safe to turn around, Sharon ran as fast as her sandals would let her back in the direction of home. Once she was there she knew she would have all the time in the world to come up with a suitable plan.


To be continued............



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