Date: February 12th, 2004


Subject: Victoria and Nikki Newman's illicit adventures hit a snag as a third party enters the ring.

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!


The Young and the Restless: Part V

Eleven o'clock on a Monday morning found Nikki Newman sitting quietly in the living room reading the newspaper as she sipped contentedly on a strong cup of coffee. Outside, the sun continued to shine benignly down as it had for the past two weeks. Despite that it was still relatively dark in this part of the house for this time of day so she had been forced to turn on reading lamp to illuminate the morning paper. Today she was dressed in her usual conservative attire: a cream coloured blouse with a dark brown cardigan sweater buttoned up to conceal the ampleness of her breasts, and tight dark grey slacks. Even though everything around her looked normal in appearance, Nikki couldn't help but feel that the world was a profoundly different place than it had been the week before. While part of her mind was involved in catching up with current affairs, the better part of her thoughts strayed again and again to the events of the past weekend, to her daughter Victoria and their new relationship.

Friday night had seen the kindling of a passionate need in both Victoria and Nikki for each other; a need and desire both had unwittingly been hiding from each other for years. They had fallen asleep in each other's arms for the first time that night, awakening to a brand new world the following day. It was a world where neither felt guilt for the love that had blossomed between them, a world where they only felt completely at ease when together. However, the fact couldn't be denied none the less that it was a world that wouldn't accept them if the nature of their relationship were discovered. So they had resolved to make the best of what moments they could find together, knowing that these might be few and far between.

Saturday had been a revelation for Nikki. She felt her nipples harden as she thought fondly of the events of that day. Making love to Victoria in the long grass by the stream for the first time had been more than she had ever thought it could be as she savoured that memory. The quiet moments afterwards as she lay across her daughter`s body as they both recovered made her smile to herself with wonder. The swim shortly thereafter with all the horseplay and splashing of young lovers had been thrilling in its undertones. The amorous fondling they had enjoyed when getting dressed to return to the house. The long evening that followed.

Nikki let the newspaper fall onto her lap, closing her eyes as she relived those moments again, her head falling back against the couch.

They had come back to the house around seven o'clock. After sharing a quick shower they had descended downstairs to the kitchen in order to get dinner underway. It had been sweet to do those things together like they had before, and was proof positive that their long term relationship wouldn't suffer for the risks they had recently taken. They had made home-style fajitas with lamb and wild rice to go along with the traditional garnishes and condiments. When dinner had finally been ready they had eaten together quietly by candlelight at the kitchen table, talking about normal every day stuff. To any outside observer it must have looked rather domestic, except perhaps for the odd twinkle in both ladies' eyes as they stopped eating to look at each other from time to time, or the hand that would reach across the table to give the other's a squeeze.

Afterward they had cleaned up leisurely before heading to the den. Both women had dressed themselves in silk nightgowns after their shower. While Victoria's was short and barely hid her apple round bottom, Nikki's was long, reaching all the way down to her feet, and slitted on both sides so that when she moved her long legs were exposed to her daughter's admiring gaze. Nikki knew this since she had caught her hungering look several times during dinner preparations as she had moved about the kitchen. For her part, the sight of Victoria's thong dividing her fleshy cheeks had proven to be quite a distraction as well.

In the den, Nikki had seated herself comfortably in a large recliner while watching Victoria as she went over to the video library to select an appropriate feature. She had been pleased with the choice once it got underway. With Victoria sitting between her legs on the recliner, her head nestled between her mother's fine breasts, Nikki had felt a joy she hadn't felt in years, that is if one didn`t count the last couple of days. Victoria had brought a blanket with her, adjusting it so that it covered most of her body and her mother`s legs. Under the cover of that darkness, Nikki had brought her legs up into a comfortably bent position so that most of her legs were exposed to either side of Victoria's body while letting her arms drape themselves across her daughter's chest. Victoria, meanwhile, had wrapped her arms around Nikki's legs so that she could run her fingers along the underside of her thighs.

When the title for the movie had come up, `The Princess Bride', Nikki had let out a little laugh in having recognized her daughter's choice. She had only seen it once a long time ago when they had gone to see it together at the theatre, but she knew that Victoria had watched it a million times since then after it had come out on video. Watching it again then with her daughter under these new circumstances she had come to appreciate the movie even more than she had before. It was funny, and very romantic, but the message that love could make anything possible really came home to her then. The first time around that message had been tempered by a cynically detached view that such things could only be true in the movies. But in light of her recent experiences during the last forty-eight hours, her views had changed enough so that she had been surprised to find her eyes beginning to tear at the point where the hero was brought back to life for true love. It was at that point that she leaned to down to kiss the top of Victoria's head as she in turn gave her thighs a reassuring squeeze. Other than that they had watched the movie quietly, laughing and giggling together more often than not, perfectly happy just to share their physical closeness. This changed quite suddenly as the movie drew to a close and the credits began to flit their way down the screen. Feeling naughty, Nikki had let her hands stray down inside Victoria's gown so that she could cup her breasts and pinch her hardening nipples. Victoria had tilted her head back so that they could share their first kiss since earlier in the day. At first it had been slow and loving, but after a few moments the flames of their passion erupted into a hungry conflagration, demanding its own satisfaction as their lips and tongued whirled madly against each other in increasing abandon.

It was then that Victoria had slowly turned around to face her mother on the recliner so that their bodies could rub together. Nikki had felt her daughter's nipples pressing against her own as their kiss resumed.

"I think its time we went upstairs", Victoria had breathed into her mouth finally. "I want to make love to you."

Nikki smiled to herself now as she remembered that moment, and those that had followed in the privacy of her bedroom. Victoria had led her up there at a near run, only to disappear back down the hall to her own bedroom before quickly returning with a small leather satchel. Out of this she had produced a pair of strap on dildo harnesses along with a wide assortment of fittings. Nikki had been shocked at the size of some of these phalluses, and while all were relatively long by most standards, and one was especially tapered at the tip, a couple were truly monstrous in length and circumference.

"For later", Victoria had explained while stroking one of the larger specimens, "for now I just want to eat you up till you scream."

Then, for the first time, mother and daughter joined themselves in a classic sixty-nine on the bed, each seeking to make the other one lose control and cum first.

"Mrs. Newman?"

Nikki almost jumped off the couch at the sudden intrusion. She opened her eyes to see the solid figure of Miguel standing just inside the room with a quizzical look on his face.

"Oh....Miguel", Nikki said as she tried to regain some of her lost dignity.

"I'm sorry to disturb you but I thought I'd ask if you needed anything from town", Miguel stated with usual polite deference. "I'll be going in to pick up some groceries if you don't need me for anything."

", that's all right Miguel", Nikki replied casually while she stretched as though she had been taking a nap. "I can't think of anything at the moment. Have a good trip."

"Very good Mrs. Newman", and with that Miguel went back into the kitchen as silently as he had come.

`Victoria and I will have to be careful for sure' Nikki thought to herself as she watched him leave. `I know I can trust him with almost anything, but not that. Thank god he lives in the pool house and not here in the main, otherwise it would be pretty hard to anticipate him.'

Deciding it was time to get up and do something with herself today, Nikki got up to bring her empty cup back to the kitchen. She was just in time to see Miguel leaving in the minivan from the back driveway. Placing the cup in the sink she stood there for a few moments while the images of Saturday faded slowly into the background of her thoughts, though she had to will herself to do so. She realized that her reveries had left her a little wet under her panties, and looking down to her breasts she found she could see the hardness of her nipples sticking out prominently, despite the three layers that covered them.

`God! I hope Miguel didn't notice!'

Nikki laughed a little to herself at the thought. Even if he had noticed it would hardly matter, unless he had suddenly become able to read minds. Looking out the kitchen window toward the pool area she was suddenly reminded of having snuck up on Victoria just two days ago as she had stood on this very spot. Sadly, this only served to remind her that it would be hours yet before Victoria would return home from work. She hoped she would get a call from her soon.

It was then that she heard the front of the house open and shut as someone let themselves in. Wondering whom it could be Nikki turned and headed for the dining room door.

"Did you forget something Miguel?" She called out as she pushed the swivel door open, assuming it was he.

She quickly realized her mistake as she saw who it was that had come for a visit. Nikki felt her hackles rise upon recognizing Sharon, and even more so when she noticed the way she was dressed. While Sharon wasn't shy about flouting her attributes for the entire world to see, the skimpy white bikini she was sporting this morning was a new low even for her. The only thing that came even close to covering anything of her hourglass figure was the carryall bag she had looped over one shoulder. Other than that, most of her voluptuously round breasts were exposed by the top except for the nipple and some surrounding tissue, and much the same could be said for the bottom, which could only be a thong Nikki surmised; it left little for imagination.

"Sharon, if you want to use the pool there's hardly any need to come through the house to do it", Nikki said impatiently before Sharon could say anything.

"Besides", she added, "there aren't any men here to show yourself to in that ridiculous excuse for a bathing suit, even Miguel isn't here in case you were thinking of teasing him."

Nikki was pleased to see Sharon visibly biting back a scathing rejoinder before taking a deep breath.

"No Nikki", she replied coolly. "I didn't come here for that, nor would I. And yes, if I only wanted to use the pool I certainly wouldn't have taken the risk of running into you by going through the house. But I did want to talk to you. Are you busy?"

The last was said with a slight sneer as she sought to remind Nikki of all the free time on her hands.

"Actually Sharon, I do have something to do. I was just about to go into town myself."

"Well", Sharon said smugly, "I think that can wait for awhile. It would worth your while to listen to what I have to say."

For some reason she couldn't explain that simple statement made Nikki squirm inside as she felt an irrational fear take hold of her. There was never any telling what devious plot Sharon would try next to drive her crazy.

"Maybe if you put some clothes on", Nikki said as she finally strode over to join Sharon in the living room.

"Oh", Sharon said with what looked like a genuine smile, "you noticed!"

Without further ado Sharon did a small pirouette in front of Nikki so that she couldn't help but look at Sharon's nearly nude body as it turned slowly. Her small heart shaped ass bounced slightly with her leg movements as she showed off her thong bikini to a startled Nikki. She even slapped one firm cheek to set it quivering before facing Nikki once more. Next, Sharon leaned down to place her bag on the floor and in doing so Nikki noticed that her large firm breasts were almost completely exposed. Not for the first time, Nikki wonder how such a slim girl managed to have such gorgeous breasts. Sharon looked up to catch Nikki's astonished stare and smirked as she stood up straight once more.

Seeing Sharon looking at her quizzically, Nikki managed to gather her thoughts once more and sat down on a chair, pointedly looking away from Sharon.

"Say what you came to say then leave Sharon", she said curtly. "Though I can't imagine what made you think I'd like to hear it."

Sharon shrugged her shoulders expansively as she moved around to stand behind Nikki's divan.

"Well, I can't see how you would think that would stop me Nikki. After all, we're not exactly friends.....though I'd like to think our relationship is about to change for the better."

"What on earth is with you today Sharon?" Nikki said coldly, not bothering to turn around to look at her nemesis. "Just spit it out."

"I'd love to, but I can't." Sharon said as she walked back to her bag and picked it up. "Actually, I have to something to show you."

"I think you've shown me enough for one day", Nikki replied disgustedly, adding `you little tramp' under her breath.

"We'll most certainly see indeed Nikki", Sharon continued coolly as she reached into her bag.

As Nikki turned her head to look she was in time to see Sharon's hand emerge from the bag holding a CD in her hand.

"What is that supposed to be?" Nikki asked. "You're latest melange of hip hop? If so, I don't have time to listen or play guessing games Sharon. Take your CD and leave." For some inexplicable reason that cold gut feeling came back to Nikki as she looked at the shiny disk in Sharon's hand.

"No, actually.....It's not music", Sharon replied tartly. "It's a video."

"I don't need to see that either then Sharon", Nikki grated impatiently, wanting Sharon to leave. "It probably has your favourite videos of gyrating half-naked men dancing around. Not my cup of tea."

"I know."

That simple statement and the way it was uttered solidified all of Nikki's fears, the thought that she hadn't dared consider worming its way into her mind.

`Does she know?' she asked herself tremulously. `Does she somehow know about Victoria and me? And what would a CD have to do with it anyway?'

Trying not to show the panic coursing its way through her thoughts, Nikki looked up at Sharon with what she hoped was her best poker face. Sharon simply stood there looking back at her calmly; one hand holding up the disc while the other was knuckled on her hip.

"So......", Sharon said slowly, enjoying the moment thoroughly, "do you have a computer somewhere handy where I can show you something very interesting?"

"I really don't have the time for this Sharon"; Nikki tried one last time. "Go play your games somewhere else."

"Well.....all right. If you really want me to", Sharon said in mock resignation, "but somehow I think you'd be happier being the first person to see it.....other than myself of course."

"Fine Sharon!" Nikki suddenly exploded. "Let's go to the den and get this, whatever this is, over with!"

`Maybe I'm just being paranoid. It's probably one of those get rich quick schemes and she wants me to be her first victim' Nikki thought grimly as she swiftly rose from her chair. She reached out to grab the disc from Sharon's grasp but Sharon moved her hand away easily before she could. Her sudden movement brought her into close proximity to her daughter-in-law, so that barely a foot separated them.

"You lead, I'll follow" Sharon said sweetly.

Nikki just glared back at her menacingly before turning to lead the way to the den. Unbeknownst to her, Sharon was appraising Nikki's assets as she followed her past the stairwell and down the hall. Nikki's dark grey slacks hugged the form of her shapely ass quite nicely Sharon had to admit. A sudden flash of memory superimposed itself on the present as she remembered how Nikki had looked two days ago while jumping into the water after her daughter......and also how it had looked later of course. Back in the present, Sharon stopped to close the doors to the den, surreptitiously locking them in the process. Nikki hadn't bothered to stop as she crossed the room towards the computer sitting idly in the far corner. Looking back once with a toss of her hair to see what Sharon was up to, she noticed that her daughter-in-law had closed the doors and while she thought it odd she chose not to make an issue of it. If she had known that they were now locked in, the false sense of security she had managed to convince herself of would have faltered quickly back down to the shaky ground of her assumptions.

Nikki stood silently by the computer chair while warily watching Sharon walk towards her. She was subconsciously aware of the strange picture Sharon made as she sauntered over, the soft muted colours of the room's earth tones enhancing the tanned beauty of her daughter-in-law.

"Please Nikki", Sharon said calmly as she motioned to the chair. "Sit down and turn it on."

"I don't know what you're up to Sharon," Nikki stated curtly as she complied, "but it had better be good."

"I'll just have to let you be the judge of its value then won't I?" Sharon replied as she came around to Nikki's right side to access the tower's DVD-RW drive. In so doing she let her hand stray briefly to Nikki's shoulder before letting it come to rest on the back of her chair. The accidental contact cause Nikki to shy visibly away from the touch, a movement that didn't go unnoticed as Sharon smiled knowingly to herself.

As the computer finished booting up the screen flickered to life. Waiting patiently for her cue Sharon stooped over so that she could keep an eye on Nikki's face while she played with the mouse in her right hand. Looking over at Sharon quickly, Nikki noticed that her daughter-in-law's near naked breasts were practically dangling against her elbow. Dropping her elbows from the armrests Nikki clasped her hands together as she squeezed them nervously between her thighs, wishing vainly for this to be over.

"Can you hurry up already?" Nikki said crossly as she glared over at Sharon.

Too busy concentrating on the screen to answer effectively, Sharon just arched her brows up and down as she cocked her head toward the screen. Having had selected a multimedia program to play the CD, Sharon stood up and came around to stand behind Nikki, the remote for the drive in her hand.

Nikki turned her attention back to the screen just in time to see the screen readjust its resolution as the video commenced. Her first thought was that this wasn't a promotional video of some kind as she had hoped, the second was that she seemed to recognize the room being viewed, though it took her a moment to adjust to the unusual perspective.

`Oh my God! It's my room!' The thought flared across her mind.

Even as that thought formed she saw movement at the top right hand corner of the screen. Apparently the camera which had captured this scene had been placed at the far end of her bedroom and on a slightly elevated height. Two pairs of legs could be seen entering her room now. One pair was completely bare while the other was encased in a long bleu nightgown and slitted on both sides. Nikki's heart lurched as she suddenly recognized the occasion this scene had captured. Sure enough, the bare pair of legs belonging to Victoria disappeared off screen. Saturday night!

"What", Nikki shouted in panic as she tried to get away from what she knew was coming. Her mind was numb with panic. She was dimly aware of Sharon's hands on her shoulders forcing her back down on the chair. Then she felt Sharon's cheek brush against hers as she brought her face alongside hers.

"I thought you mind find this interesting", Sharon stated quietly. "But keep still or you'll miss the best parts."

Nikki watched herself on the screen in horrified fascination as she crossed the room to sit on the foot of her bed. Her identity could clearly be seen now. The camera was perfectly situated to catch her profile from the right. She watched herself cross her legs and kick one foot up and down as she waited impatiently for Victoria's return; even her stiffly distended nipples could be made out against the fabric of her gown. She remembered all of it. The only hope that dared to occur to her was that the camera would turn itself off before anything incriminating was captured. That hope was quickly dashed when the now plainly recognizable form of Victoria reappeared on the screen carrying her satchel of toys. She continued to watch helplessly as the toys were laid out on the bed and giggled at by both women on screen.

Suddenly the video fast-forwarded under Sharon's manipulation so that the figures of Nikki and Victoria danced about on the bed in super fly mode. In resuming normal speed the scene clearly showed Nikki and Victoria engrossed in a sixty-nine. The wet sucking sounds and moans clearly audible over the computer speakers. Nikki reached out to mute the speakers but that didn't stop the scene from playing out.

Sensing that Nikki had had enough for the moment, Sharon pressed the pause button on the remote. When the action on the screen suddenly stopped in mid frame Nikki closed her eyes for several long moments as she hung her head down. Her hands came up to cover her face as she began to sob, her body shaking uncontrollably. Nikki had never felt such despair in her life. She couldn't think at all but she knew that she was completely at the mercy of this vicious woman her son had married against all her admonitions.

Presently she felt her chair being swung around and became aware of Sharon's upper body hovering over her as she leaned down, using her hands on the armrests of her chair for support.

"Pretty interesting video isn't it Nikki?" Sharon asked maliciously.

Nikki took her hands down from her face slowly and looked with red-rimmed, hate filled eyes at the face studying her amusedly from barely a foot away.

"You bloody bitch.....", she seethed, "I don't know what you think you're going to do with that...."

Nikki didn't get to finish as Sharon placed her free hand gently over her mouth to stifle her, the other still holding on to the remote for impending use.

"Shhhhh! Before you get too excited let me just say that I don't see any reason right now that anybody but us should know about this.... except for Victoria perhaps. I haven't made up my mind yet on that."

Nikki just stared at her, not trusting or believing her for a second. She knew Sharon better than that.

"I know you don't believe me Nikki", Sharon continued, having read Nikki's thoughts. "But it all depends on you right now. How far I go with this thing that is. First thing though is that you'll have to acknowledge here and now that I have you over a barrel."

"I can hardly argue with that", Nikki whispered abjectly.

"Well, just in case, you should know the full extent of my power over you. Look again."

Sharon swivelled Nikki's chair around again so that she looking at the screen once more.

"I've done a little editing so the action is separated by scene. Here's scene two", Sharon said, sounding for all the world like a university professor giving a lecture.

Nikki felt an almost detached curiosity as she watched the new scene unfold. The damage had already been done after all, but just how bad was it? Bad enough she quickly discovered as she recognized what was about to be revealed in full colour.

`Oh! Why couldn't I have just turned the lights off instead of just dimming them?' Nikki asked herself exasperatedly.

Unfortunately, she didn't have time for further wishful thinking. There on the screen before her, Victoria was now kneeling behind her wearing a strap on as she herself excitedly assumed the doggie position in front of her. She found it morbidly captivating to see herself on a video screen in this way. She could see herself as few had seen her. On screen, her breast swayed proudly beneath her chest as she waited for Victoria to get on with it, her rounded bubble ass shoved up invitingly for her lover's attentions. Victoria had selected a nine-inch appendage for her first invasion of Nikki's pussy. She reached down and around to play with Nikki's breasts for a few moments before bringing the head of the priapus to bear on the entrance to her love canal. Slowly at first, but with ever increasing depth and speed, Victoria began to sluice the dildo in and out of her mother's grasping pussy. Nikki could see her own mouth on screen opening and closing in soundless moans and groans. She looked closer at Victoria's figure as she worked her over, her lissom hips thrusting back and forth, her breasts bouncing adorably on her chests, the aggressive look on her face as she concentrated on giving her mother pleasure. If it wasn't for the current situation she felt it wouldn't be hard to be turned on by this. Actually, she was starting to feel a little warm. Suddenly, she became aware that Sharon was leaning over her once more and could feel her scantily clad breasts rubbing across the top of her shoulders

"I thinks that's enough of that", Sharon intruded as the scene on the screen froze once more. "You're practically drooling Nikki. You really are depraved."

Angry again, and insulted, Nikki sought to get out of the chair but was stopped yet again by Sharon's hands on her shoulders. Once more she felt herself being swung around to face Sharon. Looking up warily, Nikki was surprised to see an odd expression on her daughter-in-laws face. Lust? Sharon was leaning over her once more and Nikki couldn't help but notice her nipples jutting out stiffly against the thin fabric of the bikini top.

`Oh god', Nikki despaired inwardly. `What's going on here?'

"I think its time you left now Sharon", Nikki said as calmly as she could manage.

"I'm not done yet mother", Sharon said with a smirk. "Oh, you don't mind if I call you that do you?"

"Now who's the depraved one?"

"Mother-in-law.......mother.....What's the difference?" Sharon continued blithely. "I thought you might have realized by now that you're finally under my thumb....mother!"

The way she said it was abhorrent to Nikki, as it was intended to be she realized belatedly.

"Really Nikki! Doing it not only with another woman but your own daughter too? How long has that been going on for?"

Nikki didn't bother to respond, but looked away instead.

"And I'm a little disappointed too. You still must be in shock though. You haven't even asked how all this", pointing at the screen, "was all possible."

"It doesn't matter now does it? What does matter is what the hell you want!"

Sharon ignored this outburst before resuming her smirking monologue.

"A funny thing happened to me on Saturday when I walked down to the swimming hole. I saw the most interesting thing. Shocking really. At first I thought you had a man down there with you but boy, was I ever wrong. Couldn't believe my eyes."

Sharon looked up at the ceiling in reverie as she tapped the remote against her right cheek. Nikki turned her head to watch Sharon once more, trying to think clearly enough to negotiate some sort of escape from this horrible situation. Sharon had thankfully leaned away from her during her recent diatribe and now stood calmly looking down at Nikki. Sure now that she had her complete attention, Sharon continued on.

"I watched you two for quite awhile before I finally managed to get away unseen. I knew right from the first, after my shock had worn off of course, that I finally had you. The question was what would I do with my new knowledge of your incestuous relationship."

Sharon paused briefly as she readjusted the fabric of her bikini bottom over her mound. Nikki involuntarily followed her movements with her eyes and wished she hadn't as she quickly looked back up at her daughter-in-law. She had seen a definite patch of moisture there, and she had noticed too that the contours of Sharon`s pussy lips were unmistakably outlined by the tightness of her bikini bottom. Sharon smiled smugly at Nikki before resuming; she knew she had caught Nikki's eye.

"Well, the first thing I had to do was get some hard evidence. Otherwise it would only be my word against yours and Victoria's. I'd be outnumbered wouldn't I? Not good. Then I remembered the new wireless camcorder Nick bought me last Christmas. I had played with it during the rest of the holidays so I knew it had very good range, and that it could be controlled remotely from a computer. I could turn it on and record anytime I wanted to. So.....," Sharon sighed smugly, " I got moving as quickly as I could and took the camera up to the house so that I could set it up in an appropriate spot. I'm sure you might have guessed already but I hid it in inside one of your hanging potted between the stalks where you wouldn't see it in the dark. I was lucky the batteries were fully charged too. All I had to do then was wait for the fun to begin. Didn't have to wait long either. My god! Even I was surprised at what you two got up to."

Bringing the remote into play once again, Sharon reached with her other hand to spin Nikki around to face the computer for the third time. Another scene came up, similar to the last one except that the previous session had obviously come to a finish. Victoria's figure was leaning exhaustedly over Nikki's back as she caught her breath, her arms supporting her weight to either side of her mother`s body, while she herself had a blissful expression pasted across her face as it lay among the tangled silk sheets. As luck would have it she had been facing the camera then. Her knees had slipped back on sheets during their love making so that her slap-reddened ass was much lower than it had previously been.

"Oh", Nikki heard Sharon say from behind her a she leaned over her once more, "we should turn the volume back up for this one."

Sharon must have turned the volume up considerably because the sound of both women's breathing could clearly be heard now. Even as she registered the fact Nikki watched as Victoria withdrew the shining wet dildo from her pussy with a wet plop. Victoria continued to kneel there though, obviously looking down at her mother's nether region though her expression couldn't be discerned. Nikki watched avidly, forgetting herself momentarily, for she had no recollection of these particular moments, sated as she had been at the time, though she knew very well what was coming. Right on cue, though sooner than she had expected, she saw Victoria lean down to begin tonguing her anus. Nikki groaned in embarrassment that Sharon had seen this, and was watching it with her now. Nikki closed her eyes.

"I see you recognize this part too," Sharon said wickedly as she crowded herself closer to Nikki so that her stiff nipple rubbing against her shoulders once more.

"Stop that you vile slut!" Nikki hissed contemptuously. "Are you out of your mind?"

"I'd be careful if I were you," Sharon cut back sharply, "you're forgetting whose in control now. I'll do whatever the hell I want and make you do whatever I want from now on!"

As though to prove her statement not only to Nikki, but to herself also, Sharon reached around abruptly and gave Nikki's left breast a hard squeeze. In shock and indignation Nikki almost managed to escape from Sharon's hold but failed to bully her way to a standing position.

The sudden sound of a loud sighing grunt brought Nikki's attention back to the screen as she lowered herself back down. Victoria was once again kneeling behind Nikki, and this time she had the head of a slightly shorter but much thinner dildo lodged firmly inside her mother's anal ring.

"Tell me what you want!" She heard Victoria coax through the speakers, the words echoing in her own recent memories. "Tell me you want me to fuck your ass!"

"Oh god please! Yes! My beautiful baby.....Fuck mommy in the ass! Please!"

Nikki realized dazedly that she didn't remember saying that. Her vision narrowed to a tunnel centring on the onscreen action. She felt dirty, not because of what Victoria had done to her, but of what Sharon would do with the power she now had over them. She hardly registered the fact that Sharon was freely fondling her breasts while beginning to rub her own more insistently against her back. When she did however, she suppressed a shudder resignedly, knowing that it wouldn't accomplish anything to resist. Sharon would need little excuse to go ahead and destroy her life. When she considered it a little more she was genuinely surprised that Sharon hadn't already done so. Nikki suddenly wasn't so sure which scenario would be worse; public exposure followed by ostracism or private humiliation at the hands of this woman.

"Was it nice? Eh Nikki? Did you like talking it up your ass?" Sharon husked against her ear as her hand continued to tease Nikki's breasts mercilessly.

"I feel I can confess something to you now", Sharon said, breathing more heavily into her ear. Nikki heard the remote fall to the floor and didn't have to wonder why for long as she felt Sharon's other hand come around to cup her other breast. "I must have fingered myself a dozen times since that afternoon thinking about you, about the two of you..... about us."

"Does that surprise you Nikki?" Sharon cooed into her ear as she nibbled her earlobe.

"Nothing about you can surprise me anymore", Nikki replied placidly, her hands lying limply on her lap as she allowed herself to be molested. Despite her hatred of Sharon, or maybe because of it, Nikki could feel her own body begin to respond to her daughter-in-law's touch. Desperately, though, she tried to control her own seditious responses and slowed her breathing back to normal. That was much easier said than done though. On the screen before her she could see herself being impaled over and over again by Victoria as she plunged that long thin dildo in and out of her tight ass, slapping her cheeks hard all the while as she egged her daughter on insatiably. The sound of those slaps and her ensuing grunts of rapture invaded her ears as well. She could even feel her asshole quivering at the memory of its recent assault, seeming to pucker of its own accord in anticipation of another invasion. Nikki's own body was betraying her. Not to be denied her part, Sharon had increased her own tempo as she felt Nikki beginning to succumb beneath her fingers and lips. Her fingers began to pinch Nikki nipples roughly through their triple layer of clothing; they were so hard she had had little problem finding them even so.

"Stop it Sharon!" Nikki finally managed to blurt.

Instead of complying, Sharon simply spun Nikki around so that they faced each yet again. The sound of Nikki's increasing passion and the slap of flesh against flesh dominated the air as it blared from the speakers. Easing herself down so that she was straddling Nikki's thighs, Sharon unbuttoned Nikki's sweater methodically before beginning to do the same with her blouse.

"Somehow I don't really think you want me to stop now, do you?" Sharon teased as she pinched Nikki's nipples through her now exposed bra. "If you say anything like that to me again I will, but then I'll have no choice but to sell my video to the highest bidder. I don`t think I have to tell you that I wouldn't be taking any bids from you do I?"

Insinuating her fingers under Nikki's bra, Sharon pulled the material up and over her breasts in one deft movement so that they flopped back down gelatinously against her chest. With Nikki's beautiful breast now fully exposed Sharon wasted no time as she used her fingers to explore them fully, looking down in fascination at her new toys.

"You know Nikki", Sharon said softly, "I think this could be the start of a new and much improved relationship between us. I've never had bisexual or lesbian tendencies before but the more I thought about you this weekend the hornier I got. I can't deny it, though I tried to at first. God! I must have had three orgasms watching the live action on Saturday night. And quite a few more last night when I was editing. Thank god Nick is out of town on business."

"What do you think of that?" Sharon asked seriously of Nikki as she continued to pull and tug on her breasts and nipples.

"I don't care Sharon", Nikki pleaded with Sharon as she felt her pussy beginning to lubricate itself in spite of the situation. "Why don't you do the right thing and destroy that CD and the other copies."

Sharon laughed.

"I'm glad you figured that out yourself. I was beginning to wonder just how stunned you really were when you didn't ask. You're right of course", Sharon continued after a slight pause, though she continued to play gently with Nikki's nipples. "I do have other copies, and all are quite safe, but my ace in the hole is the fact that this morning I went down to the bank and put one in a safety deposit box. Even if you and Victoria manage to get your hands on the other copies you'll never get that one."

Sharon stopped abruptly when she noticed tears glimmering in Nikki's eyes. Even as she watched she saw one escape to slide down Nikki's soft cheek.

"Oh Nikki", Sharon said sympathetically, "Don't cry!"

She brought her hands up from Nikki's turgid nipples to cup her face gently.

"I've hated you so long I don't know what I feel now", Sharon said truthfully. "I hate you, I want you, and I feel almost sorry for you. Most of all though, I want you to show me the love you've shown Victoria. I want to know what that's like. More than the money I could easily extort from you, that's what I want. I want you to want me too!"

"Sharon", Nikki said in her most reasonable tone as Sharon brought one of her hands up to stroke her cheek with something akin to affection. "I love Victoria! I can't give you that. And you can't make's wrong. Don't you see that?"

"What's wrong here", Sharon said with a returning edge of steel in her tone, "is you having sex with your own daughter. Are you so besotted with her that you can't see me as the next best thing to realizing your desires.....not to mention mine?"

"But I don't love you Sharon", Nikki pushed on stubbornly, hoping against hope that she could reason with this woman. "And you can't make me."

Sharon looked down at Nikki for a moment as though considering before shrugging her shoulders in resignation.

"We'll see Nikki", Sharon said sweetly. "Despite what you just said you know I least where it counts. You know that I don't need even half a good excuse to blow you out of the water. You do know that don't you?"

Nikki suddenly felt the pressure of Sharon hands on her face increase dramatically on that last question; she knew then that she had failed to get through to Sharon's kinder nature, which she now doubted even existed. Nikki felt sorry for her.

"Shall we test it then?" Sharon asked before Nikki could even respond. Reaching behind her back slowly, Sharon undid the knot in her bikini top. Her breast bobbed firmly in the cool air of the den as the top fell away before Nikki's unwitting gaze. She had never before seen Sharon's breasts and couldn't help but notice that they were gorgeous. Her areolas were a light honey brown and her nipples a soft shade of pink, and hard. Once again Nikki was made acutely aware of the loud noise of torrid love making emanating from behind her; that the most vocal source was her own was hardly comforting or helpful.

"Oh...look Nikki", Sharon mewed with a pout as her hands reached once more for Nikki's breasts. "You're nipples aren't hard anymore. I think I can fix that though."

Leaning in close Sharon allowed her breast to dangle ever closer to Nikki's own until finally their soft underside brushed lightly against Nikki's quickly hardening nipples. With her face now mere inches from Nikki's, Sharon looked curiously into Nikki's eyes.

"Kiss me."

Nikki was never sure afterwards what exactly occurred next, she wasn't aware of having leaned forward or even if she had, but with the distraction of Sharon's breasts rubbing against her own she only knew that suddenly Sharon's soft lush lips were pressing against her own. She had only enough presence of mind to know that she couldn't afford to be seen as resistive and so, closing her eyes and thinking of Victoria, she opened her lips and let her tongue brush against her captor's. Nikki found herself completely surprised by the gentleness Sharon displayed as the kiss continued. Their lips clung together wetly as their tongues circled each other lazily. Below, their stiff nipples were enjoying their own intimate kiss.

As quickly as it had begun, the kiss ended as Sharon broke away to lean back slightly while she studied Nikki, though she still maintained the contact between their breasts. There was a quizzical look on her face as she continued to study Nikki's face.

"That was definitely different", Sharon managed to say hoarsely, "and wonderful. Did you really mean it?"

Nikki didn't trust her voice enough to respond, and not wanting to risk a lie in any event, she maintained her silence. She gave a little smile though, as an afterthought.

"Well, that's ok. It was nice whatever it was."

Sharon continued to study Nikki for a moment more before issuing her next order. "You can kiss my breasts now."

Nikki didn't have to move as Sharon simply hitched herself up further across her thighs as she brought her breasts up to Nikki's face. With the help of her hands on the armrests of the chair Sharon used her position to its best advantage so that she could lower her right breast to Nikki's mouth. Thinking of Victoria all the while Nikki allowed her mouth to swallow as much of Sharon's breast as it could manage into its warm depths. She let her tongue circle the circumference of Sharon's diamond hard nipple before beginning to nibble the tip gently with her teeth. Losing herself even more in the moment, Nikki allowed her inner fantasy that this was Victoria intensify so that she was now avidly sucking Sharon's nipple between her pinching lips.

Even as she proceeded to suck on Sharon's breast a new thought began to form in her suddenly clear mind. Somehow she knew that in the space of mere seconds she had managed to finally understand Sharon and her motivations. Perhaps it had been Sharon's mocking referral to her as `mother' that had acted as catalyst for her revelation, and all the rest that followed merely the fitting together of a puzzle. Whatever the cause, Nikki had suddenly realized that Sharon's was a tortured soul, of that there could be no doubt. Her hatred of Nikki was really just the opposite. Having met Sharon's real mother on several occasions in the past Nikki had noted how cold and reserved a woman she had seemed. Growing up alone with her but without the balancing effect of a loving father must have been hellish for Sharon. Nikki doubted that her mother had ever told her she loved her, or given her any kind of warmth as she wallowed in her own bitterness at being left alone to raise a child. No wonder Sharon had left the house as soon as she had been able. Left and became pregnant at such a young age too. The signs were all there and she wondered how she could have missed them before. Sharon's apparent hatred of her was simply her hatred for her mother transferred over to her. It made sense. Nikki was the senior lady of Sharon's new household and perfectly suited to be the substitute for all the subconscious animosity she felt toward her real mother. After all, Nikki had to admit, she had treated Sharon coolly and reservedly from day one. All of Sharon's past actions were nothing more than attention grabbers, and today's shenanigans her last ditch effort as she went for all or nothing. She wanted to be loved by an older female figure on a totally subconscious level, and being unable to face those feelings or their source on a conscious level that need had transmuted itself into its opposite. Now that she was a fully mature sexually active adult, and no longer a little girl, she sought to quench that subterranean desire in the only way she could. A hug and a pat on the head would no longer be enough. Sharon probably didn't even know herself why she was doing this to Nikki, or where her animosity came from. She could be extorting millions from Nikki at this very moment, but instead she had asked to be loved sexually by another woman; that need was more important to her than anything else in the world. It was a significant piece of supporting evidence for her newly formulated theory that Sharon had chosen her instead of Victoria, who was much closer to her own age and perhaps even more appealing; certainly the more logical choice. In her innermost self Sharon had probably been jealous of what she had seen happening between she and Victoria.

Invigorated by her this new understanding Nikki knew that she could use this new empathy she felt for Sharon's plight as a gateway to reach out to her and give her what she so desperately needed. That path held its own perils too, but Nikki thought that this might be the only way to get through to Sharon and diffuse this explosive situation. All she knew was that she had to try.

Armed with this new resolve Nikki let herself concentrate completely on Sharon's needs. A tiny whimper escaped her mouth from around Sharon's breast as she brought her hands into play for the first time. Reaching up with her fingertips Nikki began to lightly trace her fingernails along Sharon's ribs before drawing larger and larger circles on her back.

Sharon moaned loudly as she threw her head back in rapture. The feeling of Nikki's soft lips and tongue caressing her breast and her sudden touch along her sides and back sent shivers up and down her spine. The heat of her core spread out across her body as she became flushed with excitement, goose bumps breaking out all over her body in response. The raging inferno in her pussy intensified, its cream beginning to run down along her inner thighs.

Nikki's arms wrapped themselves around Sharon's body and pulled her into a crushing embrace. Her breasts were pressing hard against Sharon's stomach as she buried her face between her breasts to begin planting kisses in the furrow between. As Nikki took Sharon's other breast into her mouth she let her hands slide down Sharon's back until she was cupping Sharon's pert little ass cheeks with the palms of her hands, her fingertips digging into the soft flesh as she squeezed them hard.

"Oh my god Nikki! Please don't stop!" Sharon moaned through clenched teeth as she felt a mini climax coming on.

Nikki abandoned her ministrations on Sharon's breast to kiss and nibble her way up the side of Sharon's exposed neck. Her hands also left their post to travel up to Sharon's swollen breasts, pinching the nipples lightly between her fingers. Sharon lowered her face down and found Nikki's hungry mouth waiting for her own. A wet passionate kiss ensued. Sharon felt herself begin to lose control. She felt like a dam had burst inside her. She had never experienced such desire in her life. Feeling suddenly anxious she reluctantly broke away from Nikki's soft lips to look at her closely.

"What's going on here Nikki?" She asked suspiciously of the beautiful woman seated below her, who continued none the less to play with her stiff nipples. "One minute you have to be forced and the next you're a wild woman."

"Forget about all that Sharon", Nikki answered, treading softly. "I suddenly realized I want you too. Truly. Not because of that video, but because of you. I faced the fact that I've noticed you too over the last couple of years. Maybe that's why I've been mean to you. I don't know. Just accept it. Please?"

For a moment Nikki saw the suspicion in Sharon's expression increase, then abruptly turn to elation as she smiled sweetly down at her.

"I want to believe you", she said so softly Nikki almost didn't hear it. "Do you really love me?"

Nikki didn`t believe in lying. "I can't say that yet Sharon. There's too much bad history between us right now, but I do want to make love to you. That's a good start isn't it?"

"Yes.... it is", Sharon said after a slight pause. "For some reason I trust you for the first time since I met you."

"Then maybe you can let me off of this chair so I can show you more", Nikki suggested naughtily as she arched her brows.

Hesitating only momentarily, Sharon transferred her weight to her hands on the armrests of the chair before sliding her rump off of Nikki's thighs. Standing now in front of Nikki, Sharon looked adorable in her semi-nude state. Nikki could see the moisture gleaming along her inner thighs, the material of her thong practically sodden. Holding her hands up for Sharon to help her, Nikki pulled herself up so that she stood nose to nose with the younger woman. With a gently shove on Sharon's shoulders, Nikki pushed her daughter-in-law to the plush Persian carpet below and followed her down so that she could straddle Sharon`s waist with her knees. Divesting herself of her sweater and blouse quickly, Nikki paused for a moment to look down at Sharon's beautiful bare breasts. Her own breasts strained against the confines of her white lacy bra. Sharon began undoing the buttons of Nikki's grey slacks hurriedly, a look of pure lust pervading her clean features. Reaching around to unclasp her bra, Nikki allowed the unfastened garment to hang precariously on her swollen breasts for a moment before letting it fall onto Sharon's flat stomach. Sweeping the recently discarded garment to the side with one hand, Nikki fell forward so that she was resting on all fours above Sharon's reposing body, adjusting the position of her knees so that they were now resting between her spread thighs.

Dipping her back artfully Nikki let her heavy breasts sweep along Sharon's stomach. The sensation of Nikki's turgid nipples grazing the soft skin of her tummy made Sharon gasp excitedly. Raising her body back up at the point where her own breasts had just made contact with Sharon's, Nikki repeated the movement slowly several times, each time making the younger woman moan in anticipation. With each sweep Sharon's nipples grew harder and harder as Nikki's rubbed against them stiffly before rising again for the next pass. Nikki repeated this process for a full two minutes before Sharon finally reached up with her arms to clasp Nikki's body to hers so that their breasts couldn't be separated. Feeling her own heat coming on in torrid waves Nikki lowered her mouth down to Sharon's lips. Her tongue invaded her daughter-in-law's mouth aggressively and Sharon responded by sucking on the intruder hungrily. Breaking the kiss eventually, Nikki brought her lips down to Sharon's exposed neck to begin kissing and nibbling on the soft skin once more.

As her abandon increased Sharon brought her calves around to clasp Nikki ass from behind. Rubbing them up and down she sought vainly to lower Nikki's loosened slacks off but succeeded only in half-uncovering the older woman's beautiful cheeks before being hindered by her swelling hips. Interrupting their play momentarily, Nikki reached behind in order to help so that her slacks were now gathered around her knees. Sharon thought she looked absolutely stunning in her white lace panties. Not to be outdone by her new mentor, Sharon hitched herself down further along Nikki's body so that she could begin pulling those panties off Nikki's hips. At the same time, she enveloped one of Nikki's pendant breasts into her mouth for the first time. Pleasantly surprised by Sharon's actions, Nikki found herself moaning softly at the feel of the younger woman's full lips kissing her nipples.

"That's right honey," Nikki said softly as Sharon began to improvise, "be gentle and forceful.....yes! And use your tongue and teeth, that`s right. Make love to them."

Though she had been a little inept at first Nikki was surprised at how quickly Sharon was learning. She had also managed to lower Nikki's panties almost all the way down her thighs so that she could now feel the relatively cool air of the room touch her wet pussy enticingly. Having succeeded admirably, Sharon didn't stop there but instead reached down with one hand and began rubbing the wet lips of Nikki's pussy tenderly.

"Oh my, Sharon", Nikki moaned. "Are you sure you haven't done this before."

"Only to myself," Sharon giggled as she released Nikki's breast in order to respond. "And I've had a lot of practice with that lately."

With the unintentional reference to the video having been made, Nikki realized belatedly that the sound of she and Victoria's love making could still be heard throughout the room as blared through the speakers. She had apparently been so intent on Sharon that she had become oblivious to the noise. She felt a considerable pang of remorse at the thought of what she was doing would do to Victoria when she told her, but she knew deep down that it had been the only solution.

Pushing that thought away for the moment, Nikki allowed herself to become aware once more of Sharon as she felt her long fingers dividing the soft petals of her nether lips before a finger invaded her depths. Sharon switched her oral ministrations to Nikki's other breast as she did, while also adding another finger to the action below. Nikki felt herself begin to lose control as her first climax of the day approached. All she could do was sway helplessly to and fro above Sharon's busy body as the climax coursed its way through her body. Sharon's finger were pistonning in and out of her gushing pussy frenetically as she nibbled and licked her tender nipples alternately with great finesse. Nikki could barely believe the talent in her touch as she shuddered uncontrollably.

Sharon was elated to feel the effects her actions were having on Nikki as she worked her body feverishly below. Her own pussy was streaming fluid copiously down the narrow channel of her ass so that a small stain began to appear on the carpet below. She could feel its coolness against the flesh of her ass when she lowered herself involuntarily onto it from time to time. The naughtiness of that thought just added to her lust for Nikki. She could scarcely believe what was happening between them. She had been so sure that she would be rejected today that it had affected the way she approached Nikki today. If she had known Nikki would reciprocate her own desires at all she felt she might have handled it a little better. She felt a little ashamed now at the thought of what she had been prepared to force Nikki to do if she had relented. A previously unknown feeling of compassion for Nikki enveloped Sharon as she slowed the movement of her slippery fingers inside the older woman's body as her climax came to an end. She let her lips cling lovingly to Nikki's left nipple for a few more seconds before finally letting it go.

Sharon opened her eyes to Nikki staring at her in wonder. A moment or two passed before she smiled that radiant smile and Sharon felt her heart leap to be looked at that way by her mother-in-law. She had always secretly admired Nikki for her dazzling beauty and class and it felt surreal to be the object of such affection. A part of her reminded her that this was her husband's mother and she had just effectively cheated on him but somehow she felt that this affair, or whatever it was, didn't qualify in that equation; this went beyond what a man and a woman experienced. She knew that now finally.

Suddenly she felt Nikki's lips crushing themselves against hers and she realized that she had been daydreaming a little. Nikki breasts were pressing against hers gelatinously as she lowered her body so that her quim rubbed against her own. She could feel the short little curls of Nikki's small blond thatch rubbing against the soft smooth skin of her pubis as she circled her calves around Nikki's waist. Sharon then began to rub her pussy roughly against Nikki's thatch. The sensation of Nikki's curls rasping against her clit was wonderfully stimulating. Her stiffly distended nipples duelled with Nikki's as their wet kiss continued.

Nikki finally broke away from their kiss and began to travel down Sharon's body, stopping at her breasts momentarily to tongue her nipples before moving on. She left a wet trail along Sharon's stomach as she drew a line to her target. Wasting no time once she reached Sharon's reeking pussy, Nikki use her right hand to pull Sharon's sodden thong aside before burying her face in the junction of her thighs. For the first time Sharon felt another woman's tongue part the fold of her corral lips. She moaned in ecstasy. Nikki stuck her tongue into Sharon's depths and tasted her wonderful juices for the first time. She tasted just as good as her daughter Nikki was surprised to discover; sweet and slightly pungent. Her mouth watered as she swirled her tongue lasciviously around the inside of Sharon's nether lips. She used her left hand in the meantime to find Sharon's clit and rub it. Sharon began to pinch her nipples sharply as she squeezed Nikki's head between her thighs in passion. Nikki sucked Sharon's vaginal lips into her mouth hard and let them go with a smacking sound before burying her face once more into the young woman's honey pot. Her lower face was now smeared with Sharon's nectar as she delved as deeply as she could with her tongue. Concentrating now on her clit, Nikki brought her left hand into position. Plunging two fingers into her in one sudden lunge, she continued to tease Sharon's clit with her tongue.

Using her right arm Nikki managed to push Sharon's thighs up and over her body so that the top of her knees were now pressing against her breasts, the fingers of her left hand ramming their way in and out of her daughter-in-law's pussy all the while. Removing her hands from her breasts Sharon grabbed the back of her thighs in order to help Nikki gain better access to her bubbling pussy, lifting her feet high into the air. With Sharon's beautiful pussy now totally vulnerable Nikki renewed her attack. She spread the inflamed lips with both hands and ran her tongue lovingly along the exposed groove, stopping to suck Sharon's clit into her mouth before repeating the process anew.

Sharon's moans grew ever louder into the suddenly quiet room; the video having recently come to an end. The only sound that could be heard now were her moans and the slick wet sounds of Nikki's manipulations. Bringing the lubricated fingers of her left hand around to Sharon's smooth puckered anus Nikki allowed the tips of two to gently probe around the rim before sliding them in gently. Sharon's body jumped involuntarily at the first titillating touch, then relaxed as she felt her ass spread open by the invading fingers. Under Nikki's continued oral and digital manipulations, Sharon felt both her nether holes open in complete surrender. She had never felt so turned on as she did now. Her head began to rock from side to side as she grimaced in pleasure.

With Sharon's virgin anal muscles now beginning to relax completely Nikki managed to bury her two fingers halfway up her chute. Using three fingers of her right hand to penetrate Sharon's pulsating pussy, Nikki continued to suck her engorged clit as her other hand began to finger fuck Sharon's ass more insistently. With her fingers now alternately fucking Sharon's ass and pussy Nikki sucked on her clit even harder. Sharon's moans grew in volume and frequency under the assault. She felt an intense orgasm begin to build up within her, her body quivered uncontrollably under the strain as she panted hoarsely.

"Fuck Nikki, you're amazing!", she gasped appreciatively.

Sharon began to buck under Nikki's pistonning hands and oral attentions and Nikki knew then that it was time to push her over the edge. Her hands blurred in ever increasing speed as she forced her fingers in and out of Sharon's grasping holes. The muscles of Sharon's sphincter gripped Nikki's fingers ever harder in an attempt to trap them inside as the inner walls of her pussy began to spasm around her other fingers. A virtual flood of secretions began to run down the crack of Sharon's ass and served to further lubricate her anal chute. With that aid Nikki was able to add yet another finger to match the number of those embedding themselves in Sharon's pulsating pussy. With Nikki's final efforts Sharon's body exploded from within. A shiver ran its way from the top of her head and progressed rapidly down so that soon her whole body was vibrating in the throes of her cataclysmic orgasm. Sharon's body bucked so violently beneath her that Nikki was almost thrown off and she had to forgo her attention on Sharon's inflamed clit. She pressed down forcefully against Sharon's movements in order to maintain her leverage as she continued to finger fuck her daughter-in-law mercilessly. She lost count of the number of times Sharon bucked beneath her as the insides of her ass and pussy squeezed her fingers spasmodically. A large pool of girl cum and sweat darkened the carpet below as it dripped down off Sharon's ass. Sharon frantic moans began to diminish gradually as her body began to slow its gyrations. Nikki slowed her movements down to match Sharon's until finally they stopped. Sharon's breath hissed in and out of her mouth as she slowly came back down to Earth.

Extricating her fingers from Sharon's depths, Nikki wiped her hands on the sides of her legs as Sharon lowered her legs slowly to either side of Nikki's knees.

"Oh my god that was delicious!" Sharon breathed languidly.

She raised her hands to Nikki so that she could help her to sit up. Once Nikki had complied Sharon grabbed her face between her hands and gently brought her closer so that she could give her a long kiss. Nikki complied happily as she sensed the positive change in her daughter-in-law. She hesitated to say anything in case it would ruin the moment; sometimes silence was best. As their gently kiss continued for a few more seconds Sharon's hands strayed to Nikki's breast in order to give them a fond squeeze.

"Thank you", Sharon said simply as she broke the contact with Nikki's lips. For one brief moment more their breast brushed together gently before Nikki leaned back and stood up, somewhat awkwardly with her slacks and panties bunched as they were around her ankles. She helped Sharon to do the same.

They stood there looking at each other for a few moments more before Sharon leaned forward to plant a gentle kiss on one of Nikki's cheeks.

"So what happens now?" She asked Nikki tentatively.

"You're asking me Sharon?" Nikki asked incredulously, though she smiled as she said it to take some of the sting out of the words.

"I know", Sharon said awkwardly. "Suddenly I don' know what I was thinking before. I'd like to think I'm not really like that person but sometimes I can't seem to help it."

"Its all right Sharon", Nikki said. "I think I finally understood where you might have been coming from. That's why I stopped fighting you."

A stunned Sharon looked at Nikki with furrowed brows.

Reaching out, Nikki drew Sharon into her arms and hugged her hard. Slowly, she felt Sharon relax under the renewed intimate contact of their naked flesh.

"I promise I'll explain more later", she whispered into the younger woman's ear as Sharon's hands crept up her smooth back to savour the closeness of their bodies. "But right now I think we should clean up before Miguel comes back or someone else shows up."

"Clean up?.....Oh!" Sharon asked then giggled as she blushed in remembering there was probably a plainly evident stain on the carpet. "You're right Nikki."

Sharon stepped away reluctantly from Nikki's embrace so that both of them could begin to readjust their clothing. As Nikki slowly pulled her panties and slacks back into place Sharon retrieved her discarded bikini top to the same. Reaching down she readjusted the bottom back into place, though she found its dampness slightly uncomfortable.


Nikki looked over from slipping her blouse back on to see Sharon looking at her bemusedly.

"Do you have a towel I could use to cover up? I forget to bring one since I really hadn't been planning on going for a swim."

Nikki laughed fondly at the sheepish expression on Sharon's face as she spoke.

"Of course I do. I'll get it in a sec." She said matter-of-factly when she had stopped laughing. "I'll have to get one to sponge up your mess anyway." She added, arching her eyebrows in mock severity.

Sharon laughed at Nikki's playful mood. Somehow she felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She felt lighter than she had ever felt before; like she was a kid again without a care in the world.

As Nikki finished dressing and readjusting her clothes Sharon took the opportunity to walk over to the computer. After erasing the computer's recent memory files she ejected the CD before shutting it down. Holding the CD nonchalantly in her hand she then walked over to Nikki.

"Here", she said simply to a startled Nikki. "Don't think I'll want this anymore. It really wasn't any of my business anyway. As for the other copy", Sharon continued with a self-directed sardonic smile for admitting the truth freely, "we'll just have to talk about that later I guess. ARE we still going to talk?"

"I meant what I said Sharon", Nikki said, sensing the sudden seriousness of the question. She realized that Sharon's old fears of rejection were re-emerging quickly. She stopped herself from reaching out for the CD, as she had just been about to do.

"I'll come by tonight to spend time with my grandchildren before they go to bed", Nikki continued. "Then we can have a long talk. In the meantime I'll have to have a long talk with Victoria."

"You're going to tell her about what happened?" Sharon asked nervously. She was a little fearful suddenly of facing Victoria's wrath.

"I have to Sharon", Nikki explained gently. "I love her too much to hide this from her. Hopefully I can make her understand what happened. I don't know if it will work."

A part of Sharon hoped selfishly that this would sound the death knell of Nikki's sexual relationship with Victoria, but another part of her felt a compassion for her mother-in-law's plight.

"Hope it goes well then", Sharon said, almost wishing the sentiment to be true. "Part of me hopes it doesn't though." She added abruptly before she had even decided to.

Nikki looked at her in surprise for a moment before smiling warmly at Sharon. Suddenly, she found herself liking Sharon for the first time, their recent encounter aside.

"That's a good start Sharon", Nikki said. "I appreciate your telling me the truth."

"I think I'll go get some towels then", Nikki added into the short silence, aware that Sharon would be feeling a little embarrassed by her statement, seeing as how she was smiling a little shyly under her regard.

As Nikki began to walk by her Sharon reached out to catch one of Nikki's hands. Without a word she brought the one that was holding the CD around, and opening Nikki's hand with the other, laid it carefully in her palm.

"Thank you Sharon", Nikki said before leaning over and kissing Sharon's cheek affectionately.

To be continued.......